(::: murderous islam is 6th century dogshit, and sorely-needs purging, wiping and
flushing from the asshole of Humanity, IMO


flush the crap
friday, november 16 th, 2007

f•ck islam, f•ck muslims who support terrorists and terrorism, f•ck islamist terrorists, f•ck muslim-islamist terrorists who murder Christians, Jews and anyone who doesn't agree with them! They're all and only about killing the Christian, killing the Infidel, killing the Jew, no thanks to the damned Bush Administration's idiotic, bullshit idea of bringing-in thousands of those subhuman 5th century filth into America, despite the fact that we're in a world war with the pigshit, called islam. islam is not a religion. Rather, it is a militant, proselytizing political/faux-faith system of total/complete/absolute control of all its mindless adherents' lives, and the sentence for not adhering to the trash called 'sharia law', is death. Boy-buggering, genital-mutilation, murder, poverty, death, destruction, slaughter, slavery, women-chattelling, horror, terror and so much more, is found in the murderous, pigshit-filled koran (I wipe my ass with it!), and I spit/piss/shit on islam! F•ck the Bush Administration, I'm so sorry to say, dammit. They're allowing/promoting the destruction and death of America, in incremental steps, by The Enemy Within™. What sane Nation, which is founded upon legendary documents, such as The Bible and The US Constitution, would allow the pigshit-filled, murderous koran (I wipe my ass with it!), to override/spit upon, and overtly-trash The Bible and The US Constitution? Answer: the ones — Stalin/Lenin's (I spit upon them both!) books of murder and mental-illness, Hitler's (I spit upon him!) "Mein Kampf" (I spit upon him!) mental-illness, Mao's (I spit upon him!) "Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung" mental-illness, murderous dirtbag filthiest Castro/Che Guevarra's (I spit upon them both!) books, and scores of other leftist, socialist, commie, nazi dictators — which the muzzie-trash/shit/garbage/junk/crap so-readily identifies with, adore, fawn-over and love to collective-orgasm. islam (I spit upon it!), aka "islamofascism" is a political totalitarian system, like communism and socialism, tightly-wrapped in a false, man-made, fake religion, and is threatening to take-over the world, and establish an 'ummah', or islamic 'caliphate'. There's a "huge conflagration" coming, between Christianity and the subhuman, 6th century-filth called islam (I spit upon it!), which will envelop the entire world, IMO, and last a hundred-plus years, if not a thousand years. It's apparently unavoidable, and is being perpetrated by the pigshit-called-islam (I spit upon it!), and which will be bloodily-engaged and defeated, by Christianity, and Judaism, in a supporting role. 80 million "very-well-armed" Americans will take-up "The Call to Freedom & Liberty", in a few weeks/months/years, since the US Military and Local Police, will be totally-overwhelmed, and we will have to form "militias", who will search-out, find and kill the murderous muslim-islamist terrorists (I spit upon them all!), by the thousands. Aided by the false, extremist 'global warming-ism' tree-hugging, leftist, treasonous, seditious liberal-demokkkRAT saboteurs (I spit upon them all!), 'islamofascism' aims at brutally taking-over the USA and other Western Countries. islam (I spit upon it!) is NO religion of peace; it's a 'system of death from hell', IMO. Make no ignorant, ill-considered mistake about it: the cancerous, verminous filth, CAiR (I spit upon them all!) (Council on American islamic Relations) is a proven, convicted, co-conspirator, terrorist-funding, and terrorist-supported organization, and that CAiR-filth wishes nothing more than the full-implementation of subhuman Sharia Law (I spit upon it!), in America. The Council on American-islamic Relations (CAiR) (I spit upon then all!) has proven links to, and was founded by, murderous, subhuman lowlife muslim-islamic terrorist filth. They're a spin-off of islamic Association For Palestine (iAP) (I spit upon them all!), a known terrorist-supporting organization, founded by a high-ranking official of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas (I spit upon them all!), Mousa Abu Marzook (I spit upon him!). They all need due trial, sentencing and summary-execution, IMO. No appeals. Ditto as support and funding groups of terrorism and death, are: the muslim