Friday, November 20, 1998

people, like the weather, are fickle and subject to great change at a moment's notice. Witness the transition from Fall to Winter. Ditto for this country's morals: so what?, who cares?, don't bother me about it and everyone does it. The decay and putrefaction setting into society's very fabric is unnerving as we move into the 21st Century. The stinking Clintonites have accelerated the degeneration, begun decades ago by the FDR scumbag. The morality pendulum swings to the liberal side and then back to the conservative side, seemingly skipping all the points in between, alienating the vast majority of Americans. The alienation gradually causes the disaffected majority to become further polarized to the Liberal Left or the Conservative Right. Either way, America is becoming divided unto itself. And we all remember what Lincoln said about a house divided..., don't we?

The Web's Dark Side.
I was stunned at what was being sold and traded through this shithole auction company's website, called eBay. I sent the FBI a couple of e-notes, as I'm sure they're right on top of the situation already. Maybe.
I have a high tolerance level for personal freedoms, but this website's offerings go way past it. I'm outraged. Kiddie porn and places like this are what give the Net a bad reputation.
What the idiotic buyers and sellers don't realize is that they've left electronic trails to their doorsteps for law enforcement to pursue. I'm hoping every one involved is prosecuted severely.
Although I hate to see the US Government get involved in the InterNet, hopefully the FBI will nail all the buyers and sellers, prosecute and jail them for major felonies. And severely prosecute and jail the perpetrators of that IPO, eBay. The owners are making millions allowing other criminals to sell highly illegal merchandise via that website.
If I saw someone selling drugs on my residence's block, I'd sure notify the police. If they couldn't handle it, I'd resolve the matter myself; a Colt Trooper MkIII .357 Magnum is a very powerful persuader. Heck, I think the FBI can handle the eBay degenerates.

The New Machine.
Late Friday afternoon, just as I was being simultaneously deluged by five husband-and-wife couples for help with selecting nursery stock, loading previously purchased items and the scheduling of all of their jobs, the new computer arrived. The SAG 450/ 256mb SDRAM was a snap to hook-up and get running, but damage to the multimedia sound system occurred in the sub-woofer unit during shipment; thus, no 40w surround-sound. SAG has already shipped a replacement unit.
I took my time with each person/ couple waiting to see me; at 5:30pm, I got back to the SAG. Win98 looks similar to Win95, but there are some welcome, subtle differences. I cleaned off the myriad desktop icons onto PowerDesk's launchbar, created folders for new apps to be installed and started migrating data via the internal SCSI Zip. All apps were freshly installed via the lightening fast, 32x Plextor SCSI CD-ROM. The 9gb LVD2 (Ultra Wide, Ultra Fast SCSI) Hard Drive in the new SAG 450 made it so easy to install apps and data, I was amazed at how fast it went as compared to an almost primordial IDE unit. My Dell 333 has a 4gb SCSI HD, but it's slower (7,200rpm) than the SAG (10,000rpm) HD.
I spent the entire weekend removing data and files from my home unit, Duracom PII-233/ 64mbRAM - 3.9gb HD, and moved it to the new SAG450 via Zip disks. It was laborious, to be sure. I used 11 Zips to port the folders and data across from the Dell 333, Duracom 233 to the SAG 450. Trying to get normal work done, port information from two units into one and keep track of what I was doing for 5 days was more work than I thought it would be.
It's Wednesday afternoon and I'm still at it. After coordinating Tim, the cable modem tech guy to transfer the 32-bit NIC Card from the Duracom 233 to the SAG 450 on Friday, and Pete to come in on Friday and Sunday to swap the 233 into the new Front Counter Cash Drawer POS (Point-of-Sale) System, I fell asleep at my desk.
Yawn. The replacement sound system arrived and is functioning beautifully.
This will be my next unit, sometime in late '99. Bigger, faster, better. Always.

Waste The Towelheads.
The towelheaded lowlife, Sodomy Insane still baits the World with so-called brinksmanship; f*ck that shit, I call it stupidity on our part if we accept his backing off each time American Firepower gets near. Blow that scumbag off of the face of the Earth.
Each time and there's been three since January we move troops and weapons near Iraq, it's cost us billions of dollars. No wonder we're not paying our UN dues; we're way out in front of that paltry $1.2b sum.
Time for action; words of reconciliation are the currency of cowards. Lay waste to everything in that stinking toilet of a country, Iraq. I don't think Bubba has the guts. None of the UN idiots have the guts for it either. Especially Koffi Anan, another Third World Moron who should be digging ditches.

Although I hate to say it, we blinked this time by not using military force and turning Iraq into a wasteland. Clinton snatched moral defeat from the jaws of military victory once more.

No Sympathy Here.
No innocent has been executed since 1976; only the guilty are being executed. That says it all. It negates the fact these people were wrongly convicted. The fact remains that anyone executed doesn't commit another crime. This piece of subhuman shit should have been executed the first time, instead of being released; then 14 other people might still be alive.
There's way too much liberal scumbag leniency shown to murderers, armed robbers, rapists and child molesters; all should be executed immediately after conviction, no appeals. Instead, many are prematurely parolled to ease overcrowded prisons, when immediate execution is the simple answer. Dead prisoners don't take up valuable space or commit additional crimes or cost taxpayers (you and me) billions of our hard-earned tax dollars to board the animals.
So many murderers need to die, but are getting so-called stays of execution from liberal moron judges, that prisons will continue to be severely overcrowded forever. In addition to paying the cost of keeping this subhuman prisoner filth alive, we taxpayers will also have to bear the financial burden of building huge new prisons to accommodate more criminals. Execution is the smart answer.
Why in hell is David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz still alive after what he did in NYC over 20 years ago? Alive at our expense? A Christian role model? I don't think so. If another prisoner would just whack him, I'd vote to let that guy out early. Lowlife liberal scum had prohibited the death penalty in New York State for the previous 40 years, but that's now changed thanks to a true, clear-sighted American governor. Ditto California.

The Hearings.
After all the lib-Dem filth were told to shut the f*ck up and quit their bed wetting and whining, the Impeachment Hearings finally were underway and will probably yield a vote to impeach along party lines, but will be whacked in the US Senate of cowards, still controlled by the lib-Dem garbage.
It almost seems like a certainty that Slick Willie The Liar will get off of perjury, suborning of perjury and abuse of power charges; never mind the other 100+ Americans who are doing jail time for lying under oath. The son-of-a-bitch Clinton should go to jail for his crimes.
True to form and content, the loud-mouthed, lib-Dem morons tried to disrupt the hearings with inane and ridiculous accusations about Judge Starr, but Chairman Hyde kept the scum in line and shut them down. The lib-Dem filth are backed up to a wall, the evidence is plain to anyone with a functioning brain which lets out all the lib-Dem lowlifes and a majority of Americans who want to drop the whole thing and impeachment is clearly mandated by The US Constitution. It's the Law, stupid!
The US Congress hasn't the morals, ethics or fortitude to do what's legally right and mandated by The US Constitution. They want to merely censure, a worthless act meaning nothing. They're a very sad reflection of what too many of the American People have turned into over the past few decades: a morally-challenged populace without direction or hope. As long as their pockets are full, they don't give a flying shit about what's right or wrong. It's the Economy, stupid!
Next time I travel abroad and am asked where I'm from, I might answer, Canada. That's how proud I am to be an American these days.

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