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God is taking note

friday, novenber 17th, 2023

In our current social and political paradigm, people tend to see things two dimensionally – usually to the left or to the right. Of course, as current trends bear witness to, this is causing a great deal of social and political friction, which often spills over into violence. Sometimes this is agitated by nefarious forces who have a deeper agenda and sometimes it occurs organically, aided by a spiritual enemy who hates mankind, who hates the Jews and who hates God. The latest trigger point for demonically inspired violence against Jews is the war that Israel is conducting against Hamas and Hezbollah.

[FULL TITLE: "God Is Taking Note Of Individuals And Nations Who Are Cursing His People".]

Aside from the spiritual paradigm with which Christians view and stand with Israel, most rational people (even unbelievers) would have a sense that sympathizing with Hamas right now is akin to endorsing the kidnap, torture, rape, beheading and murder of Jews. People who thought that the horrors of the Holocaust were long behind them have suddenly been shaken by a terrifying sense of foreboding as people the world over call for the annihilation of Jews once again. In the early stages of Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jews, perhaps ordinary people in far-off nations would have pleaded ignorance to the Jewish plight on the basis that the news didn’t reach them. However, this time around, the evidence of Jew-hatred is there for all to see since antisemites cannot resist posting their abhorrent material online. God will not be mocked, and is not pleased.

It must be said that it is vitally important for Christians right now to hold a Biblical worldview. In short, this means that the believer clings tightly to the very Scriptures that offer practical and spiritual wisdom that enables us to consider everything we encounter in the world from a godly perspective. For all people (believers or unbelievers), when faced with a problem or challenge, our worldview becomes the source and foundation on which we make our actions or response. This means that whatever content we filter into our worldview will determine how we act, speak and think. Therefore, it is probably of little surprise that the most vulgar displays of antisemitism have been found on college and university campuses because many colleges and universities of this era are indoctrinating their students with politically progressive and unbiblical ideas. The fundamental reason behind this is that students are taught what to think rather than how to think. As an American newscaster once said, “They [professors] dominate and intimidate the students. If you go up against them, your grade often suffers. There is a tyranny in higher education that is gravely harming this nation.”

Another reason that colleges and universities seem to be hotbeds for hatred is that many are taught that the only paradigm with which to view the world is the “oppressor” and “oppressed” class. Ostensibly, the education system (including lower grade schools) has sought to address cultural and racial prejudice but has in fact inflamed the culture and race wars. For example, James Logan High School in California offers a course in ethnic studies and social justice that aims to teach students to challenge and criticize power, oppression, capitalism, white supremacy, imperialism and colonialism. From their website we read, “Ethnic Studies encompasses the 5 C’s: Cultural Competence, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Community and Creativity. It is curriculum relevant and accurate to the cultures in our classroom and it is a path to understanding and appreciating everyone’s identity, the factors that create it, and the evolution of identity. Ethnic studies will help students understand how our social construct is affected by race and the root causes of oppression, power, and privilege.” Furthermore, the New Haven Unified School District’s Ethnic Studies and Social Justice Academy (which is part of James Logan High School) adopt the motto: “Learn, Lead, Liberate” which features a (socialist) raised fist grasping a pencil.

Don’t be fooled by the benign sounding name, “ethnic studies”. It is simply Critical Race Theory in disguise. It is a cleverly crafted deception that, on the face of it, offers a unifying cultural learning experience while essentially promoting hostility amongst races. In fact, recent reports indicate that Minnesotan lawmakers are introducing changes to their education system which are among some of the most radical in the country. The changes aren’t about education – they are about incitement to take action to disrupt and dismantle America’s fundamental social and political institutions. Minnesota’s new K-12 social studies standards exemplified this ideology as it requires students to organize with others to resist systemic and coordinated exercises of power against marginalized, oppressed groups.

