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Friday, May 6, 2005

Why have we let America get to this point in time? There are tens-of-millions of criminal, illegal alien Mexicans, crossing the porous and unguarded southern borders, and OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) — Muslim and Arab terrorists, specifically — crossing the northern borders; hundreds and thousands of deviant, murderous, criminal OTMs crossing to join existing terrorist cells and form new ones, to ultimately attack American Citizens; rampant drug smuggling, a major increase in crimes against Americans living in border states, a day-to-day denial of the illegal immigration problem, a president and congress who daily violate their oath of office and who won't act to protect this Nation's borders. Those who do act to protect our Nation's sovereignty are smeared as "vigilantes", "criminals", "racists" and even worse, by the liberal-demokkkRAT scum. And by the dirtbag, lowlife Mexican government trash. Actually, "we" didn't do it; the subhuman liberal-socialist-commie-nazi-fascist-demokkkRAT filth, did, back in the 60s. We just kept our collective heads buried in the sand, and kept telling ourselves and each other, that it wouldn't happen. But it did, and now we have to stop it, change direction, and fix it. So far, US Rep Tom Tancredo (CONSERVATIVE-CO) is the only US Congressman or woman who gives a damn about the future of America. President Bush doesn't give a a flying rat's rearend. Our federal appellate courts are clogged with appeals from illegal aliens, hospitals are going bankrupt and closing, from giving out free health care to illegal aliens. Not only have the subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT filth and the cowardly, spineless GOPers compromised our Nation's borders, they've allowed our Nation's English language to become polluted, and have allowed our Nation's culture to become fouled by "diversity", "multiculturalism" and "political correctness". Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. The verminous Mad Dogs of the Leftist Scum have unleashed the Mad Dogs of Hate on America. We've now recognized and publicly stated the problem; what do we do about the cancer of liberalism? Oooooooooh, no. I won't get into that here, as I could get into tons-of-trouble. But you can read my mind and guess what I'm thinking. Go ahead, sign the petition to President Bush, to secure our borders, dammit! If you won't do it, Mr President, we will! Double-dammit!

Around The Garden Center®.
Last Saturday was cold (40°) and rainy (1¼"), so retail traffic was slow, and it gave me a chance to catch-up on my landscape design, estimates and billing. I'd sent most of the weekend staff home, because of the rain, and after it ended, the crowds showed-up, and we were swamped. I closed early at 4pm, as Dad was very tired too, from all the volume. Sunday was a glorious day, and I had my weekend salesman, Ken, in to help us. This entire past week was cold, as well, and the phone calls for landscape work slowed way down. No matter; we're already booked into August or September.
My personal and heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of you who responded to my past couple of mentions about the Sciatic Nerve pain, which I've been experiencing in spades, for the past few weeks. Many treatments, remedies etc were sent in emails, and I'm slowly getting through them all, doing the investigating and research. The Prednisolone USP and Hydrocodone APAP 5/500TA painkillers are exhausted now, and I'm looking for a way to ameliorate the pain, on a more permanent basis, definitely bypassing the surgery option.
On Monday, I called the HealthSouth Pain Intervention Center in York, and got a Monday, May 9th, 12noon appointment to review and treat the pain problem. They specialize in epidural steroid injections and other procedures, which temporarily end the pain. I sure hope it works. I can't live this way for the rest of my life. (((:::crossing fingers, lighting a candle:::)))
I'm now getting 5-10 (they come in clusters) of these emails a day, and Norton SystemWorks 2005/ Anti-Virus quarrantines them immediately. Do not open the *.zip attachment, and keep-up the daily virus definitions update.
I got bad news from my local vet today, about Pickle. He's had arthritis in his two front elbows since '02, and it's gotten much worse this Spring. The bone in his left front leg has begun deteriorating and he's unable to walk on it anymore. A prosthesis isn't possible; amputation is the solution. There's also a possibility of a tumerous cancer, and the tests have been run on this; I'm awaiting the results. His right front leg is also less affected by arthritis, which probably won't support him much longer if he only has 3 legs to hobble around on. The other solution is to put him down, which would be the hardest gift I'd ever have to give Pickle. He's been my best friend and companion for the past 15 years, just as I was building my Garden Center & Nursery Complex in 1990, and I will miss him terribly. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this, and by next Friday's Journal, he will be in a better place. I gave him a good life for 15 years. I will miss his greeting me every morning on the front steps. And following me around the GC&N Complex, when I'm walking with customers. And catching field mice and bringing them into my office as presents. And sleeping in a box on my desk. And purring and nuzzling my face as I work at my desk. And the countless other personality traits which only I know, as his friend and master. Yes, animals have souls, and I'll take on anyone who says otherwise. And yes, I'm working on a "Pickle Page" for my corporate website. After all, it was his place; we just worked there. He'll be buried at the top of the GC&N stairs, with a large cast-bronze plaque marking the spot. Say hi to him when you visit.
