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Friday, November 17, 2006


Margaritas for everyone! Get very "comfortably numb" before you hear The Truth, IMO. It'll make processing reality, much more palatable. I'm going to sit back, kick-up my feet, and do as little as possible, for a while. My *black funk* over the recent election debacle isn't lifting. Although the State Ballot Initiatives are much more important than the Mid-Terms, and much more-telling as to the Conservative Mood of America, some 31,000,000+ AINOs (Americans In Name Only) voted Tuesday to *screw and neuter the current wobbly GOP-RINO US Government*, and cut-and-run from our murderous, subhuman muslim-islamic-arab enemies' threat to our Western Civilization and Way of Life. All this "happy horseshit" about Republican-demokkkRAT "bi-partisanship" and "cooperation" and "reaching across the aisle", is just that: HORSESHIT! I know what's coming, and it's real damned ugly: higher taxes, cut-and-run military, corruption, homo-sodomite agenda, rampant crime, homo-sodomite agenda, hate-America, homo-sodomite agenda, etc. My anger at what 31,000,000+ idiotic, moronic, empty-headed American 'voters' have done to this Nation, is beyond reason and sanity. There is no "God gap"; the shit-for-brains, hard-left wacko, lib-dem trash are wishfully thinking, once again, about getting and keeping the centrist, aka moderate vote. Didn't happen; they just had more leftist voters out to the polls than the GOP-RINOs, and We Socially & Fiscally Conservatives, could muster. The GOPers came to power, promising to change the power-politics, but the power-politics, changed them. (Put me in there, and I won't be changed by any amount of money, dammit! I'm worth much more than $10 million, and money doesn't mean shit, to me, after all BTW! I'll get *things* done, dammit! Anyone who gets in my way will get stomped, to death! F*ck money, power, graft and corruption! No; I withdraw that statement. There's no freaking way I'd ever run for office; no damned way. No way, no how.) They were/are abject failures. There are no Conservative demokkkRATs; it's a "BS illusion", just for the votes and the money. There is no doubt that True Conservatives would have never allowed the level of out-of-control spending this Republican-held Congress, allowed; GOPers and lib-dems would. Conservatives would have never allowed our borders to be overrun by millions of illegal aliens, breaking the law daily, to the altar of cheaper labor; GOPers and lib-dems would. Conservatives would have never allowed the wholesale slaughter of unborn children through the horrific/murderous procedure of "late-term" abortion; GOPers and lib-dems would. Conservatives would have never stood by and watched an out-of-control judiciary trump common sense and the will of the American People; GOPers and lib-dems would. True Conservatives would have demanded decisive and strong military action to defeat our enemies and would never have considered withdrawal without a consumate victory; GOPers and lib-dems would. Conservatives would have made permanent the Tax Cuts, which have created a strong and vibrant economy; GOPers and lib-dems wouldn't. This, in part, is why the GOPers lost, last Tuesday. Kind of hard to tell the two parties apart, isn't it? Tuesday was a "Vote of No Confidence", in President GW Bush; make no mistake about it. The electorate sure couldn't, this time around. Where are all the Good, Conservative Women? I can't find a one of them, who isn't married or "something else". Where are they, dammit? Where are The Real Women, these days? Where? Okay; forget I asked that question. Refill for you? Oh, I'm having another double.

Around The Garden Center™.
Good progress is being made on putting containerized nursery stock away, in the 7 massive greenhouses, and cleaning the massive Main Retail Greenhouse. Dead leaves, weeds, insects and possible disease problem are being eliminated, by simply ridding the dormant plant materials' pots, of all dead leaves, where 'problems' like to hide and Winter-over. We're now on-schedule to have everything stored and Winter-ready, by Thanksgiving week, or shortly thereafter. The 4-5 miles of underground irrigation systems, have been drained, blown-out and Winterized.
Ahhhhhh my, The Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree. I worked there for 17 years, for several world-class advertising agencies, and distinctly remember watching from my 34th floor offices, as each massive 50-60ft tree was brought-in to be decorated, and erected, just weeks before Thanksgiving, and then we'd go ice skating at lunch, in our $1,100 (1980's dollars; now $1,700+) 3-piece, Brooks Bros Business Suits and $1,000 (1980's dollars; now $2,150!) Burberry Trench Coats, almost everyday, if we didn't have scheduled client meetings or lunches, or we weren't travelling in Europe or Asia, on business. Those were fun years, in the world-class, high-powered advertising/marketing industry. Outrageous salaries, wretched excess and conspicuous consumption, to be sure. I truly enjoyed it, BTW.
On Saturday morning, I decided to put the GC&N Complex on to Winter Hours, as of Friday 17th, a few days early and close the coming weekend of the 18th and 19th. I've had enough weekend work, for this season. All too soon, it'll be Spring again, and I'll be back to working 7 days a week. I'm looking a the www.weather.com national map, and Wisconsin and Michigan got hammered with 12" of snow, and the snow, sleet, ice and rain are moving this way. It'll all be rain by the time it gets here. Iowa and Minnesota got hit hard on Friday, too. Here are the next storms coming across the Plains, the Mid-West and the Mid-Atlantic Regions. Yep, we got lots of rain and very cold weather by early Sunday morning. It was nice to sleep-in and listen to the rain on the skylights.
I'm thinking a lot, lately, about what I'd like to do, to pique my flagging mental interest and start a whole, new business in the York (PA)/northern MD area. I've been at this $10 million-dollar, wildly-successful, high-end Garden Center & Nursery business, for going-on 17 years. I now need a "new challenge", IMO. A mini-Wegmans or a same-size, Grauls? Eh? Perhaps, but a lot of "business model" thinking needs to be done before I get into a situation, like either of those retail outlets. I'm working on it, now.
