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eating your last apple

friday, november 16th, 2012

as a country, we've collectively "eaten our last apple", on Tuesday, November 6th. Need a minute to think about that?

It's a simple metaphor for "saving your last apple for its seeds", so you can plant more trees and grow more apples. If you've eaten your last apple, chances are you're spit-out or thrown away the seeds. And now you're "SOL" (Look it up).

Witnessing the corrupt Republicans and the criminal Democrats bicker over the US Debt, is like watching two drunks argue over a bar bill tab, on the Titanic.

In fact, America has eaten her last apple; there is no more money left from the "makers" to fund the crackhead, spending demokkkRAT & GOPer addicts in Washington, and give the "takers" all the "Free Stuff!" they want and now demand.

It's almost, if already not, past the mark for emergency detox and rehab. I'm not even sure that radical course could save us.

The fiscal cliff is a man-made disaster waiting to happen. It starts to take effect in January and includes $7,000,000,000 (TRILLION) worth of (huge) tax increases and (tiny) spending cuts, spread over a decade. Another $2,000,000,000 (TRILLION) of accumulated debt in 2013, alone. At this current spending rate, US Debt will surpass $20,000,000,000 (TRILLION) by 2020. America can't sustain that rate or volume of debt. We will collapse. There's no debating the economic point-of-no-return. It's real and looming.

I keep hearing about the comparison of the US to Greece, Spain, Portugal and other EU-Hellhole countries. But there's really no comparison. We're already way past those points in terms of per capita debt and economic failure. It'll take a tad longer, only because we're a much larger economy and can absorb the losses and debt for a longer period, but we're just waiting for the collapse and ensuing riots. A simple matter of time.

We've just seen (11/6 GE) that it's impossible to beat the government's Santa Claus largesse, when capitalism and hard work, is the alternative for 51.3% of the people ("takers"). Everyday's a holiday, folks. "Free stuff!" They don't want to hear the truth about reality. They just want their free, paid-for-by-someone else "0bamaPhones", abortion and birth control, student loan forgiveness, mortgage and utility payments, EBT Cards, wide-open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, 60" plasma TVs, 'gay' marriage, $800 Nike® 'Air Jordans' etc. "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" They're "victims", and the gov't must come in and level the playing field, re-distribute other peoples' wealth, to "make it fair". Speaks huge volumes as to how deep we've sunk into the sewer of socialism.

I could go on for an hour, easy. There is so much wrong with the last 4 years, and so much worse to come in the next 4 years, that it makes for simple fodder and lengthy discussion. If you're here and reading this, you know what I'm talking about.

The National Debt Clock is at $16,250,000,000.00+ (TRILLION), and counting down to our Nation's economic and financial meltdown. SHTF is coming, sooner or later.

A Day In The Life

At 6:15am on Friday, it suddenly was "one of those days": I woke to the realization that the reason my non-working GC&N phones were having an "internal" no-dial-tone problem, was that the system's now-dead back-up, multi-battery-pak, was tying-up the phone's dialer, after notifying Choice Security's Central Dispatching Office last Monday, during Hurricane/TS Sandy's winds. It was a chilly 37°F outside, but no frost, yet. After turning-up the heat, and re-thinking through the problem with the dialer added-in as the "unknown factor", I called Choice Security's Operations Center at 7am, left a voice-mail message for Tina, our Account Service Rep, made coffee and Breakfast, and she called back at 8:15. I explained my theory, and she re-scheduled Neal, our Service Tech, for a quick service visit today, instead of waiting until Monday. That way, if I was correct in my thinking and had nailed the problem, I could cancel today's Verizon TelCo service during today's 1-5pm window, and let them keep working on Hurricane Sandy repairs, in the southern end of the county. Wow, that happened fast.