Education institutions are no longer focused on raising socially adjusted, educated people. New education standards and related benchmarks are focused on instilling a seed within people that leads to hostility against any who belong to the “oppressor” class. To give examples, kindergartners must “retell a story about an unfair experience that conveys a power imbalance.” First-graders must “identify examples of ethnicity, equality, liberation and systems of power and use those examples to construct meanings for those terms.” How times have changed. In first grade I was focused on colouring in and producing poorly made craft items which my family would pretend to love.

Our young adults are supposed to be viewed as leaders of the future. Sadly, their education experience has led them to believe in vulgar binaries in which they must place themselves and the rest of humanity. When I was young, we often played war games. The premise was simple – there were good guys and there were bad guys. And, just like those pretend war games in our youth, it would appear that many view the world through a similar and unalterable paradigm – good guys (oppressed) and bad guys (oppressors). That is why, despite the horrors of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, many refuse to see Israel as oppressed. Long ago, it was determined by social justice crusaders that Israel will perpetually fall into the category of oppressor and because of the oppressor-oppressed narrative, people assign themselves a moral licence to identify and hate the oppressor (Israel) without disrupting their conscience.

Antisemitism is an early indicator of a troubled culture and if the terrorist attack by Hamas teaches us anything, it is that Western nations are in deeper trouble than they thought. Many may claim that the virtue of free speech must be upheld. But free speech which abuses this privilege to spew Jew-hatred must be denounced and condemned. Free speech of the kind we are hearing throughout our nations is not the hallmark of a free and vibrant culture – it is the hallmark of a culture which is in great spiritual peril. In 2022, Deborah Lipstadt, a noted historian and the US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, said this: “Antisemitism is like the canary in the coal mine of democracy. It is a threat, a warning. If you’re an antisemite, then you think, well, the justice system isn’t fair because it’s controlled by Jews. The government isn’t fair because it’s controlled by Jews. The media isn’t fair because it’s controlled by Jews. You lose faith in the democratic institutions. As a historian, I can think of no democracy that tolerated antisemitism and remained a vibrant democracy.”

Deborah is correct. But the peril is even greater than that. Embracing Jew-hatred is not only an indicator of cultural decline but also of God’s impending judgement. The evidence of this is found not only in the Bible but also the history books. Egypt, Philistia, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, the Byzantines, the Crusaders, the Spanish Empire, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. They all touched the apple of God’s eye and felt God’s hand of judgement. As Christians, we must not only pray for Israel but pray for our own nations. God is taking note of individuals and nations who are cursing His people.

© 10.05.2023 by Dean Dwyer, "Harbinger's Daily".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 4:30a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and held-off on breakfast, took two 50mg Tramadol, a 300mg Gabapentin, one 325mg Tylenol w/ 5mg Vicodin, 2 Ecotrin 81mg Aspirin for the left lower back/hip/buttock/left thigh pain -- SCIATICA. I fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage while the code loaded, and checked the day's to-do list.

The short answer is "No". The long answer is "Hell No".

Somehow, it doesn't seem like a Friday in November. It was a rainy, cool 47° and almost nothing measurable in my rain gauge. The region is dry; we need the rain. Just drizzle so far, but heavier rain is coming in the streaming storms. I fired-up the furnace to take the chill off, and scanned the news and weather sites. A huge rain system streaming from the Gulf, up the East Coast's interior, headed into New England. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, and enjoyed the new Kona Blended Light Roast Coffee. It started to get light around 6:35, but with the cloud cover, we wouldn't see the sun for most of the day.

Have you heard this version of "The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald"?

I listened to the Chris Plante Show came on until 12noon, then left to get a few errands done. I stopped at the New Eastern Farmers' Market; to p/u some orders which I call in on Wednesday to "Pasta Plus", after getting their new weekly menu. I also stopped at the local beer store to get some moreMonster Energy "The Beast 6.0" alcohol drinks, in cases, to repay neighbor Jayme for last week, and a case for me. I had lunch, watched some news and started crashing, from lack of sleep, cumulative since Oct 30th. I hit the LR couch, for 4hrs, and it was getting dark when I woke.