Temps have been in the lower-50°Fs (daytime) and in the lower-40°s;Fs (nighttime). Cold, frosty and rainy, day after day. I'm liking the change. Speaking of changes, my corporate website's move to the new MS-Server in New Park, PA, continues to cause me minor/major headaches. A few of the figures/symbols OK'd by the www.rcn.com server, aren't OK'd by the old, hosting server of www.mtwirefree.net, and they instantly draw an ERROR Message. Ha. Then, there's the "spam, junk email crap, trash and junk. My ISP has taken care of that problem, BTW, by signing me, Dad and James up for the the $3/mo per person, service. Worth every penny, IMO.
Locally, gas prices at the pump, have risen yet another 4¢ this past week, here in the York (PA) area. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.19/gal. Unleaded Plus is now at $2.29/gal and Unleaded Premium is now at $2.49/gal. Both diesel and kerosene are wavering around $2.61/gal. Home heating oil is slowly replacing gasoline, for the coming Winter months, and the glut of crude on the market, is quickly disappearing, as production catches-up with supplies. The lowered prices, IMO, will begin to rise in the coming weeks since the Mid-Term Elections, as the market "regulates itself", due to production of Winter home heating oil and natural gas. Enjoy the cheaper gas while you can; it won't last long.
Sunday and Monday, were cold, rainy, miserable days, perfectly-prefacing the arrival of the Winter months. Leaf-drop is almost complete, the sun is setting around 4:30pm, morning frost is a regular occurrence just like the sunrise, mounds of leaves at the curb is common, the smell of fireplace log fires is everywhere, people have the sniffles, dressing in layers and heavy coats is SOP, farmers' fields are finally cleared of corn and bean crops and Winter wheat cover-crops are coming-up in the fields.
I'm constantly updating the landscape projects schedule, on the weekly work schedule, with James, my new Landscape Designer and Alan, my long-time Landscape Foreman. If the weather holds, we have work through Christmas; otherwise those jobs will be re-routed onto the Spring schedule. I'm hoping that the weather holds, but I also hope that we get what we didn't get last year: heavy snows, bitter cold, slow snow-melt, heavy Spring rains and other natural occurrences which kill disease and insects and give plants and animals a better-than-even chance at survival.
It's past time to get my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo "Winterized" and a new set of tires, installed, for the coming Winter months. I'm over the scheduled service interval, by about 7,250 mile, but that's no biggie. I've gotten almost 80k miles on the OEM set of tires, so I will most likely get a second set of GoodYears. All of my previous BFG Comp T/As on prior Jeeps, got in the 30-35k range, since they were a softer, sticker compound. I think I'll for for the harder compound, and twice the mileage, for this Jeep unit. There's also a "rattle" near the exhaust system tailpipe, so the previous two and that item, need to be addressed, ASAP. And I will address it. Maybe I'll even get a "punch" on my "Man Card"; eh, Christine? Ha!
I'm making two separate lists of "Winter Projects": one for the condo, and one for the GC&N. Delayed items-needing-attention, and just-discovered-projects-needing-attention, are both getting the attention and priority, they direly-need. I want all to be fixed and ready for Spring. It's going to be a very busy '07, IMO, based upon the volume of business we had just this year. And the carry-overs from Fall '06, will be numerous, too.
Our year-end, physical inventory and price-upgrading, computer-inventory-correcting process, continues into its 2nd month, as the tens-of-thousands of pieces of nursery stock, perennials, ornamental grasses and flats of groundcovers get stowed, for the coming Winter months. The Main VW Retail Greenhouse has been emptied and its concrete floor, scrubbed-clean with Clorox®. The frost-free (3ft+ below frost line) water lines are still active, while the other lines, buried above the 3ft frost grade, are drained and "Winterized". All plants have been transplanted from the Indoor Water Garden, into pots for storage in GHs 5&6.
Good grief! It's November 15th, and the stores already have their Christmas decorations in place, and Thanksgiving is over a week away. I've seen the Christmas stuff going up for over two weeks, now. Homes are putting-up wreaths, lights etc, with Halloween decorations still in place, or slowly coming down. Talk about blurring the Holiday Seasons...
I took Wednesday off, slept-in until noon, went food shopping and some other 'chores', which I've left go for weeks. It was nice to get them out of the "to do" column, and finished. Just a few more things to do to get the condo ready for Winter. The GC&N Complex is almost fully-Winterized.
York's last local dial-up ISP, BlazeNet, stopped all service on Oct 31st, so dad lost his (lousy) 34.1k Net connection, at home. At the GC&N, he's on wireless broadband, as I am — 768k up/ 768k down — but at home he's SOL (shit outta luck). He bought into a cheapie $4.95/mo PeoplePc Dial-Up service, instead of getting a COMCAST cable modem, as I have at home — 756k up/ 2.5Mbps down — and we're having a terrible time getting his SMPT, POP3 and other email preferences set-up correctly and working. He can send, but he can't receive; he can receive, but he can't send. Yikes! I'll give it one or two more tries, but then I'm getting him a CM connection, for Christmas; screw this dial-up crap! I'm getting headaches from all of the niggling problems.
Yeah, I like dark chocolate, a lot; and there are benefits to eating it? Do tell.
Violent and deadly storms raked the southeast on Wednesday morning and afternoon, and headed northeast to our region, by the evening. More destruction and death in North Carolina. I heard the rain on my condo's skylights, and the booming thunder was prevalent, throughout the day. A ***Tornado Watch*** was issued for York County, along with 15 other counties, but fortunately, the tornadoes didn't make it this far north, and all we got were very heavy rain and 45-50mph winds. The ground is thoroughly-soaked, and isn't drying-out fast enough for us to catch-up on the rain-delayed landscape jobs. If we get some heavy and consistent frosts, the ground will freeze solid and we'll be out of business, for this season.