Here's the last page of the InterNet. Wave goodbye!

Did you see President Bush's prime time news conference, last Thursday evening? He covered several areas, but illegal alien immigration wasn't one of them. Pity; the GOP is going to take a huge hit in the '06 and '08 elections, as a result of him being AWOL on the issue.
Why would President and Laura Bush attend the 91st Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner with subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT filth, such as Goldie Hawn, Richard Gere, Jane Fonda, Mary Tyler Moore, Al Franken, Arianna Huffington, Dennis Hopper and other assorted Hollyweirds, lowlife journalists and politician garbage? These hate-America socialists want to bring America down, and did everything they financially could to derail Bush in the 2000 and 2004 General Elections. Triangulation? Appeasement? Brilliant political maneuver? Dunno. It makes me sick that Bush&Co would show-up, let alone allow his wife to participate. The whole room of subhuman, liberal-progressive, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist filth should be in prison, at hard labor. Or better yet; executed and buried in pits. I did think what she said was actually funny, though, but entirely wasted upon the lib-dem trash in attendance.
Pat Robertson is 100% correct: Liberal activist Federal Judges are a more serious threat to America than Al Quaeda and the Sept 11th terrorists. Spot on, Pat. And, Evangelist Pat Robertson is in trouble with U.S. Islamic organizations for saying Muslims should not serve in the president's Cabinet or as judges. Spot on, again, Pat. Muslims are subhuman garbage and all should be deported back to the hellhole, shithole Middle East turd world.

Scumbag, Liberal-demokkkRAT Filth®.
Amazing. The Washington comPost admits that the Iraq War has kept the US safe from any further terrorist attacks. But with the amount of OTMs coming in across the Mexican and Canadian borders, I know we're going to get whacked again. Just a matter of *when*, not *if*.
Ugly, fat, mentally-ill, bloated, alcoholic, brain-damaged, lesbo, untalented lib-dem, sweathog bitch, Rosie O'Donnell, has dogshit for brains. She can't get her facts straight, because she is so blinded for her hate for herself, as abnormal.
Ignorant, left-wing wacko, mentally-ill trash like Stanley Kurtz, continue their Christian-bashing diatribes.
Average daily circulation of the nation's 20 biggest newspapers for the six months ended March 31, as reported Monday by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The percentage changes are from the comparable year-ago period. 1) USA Today, 2,281,831, up 0.05 percent 2) The Wall Street Journal, 2,070,498, down 0.8 percent; 3) The New York Times, 1,136,433, up 0.24 percent; 4) Los Angeles Times, 907,997, down 6.5 percent; 5) The Washington Post, 751,871, down 2.7 percent; 6) New York Daily News, 735,536, down 1.5 percent; 7) New York Post, 678,086, up 0.01 percent; 8) Chicago Tribune, 573,744, down 6.6 percent; 9) Houston Chronicle, 527,744, down 3.9 percent; 10) San Francisco Chronicle, 468,739, down 6.1 percent; 11) The Arizona Republic, 452,016, down 3.2 percent; 12) The Boston Globe, 434,330, down 3.9 percent; 13) The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., 394,767, down 1.6 percent; 14) The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 391,373, down 2.4 percent; 15) Star Tribune of Minneapolis-St. Paul, 378,316, up 0.33 percent; 16) The Philadelphia Inquirer, 364,974, down 3.0 percent; 17) The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, 348,416, down 5.2 percent; 18) Detroit Free Press, 347,447, down 2.0 percent; 19) St. Petersburg Times (Florida), 337,515, down 3.2 percent; 20) The Oregonian, Portland, 335,980, down 1.8 percent. Good; let 'em crash and burn.
Yes; defund PBS, NPR and the NEA. They're hate-America, liberal, socialist, commie fronts trying to destroy America. They're all part of The Enemy Within™. Defund them of US Taxpayer funds, and destroy them.
Tennessee state sen John Ford and his brother, Congressman Harold Ford Sr, are racist criminals and bigots of the lowest order. They hid their criminal trails well, but links are coming out. Time for these subhuman filth to go to prison.
