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Friday, November 22, 2002

There's been so much shit floating around in the news about "impending attacks" on the US and Europe, it's hard to know what's credible. Add to that, the report that Osama bin Lowlife is reportedly still alive and healthy, making threatening telephone statements, and the confusion quotient grows by factors. First, I don't believe he's alive; he assumed cave temperature last December in the Tora Bora bombing. We just can't won't recover his DNA; it's better perceived that he's still alive, so the 'phantom target' can be pursued in The War On Terrorism. Agreed on that point. That concession also allows the subhuman Mooooooos-lim, pigshit-eating al Queerda filth to think that they still have a 'leader', somewhere. Fine and dandy, if that's what it takes to find them and whack them. I'm still looking for a massive WMD attack or multi-city coordinated sniper attacks, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which would decimate the retail economy and definitely "dampen" the Holiday Season. I sure hope I'm wrong, and that the CIA, FBI and BATF do their jobs and thwart any and all attempts, but I'm as wary of what we're not being told as how much they want/ need to know about what's going on with each American's life. Forget the trillion dollar Homeland Security Bill; simply and quickly arm the people who want to actively participate in their Second Amendment Right to protect America from the fanatical Mooooooos-lim hordes who want to whack us. A righteous call to arms for every American for National and Self Defense of our borders. Get a gun. Wake-up America; we've got a lot to lose if we get another serious hit.

Around The Garden Center.
After several days of rain last week, and the ensuing mud, I've had to re-schedule dozens of landscape jobs through the end of December. I'm not complaining or whining, especially after The Summer of The Drought From Hell, but some of the customers are concerned that we'll soon "lose the weather", and have to pack it in as the snows are coming through the Plains States and Midwest more frequently. So far, we haven't had anything but a few flurries, but Winter will soon arrive. Those whose landscape jobs don't get completed this Fall, will be first-up in the Spring.
It's that time of year again: Winter Squash is plentiful, cheap (at $.30/lb), and quickly-prepared into many wonderful dishes. I've been a devotee for the past 5-6 years, buying fresh local squash in late Fall from the Farmers' Markets in York and Lancaster Counties. Preparation? Simple: I split it lengthwise, scoop-out the seeds, rub a good olive oil all over it, place it cut side down in a foil-lined roasting pan, and roast it at 400°:F for 40mins. Let it cool, scoop out the flesh, discard the collapsed shell, puree in the Cuisinart®, pour into a medium saucepan, add chicken broth, serve immediately or freeze for later use. When re-heating, I add Half & Half® to thicken, serve piping hot with a dollop of sour cream and plenty of finely-chopped chopped chives. Can't beat it a cold, snowy day. Serve it thinned-out and cold in the Summer. Goes with just about anything as a second or third course. Pairing any wine with squash is a problem, so I usually serve a cold beer for that course. I made 3 batches (three 1gal Tupperware® tubs) this week; I'll use one for Thanksgiving with my folks, and freeze the other two for later. I can readily get assernut squash until mid-January, so I'll made several more batches over the Winter as long as the quality-sized squash are available. I really enjoy roasting squash during the Winter months; the condo fills with a caramelized-sweet smell, the kitchen is warm and toasty from the oven at 400°:F, and all is right with the world.
Last Friday evening, Jeff & Denise and I went to the new OffCenter Grille in York (PA) for an awesome dinner. I just finished the grilled ahi Tuna entree on Saturday evening; delicious even re-heated.
Another 2" of rain last weekend really helped the reservoirs, streams, and ground moisture levels; New England was blasted by an ice storm, and we got some wet snow on Sunday evening, with no accumulation. Northern Penna and NY State got some accumulations, as did most of New England. Again, no complaints; I'm liking it.
Just last week, I paid $1.37.9/gal (87 octane) to fill-up my Jeep; this week, it's dropped to $1.29.9/gal for the same brand, at the so-called "super-station" chain in York (PA). Cheaper mideast oil? Russian oil? No one knows. No complaints here, either.