It poured so hard, all day Thursday, that the GC&N Staff and Landscape Crews went home around 11am, and I closed down around 12noon. The thunder and lightening was unusual for this time of year. Retention ponds overflowed, streets were flooded, streams and creeks were rising to overflowing their banks, and emergency crews were racing all over the area to assorted accidents from dolts who don't know how to drive in the rain; most likely the same dolts who wind-up in crashes of their-own-making, in the snow and ice. A ***Flash Flood Warning*** was issued for York County, and 5 other counties, and hundreds of communities, until 9pm.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Shut the f*ck-up, sand-Nigga®-filth, Hosni Mubarak! Get assassinated, punk, like Anwar Sadat did. The world would be sooooooooo much better-off, if you were dead, pigshit-sucking, muslim-islamist-arab trash.
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
The liberal-demokkkRATs, when they take control of congress in January 2007, will "revisit" and kill the legislation mandating 698 miles of fencing along the US-Mexico border and will seek to scrap the plan altogether. Illegals and terrorists will continue to pour through the porous border, and hit us with multiple terrorist attacks which will make 9-11-01 look like a walk in the park. Millions will be directly impacted, and hundreds-of-thousands will die. Mark my words.
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
A NYC memorial to Flight 587? What about TWA 800, which was shot down by a muslim-islamist-arab terrorist, shoulder-fired missile in July, 1995? Where's the memorial to TWA 800, which was covered-up by the FBI and NTSB, yet the actual shootdown was seen by over 300 witnesses?
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
Washed-up, no-talent, has-been, dirtbag Sir Miss Elton John, the subhuman homo-sodomite, rump-raiding, salami-hiding, fudge-packing lowlife deviant, wants all religion banned, because he believes it promotes hatred of gays subhuman, deviant, degenerate, lowclass, homo-sodomite filth? Kill yourself, faggot. Be sure to read Romans 1:18-32 and Proverbs 14:12, just before you pull the trigger, subhuman homo garbage.
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
Last month, a local Houston (TX) landscaping firm prompted a furor here by telling a gay couple couple of faggots, in an e-mail message, "We choose not to work for homosexuals." The message quickly made its way around the Internet, and the company, Garden Guy Inc, was bombarded with death threats and hate mail. But since then, the company’s owners say they have gained far more business than they have lost. After reading this story, I sent the Farbers a support email, stating that I've made my own choices, for the past 16 years. F*ck anyone who disagrees with me; I choose my clients, and no one tells me what to do. PERIOD! F*ck the homo-sodomite faggot filth, and anyone else who has a problem with my choices for my business! If they leave their perverted, subhuman, deviant, degenerate homo agenda at home, where it belongs, they're welcome at my business. If they don't, I'll physically "frog-march" them down the 1,000ft driveway and physically throw them out into the road. Count on it, PC-<>scumbags!
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
Awwwww, jeeeez; Tom Selleck's a libertarian? I met Tom when I was an extra (3 scenes) on "Magnum, PI"s episode, "Little Girl Who", back in 1986, in Oahu (HI), while I was on vacation, and he wasn't a liberal/libertarian, back then. I guess the deviant, degenerate, lowlife Hollyweird Crowd has cowed and mellowed him, somewhat. Too bad.
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
The "Iraq Study Group"? A bunch of old, tired, loser, asswiper men, who can't find their own asses with both hands, in a well-lit room. Jimmy "Loser' Baker, Lee 'Loser' Hamilton and other assorted moderate GOP/RINO loser-turds, who will never play a decisive role in reshaping the US position in Iraq, according to lawmakers and administration officials. F*ck them all, IMO. They're dogshit. They all deserve a .45cal bullet in the head, IMO.
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
What a waste of 4 acres and $100 million: a monument to the plagiarist, alcoholic, drug-addict, women-beater, philandering, lowlife, Irrev Martin Luther King Jr, scumbag. He was a documented piece-of-shit, and still is, IMO. Americans are such freaking idiots, wasting valuable real estate and truckloads of money, on a dirtbag like King. Look at this pic of the liar, criminal, scumbag, shakedown artist, alcoholic, drug-addict, woman-beater, racist, bigot, Irrev Jesse Jackson (SCUMBAG-GA), faking tears at the MLK-scum-Nigga's® monument groundbreaking. Pathetic porch-monkey, sambo asshole, isn't he? Jack-scum belongs in prison. Better question, yet: where's James Earl Ray when the USA really needs him?
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
I couldn't take it anymore: the shit-for-brains, sell-out, phoney-baloney asshole, Glenn beck, calling himself a "Conservative", so I dumped his show and his $6.95/mo "Insider" bullshit subscription, last month, and upped my subscription to a real Independent Conservative, Michael Savage, on streaming webcast in the evenings, 6-9pm EST. Never heard him? Try it, and you'll be amazed at how much sense he makes.
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
Why is anyone even debating requiring IDs at voting polls, an issue that has divided Democrats and Republicans for a decade. At stake is the constitutionality of a 1996 state law, renewed last year, requiring voters to show photo ID to get a ballot. The law said that if voters don't have ID, they can sign an affidavit swearing to their identity and then vote. That's bullshit; REQUIRE AN ID, DAMMIT! Get the illegal alien filth, multiple-voting blacks and whites, criminals, dead, etc off of the legitimate voter rolls!
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
is it any wonder that the most violent, murder and crime-riddled cites in America, are controlled by liberal-demokkkRATs? They buy guns from law-abiding citizens, so that only the criminals have guns, and can continue the killing. Philadelphia (PA) is one of the very worst shithole, worldwide. Philadelphia had 380 homicides last year and is on target to exceed that number this year. It is in the top 3 most corrupt shitholes in America, thanks to mayors Rizzo, Rendell and Street, all of whom should have been assassinated, IMO.
