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Friday, November 10, 2000

i've voted in every General Election since '68, when I first became eligible. And, over the past 30 years, in dozens of seemingly meaningless Local and State elections. But just two days ago, when I pulled The Lever to rid the Nation of the Clintoonista-GoreBore Filth, I was politically and spiritually elated, despite an exhaustive 16-month national campaign which has wearied the Nation and bored the World. Personally, I thought it was going to be a blow-out, reminiscent of Reagan's '80 and '84 landslides, but a sorry scenario soon began to develop: America is now an obviously divided Nation, with firmly half of the population as corrupt and as f*cked-up as Clintoonism, actively wanting (GoreBore won the popular vote; what does that say?) to retain the lying, corrupt GoreBore filth for four more years; the other half wanting a fresh start and a return to honesty and integrity. I thought many more Americans would actually repudiate the past 8 years of corruption and criminal activity by turning out the GoreBore scum. But we're split down the middle. Unhappily for DemocRATs, Bubba Clintoon infected their entire party with his evil corruption. More significantly, the party allowed it to happen because it willingly embraced him. The contamination was then complete. The party sold its soul, and is about to reap the consequences of its Faustian bargain. The incredibly f*cked-up people of New York state also made a dramatic statement by electing the lying criminal bitch, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon to the US Senate, over a quality, homegrown player like Rick Lazio. Nice going New York: you stupid f*cking morons get what you richly deserve for 6 years of worse-than-hell. I was very wrong about this country, and I was sad to see it in such stark contrast to reality of the Election Tote Board numbers. I am ashamed of America and what it now doesn't stand for, anymore.

Around The Garden Center.
Still no appreciable rain in sight, as we've gone over 5 weeks without moisture, things are once again bone dry. A few light showers moved through last Friday and missed us 100%; not even merely wetting the streets and doing nothing to add-back critical ground moisture. The Plains and Midwest are getting pounded by a blizzard, but it won't make it to the East Coast and help out the Fall 2000 Drought. Europe's undergoing the worst floods in over 100 years and North America is dry. Go figure.
I stopped by the PA State Liquor Store on my way home from work Saturday, to re-supply some cabernet sauvignon — specifically Sebastiani Sonoma Cask '96, when I found the new vintage '97 had replaced the familiar and much-vaunted '96. I quickly called one of store managers, who shops at my Garden Center, and asked her to round-up as many cases for me as were still in the PA Store system. She checked her computer and found three; I took 'em and will lay them away for several more years. The '97 is very pleasing, but not quite as hearty as the '96. Natch; give it time.
Fall and Spring are definitely my two favorite seasons — guess I'm getting old since Summer (too hot and muggy) and Winter (too cold and icy) used to be — for cooking, gardening or anything else, for that matter. Winter Squash is a treat I wait all year for and try new ones each succeeding year. This year, I've stopped at every roadside stand and Farmer's Market to see what varieties are currently available, with grilled filet mignon in a fresh peppercorn brown sauce, and baked, assered and salted assernut Squash is a treat to savor.
PBS-TV had a great show on about Extraordinary Cats, on Sunday evening, and several rebroadcasts are scheduled. I was touched by the stories of the remarkable courage and affection of small and large cats and "their people".
On Tuesday, Election Day, I felt invigorated and ready to help get rid of the Clintoon-GoreBore plague upon this land. Up at 4am to feed the cats. Logged on to national weather, then to local weather and saw a huge rain-ice storm headed right for us, only a few counties away. At the current 28°F, it would be ice and snow if the sun didn't come up quickly before it hit. I shaved, showered, dressed and was out the door in 30mins, headed for the Garden Center Office. Fortunately, the storm turned back to light rain as the sun rose at 6am. I had told the landscape crew on Monday that I didn't care who they voted for, but if they were registered, they had to vote and I'd give them time off during the day tomorrow to get that done. But since they're off at 3:30pm anyway, all said they'd get it done on the way home. I was at the voting booth by 9am. Bush carried York County (PA) by 35,000+ votes — 87,459 votes for Bush, 52,005 votes for GoreBore — though GoreBore took the state thanks to the slimy liberal enclaves of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, both of which Pennsylvania could easily do without.
After getting home from a late Wednesday afternoon's doctor appointment, I checked the Net for election tallies and went to sleep around 9pm. Getting up at 3am to feed the cats, I logged on and GWBush appeared to have it sewn-up. But by 4am, Florida was suddenly in dispute and the GoreBore slime appeared to have another chance at ruining the once-proud Nation with their corrupt brand of liberalism and socialism. Truly, the stuff of movies. I watched all morning Thursday as the shit-for-brains network pundits clogged-up the airwaves with idle prattle and speculation about Florida's "re-count". Ruined my day.
Amid all the domestic politics gripping the Nation and the World, I took Thursday off. After the exhiliaration and letdown of Election Day & The ReCount Fiasco, I got drunk and fell asleep. Got nothing done. 'Nuff said.

