frozen in time,
a nation held hostage

Friday, November 17, 2000

since Election Day last week, it's seemed like an eternity of allegations, counts and recounts, charges, counter-charges, threats, lawsuits, protests, "pregnant chads" and proclamations of fraud and so-called disenfranchisement. I can't believe the number of slimy liberal lowlifes who've crawled out from under rocks to either criticize, thwart or threaten to change the electoral process. And neither can the folks across The Pond. We're still not rid of the stinking Clintoon filth and GoreBore scum; seems like those morons — no thanks to almost fully half of the American voting public who voted for GoreBore&Co — will be around forever. (For example, 90 percent of African-Americans, 62 percent of Hispanics, and 55 percent of Asians supported Gore, while 54 percent of Whites voted for Bush. Fifty-three percent of men cast their ballots for Bush, while 54 percent of women backed Gore. Gore won the support of 58 percent of women who work outside the home. Bush won 52 percent of married people with children, 57 percent of regular churchgoers, and 80 percent of White Christian conservatives. Gore won 62 percent of union members and 71 percent of big-city residents. Bush got 59 percent of rural and small-town voters, and the nation's suburbs split almost evenly.) America was delivered to the blood enemies of Liberty and Freedom last Tuesday night, without a single shot being fired. To that end, the demographics of the country have been manipulated and re-arranged to render Conservatives, Libertarians, and Constructionists an impotent minority. Motor Voter and homeless round ups helped to tip the scales perhaps irretrievably in what might be the most important election in our history. The entitlements junkies, the elderly, Government workers, union criminals, blacks and illegal immigrants have become a potent coalition for socialism, delivered to the polling booths in sufficient numbers across the nation, to pluck Democracy from it’s Republican roots. The socialist model is being established as the norm. Men in black hats tell us that if we resist, we are bad people — selfish, racist, and hateful people. The self-evidently flawed and enormously unlikable AlGoreBore was a poor choice for a coup against capitalist, Conservative America, but he was the designated heir by the leftists. How, we ask, could this petulant, parsimonious prig, this ignoble phony, this congenital liar and inveterate criminal have garnered 49% of the popular vote? Who wants to look at that face and hear that voice EVERY day for four more years? We are now truly a divided Nation, rife with rampant disregard for truth, integrity and the rule of law. Must America take to the streets to force Clintoon and GoreBore from their offices, as they did in Belgrade to Milosevic? I fear that there is a real possibility of Civil War. Perhaps that is what Bill Clinton has been secretly praying for all along, in order to stay in office indefinitely? There is still a stench on the land, and the profile of that stench is the Clintoon-GoreBore criminal organization, not about to go quietly into the night. Lock and load.