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
Arab news reports highlighted the fact that piece-of-pigshit-black-muslim (Nation Of islam racist)-dirtbag-US Rep-elect, Keith Ellison would probably take the oath of office on the koran/curan toilet paper, something which also upset muslim-bashers in the blogosphere. Some suggested it meant he would pledge allegiance to pigshit-scum, islamic law, rather than to upholding the US Constitution. Ellison is the first black Nation Of islam muslim racist-bigot filth, in the US Congress, representing Minnesota's Fifth District in the US House of Representatives, a very sad day in US History, IMO. all muslim-islamist-arab terrorist supporters, like Ellison and the treasonous, seditious subhuman CAiR garbage, should be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and either executed, imprisoned-for-life, or deported to any turd-world muslim-islamist-arab hellhole, where all the subhuman filth belong. The news garnered a rich variety of comments from Arab readers on the Web site of Al Arabiya, a satellite news channel based in Dubai. "God willing in the next election, half of Congress will be from the rational muslims (pigshit-scumbags)," wrote one reader, while another said, "May God make this the beginning of victory for muslims on the very ground of the despots." Any questions as to why these subhuman, murderous muslim-islamist-arabs need to be eradicated, from the face of the earth? Ummm, thought so...
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
I was hoping to go ACLU-CAiR-NOW/NAGs-NationalLawyers'Guild-bin Laden-terrorist etc "target shooting" with my short-range and long-range units, this week, at am nearby 300yd outdoor range where I'm a member, but the week's cold, rainy, miserable weather precluded that option. I need a good 6-8 hours to re-sight-in some of my *Evil Black Assault Rifles* and shotguns, chambered in .308cal, .223cal and 12ga, just as a precaution against normal "wear-and-tear", so to speak. More likely, for the *coming conflagration* with... you know "who", don't you? Read on, and you'll understand. Maybe next week. Mother Nature's in charge; we're just along for the ride. So much for the *global warming* bullshit, eh?
My head is *ready to explode*... Please put me on an ice flow, and push me out into the Bering Sea. Get me some duct tape, NOW!
The US Navy has confirmed reports of a close encounter between one of its battle groups and a Chinese submarine in the Pacific late last month. Disgraced, should-be-fired, asshole US Pacific Commander Admiral William Fallon, said the incident had had the potential to escalate. He called for better communications between the two sides. Better communication, moron? How about better surveillance on your fleet's part, and destroying the f*cking enemy! IDIOT! Get me some duct tape! FAST! My freaking head is exploding!
Headline: "Report: Hunger declines 1st time in 6 years. 3 million fewer people struggled to get food in ’05, USDA says." Gosh, a "political coincidence" that since Bush has been president, hunger has increased? But since the lib-dem trash-filth-shit have taken power in the last 8 days, hunger has decreased? Gimme a f*cking break! Bias? Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break! Gimme a f*cking break, corrupt, criminal, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled AP assholes!

GOPer-RINO Idiots, Morons & Losers™.
George W Bush is a liberal. IMO. I've known that for many months. I wrote about it. He used the Right-Wingers to get elected, and then threw them under the bus, IMO.
Why did the Right-Wingers, lose?
Rudy Giuliani (LIBERAL-NY) for president? Not f*cking hardly, folks. He's pro-homo-sodomite filth, pro-abortion, anti-2nd Amendment, anti-death penalty, pro-partial-birth abortion, he's a cross-dresser, anti-family, a philanderer, a liar, a scumbag and lots more. He doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. Any other questions?

Treasonous, Lowlife, Dirtbag liberal-demokkkRATs™.
Fascist, liar, Marxist, skank, Botox-whore, face-lift-veteran, US Rep Nancy Pelosi (COMMIE-CA), in-line to become Speaker of The House, in January, is throwing her support to disgraced-ex-Marine, liar, coward, pedophile, traitor, seditionist, coward, scumbag, punk, coward, US Rep John Murtha (COWARD-PA), in the race for Majority Leader, a move that will be an early test of her influence and will weigh-heavily upon Murtha's contest with commie, liar, fascist, punk, alcoholic, nazi, drug-addict, pedophile, liar, coward, homo-sodomite, US Rep Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) for the post.
Punk, liberal turd-polisher, Keith Olbermann, just needed to find his voice. He'd been a droll, conflicted-homo-druggie-alcoholic-sportscaster, a pathetic, subhuman dirtbag, shit-for-brains news anchor, and a bickering, homo-sodomite-faggot critic of decency and family values, of Fox News host, Billy-Bob O'Really, himself a flying asshole. And just like that, Olbermann found his voice — the angry everyman subhuman piece-of-shit. He became a liberal counterpoint true dirtbag to Conservative media moderate RINO ranters, like O'Really and Rush Limbaugh, and a Internet star scumbag, too. But none of those personas really clicked, until the faggot-homo-sodomite swallowed so much you-know-what, that he exploded. Yuk. Good riddance, subhuman! Olbermann is subhuman filth. Get some brain cancer, and die, asswiper.
Here are some more of that lowlife, Botox-skank, left-wing wacko, socialist scumbag, lying, disgraced US Rep, Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi's "San Francisco Values": kiddie porn! A University of San Francisco professor and former dean of the School of Education — William Garner, 66 — has agreed to plead guilty to possessing more than 15,000 pictures of child pornography, including many depicting sadistic or masochistic content. Nice, isn't it?
Held back by the treasonous, seditious, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled OTM (Old Time Media), for many weeks prior to the Nov 7th Mid-Term Elections, the facts are beginning to leak-out: 6-8 US Senate liberal-demokkkRAT senators are guilty of criminal activities with convicted lobbyist scumbag, Jack Abramhoff; US Sen Harry Reid (CRIMINAL-NEV), being one of them. The shit's going to start hitting the fan, now, as more facts come out about his involvement in corrupt, criminal activities, bribes, payoffs, junkets etc. I hate weak people, who succumb to crime and corruption, after being entrusted by the voting public to public office, and strongly-think they all should be executed, and not just imprisoned, at my expense. Time to 'cleanse the gene pool', and recognize that death acts as a very real deterrent, when properly applied to criminals.
Corrupt, criminal, liar, traitor, coward, dirtbag, scum-sucking piece-of-shit, US Rep John "The Coward" Murtha (TRAITOR-PA), told a group of Democratic moderates on Tuesday that an ethics and lobbying reform bill being pushed by party leaders was "total crap," but said that he would work to enact the legislation because Speaker-to-be, Botox-skank, commie-socialist-nazi-fascist useful idiot, whorebag bitch, Nancy Pelosi (COMMIE-CA) supports it. Murtha is *total crap*, IMO.
