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Friday, November 16, 2001

The old idiom about "a house built upon sand" is now the same as a "house of cards": highly unstable and potentially dangerous. And I equate both directly with our so-called "alliance" with the Muslim world in the ongoing War On Terror. The US, and probably Great Britain, are going to wind-up going it alone after the cowardly, shaky and treacherous "Muslim partners" bail on us, as the wacko extremist Islamic diaperheads raise hell in each backward country and demand an end to the ruling governments and US support for them. What W & Co have done is propitious in the short run, perilous in the long term, but necessary for overall world peace. Time to bring Israel into the coalition and kick some towelhead ass everywhere we find it. It's truly The Civilized Western World vs Islamic Extremist Filth. Anyone who believes differently is smoking dope. Wake up lib-dem idiots; it's a different world out there today, since The Massacre of September 11th. You'd better participate patriotically on this effort, or get left behind forever. If there's another attack on the US, you'll all wind up in internment camps with the towelhead murderers on the wrong side of the concertina wire. And I'm loving that idea.

Around The Garden Center.
The Indian Summer weather continues to hang around, almost as voraciously as the Fall Rains refuse to begin. It's grim around here: reserviors and lakes are 15+ft low, outdoor burning bans are in place, State Drought Warnings have been issued, water use restrictions are now commonplace and there's no moisture in sight. Fortunately, most plants have gone dormant; unfortunately, we're going to see a lot of dead plants come Spring. Unless we have a lot of snowfall over Winter with a slow melt to replace ground moisture levels, the damage will be widespread in the Mid-Atlantic Region and throughout the NorthEast.
Gas prices have further dropped to $1.09.9/gal (89 octane); now only costing me $23.55 for 21.44gals to full-up my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8s 22gal tank. Six months ago, I reasoned we were surely headed to $2.00 and $3.00 per gallon gasoline. And just a few weeks ago, I reasoned that supplies of gasoline would drop and prices rise, as the refineries switched-over to home heating oil. I don't have a clue as to what the hell's going on in the marketplace anymore; the familiar pattern and cycle of all past years is missing.
Well, neither America nor the airline industry needed another 767 crash, and on Veteran's Day to boot, especially when witnesses say there was a explosion just before the crash, blowing off the tail assembly over the bay, Killing all 260 on board. Sadly, it was a terrorist shootdown and the FBI and NTSB are covering it up, as they did with the TWA Flight 800 terrorist shootdown. Once again, they're afraid of the truth and don't think the American Public can handle it.
On Tuesday 13th, at around 1 pm, one of my workers called me outside to see the "sights". Dozens of military jets flying at mach 1 or better, headed south. Several were flying much slower and were being re-fueled. The MAC-SOG (military air command, special ops group) is based in Middletown, Pa, and we're in their flight path. A-10 warthogs, F-16/18 jets, C-130s, C-5a's and all kinds of military hardware assets regularly pass over. But I've never seen this many scrambled at one time. There are also many military jets based at Harrisburg Int'l Airport, so they may be among the flying hardware assets, too. A wondrous and awesome sight. Let's roll, America.
Things are beginning to wind down for both the landscaping and retail business for the year, and I've notified the two crews, my Garden Center staff and maintenance crew, that we'll be laying everyone off on November 30th. Last year at the time, it was already bitter cold, snowing and ice storms were working their way across the Nation, preparing to do some damage. Actually, I'm surprised that work has continued at such a feverish pace for so long, considering the 25+ week drought we've endured. I'm glad we've installed drip irrigation and other types of zoned watering systems in all landscape jobs; that should help to cut down on plant mortality in the Spring '02. I'm kind of looking forward to shortened Winter Hours (Mon-Sat, 10am-3pm, Closed Sun) and some days off for a change, until it all starts over again in February.
And a very Happy and Joyous Thanksgiving from all of us here at The Garden Center & Nursery, to you and yours.