TWA Flight 800.
We are, in the eyes of the federal government, a bunch of dolts who can be expected to swallow whatever garbage they choose to feed us. That is especially true in the case of the ill-fated TWA Flight 800 where a top figure in the probe simply cancelled the law of gravity in trying to explain inconvenient facts, and fully expected all of us imbeciles to believe him. He got his wish, by the way, with those gullible morons known as the mainstream media.
Witnesses can be a severe pain in an investigator's ass, especially when there are a whole slew of them contradicting the prober's pre-conceived notions. When that happens it becomes very important to the probers to discount the testimony of the inconvenient witnesses by cobbling together all sorts of theories that explain away what the eyewitnesses insist they saw.
That's very much the case of the people investigating the downing of TWA Flight 800. Hundreds of eyewitnesses to the tragedy all say they saw what appeared to be a missile arcing through the sky, a sudden small explosion followed by a huge blast. The majority of eyewitness accounts are in remarkable agreement on the major points.
But the idea that the plane was shot down by a missile is not the conclusion the government people want to reach — for reasons known only to them — they insist that the plane went down as a result of a fuel tank explosion. It is therefore necessary for them either to totally ignore the eyewitness testimony, or find other explanations for what the witnesses say they saw.
For a long while government investigators did ignore the witness's testimony. When that began to create a problem, they then set out to find alternative explanations for what the witnesses agree they saw. In other words what they thought they saw was something else entirely that only appeared to be what they thought they saw.
In the most recent effort to discount the testimony of hundreds of witnesses to the 1996 downing of TWA Flight 800 government investigators launched Stinger missiles from Florida’s Eglin Air Force base and then leaked the story of the secret tests to the administration-friendly Washington Post.
Moreover, unnamed government sources used a thoroughly discredited theory to explain away the missile sightings reported by eyewitnesses. insisting that what the witnesses saw was not the fiery trail of a missile heading for the ill-fated plane, but the tail half of the aircraft miraculously rising 3000 feet after being blown apart from the front section.
The Post reported that the government investigators fired the Stinger missiles in an alleged effort to learn if the streaks of light seen by witnesses could have been a missile streaking toward a target.
Sources familiar with the tests told the newspaper that while final results of their tests were still weeks away "initial observations have turned up nothing to cast doubt on the National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary determination that no missile hit the plane."
According to the National Transportation Safety Board, their preliminary determination was that no missile hit the plane and TWA Flight 800 went down after the aircraft’s nearly empty center fuel tank exploded, although the cause of the alleged fuel tank explosion has never been determined.
Most inconvenient for the Board has been the dogged insistence by eyewitnesses that they indeed saw a missile heading for the plane. Accounts of the witnesses were long ignored by the FBI and Board investigators, and their persistence in claiming they saw what they saw has been a thorn in the side of the government which for some mysterious reason is almost desperate to prove that the downing was an accident, and not caused by a missile.
As the Post put it, "Board investigators ... decided that their probe could not be considered complete unless they made a detailed scientific comparison between what the witnesses said in their first interviews with FBI agents and the sights and sounds a missile would make in exactly the same atmospheric conditions and lighting as that evening on the Long Island coast.
"This was a dotting of the i's and a crossing of the t's," a source told the paper. "Some concluded it would be very nice to know for certain what you would see. What would a missile look like?"
Most egregious, was the newspaper’s rehashing of the absurd theory that half the plane flew up about 3,000 feet after the alleged explosion - a suggestion aerodynamic experts scoff at as being absolutely impossible.
"Computerized simulations by the board and the Central Intelligence Agency in December 1997 indicated the streaks could be the flaming fuel tank," the Post reported.
In the simulations, "The light appeared to be rising because the front of the airplane had broken away and the rest of the aircraft, including the wings, shot upward because it was no longer weighed down by the forward part of the fuselage."
No kidding, that's what they expect us imbeciles to believe. And that's what the FBI's James Kallstrom, the Bureau's top man in the investigation told everybody who would listen. It is an alibi designed for ingestion by imbeciles.
But he wasn't finished. It appears that there was a verified report from another aircraft which said they saw what looked like a missile streaking towards them in the same area where the TWO 800 downing took place. Nobody disputed it because the evidence that something had shot up towards the plane was overwhelming and confirmed by radio traffic between the plane's pilots and ground control during the moments it was happening.
So what does Kallstrom do to get rid of this inconvenient fact. Why he tells the imbeciles that there were meteor showers in the area at the time, and that's what the pilots probably saw streaking up and over thee aircraft.
Remember, the object was going up — while in meteor showers the meteors go down. Showers, rain or meteor do tend to go in a downward direction or we'd all have to carry umbrellas upside down.
To heck with the law of gravity. In Kallstrom's strange world, everything apparently goes up. Call it Kallstrom's New Law of Aerodynamics.
In a May 26th statement by Reed Irvine of Accuracy in Media, the dead-plane-rising theory was further exploded by the revelation that the CIA’s computerized simulations were based on what a key eyewitness said he saw. The problem is that the witness never said any such thing.
Here’s what Accuracy in Media's courageous Reed Irvine wrote a few months ago:
"The recently released FBI reports of their interviews of eyewitnesses to the downing of TWA Flight 800 contain enough dynamite to blow the lid off the FBI-NTSB-CIA-DOD cover-up of the cause of the crash of TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996. The FBI wouldn't even let the NTSB investigators see these reports for a long time. When they finally sent copies of 756 eyewitness reports to the NTSB, they were in great disarray, causing a further delay in their release to the public. The NTSB recently made them available, together with related documents, on a CD-ROM. These can now be found on Cmdr. William S. Donaldson's web site, This is a treasure trove for anyone interested in getting the truth about the TWA Flight 800 crash.
"Hundreds of eyewitnesses saw TWA Flight 800 crash off the southern coast of Long Island, and what they saw was widely reported by the print and electronic media at the time. The FBI took control of the investigation and refused to let the NTSB interview eyewitnesses. No eyewitnesses were permitted to testify at the NTSB public hearing on the TWA crash in Dec. 1997, and the FBI would not permit any discussion of the 244 eyewitness reports it had shared with the CIA. The CIA used them to produce a video simulation of the crash. James Kallstrom, who headed the FBI investigation, said the questioning of eyewitnesses "would have the unintentional effect of undermining the CIA's work." In other words, don't let the facts interfere with their conclusions.
"Now the CIA's work is undermined by the FBI eyewitness reports, together with appendix FF, a transcript of an NTSB witness group discussion on how the CIA decided that all the eyewitnesses who said they saw anything resembling a missile were wrong.
"An unidentified CIA analyst said they had been trying to figure out what source there could be for the streak of light that 260 eyewitnesses said they had seen. At 10 p.m. on Dec. 30, 1996, he got the idea "that you can explain what the eyewitnesses are seeing with only the burning aircraft." Eureka! Claim that everyone mistook the burning aircraft for a missile that caused it to blow up, and that gets rid of the problem created by those 260 eyewitnesses who saw a streak of light. The "analyst" based his great idea on the FBI reports on their interviews of one eyewitness, who, he said, "may be one eyewitness" who saw the entire incident.
"That one eyewitness is Michael Wire, a machinery expert who was working on a new drawbridge on Beach Lane, a road running from Westhampton, Long Island, to the beach. Wire's FBI report says that standing on the bridge, looking toward the beach, he saw a white light just above the rooftop of a house about 900 feet away, ascending from the ground at about a 40 degree angle. It "sparkled" and he thought it was fireworks. It "zig zagged" as it traveled upward and was going south-southeast when it "arched over" and disappeared from view. Two or three seconds later he saw an orange light that appeared to be a fireball in the sky about half a mile away. It was falling at about a 30-degree angle, with a fire trail burning behind it. According to Wire, the fireball disappeared behind a house two houses away from the one where he saw the white light. He then heard the first and loudest of four explosions. It shook the bridge. Eight or nine seconds later he heard two more explosions followed by a fourth a second later.
"Analyst says that Wire was one of the few eyewitnesses who saw TWA Flight 800, minus its nose, climbing 3000 feet. That does not appear in Wire's interview, and he told me that is not true. He said he saw the plane blow up and immediately go down. He believes that what he saw was a missile and that the theory that a fuel explosion initiated the crash is false.
"Analyst said that CIA's analysis was driven largely by Wire, "who gave us reference points," the house behind which he had seen "a white light for about 15 seconds" and the other house behind which "a small fireball" disappeared from view. "He was an important eyewitness to us," he said. The CIA never showed Michael Wise the video they claim he inspired and asked if it portrays what he saw. They have never spoken to him. If they ever do, he will tell them what he told me."
A government source told the Post that it was extremely unfortunate that word of the tests began leaking out because it is possible that the data "will in the end conclude it [a missile] is extremely unlikely" and investigators did not want people to conclude that the tests were prompted by any new information.
In looking into the evidence painstakingly gathered by retired Cmdr. William S. Donaldson, an experienced crash investigator, Wednesday on the Web has found the eyewitness accounts to be prima facie ecodence that TWA Flight 800 went down after being hit by at least one missile. The conclusion is inescapable. The mass of evidence contained on Cmdr. Donaldson's Web Site — the associated Retired Aviation Professionals is so great that we can only begin to scratch the surface of what he and other dedicated researchers have compiled. We simply have to refer you to that website for the complete story, especially the accounts of over 700 eyewitnesses.
Among the more revealing eyewitness reports were those that clearly contradicted the government's belief that the plane was destroyed at an altitude of 13,000 feet when its fuel tank exploded.
In his tabulation of witness accounts, found on the Donaldson Website and at Hull's Website, analyst Michael Hull reports the testimony of three witnesses all aboard aircraft and all flying at altitudes above the second, violent explosion. One plane was flying at 11,000 feet, and a second at 8,500 feet. All three saw the explosion take place below their altitudes. The third plane's pilot estimated that the explosion took place at about 5,000 to 6,000 feet.
What must be concluded from this testimony of three experienced pilots are the facts that the huge explosion the many eyewitnesses observed, took place far below 13,000 feet when the plane began to go down, indicating that it was struck by something at 13,000 feet, and it's fuel tank exploded thousands of feet below the maximum altitude the plane had reached.
Hull's analysis also has the full radio traffic and story of the other suspected missile attack on a plane flying in the same area as TWA Flight 800 was flying when it went down. It includes Kallstrom's upward-meteor-shower absurdity.
Hundreds of questions remain about what happened to TWA Flight 800, and the NTSB and FBI have stonewalled and lied at every turn. Protecting whom? Or what?
For a complete rundown on the incredible mass of evidence, go to TWA800 Home and read Michael Hull's commentary as well as the other material. I also recommend reading Adm. Moorer's letter found on the website.

