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friday, november 20th, 2020

You can’t help but watch human beings and be amazed, sometimes. No other creature has done such incredible or compassionate things. We’ve cured diseases, freed our fellow humans, and gone to the moon and back. Our potential as a species is unlimited. Other times, however, some of our fellow humans are the dumbest group of creatures next to the brainless starfish. These are some examples from the latter in just the last few weeks.

Friday was the 19th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks and “never forget” has turned into “we forgot.” The heroes of that horrible day are now under constant attack by leftists in the streets of Democrat-controlled cities across the country. The first responders who sacrificed their lives to save others have become useful chum in the election strategy of the Democratic Party, tossed to the mob to keep their frenzied hatred burning hot. It’s disgusting, really, but also incredibly stupid.

The moronic mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, has done everything short of joining the BLM-ANTIFA horde in beating random people deemed not woke enough, and they still tried to kill him. The mayor was forced to flee his condo after the people he’s sucking up to attacked it, going as far as setting fires inside the building that houses hundreds. Wheeler announced this week he was suspending the use of tear gas by police as a crowd control measure. Neville Chamberlain is embarrassed for him.

Remember how the Post Office was news? “It’s a threat to our democracy!” they cried. That was just two weeks ago, not a lifetime. It was all the left could talk about – how President Trump was going to “steal the election” by “defunding” the Post Office. Whatever happened to that? It was the scandal that was going to take down Trump. Now it’s gone.

It was replaced with the “Trump hates the troops story,” remember that one? That lasted all of 20 minutes. Every hyperventilating leftist on cable news assured us this was it, THE story to take out the president. Dozens of people went on the record, some of which are no fans of Donald Trump, and denied it. None of the four alleged anonymous sources for the story, all of whom are reported to be former administration officials, had the underwear content to come out of the shadows and put their names and reputations to it. It fizzled faster than an off-the-cuff sentence started by Joe Biden.

Now we have this Bob Woodward “bombshell” and all talk has shifted yet again. How is the president saying something on a phone call with a journalistic relic that he has said publicly time and time again, news? It’s not, of course. It’s just the next “silver bullet” leftists have convinced themselves will finally take out Donald Trump.

There are a couple of things to notice about the 53-second clip released by Woodward to market his book. The biggest is the cut ends immediately after the president says he doesn’t want to cause a panic. Did you notice that? What came after? It’s unlikely that the president abruptly hung up the phone in mid-thought, isn’t it? Yet all Woodward released were those 53 seconds.

Still, the people who downplayed every Project Veritas investigation and mocked videos from the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood officials because they were “out of context” ran with Woodward’s stale audio. We have the context for the president’s remarks, as he’d said similar things from the podium at the White House on camera in press conferences the media refused to carry. Context does matter.

While there is no good context for offering a pimp and his girlfriend advice on how best to import underage girls for sex slavery, as Veritas exposed with ACORN, or haggling over the price of infant organs post-abortion, as Planned Parenthood officials did with CMP, people don’t seem to remember the hoarding and empty grocery store shelves at the beginning of the pandemic or know just how tenuous our supply chains were at the time. There was a real threat that they would break down, that food would become scarce. People were fighting in stores over toilet paper; just imagine how that would have gone if that happened with food. Calm was exactly what was needed, even if it was contrary to what was falsely believed at the time.

Still, leftists thought they had Trump this time. But the story has already started to fade. Woodward will be on 60 Minutes tonight, and every show on TV afterward. He’ll sell a million books, but they’ll be sold to the same people who’ve bought every “Russia stole the election,” Putin controls Trump,” “Donald Trump is the new Hitler,” etc., book that came before it, and it will likely have the same impact.

Woodward’s “bombshell” is akin to someone reporting FDR told them “December 7th will be infamous throughout history” in 1943 – it’s old news repurposed to make some rich guy even richer. In the end, the guy who claimed to have interviewed former CIA Director William Casey on his deathbed, at a time he was basically in a coma and unable to speak, will be a pebble in a sea of waves. Those waves may ultimately win the day, but no individual ripple will matter.