Student Association (mSA) (I spit upon them all!), Nation Of islam (NOi) (I spit upon them all!), muslim Alliance In North America (mAINA) (I spit upon them all!), islamic Medical Association of North America (iMANA) (I spit upon them all!), the verminous, treasonous, seditious, child molesting, perverted, ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) (I spit upon them all!) saboteurs, and many, many, many more muslim-islamic-terrorist-supporting, front groups. No, I don't advocate or recommend the harming or killing of "innocent, moderate muslims"; but then, I've never met any such people. All muslims hate us Infidels (you and me) and truly wish us (you and me) dead. Remember: islamics want to kill us (you and me); muslims merely wish us (you and me) dead. I do heartily-advocate and recommend the outright finding, targeting and killing of all muslim-islamic-arab terrorists, and their supporters, everywhere and anywhere you find them. Find the terrorists and KILL THEM! This article, "Understanding the Wahhabist Infiltration of America", lays bare the dire and immediate threat to America, from the horror and threat, which is islam, IMO. Read it, be informed, buy more guns/ammo. Any questions? The dumbest, subhuman, lowlife, degenerate, murderous filth on the face-of-the-earth — muslims/islamists/arabs (I spit upon them all!) — have contributed absolutely nothing, to the World's Civilization, anywhere in recorded history. What they've done is invade, slaughter, murder, rape, pillage, plunder numerous established, refined and advanced civilizations, and steal the vanquished peoples' discoveries & inventions, with their own murderous koran's (I wipe my ass with it!) demand and blessing. muslims (I spit upon them all!) are the original slavers of blacks, from Africa; not Whites. F•ck islam (I spit upon it!) "allah Fubar!" (I spit upon him!) muslim-islamic-extremists have drowned out the opinions, influence and voices of "moderate" (bullshit; there are none!), IMO, muslims (I spit upon them all!) by taking over most of the "mainstream" islamic organizations (I spit upon them all!) in this country. While these extremists claim to speak for all of islam (I spit upon it!), in reality they do not. America's largest "protected minority" group — homosexuals and lesbians — are continually and blindly-supporting muslims/islamists, when in fact, the murderous muslims/islamists will readily-sodomize (anal-rape) them, torture them, cut their throats and push them down a well, to die in unbelievable agony and horror. Wake-up, people! You're the ones the muslim-islamists (I spit upon them all!) will be coming-after to murder, first! Why do such American groups support the murderous subhuman scum amongst us, and spit upon those of us, who are trying to tell them what the murderous, racist, bigoted muslims' past 1,400yrs of bloody, horrible history, teaches us? Why, indeed. When you figure that one out, please let me know, will you? The "islamo-fascist lovers" — The Enemy Within™ — and there are so many of them in America, need to be tracked down, identified, duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and summarily-executed, IMO. Just make me "King For A Day", and "I'll take care of it all", within 24hrs. Promise. Meanwhile, flush the murderous koran-crap down the shitter, where its islamo-fascism (I spit upon it!) shit, rightly belongs, IMO. There's only room for one flag in this country: The Red, White & Blue. We speak English here. We've been too kind, for too long, to verminous, lowlife, illegal, criminal immigrants aliens, IMO! If the subhuman, verminous dirtbag muslim-islamist-arab (I spit upon them all!) shitfilth/trash/junk/crap "have a problem" with that, then GET THE F•CK OUTTA HERE, islamist scumbags! Take your stinking footbaths, camel-shit-sucking, koran-crap-shitfilth, unholy scarves, burkas and treason/sedition/sabotage, CAiR traitors/seditionists/saboteurs and get the f•ck out of My Country, muslim-islamic terrorist filth! I'm sick and tired of The Religion Political System of Perpetual Outrage™, dammit! Go back to your festering, fetid, stinking turd-world hellholes, and slaughter your own 6th century subhuman filth! America's MY COUNTRY! F•ck with me personally, and I'll kill utterly-destroy you! Any more f•cking questions, muzzie camel-molesting filth? Ummm, thought so, you cowardly, punk-filth-scumbags. The boat-to-hell leaves in 19 minutes; be on it!-