Liberal Lowlife Filth.
Count on lowlife liberal subhuman filth to come crawling out from the slimy rocks and throw money at AlGoreBore's losing effort, just because they're afraid America is "reverting" to morality and decency. Scares the liberal garbage to death, and rightly so.
HOLY shit, how is it that the stinking lowlife criminal bitch, Hitlery Rodman Clintoon beat Rick Lazio, when she's so closely aligned with the filthy towelhead muslim militant terrorists murdering US Military? Shouldn't every Jew in New York have voted against her? You'd think so! If they had, she'd have lost handily, but they didn't. That speaks volumes about New York Jews. Oy vey!
Lowlife Hollywood has-been hag, Marlo Thomas and foul-mouthed pig, Cher, sure didn't like GW's candidacy. Hopefully, those two scuzzed-out old hags will choke to death on some southern fried lib-dem pig balls.
I curse the lying, conniving, stinking lib-dem Clintoon-GoreBore filth every time I stop to fill my Jeep with gas, or when I pay my condo's gas bill. They're directly responsible for the run-up in oil and gas prices, though they've tried to blame others, as has been the norm with the lowlife Clintoonistas. It won't impact me, but tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of people will have a load of problems with Winter with heating oil and natural gas bills.
Like her drunken, alcoholic, passenger-in-the-car-murdering ex-husband, Fat Stupid Murderous Teddy Kennedy — does Chappaquiddick ring any bells? — Joan Kennedy nailed down her 4th DUI this week. Congrats! Too bad the sodden bitch isn't going to prison where she belongs. Most of the criminal Kennedys belong in prison, with crimes ranging from child molestation, drug and alcohol abuse, murder, rape and much more. The Kennedys are the scum of America.