Changes and Metamorphoses.
For years, I've said there is both good and bad in every people, race, religion; there's a yin-yang in people of all stripes. But I neglected to remember in six years of postings, that we're human beings under the mere color of skin. Conservative values, religion, morality, mores, responsibility, duty, honor, country: are exactly the same across the color spectrum. And it prevails when applied to the problem.
On September 11th, 2001, it all changed. We repeatedly saw the images of the WTCs, and wept unabashedly for the loss of Humanity and National Innocence. We saw, unfortunately less of The Pentagon Attack and The Pennsylvania Field Crash(Let's Roll!) Heroes. They're both well worth a look, and tear-jerkers. Lest we forget? Never.
I readily admit that I want unbridled revenge, retribution, death, destruction and major, major, major damage upon those who did The September 11th Massacre to us, in the US. I'd seriously like 'em all dead and rotting. That isn't going to change, anytime soon.

The September 11th Massacre. Let's Roll!
Last Thursday evening, W gave the Nation its marching orders: Let's Roll! And I was somewhat heartened, but still am greatly dismayed at the lack of security on our porous borders. Mexico's and Canada's borders should be completely sealed; use the military if necessary and shoot to whack any and all intruders. This is war, dammit. When is the US Government going to wake up?
Remember TWA Flight 800? Here's why the inaction against that shootdown by the criminal lying Clintoon scum brought on The Massacre of September 11th.
If you really want to know what danger we Americans are in from the perverted, degenerate Islamic religious cult terrorists, from within the country, you need to see this video, Jihad! It's chilling and maddening, all at once and will dispel any doubt that it's Islam vs US. So get your favorite adult beverage, make sure your computer has RealPlayer installed, sit back and watch. It's a 1 hour show, originally broadcast on PBS in '95. Over 5,000 innocent people died because the US Government "missed" (read: they were PC-indoctrinated and didn't want to offend the towelhead filth) the obvious clues to The Massacre of September 11th.
Personally, I think it's way, way, way past time for the US Military to round-up, interr, interrogate, decide who'd with us and who'd against us, execute or deport Muslim/Islam filth and trash. I prefer the latter two options: execute and deport.
A 20-day waiting period for Muslim men to get visas to enter the US? Are they f*cking freaking kidding? How about NEVER? Round-up and deport the stinking Islamic lowlife towelhead extremists, now. Interr the suillegal alienious ones until background checks can be completed. Execute via military tribunal, all the known terrorists with any ties to terrorist organizations. End of that problem. Next?
How's this for an outrage? A charity fund established to help victims of the September 11th attacks Massacre made a grant of $171,000, from September 11th Fund, which is affiliated with the corrupt and degenerate United Way, was given to lowlife, ultra-liberal, socialist Legal Aid Society, defending eight men held in the terrorist attacks massacre on New York and Washington. Instead of helping out the victims, they're actually helping out suspected terrorists. How nice. Time to withdraw all contributions to these bogus, terrorist-abetting agencies.
Diaperheads Killing towelheads; I love it. whack away, scumbags. We'll wait and watch the internecine warfare. Kinda like our US Civil War (an oxymoron, if there ever was one). Islam is dogshit and a false, corrupt religious cult, not a religion in any sense of the word.
Since The September 11th Massacre, I've done some "research" into the sick and perverted cult of Islam, and have found this deviant sickness pervasive through their so-called Koran teachings. Islam is a twisted and demented "false religion/cult", teaching lies, homosexuality, deceipt and murder. Anyone who follows this shit shit garbage is truly a f*cked-up screwed-up individual; that fact that several billion people do, worldwide, really worries me.
Never forget The September 11th Massacre. Already, lowlife liberals and scumbag DemocRATs are doing so and Blaming America First. I say deport them along with the towelhead filth.
Here's a typical wacko extremist Islamic piece of shit, a native-born American, who hates Americans and who has left for the unholy jihad to whack American soldiers. Betcha anything he doesn't last 2 weeks before he's shot dead. And good riddance, traitor. If he comes back here, I'll personally someone will track him down and whack him.
Hell Heck, I've always had an affection for the Italian People. But, for years, I've criticized Italy, the Italian Government and Prime Minister as allowing communists, socialistsm greens and all matter of subhuman filth infiltrate the government and cause chaos and public dementia. But I'm really warming-up to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his Conservative attitude. Ciao, bene!
