for whom the bell tolls

Friday, November 13, 1998

ding! It tolled for Mr. Newt last week, and his abrupt departure will herald in a whole new era for the GOP party architecture. The GOP tanked on Election Day and Gingrich had no choice except to fall on his sword and bail out just a few days later. With the carcass still warm, all the buzzards circled to decide which carrion morsel of the vacated leadership position they will gorge themselves upon next. It'll be an interesting Fall and Winter as roles are defined, priorities set and a true Republican Agenda is formulated and unveiled. Maybe. Looks like The White House's Monica Strategy to get rid of Newt really worked.

Prepping For Winter.
By now, all local and regional gardeners should know that Winter is getting closer and there are certain things which must be done to insure survivability of the precious garden inhabitants for Spring.
First, make sure all dead plant matter is cut off and composted away from the living garden. This helps insure against disease and insect infestation in the Spring. Lightly cover all cut back perennials etc with 1-2" of quality, hardwood bark mulch for protection against a direct freeze to their root systems.
If anything needs to be transplanted, now is the time to do it. Make sure the plant has been hit with a frost, has dropped its leaves (if it's deciduous), the ground is wet around its rootsystem and dig a large rootball. If you have any questions, drop me a note and I'll provide specific, step-by-step instruction based upon which plant you want to move.
If you didn't mulch 2-3" in the Spring, mulch now to 1-2" over the entire garden. Snug the mulch up to all plant stems to protect the root systems, but be sure to de-mulch the stems in the early Spring. Too much mulch will retain unusual amounts of moisture on the bark and cause rot and insect infestation.
Do not fertilize until Spring; any new growth pushed out by feeding at this time of year won't have time to harden off and will be whacked by frost.
Here's a handy to-do list for all parts of the country, by region.
Enjoy the Winter months for the rest and tranquillity it brings; Spring will be here before we realize it.

The American Voter.
The voters who want to forget impeachment and move on are truly pieces-of-shit. As long as their pockets are full, they rationalize that they can displace their ethics and morals with that jingling sound. If the economy had tanked, it'd be another story altogether. Such fickleness is indicative of blow-in-the-wind liberal Democratic thought, a sickening attitude that's sapping America's moral fiber and strength. That's the one thing the lib-Dems have over all the Conservatives: a grossly-perverted, communist-socialist, reality-challenged agenda which allows them to mess with everything they shouldn't be involved with in the first place.
Many who said drop impeachment call themselves moderates; bullshit, they're liberal filth. I'm a Moderate and they aren't even close.
Censure or any other action short of impeachment is not provided for by The US Constitution. Somehow, the collective American Voter Idiots can't grasp that fact. They seem to think that the lies under oath can be overlooked and other crimes dropped because Bubba's just a big, dumb, likeable guy. Well, Clinton isn't: he's a cold, calculating criminal whose crimes go back some 35 years. He's gotten away with them; I sure hope the US Congress finds its balls/ ovaries and does what's legally right.
Clinton deserves to be tried and convicted of his crimes: perjury, suborning perjury and abuse of power. Forget the sex aspect; that's between him and Hitlery. He's a liar irregardless of what he lied about. Lying to two federal grand juries and to the American Public is a crime. There are several hundred people imprisoned now for perjury; why is Clinton exempt? He should have learned to keep his willy in his damned pants, and not get DNA all over the Oral Orifice carpets. He's a sociopathic, congenital liar, like his criminal wife, Hitlery. And Bubba is about to set a new record; "the most ethical administration in history. What a sad joke on us. He'll have been investigated by three independent special counsels by the time he leaves office.
At least most of Newt's constituents were upset about his decision to resign. After his lies to the Ethics Committee last year, I lost all respect for him. America and the GOP are better off without him. A newer breed is needed with a real agenda that Conservative and Moderate Republican American voters can once again identify with, agree upon and move forward. Maybe.
But I digress.
The American voter is, generally speaking, disingenuous. They're whores and disloyal to ideas and ideology. They're loyal to their wallets. They're not smart enough to understand that money is fleeting; ideas and philosophy sustain the soul through hard times. And I'm not just talking about brainless, lib-Dems, either.
As both Plato and Voltaire once said, f*ck 'em!