Racist Scum.
So, some of the 20+ idiot ghetto trash who raped and sodomized a 13 year old mentally-retarded girl are laughing in court? Well, I sure hope the presiding judge has the guts to put them away for 15-45 years; probably and most likely, s/he won't. No "hate crime" here, certainly. Hopefully, the lowlife punks will wind up as "girlfriends" of some 450lb lifers, fetching crotchless pantyhose, KY-Jelly and cigarettes for them at all hours of the night. I hope the girl can hear their screams from her house.
Hopefully, this probe of drug deals and payoffs will end that racist idiot bitch, Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA), career and put her into prison where she belongs. GoreBore is also involved, so Ol' Shaky Janet "Waco" El-Reno will certainly drag her feet.
Here's another piece of ghetto trash shit — Darryl Strawberry — who can't keep his nose out of a bag of coke and his ugly idiot ass out of jail and court, who'd "rather die because life isn't worth living". Hey scumbag, I agree. Stop your chemo and die a painful death or better yet, get a 9mm and blow that pea-sized brain out of your empty head.
I hate racists, especially Black racists like Fat Stupid Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum and Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum. And when they start arguing and fighting amongst each other, I revel in the irony. The two race baiters, neither with visible means of support except extortion and blackmail, are arguing over a Burger King boycott in the ghettos. Why the f*ck Burger King is even in the ghettos and pandering to idiots is beyond me. And why would a multinational corporation get involved with race-baiters like Sharp-scum and Jack-scum is anyone's guess. There's so many more affluent customers in better neighborhoods to concern a corporation with, than the scum and filth which dwell in ghettos.
Want some cogent examples of idiot racists? Read these statements. I'd love to put a bullet through each and every racists' empty head.
Oh here we go again: lazy idiots wanting another handout, this time calling it "reparations for slavery". Don't hold your breath, scumbags. Get and education and then jobs and work like the rest of us, you lazy f*cking scumbags. Here's a thousand reasons why it'll never happen and why the "poverty pimps" will fail.
Think I'm being too hard on Blacks? Nah, I'm just holding Blacks to the same standards as Whites, something they're deathly afraid of having done to them.

