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Friday, November 23, 2001

I'm making every effort to deal with the lowlife, garbage liberal democRATs' traitorous, Blame America First Cabal's attacks on America. They're there at every turn of events, criticizing the US, its people, military, pols for every problem the world encounters. If it's global warming, it's the US' fault. If there's famine, it's our fault. If there's racial problems somewhere, so says disgraced, impeached, lying lowlife Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, it's our fault. If there's an accident, it's our fault. If it's floods, hurricanes, drought, severe snows and cold, it's the US' fault. Even The Massacre of September 11th, and the resultant heightened national security, was and is our fault, according to them. Because we're the last remaining Global SuperPower, we're to blame for whatever ills befall the Earth. I've listened, tolerated and laughed at the moronic lib-democRATs' attacks upon us, ferverntly hoping that the World would see through their transparent charade. But it hasn't; we're still the Earthly personification of Evil to many countries, whom we've aided over the past 50+ years. Rational and reasoned thought isn't in their vocabulary. They're idiots, cretins and morons. Lib-dem scumbags couldn't find their own asses asss with both (of their own) hands; they're clueless and oblivious to Truth and Morality. They preach a feeble game; they play even wobblier. Typically, scumbag lib-dem operations like The New York Slimes and Washington Toast lead the way in assaulting the US. Time to man the boats; the BS Meter's pinned. The shit is getting really deep. Let's get the hell outta here and leave the RAThers & democRATs to their own self-destruction.

Around The Garden Center.
No moisture in sight, as of 11.16.01 and it's getting grimmer by the second minute hour day week month.
Gas prices are still dropping, but probably won't get down to this level anytime soon. I paid $1.09.9 (89 octane) this week at one of the super-stations in York (PA), but prices are fluctuating wildly amongst the independents.
I was up at 3:35am on Sunday, and stayed around until almost 5am, to catch the Leonid Meteror Shower, but the low clouds and fog over the area obscured any chance to see this phenomena, as did the nearby light pollution from "civilization". Well hell, I'm glad other people got the experience, though.
Mirable dictu: rain showers moved through the area Monday night. The brief storm woke me up at 1:45am to a "foreign" sound I haven't heard in 25+ weeks: rain drops on my condo's skylights. Final tally was 1/10th of an inch; not enough to do any real good, but it sounded great. And temps dropped 20-25°F into the 20s and low 30s on Tuesday, following that front.
Over the past 11 years of operation, I've noticed that the 2-3 days leading up to Amnerica's Thanksgiving Holiday are considerably lighter in auto traffic, as many people usually begin flying to various destinations around the US; this year is a marked exception. Car traffic was noticeably heavier all week, and the media reports of airline travel off 30-40% didn't surprise me a bit. I've noticed a lot more police cars in evidence on the roads this past week.
Wow, I just found the end of the Net. Been there yet?
I hope you and yours had a festive and joyous Thanksgiving with your Family; I did. One of my favorite times of the year, and even made more so by The Massacre of September 11th. I slept in, made a nice breakfast of Eggs Benedict, French Toast and coffee, and then went down to the Garden Center Complex to feed Pickles and do some paperwork. Traffic was almost non-existent. I was at Mom & Dad's home for dinner by 1:15pm. My sister called in from her home in San Francisco, as usual, and we had a nice chat. She'll be coming east in the Spring, as usual, to help out in getting the Garden Center & Nursery opened-up and ready for the 12th Open House on Saturday, April 13th, 2002. Did you know that the Thanksgiving Holiday was started by a woman from Philadelphia and Abe Lincoln signed it into law?
The TV ad-like emails for weight loss and hair restoration just keep coming daily; wonder how they know?

The September 11th Massacre.
The murderous, lowlife extremist Muslim, wacko Islamic shitfilth, towelhead scum are dropping like crazy. f*ck Screw Rum-a-dumb's un-holy-daze; this is war, diaperheads. We're coming after your sorry, pork-sucking asses next, Iraq and Sodomy Insane. Prepare to die.
Okay, let's call it what it really is: World War IV. Makes perfect s3nse to me, now that I think about it.
It's hard to believe that so many stupid people in America — loads of ignornat degenerates and mental defectives, most likely — are converting to Islam, a degenerate, homosexual and pedophilic, murderous, rage-against-women-filled cult. 34,000 so far, the towelheads claim? Great, more to whack with my new weapons. Bring it on, diaperhead filth.
The towelheads in the UK are "threatening race riots" if Britain puts through its anti-terror bill and makes it law.
