on the head of a pin
Friday, November 12, 1999

i've heard that old saying for decades, but always wondered what it meant. In the Middle Ages, monks sat around and debated topics like how many angels could dance on the head of a pin and whether or not Adam had a navel. These may seem like ludicrous issues today, but for those who took religion seriously in the Middle Ages, no philosophical question was left unaddressed. Today, we don't address philosophical questions; we assiduously avoid them in the hopes they'll go away. And by avoiding the philosophical, this Nation dooms its ethical and moral perspective on reality. The past seven years of sickening Clintonism have seriously warped America's moral fabric, as in no other period anyone can remember. Recovery may never happen; a huge, vomitorious political purge is definitely warranted.

Around The Garden Center.
I took several days off last week. Lynetta was in town, had some friends over for dinner, went out to dinner with others, took two of our let's-do-something-while-she's-here cultural daytrips. I love it.
Last Friday, Lynetta and I went to visit The Hagley Museum & Library in Wilmington, Del, which was the site of the immigrant EI DuPont's original home in the US and site of the famous gunpowder works, from which the family made a vast fortune. Longwood Gardens also bills the place as part of the "garden tour", but we discovered there's no real gardens on the grounds. Nice historical tour, but no gardens.
On the way home, we rescued a stray ~10-week old/ 2.5lb male tabby kitten from becoming roadwhack, named him DuPont, and took him home to my condo and administered to his dehydration and starvation. After several small waterings & feedings with 3-4 hour intervals, DuPont perked up and was full of piss & vinegar, playful and very affectionate. We then took him to the vet's on Saturday morning for a quick check-up and his kitty shots; malnourished, dehydrated but healthy. No feline leukemia. We gave him a bath Saturday evening; Lynetta left for The Left Coast early Sunday morning and took the kitten home to Rainier, OR (Portland), where she cares for 12 former stray cats of her own. Quite a special person. Can you imagine 104 cats? After dropping Lynetta and little DuPont I miss them both off at BWI Airport early Sunday morning (about 0'Dark-Thirty), I headed into work. I stopped at Joe's Cafe & Seafood Grill in nearby-to-my-business Winterstown, PA, for Eggs Benedict and coffee. No more fun for a while, just work, work, work. At least Pickles was glad to see me early Sunday morning.
I have a huge f*cking problem with the lowlife people who dump unwanted cats and dogs off at farms or in the woods; it's a slow, horrible, starvation death. The lucky ones are mercifully whacked by cars, so that they don't suffer. If I saw someone doing that, I'd have to take immediate remedial action on the humans and no jury would convict me. Why won't people spend the $50 to spay/ neuter their animals, so the offspring don't suffer so horribly? I carry a shovel in the Jeep to bury dead cats and dogs along the road, when I find them. I've lost count of how many graves I've dug over the years. I have more compassion for animals than I do for murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors. No, I'm not a member of PETA, but I also have no tolerance for cruelty or torture of any animal. No apologies, lib-dem scum.
Well, Clinton came to York County on Wednesday and soiled this county by his presence. He specifically visited the Harley-Davidson plant and world headquarters why, I have no idea to promote somesuch, non-descript shit for brains agenda. His visit f*cked up traffic and interrupted business all over the area. If he weren't such a lying, rapist, piece of shit, I'd be there cheering, but he's a convicted perjurer and obstructor of justice, and he deserves no ones attention; only contempt and disrespect for his many crimes, lies and offenses.