I left at 9:45am, headed south to Stewartstown to p/u some Rxs, and Neal from Choice Security called; he'd arrive at 11:20 (GPS magic) to begin troubleshooting the bldg's dead battery-pak and dial-out problems. He agreed that I was probably right about the in-house dialer, but after he'd tested it, many corroded/degraded (from age and rain moisture over 22yrs) wire lines were also found. Henry from Verizon TelCo arrived 1½-hrs early at 11:30, and the 3 of us spent over 2 hours doing tests and re-wiring all of the interior phone lines, thereby enabling the security dialer and system to resume function. By 1:30pm, we'd finished, and all was working normally. I closed down, armed the Complex and came home, very tired. Both Neal and Henry had 1-2 more service app'ts before day's end, but they're 15-20yrs younger, and don't mind the schedule, yet. Hells bells, 20yrs ago, I went on 5-7 new customer LSCP mtgs/day, 5 days a week, around York-Baltimore-Harford Ctys, and didn't even breathe hard. But that was then; this is now.

There's no "catching-up on sleep", either. Sleep is like time: once you've lost it, you can never get it back.

I was back home by 2:30, made a Turkey Club w/ Fries for lunch, and spent a couple hours with my neighbor, reviewing with him how to get his PA CCW Permit, and showing him two of my choice firearms – Glock G32/.357 SIG and Bushmaster® Carbon 15 Type 21S Pistol – for sale to him. After calling Dad and updating him on the progress at the GC&N, I decided to stay home for the afternoon and evening, and listened to the morning's missed 3hr Chris Plante Show Podcast, and from 6-9pm, the Mark Levin Show. Heck, I stayed-up until 11:45, catching-up on paying bills, the day's news stories, making a Sunday food shopping list, some overdue filing, listening to some Cream and my all-time favorite, Whiter Shade of Pale. I can sleep-in tomorrow.

And I did sleep-in; until 8:30am on Saturday. Wow. I felt a little guilty, but screw it, it felt great. After coffee, OJ and Egg Omlet & Home Fries for breakfast, I drove to Dad's to visit, around 10:30am, and noticed that his 2002 Jeep's right rear tire was going flat. We immediately drove to nearby Pep Boys, where they removed the tire, put-on his spare, and ordered a new set of tires for those old Michelins. I left for home at 11:45, and resumed some unfinished paperwork. For lunch, I had a Grilled Ham, Swiss, Tomato, Lettuce, Sliced Pepper, Egg & Olive Salad on Rye Bread Sandwich, and Pop Chips. With colder weather, ice and snow coming, I was glad I'd gotten all Dad's and my homes' "Winterizing" done. I watched several episodes from my 8-set "Jesse Stone" DVD series, with Tom Selleck, until 10:30, and called it a day. I'm back to my usual 7am Sunday food shopping trips to Weis Market, in East York, for a while. I also need to get over to Dad's to re-clean/reorganize his detached 2-car garage, after the damned nesting squirrels have trashed it, since we first cleaned and reorganized it, a few months ago.

Up at 5:30am on Sunday, I saw frost outside on my Jeep's windshield and the front lawn: 29°F, clear skies and no wind, so there were perfect conditions for it. I turned-up the heat, made French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee, had some , Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp, a bowl of Crispix w/ sliced bananna. After scanning the weather and news sites, I got the week's mail from the CHCA community mailbox, and readied myself for the trip to Weis Market, at 7:30am, in East York. That completed after 35mins, I drove east On Market St, to find the Wellspan Bldg/ York Hospital Lab Services, where I needed to get some bloodwork done this week. I need to 'fast' for 12-14hrs, beforehand. I'll get it done on or before my Thursday GP's appointment at 11:20am, at Apple Hill Medical Center. I went back home, unpacked, and drove to Dad's at 9:30, to get the garage work done. We have a severe weather change coming early in the week, and I wanted to get this unpleasant chore completed in the season's remaining warm weather.

He and I worked for almost 3 hours, to remove everything from the detached 2-car garage, clean-out the squirrels' huge amount of nesting debris, reorganize and put everything back. We called Becky in SF, to talk for 25 mins, and I came back home around 12:15pm. Temps had hit 68°F; forecast to be our last warm day until next Spring or Summer. I had a Grilled Cheese w/Ham Sandwich & Potato Salad, and relaxed on the front porch in the waning hours of warm sun, for a snooze. By 4pm, it was time to get inside and close-down; temps had dropped almost 15°F; and I had some things to prepare for the coming week's meetings, and catch-up on the day's news and week's weather. With some wonderful classical music on as background, I worked until 10pm, and went upstairs to bed, remembering that I have to leave by 7:20am to get to the GC&N Complex to open-up for the York City crew to come in a dig their trees, as I'd have to do for the next 2-3 days.