I've never been a fan of Billy Graham, but I do agree with his son's view of the degenerate Islam filth. The terrorist cult of Islam is the problem worldwide and needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth.
Damned Muslim towelhead shitfilth scumbags better be worried about upcoming FBI activity against extremist Islamic terrorists. Apprehension is building in Muslim communities across Southern California as federal anti-terrorism investigators gear up for a surge of activity involving foreign nationals. About 5,000 interviews ordered nationwide this week by Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft include more than 100 in the Los Angeles area alone.
Personally, I think it's way, way, way past time for the US Military to round-up, interr, interrogate, decide who'd with us and who'd against us, execute or deport Muslim/Islam filth and trash. I prefer the latter option: execute them all. Time to drain the swamp.
The clean-up and search for remains continues at Ground Zero; lest we forget.
United Flight 587 progress? None so far, according to the NTSB and FBI, but eyewitnesses have once again been discounted and the bomb theory discredited, same as with TWA Flight 800. Natch. Now, the NTSB and FBI are spinning mechanical failure heavily. Natch, even with dozens of eyewitnesses to an explosion.
Terrorist supporters living in the US? Sure there are; thousands, perhaps tens-of-thousands need to be identified, rounded-up, interred in camps, deported and/or executed. If we don't get moving and seal all the borders, we Citizens going to have to start Killing these terrorist scum in pitched battles in the streets of American Cities. I'm locked and loaded; you ready?
Although we haven't found the pork-sucking bin Laden coward just yet — but it's narrowed down, now — we're set to "broaden the war" and envelop more states and countries which sponsor and harbor terrorists. I'm looking forward to reducing Iraq, Indonesia, the Phillipines and several dozen other pork-eating Muslim shitholes to smoldering cinders.
Finally, a modicum of sanity and intelligence from The Washington Post Toasties on W& Cos plan to try and execute terrorists by secret military tribunal. A breath of fresh air, few and far between the left-wing wacko, looney lib-dem morons. I love it. whack them all; an entire "network of terrorists" awaits orders.
Imprisoned terrorists still pushing plots from their cells with "visitors" and cell phones? Bullshit; put all of the subhuman Muslim towelhead filth into dark holes with liquid pig entrails up to their chins. That'll be the end of plotting.
Here's why we have to wipe out Sodomy Insane and Iraq, next.
Though I've never been a fan of his father, Rev Billy Graham, I agree 100% with his son, Franklin Graham, that Islam is a subhuman, murderous, degenerate and deviate religion cult of lowlifes, scumbags, morons and morons, worldwide, who need to be exterminated. And there's millions of such filth living illegally here in the US.
Finally, the truth about why both WTC Towers collapsed so quickly, comes out.
Divert federal funds from AIDS to bioterrorism? YES, do it! There's no need to fund a bogus "disease" of deviant homo filth. Let the degenerate fags die due to the aberrant behavior; serves 'em right. Should have been done 10 years ago.
Here's an interesting take on the recent anthrax attacks. makes one wonder, doesn't it?
Four journalists were slaughtered by Tali-asshead crazies on a dusty roadside outside Kabul yesterday. Two of them worked for Reuters, the news agency that advised their writers not to use the word "terrorist" — too judgmental, management lib-dem scum said. It might "hurt the murderers feelings". Boo-hoo-hoo. Perhaps Reuters management is rethinking that position. Ummm sorry, no sympathy here, Reuters; you truly brought this upon your own people and you'll have to deal with it.
The US has over 1,200 lowlife subhuman towelhead Muslim extremist Islam fanatics in "custody"; another 5,000 are scheduled for "interviews". Time to drain the swamp of terrorists in the US. Deport the "questionables"; try and execute the "givens". Spain has a major terror cell bust to boast about. Bravo and gratias! Keep up the pressure; Let's Roll!
Oh shit. Another anthrax case I was kinda hoping that that wouldn't happen.
Diversity or mere "diversity"? FYI.
Iraq and Iraq are next. Any doubt? I'm looking forward to the slaughter.
Yeah sure, I can draw that parallel: bin Laden and Hitler thinking.
Uh oh, here they come again. The FBI is developing software capable of inserting a computer virus onto a suspect’s machine and obtaining encryption keys. The software, known as "Magic Lantern", enables agents to read data that had been scrambled, a tactic often employed by criminals to hide information and evade law enforcement. The best snooping technology that the FBI currently uses, the controversial software called "Carnivore", has been useless against suspects clever enough to encrypt their files.