Mayor Richie "Lemme See The Money!" Daley of Chicago is a crook? Say it ain't so, please! The entire demokkkRAT machine in Cook County is totally corrupt; has been since the 40s. Yawn, typical liberal-demokkkRAT crap, with a massive federal crackdown on racketeering and mob related activity, going nowhere. Yawn.
Buh-bye, Big Media! And freaking good riddance!
While many conservatives want Congress to hold activist judges accountable, the House Judiciary Committee hasn't investigated a referral of a potential impeachment case involving a Clinton-appointed federal judge in Connecticut who engaged in what appeared to be a personal crusade to stop the execution of a serial killer. Connecticut legislators sent a letter February 1 to the House Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner asking the committee to investigate US District Judge Robert Chatigny's efforts to save Michael Ross, a man who killed eight women in the 1980s, raping most of them. The state sentenced Ross to death in 1984.
US Rep Jim Moran (WIFE ABUSER & ALCOHOLIC-VA) slammed President Bush and Congressional Republicans' attempts to take on Social Security, saying he believes Bush has surrounded himself with those who agree with him and has lost touch with America. Touching on issues from Social Security to the president's energy plan, Congressman Moran asserted that Republicans had repeatedly put the interests of the wealthy before the poor.
Six weeks into Kweisi "Kill Whitey!" Mfume's — aka Frizzell Gray, the criminal — campaign for the US Senate, Democrats here and nationally believe the former congressman from Baltimore is being shoved aside or written off by powerful forces within the state party. Many Maryland Democrats — black and white — are shying away from Mfume's candidacy and privately criticizing his campaign for not being well-organized. Critics say his troubled childhood as a street hustler in Baltimore, followed by controversial new allegations about his tenure as the president of the national NAACP, will make him a liability in a statewide campaign. Mfume Gray's a subhuman piece of criminal filth.
Most Americans think press coverage is biased and negative, but say they respect journalists and trust what they read and hear. A national survey conducted by the Missouri School of Journalism's Center for Advanced Social Research found that 62 percent consider journalism credible, and more than half rated newspapers and television news as trustworthy. But 85 percent say they detect a bias in reporting. Of those, 48 percent identified the bias as liberal, 30 percent as conservative, 12 percent as both and 3 percent as "other."
"Martha Stewart is coming very close to suggesting that her sense of home confinement is very different from everybody else's," says former federal prosecutor Robert Mintz.
Go suck a bag of wet, fresh, stinky pigshit, lib-dem garbage; we now own your sorry asses.
A majority of Americans do not believe it was worth going to war in Iraq, a national poll reported Tuesday. Fifty-seven percent of those polled said they did not believe it was worth going to war, versus 41 percent who said it was, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll of 1,006 adults. That was a drop in support from February, when 48 percent said it was worth going to war and half said it was not. Steaming load of bullshit.
The baby-murdering, subhuman filth at Planned Parenthood have launched a campaign to motivate all of its members and supporters, nominal Catholics and non-Catholics, to send letters to the editor, requesting that Pope Benedict XVI reconsider his “backward views” and change his opinion on sexual morality. Asshole libs.
Ajai Raj, a felony-convicted drug criminal, English sophomore and a piece of liberal-demokkkRAT-shit, at the University of Texas at Austin, asked this question at an Ann Coulter speech: "You say that you believe in the sanctity of marriage," said Ajai Raj, a lowlife subhuman rump-raider and pole-humper. "How do you feel about marriages where the man does nothing but f*@k his wife up the ass?" Fudge-packer-boy was rightly arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Nasty, spoiled little leftist punks. I'd like 5 minutes alone with that POS, in a locked room. He'd never reproduce any more lib-dem trash.
AlGoreBore invented the InterNet? He had zero to do with it. The dumbass, liberal-demokkkRAT Webby Awards organizers are trying to re-spin GoreBore's dirty reputation, that's all. GoreBore is liberal shit.

Lowlife, Subhuman Garbage®.
Yes, Mikey "Wacko Jacko" Jack-scum is a subhuman, lowlife, deviant, degenerate pedophile, and should be imprisoned for life, but preferably, executed. Death = zero recividism. Jack-scum's subhuman filth.
Yes, Los Angeles is a Mexican shithole; nuke it please, terrorists. Wipe the subhuman filth off the face of the earth. Please.
