the homogeneous society
Friday, May 7, 1999

it never ceases to amaze me how the sleazoid, liberal scumbags want to dump every individual into a legislative blender, in the mistaken belief that they'll all come out the same, meek, mindless idiots quickly molded into their own government dependent image. They ramp up the existing bureaucracy, add billions more in worthless, self-serving social programs which undermine self-worth, pass more inane laws when there are already too many on the books, and create more and more layers of paperwork to justify the welfare maintenance programs. Lib-dem filth have an innate need to dominate the lower classes by pretending to help, when in fact, the programs are specifically designed to put more and more people into the welfare category and keep them dependent upon the largesse of the lib-dem trash. America was built by individuals and for individuals to flourish in. The GOP used to reflect that ideal, but that's no longer the case. They're now the whipping boys of lib-dem scumbags at every turn. Always snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Taking all of the blame and none of the credit. Priorities have become somewhat confused in many American's minds. Between the lying, raping, obstructor of justice, son-of-a-bitch Clinton scum we have for a so-called president, and a US Congress that's worthless as teats on a bull, this Nation is sliding down the slippery slope right into the dumper. Thud.

Spring Gardens.
The is the time of the year when newspaper reporters are calling those of us in the horticulture business and are asking for suggestions, ideas and tips for their readers' gardens.
One of our local newspapers, The York Daily Record, has been calling me a lot this Spring, for input to various stories. This one's about Garden Retreats. I'm always glad to oblige.

Gardening Tasks For May.
Lots of people have asked me to put some gardening stuff in here, so here's what to do in your garden if it's not too snow-covered or frozen:
  1. Fertilize Spring-blooming bulbs.
  2. Clean up all garden debris.
  3. Cut back roses.
  4. Set out veggie seedlings.
  5. Cut back Buddleia davidii (asserfly bushes).
  6. Clean garden tools with light-grit sandpaper and coat lightly with motor oil to prevent rusting.
  7. Spray fruit trees with dormant insect and
disease control oil (when temperatures are
consistently above 32 degrees.)
  8. Plant peas and spring onions outside.
  9. Plan Summer & Fall perennial gardens.
10. Clean debris out of water gardens.
Our friends at Ortho have some good advice available online.

Bugs vs Bugs.
Back in mid-April, The York Daily Record, the local daily newspaper did a nice story on our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
I've also put up an IPM Page for those interested in using a more natural way of controlling bad insects by using beneficials.

Stinking ChiComms.
The dirty, stinking, ChiComm filth admitted their spying, but blamed their ability to steal top secret legacy codes on lax US standards at the US National Labs.
Incompetence is rampant in both the FBI and DOJ so-called investigations of Chink spying, thanks mostly due to the moron Janet Reno's orders to "keep it quiet" and not offend the scum. Direct orders from her lying, rapist, criminal, cowardly boss, Bubba Clinton? You bet.
Instead of pursuing gun control of the Chinks, Clinton is pushing more laws which infringe and limit American's Constitutional Rights.
Why are these yellow dog scum even allowed to work in the US National Labs, when the FBI knows they're national security risks? Get rid of the scum and traitors; deport the yellow scum, execute the traitors.
Golly gee whiz, Elmer, do you think simple charges are enough for the Wen Ho Lee yellow dog spy for the filthy ChiComm scum? Nah, execution is the answer. All spies and traitors should be summarily executed. I'll volunteer to pull the trigger.
Ineptness, stupidity, errors and bad judgment have jeopardized our national security as never before. The traitors at Dept of (In)Justice are to blame for much of this mess. The politically compromised and sexually challenged Reno bitch is especially negligent in matters of national security. She's a traitor for allowing all of this mess and much more to happen.