Bush also used the opportunity to scold the United Nations for removing the United States from the UN Human Rights Commission earlier this year. The world needs its principled leadership. It undermines the credibility of this great institution, for example, when the Commission on Human Rights offers seats to the world’s most persistent violators of human rights," Bush told the 189-nation UN General assembly. "The United Nations depends above all on its moral authority, and that authority must be preserved," he said. In a stunning upset, Washington was voted off the top U.N. human rights organization on May 3. Libya, Cuba and Syria, nations listed by the State Department as "state sponsors of terrorism," are among countries holding seats on the 53-nation commission.
Read this about "American" Muslim filth hating the US, loving the degenerate and perverted extremist Islam, wanting to overthrow the US Government, and seeing nothing wrong with terrorism against the US. I'll wait. Okay? Now let's deport this subhuman lowlife towelhead filth. NOW! Are you listening, W & Co? Wake the f*ck hell up in DC and pay some attention to reality!
This story about the Bushes and bin Laden scum is past disconcerting; it angers me greatly. Here's the CIAs assessment of what's coming in the next 25 years.
Was there ever any doubt that bin Laden orchestrated The September 11th Massacre? Not in my mind. whack him and all the subhuman towelhead filth.
Here's two moving slideshows of The World Trade Center Massacre and The Pentagon Massacre.
Yes, lib-dem whiner scum, progress is being made, despite your traitorous actions to the contrary.
I don't give a flying rat's ass why the towelhead Muslim scumbags hate the US; all I care about is Killing millions of them in retaliation and revenge for The Massacre of September 11th. Nothing short of removing that subhuman sandidiot diaperheaded garbage from the USA will satisfy me and millions of other Americans. Get them the f*ck hell outta here, US Government.
Stop the bombing and Killing of shitfilth Muslim murderers during Rum-A-Dumb? Not freaking likely. The towelhead scumbags from (CAIR) Council on American-Islamic Relations, a terrorist front in the US, are "worried" if we don't, it'll inflame the filthy Islamic shitheads worldwide. Good! More to hunt and whack. Bring it on, Muslim shit.
W is very naive if he thinks Muslims aren't out to do great harm to the US. They are and must be deported and eradicated from the Earth. They're a disease. And nukes are the cure for that filth. Seal the damned borders.
Anyone named Mo-Ham-Head should be executed on sight. I'd gladly do it, America. They're traitors, spies and subhuman filth. Let's don't wait until they f*ck us up; whack them now.
f*ck Screw the whining liberal filth ACLU lowlife slimeballs, a military court is exactly what's needed to try and execute terrorists. They don't deserve a US Court of Law; first, they're not US Citizens and are not entitled to it; second, it's much easier to execute terrorists without repeated appeals. I rejoice and dance in the streets.
Usually I agree with Safire; this time he's dead wrong. A military court which can try & execute in secret is needed. the us legal system is infested with hand-wringing, bed-wetting lowlife liberal democRAT scum judges and lawyers who let the guilty go free and ignore the victims and their families. The WSJ gets it correct.
Amidst all the horror and death of The Massacre of September 11th, here is a gem of a kindness story from North Carolina to New York City. Worth the read.
FBI agents armed with search warrants raided two houses in a southwestern suburb of Philadelphia on Tuesday, backed by members of a hazardous-materials (HAZMAT) squad wearing full protective gear. Hell, we should be doing a whole lot more of these raids, even if they net nothing, it keeps the diaperhead wannabe terrorists disorganized and fearful, and allows them to make mistakes.
We have a traitorous lowlife towelhead Muslim scumbag in the US Congress — Arab-American Congressman Darrell Issa, R-Calif — who's plotting to clog up the beleagured US Court System with bogus "racing profiling suits" against Arab filth. The reason we have so many terrorists within our borders, right now, is that law enforcement officials were restrained from examining enough individuals that fit an ethnic profile, due to political grandstanding like Issa's and the Clintoonite filth. Vote the subhuman out, Left Coasters.
840 terrorists in Michigan? Arrest, interr and deport the subhuman Islamic towelhead scum. And why is this "voluntary" on the disperheads' part? It should be mandatory and the Dept of InJustice shouldn't be giving a weeks notice, so the Muslim scum can destroy evidence and leave town.
All in all, it was a good week, with US-backed and led forces routing the subhuman Muslim extremist wacko Islamics, but it's only just beginning.