I couldn't sleep past 5:15am on Monday; I tried to go back to la-la land, but there were just too many things running thru my mind. After turning-up the heat, I scanned the weather and news sites, made coffee and a quick bowl of Raisin Bran, and got ready to go down to the Complex. With my cleaning lady coming in this week, today's bed linen change/laundry day so I put thru a load and left at 7:30am. I still had some repairs and a list of things to get done at the GC&N, and the YC crews finally arrived at 8:30. By 10:45, I had half of my list completed, but would have to bring some other tools along tomorrow and Wednesday, to effect some other repairs. I left and headed home. I made Ham & Potato Pancakes (Latkes), some Baby Carrots and a bowl of Ciao Bella Pistachio for lunch, did more laundry, loaded tools and a step ladder into the Jeep for my next trip to the GC&N, and did some more paperwork and Condo Budget modifications.

Today was the officially-designated Veterans' Day, or as its more properly-known, Armistice Day (11/11/11), and I called Dad to thank him for his service in World War II's Battle of The Bulge w/ Patton's 3rd Not everyone can be a hero. Most of us have to stand on the curb and cheer as the heroes go by. Army, in the "Yankee Division", in the 101st Combat Engineers. And Happy Veterans Day to all who served. Thank you for your service to our Nation. A Pilot's Tribute To A Soldier Onboard, to one of our Nation's Fallen Heroes. (Kleenex® Alert...)

A massive t-storm and cold front, with snow right behind it, and covering 10-12 states, was heading our way by 6pm, just as I was tuning-in to the Mark Levin Show. The YC crews were supposed to call me at 7am, if they were canceling Tuesday's digging, and I could make other plans. I needed to get bloodwork done, as I had a Thursday 11:20am Dr's app't, and he'd appreciate the lab report results. A 10-14hr 'fast' period is required for the test. If I can, I will; if not before, then right afterward. I called it a night at 10pm; tomorrow's another day.

On January 2014, every American – except the privileged, liberal, criminal elites – gets literally screwed by the 0bummerCare Scam & Fraud. Here's a handy calculator to determine your gov't-provided healthcare costs, subsidies and out-of-pocket costs. Bend over, America. Time to Go Galt!

On Tuesday, the t-storms and pounding rain woke me up briefly at 12:30am, 2:45 and 5:15, so I just decided to stay-up. The front garden's rain gauge showed 1¾", since last evening. 37°F outside. I cranked-up the furnace, made coffee, fresh OJ, and Soft-Boiled Eggs w/ Toast in a bowl. The YC crew called at 7:15 and said they'd be down to the GC&N Complex, by 8:15, so I left at 7:40am and headed south, just as the sleet and snow began. Snow squalls were moving thru the area, and within minutes, my Jeep's front was covered 1" thick with it, and so were the York City trucks, trailers and equipment, when they arrived. With the 2 GH fan repairs done, I cleaned the Office bathroom, and left at 10:30am. I truly miss my Business of 21yrs, very much.

I drove to Dad's for a visit, go over some corporate tax issues, and by 12:15pm, the t-storms had passed to the northeast, and temps had risen to the day's high of 47°F. I was back home by 2:30, made a quick BLT w/ Fried Egg & Fries, for lunch. I spent the next couple of hours inventorying half of my basement shelves' (10) stores on the west side, and on the east side shelves (8), and just plain relaxing, for a change. By 6pm, I was tuning-in to the Mark Levin Show, until 9pm, and then caught some CATV Fox News and The Weather Channel. Temps had already dropped to 30°F, so I keep the Jeep in the garage from late Fall thru Spring, now. I don't watch much TV anymore, and although I have 771 digital channels from CommieCast, I only watch a very select 15, or so. By 11pm, it was time to get to sleep, since I had to again be down at the GC&N Complex by 8am, to open-up for the YC crews to hopefully, finish-up their tree digging.

