mistaken identity
Friday, November 1, 2002

Okay, I was wrong I'll admit it. I said the DC Sniper Shooter was an subhuman Is-laaaaaaaamic al Queerda Mooooos-lim scumbag from one of the Virginia terrorist cells, but it turns out he's just a Nation of Islam lowlife Black Muslim wannabe wacko, with a rifle, a 17yr old "boyfriend" and a hatred of America. Johnny Allen Muhammad is black, a Mooooos-lim, a failed soldier, a lousy father, twice divorced, a chickenhawk homo ass-boy, a registered democRAT, a loooooser, a sociopathic whacker and the PC-scumbags in the liberal media are painting him as a "disgruntled Army vet". For obvious racist PC reasons. MD Montgomery County lib-dem-PC Police Chief Up-Chuckie Mooooooose is a racist, an incompetent scumbag and still looking for a "white guy shooter" in a white van, instead of what the witnesses saw; he wouldn't release a composite sketch or license plate number, fearing to "paint some group" (aka Mooooos-lims or Black Muslimes/ Nation of Is-laaaaaaaam racist filth). And because they were looking for white people in a white van, not blacks in a blue car, the "PC police" extended the shooter's Killing spree by several days, or 3-5 victims. Couldn't be a black; had to be a white guy! The stinking libs were apoplectic that it wasn't an angry white man. The CNN morons have already started the "whitewash" of John Muhammad to John Williams. So, I stand corrected. It wasn't an al Queerda subhuman Islamic terrorist, it was a Black Muslim/Nation of Islam criminal with a bad attitude. But you can bet this same thing, and some terrible variations of it, is going to come back and haunt America, in the coming months and years. Long term, gangs of black Islamic terrorists are being recruited and assembled in our prisons, called The Five Percenters. Get ready; it's gonna happen. All that and much, much more brought to you by Islam, The Religion of Peace™. Coming soon to a town or city near you. Do I think it's over? No, it's just beginning.