Gotcha, Scumbags!
It did my heart good to hear that a murderer, rapist et al will be executed, based upon old evidence tested with new technology. Burn in hell, scumbag.
Any time a subhuman piece of filth is executed, humankind should rejoice. That means the victim has received justice, and that another victim won't be created by the lowlife, piece of shit.
Are you kidding? 11 victims tortured and murdered? Any doubt? Nope. Execute the subhuman filth.
Excuses, lies and a wasted lifetime of drugs and crime couldn't save this piece of murdering shit from his overdue appointment with death for Killing an elderly woman.
And for intentionally Killing little toddlers in a day care play yard with his big, bad Cadillac, this lowlife needs to die. Let's drag him to death, chained to the rear bumper of his Caddy. Let some whining, bed wetting,liberal moron face off with the parents of one of those dead or mangled children and tell them that the whacker doesn't really deserve to die.
Trying to use the lame insanity defense to weasel out of a capitol offense should be punishable at 3-5 years in a Mexican prison. This scumbag deserves to die.
And for Killing an 8 year old girl, among others, these two subhumans should be executed as soon as possible.
Arizona finally found its balls/ ovaries again and executed another piece of subhuman shit who had lounged around for 20 years on Death Row. He'd also whacked two fellow criminal scum; he should have gotten a hardy round of thanks for further reducing the prison population for those deeds.
Here's where I keep score of the subhuman filth needing to be executed. Pull up a chair, sit a spell and watch the numbers spin; the lemonade's cold and sweet.
I digress: why can the US now only deport criminal aliens? Why can't we deport all illegal aliens? They shouldn't be here in the first place. They're parasitic scum and filth and drain society of its resources, while contributing nothing in return.

Anti-Gun Idiots.
Despite the Killings at Columbine High School two weeks ago, guns had very little to do with it: two disenfranchised nutcases did the deed, not guns by themselves.
Stinking liberal filth by the thousands are calling for the rewriting of gun laws, banning guns and curtailing the Second Amendment Rights to Bear Arms. What morons.
Follow their perverted logic: since motor vehicles whack and maim 400x the number of people whacked each year with guns, let's ban Ford, GM and Chrysler products and return to the horse, bicycle or walking. Right? No, how f*cking stupid a line of non-thought. Hey, they're doing it with cigarettes and guns right now. Typical liberal scumbag thought process.
If you want a scary peek inside the truth challenged head of the lying Gore idiot, read some of his vintage and recent lies. This guy is a worse liar than Clinton, without the sex problems. Maybe. I've heard he likes to have Tipper dress him up in a french maid's costume, and discipline him with a leather strap. Yuk.
The liberal scum have convinced some American idiots to call for much tighter gun controls; probably the same American idiots who voted for the Clinton filth and who were polled during The Impeachment Trial, saying they thought Clinton was doing a fine job.
How do kids get guns so easily? Their parents are irresponsible and permit easy access. The responsibility must fall upon them and them alone. If the stinking liberal scum would ass out and leave parents alone to do what's right for the child, the world would be a better place.
I grew up and learned respect for guns in both The Boy Scouts and NRA. My Dad taught me to use them with care and respect their power. Funny, we didn't have the nutcase kids back then shooting and Killing everything in sight. Wonder if it's the lack of parental guidance and supervision?

Although Boris Yeltsin is a senile, alcoholic, manic-depressive, he sees right through Clinton and his charades. Unfortunately, many Americans still don't.
Bubba's little war isn't going well. Our Rapist-Liar-Coward-In-Chief will soon be be at the peace conference table, having other nations bail his sorry ass out of another debacle and take the political blame.
Though I have no respect or regard for the trouble-making, gadfly Jesse Jackson, at least he was able to get our three soldiers back, with the behind-the-scenes help of others. He deserves our thanks. f*ck The White House's whine.
AlGore's doing it again.

The Whitney.
No, Houston. New York's Whitney Museum takes a splashy look at the 20th century, covering 10 decades of American art, culture, history, and innovation in dazzling multimedia. Join an educational talking tour or select artwork for a tour of your own. Visit a learning center where you can make a "painting" and display it in a virtual gallery of city spaces; or shop the museum store for a Warhol-inspired Campbell Soup wristwatch.

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