Just as TWA Flight 800 was brought down by a terrorist missile, EgyptAir Flight 990 was brought down by an onboard terrorist bomb. And just as the FBI, NTSB and Clintonistas lied to cover-up 800s cause, they'll deny the facts and delay the truth on 990. Stinger missiles will be bringing down commercial airliners for years to come; that's just one reason I don't fly anymore. Shucks, even the plane's manufacturer, Boeing is still pursuing the terrorist theory; they're not stupid like the f*cking government is.
A scary insight into Clinton's delusional, twisted, perverted mindset: he would have us believe that he was standing up for America as he was impeached by the US House of Representatives for his crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice, yet the lowlifes in the US Senate couldn't do the right thing and convict him. He's a sleazy son of a bitch who deserved to be driven from office.
I am so sick of the ultra-racist NAACP scumbags et al whining and complaining and playing the race card everytime anyone says something. Those scumbags within are digging an early political grave for the organization and themselves.
Talk about f*cked up: some shit for brains, partisan federal judge has found MSFT guilty of monopolistic power. I vehemently disagree: MS's actions have benefitted the entire computer industry and consumers. When a bunch of whining, crybaby morons like Netscape, Sun, IBM, Apple, AOL, Oracle et al - who have vastly inferior products complain to the (In)Justice Dept, MS is doing business right. I've used MS products since '82, and no one else even comes close. f*ck the judge, who, BTW, doesn't even own or use a computer.
Oh gee whiz: a bunch of looney tunes, towelheaded muslim shitf*ckers are threatening the US if we install sanctions against Afghanistan for hiding the terrorist criminal, bin Laden? I think it's a perfect opportunity for the US to use multi-warheaded thermonuclear weapons against that piece of shit islamic tribe, called the Taliban.
Making young criminals accept responsibility for their actions is something no other state can compare to what George W. Bush did in Texas. I applaud him for getting it done. f*ck the whining, bed wetting liberal scum who think those funds should have gone into social shit programs. Criminal belong in prison or dead, not in liberal social programs and certainly not back in society where they can do more damage.

More Bullshit.
The fat, worthless, stupid piece of shit US Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) should not have received any committee chairmanship due to his defection from the GOP this past Summer. He should be fully ostracized from the Republican heirarchy for being the treasonous, cowardly moron that he is.
I hate polls; they're worthless as tits on a bull. But read what Americans want in their next president, unlike the raping, cokehead, convicted liar we now have.
So the Chi-Comm chinks fooled Clinton and Gore about some ICBM missiles? Well, duh. Anyone with a brain and that specifically omits both the Clinton and Gore morons would never trust the yellow scum chink filth and take their word for anything.
Now it appears the US is worried about legal problem after launching a cyber attack on an enemy's computers. Hey, shit for brains idiots at the f*cking Pentagon: everything is fair and legal in war, don't you know?
Oh, be still my beating heart: I'd love a chance to shoot some f*cking immigrant rioters and looters trying to ravage my neighborhood. That would make my week. My M16 hasn't seen that kind of duty for many, many years. The only job left for the police would be "tagging and bagging" the corpses.
Gender re-assignment? Sex change operation is more correct. Get this Brit lowlife out of public schools and away from teaching children anything. He or she or whatever needs to join the freak show. Better yet, give him a 9mm with one round and let him-her-it whack himself-herself-itself and rid the world of another piece of shit.
Time to execute this homo, piece of shit Brit alcoholic for raping an 11 year old girl.

Yet, Still More shit.
Another welfare-loving, worthless group of alcoholics, the so-called American Indian, needs to get off their collective lazy red asses, quit blaming the "White Devils" for their lack of initiative, finally take some responsibility for their pathetic lives and try to amount to something other than bums wanting government handouts.
The best thing to do with a rabble-rousing, troublemaking cretinous-moron like Jesse Jackson-of-a-bitch, is completely ignore the lowlife. He'll go away. Where is James Earl Ray when his country really needs him?
No, I still don't trust the red commie scum from Russia, still covertly building their military up under the guise of democracy, with the financial help of the US and World Bank, the WTO (World Trade Organization).
Jeeez, why doesn't this lowlife criminal Hitlery bitch die in an accident? I despise the filthy slut. She's a power hungry, corrupt, criminal lib-dem piece of shit, bilking NY State contributors. Rudy will defeat her soundly next year.
The son-of-a-bitch, criminal, lying, rapist, cokehead Clinton came to York County this week; I left and went to Maryland in silent protest. Clinton pollutes and debases everything he touches.
What a load of shit: giving Clinton the easy, pre-screened questions instead of facing the tough ones he should face for his myriad crimes. A real bogus InterNet so-called town hall chat.
Talk about dumb and dumber: this stupid Cuban illegal alien government is going to sue the US for our 38 year embargo of the shitty island of communism. Hey Fidel: go f*ck yourself, illegal alien dog.
Read what the moron Donny-Boy Trump-A-Dump's tax plan encompasses, and then understand why he doesn't and never did have a chance at any elected office: he's an idiot. He can't even put a simple sentence or complete thought together. Read about his low class, two-bit, slut girlfriend. Both are pathetic.
Un-f*cking-believeable that the White House shitheads allow a commie coup in Venezuela to occur without military intervention, as we've done elsewhere. Why? Because the White House f*ck-ups are socialists and fascists.