Around The Garden Center.
Thunderstorms and heavy rains blew through the mid-state last Thursday evening and Friday, and were much welcomed after 5 weeks of drought. The precious ground moisture we've enjoyed since Spring has disappeared; it's like dust and plants aren't used to it. Fortunately, most are either dormant or going dormant after several frosts and cool weather, so they won't be dying en masse. The weekend was windy and cold with several fronts moving through. My weekend crew worked to heel-in large B&B (balled & burlapped) trees, large potted shrubs (lilacs, viburnums, hollies) for the coming Winter. With so much snow in the Great Plains and Midwest, it's only a matter of time until we get nailed with blizzards and ice storms. Tuesday was also a very rainy day, netting almost 1" of much-needed moisture.
Being an oenophile (a lover of fine wines), one of the traditions I enjoy goes back many years to my New York City advertising agency days: tasting the current Fall French Beaujolais Nouveau vintage just after it arrives in the US on the third Thursday in November, every year. In New York, I'd walk from my offices in Rockefeller Center to one of the great wine stores on First Ave and purchase a couple of cases for pick-up that following Saturday morning. And I'd drive my Jeep or BMW and drive into Manhattan at 8am, load it with vino and get back to Princeton, NJ, before the Midtown traffic would start to build, usually around 10am. Some of the stores would arrange to have cases flown over on the Concorde for special customers, and I would occasionally partake in that ritual. Now, I visit the PA State Liquor Stores and make my meager choices. Alas, the heady NYC days are over. It was a nice wine; not complex, fruity and full-bodied, ready to drink and enjoy. I normally lean to the drier red cabernets, but once a year, the BN is a treat, much like Winter Squash. Hey, take it while you can get it.
The Giant Trees of New York: two massive tulip poplars (Liriodendron tulipifera), one growing in Queens, the other in Staten island, are probably the largest on the East Coast. I've seen the one in Queens many years ago — a former girlfriend lived within 12 miles and she took me there once — but I've never gotten close to the Staten Island colossus. Surely not quality trees, but very long-lived and showy, when in bloom.
With all the snow and ice storm activity in the Great Plains and Midwest, I've had the crews start bringing in all containerized nursery stock into the 30ft x 100ft Greenhouses 2-3-4-5-6 (GH1 is the potting house) for Winter storage. The B&B (balled & burlapped) nursery stock stays outside and heeled-in the ground for the Winter. We're working feverishly now to get it done before we "loose the weather". Snow is coming quickly and with it, frozen ground, thereby effectively putting an end to the landscaping business until Spring 2001.
As much as I like Jeeps, I won't ever buy another one: the Germans have completely taken over Chrysler and are ridding themselves of all US Management personnel. Truly a sorry state for Jeep and the other Chrysler-Dodge car/truck lines. Fortunately, I didn't buy any stock before or after the so-called "merger" (aka takeover) two years ago. I'll now be looking at GMCs "Yukon", GMs "Tahoe" and GMCs "Hummer 2" models instead, when I'm ready to trade-in my '94 Grand Cherokee V8 LTD. The 12 year relationship will soon be over for good. Nice going, Kraut scumbags, you've lost me and many others as faithful customers!
Yesterday was The Great American Smokeout! After 37 years of 2-3 packs of Marlboros per day, naaaaaah! I enjoy the coughing and wheezing way too much.
I took Thursday off (again) and slept in on a cloudy, cold day, did some food and housewares shopping, cleaned up the Jeep Grand Cherokee, picked-up two cases of '96 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon at the State Store, grilled a couple of filet mignons, and peeled, stemmed and seeded — wearing latex surgical gloves, of course — over 100 hot peppers to make very hot sauce in the Cuisinart. I reckon it'll have a refrigerated shelf-life of around 37 years.
My corporate website — — is nearing it's Fifth Anniversary (January '96), and I'm thinking it's ready for a change in format, yet I hate to "revise" something which isn't broken and really doesn't need "fixing". For over a year, I've been messing around with new formats, using the latest in web technology, but nothing is coalescing to the point where I want to use it; DHTML, CSS, Flash 5 and a hundred other new toys are available, but not everyone's browser will accept them. The option is to either design for the "lowest common denominator" browser version, or give each visitor a choice of multiple versions within a site. Too many choices.

Florida Sucks.
As I write these particular lines, it's Thursday and Day 9+ of America Held Hostage to the results of the Florida balloting in the 2000 General Election. A veritable circus down there. The lib-dem filth have hijacked the US Constitution, the Florida Constitution and are preparing to hijack the Presidency. I'm hoping that the rule of Law prevails, but I kinda doubt it; the lib-dem slime have subverted and perverted it for the past 8 years. Why should "now" be any different?
It's amazing that 19,000+ Palm Beach Oldsters can't correctly fill-out a simple Election Form when they can deftly handle 15-20 bingo cards at once! What's going on with those idiot people? They're not "disenfranchised", they're f*cking stupid!
At least someone is finding humor in all of this mess.
After almost 10 days, I'm fully sick and disgusted with the ongoing, endless Florida situation and the stinking lib-dem GoreBore filth's criminal efforts to subvert and pervert what remains of Election 2000. When is the Rule of Law going to take effect?
Net, net: whose fault is the mess in Florida? Take an educated guess.
As I close late Thursday afternoon, here's where it stands. Pathetic shit, isn't it?

