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the liberal media meltdown, continues
Friday, November 12, 2004

I'm so enjoying some serious gloating at the lowlife liberal-demokkkRATs' post-election misery, hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing, whining, pants-soiling, wailing, screeching, threatening, rationalizing, consoling, blaming, plotting, breast-beating and general gloom and doom of the liberal-demokkkRATs. The poor libs and dems are in therapy. I say, pass out the razor blades and rope. The day-after, apparent division in America, is huge: over 55 million who voted for John F(ucking) Kerry, still don't "get it". Heck, Seattle is on suicide watch. Even some Brit papers think we're nuts, but W&Co have taught "Old Europe" a lesson they'll not soon forget. Most mainstream media are still in serious denial, and will probably be that way for the foreseeable future. (Stages of Mourning: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance) Y-a-w-n. Get over it, elite doltish liberal-demokkkRATs. Get used to it, homos: marriage is between a man and woman; always has been, always will be. Shit-for-brains, verminous, hate-America (think ACLU) liberals are threatening to leave for Cana-duh; hey, here's $1.00 toward your hybrid electric car's fuel bill for the trip, morons. Write if you find work! It's the stupidity, stupid. Liberalism is a mental disease. Liberal-demokkkRATs need some new ideas and they need them now.

Around The Garden Centerฎ.
Last Friday, I was notified by my ISP that they'd had the destructive virus attack their server in Chicago, and it had infected millions of corporate and personal files, and deleted hundreds of thousands of others. Damn. They said they were trying to recover what they could. Double damn. After scanning, I noticed a few pages were missing — HTTP 404 File not found — and that several years of Journal entries were also gone; '96 and '97 are still up, but '98 through '03 are gone. I replaced the Garden Center's corporate pages with duplicates stored on my home machine. I have the other Journal pages archived on a DVD-RW, so replacing them can be done very easily.
We switched over to Winter Hours, this week: Mon - Sat, 10-3; Closed Sunday, and got down to the final winterization process of the GC&N Complex, with dozens of tasks completed. The forecast is for very cold temps at night and snow and freezing rain toward mid-next week. With the switchover to DST, I'm driving to work, and coming home from work, in the dark. Soon, that'll change, when the GC&N Staff and Landscapers are laid-off for the Winter, and I start implementing real Winter hours. For the next two weeks or so, I'll stay on the Mon-Sat, 6am-5pm routine, due to the remaining landscape jobs. But I'll now close on Sundays, starting this weekend; I can use the rest.
I found some great egg cookers for the microwave: a 2-egg poacher and a four-egg soft boiler, both of which I use everday at the Garden Center and at home. NordicWare makes them and a ton of other professional-grade products. I bought five of each for gifts.
Yikes, I made the papers: The PA State Treasury, Bureau of Unclaimed Property, published a 4-page supplement listing my name among tens-of-thousands as having "unclaimed property" in the state's possession. Seems there's a 1998 "matured life policy fund" from the American National Life Ins Co of Texas, with my name on it, and the wrong zip code. I downloaded and filled out the requisite forms, got them notarized and mailed them back. We'll see what happens. If it's a million or more, you're all invited to one hell of a party!
I've added Glenn Beck to my daily Conservative Radio Talk Show repertoire. He's on from 9am to 12noon EST, and has replaced my local guy, The Gary Sutton Show, as my show of choice.
Gas prices continue to drop in the York, PA, area: $1.91 for 87 octane, as of last evening. I'm still thinking that oil prices will be down to close to $35/ bbl, by Thanksgiving.

At 4:20pm on Tuesday, John Ashcroft, USAG, and Don Evans, Sec'y of Commerce, resigned. Faux Sec'y of State Colon Bowell, RINO, is next. We'll see what happens to the liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America garbage, People For The American Way.
US Sen Arlie Sphincter (ASSHOLE-PA) is lying, liberal pigshit: In two newspaper interviews before the election, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter promised to block pro-life and "extremist" judges appointed by President Bush, apparently contradicting claims he is making now amid fierce opposition to his becoming chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Finally, Arizona is cracking down on illegal aliens. But I fear the US Government is going to sell-out the Nation, with an amnesty program for 12-16 million illegal alien filth, further weakening America.
Yes, Sec'y of State, Colon Bowell (RINO) needs to be replaced; he has no guts or brains, and is a huge liabilty to America's security.
Alberto Gonzales, W's choice to replace the venerable John Ashcroft, as Attorney General, is a solid social and fiscal Conservative whom I can fully support. The racist, bigoted liberal-demokkkRATs will try to block and derail his nomination, but they'd better remember that America is watching their every move. We're out for their blood, and will nail their cowardly, hate-filled butts to a wall.