Around The Garden Center.
In case you missed them last week, here are the pics of the 1st Annual PA-GT.com GlocktoberFest Day Shoot, which I helped organize and attended on Tuesday, October 22nd.
Lots of much-needed rain last weekend; just over 1.1" by Saturday afternoon. The ground moisture is building some equity, although plants are going dormant now and don't require much moisture, it'll pay-off when Spring comes. The forecast is for heavy snows and blizzards this Winter. I hope they're right, as we can sure use the melt-off.
A resurgence of the Klez virus attacks, against my machines? Yes, 20-50 per day now, since I posted a "good riddance to lowlife lib-dem Sen Paul Wellstone scumbag etc" on a political forum last weekend, and I guess the lowlife lib-dem filth are "responding" the only way they know how. I wish I knew more about how to bombard them back with viruses, DOS (denial of service) attacks and the like. But I don't have a clue, so Norton Symantec Systemworks 2002 takes care of it all for me.
Daylight Saving (not Savings) Time started last weekend; here's more than you ever need to know why we do that twice-yearly ritual. Gosh, I just love getting-up and going to work, and coming home in the evening, at O Dark Thirty during the Winter months.
What kind of Talk Radio do I listen to? After receiving tens dozens hundreds thousands lots of email requests, here's my daily regimen: I leave the condo at 5:45am, listening to WITF-89.5FM (NPR) Harrisburg (PA) for local Traf-Fax Reports; then to WSBA-910AM's The Gary Sutton Show, from 9am-12noon; Rush Limbaugh, from 12noon-3pm; Sean Hannity, from 3-6pm, and my favorite, The Savage Nation, from 7-10pm. Conservative Talk Radio at its best. Hoo-yah!
Nice fireworks display over Lady Liberty. The faster you click, the more fireworks.
Click here to load a short film of a plane being "attacked" by a missile or UFO or something. Then go here, and scroll down to the pics of stinger and sidewinder missiles. Yes or no? You tell me what it is. I'm going to refill my adult beverage.
While we're getting 2" of mostly rain in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, the Midwest is getting snow. Looks like an early Winter. Driving home on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, I was pelted by large, wet, snowflakes and sleet; 20 miles north in the Harrisburg area, almost 2" of snow fell and stuck. I drove past a couple of bad accidents; careless driving sure ruined someone's several peoples' evening. All's the pity.
Can't these lib-dem media morons ever get it straight: the link to the Baton Rouge (LA) murder is not to the Bushmaster AR-15 A3 .223cal rifle, it's to the wacko Nation of Islam Black Muslim murderers. The rifle didn't do the Killing; the Nation of Islam Black Muslim murderer, did. When are the presstitute morons going to stop blaming inanimate objects tobacco, hot coffee, guns, fast foods, cars etc for what human beings do with them? The lib filth and democRAT morons can't take responsibility for their own actions. If they want to play "that game", then Ted Kennedy's SS Oldsmobile has whacked more people than all my firearms combined. Why not blame Muhammad's ex-cop car, 1990 Chevrolet Caprice for the Killings? Afterall, the bullets came out of the trunk, where the whacker had a shooting platform set up.
Just when it seems there's too much madness, murder and mayhem in the world, along comes an incident like this, which brings a tear to the eye, warms the heart and renews faith in mankind.
Still, stay armed and stay safe.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100 stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". Here's another very moving tribute; worth the wait to load in your browser. And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11.
Prevent terrorism by desecrating terrorists bodies? Sure, I've been saying that for almost a year and a half. But don't use the edible parts of pork; use the guts and pigshit to smear 'em with. Pork, The Other White Meat™. Yum.
Anyone need a primer on the deviant cult of murderous Islam? Here's one of the best resources for exposing the Islamic filth for what they truly are: terrorists and murderers.
The death toll suffered in bringing an end to the three-day Moscow theatre siege has risen to 100+ captives and 50 hostage-takers. Hostage takers? No, the 50 were Muslim extremist terrorist murderers. Russia knows what to do with Chechen Islamic filth: whack them. No trials and other phony bullshit from their liberal media whores. Just whack them all; I love pictures of dead Muslim terrorists. Note to Russia - cold war over, new war to begin. America wishes to join your battle against the new nazis. Hitler did not die, he had a daughter and she is now a US senator.
I've been saying this for over a year: US intelligence sources reportedly fear that al Queerda may soon unleash a new tidal wave of bombers at American targets in the United States and abroad. I'm well-armed and ready, if I see any of the subhuman Muslim terrorist garbage.