I was up at 5:30 on Wednesday morning, 35°F outside, cranked-up the heat, made Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp, Eggs Benedict and coffee. I scanned the news and weather sites; not much happening, except for a possible Thanksgiving Day Nor'Easter. I left for the Complex at 7:30, opened-up, changed 3 lightbulbs and the YC crews arrived to continue their project. After leaving at 9:30, I stopped at the East York Wellspan Medical Facility, to check on their Lab Services for a Thursday 7:30am test, prior to my 11:20am Dr's appointment. I have to fast for 12-14hrs, so I need to accommodate that requirement. Back home by 10:45am, I decided to finish-up the last of my pesky paperwork until 12:30, when I took a short break for a Chicken Salad Sandwich on Croissant w/ Chips, at lunch. Then, back to the paperwork for a few hours, until Ben, my friend from Texas, called to talk. Afterward, I kept-on the paperwork until 6, listened to the usual Mark Levin Show, until 9pm, and again caught some CATV Fox News and The Weather Channel forecasts. By 10pm, I was not feeling well, had fever and chills, had had enough for the day, temps outside had dropped into the upper-20s, so I put the Jeep into the garage, and shut the place down. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day.

I got up at 6am on Thursday, with fever, chills, aches and pains, got ready and left for the Wellspan Lab, 3 miles away in East York. At 7am, I was #6 in the queue, got my blood drawn, stopped for gas, and was back home by 7:30, made a quick Breakfast, and checked my schedule for the rest of the day. I'd been eating aspirin since last night, and drinking fluids, but they weren't helping with a massive headache. I went to my 11:20am Dr's app't, got good news from the morning's blood tests, came home at 12:30pm, decided not to go to Dad's and give him whatever (flu) I had, and just stayed home. Everything hurt; even my hair, teeth and eyeballs. I've got the damned flu. Crap. I revised my day's schedule and postponed several things, until this flu was over. I laid down on the LR couch, bundled-up with 2 blankets, and slept for 3½-hrs. By 6pm, I decided to just go upstairs to bed and try to sleep through as much of it as I could. Tomorrow starts another week here in the "Journal", and getting over this flu crap is my immediate priority.

Your TSHTF Survival

Are you truly ready for when, not if, TSHTF (The Shit Hits The Fan). And a lot of my "Journal" Readers have emailed and called me to discuss what preparations they should take for that "coming awful event". Believe me, "it" IS coming. Based upon what's happening around the world and here in the US, I have a terrible, terrible *gut feeling* that TSWHTF (The Shit Will Hit The Fan), sometime in late-2012 or in early-2013. Don't ask why; I just do.

First, Israel is preparing for war, after being attacked for years on many fronts, and not fighting back as she should have. This war will truly have "Biblical implications" around the world. The Middle East is rapidly-collapsing under the subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic riots (muslim Brotherhood) and rule ("arab Spring"), with world crude oil prices projected to hit $200+/bbl, or even higher into the $300-$400 range,

Europe is on the verge of insolvency and collapse, no thanks in great part to Germany, teetering-and-tottering Asia and South America will quickly-follow, then comes the downfall of Canada, and The USA won't be far behind, in late 2012 and into 2013. Watch this video; be sure you're sitting-down, and don't have any food or liquid in your mouth upon which to choke.

Just Google "survival" and see what comes-up. Damned-near everything you ever wanted to know how to prepare for this for-sure-coming "hellish holocaust", some of it in easy-to-download *.PDF format. Tens-of-thousands of websites are devoted to the topic of "survival". Do the same with "You Tube", and watch the thousands of videos. This is *NOT The Phony Y2K Crappola*; this is for real. I said numerous times that Y2K was a waste of time and money to prepare for, and that came true. I'm reading that "survival stores" are reporting a huge upswing in sales and preparations, and for good reason.

I'm also one of the very, very few who "predicted a 9-11 type event", 2 years and 8 months before it happened. Read down that "Journal" entry to the "Scary Stuff" section, and it was done by the subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic shit/filth/trash, NOT the US Gov't as some morons and idiots (Alex Jones & Co), have and still It's interesting you mention when an old paradigm dies and a new one takes its place. There are people who are still connected to the old one and can't conceive of life without that old paradigm. I think you saw that in the Great Depression. A lot of people never recovered from it because once that hit it was the end of their lives. claim. Need I say more about those certifiable and murderous, subhuman muslim/islamist wackos who are determined to kill all of us Proud Infidels?