Death Row.
Re-raping the same elderly 75 year old woman after being released from prison is why rapists should be executed after conviction, the first time. Read about this piece of shit's criminal history. He richly deserves to die. Short of murder, there is nothing worse than being raped.
So what? He's a murderer; execute him.
So's this punk; waste him.
Finally, an appropriate sentence for a heinous crime.
f*ck it: Theodore Kaczynski's mentally ill and a murderer. The Unabomber. Execute him without delay. No mercy. And no book deal with anyone for the subhuman piece of shit murderer. Let him rot in prison-hell until he's executed.
It's hard to believe that the murdering idiot scum, Mumia Abu-Jamal (aka Tyrone Leroy Johnson), is still alive for the murder of a Philadelphia cop in 1981. He should have been executed within a year of the murder. At least Penna Gov Tom Ridge has signed the last death warrant and scumbag will fry within 18 months. I'll be dancing in the streets.
When a mother murders her 3-4 year old daughter in '79, stuff the body into a garbage bag and hides it in the closet, that's more than enough for execution. Works for me. Fry the bitch.
Can you imagine the subhuman murdering filth claiming that spending 20+ years on death row is "cruel and inhuman punishment", and violates their Eight Amendment Rights? Un-f*cking-believeable, isn't it? The victims are still dead and the US Taxpayer is spending $60-80,000 per year per scumbag just to keep them cozy and comfy, while they clog up the courts with endless appeals. Neither could the US Supreme Court believe it.
It sure was a slow week until the great commonwealth of Virginia executed a cop whacker. Thanks Virginia, I was starting to go through withdrawal. Don't stop now; there are dozens nay hundreds more in your state who deserve to die for their heinous crimes against society.
Here's a great idea: The Justice Card.

The Berlin Wall.
Eleven years ago, before I built my 20 acre Garden Center & Nursery, I was doing a two year stint at a local bedding plant grower's nursery in Belle Mead, NJ, and somehow the subject of communism and Gorbachev came up. We ruminated about it for a while, and I said that unless the Berlin Wall comes down, there is no way he'll be remembered as the innovator of Democracy in Russia. Gorby has to take the wall down. Prophetic, indeed.
Ten years after the wall came down, there are celebrations all over the place about its demise and subsequent meaning. Former leaders Bush, Gorbachev and Kohl are in Berlin for the party. But the Germans have a very long way to go, as do the Russians, in converting to Democracy. Probably won't happen in our lifetime.

Black & White: Artful Simplicity
or Socialist Master Plan?

First, pinko Hollyweird types complained about colorizing old movies. Next, short, bespectacled liberal shitheads like Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen actually filmed modern movies in black and white. Now, thanks to the National Gallery of Art and YOUR TAX DOLLARS, we have to endure a horrifyingly monochromatic overview of the life and work of photographer Alfred Stieglitz. Never mind that he consorted with noted "free spirit" Georgia O'Keefe. Just look at his starkly lurid photographs of the New York City landscape! The devil surely walks among us.

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