Lackadaisical Louis Freeh, former FBI director, is still covering his ass on The Massacre of September 11th, refusing to take responsibility for the most major f*ck-up screw-up in America's history. Typical Klintoon appointee shit from a moron.
When the hell are we going to start rounding-up all these radical Muslim and Arab terrorists on America's streets, and deport them? After the next terrorist massacre? Toooooooo damned late then, folks! We'll have to start Killing them, then. I say, let the Ashcroft raids begin now! And seal the damned borders!
al Queerda has nukes? Sure, didn't you know that? And still no Homeland Defense Dept bill passed by the lowlife lib-dem US Senate. We're in deep doo-doo.
The immigrant underclass of criminals is growing in Europe; France is particularly affected. Will America be next? If we don't seal the borders and deport the illegals already here, we will.
Great website for learning about the atrocities of Islam. Islam Exposed has pics of barbaric acts, that will curdle your stomach. The Religion of Peace™.
Remember AA Flight 587, which went down over Jamaica Bay in Long Island (NY) in November 2001, just after The Massacre of September 11th? And the government and NTSB said "no sign of terrorism"? Read this, particularly post #7 from two eyewitnesses. Here's another eyewitness account of the initiating event. Well dammit, it was a bomb on board which brought the plane down, and the gov't is going to cover this one up like they did with TWA Flight 800, in '96, despite over 200 eyewitnesses seeing a missile hit the plane. The US has been under attack from Islamic filth and Muslim garbage for many years; we just haven't been told the truth. I've been saying that for years.
I don't want Muslim understanding; I want Muslims dead.
Did you hear about the FedEx truck that exploded on Tuesday afternoon, just outside of St Louis? Within an hour, the authorities announced it "wasn't terrorism", just a ruptured fuel tank catching fire. Bullshit. Here are the facts: 1) 18-wheeler tractor trailer pulling dual trailers, diesel powered; 2) the fuel tanks on a vehicle of this type are on both sides of the cab; 3) the cab the cab is intact, which leads me to believe they did not explode; 4) diesel fuel will burn but it does not explode; 5) the trailers on this vehicle were not completely destroyed but are outside the pictures we are seeing. one around a pole and one in a ditch; 6) the debris field in the news shots are the contents; 7) they are blown apart in matchstick-sized pieces; 8) the governor declared this event not to be terrorism almost immediately; 9) witnesses described a 75 foot fireball; 10) authorities say the explosion and fire were the result of a crash. Diesel fuel, like jet fuel, cannot explode upon impact with anything. it must be vaporized into micro-droplets (ppm's) to become volatile. It was a bomb in the back of one of the two trailers the semi/tractor was towing. I can't say I blame them for disavowing terrorism; afterall, the Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping season are just around the corner. Watch for terrorist attacks at the shopping malls. Stay armed, stay safe.
200 lowlife Haitians coming ashore on Key Biscayne (FL), near the Rickenbacker Causeway and demanding asylum, free medical care, welfare and full American citizenship? Ship that subhuman shit back to the Haiti hellhole, where they belong, INS! These porous borders are Killing America. That filth should have had the wooden boat fired upon and sunk out at sea. Sharks gotta eat, too.
With hundreds of known Islamic terrorist cells in America, we should be raiding every one of them, as the Australians do, and arresting and imprisoning the Mooooooos-lim filth by the tens-of-thousands, trying them in military tribunals and executing them by the thousands. There simply enough FBI agents to keep track of all the murderous Mooooooos-lim trash already here in America.
The liberal black bitch writer for The Atlanta Urinal and Constipation is saying that the 17yr old Black Muslim fag-boy DC shooter, John Malvo, just had a bad home life and doesn't deserve to die. Yes he does, Cynthia Tucker. He richly deserves to die, as does the murderous Black Muslim homo, John Muhammad.
Is the INS and Border Patrol on the US-Canadian border finally starting to wake-up and do their jobs? From this article, it would appear so. Better yet, Canadians: stay home and don't come into the US.
Although the US Government and the Fifth Column lib-dem media won't admit it, this is now Islam's holy war against the West one that pits the United States and its allies against al Queerda and the untold number of Mooooos-lims from Africa to Southeast Asia who sympathize with the goals of bin Laden's terrorist organization. And this is what they want to do to us in the Western World.
Here's a Muslim terrorist training camp in Kalifornica, where a sheriff's deputy was murdered, and we haven't raided the subhumans, arrested, tried, convicted and executed them? Hey Ashcroft: why not?