So What?
That's what subhuman prisoner filth should really be used for: medical experiments. Murderers, rapists, armed robbers, child molesters and other garbage are good for little else.
Now the trash wants to sue? f*ck 'em. More need to be used for that purpose before execution. Let them finally do something worthwhile before they're disposed of.
Yet the whining, bed wetting liberal cretins would have us all believe thaht they can be rehabilitated. Bullshit. Murderers, rapists, armed robbers and child molesters need to die immediately after conviction. A simple 9mm bullet ($1.15) at the base of the skull will save the taxpayer (you and me) from housing and feeding the lowlifes ($40,000-60,000 per year per inmate) and clogging up the US Legal System with endless, inane appeals.
If the pathetic US Legal System would do its job, we wouldn't have problems like this, either.
It's way past time that society took care of its innocent citizens by completely protecting them from the murderous and predatory criminal element. Execution is the answer. It does work: no one executed has ever committed another crime. Facts don't lie.

What It Will Take.
The overriding issue which will finally destroy Clinton is campaign funding violations, not perjury in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Somehow although over 110 people are currently serving federal time for perjury Clinton will skate on the issue. Are the other people more or less guilty because they lied under oath about drugs, money, theft et al? Isn't lying under oath simply lying under oath? Isn't taking the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination far more preferable to a felony perjury charge?
Unfortunately the Clintonite scumbag wouldn't know the truth if it was standing in front of him. He's a morally defective scumbag. But here's a Marine Officer who tells the truth; and look what happens. The Clintonoid scum can't handle the truth in any way, shape or form.
Unfortunately, too many Americans have also turned into scum, excusing the twice-documented felony perjury, suborning of perjury and abuse of power as no big deal for a nice piece of ass. I guess Monica's genitals now have a rather large fan club, as well as rather large herpes sores. Well, that's something in her favor at least. She has nothing else going for her.
When the real shit hits the fan, it will be interesting to see what Clinton and Gore do to cover their collective asses. It's already begun and will snowball into a full-blown (no pun intended) scandal over the Winter months, destroying any chance Gore has in 2000.
Charlie Trie's crooked activities are leading an indirect but tanglible and traceable trail to John Huang, which will lead to the Clinton & Gore Camp of '96. China directly bought their asses.
One of the most stupid ways of dealing with the Clinton filth came from US Sen Arlen Specter (D-PA) after he realized that there's too many lib-Dem scum in the US Congress to impeach Bubba The moron; but the US Legal System can and will prosecute him after leaving office. Somehow, the idea of leaving a criminal like Clinton in office for almost two years is very unappealing.