Then again, the American public might see through the whole fake storm and reject the largest mobilization of propaganda against a single human being in all of history and reelect the president. Come November, we will find out just how much stupid put out there by these leftists actually sinks in.

© 9.13.2020 Derek Hunter, "TownHall".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 8:30a on Friday, it was 46° outside – had a couple smokes in the garage while the coffee brewed, did my DR (Type 1 Diabetic Routine - Blood Sugar Level Test and Sliding-Scale Insulin Shot), applied the CBD Hemp Ointment to my neck and shoulder, had simple toast for breakfast, and checked the weather and news. I got the day's "Chris Plante Show" thread posted to FR's site.

After my midday DR and an early lunch, I posted the "Rush Show" graphics to FR, tried a new Bai® Drink – Kula Watermelon Antioxidant Infusion –, even though I'm still a dedicated Bai® Iced Tea, Socorro Sweet, Antioxidant Infused Supertea drinker. Nice change and very good.

I managed to get 2½hrs of sleep on the couch, woke-up at dusk and checked the latest counts/recounts for Trump. It's not looking good, at all. The demonKKKrats have managed to cover their tracks all too well, have Sec'y of States in Soros' pockets, and the spineless, weak GOPe is doing zero to fight for our president. Yet Atty Sidney Powell in DC says she's got the evidence, and is going "Release The Kracken". Okay, counselor, please do it!

Release The Kracken, Sidney!

I had dinner, watched an episode each of "Ancient Aliens" on History and "Gold Rush" on Discovery, until "Tucker Carlson" came on at 8p. I don't/won't Fox News anymore, except for his and "Laura's Show". By 10p, I'd was tired and unplugged.

I slept-in until 9:30a on Saturday, a very cool 46°, so I fired-up the furnace, did the morning DR, made coffee and had breakfast. Nothing much in the news, but heavy rain forecast for tomorrow, so I needed to put away the back patio furniture and blow-off the leaves and pine needles, since the trees are finished dropping. No lower back or hip pain.

All the Pin Oak leaves and White Pine needles had dried off on the back patio, so I put the Teak table and beach hairs away in the attached shed, and used the 140mph Toro® Leaf Blower to clean the irregular flagstone patio off, as well as the front driveway. The accursed Oak tree next door is almost finished dropping all of its leaves, so at least they won't be a factor when the snow and ice finally arrive, as they've been for the past 15-20yrs. I made a Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, for lunch; just what the doctor ordered.

The 12hrs of Sebring IMSA Sports Car Endurance Race started at 10a, but by 1p, after lunch, I was ready for a couple hours sleep, on the couch. Back up at 3:30, I watched the race until 6:30, did the evening DR and had Salmon, Rice & Green Beans for dinner, and watched "Expedition Unknown" until 9, when I tuned back into the nighttime driving portion, until 10p. Good race and last of the 2020 season for IMSA (Int'l Motor Sports Ass'n). I called it a night at 10 p.

Turkish F1 Grand Prix.

Awake at 5a, I went back to sleep until 6:30, unaware that the Turkish F-1 Grand Prix Race was on from 5-7a, our time. I caught the end of it, and noticed that the FIA/F-1 had added 3 more GPs for the end of the month, in the Mideast. I made coffee, did the DR, and had breakfast. In fact, they've added 3 more Grands Prix Races to the end of the Nov-Dec 2020 schedule. Amazing.

I had a few errands to run, and started a system back-up of 30.5 GB, which would take most all day, and well into the evening. From this 1.5 TB External Drive to this 10 TB External Drive; then I'll work on the desktop unit's C: drive, system image etc. The data's the most important, because I have an identical HP unit in the basement to transfer everything to, or I could rebuild this Win-7 Pro x64 Box, if I needed to.

I started and finished 2 loads of laundry, and did some condo chores. After dinner, I watched "Expedition Unknown" on Discovery, missed "Tucker" and crashed at 10p.