Around The Garden Center™.
The onerous task of putting-away containerized nursery stock, and cleaning-up The (2-acre) Display Gardens, continues. Jennifer & Bob toil-away, daily, in search of completion of those projects, and I empathize with their labor. But I used to do both of those jobs, myself, before I hired them to take-over for me. It wasn't fun; it was mind-numbing, boring, cold, hard and tedious work, IIRC. BTW, we all "have our crosses to bear". Likewise, I did all the customer site visits, LSCP design and presentation work, customer hand-holding, hiring-and-firing of employees, LSCP Foreman/Crew Chief jobs, billing, marketing, advertising, PR, etc etc etc, before I hired all the other people to take-over for me; but I digress. It sure is nice that I've been able to hire such good people to "replace me", and at a far, far better rate-of-pay than I ever got, even though I own the frigging place. Truth be told: I've never taken a weekly paycheck, in 17yrs. I take a monthly *expense check*, and this year, so far with 11 months under our belts, I've only taken 7 monthly checks, because employees had to be paid (first), as did the many vendors'/suppliers' bills (second), and "we needed new equipment" for the LSCP Division (third). So as "owner", I always come-in last on the "food chain". Anyone who'd owned/operated/run a small business, the very heartbeat of America's lifeblood, knows exactly what I'm talking about. "Baby needs new shoes!" Screw my "wet dream" of a $175k 2006 Ford GT; that'll have to wait until the next life, I guess.
At 9am on Friday, we saw the first snow flurries of the coming Winter season, from a cold front pushing east into York County (PA), from western PA. At 34F, nothing stuck, and the storm had dissipated so much before it reached us, the event was short-lived. The rest of the day was rainy, cold and miserable for my 7 remaining GC&N Staff and Landscapers, who continued working on putting the containerized nursery stock away into the 6 massive GHs. I finished-up the week's billing, and an additional 3 LSCP Estimates, which might get done before we "lose the weather", for good. Driving home in the dark, I noticed temps dropping fairly quickly, and I saw the forecast for rain/drizzle changing-over the snow showers/ice. Yikes! I'm just not ready for this crap, so soon.
On Saturday, I filled-up with Unleaded Regular, nay $3.099/ gal, and it cost $60.50 for 19.5 gals Yikes! Plus, the little town of Red Lion (PA) has all their Christmas stuff up, already. The 40ft Blue Spruce is up in the square, decorated and lit. All the phone/power poles in town have the gigantic Christmas wreaths, candles, Santa etc on them, lit-up! Two weeks before Thanksgiving, and "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". I can't fricking believe it! There ought to be a law some common sense used here, IMO. But there isn't on the part of Red Lion's (PA) Borough Management, IMO. They're complete and total idiots.
Sunday was the Real Veteran's Day — 11th hour/11th day/11th month — and I had planned to go to a great Corned Beef, Cabbage & Potato dinner, with Mom & Dad — both Veterans of WWII — but fell sick just before noon, and canceled the dinner for me. I spent the rest of the day resting on the couch, in front of the LR's fireplace, under an afghan, shivering with some kind of fever. (By 7-8pm, it had "run its course") I called them and I thanked them for their service to America. Dad's a highly-decorated, combat-wounded Veteran (Platoon Sgt) of the US Army Corps/Combat Engineers, Patton's 3rd Armored, 26th Infantry, Yankee Division, 101st Airborne, Battle Of The Bulge: think "Band of Brothers" TV Series. Mom was a Lt, US Army Nurse, and took care of returning, wounded US Military, in Philly and DC. Mom's now 84 and Dad's 83, and they're among the remaining 6.3 million WWII Veterans — one thousand die every day, more than 30,000 die each month; and most will be gone by 2010 AD — and they all are to be cherished and thanked daily, for saving this Nation and world. My Mom & Dad are "the heroes who walk among us".
Reason #1 why I carry a Kimber "Eclipse II" .45cal ACP, concealed. After being robbed and shot, on July 14th, 1974, walking out of a restaurant in West Palm Bch (FL), with my fiance, "I refuse to be a victim, twice", dammit. You?
I found this website — UnMet Needs of US Military Families — on Sunday, and promptly-donated $100 and unlimited landscaping services to any US Military Family, in my geographical area. In 2005, I "adopted" a US Military Family, in Shrewsbury (PA), and we do all their requested LSCP work, ***gratis***. He's a returning guard from GITMO, and anything his wife and he need/want done, we do at no charge. I'm glad/happy to support my US Military's Families, in any way I can. What have you done for a US Military Family, lately? (Just curious, as I'd like to publish it here, anonymously, of course, so 501k "Journal" Readers, can get some ideas. Are you OK with that?
Each year, I send dozens of Christmas Cards — no; NOT so-called "Holiday Cards" — to as many US Servicemen/women, as I can write inscriptions to, over the 2-3 week period, and the Patriots at Xerox, sends them all for free. Please help me "Say Thanks", won't you?
We're still getting small LSCP Jobs and a few additional Tree Installations done, but it's very clear that everything is 'winding-down for the 2007 season', IMO. I've decided to get some of the smaller plant replacements done this month, but will definitely postpone the larger replacements and tree installations until march/April 2008, due to lower ground moisture levels, despite the past few days of occasional rainfall. We're still down 5-10" of ground moisture, while "only" down 4-6" of rainfall for the month, and down 8-10+" for the year.
With the Southeast Region facing the worst drought in 168 years, it was inevitable that many nurseries, garden centers, growers would start failing and going bankrupt, as the venerable Pike Nursery, has just done. With 22 locations in Georgia, North Carolina and Alabama, and scores of other growing farms/operations in those states, that's a huge operation and lots of employees (mostly criminal, illegal alien filth, IMO) are going to be out of work. If that region doesn't get some "serious rain", there will be scores more going under, too.
