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co2 doesn't cause warming

friday, novenber 3rd, 2023

The climate-change scheme and net-zero carbon policy are based upon a false notion that carbon dioxide and other gases cause global warming.  They do not.  We don’t have to guess about this.  We have empirical and scientific proof.

[FULL TITLE: "Carbon Dioxide Does Not Cause Warming".]

I owned a Weights and Measures gas-physics test-and-repair facility and conducted tests.  We learned gas physics from engineers at factories that manufacture gas-physics instruments.  They must understand gas physics, or their instruments won’t work.

How academia got this wrong.

Nothing gets you in trouble like the truth.

Al Gore fed the fear with $22 billion in annual funding for universities and professors to study the matter.  Hansen’s claim is a falsehood.  People move to warmer climes for their health.  Consider all the species, in the plant and animal kingdoms, that thrive near the equator, whereas none survives at the poles.

Yet, out of desperation for the money, professors cornered themselves into attempts to prove a falsehood to be true.  To do that, one must lie.  Each lie created new falsehoods until they have made gas physics look like a child’s messy bedroom strewn with theories.

Nearly everything we have heard about global warming for the past thirty-five years has been from the professorial world, which has been untested theory.  How often have their declarations and predictions come true?

Because their world is theoretical, they use peer review for approval.  But there is no such thing as peer review in the private sector; either something works or it does not, and everything is tested.  Engineers who design gas-physics instruments must be correct, or their instruments fail, buildings might burn, and they certainly would be fired.

America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.

There are two trees of gas physics: the professorial-theoretical tree in academia, beginning in 1662, and real-world gas physics, taught by private-sector engineers, beginning in 1836.  The professorial tree began in 1662 with Boyle’s law (pv=k, higher the pressure, lower the volume).  American Meter company engineers invented the gas meter in 1836, the same dual-bellows meter that sits in front of your home.  That began the non-theoretical tree, which is supported by real science — testing.

In the last half of that century, John D. Rockefeller began using American Meter instruments (turbines and diaphragm meters) to measure thousands of cubic feet of compressed natural gas into large tanks, and transporting them by train to New York.  Apparently, a customer disputed the amount of gas sent.  American Meter tested the diaphragms measuring the flow out at low pressure and the high-pressure turbines measuring gas into the tanks.  They found the meters to be accurate; however, the readings were significantly different.

To test the correction factor of Boyle’s law, American Meter built a high-pressure test facility in northern Pennsylvania, which is still there.  I toured it with them.  They determined that Boyle’s law is wrong.  The higher the pressure, the more wrong it is.  They meticulously tested and created calculi that match the tests.  These calculi are called supercompressibility formulas.  Over the years, they have created fifteen formulas, AGA 1 through 15.  Not one of them shows up in my advanced physics book.  The book has pages of calculus derived from formulas that are wrong.  Even the ideal (or universal) gas law formula is not precisely accurate.  It would have to change with each gas to remain accurate.

There is no curriculum for gas physics in academia.  Engineering and physics classes merely touch upon the subject with centuries-old (and misleading) postulates such as continuity of energy and thermodynamics.  Professors have used these to leap to the conclusion that energy cannot be destroyed, or at least it migrates on and on.  This is also false.

Theoretical gas physics is like theoretical math: it leads to false conclusions.

The true science.

Energy does not migrate on and on.  Kinetic energy (motion) is continuously destroyed in a gravitational field.  Put bluntly, a six-year-old can see that a baseball rolls to a stop.

All matter, including gases, is affected by gravity.  Temperature is the measure of kinetic energy.  The definition of temperature is “an indication of the speed that atoms and molecules are moving” (Dorling Kindersley Science Encyclopedia, page 140).  A heat source causes them to accelerate and collide with one another, and when they cool, they slow down.  They do not go elsewhere.

Professors skip over this simple truth, the definition of temperature.  Temperature simply speeds up and slows down — like the atoms in a mercury thermometer.  Any migration of energy ends abruptly, like sand under a rolling baseball.

The empirical proof that an elephant weighs more than a mouse is observation.  The scientific proof is to put both on a scale and weigh them.  All agree that from 1950 to 1985, our atmosphere cooled very slightly.  It did the same from 1997 to 2015.  During both periods, carbon dioxide levels rose dramatically.

That is empirical proof that carbon dioxide does not cause warming.  It is fifty-five years of proof.  It is the elephant in the room.

We need to stop thinking, “It has to cause at least some warming.”  No, it doesn’t — obviously, it doesn’t.  The question we should be asking is, “Why doesn’t carbon dioxide cause warming?”  That leads to the proper scientific conclusion: measure it.

In our first test, we conducted a test of vaporous (70 percent humidity) atmospheric air including carbon dioxide and other trace gases.  The air–carbon dioxide mixture matched actual conditions.