No, subhuman muslim-islamist-arab filth should not be allowed to vote in America. They're treasonous, seditious garbage, and should all be deported back to the turd-world hellholes they, or their ancestors, came from. There isn't a single one who's worthy of being called an American and allowed to live here, let alone being allowed to vote. DEPORT THE *UNTERMENSCH*!

Lowlife, Subhuman, Dirtbag Filth™.
www.Google.scum is treasonous, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Freedom, hate-Liberty, hate-Bush, seditious trash and garbage. I use www.clusty.com and www.dogpile.com, or whatever other search engines I can. I never use the shitscum google garbage; NEVER!
The NCAA, like the ACLU, Communist Party USA, NAALCP, NOW-NAGS and assorted commie, socialist, fascist, nazi, anti-American, hate-US Military, hate-Freedom, hate-Liberty, hate-US Military, hard-leftist wacko groups, needs to be broken-up under the RICO Act, and all of its commie members duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed. The NCAA is dogshit, IMO.
Subhuman, lowlife, verminous dirtbag AIDS-filth need "benign neglect", aka killing, to rid the world of all drug-addicted-junkie, homo-sodomite-faggot-filth, IMO. Let the garbage, DIE. Don't waste the antibiotics on those trash shit scum, and don't waste the food; let them waste-out and DIE! Anyone with with AIDS is trash-shit-garbage-scum-filth-junk-filth, IMO. DIE, assholes! The only ones I have any so-called sympathy with, are the innocent babies, who were born into the hellhole, called AIDS. Minister to, and save them, IMO. Let the rest die, and cleanse the world.
President Bush: get this terrorist-supporting, lowlife, pig-f*cking, porkfat-chewing, subhuman Saudi-Wahabbi shitfilth outta my country, dammit! Are you so damned stupid that you can't see what's going on, you weasel-GOP-RINO-moron? Who the f*ck cares what "The World Thinks"? We're defending out cities, trains and airliners, while theirs are getting blown-up! Kill all the muslim-islamist-arab terrorists. Kill all their terrorist-supporting families! The worst is yet to come, baby. We've lost >3,000 in the past 5 years, as compared to all other wars. Have we no will to defeat this 8th century, subhuman muslim-islamist-arab enemy? If we don't, we're doomed to die, as a civilization and nation. Count on it.
I've said it 15-20x, over the past 5-6 years: FreeCreditReport.com — owned by credit bureau Experian Group Ltd, offers consumers a chance to obtain their credit reports and credit score by signing up for a paid subscription service — is a scam and a fraud! Freecreditreport isn't free at all; it's a lie! And finally, the Florida state attorney general's office doing something about it! Put the subhuman filth owners into prison!
F*ck this fish-eating, piece-of-shit! greaseball, WOP, dego, ginneau Cardinal Renato Martino, a senior Vatican cardinal, condemned the building of walls between countries to keep out immigrants and said Washington's plan to build a fence on the US-Mexican border was part of an "inhuman program". Minnow-munching, piece-of-garbage asswipe. Just wait until your little hellhole-on-earth is overrun by muslim-islamist-arab garbage, moron. You'll be singing a very different tune when they cut your throat, turdboy.

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
Did you see Glenn Beck's excellent 1-hour show on Wednesday evening (7pm & 9pm on HNN), called "Exposed: The Extremist Agenda"? With after-show comments? Have you read what the pigshit-called-islam's "20-year plan for America", is? Right here. Read it and buy plenty more ammo and some new semi-automatic guns. Be forewarned: a real war is coming, right here in America.
Are Middle Eastern terrorists posing as Mexican immigrants? Yes; you bet they are, and tens-of-thousands are already here: sleeper cells. Ready for hell-on-earth? it's coming. I'm actually excited to begin the killing of murderous, ME-muslim-islamist-arab terrorists, BTW.
Horseshit, you dumbass criminal, commie, socialist Nigga® sambo scumbag! UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today that any effort to stop growing violence between Islamic and Western societies, must include an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Yes, I agree: nuke the muslim-islamist-arab filth! Annan spoke after receiving a report from a high-level group of experts on ways to alleviate Muslim-Western clashes and misunderstandings. Anan is a subhuman asshole.
Did you see "Obsession: The Threat of Radical Islam", last Saturday night, on FOX News, at 8pm? If you didn't, the 8-part series, is right here (post #5). You can also watch it, here. And here, with plentiful "trailers'. Watch it *anywhere* you can, dammit! And know what radical islam is all about, and why they're coming for, and going to try to kill us "Infidels". Dammit, watch it and KNOW WHO THE ENEMY IS! iSLAM IS THE ENEMY, Fellow Americans. Any questions? Thought not. Lock 'n load, baby!
CAiR (Council on American islamic Relations)? They're a proven and documented, terrorist-supporting, subversive terrorist group of subhuman, muslim-islamist-arab, pigshit-sucking dirtbags garbage, whose 3 officers have been convicted and imprisoned for terrorist activities. CAiR has been lying to, and fooling stupid Americans, for years. They don't fool me. They all need to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed for treason and sedition, in a time of war, IMO. Sleeper-cell terrorists, like Billy-Achmed Dalati, should be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, too. Dalati's a supporter of murderous lowlife pigshit trash, IMO. islam is for life's losers.
Holy Land/CAiR Founder Sentenced: This Dallas Morning News article doesn’t mention it, but in addition to his ties to the un-Holy Land Foundation, Ghassan Elashi was also the founder of the Texas chapter of the Council on American islamic Relations: un-Holy Land group’s co-founder sentenced. Ghassan Elashi, co-founder and former chairman of the now-defunct Richardson-based un-Holy Land Foundation, was sentenced Thursday to six years and eight months in prison on charges that he did business with a terrorist and violated export laws with his brothers and their company InfoCom Corp. IMO, he should be executed. He's subhuman filth.