It started raining late Wednesday evening and continued very heavily (no complaints!), through Thursday afternoon, netting us 1" 1" 1" 1+", by the rain gauge at the GC&N Complex, and all-but breaking the back of the drought. Temps dropped quickly from the low-50s into the low-40s, and it almost felt like it was going to turn to snow. I decided to close-up early, since everyone had gone home for the day. I cleaned my Kimber "Eclipse II" .45cal ACP, recycled some 8-round Wilson Combat mags (47D), to let them 'rest', and re-loaded several others, which have had 1-2 weeks, to 'rest the springs'.
We're going on to Winter Hours, beginning this Saturday (tomorrow), and I can't say that I'm sorry to see it happen, after such a disappointing year, due to "The Unending Drought From Hell", IMO. With the worst 3rd Qtr performance I've ever seen, since opening my business in 1990, I have a very bad feeling about 2008's coming performance/profits, due to many impending economic/drought factors. I sure hope I'm wrong.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Bravo, Mr Roland Martin; bravo!
Yes, Huma Abedin & Hillary Clinton are "gal-pal, lesbo-dykes". Abedin is a highly-paid, Saudi SPY mole; Clinton is now fatally-compromised, beyond belief, and thus, is a vulnerable socialist, hard-left marxist, commie dirtbag bitch, IMO. Is anyone in the CIA or FBI listening?
New clue in slaying of Jam Master Jay? WTF cares? Personally, I'm just glad that the Nigga's dead. Murderer of hip-hop icon reportedly has a tattooed neck, witness says. Once again: "WTF cares?" (((sigh)))
Are you f*cking kidding me? "Twelve Northrop Grumman Corporation employees were honored with 2007 National Women of Color Technology Awards that recognize the significant accomplishments of minority women in science, engineering and technology, and their leadership and mentor roles in the workplace and community."
US SECDEF Robert Gates (ASSHOLE-USA) is a traitor, seditionist and saboteur, in that he believes the filthy, stinking ChiComm gooks/chinks/slopes/dinks etc, are our "partners", and not our enemy. gates and Bush are flaming assholes, idiots, morons and cretins, IMO. China needs to be treated as an enemy, which the are, and NOT accorded any access to America's Military secrets and assets etc. China needs to be NUKED, into total and complete oblivion, IMO. If I had my finger on the "nuclear football's" FRED BUTTON, I would have launched ICBMs, years ago, and destroyed those subhuman gooks/slopes/chinks etc, completely and totally. Gates is cowardly dogshit, IMO.
Once again: Dr James Watson was 101% right, in saying that "black people are less intelligent than the White people." Blacks are a failure, as a race, IMO. The White man has spent billions and billions and billions of hard-earned American dollars, to "upgrade the blacks", worldwide, but all the money's failed to bring them out of the 6th century, into the 21st century, IMO. "Anywhere in the world today where you have a concentration of black people among other races, the poorest, the least educated, the least achieving, and the most violent group among those races will be the blacks." Surprised? I'm not. Blacks, worldwide, suffer from the "Five Ds": disorderliness, debts, diseases, deaths and disasters. Any questions? Read the article, and LEARN from it!
A federal judge in Dallas declared a mistrial in the case of the UN-Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (UHLF) when a jury was unable to reach a verdict on 197 counts brought by the government that accused the muslim charity of funding terrorism. A hung jury, however, is not an acquittal and even if the UN-Holy Land Foundation eventually is acquitted (the government has indicated it will retry the case) it doesn't necessarily mean the accused is innocent (think O.J. Simpson's murder trial). Anyone in doubt about the game plan for infiltrating, undermining and attacking America from within our borders had better sober up. Our enemies know our ways and they are using them to gain a strategic advantage over us. From the rapid construction of mosques and islamic schools across the country — many of which are financed by Saudi Arabian filth/shit/crap/trash — to the use of front organizations as conduits to channel money to terrorist groups abroad, a "fifth column" has been opened in the United States. For those who are unfamiliar with the term "fifth column," it usually refers to a group of people who are assumed to have loyalties to countries other than their own, or who support some other nation in war efforts against the country they live in. We used to call such people traitors/seditionists/saboteurs, before the terms were submerged in a wave of political correctness. And we used to hang them, for those crimes against America, in a time of war, IIRC.
Reason #3 why I left The United Methodist Church, 35-40yrs ago. The liberal-demokkkRAT socialists/commies/nazis run the place, now. Any qustions?
Okay, a break from "reality": a funny video. Ha!
America's 10 Most Murderous Cities? Right here. Ha! No, I haven't/don't/won't live in any of them, IMO; not without a .50cal BMG as my "concealed carry piece", BTW. No freaking way, will I ever visit, let alone live on one of those liberal-demokkkRAT, "free-fire zone" shitholes. You? I sure hope not.
My evening Talk Radio Choices? Why, The Savage Nation, of course. And he's on YouTube.com, in lots of places, with many, many video/audio clips, BTW. Dare you watch and listen, to The Savage Nation? That's your personal choice, IMO. And I also hugely-enjoy http://www.marklevinshow.com/" target="_blank">The Mark Levin Show, who's written a gut-wrenching book, "Rescuing Sprite", which once again brought me to tears, over Pickle, my constant friend and companion, of almost 15 years. (((sniffle))).
TV Writers' Strike? Are you kidding me? No TV is the very best thing which could ever happen to America, IMO. Today's TV content is abominable, abject dogshit, garbage, crap, shit, junk, filth, IMO. Today's lousy, shitty-TV, is festering, fetid crap, IMO! Send the so-called "TV writers" to the unemployment line, IMO, and I'll be glad to give the $246.57/ week, just to keep those subhuman asholes off of US TV, and away from poisoning America's Children, with their liberal-demokkkRAT/socialist/commie/nazi garbage and crap.