GOP Bumblers.
Dumb: the White House has drafted an executive order that would allow the current administration to withhold release of presidential papers from a previous administration, even if the former president wanted to make those available to the public. The goal of the executive action is to "provide a safety valve" if any national security issues might arise by releasing past presidential records.
What? Only one idiotic move this week from the GOPers — unless you count this whining faux-Conservative homo Billy Bob Safire's bed-wetting whine about "dictatorial powers grab"? Hardly seems worth talking about. It's the lib-democRAT slime who make the goofy guffaws on a more consistent basis these days.

Lib-DemocRAT Morons.
Billy-Bob Clintoon, the disgraced, impeached, lying ex-president, said yesterday that terror has existed in America for hundreds of years and the nation is "paying a price today" for its past of slavery and for looking "the other way when a significant number of native Americans were dispossessed and whacked". "Here in the United States, we were founded as a nation that practiced slavery, and slaves quite frequently were whacked even though they were innocent," said the Clintoon idiot in a speech to nearly 1,000 students at Georgetown University's Gaston Hall. "This country once looked the other way when a significant number of native Americans were dispossessed and whacked to get their land or their mineral rights or because they were thought of as less than fully human. And we are still paying a price today," said Mr. Clinton, who was invited to address the students by the university's School of Foreign Service. Mr. Clinton, wearing a gray suit and orange tie, arrived 45 minutes late for the event. Typical scumbag, lowlife, apololgist, "Blame America First" shit from Bubba.
No one can deny that Bill Clinton is one of the greatest orators liars of the 20th Century. Despite being a criminal, traitor, degenerate, scumbag, lowlife, deviate, seditionist, pervert, he could deliver an average speech and really/sort of/maybe connect with his tragically-f*cked-up target audience. So, what was wrong with him on Wednesday night when he delivered a speech to his alma mater, Georgetown University? Many pundits have discussed the content of his speech, where he blamed America for The Massacre of September 11th. But what everyone seems to be avoiding is the fact that something appeared to be wrong with him. He flubbed words without correcting them, he slurred words, he was rambling and incoherent, his bloodshot eyes looked glassy, he swayed as he spoke and didn't have his regular drug-induced energy. Some have said he looks tired, others have mentioned cold medications and others have said he just looks drunk/stoned/coked-up. He's subhuman dogshit, in any case. Watch the video and decide for yourself.
Gaaawd, I'm sick and tired of those lib-dem lowlife TV network anchor dolts telling us what we heard, such as W's speech on Thursday evening, carried only by the wimpering, socialist ABC network. They make me puke ill.
The disgraced, impeached, lying ex-president Clintoon asked to resign from the Supreme Court Bar Friday, rather than fight suspension or disbarment related to the Paula Jones sexual harassment investigation. The high court suspended Clinton Oct. 1 as a follow-up to suspension of his law license in his home state of Arkansas. The high court gave Clinton until Friday to say why he should not be permanently barred from appearing before the high court as a lawyer. Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is a stinking lump of excrement, from the lowest form of life on earth. He resides in a dank, festering, fetid sewer of human filth and degradation, wallowing in the putrescent muck and bodily waste of other low forms of life, like his rancid-faced "wifey", Hitlery Rotten.
Hitlery Rotten and Chelsea Dogface Clintoon should have gotten their stories straight. It turns out there are glaring discrepancies in their accounts of what Chelsea was doing on the morning of September 11th. Both are liars in the great tradition of Bubba Jeffy The Lying Scumbag.
One of the very worst pieces of shit in the US Senate is lib-dem Pat Leahy of Vermont: an obstructionist, hand-wringing, bed-wetting, whining liberal lowlife who has made it his obligation to thwart every piece of W's legislation to come down the pike. He's mentally-ill and even his colleagues recognize it now. He should be receiving treatment in a psych hospital.
The two most liberal-biased rags in the Nation, The New York Slimes and The Washingmachine Toast, now finally know what we knew last year in the lib-dem hijacked November 2000 General Election: W won and GoreBore lost.
A group of stupid, lib-dem PC bitches in the NY State Legislature want to change all references from male to female or gender neutral, in the 244 year old state constitution. Remember, this is the same f*cked-up state which elected Hitlery Rotten Clintoon to 6 years as a US Senator. Heck, the amendment passed last week during the delayed elections. Gaaawd. I have no sympathy for them anymore. None.
Did you know that 53 member of the US Congress, all blacks and liberal-democRATs, are member of the Socialist Party?
Want a side-splitting laugh? Visit The Hilliary Forum. No kidding. Some lib-dem woman runs this atrocity for Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, and gets flamed regurlarly by the FreeRepublic.com posters; hilarious posts!
Paula Poundstone, the lib-dem lowlife ugly dyke whore filth, got what was coming from the Court: more time to think about her/his/its perverted life. That's a subhuman lowlife, for sure.