Why 49% of Americans Want Socialism.
The avocation of the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, national resources, manufacturing, distribution and law enforcement, is the progressive agenda of the DemocRATic Party. It is also right out of the pages of history. It is the precise same list to be nationalized under the "The National Socialist Workers Party of Germany", the official name of the Nazi party. The move toward a socialistic society has been disguised in subtle and incremental ways that have virtually gone unnoticed by the vast majority of ignorant citizenry that make up this country. All but the most intelligent and political astute have fallen prey to the long term goals of the left wing liberals.
Perhaps, more importantly, the roots of this cancerous evil lies in the very way in which it gets its funding. In order to proliferate the popular socialistic programs of the left, those who contribute less must be rewarded by getting more. Such twisted doctrine seems to defy what we may have learned in our economic class, but that is exactly what the socialistic left is doing. Their program is working and continues to be fueled by the populous mass.
The World's political graveyard is cluttered with the rotten and decaying bony remains of countries that have destroyed themselves by falling prey to the doctrine of socialism. None the less, a preponderance of evidence suggests that America is rapidly moving towards socialism. Individual freedoms are being taken away and individual responsibilities are being assumed by bigger Government at a precipitous rate. Individual responsibility is rare while a majority of our population is content to sit back and demand others to provide them with their needs and wants. Approximately, 50 million Americans, literally 20% of our country's population contribute nothing to America in the way of taxes or services. Equally amazing is that 75% of the population of America enjoy goods, services, education, entitlements, and other benefits that are paid for almost entirely by the efforts and hard work of other individuals.
The most successful 25% of Americans — I'm one of them — pay an astounding 80% of all income taxes, leaving only 20% to be paid by the remaining 75% of Americans. The cost of Government in America is an unbelievable bargain for the lower 75% of income earners and is extremely over priced for the upper 25% of income earners. One only needs to have an adjusted gross income of $60,000 or more to qualify as an upper income earner.
Is it any wonder that the vast majority of Americans love big Government, a Government that allows and actually provides a means for them to live off the labors of their neighbors? The majority of Americans are eager to support any politician that promises to give them something for nothing. Most Americans are enthusiastic to cast their financial responsibility of paying for the cost of Government onto the so-called "rich" of this country. As grotesque as it may be, the upper 1% of the income earners of this country pay 33% of the nations income taxes all by themselves-that is more income taxes than is paid by the lower 80% of all income taxpayers put together. The top 1% of taxpayers average paying $160,000 per year while the average of the bottom 50% pay less than $500 per year.
Just imagine the inter-class conflict that is generated when the Government champions such a grossly discriminating tax structure. The Government dictates that the top 1% of earners pay 33% of income taxes and yet give that individual only 1% of the voting power. Equally as void of sanity is giving the bottom 50% of earners, 50% of the voting power when they pay only 4% of the total income tax burden. The one individual at the top pays as much tax as 320 individuals in the lower 50% of income earners, he has one single vote, and they have 320 votes. Americans find discrimination repulsive as it relates to color, sex, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity and so on. Why do these same people champion discrimination based on a person's financial station in life?
The voting system in this country is a "joke"; it has been totally invalidated by the "Internal Revenue Service". The voting system is based on "Majority Rules"; however, in American the majority of the population could be referred to as "Political Prostitutes." By definition, a "Political Prostitute" is an individual that is willing to sell his or her vote to a politician in exchange for money, goods or services that are purchased with tax dollars paid by others. This question begs an answer: should the majority of voters be allowed to vote into law additional services and benefits for themselves, knowing that a minority of upper income earners will have to pick up the tax burden? Likewise in other areas where outcomes are determined by the power of voting, there is no question that the opinion polls which determined the outcome of "MonicaGate" would have been totally different if the White House had not purchased votes of so many "Political Prostitutes" along the way and in Bubba's State of the Union address.
