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i told you so, jerks

friday, novenber 10th, 2023

Let me begin by saying to all you leftists that I told you so. Lots of leftists are supporting raping, mass-murdering Seventh Century semi-humans, and they are mad that they are now being treated like people who support raping, mass-murdering Seventh Century semi-humans. Apparently, this is a terrible attack on free speech and McCarthyism (Joseph, not Kevin) and probably Islamophobic and transphobic and is the worst thing ever since the last thing that was the worst thing ever. Nothing gets you in trouble like the truth.

Well, I think it’s kind of funny.

They are mad and accuse us conservatives of now embracing cancel culture. You can argue about the definition of cancel culture, but I’m not going to bother because I am totally indifferent to anything leftists tell me. Maybe it’s cancel culture and maybe it’s not. I don’t care. I just want supporters of raping, mass-murdering Seventh Century semi-humans to be driven from civilized society for supporting raping, mass-murdering Seventh Century semi-humans. I think that’s a reasonable position to take in light of all the circumstances.

Of course, one of the key circumstances is the existence of the New Rules. Now, understand that I was against the New Rules where people’s political views would cause them to be driven from their jobs and relationships and polite society in general. I strongly supported the notion that people should be free to be able to say whatever they thought with no organized, systematic repercussions. It was called tolerance, and it worked pretty well. DemonKKKrats take what you said, change it into something you didn't say, and then attack you for it.

Obviously, if you’re a black guy and a job applicant comes in wearing the form-fitting pointy cap of the Democrat-founded KKK, I’m thinking you probably wouldn’t hire him. But I’m thinking that society would have been better off if we had continued to honor the norm that what you think about politics should generally be put aside from what you do on the job and in your interpersonal relationships. I thought this was a really good way to do things and I thought we should keep doing it that way.

But I lost that argument. I was overruled. People on the left decided that no, we have a lot of trouble supporting our terrible and gross ideas, so we’re going to try to intimidate people by taking action against their jobs and ability to live in our society in order to get them to conform to our communist worldview. I thought this was a terrible idea. I argued long and hard that our society should not embrace this paradigm. I said that we should keep the Old Rules and not substitute these New Rules. I also pointed out, very specifically, that the New Rules would end up biting the left on their collective Schumer.

But I was ignored. I was outvoted, to the extent there was a vote and not just sort of a consensus decision by the elite imposing the New Rules upon the rest of us. I tried. I argued long and hard against it. I warned people that there would be consequences and they might not like how it ended up. But I lost.

Our culture decided to embrace the New Rules, where economic and cultural power would be leveled against people whose views were determined to be repellent by the cultural curators. And the leftists loved it. They thought it was the greatest thing ever. They enjoyed their petty tyranny over normal people. Normal people got fired for questioning, for example, the utter nonsense of alleged systematic racism. People got driven out of jobs for making political contributions to designated bad causes, which were always conservative causes. One guy, some kind of lineman for a power company, even got fired for making the OK symbol with his fingers. Apparently, this meant he loved Hitler somehow, though apparently loving Hitler is currently cool with the leftists.

They just enjoyed the power that they were able to leverage to make people afraid and conform. They enjoyed the New Rules because it was fun to hurt people who they didn’t like. Until the New Rules got applied to them. Then it was not so fun. Then it sucked, for them.

It’s probably petty to point out that I told you so, but I told you so.

Normal people are disgusted by the sight of leftists supporting raping, mass-murdering Seventh Century semi-humans, and they are applying the applicable rules, which are the New Rules. Oops. Suddenly, the leftists are experiencing what leftists have been imposing on other people – except leftists actually deserve the treatment. Normal people see leftist celebrating savagery and are thinking, “You know, these people suck, and I want them to suffer.” So leftists supporting raping, mass-murdering Seventh Century semi-humans are getting exposed and fired. There are Twitter accounts devoted to identifying the leftists who are supporting raping, mass-murdering Seventh Century semi-humans, including the spoiled jerks who rip up pictures of kidnapped kids because they don’t like having the reality of what they support made public.

They are losing their gigs, and it’s got to be a sigh of relief for the rest of us. You have doctors talking about how Jews are awful, and I’m not sure those are the kind of people you want treating patients. And you have other people too, models and artists and other schmucks, and they’re losing their gigs too. They are very sad.

Well, I told you so.

College professors and regime media hacks are complaining that we have a new McCarthyism (Joseph, not Kevin). Good! McCarthy (Joseph, not Kevin) was right. The American government was riddled with communists, and there should be a giant statue of 'Tail Gunner Joe' in DC with flowers strewn upon it. When these commies cry “McCarthyism”! I don’t think of bigotry against dissenting points of views. I think of being brd and seeing how a lot of people in positions of authority are either leftists supporting raping, mass-murdering Seventh Century semi-humans or are tolerant of leftists supporting raping, mass-murdering Seventh Century semi-humans.