The air–carbon dioxide mixture was isolated in our climate-controlled proving (test) room and heated.  Once the heat source was discontinued, temperature dropped steadily at about 1 degree Fahrenheit every 32 minutes.  During a typical sunny day, our atmosphere absorbs about 22 degrees Fahrenheit.  The vaporous air-carbon dioxide mixture in this test cooled 22 degrees in about 11 hours, 45 minutes.  This, by no coincidence, closely matches the cooling rate of our atmosphere.

In our next experiments, we tested pure carbon dioxide.  We measured the time it took for carbon dioxide to cool 22 degrees once the heat source was removed.  The cooling time varied between about three and ten minutes depending upon the type of container.  The fastest cooling time was in a plastic container at 3 minutes and 47 seconds.  Any container will slow cooling, so the gas in open atmosphere cools faster than indicated by the test.

In the atmosphere, carbon dioxide will therefore cool as fast as the Sun and vaporous air allow it to cool.

Even the vaporous mixture of all gases cools faster than 24 hours.  Temperature does not, and cannot, accumulate in our atmosphere.

Yes, some gases absorb more heat than others; however, for how long does any of them retain that temperature after the heat source is removed?  The answer is, certainly not long enough for the greenhouse theory to be true or to cause warming.  Advocates claim that greenhouse gases retain temperature from day to day.  There is no such thing.

And the notion that an increased number of parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will cause warming is also false.  A metaphor might help here.  Your car engine that heats to near a thousand degrees cools to cold steel by morning.  It does not matter whether there are 200 or 400 cars in your neighborhood.  Nor does it matter whether the engine is large or small.  Without a heat source, they all cool quickly and at about the same rate. 

In other words, carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas.  Only in academic theory are there greenhouse gases that retain temperature from day to day.  In the real world, they do not exist.  The reason carbon dioxide causes no warming in our atmosphere is that it cools too quickly.

These tests further prove that no gas -- whether carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane, or even humid atmospheric air -- retains heat from day to day.  They all cool too quickly.  Prolonged warming, if it occurs, is caused by the Sun.

To naysayers, we say, prove it.  Prove it or stop creating destructive laws and rules based upon false theories.

We say to academics, measure it like real scientists.  Build a laboratory like ours or Thomas Edison’s.  Try to get carbon dioxide to retain temperature from day to day.

It is a simple test.  We used precision instruments.  However, this is a repeatable test that anyone can perform with hardware-store instruments.

© 10.13.2023 by James T. Moodey, "American Thinker".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 5a on Friday, due to left leg pain, I fired-up the furnace, went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for pain, fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the day's to-do list.

Thanks to Nancy's email, a long-time friend and to her research, I *might* be having SI Pain (Sacroiliac Joint Pain. By 7a, my leg/hip pain had mostly subsided, due to the meds. The absence of pain is glorious, when the pain has been unending for many hours. A very cloudy 54°, I opened the garage to let the smoke clear, and get some fresh air. I could hardly see "White Lightning" (my Jeep HEMI V8, nicknamed by a neighbor), due to all the Pin Oak leaves. Serious leaf-drop has begun.

The only nice thing about dementia, is that you can watch endless TV reruns, and not get bored.

I was going to go to the New Eastern Farmer's Market this morning and get a few things, but went at 10a, and my friends at Pasta Plus were. I was still trying to "catch my breath" from the absence of pain. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, and enjoyed the new French House Dark Roast Coffee. At 9, the Chris Plante Show came on until 12noon. Sherry came by at 1p, and she drove us down to nearby Springettsbury Twp Park to do some walking. We had a nice bit of exercise and came back to my place to talk and rest. With errands to do, she left before 5p. Another nice day.

I had a couple of condo chores to do, had a light dinner, watched the news on NEWSMAX-TV, and it was "Gold Rush" current season 14, for the rest of the evening until 11. Good night, Irene.

It's getting darker earlier (6:03 PM), and becoming lighter later (7:36 AM), as we approach Winter Solstice.

Awake and up with bad left leg pain, at 4:15a on Saturday, I took the 2 50mg Tramadol and one 300mg Gabapentin right away. After starting coffee, I fired-up the computer, upped the heat slightly, as it was a warm 60° outside; this "Indian Summer" isn't going to last. We have nightly frost coming next week. I scanned the weather and news sites, and found this weird item. And this article puts an end to all the moronic, eco-wackos' BS arguments that EVs are better for the environment and our wallets.

Comcast/xfinity sent thru a "software upgrade" to my ROKU, and messed-up the channel line-up, so I had to start getting that menu put back together. PO'd, I quit for a while and listened to last Thursday's 3hr re-broadcast of WMAL's "CP Show" on local WSBA. By 11a, it was already 81°, sunny and more humid than usual, so I closed-up the condo, and tired from getting-up too early, took a 3hr snooze; I was tired from getting-up too early and tired from the unending leg/hip pain. Yes, I'll be seeing my PCP (Primary Care Physician) in a few days, and I', sure he'll order tests.

I haven't seen the demonKKKrats this angry, since the Republicans took their slaves away.