Sleep is like time; once you lose it, you can never get it back.

Temps started dropping into the low 40s, so I closed down the condo, just as Rite Aid called with my unfilled Rx since last Friday. After going back out and over to the pharmacy, I closed for good. After laying-out 21 Rx/OTC pills for the morning, and 17 Rx/OTC pills for tonite, I took tonite's batch, watched a few new episodes of Discovery's "Gold Rush", and unplugged at 10:30p. So far, no left side pain. I'll know for sure, very early tomorrow morning. Light a candle...

I slept-in until 7a, with no pain... UNTIL 7a! Instead of 2a, 3a or 4a! It was so darned nice. After 15 mins, the pain returned to my lower left back, hip, buttock, thigh and leg. I took the usual "cocktail" of painkillers, and made coffee. Heh, last night I *thought* turned down the heat, but it was actually the AC I'd set, at 70°, so neither the AC nor heat ran, and the condo temp had dropped to 66°. Too damned cold for me! It warmed-up quickly, the Kona coffee and Marlboros were wonderful. And it was wonderful when the painkillers took effect by 8. It was a cold 31° outside, no frost that I could see and forecast to be only in the 50s, for the next few days.

I tuned into Fox News to Fox News to get an idea of what crap happened overnight, and then moved over to some "CS Show" podcasts. I made perfect Scrambled Eggs for "brunch", after the pain subsided, got ready for the day, did 2 errands, and took a 3hr snooze. I'm still short from the last several weeks of not much sleep. I stayed-in the rest of the day, did paperwork and watched some TV series that I enjoy. By 11p, I was ready to quit for the day, and did.

The fascist demonKKKrat party is the biggest threat to Western Civilization, right now.

I slept-in until 8a on Sunday, when the pain woke me, for the morning. I headed down for the painkillers, turned-up the heat -- 34° outside -- made coffee and had a couple smokes in the cold garage. I made a 2nd carafe of Kona coffee, and got a 1lb bag of Dark Roast French House from the garage's Kenmore 15 cu. ft. Chest Freezer. I scanned the short and long term weather forecast, and the morning's news. Damn. "House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) reportedly claimed Friday that “there is insufficient evidence” to launch impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden". I'm now thinking Johnson's part of the GOPe/Deep State. Prove me wrong.

After lunch, I had laundry to do, and some condo chores to get finished-up before the week starts, as it's a full week with not much downtime for other things. I had BBQ for lunch and Pot Roast for dinner, watched TV and did some paperwork. By 11:30p, I was ready for some shut-eye.

Up at 7a on Monday, the pain started as soon as I hit the floor and just got worse. Before starting coffee or anything else, I took the usual 3 painkillers, turned-up the heat and then started coffee. It was a clear, sunny and very cold 25°. I didn't see any frost on grass or roofs, but I'd bet there was some. By 8:15, the pain had subsided and I tuned into the last portion of the "CS Show", and at 9, to the "CP Show".

I left at 11:15. Traffic was heavy, but I made all 3 stops and was back just after 12noon. After a quick lunch, I drove over to Sis' condo to help with a few chores, and then back to my place. After an Egg Salad sandwich, I called the Condo Assn's Management Company in Lancaster, to get a work order started on eradicating/removing a bee's nest inside my front siding, which is now allowing stray bees -- 2 so far -- into my front downstairs powder room. I found one last evening dropping from the overhead recessed can spotlight fixture, above the sink. YIKES! I grabbed it with some Kleenex, and flushed it.

The hate-America demonKKKrats are not on our side.

In the middle of doing some paperwork, I was notified by Gmail that the contents of all 47 of my created email folders, going back 4-5 years, had been deleted, and were totally empty and gone. Years and years of stuff stored is lost. I'm still in shock, as there's no way to recover any of it. Damn.