If McCarthyism (Joseph, not Kevin) means seeing that there are bad people in positions of power in our culture, society, and government, and that they must be driven from it, count me in. If cleansing public life of the Hamas toe-suckers is the goal, I wish to score.

This gets me called a “hypocrite” on social media, but it’s technically wrong. I’m not a hypocrite, because I was always against what was called “cancel culture.” But I lost that argument. I’m just going with the flow. All hail the New Rules!

Now, just as I predicted, the people behind the New Rules are taking this like a five pointed suppository. I just want to say to them, as they cry, that I told you so.

I told you so.

I told you so.

Your tears amuse me.

I told you so.

© 11.08.2023 by Kurt Schlichter, "Townhall". [H/T Pastor Tom].

A Day In The Life.

Up at 8a on Friday, in pain, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and had a Croissant for breakfast, took two 325mg Tylenol w/ 5mg Vicodin and a 300mg Gabapentin for various pains, fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the cool garage and checked the leftover errands list. I'm out of 50mg Tramadol and will have to get it refilled at my 1:50p Dr's appt. It was a (((cold))) 24°, but nothing compared to what's coming over the next few months. I fired-up the furnace to take the chill off, and scanned the news and weather sites.

In the news: Somehow, the subhuman Leftist filth has marshaled the world's opinion on the side of the murderous troglodyte-from-hell garbage called Hamas. And they calling for Israel to be charged/punished for "war crimes", since they have a fine military and kicking the towelheads' asses in Gaza. Un-fricking-believable!

I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, and enjoyed the new French House Dark Roast Coffee. At 9, the Chris Plante Show came on until 12noon. I got an Rx "ready call" from Rite Aid, and had a number of prepped-food dishes ready at the usual Friday New Eastern Farmers' Market; orders which I call in on Wednesday to "Pasta Plus", after getting their new menu. The 2 MAGA Caps I ordered from Amazon arrived, and I promptly put one on.

I went to my 1:30p Dr's appt, all was very, very good except for back/hip/leg pain, and I got a safe Sanofi-Pasteu® Flu Vaccine Shot, NOT the Pfizer mRNA-Flu shot. Back home, I was flagged down by Jayme, my nearby neighbor (2 units down from me) to start partying at 2:30 -- what thew hell, it's 5p somewhere in the world, isn't it? -- so the drinking began, in his open, 2dr massive man-cave garage. We had a very good time, catching-up on a lot of things and talking SHTF Plans, philosophy -- which always flows well with Monster Energy "The Beast 6.0" alcohol -- until 8p or so, and we both closed down and I headed home with a few extra cans to enjoy. By 10p, I was fading fast, closed the place down and headed upstairs to bed.

I slept-in until 8:30a on Saturday, only had a very mild hangover, and upped the condo's heat. It was a cloudy, nippy 36°. Coffee tasted good with several Marlboro®s, I tuned into some recent Chris Stigall Podcasts I'd missed, held-off on breakfast until I got "re-oriented" a bit. I drank a Propel® Electrolyte drink, and that got me back "on even keel" again. I scanned the news and weather, and found that crime spikes after DST ends. Huh? Why can't the fricking govt just leave our body clocks -- Circadian Rythmn -- alone?

Set the clocks back 1hr.

After setting all the clocks back 1hr, I had some Rxs to p/u at Rite Aid, and another quick stop elsewhere, so I left at 1p. Somehow, Rite Aid filled the Tramadol Rx, but "lost" it this afternoon, so they asked me to wait until they find it and call me, before coming back, again. Crap. That's weird. I hit the LR couch for a couple hours, later got the call from Rite Aid and drove back to get the MIA Rx/ I had dinner, set the clocks back and watched news and other stuff on TV; nothing remarkable. I finally unplugged at 11 (really 12midnight), for the day.

Up at 7a on Sunday, to a nicely sunny, 44° morning. My left black/hip/leg pain wakes me with regularity. I took 2 50mg Tramadol and one 300mg Gabapentin to help assuage that often excruciating, low/mid-level pain. F1 Brazilian GP on at 12noon, so I had breakfast, got ready for the day, a few chores done and settled-in to watch, on F1-TV. Damned good race! Made my day. Back to more niggling chores and laundry.

No snooze today; somehow I forgot, and got into a yawn fest after dinner. I called Sherry to check in on her situation with the flu/cold, or whatever she's been sick with since early last week. We'll eventually get back together, but just not now. Sunday is a notorious "NBC" (Nothing But Crap) TV night, so I watched Motor Trend's "Garage Squad" for as long as I could, then stuck a 16" long knitting needle into my brain thru my ear. NO I DIDN'T, JUST KIDDING! Mercifully there were other CATV news options, and back to my computer. I finally bagged it 'early' at 11p.