Roll Of The Dice™.
♫♫♫  "The legend lives on, from the Chippewa on down, Of the big lake they call Gitchee Gumee. The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead, When the skies of November turn gloomy."  ♫♫♫
32 years ago, on November 10, 1975 the SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a bad November Lake Superior storm. All 29 crew members perished. At the time, it was the worst shipping disaster on the Great Lakes in 11 years. The placemark locates where radar last was able to see the ore-carrier.
Most people outside of the Great Lakes area have probably heard of the loss of the ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald by way of a song sung by a popular Canadian artist at the time, Gordon Lightfoot. Full lyrics are here.
RIP, 29 Men of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald.

The ReligionPolitical System of Perpetual Outrage™.
The rivalry and violence between Sunni scummy and Shiite shit-ite muslims isn't just limited to Iraq. It's increasingly found in one place presumed shut-off from the influence of faraway sectarian politics: New York's state prisons. IMO, all muslim-islamist-arabs who've been sentenced to prison, should be summarily-executed, and not interred in US Prisons. Kill all of the muslim-islamist filth, behind bars, IMO. Don't waste the living space/ food menus, on that subhuman garbage/trash/filth/shit/junk/crap! KILL THEM ALL!
"In what one FBI spokesman described as "almost an annual ritual," the bureau has obtained uncorroborated intelligence indicating al Queerda would like to strike shopping malls during the holiday shopping season, two law enforcement sources said Thursday." I told you so, on numerous "Journal" entries, since 9-11, and just recently, in "matrix: what's coming next", IIRC.