After a large dinner, I watched the news, missed episodes of Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" and a good spin-off, "Expedition X", until11. I loaded-up on aspirin, Tylenol®, Flexoril® and an Ambien®, and unplugged. My lower left back/hip/leg pain was so bad, that I gulped down Tramadol, Valium®, Tylenol®, Vicodin, Ecotrin® and wound-up sleeping on the couch with a heating pad.

Sleeping-in until after 10a on Sunday, the pain was back. I took a Tramadol and Tylenol, made coffee and limped around the condo, trying to remember what my Sunday "routine" normally was. After a hot shower, I felt pretty good, loaded-up with Tramadol, Valium®, Tylenol®, Vicodin, Ecotrin®, Sis stopped by for some coffee and a couple of smokes in the garage -- more rain and the patio was soaked -- and I tuned into the F-1 Grand Prix of Mexico, on F1-TV. Damned good race! I had laundry to do and some garage work to get done before it rained again. The left side pain had subsided and just kept working, with a few rest stops. After dinner, I watched the news and a few other programs thru the evening until I started nodding-off, and then called it quits.

Up at 5:30a on Monday -- I have a pest exterminator coming between 8-12, to eradicate the nest at my front porch siding -- I made coffee, upped the heat and scanned the weather and news. It was a "balmy", but a rainy and dreary 54°, heavy fog, and forecast to hit low-70s. Much colder weather is coming mid-week. After a couple smokes in the garage, I heard the electric garbage truck from Republic Services come thru; the recycle truck isn't electric and will come thru later in the morning or early afternoon. I can't even imagine what those unreliable electric things cost, or what the range is. Meh. More "climate change" idiocy. Did I mention that I'm ***TOTALLY PAIN FREE!***

If you've got nothing to do, find something to do. If it's not important, make it important.

The pest exterminator was scheduled to be here inside a 4-hour window -- 8a to 12 noon -- so I had to stay home, and would get some errands done after 12. The exterminator arrived around 10, dusted with poison and sprayed with liquid; I'm hoping that'll work, but I won't know until next Spring, when the bee larvae hatch out. I had the Chris Plante Show on, watched the guy's procedure, and went back to the "CP Show" after he left. Down with a bad cold/flu, I called Sherry to see how she was doing this morning, and we rescheduled tomorrow's walk until later in the week. And of course, another warning was posted:

• WHAT: Temperatures in the mid-30s will result in frost formation.
• WHERE: Portions of central Pennsylvania. Clear skies + no wind = FROST.
• WHEN: From 4 AM to 9 AM EDT, Tuesday, Oct5ober 31st.
• IMPACTS: Near-ground freezing temperatures could damage uncovered, sensitive outdoor vegetation.
Take steps now to protect tender plants and vegetation from the cold. Potted plants should be brought inside.
• Frost Warning! Climate Change! Kiss your asses goodbye. The demonKKKrats are still in charge, are going to destroy our country and way of life! Bend over and grab your ankles!

I left at 12:15p for points southeast of York. Traffic was heavy coming and going, and not for lunch hour. Several utility companies doing "work", as well as a few construction chokepoints; they all have to use up heir budgets this year, in order to request more taxpayer monies for 2024. Back home, I put stuff away, had lunch and tuned into NEWSMAX News. I had a few condo chores, tuned into the news to catch-up and hit the LR couch for a couple hours. After dinner, since it was another "NBC (Nothing But Crap) Night", I did computer work and called it an early night at 10p.

Up at 5:30a on Tuesday, to a cold 38°, I fired-up the furnace to nice 74°, made coffee, started the computer and had some smokes in the garage, where I started the oscillating tower heater. My cleaning lady would be in at 8:30, and I had several errands to get done. The left lower back, hip, buttock and leg pain was back; Drat. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, tried to wake-up, and get a handle on the coming day's activity. I scanned the news and weather sites, to catch-up on the night's events. Same ol', same ol'.

• WHAT: FREEZE WATCH IN EFFECT FROM WEDNESDAY EVENING THROUGH THURSDAY MORNING. For the Frost Advisory, temperatures as low as 34 will result in frost formation. For the Freeze Watch, sub-freezing temperatures as low as 25 possible.
• WHERE: Portions of central Pennsylvania.
• WHEN: For the Frost Advisory, until 9 AM EDT this morning. For the Freeze Watch, from Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.
• IMPACTS: Frost and freeze conditions could damage crops and other sensitive vegetation.
• ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Take protective measures now as freezing temperatures could damage or kill tender plants and vegetation. To prevent freezing and possible bursting of outdoor water pipes they should be wrapped, drained, or allowed to drip slowly. Those that have in-ground sprinkler systems should drain them and cover above- ground pipes to protect them from freezing.
Widespread sub-freezing temperatures Wednesday night into early Thursday morning will likely bring and end to the growing season. Take protective measures now as freezing temperatures could damage or kill tender plants and vegetation. Potted plants should be brought inside.
• Heavy Frost Warning! Climate Change! Kiss your asses goodbye. The demonKKKrats are still in charge, are going to destroy our country and way of life! Bend over and grab your ankles! We're all going to die from Global Warming and Climate Change!