Nope, sorry, I don't believe this muslim's words, for a minute. All muslims are encouraged to lie (koran 8:12), by their unholy book the koran/curan, whatever, so his words are just hollow bullshit. IMO.
If there ever was any doubt in your mind as to what the subhuman, pigshit-slurping, murderous muslim-islamist-arab filth want to do, like take over the world with their perverted, deviant, degenerate islamic Religion Of Hate™ caliphate, read this, and buy some more ammo. There's a lot of killing coming, and you'd better be prepared to defend America.
Awwwwwwwwwww, boo-fricking-hoo! Eat mucho pigshit and die, muslim-islamic-arab terrorist assholes!
islam is a violent, expansionary ideology that seeks the destruction or subjugation of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government. islam's goal? To take over the world and establish an islamic caliphate, either converting or killing every Infidel, aka non-muslim. Any questions?
First, muslims, islamics and arabs are not a race; they're a murderous, political and social religion cult. Therefore, all their bullshit charges of "racism" are total garbage. Charge dismissed as ignorant crap. muslims, islamics and arab terrorists are ordinary subhuman filth, totally-owned and operated by a religion cult of mindless anger, opportunistic political-social infection, and hate-filled dogma, and by pigshit-gulping, islamo-fascist "leaders", who control every moment of their empty-headed, hate-filled adherents', pathetic lives. islam is the complete imprisonment of body, mind and soul, and the total control of everything — every breath, every word, every act. islam is not a religion. It is a political cult of fascism, murder, hate, terrorism and destruction. Have you seen the head-cutting videos? Or the impaling video? Or the latest American to be murdered? And how about all these beheadings and murders? Go ahead and have a look; I'll wait.
By its own definition, islam is incompatible with any real religions or civilizations. islam is an opportunistic infection in the world's body. islam is made-up, moonbat idol garbage, by a dirtbag, drug-addicted, subhuman, murderer, pigshit-gulping, mentally-ill, delusional, pedophile. Hence, islam must be destroyed. And its mindless, subhuman, garbage adherents, do want to "wipe-out" Infidels and Non-Believers. Their words, not mine. When are you going to realize and comprehend that reality, America? "Multiculturalism" and "diversity" are the worst kind of trash: engineered socialism-communism-liberalism-nazism.
"•Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City; No Muslim outrage. •Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt; No Muslim outrage. •A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia. Muslims shoot children in the back. No Muslim outrage. •Let's go way back. Muslims kidnap and kill athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims fire rocket-propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims massacre dozens of innocents at a Passover Seder. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder innocent vacationers in Bali. No Muslim outrage. •Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge; No Muslim outrage. •Newspapers in Denmark and Norway publish cartoons depicting Mohamhead; Muslims are outraged."
"Dead children. Dead tourists. Dead teachers. Dead doctors and nurses. Death, destruction and mayhem around the world at the hands of Muslims... no Muslim outrage... but publish a cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and all hell breaks loose. Come on, is this really about cartoons? They're rampaging and burning flags. They're looking for Europeans to kidnap. They're threatening innkeepers and generally raising (un)holy Muslim hell not because of any outrage over a cartoon. They're outraged because it is part of the Islamic jihadist culture to be outraged. You don't really need a reason. You just need an excuse. Wandering around, destroying property, murdering children, firing guns into the air and feigning outrage over the slightest perceived insult is to a jihadist what tailgating is to a Steeler's fan." (by Nealz Nuze)
Convicted September 11th conspirator and subhuman piece-of-pigshit-gulping-muslim-faggot, Zacarias Moussaoui, says he lied on the witness stand about being involved in the plot and wants to withdraw his guilty plea because he now believes he can get a fair trial. Kill the sand-Nigga®, muslim-islamic-arab filth! No, wait a minute: DON'T kill him. Make him live and die everyday, as a pig, in a cell with straw on the floor, a wooden trough filled with pork-slop soup, throw chunks of bacon, hamhocks and pork rinds in just to piss him off. Maybe he'll hang himself? Sure, give it a try.
Here's why there'll never be peace and stability in any piece of the 6th century hellhole, subhuman turd-world, muslim-islamist-arab world. They're lowlife garbage; all needing to be killed. So many wasted US Military lives, dammit. I said this in March 2003, as the Iraq War began.
Have you seen this video, which shows that illiterate, lowlife, stupid, dumbass, pigshit-sucking dirtbag, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, as an incompetent, bumbling, muslim-islamist-arab pig-f*cker? No wonder the muslim pig-shitscum trash are still mired in the 7th century. Zarqawi is a cowardly, fat pig's turd.
Everything you need to know about the horror which is islam, is right here.
Much, much more than revenge is needed, against all liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, fascist garbage. Wipe Iran off the face of the Earth, IMO.
islam = terrorism? Go figure.
Nice going, Canada. Get the murderous, subhuman, pigshit-drinking muslim filth out of your country! Shoot the garbage who won't voluntarily leave. All muslims = terrorism, murder, atrocities. Any questions? Got it, yet?
So, the Canadian media whores didn't mention that all 17 arrested were MUSLIMS from the same mosque? How PC and convenient.
Get the pigf*cking, subhuman filth, murderous, asswipe dirtbag, muslim-islamist-arab filth outta My Country's Military, Bush & Rumsfeld! They are muslims first, and want to kill America, and bloodily-replace it with an islamic caliphate, under murderous sharia law. Get those faggot bitches outta My Country's Military, dammit!
Awwwwwwwwwww, muslim-islamist-arab pigfucker Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead? Rot in piggy hell, subhuman.
Hmmmm, 'homegrown' black muslim filth from Miami, plotting to blow-up Chicago's Sears Tower and other buildings in the US? Torture, interrogate and then kill the sand-Niggas®! They're subhuman filth.
Yes, islam is pigshit, and here's why. Any questions?