Awake at 4a on Monday, with pain, I got up to walk it off, and decided to stay up and get some chemical relief. I upped the heat, took the Tramadol, Gabapentin and Excedrin Extra Strength and made coffee. I scanned the news and weather sites, and the sunrise was around 6:45a. Finally, after walking and doing stair climbs, by 7a, the real pain was gone, but the left thigh hurt slightly from all the previous pain. Partly sunny and 38°, it would probably be a nice day, but I'd need a snooze in the afternoon, from getting-up so early. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, and the Chris Plante Show came on until 12noon. I had some errands to run down south, after 12noon.

While scanning the weekend news, I was stunned to see the size of leftist, murder-loving, subhuman muslim(SPIT!), Jew-hating crowds all over the world. Jew hatred is rampant. Much of it here on college campuses. The 1939-45 Nazis would be proud of those shitscum. idiotic, leftist-crap, ideological, punk "students" and other subhuman muslim(SPIT!) garbage. The size of the crowds was astounding.

I left at 12:30p, traffic was heavy coming north on SR24, but heading south to Red Lion and Dallastown was a breeze. I was back at 1:30, had lunch and got on to something I'd postponed all Summer, since it's an inside task.

For the near term, I'll be inventorying the 17 basement 5-tier storage shelves with everything A-Z (ammo to you-name-it) and rotating stock of older perishables to the front. Not everything gets rotated; I make that determination, based on product contents and date. I spent all afternoon getting 2 of 17 shelves done, and got topside just in time for the 6p news, and some dinner. I watched an old series, History's "The Curse of Oak Island" until 11p, and pulled the plug.

Awake at 3:30a, with intense left lower back/hip/thigh pain, I took a Tylenol 500mg Extra Strength, and finally had to get back up at 4:15. It was awful pain. I applied the last of Topricin™ Pain Relief Cream that Sherry had given me a couple of years ago, but it wasn't working; probably too old by now. I also applied amd worked-in some of my old 'trusty' CBD CLINIC™ Clinical Strength Level 5 Pain Relief Ointment, but it was also too old to be of any good. I ordered a new jar on Amazon, but it won't arrive until tomorrow, doing me no good right now. The worst of the pain finally subsided after the usual 2 50mg Tramadol and one 300mg Gabapentin.

I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, and enjoyed the new Kona Blended Roast Coffee. At 9, the Chris Plante Show came on until 12noon. Despite the hip/leg pain subsiding, I was still not feeling well, couldn't eat anything and just grabbed a short nap on the LR couch. Later, I had a small dinner, watched the new season 11 opener of History's "The Curse of Oak Island", until 10p. I have to get up at 2:00a, to get Sis to renowned OSS Medical Center, by 5:30a for scheduled check-in, for a hip replacement. Sucks to be me.

No, I didn't vote yesterday. The back/hip/buttock/leg/foot pain was almost crippling. Plus, I don't buy the "Republican Brand" anymore. I'm switching back to a Registered Conservative, which'll limit me voting in the primaries, but the GOPe/Republican brand is over, and just wheezing on its deathbed... until Trump returns, if he ever can. The GOPe is not good at politics -- perennial losers -- nor are they good at messaging. They're pitiful. The Republican Party loses again and again and again and again and again and again. They keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. LOSERS!

Up at 2a on Wednesday, without the alarm, I made coffee, no food, and left to p/u Sis at 4:45. Traffic was both light and moderate, in spots. Now I remember why I don't like driving at night, in the dark be it night or morning, and this was very 0-Dark-Thirty. I saw a couple deer on the road, along the way, kept to the speed limit since I haven't driven in the dark in a long time, and got her to OSS in plenty of time. Coming back home was a breeze, and I was back by 5:30, drinking coffee and scanning the news on my desktop. News? All about yesterday's crap elections in a dozen states. I hit the LR couch at 9, and slept until 2p. I had a small lunch, ran a couple errands, and hit the LR couch again, and slept until 6p. My left hip/leg pain woke me and I took a 50mg Tramadol and Tylenol Extra Strength, to dull the pain. Just awful.

I watched the news, and Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" thru the evening -- no, I won't be watching the BS fluffer "Presidential Debates" with the 5 remaining GOP idiots -- and unplugged at 11p. I still need more sleep. (This was great.)

Awake Thursday -- with searing pain from my lower left back, left hip, buttock, thigh, calf and into mt left foot -- at 1:30a and again at 3:00a, I finally got up at 3:30 to massage my leg and try to walk it off. I had to take 2 Tramadol, 1 Gabapentin, 1 Tylenol Extra Strength, 1 Tylenol w/ 5mg Vicodin, and 2 Ecotrin Low Dose Aspirin. That took 25 mins, but greatly lessened the pain. It began Mon 10/30/23 and has continued thru today, and I'm trying to think back to what's changed, so that I can reverse it. The only thing that's changed, is that I've intentionally put on weight; 12-13lbs so far. I wish I could figure out *exactly* what this Sciatica pain is a result of, and get it fixed! Damn. I upped the heat, scanned the weather and news. I hate these 0-Dark-Thirty mornings w/ pain. And a heart attack or stroke from a bad night's sleep, would be infinitely worse. I have to p/u Sis around 12noon at OSS Medical Center, so after I get her home and situated, I'll be on my LR couch for the rest of the afternoon.