While JoAnne was cleaning my condo (takes 3hrs), I did some leaf blowing with my much-too-powerful Toro PowerJet F700 Leaf Blower, and some garage clean-up. There were thousands of Blackbirds -- called a "murmuration" -- swarming the Pin Oak in the next yard, as they migrate south for the Winter, to southern Maryland and Virginia. I had a stack of mail to get thru, and some niggling paperwork to finish up. I left at 1p, for some errands -- plus Häagen Dazs ice Cream -- and hit huge traffic jams, one-lane traffic chokepoints.

It's getting darker earlier, and lighter later.

Uh-oh, WWIII WATCH -- Yemen's Houthi Rebels (Iran sponsored) have officially declared war on Israel, possibly opening the flood gates for more Arab/muslim(SPIT!) states and countries to do so. If we'd just stay out of it, and let Israel conduct the revenge/justice, it'd be a better world, by killing-off all those murderous, subhuman muslim(SPIT!) filth.

After only 2 "trick or treaters", I garaged the Jeep since it was Halloween Trick or Treat night, had an early snooze, early dinner and watched Fox's "Jesse Watters" and several episodes of Discovery's "Bitchin' Rides" until 10:30, and called it quits for the night.

Up at 5a with L/S pain, to a cold 33°, overcast, Wintry-like day, I upped the heat to 74°, made coffee, had a couple of smokes in the garage, took the 3 pain pills, fired-up the desktop to get some news and weather and checked the rest of the week's list. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, had 3 carafes of coffee, breakfast after the pain subsided, and timed daybreak (7:13a) and sunrise (7:30a). I scanned the weather and news websites, updating myself on events. After smoking in the garage, I opened the door to air-it-out, so the Jeep didn't get tarnished with tobacco smoke residue. Heh, imagine what my lungs look like after 58 years of smoking.

The problem is: It's not OUR guns, It's YOUR sons.

Hmmmmmmm, more demonKKKrat corruption, fraud and crime: demonKKKrat scumbag New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is asking the state demonKKKrat Party to reimburse taxpayers after he used $12,000 in state funds at a Taylor Swift concert and other stadium events. Murphy's a corrupt, lying piece-of-shit. Seriously? A Taylor Swift concert? Seriously?

As I've been saying for the past 22 years, the terrorist threat to America is growing exponentially, by the hour/day/week/month/year, and is now coming to a boiling point, due to 8,000,000 criminal, illegal alien invaders illegally entering the country, JUST SINCE 2022! And despicable, shit-for-brains FBI Chief Liar, Chrissy Wray, is now saying it, too, because the corrupt FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots) now has proof that it's imminent, and they don't want to take responsibility for it when it happens. They're too busy illegally going after American Parents from school board meetings, whom they've now declared "domestic, White nationalist terrorists". EVERYONE IN THE STINKING FBI NEEDS TO BE FIRED and all replaced!!

I left at 12:15p, to go food shopping at Weis Market, between the traffic and crowded supermarket, I had some seriously bad back pain, and spent nearly 2hrs on that simple, 45min trip. After a huge pasta lunch, I hit the LR couch for a 2½ hour snooze. Up just 30mins before sunset, I shook-off the grogginess, had a smoke on the back patio, brought the Jeep in for the night, and checked the news and weather sites. A heavy frost and ground freeze is coming tonite.

I had a light dinner, watched the news, and stayed on the TV until around 11p.

Up at 5:30a on Thursday, it was a very cold 27°, 0-Dark-Thirty, VERY HEAVY FROST, I fired-up the furnace, made coffee and had a couple smokes in the warming garage. I had pain, and took the last 2 Tramadol, until my Dr's appt, tomorrow afternoon. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, and then the Chris Plante Show from 9-12, but I left at 10:30 for a haircut appt. With all the construction and utility company chokepoints, leaving 5-10mins early has become de rigeur these past few years.

Back from the cut around 12noon, I had lunch and drove to Sis' condo to get some 500 old pics sorted out.. Back home by 3:30, I was tired, laid down on the LR couch for a short nap, and woke-up at 7p, in the dark. Heh. I had stuff to do, and called it an early night at 10:30.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", amd a;though I have only one Dr's appt, my Sis has major surgery -- 2nd hip replacement -- so I'm taking her to, bringing her from and doing things to help ease her recovery, for the next 2-3 weeks. She's already had one hip replaced, both knees replaced, 4 hernias repaired and other minor things done. She's got more guts than I. Should be an 'interesting' week. Sherry's been down sick all week, and hopefully is now recuperating, per last night's call with her. And don't forget to set your clocks BACK 1 HOUR, Saturday night! We're back to "EST", once again.

Illegal Border Crossers Total Over 10 million Since Biden Inauguration.

More than 10 million people have been reported illegally entering the United States since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, the greatest number in history and of any administration.

They total more than the individual populations of 41 states.