Are we still vulnerable to terrorist attacks? Hmmmmm, more so than ever. Read this assessment. Where are the GOPers on this? Methinks they're more concerned with the mid-term elections than with national security, a few exceptions.

Lib-democRAT Scum.
US Sen Paul Wellstone (D-MN), was whacked in a plane crash last Friday. Good riddance, lowlife liberal socialist piece of shit shit. May he rot and burn in hell for the subversive damage he did to this once-great Nation and The Constitution. Filthy garbage, degenerate lowlife, subhuman lib-democRAT trash. You won't be missed, communist deviant. And lowlife politicians from across the state and across the country rushed to remember the little ass-wipe Sen Paul Welfare as a man with firm convictions and the passion to follow them. He was a socialist-communist, America-hating piece of shit, not a man of the people, as the lib-democRAT filth are spinning it. His legacy is dogshit, one of subverting The US Constitution. Only the wacko lib-democRAT scumbags in Minnesota could have elected such a moron to the US Senate. And now they're bringing another loooooser Walter F "Fritz" Mon-dull out of the political grave to replace the dead Wellstone scumbag. Look out! Here come the conspiracy theories about Paul Welfare.
Amazing, that Minnesota is the 3rd time that the lib-dem filth have circumvented a state's constitution by going to state supreme court Florida in '00 and New Jersey in '02 are the other egregious examples of criminal intent to further their own party's perverted liberal political agenda.
Impeached, disgraced, liar-in-chief, lowlife ex-president deviant, now man-of-the-people Bubba Jeffy Klintoon had a table full of diners at a local Little Rock eatery evicted in mid-meal last weekend because he wanted their seats for himself and his entourage of deviants, degenerates and perverts. Would have happened if I were in that party already seated. Klintoon would be eating at Wendy's, without any teeth.
NBCs Tom Broke-jaw equated President Bush with the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle used by the DC Shooter. What an ignorant, lowlife lib-dem moron with an agenda!
How could the Left lose its moral compass? It never had one; it's been morally adrift since the FDR commie ran the country into the ground, over 50 years ago. A pathetic bunch of lowlife lib-dem losers, all.
The "Wellstone Memorial Jamboree" was awful. Not a memorial for remembering a lowlife lib-dem moron scumbag, but rather a DNC pep rally with the two Wellstone boy morons doing the cheerleading. And Fritz Mondull, a loser among losers, accepted the nomination to run to replace the thankfully-dead liberal scumbag, Paul Welfare.
The discredited old turd, Wally Concrete (Walter Concrete), weighs in that an attack on Iraq will initiate WW3? Hey Walter, go back to old folks' home, lowlife, and gum your oatmeal down. WW3 started on 9-11, you moron.
Speaking of dottering old turds, Frank "The Lout" Lautenberg (D-NJ) is senile, incoherent and unelectable, but the lib-dem morons in NJ will vote him in anyway; hell, they'd vote in a corpse if it was a lib-democRAT. Pitiful, incoherent debate performance.

Scumbags & Lowlifes.
Two mentally-ill homos making death threats all over the country? Institutionalize the queer filth, and electro-shock them. Get this garbage off the streets.
Millions of subhumans in Zimbabwe Rhodesia starving because the racist idiot filth of Bobby Boy Mugawbe ejected or whacked the White Farmers and took all the farmland? Cry me a f*cking river. Let 'em all die. The whole continent is a drain on the world; worthless subhuman filth. In 20yrs, the African continent will be cleansed of all the cretinous-moron trash; AIDS, war and famine will see to that.
Compassion and understanding for a cross-dressing homo freak who got himself whacked? Uhh, I don't think so. He's better off dead, and so is the world. There's too much subhuman garbage around already.
Put this two-bit, untalented, mentally-ill, shoplifting "actress" slut, Winona Ryder, in the slammer, where she belongs, with the criminal Martha Stewart bitch.
Get all the homeless filth and garbage off the streets, and back into mental institutions, where they belong. 96% of them are mentally-ill. We put criminals into prisons; why not put the subhuman garbage and societal trash away where they can be medicated and not spread disease and crime? Sounds good to me.
Aw gee whiz, another shitper-rapper shot dead. Cry me a freaking river. Good riddance, lowlife scumbag.
A judge has certified a $10 million settlement between McDonald's Corp. and a group of vegetarian and Hindu plaintiffs that requires the restaurant chain to publicly apologize for falsely claiming its tallow-flavored French fries had no meat products. Bad move, McD: you've lost me forever with this bullshit. Sure wish I'd have been on that jury. Eat somewhere else, you raghead filth.

Some People Need Killing™.
This piece of white trash, Daniel Fears, 18, who whacked 2 and wounded 8, should be taken out behind the jail, head shot, and tossed into the dumpster. End of problem. This could have been prevented if the neighbors were armed and carrying, as they should have been.
Yeah, it's been a slow couple of weeks for executions. Must be the upcoming Holiday Season. Personally, I'd be pulling the switch, plunging the needle and dropping the cyanide tablets errr, they don't do that anymore, do they? with increased fervor to see if I could empty out death row and save the US Taxpayers some serious bucks before yearend. There are well over 3,700 subhuman lowlife filth waiting to go to hell for what they've done to society's innocents, and they should get the chance at the earliest opportunity.

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