Apparently, this black "acting police chief", Andrew Kirkland, in The People's Republik of Seattle, OR, doesn't like police because he's refusing to comply with AG John Ashcroft's orders to interview potential terrorists; he had a "bad time" growing up in Detroit, and police there were "always bothering him". Probably because he was a little porch-monkey criminal back then. He should be in prison instead of being a cop. Back to the jungle, scumbag where you belong.
The official count of the dead and missing in the attack on the World Trade Center has fallen sharply in the last few weeks to below 3,900, a total that is nearly 3,000 fewer than the number city officials, in the first weeks after the towers fell, feared had perished. Good news indeed.
Tali-asshead scum and cowardly al-Qa'ida filth wanting to surrender to the socialist filth at the commie-dominated UN, and receive "safe passage" out of Afghanistan? I don't f*cking freaking think so; whack/ butcher them all. No prisoners, only corpses.
This 94 year old woman and her family sure aren't having a very nice Thanksgiving Holiday; she's dead from inhalation anthrax and the perps are still "out there", since early october. C'mon FBI: nail those bastards!
Here's (just one area) where the US (In)Justice Dept is f*cked-up: trying terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui in a US Court of Law. He's one of the September 11th hijackers who didn't get it done, but tried, therefore he should be given a military tribunal hearing and executed, buried face down so the Allah homo can't see him, and pork guts poured on top just before the dirt is shovelled in to seal the towelhead filth up. Sandidiot filth like him deserve defamation, not justice. The Victims of September 11th deserve Justice and unbridled revenge.
Okay, the CIA & Co around the world have 360+ terrorists in custody in 50+ countries; time to secretly try and execute them all. Refer to the previous paragraph for disposal instructions. Way to go, guys.
I'm sure the moronic lib-dem garbage still doubt there are such people as terrorists; perhaps they merely think that they're "freedom fighters"? Read this about the cowardly Muslim lowlife Islamic shitheads in al Qaida.
Egypt is also going to take a huge fall, after Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Somalia. We'll get them all, eventually. We sure have enough nukes to do the job.

GOP Bumblers.
The airline security bill is the perfect example of how this war has crippled Republicans ideologically, and will make them pay politically. The DemocRAT response to the 9/11 atrocity, aside from rallying around the President and the war, was to demand an immediate increase in the number of federal employees. Their solution to the threat of terrorism at the nation's airports: federalize airport security. House Republicans resisted, at first, and then backed down, essentially agreeing to everything the DemocRATs demanded. Why? Because in wartime the Conservative Republican agenda of privatization, free enterprise, and individual responsibility must inevitably give way to federalization, centralization, and collectivism. "War is the health of the State", as Randolph Bourne put it, "and this is a lesson Conservatives always have great difficulty learning".
Republicans getting restless over W's "failure to use his bully pulpit to push through the GOP's agenda"? Well idiots, go have a talk privately with him; this throwing of temper tantrums in public meetings is moronic and purely self-serving. What a bunch of morons.
Here's a lowlife towelhead pork-sucking scumbag masquerading as a Republican (RINO - Republican In Name Only): Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) needs to be deported from California and sent back to the Mideast shithole from whence he came. He's a lying, conniving piece of dogshit. He believes the murderous filth in Hizbollah are legit and have never participated in terrorism? What an ignorant diaperhead scumbag. They're evil, ruthless murderers; just ask the Israelis. Deport the traitorous moron.
The GOP got rolled on the avaiation security bill, signed into law by W last Monday. It will federalize 28,000+ lowclass, non US Citizen minority lowlifes (perfect lib-dem voters) who are currently private company baggage screeners, entitling them to the federal taxpayers' teat of endless money, job security and benefits. These people are so incompetent that they can't get jobs anywhere else, but are "screening" passengers' baggage for weapons. What's wrong with this picture? Bill Kaliher from The EtherZone, has a most interesting take on this pending disaster.
W needs to get rid of this moron, Andy Card; he's already caused innumerable problems for Conservatives and GOPers in the Bush Administration and, unless he's replaced soon with someone with a level head, more shit is gonna drop through the sieve on to W's placemat.

Lib-democRAT Scum.
Liberal scum, lowlife libertarians and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) whined, wet their beds and wrung their bony hands this week as W&Co sought to protect the US from the dangers within. Billy Bob Safire, a real RINO, pissed and moaned about military tribunals and dictatorial power; obviously he was doing some kind of drug to write something as stupid and histrionic as that shit. PMS-NBCs resident wimp, John Dean, compained about the "secrecy factor" in conducting a war. The Washington Post whined about secret military commission trials for terrorists. So did the lib-dem Boston Globe, ultra-lib-dem New York Slimes; only the clear and level-headed Wall St Journal put it into proper perspective.