Heavy fog and rain was the order of the day on Thursday, so my landscape crew hurried to finish a large job in Maryland before getting rained out on site. The ground doesn't dry-out this time of year; temps are too low and the mud just gets worse with every rain. It's difficult getting my John Deere 675B SkidLoader into the growing fields and digging nursery stock with all that mud. We've already pulled most of the trees to be installed for customers over the next 2-3 weeks, because soon it'll be unworkable until Spring comes and the ground dries-out. I'm looking foward to a long, quiet, snowy Winter of rest and relaxation.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100 stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". Here's another very moving tribute; worth the wait to load in your browser. And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11.
I don't agree that US Taxpayer-funded criminal trials and executions are the way to go, for Mooooooos-lim terrorists. They should be tried by military tribunals, head shot and dumped into a a pigshit-filled pit, face down. The subhuman Islamic dirtbag, Mir Aimal Kasi, got his just due, last Thursday. Good riddance, lowlife; may your burn in eternal hell.
Beginning last Friday, several thousand men from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Syria in the United States must register with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. They will be fingerprinted, photographed and questioned in an expansion of a federal program to track foreign students, tourists and business people from certain Arab and Muslim nations. Stop your whining diaperheads, or go home. I'd rather deport all stinking Mooooooos-lim filth; they're all potential terrorists and murderers.
The "Golden Age of Islam"? No, there wasn't any; it's a myth and a lie. Islam is pigshit, Mo-ham-head is a mooor-ron and Allah is an moron. The deviant cult of Islam whacked its own rising "Golden Age" almost before it got started.
President Bush last Wednesday took on the Christian right core of his political base, denouncing anti-Islamic remarks made by religious leaders including evangelist Pat Robertson. Once again, either Bush is an idiot, or he's playing to the world's senses because we need a "coalition" to fight the Mooooooos-lims on a worldwide scale. I sure hope it's the latter. Both Robertson and Falwell are 100% correct.
Make no mistake about it: the enemy is here in America. And Americans are having to take things into our own hands, to stop illegal immigration along the southern borders with Mexico. Since the feds are afraid to do what's right. Pitiful scumbag cowards, the feds.
New, more alarming terror alerts. The feds are moving on this, or so they say, but I'm very well-armed and quite capable of defending against a carload of towelhead Mooooooos-lim filth, if need be. Oh, be still, my beating heart.
Islam is not a religion hijacked my a few extremists; this article proves that it is a deviant cult of subhuman, boy-buggering, women-hating Mooooooos-lim degenerates who truly want to whack all Christians and Jews, and take over our Western world. Islam is a false religion.
C'mon Israel, whack as many of those subhuman Mooooooos-lims and Aaaaaaaa-rabs as you can, in retaliation for Friday's slaughter of 14 Jews. Screw the rest of the world; do what you need to do: whack the Ara-fart homo!
Get ready for the coming religious wars in England and Europe. America's next.
The Bush administration has begun to monitor Iraqis in the United States in an effort to identify potential domestic terrorist threats posed by sympathizers of the Baghdad regime. Hey Bush: monitor all Arabs and Mooooooos-lims, and deport them!
A cyanide plot in London's Tube Subway? Three Mooooooos-lims arrested? Get ready, Brits: it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
Ooooooooooooo, al Queerda pigshit homos have issued another threat against the US and Israel? f*ck you, Mooooooos-lims! C'mon out where I can get a shot at your cowardly, smelly Islamic, diaperhead asses!
Another reason to shut down the border, round-up all illegal immigrants and deport their asses outta here! A murderous, illegal illegal alien illegal alien murders and rapes a Catholic nun. And the lib-dem mooooooor-rons in Klamath Falls, WA, will probably welcome him into their Fifth Column community of perverts, degenerates and deviants, aka democRATs and Green scum. Bush, are you listening? Get this subhuman filth outta the US!