I left at 11:30 to p/u Sis at OSS, and her RN Nurse helped me load her in the Jeep, get her back to her condo, get her stuff unpacked and her settled-in. By then, it was almost 3p, I left and keep my phone on all night by my bed, in caser there'd be any problems. I had a couple chores to do here, and re-listened to the "CP Show", much of which I missed this morning. Ezxtremely tired, I tried to get some shut-eye on the LR couch, but couldn't get my mind o slow down, and I gave-up.

The pain returned by 5p, and I had to selectively take another round of painkillers. I needed to save some for just before bed, as I (((HATE))) being woke-up with the kind of pain, like last night's was. And I've had almost 3 weeks of those kind of nights. I'm making some easy-to-do changes in my lifestyle, in the hopes that this Sciatica is tied to weight loss, as it was when I had it in 2010. But that's a whole 'nother story, for another time. Pretty crappy TV stuff on tonight, so I did some computer "housekeeping" and maintenance, and called it a night at11p.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and it's busy with medical stuff, but at least Sherry and I have reserved a day together. It looks like, from the long forecast, this are will be in a pleasant Fall weather pattern, for several more weeks. I'll take it!

Miami "Presidential Debates".

Five Republicans appeared to debate no one who will be their party's nominee.


I suppose they all have their agendas, but it will be shocking if ratings for this debate have a pulse. No one who watches NBC News is a conservative. Will Democrats watch this?

Also, why wasn't the border, crime, the economy, or the Second Amendment discussed?

As I said in my last "debate" review, this was not a debate. It was strange to see a "debate" where one candidate attacked another, and the person attacked wasn't given a chance to respond.

That's not a debate.

The "debate" had all the pomp and circumstance of a Meet The Press interview. And that's what this was— five separate Meet The Press interviews. Interviews in the first hour focused on foreign affairs. Domestic issues are killing Democrats. That's why we have to ask: Why have a debate/interview on NBC?

Thank God no one was watching.

However, the candidates were asked to say how they would change and cut entitlements. Why? To destroy the Republican Party. As soon as you start telling Americans what you will be taking away from them, you lose. You do that negotiation when in office.

Why did this happen?

Christie, Haley (Nikki McRomBush), DeSantis, Ramaswamy, and Scott participated. I doubt Democrats will applaud the diversity of the Republicans on stage. Diversity is a blunt instrument to be used against Republicans, and that's all.

Let me say something here. Please set aside your candidate preference for a moment. Party unity is going to have to happen at some point. If and when that happens, Republicans have several outstanding and articulate ambassadors of Republican policies. Unfortunately, they don't all agree on the same policies.

That's a polite way of saying Republicans are disorganized in a year when an agreed-upon agenda and a massive ballot collection army are required to save the country.

That's not a criticism of the idea of "debates". It is an obvious observation of the failures of the format and Republican Party leadership. We have become conditioned to wait for our candidate to land a "zinger" on someone we root against.

Been there, done that. Let me add some context. Responding to NBC moderators (and HH) and their agenda to protect Joe Biden and Democrats is a fool's errand. Instead of explaining how Republicans can fix Biden/Obama failures, they attack each other on issues that don't make the Top Ten of voters.

How did we get here?

I made an executive decision. I won't be as negative here as in my last "debate" review. The fact is, Republicans have the makings of a formidable team. We have capable communicators. However, there are tremendous obstacles to getting the best out of our players…and we are running out of time to come together.

Frankly, I would have preferred all the participants refuse to attack each other. Don't play the game. Don't help NBC protect Democrats. The goal should have been to attack the media (as Vivek did). To articulate with passion and urgency that Democrats are the real threat to our futures. The goal should have been to show the American people how competent, relevant, and inspiring the Republican Party can be.

But there wasn't a plan. Why?

The fact is, the candidates, save Tim Scott, were impressive in their own way. Suppose you didn't have a horse in this race. In that case, you can see when compared to Democrats, Republicans have bright, articulate people who can serve the interests of the American people-- who can solve existential threat.

Seeing and hearing the candidates talk about issues that matter to the American people might have been a valuable exercise. That didn't happen.

Remember, this wasn't a debate. It was a glorified, multi-Republican interview on a pro-Democrat network. The moderators buried the lede: Joe Biden/Barack Obama are destroying the country from the inside. The only issues should have been the Southern border, fentanyl, vaccine injuries and death, the deficit, indoctrination, corruption in the Oval Office, a corrupt DOJ, FBI, and so on.