Never Buy A Dell Computer.
After reading all the reviews, in March of '98, I bought a $3,600+ Dell Dimension XPS 333Mhz Pentium II/ 128mb SDRAM, 4gb Ultra wide SCSI, 32x Plextor DVD SCSI CD-ROM machine, that screamed. I was very happy with it way back then, but it's turned nasty on me and Dell doens't give a flying shit.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
With all the graphic apps I use for website work, I decided to upgrade to 256mb of SDRAM-DIMM. Hah. Easier said than done. There are so many types of compatible and incompatible, ECC or non-ECC, proprietary and non-proprietary memory, I was and still am confused.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
That was in March; in July the problems started in earnest. Blue screens of death; lots and lots of 'em. Illegal operations. System busy or unstable. Out of memory. Out of 128mb of memory? No way!
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
I've sent dozens of emails to their so-called, vaunted Tech Dept, but have received 10-15 idiot answers: is there a scanner hooked up, John? or try deleting this and that file and reconfigure this and that and so on. Nothing they've recommended made any sense or worked. Most I hesitated to even try for fear it would make things more unstable. What I did try upon their recommendation made Netscape Communicator v4.5 Final Release so unstable that I'm now forced to use MSIE v4.01 daily to avoid crashes.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
Finally, after buying special Dell memory two 128mb SDRAM DIMMS and finding that neither of those worked, one astute Dell Techie recommended replacement of the motherboard. Apparently, the chips aren't working together as with the two OEM 64mb DIMMS ... I think it's the motherboard.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
Sooo, Dell sent out two tech guys from a privately-contracted company in Harrisburg, PA, and they merely replaced the original two 64mb chips, not the two 128mb units or the motherboard. They then took the new 128mb chips and left. I spent hours tracking them down and arranging to get my two 128s back. What a colossal waste of time.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
With the tenacity of a bulldog and her heritage proudly showing, my Administrative assistant, Lynn Melincavage jumped in and (verbally) ripped Dell a new moron. They can now shit on customers much better, but can't think any better. She'll aim for the brainstem next time. That is, if Dell even has any brains and Lynn can find them.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
Dell now wants me to return the two 128mb chips so that they can verify they're faulty before they'll send replacements or authorize a new motherboard. 128mb chips are backordered until after November 20th. Figures.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
It's difficult to believe that a multi-billion dollar company like Dell can be so f*cked up. If they had sent a new motherboard and two of their proprietary 128mb chips with the tech from Harrisburg in the first place, this whole mess could have been solved in half the time and at one third of the resultant cost. The paperwork is enourmous. The wasted megabytes are pitiable, as is Dell's attitude toward quality service.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
I've now gotten my 128mb chips back and will re-mail them to Dell's lackey used parts outlet, PC Service Source, and let the idiots test the Hyundai chips for their integrity. Where the hell are the quality American chipmakers? Hmmm, none left.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
This nightmare has the potential of going on for months and months, with Dell's cadre of techies never quite finding what the underlying problem is.
Do yourself a favor: don't ever buy a Dell.
Want a great machine? Go SAG Electronics. My new 450 is on its way. Thanks Jeff!

Very Public Secrets.
I can understand floating some trial balloons on legislative and social issues, but how do these contingencies become news stories? Isn't military policy supposed to be conducted in secret? To minimize the loss of life and limb? To insure victory through stealth? Why does the US Gov't do stupid things like this? 'Cause they're the US Gov't.

Help? Sure Thing, Maybe.
As soon as Honduras and Nicaragua quit sending tons of cocaine and marijuana to the US, we'll send some aid for their stinking flood problems. Fair enough?
I think so, considering 3,000 metric tons of evil dope which comes into the US through each country, each year and helps to corrupt and destroy millions of peoples lives in the USA.
Use the US Military to interdict drugs before it gets to our borders. Give the Special Forces free reign on dopers. whack 'em all, let God sort it out!

shit-For-Brains, Liberal Democratic.
In one of the dumbest moves of the 20th Century, liberal filth in Chicago will try to sue gun manufacturers for the deaths caused by criminals using their (collectively speaking) guns to commit crimes. More Democratic scumbags in New orleans and Philadelphia have joined in the worthless, taxpayer money wasting suits. How f*cking stupid can this twisted, perverted society get? Wait; don't answer that.
First, the lib-Democrat shit scum sued the tobacco manufacturers for actively holding a gun to everyone's head and forcing them to smoke. Next, they'll sue car manufacturers for fatal auto accidents. Then, they'll sue salt manufacturers for high blood pressure related deaths. Then the pork and beef producers for high cholesterol foods. Then the Municipal Water Companies for drowning related deaths. Then the candy manufacturers for gingivitis and cavity related problems. Then, then, then... And on it'll go, with no end in sight.
Doesn't anyone take responsibility for their own lives anymore? Does everyone want the moronic Government to pay them for their own stupidity? Not everyone. Just the lowlife liberal Democrats who want to perpetuate the Great American Welfare State for all the stupid Americans who can't stand up and be counted on to do the right thing.
Apparently so. And that's the greatest crime of all.

Boomer Manifesto.
This is good, funny reading for us, the almost-50 crowd. Where's my glasses?

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