Let the round-up, identification and tracking of all Mooooooos-lims and Arabs begin! I'd prefer all were automatically deported or executed, regardless. But this is a good start.
Osama bin Laden alive? Confirmed by the recent tape recording? I don't believe it. Show me a video of him holding today's newspaper with a visible date on it. Until then, he's dead cave temperature; has been since last December's Tora Bora bombing campaign.
Finally, people speaking out about the eeeeeeeeee-vil cult of Islamic deviants: evangelical Christians. Screw Bush and Powell; they know the truth, and they're playing politics with it.
More proof that Islam is full of murderers, rapists, robbers, thugs, anarchists and other subhuman scum, whom they recruit in American prisons. Time to declare war on Islam, as we've done with Iraq.
Yes, TWA 800 was shot down by Mooooooos-lim terrorists; here's more about who did it.
No accommodation for Moooooos-lim filth to pray in public schools! None, dammit!! Christians and Jews aren't allowed to; why should Mooooooos-lims be the exception? The Peoples' Republik of Maryland's lib-democRATs will probably cave to those subhuman filth. Pity.
The truth about Iraq's involvement in The OKC Bombing is slowly coming out.
Islam is a religion of peace™. Islam Is shit™. Islam Is shit™. Islam Is Trash™. Islam Is An Insane Death Cult™. Islam Is Garbage™. Islam Is f*cked Up™. Islam Is Filth™. Islam Is For Murderers™. Islam Is Pigshit™. Islam Is Dogshit™. Islam Is Horseshit™. Islam Is For Wackos™. Islam Is For Deviants™. Islam Is Toilet Water™. Islam Is For Mooooooor-rons™. Islam Is Junk™. Islam Is For Liberals™. Islam Is Insane™. Islam Is For Idiots™. Islam Is For Imbeciles#153;. Islam Is Pork Fat™. Islam Is A Disease™. Islam Is Degenerate™. Islam Is A Perversion™. Islam Sucks™.
"Calypso Louie" Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam unites with urban street gangs and radical Muslim regimes, creating a serious threat to America’s internal security. Time to round-up all Black Muslim garbage, try them by military tribunals and execute them. Islam is pigshit.
Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is a pigshit-eating lowlife Mooooooos-lim scumbag liar; CAIR is a front for a terrorist-supporting network and should be closed down immediately. Hooper is a two-bit punk, and should be tried by a military tribunal and executed, as all murderous boy-buggering, women-hating Mooooooos-lim filth should.
A senior Pakistani MP described America as the "biggest terrorist state" in prayers said in Parliament yesterday for a man executed in Virginia last week for the murder of two members of the CIA. The remark, which will embarrass the Islamabad Government, was made as a record 20,000 people gathered to remember Aimal Kansi in his home city of Quetta. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, a deputy parliamentary leader of a five-party Islamic alliance, hailed Kansi as an “Islamic hero” and prayed for the destruction of those responsible for his execution. whack all Mooooooos-lims, anywhere the pigshit-sucking cowards hide. Hmmmm, 20,000+ towelheads in attendance? A target-rich environment! Bring on the "Daisy Cutters" and rid the world of this Mooooooos-lim filth!
I find it amazing ironic that so many American blacks convert to Islam, The Religion of Slavery™, and yet they whine about ancestors they never had here in America who were slaves in the 1800s. And they want reparations? Stupid people.

Welcome to Pennsylvania, Mr Vice president. Enjoy your hunting trip and, although I'm not a hunter, but am a firearm aficionado, you're invited to my Garden Center's 20ac and private range anytime you're in the area (SE Penna). I have a few nice toys that I'm sure you're be interested in trying out at the range, especially since you're using a 12ga shotgun on your hunting trip. Here's mine.