I had BBQ for dinner, watched NEWSMAX for news and one of their evening programs, especially Chris Plante's "Right Squad" at 10p: very good. My cleaning lady's in at 8:30a, I was getting tired and it was time to crash for the night.

Up at 4:45a on Tuesday, I upped the heat, made coffee, fired-up the oscillating auxiliary heaters in the garage and my office-sunroom. It was a cold 37°, but not as cold as yesterday morning. It got light, not sunrise, around 6:40, and it looked like a sunny day ahead. The new French Dark Roast House Coffee was very good. My BSL (Blood Sugar Level) reading the morning was 115, also very good. I scanned the weather and news, got ready for the day, had breakfast and moved the Jeep to a visitor parking spot,, before my cleaning lady, JoAnne, arrived at 8:30. I continued listening to the "CS Show" until 9; then switched to the "CP Show" until 10:30, with JoAnne closing-0up, when I left for my scheduled Dr's appt.

The Left is here; they're NOT Liberals anymore, they're the violent, hate-filled Left.

A very busy morning, lots of errands to do, distances to drive and I forgot to eat breakfast, except for a piece of toast. I was very hungry, and finally got home around 2p. I unloaded the Jeep, made a Ham Salad Sandwich w/ Mustard on Rye, had Red Potato Salad, Spiral Pasta Salad and Iced Tea. I crashed hard -- BANG! ZOOM! -- on the LR couch for the next ~3 hours, waking-up as it was getting dark. I had some light dinner, watched the news, and then History's "Curse of Oak Island" for the evening, and bagged it around 11.

Awake at 4, 5 and finally up at 6a with left hip/buttock/thigh pain, took the 2 Tramadol, 1 Gabapentin and 1 Bayer 325mg Aspirin for it, fired-up the furnace and made coffee. A cold 36° outside, I scanned the weather and news. And it was just what I'd expect for the news: shit-for-brains Biden giving away the store to the CCP's Xi, more niggers rampaging on a cop, and Jew hatred on display, seemingly everywhere. Meh. Our country's being destroyed by the wide-open southern border, out-of-control Washington spending, and lawlessness is still raging everywhere it can.

The violent Left are the agents of chaos, violence and death.

I've said it many times since The October 7th Massacre of Israelis: MAKE THE VIDEOS PUBLIC, SO EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT THE SUBHUMAN HAMAS FILTH DID TO 1,400+ ISRAELI PEOPLE!

A little break from all the world's bullshit: what some of our "older rockers" are singing, these years. Heh.

I tuned into both of my morning show, although I sort of needed to go food shopping, even with a almost-full 'fridge, I opted to go and get some select non-food items, for my Prep Stores in the basement. The CHCA Assn-approved roofers were up on our roofs, removing old/ installing new chimney stacks & caps, doing a nice job, but making a helluva mess, and didn't clean-up afterwards. My thigh/hip/butt pain finally subsided around 11:30a, and I was good to leave at 12noon, for Weis Market.

Glad I left when I did, as the Bonehead Bongino Dumbbell came on WMAL in DC, just before, so I muted the computer station's broadcast, hoping that an Iranian A-Bomb hits DC within 60mins. Heh. Crap, I have to remember to eat before I go food shopping; I wound-up buying a lot more than I'd planned, as everything looked so good in the Deli Dept. Back at 1:30p, I unpacked, fed the squirrels out front, and hit the LR couch for a 2hr+ snooze. The Amazon deliveries woke me around 4:30, and it was closing in on dusk. Temps were dropping quickly, with a clear sky and no wind, we'd get some frost again tonite.

I put the Amazon delivery stuff away, had Pot Roast, Roasted Potatoes, Deviled Eggs and Iced Tea for dinner, watched Discovery's new season of "Expedition Unknown" until 10, then watched the season premiere of "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch". Lights out at 11.