It was in the final half-hour of the interviews before the southern border came up. This exercise was essentially a waste of time and a distraction— for Republicans. Democrats did just fine.

The Republicans on stage have the necessary communication skills to help explain Republican policies to Americans. Each has qualities that have value. Of course, none of it matters if Republicans don't effectively ballot harvest. None of it matters if Ronna McDaniel isn't fired. Republicans own the issues that matter to the American people (save abortion?). These candidates can help make the case Democrats should be fired wherever we find them in government.

You know I’ve explained my inclination to favor President Trump. But I'm not blind nor will I engage in the silliness of attacking this field. (Except Christie). Ron DeSantis is a highly successful Governor of what was once a purplish-blue State. DeSantis is terrific on issues. He took virtually every issue that mattered to Republicans and passed legislation in Florida to codify them.

Vivek Ramaswamy is a brilliant communicator. He has a genius for tapping into populist anger. Ramaswamy doesn't have a track record, but he has mastered the art of persuading and explaining. Vivek is a valuable asset. He can sell the nominee's policies as well as anyone.

Ronna McDaniel was called on to resign by Vivek Ramaswamy. SMART. Ramaswamy dared NBC moderators to explain why they advanced the Hillary Clinton Russian collusion hoax. He excoriated them. SMART.

This is what all the candidates should be doing. This is what Republican and Independent voters want to hear. It is what Trump does, for what it’s worth.

Haley (Nikki McRomBush) is terrific in this setting. She's strong— you don't have to agree with her, and you don't have to like her. Republicans are short on women who can command a stage. Haley (Nikki McRomBush) is no wallflower when it comes to abortion, anti-semitism, and foreign policy. That's a good thing if and when she gets on the same page as the Republican nominee for President. She can be an asset. Nikki Haley (Nikki McRomBush) is ready for prime time -- let's call on her to adopt (probably) Trump's policies and start selling them.

I don't see how Chris Christie has a role in the campaign. Don't be surprised if he ends up supporting RFK, Jr.

Tim Scott has a place in the campaign. Unfortunately, he's not as compelling a speaker as the others.

Bottom line: The Republican Party is a disorganized mess.

Ronna McDaniel is a failed leader. If you told me she was a Democrat operative, I'd believe you.

Enough is enough.

It's time to come together. If these candidates refuse to drop out, they can at least agree to target Democrats instead of each other.

Reagan's 11th Amendment is way overdue.

New RNC leadership is way overdue.

My bedtime is way overdue.

© 11.08.2023 by Chris Stigall, "Harrumph Society".

WWIII IS INEVITABLE: Every Time Economies Falter, The Globalists Plunge The World Into Catastrophic War.

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics published an article this week about the so-called Socrates program and how it has successfully predicted all sorts of things throughout history by looking at business cycles.

Based on what Socrates is saying, 2023 is the year of World War III, which was predicated by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” and other bellwether moves by globalist powers to signal a shift into the next cycle.

As we have been reporting a whole lot as of late, every time economies start to falter – especially those built on Keynesian economics and usury-based fiat money systems – the powers that be plunge the world into yet another catastrophic war, resulting in many deaths and lots of fresh new capital for those at the top.

Describing the impending WWIII as “unfolding in a calamity of self-interests clashing with stupidity,” Armstrong, citing Socrates, explains in brief detail about how the program looks at the entire spectrum from politics to war in generating analyses about what comes next in the world.

As you can probably already tell, the world is in chaos right now and would seem to be on the verge of collapse – though the establishment, with minimal restraint, has a lot of clever tricks up its sleeve to prolong the inevitable.

“I see the world as the Biblical story of Joseph telling the Pharoah there will be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of drought,” was the response Armstrong received to his statement about the nature of WWIII.

“This story attempts to tell us that there is a business cycle, and we better live with it. Marx, Keynes and central banks all attempted to either manipulate the business cycle or terminate it.”

(Related: Don’t forget that America and the West were already on the verge of collapsing before the recent Israel-Gaza conflict due to many decades of financial terrorism – this means that the coming World War III will function as cover for extreme food rationing and other wartime horrors that ensue.)

Is this just another cycle, or is it the END?

A full 10 years ago, Socrates warned about the coming economic distress, which would be set in motion with a cataclysmic event, in this case the COVID crisis and associated lockdowns that set the stage for an economic collapse by shutting people out of their businesses and destroying the economy, not to mention society itself.

“Businesses closed, people lost their jobs, and the elite thought this was no big deal,” Armstrong’s report states. “You cannot raise interest rates to solve a shortage of food or to make it rain.”

Socrates apparently predicted the war in Ukraine as well, including the rise of “antisemitism” claims and “pro-Nazism.” It is all just part of the cycle, according to Socrates.