When the GOP pulls shit like this, it angers me. I have a good cyber-buddy friend, Mule, now living in Kansas, whose young son is autistic, most probably from thimerosol (mercury) in his first few vaccinations. And now the GOP wants to indemnify the guilty pharmaceutical companies from any responsibility in past, present and future vaccinations. A measure slipped in the homeland security bill would mean those injured by childhood vaccines could collect only $250,000, when the guilty companies, who knew that additive could and would do permanent damage to young children, are lawsuit-limited. Bullshit. On Monday the 18th, Mule got on The Sean Hannity Radio Show, right after Rush, and laid out his case, while having a civil discussion with mealy-mouthed Hannity. Hannity kept twisting the discussion to the upcoming anthrax and smallpox mass vaccinations, but Mule kept it on his track, until Hannity moved on to another caller. Awesome, Keith The Tomato Man! Making the case for Justice In America !
I don't have a problem with increased covert surveillance against terrorists, either foreign or homegrown, if it leads to the capture and execution. Do what you need to do, Mr Ashcroft. Yeah sure, I've heard, and participated in dozens of forum discussions about the loss of liberty, but right now, we're in a war for our very lives and, as far as I'm concerned, anything which works for us, goes.
The bill creating a Department of Homeland Security faced a new hurdle Tuesday following an announcement by Republican RINO (Republican In Name Only) Sen John "No Brain" McCain (Traitor-AZ) that he would side with DemocRATs on a key vote to strip seven "special-interest" provisions from the bill passed last week by the GOP-led House. Figures that that MCCain moron would once again be the coward we've come to know and despise.
One more sign that the Republican party is soon going to be irrelevant: banning from The White House, US Rep Tom Tancredo (R-CO), the only Conservative with guts, because of his criticism of Bush's no-policy on illegal immigration and "I don't give a shit" attitude about border security. Hey Bush: either you get the job done, or we'll do it ourselves.
First, we (Carter-farter and Klintoon) gave away the Panama Canal to the stupid, inept illegal aliens Panamanians, and then the chinks Red Chinese; now we're letting the chinks Red Chinese into US ports? Wake up Bush & Co! Is anyone minding the store?
I wondered how long this was going to take to happen: there is a real chance that RINO scumbags Senators John McCain and Lincoln Chaffee will switch parties to allow Tiny Tom The Dwarf Tom Dass-hole to remain as Senate Majority Leader. If they do, they should be re-called and voted out of office. Traitors and cowards, both. Like the rump-raiding, fudge-packing turd boy, Jeffords (Traitor-VT).
Secretary of State Colin Powell Colon Bowel said Monday, he is trying to expand programs to bring more educators, journalists and political and religious leaders from Islamic countries to the United States. Hey, Powell, you stupid shithead mooooooor-ron, we 're trying to get rid of the subhuman Islamic garbage, not allow more in, moron! They're murderers, you dumb scumbag.
Fat, stupid, whiner, bad comb-over, ex-US Sen Bob Smith (Moron-MA) is out and gone; good riddance, white trash scumbag. No job in the Bush Administration for a quitter and turncoat, like you, fat man. Go hang out with that lowlife scumbag traitor, "Jumping" Jim Jeffords (Traitor-VT), the loneliest man in DC. Both of you morons idiots are garbage.

Lib-democRAT Morons.
Joe "Klintoon rump-swab" Conason, a lowlife lib-dem moron, gets his panties in a bunch over the ultra-liberal skank, Nancy Pelosi scuzbag. Hilarious read, this.
US Rep Alcee Hastings, (D-FL) — a convicted felon and disgraced, impeached former Flori-duh judge — lashed out at "you white people" during a radio debate with nationally syndicated talk host Sean Hannity last Thursday, after Hannity challenged him on his support for ex-Klansman-turned-top-Senate Democrat Robert "KKK" Byrd. Hastings is a lowlife idiot; no other word for it.
Awwwww, poor AlGoreBore. The 2000 defeat was "crushing"? Hey moooooor-on, get over it, get a job, and move on, lib-dem chump. You hijacked the electoral process; you have nothing to be angry about.
No matter what you think or what he says lies: AlGoreBore is lib-democRAT dogshit. He stinks.