Awake at 4a from the left hip/leg pain, and up at 4:45, I turned-up the heat, took my pain pills, made coffee and fired-up the desktop computer. On a pain scale of 1-to-10, it was a 5; much less than previous days' 8-9-10, thankfully. I also fired-up the garage and office's extra oscillating heat towers. 35°outside, but no frost. I scanned the news and tuned into the "CS Show", 6-9, for the morning's news and his opinion. I had lunch, and Sherry stopped by at 1p. We hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks, due to her being sick, and my hectic schedule w/ Sis and Drs' appts etc etc. The kisses and hugs were good again.

Back at my place after a nice walk around the 65ac Springettsbury Twp Park (no, not the whole park), we had a short time together before she had to leave and get some errands done, before the DST-induced darkness set-in. I had dinner, caught the news and watched Motor Trend's "Iron Resurrecion" and History's new season of "American Pickers" until 11. No "nappy" today, so I was tired. Time to unplug.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and next week is clear for me, except for a morning's set of lab tests at nearby Stonybrook, in the Wellspan Medical Center Offices. No biggie. I'd like to get back to 2x/week with Sherry, if possible.

Warning to the West: Barbarians Are Inside the Gates.

This weekend marked Armistice Day in Great Britain and Veterans Day in the United States. Both are somber days typically marked by honor and respect for symbols of the country and the men and women who have sacrificed so much for them. Instead, both London and New York City featured terrorist supporters marching en masse through the centers of the West, proclaiming their sovereignty.

Marxist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once blustered that the West was so guilty for its colonization that the best path would be to be colonized in reverse: "It's our turn to tread the path, step by step, which leads down to native level. But to become natives altogether, our soil must be occupied by a formerly colonized people and we must starve of hunger. This won't happen."

Sartre, obviously, was wrong. He, along with his like-minded and soft-headed colleagues, helped to discredit the West so thoroughly that the West spent decades importing millions of people who despise it.

And so London this weekend saw radical Muslims threatening the open annihilation of Jews. It saw home-grown or imported radicals wearing the headgear of terrorist group Hamas. It saw them attempting to mob the current Secretary of State for Housing Michael Gove. At least 150 people were arrested. But there were 300,000 marching in solidarity with a terrorist group.

The philosophy of those marching with Hamas and against the West is clear and obvious: The West is powerful; the West has exploited; the West is white; therefore, the West is powerful because the West is white and exploitative. Under this theory, antisemitism is directly linked with anti-whiteness. The idea is that the Jews are the ultimate white people: They are unduly successful, and thus must be stopped.

As one pro-Hamas flyer distributed at the University of Chicago read, "Ending White Privilege Starts With Ending Jewish Privilege."

This notion is fully coincident with anti-Americanism, too. America, after all, is largely great because of the promise that anyone of any background can get ahead. Jews are one of the great success stories in American history by that standard, given the fact that they arrived mostly in the early 20th century dirt poor, and quickly became highly educated and economically successful.

The current antisemitic movement is linked directly to hatred for the country and its meritocratic promise. That's why pro-Hamas protesters spent the weekend ripping down American flags.

Across the world, those who have not achieved are uniting against the West. They blame the West for their lack of success while living off the West's largesse.

The West has a choice. It can be colonized in Sartre's fashion or it can refuse that colonization. In the UK, that battle is taking place largely over the verbiage of Suella Braverman, former Home Secretary, who has been stalwartly calling for an end to the police and government's coddling of pro-Hamas ralliers. Noticing the predations of the pro-Hamas crowd, however, is a dismissible offense in the U.K. In the words of Neil Basu, former head of counterterrorism policing in the U.K., "You have a chance of inflaming both sides when you make such divisive remarks."

Yes, it was the remarks that were divisive, not the hundreds of thousands of people calling for the destruction of Israel and the West from the heart of London.

Mustn't offend, you know.

In the United States, that battle is taking place at the universities, where enemies of the United States are ushered in and offered scholarships. The latest iteration comes courtesy of MIT, where radical students violated the university's rules by occupying public places; Jews were told by the university not to enter through the main lobby due to safety concerns.