Am I an "conspiracy alarmist" or one of those "crazed survivalists", sequestered in a Montana, Idaho, Utah or Wyoming compound or bunker? Not hardly; I'm simply in mid-State Pennsylvania, an Eagle Scout, Class of November 23rd, 1963 – youngest ever Eagle Scout in American History, at 12 years old – Order Of The Arrow/ Vigil Honor, and our BSA Motto was then, and still is now, "Be Prepared". Need I say any more?

Forget all of the "buy gold and silver" bullshit commercials; buy "brass and lead" for your guns. They're a far, far superior investment, IMO. Ammo is truly a "fungible" item; gold & silver aren't at all. They may be "intrinsic", but they're utterly-useless in a collapsing/collapsed society or world. Do the requisite research, as I've done. 'Nuff said on that subject.

BTW, how are you stocked-up for incandescent light bulbs? Within 4 weeks, manufacturing and using 100w incandescent will become "a crime", thanks to stupid-assed, liberal moron chimp, shit-for-brains, George W Bush & Co, in 2007. You'll be forced, under penalty-of-law, to use the very expensive,

dangerous and short-lived CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs). Better stock-up NOW on 60w, 75w and 100w incandescents, where and when you can find them, before they become unavailable and illegal!

This government's ***CRIMINALLY NUTS***, in trying to regulate our use of anything and everything! It's fascism, socialism, Leninism and communism, dammit, and it won't stand! Where is that in The US Constitution? The US Government isn't empowered to force us to do or buy anything, and has overstepped its legal authority in The ENUMERATED Commerce Clause. The Commerce Clause is quite specifically an enumerated power listed in the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3). The Contemporary Commerce Clause debate, When "decided by the SCOTUS in the Summer of 2012", will cause CWIII, if upheld. Stockpile NOW, because TSHTF after the November General Election! America will collapse at this rate.

Gold is NOT the way to go; lead and brass (aka ammo) ARE. Mark my words!

TSHTF this or next year, and members of the corrupt, criminal US Congress are helping racist, commie, lowlife scumbag Barry "Fuck America!" Obama (SAMBO-IL), by either collaborating with him or cowering before him, on his You are going to see, in metro areas, the absolute worst in humanity, as the people that are most dependent upon a collectivist system, whether they're these Occupy Well Street people, or people who are loaded up with debt, they are totally unprepared for an economic reality where their paradigm does not function. As a result they're going to go through the absolute most disgusting inhumanity that I think any American has ever seen as they go through this anger phase – and it's going to result in riots, and starvation and bloodshed. It has to happen. You don't have people's life savings disappear and people become desperate, and not have that happen. coming "Race War" plan.

We are *at war with Iran*; no doubt about it. Get used to it. And shit-for-brains, racist, commie, lowlife scumbag Barry "F•ck America!" Obama (TRAITOR-IL) has politely "asked" for our formerly Top Secret RQ-170 Sentinel Drone "to be returned". What a dumbf•ck Obama is! He should be charged, tried and imprisoned for *treason*, IMO.

I've been saying, for the past 2-3 years, that no one should buy any gold or silver; it's worthless crap if TSHTF (The Shit Hits The Fan). Instead, buy guns and ammo; they're a far, far better investment, IMO. Any questions?

Uh-oh, it's beginning to happen in Europe. Better get ready for it to come over here, soon, as The Fed f•cks America, once again. Time to abolish The Fed and its corrupt, criminal influence on America's economy!

Here's a very useful List of Barter Items, for when TSHTF. Get and stockpile those and more, if you know what's good for you and your family! Think I'm kidding? Better read this and think VERY carefully about it.

With the FBI already considering many US Citizens as "sovereign citizen extremists", are you ready for "Rex 84" & The FEMA Camps? A new bill has been introduced in the US House of Representatives called the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645. This bill if passed into law will direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish

national emergency centers otherwise known as FEMA Camp Facilities on military installations. Some more detail on "Rex 84", right here, written by, very disappointingly, USMC Lt Col Oliver North.

"Economic chaos" ahead? You betcha. Are you and your family ready for it? It IS coming, at out current rate of out-of-control government spending.