It should come as no surprise that "lowering taxes" as a political issues does not resonate very well in this country where the majority of people pay little or no taxes. To the contrary, the majority of voters benefit when taxes are raised. When taxes are raised, politicians have more money to give away in exchange for the vote of the "Political Prostitutes". The average American is thrilled with the idea of living off of someone else's efforts; whether it be for medical care, food, retirement, education or a multitude of other benefits. Additionally, it is ludicrous to think we will ever get Government spending under control until the discrimination in the tax structure is corrected and the people are also responsible to pay for it. Once the majority of Americans have to pay for big Government spending, we will see tax cuts and spending cuts become very popular.
Furthermore, it should come as no surprise that the upper income earners, which are in a minority position, are very interested in lower taxes and indeed push and vote for "Tax Cuts." However, because their vote is such a minority, their voice is never heard at the ballot box. There is indeed total truth in the Democratic mantra that "A tax cut will benefit the rich", because it is the rich in this country that pay the "Lion's share" of the taxes. The reality is that a majority of voters will vote for politicians that will take the money form the rich and give it to them.
Until we can remove the gross discrimination that resides within the Internal Revenue Service code, we will never stem the downhill course of this country into socialism. Socialism is a "for sure" thing in America if drastic measures are not taken to avoid it. The responsible people of the United States Of America must all join together as one to prevent this from occurring. We must take the discrimination out of the tax code. We must bring sanity back into our voting process. The masses must start taking personal responsibility for their own welfare and we must all begin caring about the future of our country.
A compelling argument could be made that the advances of socialism in America will never be halted by the liberal Politicians, the Unions, the senior citizen groups, the government employee, middles and lower class Americans, minorities, teacher's unions, and other Government based entities because all of these groups benefit for big socialistic Government.
Just as it did some 224 years ago, the salvation to this country lies in the hands of a relatively few Americans. It will require a few "True Statesmen", a few "Courageous Leaders", and perhaps the most important ingredient of all, the upper income taxpayers that are funding this social circus. Arguably, the only way this incredibly stupid and destructive socialistic philosophy can be stopped is for the upper 20% of the taxpayers to say "No" to the IRS and the U.S. Government. They must say: "We are not going to continue to give you the money that enables you to drive this country into Socialism. We are no longer going to allow you to discriminate among the people of this, The United States Of America. You are dividing this nation and driving it into socialism." The figures show that if the top 20% of income taxpayers would withhold payment of taxes for 6 months, they could literally bring the U.S. Government to the brink of financial collapse. Then perhaps the Government would listen to reason, at that point it would not have the money to enslave the "Political Prostitutes" and foist socialism on this nation.
As an alternative solution, the upper income earners could file a class action lawsuit bringing discrimination charges against the U.S. Government alleging the "Progressive Tax" structure is discriminatory. Furthermore, the tax code discriminates against higher income earners afforded other Americans. If the anti-discrimination lawsuit were to prevail it would make it impossible for the liberal Democratic Party to take advantage of the ignorance of the nation's "Political Prostitutes." They could no longer divide this country into antagonistic"Special Interest groups." The only way the liberal Democratic Party can promote their costly elaborate social programs is because the vast majority of its constituents are not bearing the cost of those programs. If you take away the "Pocketbook" of the DemocRATic Party, the outcome would be a more united nation pulling together in right direction, which is away from socialism. Perhaps the fairest of all proposed taxation systems that would encourage our nation to be united and have common objectives is the "National Sales Tax."
With a full 49% of Americans voting for AlGoreBore and the lib-dem slime last week, it becomes painfully obvious that they all want the "cradle to grave" security promised by the DemocRATs, using our monies to secure that promise. I was astounded that so many hard working Americans have turned around and embraced socialism and communism instead of opting for smaller and less intrusive government. It confounds me no end that so many people don't want to take responsibility for their own lives; they're willing to cede the short time we have on this Earth to power hungry people and the encroaching bureaucracy of liberalism and socialism. Pity.