These pro-Hamas students are foreigners. The university could easily have suspended them. The university didn't. Why not? It would violate their scruples about the necessity of importing people who hate the United States into the United States. Suspending the students might result in their deportation.

Yes, we certainly wouldn't want terror supporters deported. That might open a slot at MIT to a deserving Asian-American or something.

The reality is that the West has created wildly disproportionate prosperity and freedom over the course of its history compared with other civilizations. That doesn't excuse the West's sins, but it does mean that tearing down the West in favor of alternatives is repulsive.

© 2023 by Ben Shapiro, "Creators.com"

When The Wicked Rule!

And there’s a whole lot of mourning going on. Here’s a partial list of some recent observations.

In 2020, we reelected President Trump in an historic landslide, but in a handful of key states, through several coordinated methods (including foot soldier election fraud and computerized voting machine manipulation), the election was stolen in the dead of election night. Joe Biden was not elected President. It was a criminal coup that put him there.

There was NO “attack” on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021. There was NO “insurrection.” There WAS an FBI-orchestrated set-up by a small number of men to create an illusion and deception to feed the lying narratives of the communist Democrats and many so-called "Republicans," giving them a bogus excuse to make examples and political prisoners out of a number of innocent American citizens, "and for other purposes" (a phrase they love to stick into legislation).

In their deep hatred of President Trump and some of the good he was doing for our nation, the communists destroyed the rule of law of our Constitutional Republic. It’s breathtaking, the insane, baseless lawfare they’re waging against the President, his family, and so many who worked with him or helped him. It’s something routinely seen in despotic countries around the world, not in the United States of America.

COVID-19 is a lab-created bioweapon that’s very dangerous to the already sick and elderly. The COVID shots, falsely purported to be “vaccines,” are also dangerous bioweapons that are killing people. The planned global response to the release of COVID was for rulers worldwide to launch a fear-based, aggressive assault on freedom, resulting in the destruction of economies and countless lives and businesses in the Western world and beyond. It was never about “health” or “safety.” It was always about control of the people, coalescing global power, and especially tearing down the liberty, sovereignty, and wealth of the United States—and allowing the easier implementation of their scheme to steal the 2020 election, preventing President Trump’s rightful second term.

Through their human militants, the ever-more aggressive demonic spirits of Sodom and Gomorrah have waged a detestable recruitment campaign against our children and young people. This has resulted in an explosion in the number of kids who are diving headlong into the hell of perverse sexual rebellion. The danger to the mind, body, and spirit of people who embrace this kind of wicked behavior cannot be overstated. It’s truly an infernal destroyer.

It’s also irksome to constantly hear about the “incompetence” of the Biden regime (or whoever’s actually running it). It’s not incompetence. It’s malice, and it’s purposeful. The Biden regime’s lawless facilitating of the massive illegal alien invasion of our southern border is on purpose. The destruction of our economy is on purpose. The crushing of the value of the dollar is on purpose. The food and supply shortages are on purpose. The skyrocketing inflation is on purpose. The outrageously high gas prices are on purpose, because Biden and his handlers want to drive us out of our vehicles and limit our freedom of movement.

The communist Democrats, their fellow-traveling buddies in the “Republican” party, and the Corporate Communists are positioned to disarm the American people, destroy the United States as founded, and replace it with a global-order communist “Utopia” of poverty and tyranny.

There are some in the United States who still believe we can vote our way out of this evil madness. I’m not one who thinks that. Yes, there may be some local and state elections in which the rational among us can prevail, but the communists have solidified their election fraud methods in key states, so they won’t be denied their federal outcomes.

The list of badness goes on indefinitely, and there’s much more I could mention. My purpose here is not to argue the truth of these observations, which are plain to those who can see and discern the times in which we live (or at least who are able to do some effective Internet research apart from communist “news” sources). My purpose is to say that there is no hope in the world outside of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God, Who is the only way of salvation, peace, and life. What we’re dealing with is a spiritual reality that most people in the world are currently unable to see—the forces of heaven and hell at war for the souls of all mankind.