A Philadelphia preacher who told her congregation that she is in a lesbian relationship has gotten back her credentials as a United Methodist minister. A regional appeals panel of the church court voted 8-1 on Friday to reinstate Beth Stroud's credentials. She is associate minister at the First United Methodist Church of Germantown. Reason #2 why I'm not a practicing Methodist, anymore. The Methodist Church has been invaded and taken over by subhuman, leftist, secular, liberal humanist trash. It's now completely garbage.
Yes, the idiot bimbo bitch, Jennifer Wilbanks, should be charged with making false statements to police and be made to pay restitution for all costs incurred in the searches for her sorry ass. She also ought to do some county jail time, IMO. The groom's an asshole for still wanting to marry this moronic bitch.
Broadcaster, author and journalist Bob Hunter, who co-founded the environmental action group Greenpeace, has died. He was 63. Hunter, who was the ecology news specialist for CHUM's Citytv, had been battling prostate cancer. Good riddance, scumbag; burn in hell.
Jack Nichols, a writer and editor who was a pioneering member of the gay rights movement in the United States, died Monday. He was 67. Nichols died at Cape Canaveral Hospital of complications from cancer, according to his friend, Steve Yates, who said Nichols had battled cancer for 20 years. Good riddance, scumbag; burn in hell.
Liberal-demokkkRAT William K. Rashbaum, a prominent New York obstetrician and gynecologist who was a longtime advocate of abortion rights, died yesterday at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia in Manhattan. He was 78 and lived in Manhattan and Cornwall, Conn. Dr. Rashbaum was one of the few physicians in the country who routinely performed late-term abortions, and for more than three decades this work put him at the center of one of the nation's most highly charged political battlegrounds. Good riddance, scumbag; burn in hell.
Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton — three of the world's worst racists and bigots — are planning a Millions More March, for subhuman garbage to descend upon DC and booger it up, as the cretinous filth did in '95. IIRC, that "Million Man March" had less than 100,000 morons shuffling along, littering the public streets. DC should demand a $1 million bond, for clean-up and damages, as a pre-requisite for any permits.
According to mentally-ill, left-wing wacko, liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, nazi, fascist psychiatrist, Dr Justin Frank, writing in his book, "Bush on the Couch: Inside the mind of the President," Dubya not only suffers from a "sadistic streak," and "megalomania" and "grandiosity," but while "his alcoholism [may have] been arrested," it nevertheless remains "untreated." You have to wonder, don't you, if old Dubya hasn't merely swapped one addiction for another — one opiate for the enthralling enamor of God?
Socialist, commie, liberal-demokkkRAT, nazi, fascist billionaire Warren Buffett played the ukulele, told jokes and answered tough questions about investigations into some of his insurance companies as about 20,000 people gathered for the annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Before answering nearly six hours of questions from shareholders Saturday, Buffett toured exhibits of Berkshire companies that sell products ranging from ice cream to car insurance and carpeting. The Berkshire chairman and chief executive even strummed the ukulele and sang at the Fruit of the Loom® stand.
Actress two-bit slut, mentally-ill skank, liberal-demokkkRAT bitch, Maggie Gyllenhaal has an angelic face, an odd name — and not much else. (Her most memorable role to date was playing a masochist in the movie, "The Secretary.") But Gyllenhaal knows how to get the attention of the Hollywood establishment: just bash America. Tell the world how conscience compels you to trash your country. Make vague allegations about the awful things America has done and how we brought terrorism on ourselves. All the while, congratulate yourself for your honesty and nobility in taking such a courageous stand.
Black "leaders" are urging the police chief in St Petersburg, Florida, to punish officers who handcuffed an unruly five-year-old girl, last month. A video of the incident was aired around the world, showing three white police officers handcuffing the black kindergartner at her school. About two dozen black leaders met with Police Chief Charles Harmon yesterday. Harmon has said officers should never have been summoned to the school. Hey black "leaders" and little bitch's "mommy": whip that little sambette's ass, and teach her how to behave, scumbags!
A book in Urdu, penned by an anonymous author, in all probability an illegal immigrant from Pakistan, and being sold on Oslo's streets has stunned Norwegians. Colourfully titled Son of Satan, the book's contents are undiluted bile. Sample some excerpts published in the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang: "This barbarian, this venomous snake, has poisoned humanity. The white man has set off a diabolical spiral on the entire planet to torment people... My brothers: The white man is worse than all the other animals with his savagery. His job is to torment people..." Laid back Norwegians, of course, are not used to such vicious name-calling. And they are apprehensive that if Son of Satan is an indication of things to come, Norway could witness a backlash against immigrants.
Jail this Jennifer Wilbanks, criminal bitch.