“We are headed into World War III, as the computer has forecast, starting here in 2023 because all the old tensions in the world between people and nations will tear the world apart,” the report further states.

It then goes into various historical tidbits from the perspective of the rise of anger against “Jews,” who historically have been kicked out of various lands for mainly their banking practices – though Armstrong points out that Christians and Muslims apparently also wanted to get involved in usury and were just jealous.

Whatever the case may be, the world is in the throes of another major calamity – perhaps the calamity to end all calamities, if you are a follower of Bible prophecy. Time will tell what happens next, but one thing is for sure: another world war is on the horizon.

The latest news about the collapse of the global economy and how it dovetails with the Israel-Palestine conflict can be found at WWIII.news.

© 11.02.2023 by Ethan Huff, "InfoWars".

Who’s Funding the Pro-Hamas Rallies? Taxpayers.

We are literally funding the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the last 15 years, Islamic political interests have dug deep into New York City politics. What does that mean? Beyond the obvious, political power, money. That’s what the currency of power comes down to anyway. And that means government contracts going to so-called community groups. More Muslims living in NYC meant more money was going into Islamist organizations. And much like funding Hamas, that adds up to pro-Hamas rallies.

Big Apple taxpayers have shelled out nearly $9 million since 2010 — including $3.3 million the past two years — to four nonprofits that helped spearhead anti-Israel protests where demonstrators openly cheered Hamas’ terrorist attacks on the Jewish State.

…The biggest winner: The Arab American Association of New York, a Brooklyn-based group that helped plan a hate-filled “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine” protest in Bay Ridge on Oct. 21, where protestors called for the eradication of Israel and held a sign of the Israeli flag in a trash basket that read “Please keep the world clean!”

It’s received $6.8 million in Council pork and city contracts – including $3 million-plus the past two years – for criminal justice services, adult literacy programs, mental health aid through ex-First Lady Chirlane McCray’s failed ThriveNYC initiative and other services, records show.

That would be Linda Sarsour’s group.

The Muslim American Society of New York, another southern Brooklyn-based group that co-sponsored the Bay Ridge rally. It’s received more than $260,000 in city contracts and Council funding.

So taxpayers are literally funding the Muslim Brotherhood.

MAS, like the Muslim Brotherhood, wishes to see the United States governed by sharia, or Islamic law. “The message that all countries should be ruled by Islamic law,” writes Gartenstein-Ross, “is echoed throughout MAS’s membership curriculum. For example, MAS requires all its adjunct members to read Fathi Yakun’s book To Be a Muslim. In that volume, Yakun spells out his expansive agenda: ‘Until the nations of the world have functionally Islamic governments, every individual who is careless or lazy in working for Islam is sinful.’”

Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and taxpayer money is being directed to Brotherhood organizations. Who’s funding the pro-Hamas rallies? We are.

© 11.05.2023 by Daniel Grenfield, "Front Page Magazine".

IMO, The 2020 General Election Was Stolen.

Try to find the videos of voting boxes being stuffed by demonKKKrat poll workers, caught on building cameras; you won't, as they've almost all been "scubbed" from the Net, or "sanitized" on servers. About all that remains and is accessible, the the movie "2000 Mules", and many 2020 Election-related documents, it's being "disappeared" steadily, and thru corrupt Google's algorithym, replaced in searches by demonKKKrat rebuttals.

The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.

Here's how it was technically done: watch the demonKKKrats'technique.

Some GOPers, like milquetoastTimmy Scott, claim no "steal", but "lots of cheating". Others, like Conservative Jim Jordan, declare there was fraud and corruption, and but never said that the election was stolen, and claims to have some proof.

Lots of other GOPers, also of all stripes, won't answer the basic question, "Was the 2020 election stolen? Yes or no?" Others, of all others, will admit it was, but only in private, and those interview videos, are MIA, and probably "sanitized" off the Net. It's a very sensitive subject, especially since POTUS-45 Trump now has 5 indictments and 91 criminal charges against him, and no one else wants to get hit with "conspiracy charges. People are being indicted for what the *think & say*, contrary to our First Amendment Freedom, in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Yet, if you ask that Alexa thingy, she'll it'll tell you the election was stolen. Heh. The shitbox "Washington Post" reported the story (since removed) and Google (who owns the AI Alexa) "fixed it quickly". "Rumble" and "Substack" carried the original articles, and I'm trying to track all of them down. I'll have more next week, IF I can find it all.

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The Mindset of Our Anti-Semites.

Peruse campus literature. Watch clips from university protests. Scan interviews with pro-Hamas protestors. Read the chalk propaganda sketched on campus sidewalks. Talk to raging students in the free speech area. And the one common denominator— besides their arrogance—is their abject ignorance. Take their following tired talking points:


We are told that the Palestinians after more than 75 years of residence in the West Bank and Gaza are “refugees.” If that definition were currently true, then, are the 900,000 Jews who were forcibly exiled from Muslim countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia after the 1947, 1956, 1967 wars still “refugees?”