No, I don't advocate or recommend the harming or killing of "innocent, moderate muslims"; but then, I've never met any such people. All muslims hate us Infidels (you and me) and truly wish us (you and me) dead. Remember: islamics want to kill us (you and me); muslims merely wish us (you and me) dead. I do heartily-advocate and recommend the outright targeting and killing of all muslim-islamic-arab terrorists, and their supporters, everywhere and anywhere you find them. Find the terrorists and KILL THEM!
Thankfully for The Enemies Of America™, I'm only one man, with no/zero/zip/nada/zilch followers and absolutely no influence over anyone or anything. These are merely my opinions and thoughts; nothing more.
The terrorist-supporting, pigshit-gulping cowards at CAiR (Council on American-islamic Relations) is now targeting InterNet Blogs, for hurtful, hate speech again islam (pigshit be upon it), muslims (pigshit be upon it), mentally-ill pedophile, mo-HAM-head (pigshit be upon him) and moonbat false idol, allah (pigshit be upon him). Hey, muzzie filth: f*ck a dead pig, aka your allah (pigshit be upon him)!
The Finsbury Park Mosque, where the one-eyed, hook-handed, pigshit-drinking, boy-buggering, lowlife subhuman piece-of-shit, militant turd-boy cleric, Abu Hamza al-Masri once delivered his fiery sermons and helped turn a religious facility into the target for dozens of international terrorism investigations, is going through a makeover. Bullshit; it should be bulldozed, covered in pigshit, and all subhuman, murderous muslim-islamist-arab terrorists tried and summarily executed. They're muslim-islamist-arab terrorists and need summary killing.
Two more dead, subhuman, murderous, pigshit-drinking, muslim-islamist-arab filth: first, the homo-sodomite, fat, clumbsy, asswipe-pigf*cker coward, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is blown to bits? Rot in piggy hell, subhuman. Next, pig-humping coward, murderer, wimp, punk, apostate faggot, Shamil Basayev, was also blown to bits. Good for our US Military! Damned good shooting, guys!
Murder, terrorism, death... it's subhuman muslims and their pigshit cult of islam killing more innocents in Mumbai (Bombay), India! Gee, there's a real shocker! muslim trash killing Infidels!
Shooting holes in the un-holy koran (pigshit be upon it) is now a hate crime? Maybe a littering misdemeanor, but certainly not a hate crime. Submerge a crucifix in urine and you'll get an NEA-NPR grant, and exhibitions in NYC and Paris? What if it were a US Flag or The Holy Bible? No big deal, according to the FBI. I piss and shit on, and wipe my ass, with the un-holy koran. It's toilet paper.
The terrorist-supporting, pigshit-drinking, turd-polishing dirtbag, treasonous & seditious filth from CAiR (Council of American-islamic Relations), readily advocate the liberal-demokkkRAT, cut-&-run, non-tactic, tactics. Verbatim.
Go, get something better and more productive to do, FBI. muslim/islamist/arabs are the murderous terrorists here, FBI. Not Americans, dammit!
Looks like some black American religious leaders are finally realizing what the horror of islam (pigshit be upon it) is really all about: hatred, racism, poverty, hopelessness, torture, beheading, boy-buggering, female genital mutilation, murder, death and destruction. I sure wish the rest of the stupid world would wake-the-fuck-up, and see islam (pigshit be upon it) for what it is: EVIL!
Terrorist suspect Momin Khawaja, an Ottawa computer software programmer, needs to be tortured and killed; he's a subhuman, murderous muslim-islamic-arab terrorist filth. Kill him! Face down in a pit of liquid pigshit, asswiper! You're in hell, with 72 bloated white raisins; no virgins, dumbass.
Seattle shooter, murderer and muslim-islamist-arab terrorist, Naveed Afzal Haq, needs torture and killing. Any questions?
C'mon, 'silent Arab majority': speak the hell up, and put down the mad dogs of muslim-islamist-arab subhuman murder, dammit.
All the subhuman, terrorist-supporting, pigshit-gulping, muslim-islamist-arab filth, in the islamic Thinkers Society — what an oxymoron! — need killing, as do all murderous muslim-islamist-arab terrorists. The world would be so much better off without the 1.3 billion subhuman, muslim-islamist-arab terrorist garbage.
Need some more pics of murders and mutilations by the subhuman, pigshit-gulping, lowlife dirtbag muslim-islamist-arab filth, on Christians? Right here, Infidel!
If you don't think that terrorist acts aren't already being committed here in the US, then remember back to these terrorist attacks on US soil: The July 4, 2002 attack on the El Al counter at Los Angeles International airport; The October 1, 2002 University of Oklahoma suicide bombing outside of a crowded football game. The March 4, 2006 attack on the UNC campus; The July 28, 2006 attack on Seattle's Jewish Community Center; The August 29, 2006 attacks on 13 pedestrians in San Francisco.
Yes, islam and mohamhead are a load of steaming pigshit, and here's why.
Yes, CAiR is a terrorist-supporting bunch of subhuman pigshit-drinking, muslim-islamist-arab asswipe scum. And their paid-in-full terrorist associates, Minnesota demokkkRAT Fifth District congressional candidate, Keith Ellison (TRAITOR-MN), a treasonous, sand-Nigga®, seditious turd-polisher, just like his asshole-buddy, Florida gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis (FAGGOT-FL), are ready to subvert America and help other terrorists destroy this Nation, from within. Both need to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, IMO.
The title of this article — "Can't Muslim men control their urges?" — is a laffer. There are no muslim/islamic men, first and foremost. They're cowards, faggots, homos, sodomites, queers, cowards, dirtbags, scum, filth, turd-polishers, cowards, punks, lowlifes, subhumans, cowards, girlie-boys, boy-buggerers, nancy-boys — did I mention that they're all cowards? — and well-deserve a headshot with a .45cal ACP HP. Filth, trash and garbage. All muslim men are cowardly pigshit. Any questions?