The number of people illegally entering the country surged after Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas halted many preexisting border security policies, advanced sweeping parole and other policies to release the greatest number of illegal foreign nationals into the country, encouraged people from all over the world to use a phone app to enter the U.S., and facilitated U.S. entry application processes in foreign countries, among others.

Official U.S. Customs and Border Protection data includes 3,201,144 apprehensions in fiscal 2023; 2,766,582 in fiscal 2022; 1,956,519 in fiscal 2021; and 471,954 in the nine months Biden was in office in fiscal 2020.

CBP’s fiscal year is from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30.

Combined, official apprehensions total 8,396,199.

They exclude gotaway data, which CBP does not report publicly. The Center Square has been reporting preliminary gotaway data solely reported by Border Patrol agents at the southwest border. The information is obtained from a Border Patrol agent who provides it and other information on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

Since January 2021, a minimum estimate of nearly 1.7 million gotaways have illegally entered the U.S.

Based on earlier projections and including Office of Field Operations data, former CBP chief Mark Morgan told The Center Square the gotaway data is likely to reach or exceed one million for fiscal 2023 alone.

In fiscal 2021, there were at least 308,655 known, reported gotaways; in fiscal 2022, 606,150 were reported. According to preliminary data obtained by The Center Square, Border Patrol agents reported at least 769,174 gotaways at the southwest border alone.

This number excludes OFO data, gotaway data at the northern border and other CBP ports of entry nationwide. The Center Square has not yet received total internal gotaway numbers.

However, even those are considered a best estimate because they exclude unknown and unreported gotaways, those who illegally enter undetected -- meaning, the number is likely much higher. Law enforcement officials have said they have no idea how many gotaways there are in the U.S., or who or where they are. [JS -- The number of "gotaways" is over 1.6 MILLION!]

Combined, the minimum estimated known, reported gotaways from Jan. 1, 2021, to Sept. 30, 2023 is at least 1,678,979.

Since January 2021, total illegal border crossers apprehended nationwide were 8,396,198. Combined with at least 1,678,979 gotaways, the number increases to over 10 million (at least 10,075,177).

This is greater than the individual populations of 41 states.

The only states with an estimated population greater than the number of illegal border crossers are California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia and North Carolina.

They edged ahead of Michigan’s estimated population of 10,030,722.

The total number of illegal border crossers during the period equates to 25% of California’s population, 33% of Texas’ population, 44% of Florida’s population and nearly 52% of New York’s population.

They’re equivalent to over 17 Wyomings; over 15 Vermonts; nearly 14 Alaskas; and nearly 13 North Dakotas. They total nearly ten Delawares, the home state of the president.

Among them are 1,586 known, suspected terrorists (KSTs) who were apprehended in fiscal years 2020-2023.

In fiscal 2023, CBP agents apprehended the greatest number of KSTs -- 736 -- in a single year in U.S. history.

They also apprehended the greatest number of criminal noncitizens in U.S. history, totaling nearly 50,000. This number excludes the tens of thousands of criminal noncitizens arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and an unknown number arrested by local and state law enforcement officers.

© 10.27.2023by Bethany Blankley, "The Center Square".

The Normalisation of Savagery.

Since the Hamas pogrom of 7 October, there’s been a storm of commentary on how unhinged campus culture in the West has become. Politicians and writers are bewildered that at universities where it’s a ‘microaggression’ to ask someone where they are from, and where you can be subjected to a Salem-like grilling for wearing an offensive Halloween costume, actual genocidal violence doesn’t seem to bother people. The same fresh-faced Maoists who will weep and stomp their feet if you say ‘women don’t have penises’ have collectively shrugged their shoulders over the mass murder of Jewish women and children. Some have even justified it. ‘Glory to our martyrs’, said a projection on to the wall of a building at George Washington University.

Touch an African-American student’s hair and you’re a white supremacist, but murder Jews in cold blood and you’re a martyr. Wear your white-people hair in cornrows and you’re a racist thief, but invade a country with the express intention of killing Jews and you’re the ‘resistance’. Serve up bad-tasting sushi – as the cafeteria at hyper-woke Oberlin did a few years ago – and you’ll be damned as a cultural appropriator. But kill hundreds of revellers at a peace festival in southern Israel and the same kids who wail over Japanese fare being served by white chefs will make excuses for you. Israel is ‘entirely responsible’ for ‘all unfolding violence’ in the Middle East, said student activists at Harvard before the bodies of the 1,400 Israelis were cold.

Our woke universities hold forth on ‘every topic under the sun’, said former Nebraska senator Ben Sasse, yet they’re chilled out about the ‘most grave grotesque attacks on Jewish people since the Holocaust’. College kids kick up a fuss about ‘stupid’ things like ‘microaggressions and gender pronouns’ yet they erm and ahh – or worse – on ‘the slaughter of innocent Israelis’, says one columnist. When Jewish students at Cooper Union in New York City had to be locked in the library to save them from a mob of ‘pro-Palestine’ activists, Robert Pondiscio of the American Enterprise Institute said: ‘Not another word – ever – about safe spaces, microaggressions or “erasure” on a college campus. Not one more damn word.’