Most fled to Israel. Do they now live in “refugee” camps administrated by the UN? Are they protesting to recover their confiscated homes and wealth in Damascus, Cairo, or Baghdad? Do Jews on Western television dangle their keys to lost homes in Damascus a half-century after they were expelled?

How about the 150,000-200,000 Greek Cypriots who in 1974 were brutally driven out of their ancient homes in Northern Cyprus? Are they today living in “refugee” camps in southern Cyprus? Are Cypriot terrorists blowing themselves up in “occupied” Nicosia to recover what was stolen from them by Turkey?

Turkish president Recep Erdogan lectures the world on Palestinian “refugees,” but does he mention Turkey’s role in the brutal expulsion of 40 percent of the residents of Cyprus?

Are there campus groups organizing against Turkey on behalf of the displaced Cypriots? After being slaughtered and expelled, are the Cypriots a cause celebre in academia? Do the “refugee” cities of southern Cyprus resemble Jenin or Jericho?

For that matter, how about the 12 million German civilians who between 1945-50 were expelled, and mostly walked back from, East Prussia and parts of Eastern Europe, some with Prussian roots going back a millennium and more. Perhaps 1 million died during the expulsions.

Are any current survivors still “refugees?” If so, are they organizing for war to get back “occupied” “Danzig” and “Königsberg” for Germany? So why does the world damn Israel and romanticize the Palestinians in a way it does not with any other “refugee” group?


Israel is said to practice “apartheid,” although since 2005-06 Gaza has been autonomous. Mahmoud Abbas runs in his fashion the West Bank. Like the Hamas clique, he held elections one time in 2005, and then after his election, of course, cancelled any free election in the fashion of the one election, one time Middle East. Who forced him to do that? Zionists? Americans?

At any time, Gaza could have taken its vast wealth in annual foreign aid and become completely independent in fuel, food, and energy, without need of any such help form the “Zionist entity.”

Gaza could have capitalized on its strategic location, the world’s eagerness to help, and the natural beauty of its Mediterranean beaches. Instead, it squandered its income on a labyrinth of terrorist tunnels and rockets. Today, it snidely snickers at any mention of following the Singapore model of prosperity–a former colonial city whose World War II death count vastly surpassed that of the various wars over Gaza.

Are the Israeli Arabs—21 percent of the Israeli population—living under apartheid?

If so, it is a funny sort of oppression when they vote, hold office, form parties, and enjoy more freedom and prosperity than almost anywhere else in the Middle East under Arab autocracies. Are those in sympathy with Hamas fleeing from Israel into Gaza or the West Bank or other Arab countries to live with kindred Muslims under an autocratic and theocratic dictatorship, or do they prefer to stay in the “Zionist entity” under “apartheid?”

Where then is real apartheid?

The Uyghurs in China, fellow Muslims to Middle Easterners, who are ignored by Israel’s Islamic enemies, but who reside in China’s segregated work camps to the silence of the usually loud UN, EU, and Muslim world?

How about the Muslim Kurds? Are they second- or third-class citizens in Muslim Turkey? And how about the tens of thousands of foreign workers from India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries who labor under the kafala system in the Arab Muslim Gulf countries, and are subject to apartheid protocols that allow them no free will about how they live, travel, or the conditions of their labor?

Are campuses erupting to champion the Uyghurs, the Kurds, or the subjugated workers of the Gulf?


Israel is now damned as “disproportionally” bombing Gaza. The campus subtext is that because Gaza’s 7,000-8,000 rockets launched at Israeli civilians have not killed enough Jews, then Israel should not retaliate for October 7 by bombing Hamas targets–shielded by impressed civilians— because it is too effective.

Would a “proportionate” response be counting up all the Israelis murdered, categorizing the horrific manner of their deaths, and then sending Israeli commandoes into Gaza during a “pause” in the fighting to murder an equal number of Gazans in the same satanic fashion?

Does the U.S. lecture Ukraine not to use to the full extent its lethal U.S. imported weaponry since the result is often simply too deadly? After all, perhaps twice as many Russians have been killed, wounded, or are missing than Ukrainian casualties. Should Ukraine have been more “proportionate?” Has President Biden ordered President Zelensky to offer the Russian aggressors a “pause” in the fighting to end the “cycle of violence?”

Or did U.S.-supplied artillery, anti-armor weapons, drones, and missiles “disproportionally” kill too many Russians? Or does the U.S. assume that since Russia attacked Ukraine at a time of peace, it deserves such a “disproportionate” response that alone will lose it the war?

For that matter, the U.S. certainly disproportionately paid back Japan for Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese brutal take-over of the Pacific, much of Asia, and China—and the barbarous way the Japanese military slaughtered millions of civilians, executed prisoners, and mass raped women. Should the U.S. have simply done a one-off retaliatory attack on the imperial fleet at Yokohama, declared a “cease-fire,” and thus ended the “cycle of violence?”