Khalid Adem, a 30-year-old immigrant from Ethiopia, is charged with aggravated battery and cruelty to children — an Atlanta-area father accused of circumcising his 2-year-old daughter with scissors — is focusing attention on an ancient African practice that experts say is slowly becoming more common in the US as immigrant communities grow. Get this f*cking turd-world, disease-carrying, murderous, dirtbag subhuman filth, Nigga®-shitscum, trash and shit, OUTTA MY COUNTRY! Dammit, Mr President! If you don't get our borders and the criminal, illegal mexican-hispanic-latino-muslim invaders under total and complete control, you deserve to be impeached. IMO.
If the dumbass Frogs even had a scintilla of guts, spine or balls, they'd shoot-to-kill the muslim rioters, by the thousands, and begin deportation of all the rest of the subhuman, 7th century subhuman filth islamists. muslims and islamists are the world's enemy, and no spinning, lying and cover-up can change that. Europe is almost lost; France and the UK will fall within 10-15 years.
Yes, the subhuman muslim-islamic-arab filth must be completely separated from the Jews, at all costs. The muslim-islamic-arabs must be completely isolated from all Humanity, as they're garbage, shit, trash, scum and subhuman filth, totally incapable of co-existing with any Human Beings, as proven throughout history.
The subhuman muslim-islamic-arab filth need to go through a "reformation", before they can co-exist with Humanity, IMO. Much as the Catholics did, before becoming Prostestants, Lutherans, Baptists etc. It's not likely, anytime soon, IMO. Instead, we need to just keep killing them by the millions. Works for me.
Wake the hell up, UK idiots! The subhuman muslim-islamist-arab trash has infiltrated your every pore, and you're doomed. We, on the other hand, have plenty of guns and ammo, and are gleefully waiting for the pigf*cking muslim-islamist-arab filth to start their wimpy *jihad*, so we can start killing them, en masse. Anytime you're ready, pigf*ckers...

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Once again, I call for the assassination/murder/execution of Venezuelan President dictator and subhuman spic-filth, Hugo "Football Head" Chavez, for "Crimes Against Humanity". Chavez is lowlife dogshit, a murderous asswipe POS, and needs killing, IMO.
Socialist, fascist, communist, nazi, hate-America, hate-US Military, US Sen-elect Bernie Sanders (PIECE-OF-SHIT-VT), needs due charging, trial, conviction, sentencing and life-imprisonment, though I'd much prefer execution to rid America of all subhuman commie/fascist/nazi garbage. He's a piece of subhuman filth and the lowlife, dirtbag voters in The Peoples' Republik of Vermont, deserve what they voted for: treasonous, seditious, commie, fascist, nazi shit.
Subhuman, criminal, illegal alien piece-of-spic-shit-trash, 19-year-old Diego Pillco, needs immediate killing for murdering indie actress, Adrienne Shelly. Kill the spic filth! Headshoot the subhuman garbage wetback garbage! I volunteer with my Kimber 1911A1 .45cal ACP "Eclipse Target II", with Corbon 165gr HPs.
A another subhuman, illegal alien criminal spic, convicted of raping an 11-year-old girl, pleaded guilty Thursday to five other sexual assaults and to charges of escaping from jail last year. Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Barbara Areces sentenced spic-filth Reynaldo E. Rapalo, 35, to between 15 and 45 years in prison for each of the five attacks, as well as the December escape. The sentences will run concurrently with the life term he was given last month for the attack on the girl. F*ck that shit; KILL THE SPIC GARBAGE! No life sentence, at US Taxpayers' expense, dammit.
Another subhuman, murderous spic-filth needs killing, for murdering two teenage boys were shot to death during an argument between the teens and the man's son. Manuel Garcia, 41, was booked in a capital murder case Saturday, in connection with the deaths of a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old. Headshoot the murderous spic, IMO!
LaShuan Harris took her three children on a train from Oakland into San Francisco on October 19, 2005. She bought the little boys hot dogs, and they walked along Fisherman's Wharf. Then Harris undressed the three boys, ages 16 months, 2 and 6, and dropped them one at a time over the low railing into chilly San Francisco Bay, police say. The subhuman, sambette Nigga® bitch, needs killing, IMO. Mentally-ill? So freaking what; KILL THE BITCH! Dead = zero recividism. The subhuman, alcoholic, drug-addicted skank, should have been aborted, at birth, IMO. All lazy, whorebag welfare bitches should be sterilized, so they can't *breed* and get the tax deductions which normal, working people are entitled to.
Jack Abramoff, the disgraced lobbyist known for lavishing politicians with football tickets or whisking them away on exotic golf junkets, will start life Wednesday with a new identity: federal inmate No. 27593-112. Bullshit; execute his corrupt, criminal ass! Dead = zero recividism.
Palestinian terror groups and security organizations in the Gaza Strip received $2 million from a United States source in exchange for the release of Fox News employees Steve Centanni and Olag Wiig, who were kidnapped here last summer, a senior leader of one of the groups suspected of the abductions told WND. The terror leader, from the Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees, said his organization's share of the money was used to purchase weapons, which he said would be utilized "to hit the Zionists." He said he expects the payments for Centanni and Wiig's freedom will encourage Palestinian groups to carry out further kidnappings. Murdoch-trash operation, Fox News, coward-punk-employee-faggots, Steve Centanni and Olag Wiig, should have been killed, IMO, after they declared they were Christians, and the subhuman, pig-f*cking muslim-islamist-arab filth, tracked-down and slaughtered, with bacon grease/pigfat/pork meat! KILL the muslim-Islamist-arab terrorists, and all their supporters, IMO! CNN's Centanni is a piece-of-pigshit!
Hmmmmmmmm, black-on-white "hate crimes": 20 to 40 black youths who attacked three white victims? Shoot and kill the subhuman Niggas®. Problem solved, IMO. Reason #1 why I carry a .45cal, concealed, with 2-3 extra mags. Fuck with me, threaten my life, and I kill you. Any questions? Thought so, cowardly sambo scumbags.

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