Execution Is The Answer.
Here's what happens when the US doesn't do its duty and exterminate murderous gangs of illegal aliens, and simply deports them back to Central and South America. This subhuman filth wreaks mayhem and murder everywhere. Execution is the answer and solution to such problems.
Giving a high school shooter and murderer of two students two life terms is ridiculous; he should be executed as an example to other wannabes. Hopefully, another inmate will whack him. Life sentences do nothing to discourage murder; execution does if it's carried out promptly and judiciously. The US Legal System still can't learn the lesson.
Wait a minute. Federal prisoners — or any lowlife prisoner shitfilth for that matter — have NO f*ckING RIGHTS! They forfeighted all rights when they committed crimes against US society's innocents. Execute the scum-filth. Terminate the shit-scum garbage.
Here's a so-called father who murdered his two small children and is entering an insanity plea, hoping to save his sorry ass. He should be executed quickly; no life imprisonment for scum like him.
I can almost always count on the great state of Texas to do what's right: executing another piece of subhuman illegal alien illegal alien shit from Mexico for a 1989 abduction, rape and murder. That's 35 so far this year, and 5 more are to die before the year ends. Love it.
North Carolina and Arizona also made my week, despite the corrupted lib-dem General Election: two pieces of subhuman filth were executed. Penna almost came through to make it three, but they wimped out.

Towelheads and Scumbags.
Within 30 years, the stinking lowlife subhuman filth muslim garbage will wage an un-holy war against the Christian World, for total dominance. They're already taking over the Middle East and are now after Asia. Before it gets to that point, we should use both strategic and tactical nuclear weapons and obliterate the sand idiots worldwide. Theirs is a false and evil religion, a religion of cowards and scum. Islam is garbage and needs to be eradicated before it spreads like a venereal disease through the Third World countries and gains momentum. The one irony is that Red China and Russia will have to align themselves with the US and its allies to fight or risk being conquered.

Idiots & Morons.
Here's the Prince of Wales, Chuckie The Dumb (Charles of England), who is so inbred and stupid he can't find his own ass with both hands, pontificating that "mankind has caused all of Nature's wrath" in recent weeks. This ditty from an idiot who is in love with one of England's ugliest women, Camilla Parker Bowles. Have you ever seen that bitch's face? Looks like the results of 60cal machine gun target practice. Yuk!
Soooo, the Brit idiot doctors "separated conjoined twins", Killing one and "saving" the other to a life of endless operations, pain and horrid disfigurement. How f*cking stupid. No wonder the Brits still live on an island.
Good riddance to another environmental wacko, David Browner, who died this week of bladder cancer. If he'd have pissed behind a few more trees, perhaps he'd have gotten rid of all that toxic piss and lived a few more years with a nice case of Alzheimers. f*ck the Sierra Club cretins.

For The Love of LEDs.
In the words of site proprietor and LED enthusiast Craig Johnson, "LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are those little colored lights you see in electronic equipment, household appliances, toys, on signs, and many other places...An LED is basically a really fancy diode. Diodes only let current (electricity) to flow in one direction and not the other. LEDs are diodes too, but they have the unique 'side effect' of producing light while electricity is flowing through them." And if it's LEDs you want, it's LEDs you'll get: intricate descriptions of various types, detailed performance tests, lengthy discussions of incandescent vs. LED flashlights, and more. Journal regular Craig Johnson owns the LED space.

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