Shrill, shrewish, rich, white, bad face-job, bad nose-job, face-job, ugly, nasty, lowlife, bitch liberal Kalifornicate Rep Nancy "The Skank" Pelosi is a "conservative Catholic"? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I don't f*cking freaking think so. D'Alessandro-Pelosi's a lowlife, WOP, greaseball, lib-democRAT whore-bitch-dog.
The mentally-ill AlGoreBore lib-democRAT moron looks back on his White House Daze v exact duplicate of The White House of new home in Tennessee. Al's more mentally-ill than his wacko, crazy, mentally-ill wife, Tipper, is. Baawwaahahahahahah!
The disgraced, impeached, lying lowlife, philandering ex-president Bubba Jeffy Klintoon is "rebuilding his legacy"; hmmmm, that might take some doing, considering what a subhuman he is.
Sure, the left-wing wacko liberals and democRATs are the worst racists of all; even worse than black democRATs, as a group.
Why doesn't disgraced, lowlife, do-nothing lib-democRAT moron, Jimmah Carter-Farter DIE OF NATURAL CAUSES, and we're rid of this lowlife, ignorant, incompetent prick moooooor-ron? Now, he's demanding the US "disarm" and show the turd world lowlifes that the US is ahead of the curve? f*ck Screw you and your ugly bitch-dog-whore-wifey, Rosalyn the hag, Jimmah! I truly hope you both die from "natural causes", real damned soon, scumbag traitor.
Garri-scumbag Keillors Queerlor has a problem with GWB? GK, the two-dollar homo from nowhere? Yep, that's him/her. Ol' 'dickbreath Garriscum', the "soap-fetcher" punk.
Life is good. Now the DNC moooooor-rons are putting the corrupt lowlife bitch, Hitlery Rotten Klintoon, into a 'leadership' position. Unable to effectively deliver their message to voters in the 2002 elections, Senate DemocRATs leaders are expected to name Sen. Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (Socialist-NY) to their leadership team next year to help develop a plan to counter Republican spin.
The ignorant, turd-eating, lowlife lib-democRAT scumbags in New Jersey's goobermint, have passed legislation for a non-existent entity: a "Childproof Handgun Bill" requiring all pistols sold in the state to eventually include safety features intended to prevent children and other unauthorized people from firing a weapon. The degenerates from the corrupt Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence were behind it. Gaaawd, I'm glad I moved away from that cesspool 13 years ago.
When the clock strikes midnight and Nov 26th is history, the nation's toughest smoking law goes into effect in Delaware. Bye, bye business, moooooor-rons. The flight to penna and other states has already begun.
The SCOTUS finally showed the ugly dwarf bitch, notorious lib-dem Mary Frances Berry, head of the U.S. Commission of Civil Rights, who is boss: the law. Step aside, scumbagette.
JFK was a junkie, like his alcoholic, fat, stupid, drug-addicted family. The "Camelot fantasy" was a pathetic, lib-democRAT manufactured, bullshit myth. Scumbag and lowlife Kennedys, all of the deviants. Good riddance to them.
The "sissification of America" continues, unabated, by lowlife libs and dems.
Sooooooooooooo, Little Dwarf Tommie "Turd Boy" Dass-hole (Socialist-SD) is blaming Rush Limbaugh and Conservative Radio for all the ills of the lib-democRATs and the world? Figures.

Lowlifes, Scumbags & Degenerates.
Words almost fail me. A six-woman jury last Thursday awarded $24 million to a woman who sued a firm that sold the gun used by a 13-year-old pupil to whack her husband, a teacher — and claimed the murderer was not at all responsible. The award was believed to be the first of its kind against a gun distributor. Un-freaking-believable! This'll be overturned on appeal.
Yes, Mikey "The Pedophile" Jack-scum is a sicko-wacko-jacko: even doctors are weighing-in on his plastic surgery. LOOK AT THIS FREAK'S FACE! It's all putty and make-up; he has no nose! Here's the history of his face. And both his illegitimate children should be taken away from him, for this stupid, dangerous stunt. No other word for it: he's a lowlife, wacko idiot. Get it away from all children!