Before TSHTF, here are 20 Lessons From The Streets of Cairo. Worth reading, if you plan to survive.

And before TSHTF, here are Innumerable Lessons From The Collapse of Bosnia, in 1992. Also worth reading, if you plan to survive.

Do you live near a "terrorism hot-spot"? Check the map. Here's DHS' recently-issued "White Paper (*.PDF)" on it, from 1970-2008, published by the University of Maryland.

Do you know what an "EMP Attack" is? Now you do. *When* it happens, not *if*, we're all f•cked, unless we're prepared to live in the early-1800s. That's why I write this stuff.

Are you ready for Obama's (TRAITOR-IL) "October Surprise"?

What about access to land and fresh water? Right here's an article to address those concerns.

Are you worried and prepared for the coming paradigm shift? How's your preparation work coming along?

The end of the dollar is coming; are you prepared for it? Here's a guide to a few canned foods.

Looks like a "race war" is coming, thanks to the hate-filled nigga race-pimps Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakan and New Black Pampers®, and time is growing shorter and shorter before TSHTF.

Don't let the possibility of DHS watching your every move deter you in preparing for TSHTF; do it regardless. Your and your Family's safety & survival always comes first. Beware of what your neighbors will do if you're prepared and they're not.

State and local resistance to the detention provisions contained in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) continues to grow, rapidly-emerging as a nationwide movement against the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Jack-Booted-Thugs' powers.

America is already being turned into a giant prison camp, and 90% of Americans either go along with it or don't see it happening. I do.

When prepping, always plan your survival purchases first on paper; buy them afterward.

Here's another good preparedness/precious metals website, 321 Gold. No, I don't believe in gold & silver, for what's coming. I believe in *lead & brass*/*food & water* for that situation; the other stuff comes much, much later.

Here's a new "warning" about a solar-based EMP event. If it happens, TSHTF.

If Iran attacks America's infrastructure, we've got major problems. Are you prepped and ready for it, when it happens?

Are you on a tight budget, in a apartment of small house? Try these link resources.

What happens to a non-Prepper? Read it at your own edification.

Good, solid Prepping information and related links? Right here.

Canned, excellent quality meats for long-term storage and use? Right here.

Shhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone about your "prepping" activities. Keep it quiet, and read this.

Here are the 5 Warning Signs that America is in decline.

What if you're a "Beginning Prepper"?

Ever wonder what "the new normal" might look like? Read it, in chapters. Prepped yet?

What are the 5 symptoms of SHTF happening?

The US is headed for a "fiscal cliff"? Gosh, all of the articles posted at the link in this section, have been saying that for many months. And the "geniuses" in DC are just figuring that out? Well, slap me silly!

Did you know that when the trucks stop, it's over?

Here's Part 1: Preparing For Disaster. And here's Part 2: Preparing For Disaster. Have you ever thought about what happens to our national or your individual Security During A Breakdown?

Here's "The A-to-Z List" of what you'll need to survive. It's daunting, but you may already have much of it, in-house and not realize it.

There's a new Preparedness Manual, available in *.pdf form, right here. Get it, please.

In case you missed it, here's the "Granddaddy" of Preparedness Manuals.

And here's yet another (condensed) Preparedness List, to compare against the previous two lists, just so you don't miss anything important.

Here are "120 powerful pieces of advice for preppers", to read and take-to-heart.

After Hurricane Sandy, is there any doubt in your mind that you ought to be "prepping" for disasters, before everything is stripped from the stores' shelves? Does this look familiar to you?

If you were in an area heavily-affected by Sandy, you might have seen some looters running rampant. IMO, they should be shot on sight, not arrested. KILL ALL OF THE LOOTERS!

The Ready Store is a good resource.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode

Hurricane Sandy caused havoc, destruction and death all over the NYC-NJ area, but the NYC assholes keep voting lib-dem Food Nazis and Gun Control Nazis like Bloom-Turd back in, again and again and again. And the canceled NYC Marathon-Crap's generators and water justsit unused and useless in a staging area, when the residents need them desperately. I have NO SYMPATHY FOR THEM! NONE! You now pay for what you got, assholes! Tons of water, food and score of generators sit in a lot, while citizens suffer and die! Nice job, liberal-demokkkRAT assholes!



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