Rot In Hell, Arafat!
With the death of lowlife, subhuman, pigshit filth, boy-buggering homo Muslim Yasser Arafat/Yow-sir Arafatty-fart — whose real name is Muhammad Abdel-Raouf Qudwa al-Husseini, and was also known as Abu Amar — the liberal, hate-America Old Media — NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, AP, Reuters, NYSlimes, LASlimes, etc — are fawning and falling all over themselves to glorify and eulogize the Islamic murderer of innocent women and children. Likewise, criminals such as France's Jacques Chirac, Russia's Putin, Germany's Schroeder and even The Vatican have their collective heads up the rotting, decomposing Arafatty-fart's ass, dead from AIDS.
Finally, that subhuman lowlife murderer, pigshit faggot Muslim Arafatty, is DEAD! Hoooooo-raaaaay! Sure made my, and millions of others' week, I'd venture a guess.
Check out this video.
Next, his ugly, fat, bloated pig bitch wife, Suha Arafat, must be rounded-up, duly charged, tried, convicted and executed. She's a subhuman Muslim convert, and fully-complicit in the murder of hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Kill the filthy bloated whore
Is American President George Washington's Valley Forge Patriot Army the equilvalent of Yow-sir Arafatty-fart's Muslim murderers? Shit-for-brains Matt Lauer thinks so. What a liberal-demokkkRAT asshole.
No surprise here: the corrupt, America-hating, Jew-hating UN flies their flags at half-staff, in memory of Yow-sir Arafatty-fart. They didn't do that in memory of Ronald Reagan. Go figure.

Lowlife, Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage.™
Moby The Dick offers his/her opinion on our election? Who cares? Hey, Moby Dickbreath: bite it, lowlife scumbag.
Chrissy "The Sissy Boy" Heinz is an irrelevant, panty-waist homo, momma's boy, liberal-demokkkRAT butt-boy. Bite it, Chrissy girlie-boy!
Further proof that liberal-demokkkRAT, garbage media, traitor appeasers are just that: they're fawning all over the murderous, subhuman terrorist, Muslim pigshit, Yasser Arafatty (aka Abu Ammar, Arafart's nom de guerre) — just like the dumbass, lowlife Froggies — who should have been summarily tried and killed 30 years ago, but instead he was awarded the worthless Nobel Peace Prize, as was the failed, disgraced, run-out-of-office, ex-president, Jimmah Carter-Farter.
America re-elected President George W Bush, and roundly-refuted lying, fake, phony, fraud, socialist-commie-liberal-demokkkRAT-nazi-fascist John F(ucking) Kerry, as a loser. Kerry's a trailer park trash resident now, as is Bubba Jeffy Klintoon.
Liberal hate speech? Right here.

Islam, The Cult of Murder.™
Ever wonder why the lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT media cowards won't call terrorists, terrorists? This will help explain their cowardice and treason.
The lowlife, dirtbag, subhuman pigshit Muslims in Rotterdam removed, this Wednesday, a commandment from the Bible: 'Thou shalt not kill', from a wall in Rotterdam-North. A 52 year old man who tried to stop the police and the cleaners, was arrested. He was given a fine.
It's hard to believe that the left-wing wacko media filth revere the murderous, thieving, boy-buggering, AIDS-riddled, pigshit Muslim garbage, Arafat. He's killed, or ordered killed, close to a million innocents, over the past 30+ years. Only Hitler has killed more Jews. I'll rejoice when he takes his long-deserved "dirt nap" and acquires "room temperature". Arrid-fatty-fart's funeral and burial? How about him in a bathtub of liquid pigshit, and cart him off to the nearest garbage dump, where the flies and maggots can dine with glee? Sounds good to me. He's a subhuman piece of filth.
Hostage slaughterhouses found in Fallujah, Iraq? Ah, that wacky Religion of Peace Cult of Murder & Death, is at it again.
The Egyptian president marked the (un)holiest night of the Islamic calendar Tuesday, calling for greater tolerance for all religions and saying the world was wrong to equate Arabs and Muslims with terrorism. Hosni Mubarak also said the global spread of terrorism and confusion over what causes it has led many to unfairly blame Arabs and Muslims. STFU, pigshit Muslim asswipe: Islam causes terrorism.

Lowlife, Subhuman Garbage.ฎ
No sooner had US President George W Bush finished his victory speech last week than Mississauga-Erindale Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish was at it again. What's to be done about Parrish? How about a "three strikes and you're out" rule? After all, she has gotten off fairly easily for her previous drive-by smearings of Americans. First, over a year ago, she was caught muttering, "Damn Americans ... I hate those bastards."

Some People Just Need Killing.™
This subhuman piece of murderous garbage, Coral Eugene Watts, is getting off with only 1-2 years in prison? Kill the subhuman.
Convicted killer, Demarco McCullum, who traded a promising athletic future for a cell on Texas death row, was executed for the abduction, robbery, beating and fatal shooting of a Houston man 10 years ago. Thanks for making my week, Texas.
A man subhuman piece of shit was convicted by a judge Monday on charges he deliberately exposed 17 women to HIV by having unprotected sex with them. Five of the women have tested positive for the virus, which causes AIDS. Anthony E. Whitfield, 32, faces a minimum sentence of 137 years in prison on the 17 counts of first-degree assault with sexual motivation and other charges. Bullshit; he should be executed.
Good riddance, lowlife subhuman, Ricardo Zaragoza, 40, for hitting one of the police officers 30 to 50 times. Burn in hell, scumbag.

Sears Archives.
It was where many Americans bought their first suit, their engagement ring, furniture for their home, and even firearms. For over 100 years, Sears, Roebuck and Co. served the needs of middle America through its stores and "wish books." In this site, rich in history and anecdote, you can trace the development of a nation as reflected in the growth of a merchandising icon. Sears plans and kits for houses (outhouse sold separately) helped an expanding middle class fulfill the dream of home ownership. And from its earliest, the company offered original works of art to the general public. Although it opened its first store in Chicago in 1925, Sears has finally opened its vast archives to you. Shop around.

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