Clintoon & GoreBore Scumbags.
Empty-headed women, lowlife blacks, liberal democRATs and mafia union scum all combined to put the lying criminal bitch, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, into the US Senate from New York state. Just think of it: 6 f*cking years of that shrill do-nothing scuzbag "caring for your children". How scary. Where's "Son of Sam" when New York really needs him? It wasn't this strategy which won New York state; rather, it was the dumb f*cking idiotic residents who "felt her phony pain" and who were sucked-up in her lies and ministrations. I sincerely, truly hope she f*cks-up New York state for generations to come and the 53% moron cretins who voted the lying criminal bitch into office all despair, go bankrupt and divorce and commit suicide en masse. They richly deserve all the pain and misery she will inflict upon their stupid, sorry asses.
Think I'm being too hard on the Hitlery scuzbag? Nah, read this.
The traitorous Clintoon-GoreBore filth knew in the early 90s that filthy yellow scum chink spies were operating inside the US Government, and did nothing. Massive amounts of nuclear information was allowed to leave the US for the lowlife Chi-Comm f*ckers, in return for cash for campaign contributions. Nothing was done to stop it. If I was in charge, all spies would have met "untimely accidents" immediately, or committed suicide. End of problem.

Execute Them All.
Sorry liberal filth, but just because a rapist and murderer has a low IQ doesn't mean s/he can't be executed. The US Supreme Court said so in a 1989 ruling. Whuzzaat you say, liberal shithead? I don't have any compassion? No, in fact, I do: for the dead victim and their family; certainly not for any rapist or murderer. None. Zip. This subhuman piece of shit seriously needs to die for him crimes. Do your duty, Texas.
20 boys and men raping and sodomizing a 13 year old mentally retarded child in Atlanta, GA, and 9 boys raping and sodomizing another mentally retarded 12 year old girl in Berkely, CA. The idiots in Atlanta, when arrested and taken into court for arraignment, were laughing about it. No word on the California ghetto trash's reaction. All should be executed with a 9mm to the back of their empty skulls. A few years in prison isn't going to do squat; justice is what the two girls deserve and death is what the lowlife ghetto cretinous-morons so richly deserve.
Here's a murderous idiot who richly deserves a 9mm in the back of the head for executing an undercover narcotics cop; no trial, it's a waste of time and money.
A psycho mother Killing her two children with an axe? Well, it's justice that this piece of white trash deserves for murdering an 18 month old girl and 6 year old boy: execute her promptly and no life behind bars. Death is what she deserves.
I have a huge problem with morons from the UN (United Nations) and ICJ (World Court) trying to tell the US what to do in any matter — they're communists and socialist filth — but especially in matters of executing criminals. If someone — doesn't matter if s/he's a US Citizen — commits murder in a foreign land: execute them! I'm not whining or complaining; saves the US a lot of money over deporting them here and trying them. Ditto on foreigners murdering someone here: execute them! But stay the f*ck out of our affairs, foreigner scumbags.
Why is this criminal filth allowed to breed in prison? They all should be sterilized to prevent their kind from ever propagating again, thereby ensuring a somewhat better quality gene pool.
Here's the f*cked-up Brits acquitting a mentally-ill murderer, who tried to whack former Beatle George Harrison, on the "insanity defense". Bull-f*cking-shit. The lowlife should be executed immediately and save the poor, beleaguered British Taxpayers the cost of keeping the piece of subhuman shit alive.
Here's an example of two pieces of white trash shit scum who've received 100+ year sentences for kidnapping and murder of an 82 year old woman. Why aren't they being executed, instead of being given "life plus"? The legal system is so f*cked up in matters like this; execution should prevail and both should already be dead. Instead, you and I — the Taxpayers — are gonna foot the bill of $60-70,000 per year per lowlife to keep the filth alive. What a f*cking joke on us this all is.

Jump The Shark.
Chronicling the moments of when TV shows go downhill. Q: What is jumping the shark? A: That particular moment when you realize your favorite television program is going downhill, and fast. Q: Okay, but why do they call it "jumping the shark"? A: The phrase refers to an episode of "Happy Days" when Fonzie actually jumps over a shark on his motorcycle. Q: How can I tell when a television program has jumped the shark? A: When the same character is played by a different actor. When a character "dies." When a child actor hits puberty. When someone gives birth. When someone gets married. When two love interests finally "do it." The list goes on. These are all desperate ploys, and they all augur imminent doom. No further questions, please.

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