A woman named Mary took the open microphone. “Hello, my name is Mary Man-Hating-is-Fun,” she explained. “Ever since I learned to embrace my feminist nature, I found great joy in threatening men’s lives, flicking off frat brothers and plotting the patriarchy’s death. I hate men because they are men.” The 40 women in the audience, many wearing scissors around their necks, laughed and clapped, then broke into a light-hearted song about castration. M, mmmmmmmmm terminate these subhuman, murderous bitches.

Some People Just Need Killing®.
Ignacio Rafael De La Fuente Jr, 32, of Redwood City, CA, needs killing, for forcible rape and kidnapping. Charge, try, convict, sentence and execute him. Subhuman pigshit.
Execute the subhuman filth, Ezavia Allen, 18; Marvin Johnson, 17; and Cameron Morris, 17, for shooting and killing Shirley Newkirk, 63, outside her home in a random robbery early Thursday morning. Just a look at their pics is enough to have them killed. They're subhuman garbage and need to die.
No, Gov Bush, The Jessica Lunsford Act (25 years in prison) isn't enough to deal with the subhuman filth who prey upon children. All predators should be executed immediately, after trial and conviction.
Finally. A jury convicted a factory worker Thursday of the 2002 kidnapping and killing 5-year-old Samantha Runnion, an Orange County girl whose death prompted a massive public outcry. After deliberating for less than nine hours over two days, a jury of eight men and four women convicted Alejandro Avila, 30, of kidnapping, murder and two counts of sexual assault.
A military jury sentenced a soldier, Sgt. Hasan Akbar to death Thursday for a grenade and rifle attack on his own comrades during the opening days of the Iraq invasion, a barrage that killed two officers and that prosecutors said was driven by religious extremism.
A Dodge County inmate, released into a deputy's custody to attend his father's funeral, shot himself to death Wednesday at his own home, authorities said. Jonathan Kendall Grantham, 49, of Cochran, was being escorted to the funeral by a Bleckley County deputy. Good riddance, and thanks for saving the US Taxpayers some serious money, scumbag.
Lonnie Wayne Pursley kept going to prison for longer and longer terms but also kept getting paroled thanks to a shortage of prison space in Texas in the 1990s. A jury in Polk County ensured he wouldn't get out again when they convicted him in 1999 of capital murder and sentenced him to death for the fatal beating and robbery of a 47-year-old East Texas man. Pursley, 43, was scheduled to receive lethal injection Tuesday evening. He would be the sixth Texas prisoner executed this year. Kill him, Texas. Kill him. make my week.
I'll say it again: all child molesters, child rapists and murderers, should be executed, not re-introduced back into society, so that they can molest-rape-kill again. Larry Don McQuay is no exception; kill him.
Illegal alien, Ronald Douglas Herrera Castellanos, 29, is accused of Friday's slaying of Mary Nagle, 42, a Rockland County, NY, resident, and the Quesada, Guatemala wetback filth needs to die. Kill him.
Alain D., one of 66 French people accused of involvement in a pedophilia ring, needs to be killed, as do all other French adult pedophiles. Kill them; kill them all.
Large portions of this Mercer County, NJ, community could be off-limits to convicted sex offenders under an ordinance introduced Tuesday night. The ordinance would create "pedophile-free zones" by prohibiting anyone convicted of a sex offense against a minor from living within 2,500 feet of a school, park, playground or day care center. The entire world should be a "pedophile-free zone"; kill all child molesters-rapists-killers.
Well, well, well: lowlife convicted sex offender, Ronald Spiering, is charged in Winnebago County with second-degree sexual assault. Spiering was released from prison less than two months ago and had been living in Oshkosh within walking distance of an elementary school and the university. Spiering was convicted of sexual assault on two previous occasions, including an assault on a 3-year-old girl in 1985. Ronald Spiering needs to die. Zero recividism. Kill the subhuman piece of shit.

The Worst Jobs in History.
Yes, yes, I know. You hate your job. You'd quit if you could, but then who would collate the regional sales reports? So there you sit, plotting a half-baked coup on management and wondering if you've been cursed with one of the lousiest jobs ever. Well, good news — unless you happen to be a 17th century plague burier, you can take comfort in the fact that things used to be a lot worse. This site, aptly titled "The Worst Jobs in History," doesn't skimp on the details. Each horrendous "career" is broken down by historical period to give visitors a "day in the life" experience. You can almost smell the leeches! Just a few clicks, and before you know it, you'll be accepting overtime with a smile.

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