Awake at 8:30a on Monday, I was feeling very sick, running a fever but had a smoke, did the morning DR and made Kona coffee, of which I had only 1 mug, a piece of toast, and posted the week's new "Chris Plante Show" thread and graphics to FR. Then, the "trots" hit me; 4 trips to the bathroom, and I just laid down on the LR couch and slept until 12 noon. After the midday shot and a small lunch, I went back to sleep until almost 6p, had the evening DR, dinner and watched "Tucker" on Fox, and then up to bed, at 9p. Not feeling well.

Awake at 3:15a, I ran to the master bathroom and threw-up, and went back to bed. Up at 8a. I barely remembered it, but as I was doing my morning DR, having coffee and breakfast, I did. After posting the daily "CP Show" graphics, I went back to sleep on the LR couch, had a late lunch, and slept all afternoon. I needed to run errands, but put them off, due to the fever. I got up at 6:30p, to do the evening DR, have a very light dinner and watch some evening news, the "Tucker Show" and unplugged for the night.

Up at 8:30a on Wednesday. I posted the "CP Show", did the DR routine, had coffee and a small breakfast. Still not feeling very well, I went to sleep on the couch while listening to the radio, got up to post the "Rush Show", did the midday DR, have some lunch, a smoke in the garage, and back to sleep on the couch until 5p. Not to worry, as I'm hoping these are the side effects of Metformin® 500mg 2x/ day, to the same Diabetes 2 drug dosage upped to 1,000mg 2x/day. My Endocrinologist says I have Type 2, based upon the numbers, NOT Type 1, but since my Pancreas is either dead or so badly damaged, it just doesn't produce enough insulin anymore.

I watched "Expedition Unknown" on Discovery until "Tucker Carlson" came on Fox at 8p, and then switched back to "EU" until 10; then called it a day.

Up at 6:30a on Thursday, it was a cold 25° with a heavy frost outside, so I fired-up the condo furnace and the Dyson heater in my office-sunroom, had a couple smokes in the garage until the place warmed-up, did my morning DR, made Kona Volcanic Estate Coffee and had a very light breakfast. No back pain, but I always use the CBD Ointment anyway. I'm recuperating from the past 3-4 days' med increase and feeling better. I got a few errands done, posted both the "CP Show" and "Rush Show" to FR, and watched Trump's legal team, on Fox News at noon, explain what they're doing. I sure hope they have the time and it works.

After a couple hours snooze, I took out the garbage and recyclables to the curb, pulled-in the Jeep since we again had frost warnings, and closed-up for the night. I watched "American Pickers" until 8p, when "Tucker" came on Fox, and then went back to "AP" until 10:30. Lights out.

The Left’s Communist Revolution Doesn’t Care About Elections.

Kenosha, Wisconsin has been trashed. Minneapolis has been burned. Portland is still being ravaged. Black Lives Matter and Antifa continue to tear the heart out of once-great cities like Portland. A siege of the White House is being planned. Nationwide, violence has moved into suburban areas and residential neighborhoods. Groups of extremists are specifically targeting the residences of mayors, chiefs of police and other political enemies.

The establishment press continues to peddle the notion that what we are seeing across the nation is nothing more than “peaceful protest” designed to achieve change within the existing system. No doubt, even many people in the streets believe this. They think they are marching for more “humane” police forces, or reduced incarceration, or a few new social programs. They believe that, when the protests and riots are over, they will still live in the United States that they knew before, but it will just be a slightly better nation.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Of course, people harbored the same delusions in 1959 Cuba and 1917 Russia. Even the foot soldiers of those revolutions likely believed they would still have the countries they grew up in, just with a brighter, more democratic future. They discovered far too late that at the heart of the movement in which they were caught up were hard men with very different ideas about the future.

We cannot afford to repeat this naivety.

We are not experiencing a wave of social unrest generated by injustice or police brutality. We are watching an insurrection in progress, one which uses police violence as a pretext, but which has as its goal the destruction of the existing social, economic and political order in the United States.