These angry critiques of the moral infants on our campuses are understandable. It is not only irritating but infuriating that youngsters who think ‘misgendering’ is an act of violence are relaxed about literal violence. That these cloyingly sensitive sons and daughters of privilege will demand a safe space, complete with colouring books and dogs they can pet, when a controversial speaker darkens the door of their Ivy League college, yet they don’t seem to think Israeli Jews deserve a safe space from Hamas’s neo-fascists. Wound their self-esteem? Sacrilege. Wound and kill unarmed Jews? Martyr shit.

And yet, it’s important to say that this creepy sympathy for Hamas, this misanthropic disregard for the safety and dignity of Jews, doesn’t actually contradict the ideology of the safe space. The woke set’s cavalier attitude towards the macroaggression of massacring civilians is not really a break with their obsessive policing of the microaggression of hurting someone’s feelings with a disagreeable idea. No, there is a logical line from the furious denunciation of certain forms of speech as ‘violence’ to the implicit acceptance of actual violence if it is directed against ‘bad’ people. That line is what we might call narcissistic savagery, where almost anything can be justified in the name of protecting one’s beliefs and one’s psychic sense of security from harm. Censorship, harassment, even physical assault – when the self and its emotional health is sacralised above all else, above every other moral and social consideration, anything becomes permissible in its defence.

What we have witnessed over the past few weeks is the latent violence in the ideology of the safe space. That safe-space activists on the 21st-century campus seem fine with one of the worst acts of violence of modern times is not proof that they’ve betrayed the principles of the safe space, but rather that the safe space lends itself incredibly well to intolerance, even of the murderous variety. A few years ago I gave a talk at the University of California, Irvine on ‘the violence of the safe space’. I argued that the most striking thing about safe spaces is how unsafe they feel. Yes, this new ideology justifies itself in the language of keeping students safe from ‘intimidation’, but in truth safe spaces are ‘ugly, authoritarian zones’ that are ‘propped up by menace’, I said. For in the very act of promising protection from transgressive people, the safe space puts transgressive people in the crosshairs, exposing them to severe forms of both social and physical reprimand.

Violence has long attended the campus cult of the safe space. People have been shamed, attacked, even subjected to assault by urine, all in the name of ‘safety’, all in the name of preserving the holy safe space from their malign moral influence. At UK universities, meetings of pro-Israel students have been invaded by student officials and leftists, who essentially damn such gatherings as ‘unsafe’ for Arab students and other ethnic minorities. These meetings of mostly Jewish students have even been physically attacked: windows smashed, chairs thrown around. This is the terror of safety. In decreeing that such gatherings are unsafe, a threat to students’ emotional wellbeing, campus ideologues green-light extreme action against them.

Or consider the treatment of ‘unsafe’ gender-critical academics. One had piss splashed on her office door. Others have had to hire security guards just to get around campus. Kathleen Stock was roughly hounded out of Sussex University by so-called trans allies. They said she was ‘harmful and dangerous’ to their mental health. The Orwellianism is off the scale. In the name of our safety we will rob Professor Stock of hers. To maintain Sussex as a ‘safe space’, her sense of safety had to be eradicated, in order that she might leave and take her malevolent ideas -- such as that men cannot be lesbians – with her. When Stock spoke at the Oxford Union earlier this year, mobs of students raged. We deserve to feel ‘safe from bigotry and harassment’, they said, and with Stock around, we don’t. Shorter version: we must attack Stock to feel safe.

Intimidation is in-built in the ideology of the safe space. The very idea that some individuals and ideas are so detrimental to one’s spiritual health that special measures are required to keep them at bay actively incites hysteria and violence. I was prevented from speaking at Oxford University in 2014 on the basis that my presence would ‘make students feel unsafe’. Student protesters threatened to turn up to the debate with ‘instruments’ if it went ahead -- and they didn’t mean musical instruments. So convinced were they that my words – in this case on the issue of abortion -- would cause irreparable harm to their self-esteem that they were willing to take up cudgels against my liberty. To maintain their safety, they had to compromise mine.

The ideology of the safe space nurtures existential dread. Like villagers in medieval times who drove themselves mad with visions of wolves and monsters skulking at their borders, the student who lives in a safe space comes to convince himself that everyone external to that space is unsafe, which is to say wicked. This is why, as I argued in California in 2016, the safe space must always be ‘fortified by a simmering threat of force against transgressors’, against anyone who transgresses against ‘the new cult of psychic safety and moral conformism’. It is a mistake to think of campus radicals as ‘snowflakes’, hyper-vulnerable creatures liable to melt upon contact with alternative thought. For there is a darkness, a ruthlessness to safe-space activism. It is tyranny masquerading as therapy.