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
The once-proud Salvation Army has caved to the filthy creeping homoism of New ass Order® (NBO): it announced that it would give marital benefits to employees in homosexual relationships. Phew! I'll never donate to their so-called degenerate cause ever again. Round-up all the lowlife homos, Crazy Glue® dresses on 'em, and ship them to Afghanistan for the extremist Tali-assheads to exterminate.
Ken Kesey, guru of the 60s, dead from liver cancer? Good riddance, you worthless, lowlife price of shit.
A "rock guitarist" from the dogshit group REM, went beserk and trashed an inflight plane? Throw the sonnovabitch into prision for 3-5 years; his new "450lb lifer boyfriend" will help him pass away the days of incarceration. Time to stop showing mercy to lowlife scum.
Paula Poundstone, the alcoholic bull-dyke child molester, is back in jail. Bravo! Right where the unfunny pig belongs. She's charged with committing a lewd act upon a girl under 14 and endangering two other boy and two other girls. Yep, the sweathog belongs in jail.
Despite a congressional mandate preventing universities from standing in the way, an association of law professors is doing everything it can to keep the military from recruiting at law schools. The lowlife scumbag lib-dems in the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) is encouraging its members, including some of the biggest names in the profession, to discourage students from taking jobs in the military when it comes to campus to recruit students.

Race-Baiters and Other Lowlifes.
Ever the race-baiter and misery-profiteer, the lowlife scumbag Irrev Jesse "Hymietown NYC!" Jack-scum is at it again, claiming that blacks pay more in auto finance charges. Well of course they do, they also default more than anyone else on the loans, so loan companies charge them more to cover the losses. Makes perfect sense to me.
To say that blacks are more racist than whites, is a truism. Read this.
Why are whites still living in Zimbabwe? Either get machine guns and whack the subhuman blacks who are Killing them, or get the hell out and let the country collapse without the whites who really make things happen. Puzzles the hell outta me?

Execute The Filth.
Here's a racial hate crime which the cowardly liberal PC mainstream media refused to report: a Pittsburgh black whacks three whites and escapes all publicity. If he'd have been white, the story would have made front page and primetime news. So much for Clintoon's "racial injustice" shit. Execute the subhuman scum and use a dull needle. And it's death he gets, so says a jury of 12.
Why wasn't this lowlife, subhuman piece of dogshit, Ira Einhorn, who was convicted in 1993 of murdering his girlfriend, Holly Maddux in 1979, whacked before being extradited to the US? The Maddux family should have hired an assassin to whack him in France. If they'd have asked me, I'd have done it gleefully for free. In 1979, Ms. Maddux's body was found stuffed in a trunk in the West Philadelphia apartment she shared with Mr. Einhorn. She had been missing for 18 months. What an abominable waste of US Taxpayers' monies. The cheese-eating surrenderist French Frogs mandated that he not be executed if they "allowed" his extradition. How f*cking freaking pompous of them to do so?
The f*cked-up screwed-up US Legal System is still releasing pedophiles back into society, instead of keeping them locked-up or, better yet, executing them. Pathetic. I'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat.

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