Lowlife, Subhuman Dirtbag Filth™.
Subhuman Nigga filth, beating and robbing a helpless 80yr-old woman of her $60,000 life-savings. First, I fault her and her husband for keeping $60k in cash, in that apartment; that's just plain stupid. And I fault the husband for telling anyone about it; that's just double-f*cking-stupid. But I hate the lowlife, subhuman nigger-sambo-porch-monkey-filth, for robbing the elderly, and believe that if they can be found, they should be summarily-killed; no trial. Just kill them both, IMO! Moral: if any niggers "appear at your door": SHOOT AND KILL THEM ALL! Any questions, lib-dem garbage? Ummm, thought so, assholes.
Aw gee whiz, the alcoholic, lowlife, dirtbag, drug-addict, liar, dysfunctional White trash, scumbag asshole, Norman Mailer, is dead at 84? Good riddance and rot in hell, asshole punk, IMO!
Lowlife subhuman dirtbag, sambo, porch-monkey filth, tar-baby shitscum, liar, racist, bigot, disgraced US Sen Barack Hussein Obama-Osama Jr (TRAITOR-ILL), who refuses to salute/place-hand-over-heart to the US Flag, now whines and bitches that "he's been potrayed incorrectly", a few weeks ago, when he was caught on film, as an obvious traitor/seditionist/saboteur. Any questions, liberal-demokkkTRAT filth? Go f•ck yourself, lib-dem trash scumbags! You've been caught in a major lie, Barack Hussein Obama-Osama Jr! You're not an American; you're a subhuman nigger, "educated" by the racist, bigoted, lowlife dirtbag niggas at the Trinity United Church of Christ on 95th street, on the South side of Chicago, sambo!
Awwwwwwwwww, so-called African-American black families "say they’re worse off than five years ago and don’t expect their lives to improve", a study released by the Pew Research Center, a socialist, commie, left-wing dirtbag, hate-America, hate-US Military, Washington-based research organization Tuesday, shows. "Black pessimism about racial progress in America", according to the liberal-demokkkRAT Pew study, is the worst it’s been in more than two decades. Bull-f•cking-shit, IMO! Lazy niggers/blacks/sambos/white trash scum, have been sucking at the liberal-demokkkRAT-US Gov't Plantation TEAT, for the past 50-60 years, and they're still addicted. It's really because America's Niggas are still eating "the government cheese", and not working 2-3-4 jobs, or whatever it takes, to better themselves. They're still stupidly-waiting for that huge paycheck, from Whitey, to magicaly-appear in their m ailboxes, weekly. Niggas are a stone-cold waste of time, IMO. They all should be sent back to Africa, from whence their drug-addicted, murderous, 2nd century subhuman filth ancestors came from, courtesy of the murderous, muslim-islamist-arabs, hundreds of years ago, as history has duly-shown. Wake-up, nigger, and get a real job, or 2-3-4 jobs if you need to, lazy scumbag assholes!