Refuse Fascism is one of the primary umbrella organizations supporting Antifa demonstrations nationwide. Refuse Fascism is a creation of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States. If you watch footage of the chaos in our streets, you will quickly see signs linked to both groups.

The leader of the so-called RevComs is Bob Avakian. Avakian is a lifelong revoutionary, who spent his youth with Students for a Democratic Society, a domestic extremist group active in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 2016 Avakian’s RevComs and other leftist groups formed Refuse Fascism. Avakian is remarkably direct about about the goals of this movement.

“Let’s get down to basics. We need a revolution. Anything else, in the final analysis, is bullshit,” he said recently.

Avakian’s party is no less direct. It has published a proposed constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, which it hopes to establish. Some excerpts from it read as follows:

“The New Socialist Republic in North America is…a form of dictatorship – the dictatorship of the proletariat…”

“In accordance with this, the governing bodies and processes of this socialist state, at all levels, must be vehicles for the furtherance of the communist revolution…”

“The armed forces, militia and other organs of public defense and security shall be under a system of overall leadership combining the central Executive Council and the Revolutionary Communist Party, with the Party having the ultimate leadership responsibility and role.”

“The responsibility for the enforcement of the laws and the defense of the Constitution by the organs of public security resides with the Executive Council, with the overall and ultimate leadership of the Revolutionary Communist Party.” [RevCom.us]

Behind the RevComs, Refuse Fascism and their allied organizations is a fundraising and financing apparatus that has been building inside this nation for decades.

For instance, Refuse Fascism is partially funded by an organization called the Alliance for Global Justice. The Alliance for Global Justice originated in an organization called the Nicaragua Network, a group created to support the Marxist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. The founders of the Alliance are both veterans of that effort and have strong ties to the Sandinistas. One of them, Chuck Kaufman, was also one of the founders of a group called A.N.S.W.E.R., an organization focused on ending U.S. “threats” against North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba and an end to the “colonial-style occupation in Palestine and in Haiti”.

The Alliance for Global Justice, in turn, receives funding from a wide range of organizations. One of them is the Tides Foundation. You may have never heard the group, but its power is vast: It annual spending is measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Tides is generally credited with having pioneered anonymous “Dark Money” transactions for leftist organizations. “Structural racism” is a common theme in many Tides Foundation projects, as is the concept of “white privilege”.

Other financiers of The Alliance for Global Justice include George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, the Arca Foundation (which also backs the Communist regime in Cuba), the New World Foundation (which sponsors radical leftists movements in El Salvador), and the Foundation for Deep Ecology, an extreme environmental group that sees humans as a plague on the Earth’s surface.

More connections could easily be drawn, but the point is not the individual links. What matters is the big picture: The mobs wrecking our cities and terrorizing the public are not spontaneously organizing or self-funding. They are the manifestation of years of preparation, organization, and sponsorship from a vast network of foundations and front organizations.

The groups sponsoring the 2020 rioters are hostile to the United States of America as it currently exists. They have long since made common cause with some of our most dangerous enemies. Now, what they want is not reform. Phrases like “Black Lives Matter” are a deliberate obfuscation, a time-honored tactic of radical left groups, used to make themselves and their goals seem less threatening.

What these extremist groups really want is something much more profound. It is, as one leftist speaker recently put it, the “abolition” of the United States as we know it and its replacement with a Marxist state.

That is why it is profoundly delusional to believe the riots of the past three months will end with the November election. They will not. Should President Trump win, his victory will immediately be declared invalid and illegitimate by the mob, and the level of violence will explode. If Biden wins, the people and groups tearing this nation apart will consider him their puppet and will accelerate their efforts at revolution. If Biden proves unwilling or unable to accommodate them, he will suffer the same fate as Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, who endures antifa harassment of his home as the price of failing to submit.

This is not about reform. It is about revolution, and revolutions don’t care about elections.

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