Satan and his demonic minions despise God and His creation, and they’re determined to kill, steal, and destroy as many of us as possible before Satan’s time runs out. That’s why we’re watching what seems to be such senseless destruction of freedom, lives, economies, nations, food and water supplies—anything that’s being destroyed or diminished. The people orchestrating the destruction are on the side of the devil. Literally. They belong to him, and so they lust to do his deadly will.

It doesn’t get any better from here on out. The Bible tells us so. The darkest, most terrible days of the world are on the way. If you’ve never learned about the one true God and what He did to save you from eternal death—your certain destination without Him—then you must hear that you are God’s creation, and He loves you. But each of us has sinned, breaking God’s perfect law, so we’re marked for eternal death and separation from God, as mandated by His law. On our own, none of us can save ourselves from that eternal death, but God loved us greatly and made a way for us to be reconciled to Him. He sent His Son Jesus, Who is God, to take on the form of a man, live a perfect, sinless life here on earth, and then sacrifice His life in our place. Jesus willingly chose to take the punishment each of us deserves in order to bridge the impossible divide between God and man.

The wonderful news is that all you have to do to get this eternal life for yourself is to believe in Jesus. Pray to God the Father through Jesus. Seek Him while He can still be found, and when you do, He will reveal Himself to you and begin to open your understanding to what He’s given us in the Bible, which is His powerful, living message to us. Study the Bible, and gain true knowledge by the Holy Spirit that He gives us. He will save you through Jesus and change you. He will give you peace in your mind and heart and everything you need. And when this lost and dying world is done, you will live with Him forever!

© 6.22.2022 by Gina Miller, "The Ignorant Fisherman".


IMO, The 2020 General Election Was Stolen.

Try to find the videos of voting boxes being stuffed by demonKKKrat poll workers, caught on building cameras; you won't, as they've all been "scubbed" from the Net, or "sanitized" on servers. About all that remains and is accessible, the the movie "2000 Mules", and many 2020 Election-related documents, it's being "disappeared" steadily, and thru corrupt Google's algorithym, replaced in searches by demonKKKrat rebuttals.

Here's how it was technically done: watch the demonKKKrats'technique.

Some GOPers, like milquetoastTimmy Scott, claim no "steal", but "lots of cheating". Others, like Conservative Jim Jordan, declare there was fraud and corruption, and but never said that the election was stolen, and claims to have some proof.

Lots of other GOPers, also of all stripes, won't answer the basic question, "Was the 2020 election stolen? Yes or no?" Others, of all others, will admit it was, but only in private, and those interview videos, are MIA, and probably "sanitized" off the Net. It's a very sensitive subject, especially since POTUS-45 Trump now has 5 indictments and 91 criminal charges against him, and no one else wants to get hit with "conspiracy charges. People are being indicted for what the *think & say*, contrary to our First Amendment Freedom, in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Yet, if you ask that Alexa thingy, she'll it'll tell you the election was stolen. Heh. The shitbox "Washington Post" reported the story (since removed) and Google (who owns the AI Alexa) "fixed it quickly". "Rumble" and "Substack" carried the original articles, and I'm trying to track all of them down. I'll have more next week, if I can find it all.

Still looking around...

© 11.09.2023, by JS, "John's Journal".

How To Use The Wayback Machine For A Business Advantage.

Because the digital world constantly changes, businesses need to keep their websites updated to stay relevant and improve their search engine optimization. But you don't need to be Marty McFly from Back to the Future to visit the past. The Wayback Machine is your plutonium-powered DeLorean when it comes to seeing webpages of days gone by. Using information from the past can help your business research topics, check out the competition, learn more about potential clients and fix website issues. The Wayback Machine is here.

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