Global Warming Bullshit™.
Have you seen this video: "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was banned from leftist, hate-filled, dirtbag lowlife scumbags, Google.com's and YouTube.com's websites, by the mentally-ill dirtbag, subhuman, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be informed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.
Global warming is an entirely natural phenomenon and its effects can even be beneficial, according to two leading researchers.
The Founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, has written an prescient article, which refutes, laughs-at, pisses-on, shits-on the total and complete bullshit of man-made Global Warming, which the fat, bloated, lowlife dirtbag AlGoreBore, is pushing on America at great profit to himself and his corrupt, criminal friends. Gore is a laughable, scumbag turd. Gore is dogshit, IMO.
Have you taken "The Global Warming Quiz"? It's a simple 10 questions, right here. I got 9 or 10, on my first try; missed the one on temperature measurement methods. How did you do?
Gosh; another video which completely-refutes and destroys the shit-for-brains, mentally-ill asshole, AlGorBore's crap PowerPoint slideshit-show, "An Inconvenient Idiocy". Watch it, and be informed about Gore's lies and bullshit.
This is an approximately, 1,500yr climate-cycle — proven beyond a reasonable doubt — and has ZERO, NOTHING. NADA, ZIP to do with Mankind's CO2 emissions, which are 0.032% — essentially NOTHING! — to do with anything, statistically-speaking.

Basic References:

Lawrence Solomon's "The Deniers" (a series of articles on the view of scientists who have been labelled "Global Warming Deniers"):

Other References:

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Anyone who tortures/rapes and murders a child of any age, so richly-deserves summary-killing, IMO. Two men were charged Saturday with murder and rape in the death of a 9-year-old girl whose body was found the day before in a hillside cave in southwest Missouri. Rowan Ford, the 9-year-old girl's body was found Friday. Barry County prosecutors charged the girl's 25-year-old stepfather, David Spears, and his friend, Chris Collings, 32, with one count each of first-degree murder, forcible rape and statutory rape in the death of Rowan Ford, 9. Both subhumans need summary-killing — and if I had my way, prolonged and horrible t-o-r-t-u-r-e — and not imprisonment, at the US Taxpayers' expense. Ditto, those who murder women, homosexuals, animals etc etc etc. IMO. KILL THEM! And don't waste my hard-earned dollars on endless appeals and other assorted bullshit. Just KILL THEM, dammit.
Central American president-for-life, Daniel "Danny" Ortega, the l6th century lowlife, dirtbag marxist, leftist-liberal-demokkkRAT, needs killing, IMO! No trial; just head-shoot the filthy spic! Spanish King Juan Carlos, seated next to Zapatero, angrily turned to Hugo "Football Head" Chavez and said, "Why don't you shut up, spic-dirtbag filth?" STFU, spic-boy, Chavez!
Burn/fry/execute/kill this
OJ Simp-scum, sambo-boy! He's subhuman filth, and should have been executed for the blatant murder of his wife, Nicole and Ron Goldman, many years ago, IMO, but a subhuman, lowlife-Nigga-jury, let him off. Now, he needs to DIE! Kill the sambo, porch-monkey filth, IMO!
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Rowan Ford’s pastor urged mourners at her funeral Wednesday to put away anger and hate over the death of the 9-year-old girl who authorities allege charge was raped and murdered by her stepfather and another man. David Spears, 25, and his friend Chris Collings, 32, are in jail without bond on charges of first-degree murder and rape after investigators allege they both admitted attacking Rowan. A judge entered a not-guilty plea for the men at a court hearing Tuesday. Both are applying for public defenders. "...put away anger and hate..."? BULLFUCKINGSHIT! Kill the 2 lowlife subhuman filth who did that to a 9 year old baby girl! Dammit! What I'd do to them now, is NOTHING compared to what GOD will do to them, but they both need ***JUSTICE***, her on earth, before they get to GOD's "Justice", IMO.

Glass Bottle Soda™.
Most people buy a soda bottle for what's inside the container. Brent Barber takes a more holistic approach to his consumption of fizzy drinks. He appreciates the glass and the way it preserves the essence of the "pop" — as soda is called in his native Midwest. So he's cataloged 110 pop brands across 29 states, all to share his love of carbonated nectar in crystalline containers. From "Ale-8-One" to "Twig's Sun-Drop", the sodas are listed alphabetically and by brand, but only regional bottlers, not stuff you can find everywhere. This is the place to head if you're craving real Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer, or a bottled Shirley Temple. Discover the taste of Americana with "Orca's Bubble-Up", "Moxie Original Elixir", "Nesbitt", and "Quench" sodas. Kick back a (presumably) non-alcoholic "Havana Mojito". Fortify yourself with "Foxon Park's Iron Brew". You can drink case after case of these local brewskies with not an aluminum can in sight. Buuuuuuuuuuuurp!

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