Hollyweird perversions in the headlines: actor Jeffrey Jones, best known as the suillegal alienious high school dean of students in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, was arrested Thursday for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old boy and possessing child pornography.
Two Hollyweird perverts in the news in one week: convicted pervert and deviant actor Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) was charged Friday with one misdemeanor count of possessing material depicting children engaged in sexual conduct.
The alcoholic pig, drug-addicted lesbian bull-dyke, unfunny bitch, Paula Poundstone, is getting 3 of her 5 illegitimate kids back. Too bad for the kids.
Words do fail me. Oh Lord, please let it be so for the scummy lib-democRATs: First he was "Puffy". Now he's "P. Diddly". And if his friends are right, rap's bad boy and downtown cultural icon lowlife criminal scumbag, Sean Combs might someday be called Mr. President. Bwahhhhhaaaaaaaa! Bring it on, scumbag.
Give to The United Way? Not in a million years; I donate directly to The Boy Scouts of America's local council, here in York (PA). Screw the lib-dem, atheist-riddled, homo-infested PC United Way and their bigoted attitudes. Did you know they're also very, very corrupt and criminally cook their books, too? Yup.
Further proof that left-wing wacko, People's Republik of Kalifornicate should be given back to Mexico. Read this, but sit down first. And no liquids in your mouth near the monitor or keyboard, please.
Hard to believe that Queen Elizabeth would even be in the same room as the lowlife, subhuman, alcoholic, drug-addicted slutbag skank whore, Madonna. The smell from that bitch must have been overwhelming; don't know how the Queen could stand it without an oxygen tank nearby. Pheeeeew! And now this multi-millionaire pig is mooching money from others because she's a leech? Wash dishes, bitch!

These People Subhumans Need Killing™.
C'mon, whack execute these two idiots murderous Carr brother subhuman scumbags already. They don't deserve any more oxygen.
All murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors deserve to be executed; no excuses, no life in prison, just final and endless death.
Mr Bush, are you listening? Get this murderous illegal alien filth outta my country! Screw that moron, illegal alien illegal alien scumbag Fox in Mexico: deport all illegals and do it now, dammit! Americans are being whacked by illegals on a daily basis.
Britain is considering a controversial scheme to surgically implant electronic tags in convicted paedophiles amid fears that the extent of the abuse of children has been massively underestimated. I'll go that one step better: implant chips in all murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors, upon arrest; that way they can be tracked and, if resisting re-arrest, whacked. End of problem.
Ahhhh, this made my week: Defiant to the end, a former federal drug informant who aspired to be a CIA agent, Craig Ogan was executed Tuesday, for Killing a Houston police officer 13 years ago. Good riddance, scumbag. Life is good, once again.
Someone please whack this pervert scumbag, too. No earthly reason for a subhuman like this to consume anymore oxygen.

My Life Is Beer!
A tall, frosty beer can be many things: the perfect refresher on a blistering hot day, a tasty complement to a rib-sticking meal, or a reward at the end of a miserable day. In the case of Joseph C. Topping III, beer is all these things and more — it's his life, and this happy and intoxicating site proves it. With over 500 beers represented, this site offers a forum for users to rank their favorite brew. Whether you prefer a stout, ale, bock, or porter, you can rate the beers you've tasted on a 1-10 scale and offer commentary on your favorite beverage. But suds-loving Joseph doesn't stop at the bottles and cans. He also provides detailed reviews of brewpubs, breweries, and bars across the country. Whether you're working on a serious beer belly or just enjoy the occasional brewski, this home-brewed ode to all things beer will quench your thirst. Me? Ummmm, I hardly drink a six-pack of Rolling Rock®, or Anchor Steam® Beer, or Guinness Stout®, in a year, combined. You?

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