Civilian casualties

Campus activists scream that Israel has slaughtered “civilians” and is careless about “collateral damage.” They equate retaliating against mass murderers who use civilians to shield them from injury, while warning any Gazans in the region of the targeted response to leave, as the moral equivalent of deliberately butchering civilians in a surprise attack.

So did protestors mass in the second term of Barrack Obama when he focused on Predator drone missions inside Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen to go after Islamic terrorists who deliberately target civilians?

At the time, the hard-left New York Times found the ensuing “collateral damage” in civilian deaths merely “troubling.” No matter—Obama persisted, insisting as he put it, “Let’s kill the people who are trying to kill us.” Note Obama did not expressly say the terrorists in Pakistan or Yemen were killing Americans, but “trying” to kill Americans. For him, that was, quite properly, enough reason “to kill” the potential assassins of Americans.

What would the Harvard President today say of Benjamin Netanyahu saying just that about Hamas?

We have no idea how many women, children, and elderly were in the general vicinity of a targeted terrorist in Pakistan or Yemen when an American drone missile struck. Then CIA Director John Brennan later admitted that he had lied under oath (with zero repercussions), when he testified to Congress that there was no collateral damage in drone targeted assassinations.

Obama was proud of his preemptive assassination program. Indeed, in lighthearted fashion he joked at the White House Correspondence Dinner about his preference for lethal drone missions, when he “warned” celebrities not to date his daughters: “But boys, don’t get any ideas. I have two words for you, ‘predator drones.’ You will never see it coming. You think I’m joking.”

Did the campuses erupt and scream “Not in my name” when their president laughed about his assassination program? After all, Obama had also admitted, “There is no doubt that civilians were killed who shouldn’t have been.” Did he then stop the targeted killings due to collateral damage—as critics now demand a cease fire from Israel?


Genocide is now the most popular charge in the general damnation of Israel, a false smear aimed at calling off the Israeli response to Hamas, burrowed beneath civilians in Gaza City.

But how strange a charge! Pro-Hamas demonstrators the world over chant “From the River to the Sea,” unambiguously calling for the utter destruction of Israel and its 9 million population. Are the Hamas supporters then “genocidal?”

Is genocide the aim of Hamas that launched over 7,000 rockets into Israeli cities without warning? What is the purpose of the purportedly 120,000 rockets in the hands of Hezbollah if not to target Israeli noncombatants? Is all that a genocidal impulse?

Do Hamas and Hezbollah drop leaflets to civilians, as does Israel, to flee the area of a planned missile attack—or is that against their respective charters?

Hamas leaders in Qatar and Beirut continue to give interviews bragging about their October 7 surprise mass murdering of civilians. They even promise more such missions that likewise will be aimed at beheading, torturing, executing, incinerating, and desecrating the bodies of hundreds of Jewish civilians, perhaps again in the early morning during a holiday and a time of peace.

Is that planned continuation of mass killing genocidal? Does the amoral UN recall any other mass murdering spree when the killers beheaded infants, cooked them in ovens, and raped the dead?

Perhaps students at Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and Stanford will protest the real genocide in Darfur where some half-million black African Sudanese have been slaughtered by mostly Muslim Arab Sudanese. Did the Cornell professor who claimed he was “exhilarated” on news of beheaded Jewish babies protest the slaughter of the Sudanese? Did the current campus protestors ever assemble to scream about the Islamists who slaughtered the indigenous Africans of Sudan?

Are professors at Stanford organizing to refuse all grants and donations that originate from communist China? Remember, the Chinese communist Party has never apologized for the party’s genocidal murder of some 60-80 millions of its own during the Maoist Cultural Revolution, much less its systematic efforts to eliminate the Uyghur Muslim population?

These examples could easily be expanded. But they suffice to remind us that the Middle-East and Western leftist attacks on Israel for responding to the October 7 mass murdering are neither based on any consistent moral logic nor similarly extended to other nations who really do practice apartheid, genocide, and kill without much worry about collateral damage.

So why does the world apply a special standard to Israel?

To the leftist and Islamist, Israel is guilty of being:

1) Jewish;

2) Too prosperous, secure, and free;

3) Sufficiently Western to meet the boilerplate smears of colonialist, imperialist, and blah, blah, blah.

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InterNet Archive Books.

The Sherlock Holmes books came to an end in 1927, and with it the release of The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan-Doyle (vol I and vol II). Other biggies include Death Comes for the Archbishop, by Willa Cather and Mosquitoes by William Faulkner.

But as always, the most fun is to be had perusing the books from 1927 for hidden gems. Enjoy the gorgeous art deco designs in Ideas & Studies in Stencilling & Decorating, for instance.

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