So it is not surprising, or contradictory, that campus ideologues who fume against un-PC words now welcome, or at least excuse, neo-fascistic violence. They are projecting their ideology of safety on to events in the Middle East. In their minds, Israelis are violators of the Palestinian safe space, and thus vengeance against them is not only justified but good. It is striking how much the Western language of mental dread is being used to explain the crisis in the Middle East. There will be a ‘tsunami of mental-health woes’ as a result of the latest Israel-Gaza conflict, reports NPR. The assault on Gaza is having a terrible impact on the ‘mental health of Palestinian children’, says a US-based psychologist. Many campus radicals also read every event through the prism of Western notions of vulnerability. It would not be surprising if they viewed Hamas’s pogrom of 7 October less as a racist onslaught against the Jewish people than as an act of therapeutic vengeance against a ‘privileged’ neighbour -- cathartic payback against those who make Arabs feel ‘unsafe’.

Since the October pogrom, anti-Semitism has soared on campuses in the US, and much of it is underpinned by the self-regarding cult of safety. Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law, reports a student saying to him that ‘what would make her feel safe’ in his law school would be ‘to get rid of the Zionists’. In short, to flatter my narcissistic feelings of psychic and ideological security, certain Jews must be kicked out. The safe space clearly licences racism, too.

The hate has been relentless. A professor at Columbia University said the Hamas assault on Israel was a ‘stunning victory’. A Yale professor said 7 October was an ‘extraordinary day’ and a great blow to the ‘genocidal settler state’ of Israel. An art professor in Chicago said ‘Israelis are pigs. Savages… Irredeemable excrement.’ A professor at the University of California, Davis ominously said ‘Zionist journalists… have houses [with] addresses, kids in school’, and ‘they should fear us’.

Note the vicarious thrill these people seem to derive from faraway acts of unimaginable violence. The cult of vulnerability – and its ugly cousin, vengeance – has robbed them of their humanity. Viewing Israelis as pigs and shit, and Western Zionists as suspect creatures who deserve to live in fear, speaks to the inhumanity of constantly abstracting individuals. Of treating people either as ‘oppressed’, and thus good, or ‘privileged’, and thus bad. It is a short step from academic theories of ‘white privilege’ to demeaning Israelis as excrement whose murders should be celebrated. The reason some in American universities are taking second-hand pleasure from Hamas’s pogrom is because they believe it fortifies their privilege / oppressor worldview and gives physical force to their own contempt for the merchants of unsafety. They welcome the pogrom as a kind of primal therapy.

It is chilling how many young people seem relaxed about Hamas terrorism. A Harvard poll in the US found that 52 per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds support Israel but a staggering 48 per cent support Hamas. Fifty-one per cent said Hamas violence against Israeli civilians is justified. As a headline in Newsweek said, ‘An insane number of Gen Zers support Hamas’s slaughter of innocent Israelis’. Polls in the UK suggest significant numbers of young people reject the idea that Hamas are terrorists. There can be no greater indictment of our education system, and of all the new systems of socialisation, than the fact that many in the new generation witnessed the worst act of anti-Semitic violence since the Holocaust and thought: ‘Maybe Israel deserved it.’ We can now see, clear as anything, what a pernicious impact the politics of identity and cult of pity have had on the souls of the young. It has torn them from the values of our civilisation, to such an extent that they feel more affinity with the regressive, anti-Western barbarism of Hamas than they do with the Jewish civilians and democratic state that were desecrated by that barbarism.

We are living through a normalisation of violence. The decimation of the ideals of freedom, especially among millennials and Generation Z, has given rise to a situation where debate is discouraged on account of its hurtfulness, where brute force is wielded against dissenters, and where even genocidal terror can be celebrated if it silences the ‘privileged’. In the absence of freedom of speech, the pre-modern rituals of humiliating and punishing transgressors against orthodoxy have returned with a bloody vengeance. Surely the bleak and tragic month of October 2023 will be a wake-up call for the West.

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Good Summary.

They're not happy in Gaza ...
They're not happy in Egypt ...
They're not happy in Libya ...
They're not happy in Morocco ...
They're not happy in Iran ...
They're not happy in Iraq ...
They're not happy in Yemen ...
They're not happy in Afghanistan ...
They're not happy in Pakistan ...
They're not happy in Syria ...
They're not happy in Lebanon ...
They're happy in Australia ...
They're happy in Canada ...
They're happy in England ...
They're happy in France ...
They're happy in Italy ...
They're happy in Germany ...
They're happy in Sweden ...
They're happy in the USA ...
They're happy in Norway ...
They're happy in Holland ...
They're happy in Denmark ...
Basically, they're happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!
Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.
AND THEN -- They want to change those countries to be like, THE COUNTRY THEY CAME FROM WHERE THEY WERE UNHAPPY!
Excuse me, but I can't help wondering...
How frigging dumb can you get?
Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.
Lets have a look at the evidence:
- No Christmas
- No television
- No nude women
- No football
- No pork chops
- No hot dogs
- No burgers
- No beer
- No bacon
- Rags for clothes
- Towels for hats
- Constant wailing from some bloke in a tower
- More than one wife
- More than one mother-in-law
- You can't shave
- Your wife can't shave
- You can't wash off the smell of donkeys
- You cook over burning camel shit
- Your wife is picked by someone else for you
- and your wife smells worse than your donkey
- Then they tell them that "when they die, it all gets better"???
Well, No Shit Sherlock!...
It's not like it could get much worse!
(H/T to Pastor Tom)

From The River To The Sea.

The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, Ephesians 1:18 (King James Version)

The latest outburst of hatred for God’s chosen people the Jew by the left is one more exposure of who these insane animals truly are. The left is unanimous in calling anyone not agreeing to their worldview Nazis or some other name, but the elite from Harvard to Columbia, and Stanford are calling Jews names right out of Mein Kompf.

There are colleges which are filled with Jewish kids being locked in rooms for fear of having their throats slashed. The left has now called for all out war on the Jewish people for no other reason than being aligned with Israel. These radicals are saying Jews stole the country from the Palestinians even though they were in the land since Abraham.

The Insane Left has nothing to offer but hatred. Whether it is Antifa or BLM they are built on hating America and everyone who dares to disagree with them of the movement. These violent crazies spent two years burning down cities under the guise of Social Justice and fighting imaginary fascism when they were the ultimate Brown Shirts.

They hate anyone who dares to question their commands such as Global Warming or their new label Climate Change which can mean anything they want. Of course, the climate changes and has changed since God made it. They hate anyone who believes God made the heavens and earth as heretics to the belief of evolution and their explanation of life even though they cannot prove a single point of the theory if you do not goose step to every step you are to be hated.

They especially hate anyone who believes like science says, a human life begins at conception and is to be protected and not to be killed then you are to be hated and, in many cases, jailed. They hate you because you do not honor a woman’s precious right to kill her baby for any reason at any time since this is the most holy chalice of the insane left religion.

You are triple hated if you do not agree to every proclamation declared by the Rainbow Mafia. These thugs have been pushing their anti-Christian agenda since the beginning of time but especially for the Insane Left for the past thirty years. You are a special person requiring special Rights if you are a homosexual and now cross sexual since it all about love. Love, love, love except if you question any part of their sick agenda and then you are hated with a deep vile hatred for not loving them. People who agree with 99% of their agenda such as feminists are hated and have death threats for not agreeing men should not compete against women are hated with a white-hot hatred by the Mafia.

Everyone who questions anything they say or do is hated and called every name in the book and especially racist, sexist, homophobic, Nazi if you dare to say you want everyone to have the freedom to think for themselves. These people are the most intolerant people on the planet and perhaps the least tolerant of any time in history including the 1939 version of their movement the National Socialist Workers Party or Nazis who believed Jews were the cause of all the world’s problems and needed exterminating from the planet.

Guess who is back. Now the Three Pillars of Propaganda (Academia, Media, and the DNC) is on full push for exterminating the Jews because the Palestinians are now an Insane Left virtuous minority. This means anyone who disagrees with anything the Palestinians say or do is to be hated or in this case exterminated from the face of the earth.

Rather than Pigs in a Blanket fry them like bacon, their latest disgusting chant is, “River to the Sea”. The is the Yassir Arafat’s old line he used with the PLO which means exterminate all Jews from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Ocean. This is the chant of killing all Jews in Israel although in Haaavad, Yale, Columbia, and Stanford it means kill all Jews wherever you find them. They want to kill every Jew in America and the world for the crime of wanting to have a country free from being hunted and killed by the NAZIs of the world and of course their enemies who are the descendants of Abraham and Ishmael.

This level of Social Justice is a stretch even for the Insane Left although it is being pushed by Mooselimbs such as and most likely Barak and his network of hatred. In his world anytime you can spread hate and destruction is time well spent in addition to being a wannabe Mooselip. He is and always has been the spreader of hatred across America along with his willing Insane Leftist worshipers.

Now in America the very people who are calling Christians racist, sexist, antisemites are hunting Jews sin colleges around America for the crime of being Jewish. They are calling for the harassing and killing of them for the simple crime of disagreeing with the wholesale slaughter of them on a holy day by a bunch of Mooselimbs who committed the worst atrocity on Jews since Hitler and that makes you the Insane Left’s enemy and deserving of more atrocities for being a heretic to the faith.

This cult is as sick as sick can get. They hate Christians who worship a God who gives forgiveness and preaches love of your enemies. They hate the Christian and Jewish God because his word tells of things which can hurt or destroy you with sins of the flesh since God knows man is completely evil and this is being revealed by people supporting the mass extinction of God’s people.

This has always been and will always be God against Satan and it is being revealed every day and as they lose control their hate will become more and more evil as they declare war on Judaism and Christianity. From the River to the Sea will become from Sea to Shining Sea.

Pray for Revival

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Fight Off the Living Dead.

Max Brooks' 2003 book, "The Zombie Survival Guide", is a manual on how to survive a zombie attack. It covers zombie physiology and behavior, defense strategies and tactics, and includes historic case studies of possible zombie outbreaks. Despite being fiction, the manual also contains practical information on disaster preparedness, making it a relevant read today.

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