Looks like the lowlife criminal, US Senator Bobby "The Torch" Torricelli (D-NJ), is going to skate from conviction on illegal campaign fundraising, cash gifts and corruption. Another sad day when criminals prevail.
Lowlife cretins like the ACLU and US Sen socialist Pat Leahy (D-VT) — too bad he didn't get "his" anthrax-laced letter and die — are getting their DNA-stained panties all in a bunch over the Justice Depts eavesdropping order on terrorist-lawyer conversations. Too f*cking freaking bad, lib-dem lowlifes. But the anti-war left-wing loonies are strangely silent, as they should be.
Read this Memo to Bill: Stay Away, from the NYC Firefighters and NYPD, who've finally realized that it was both Bubba Jeffy & Hitlery Rotten Clintoon who caused The Massacre of September 11th.
The Kennedy-Cuomo sluttish whore of a daughter criticized the Bush administration for giving broad new powers to police and prosecutors to fight terrorism, saying her father would not have approved of such moves because they undermine civil liberties. Bullshit, you ignorant bitch, this is war or haven't you been paying attention from under that slimy rock you inhabit, wretch. Hey bitch: your daddy's dead, murdered by a Middle Eastern towelhead named Sirhan Sirhan, remember in '68? So shut the f*ck hell up, lib-dem trash tramp.
Blacks are still suffering feeling the effects of what lib-dem scum have done to them for the past 65+ years: welfare dependency, inability to take responsibility for their own actions, 70% illegitinate birth rate, overwhelming numbers (63%) of one-parent families, perpetual "victim" status, set asides, quotas, preferences et al shit. And blacks still can't "get a leg up" on themselves; they're holding each other down, thanks to lib-dems and race-baiting, misery-profiteering idiots like Jack-scum and Sharp-scum. Get over it, blacks. Quit your perpetual whining, and move on.
Another anthrax letter to a democRAT scumbag; first to Dass-hole and Leahy lowlifes? This time, to Kennedy and Dodd. Methinks a lib-dem is doing this to elicit sympathy from the American Public, since W's approval ratings are around 90%, twice what BJ Clintoon's ever were.
AlGoreBore still can't get a paying job; he's sending out resumes on 3x5 cards but no one wants to hire a loser.
Another lib-dem moron writer in The Village Idiot, Nat Hentoff, whines, wets his pants and wrings his bony hands about secret military trials. get over it you scumbag moron, it's war, or don't you remember The Massacre of September 11th? Apparently not, traitor.
The murdering and lying US Rep Gary Condit (D-CA) — remember Chandra Levy? — is back in the news, receiving a grand jury subpoena for undisclosed documents related to the April 30th disappearance of Washington, DC intern Chandra Levy. This marks the first time since the September 11th terrorist attacks that the case has received significant media attention.
The racist regents and administrators of the University of California (UC) are once again using hidden-agendas to reinstate race-based affirmative action and subjective testing in their seriously-flawed testing and admissions policies. Whites and other serious students need not apply. Federal funding should be yanked from this dogshit school, and all "administrative management" replaced immediately.

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
The very untalented "actor" Danny Glover has called on the United States government to spare the life of Osama bin Laden, even if he is found guilty of being involved in terrorist acts of The Massacre of September 11th. Huh? Didn't this Glover lowlife star in some real violent movies, like Lethal Weapon series with Mel Gibson? Apparently, this Glover moron doesn't remember The Massacre of September 11th, or maybe he was in Hollyweird with his ugly black head up his sorry excuse for an ass?
This story of two teens trying to blow-up a 7 month old kitten with M-80s outraged me beyond all reason; I'd have beaten both punks to death if I'd have been there, regardless of the legal consequences. Both lowlife scumbags deserve M-80s taped to their testicles and detonated. Neither should be allowed to reproduce. Fortunately, the kitten survived its wounds and is being cared for by its owners.
The "PC" scumbags at the United Parish Church in Brookline, Mass, are throwing the Boy Scouts out after 85 years under the church's sponsorship, because the BSA doesn't want deviant, degenerate homos in the organization. I agree. As an Eagle Scout (class of '62), there's no place for the fudge-packing, rump-raiding subhuman scum in a character-building organization. Let the filth start their own club. The entire state of Massachusetts is a pathetic joke, as is Vermont, which allows homos to "marry". Phew to both.
The fat, stupid, drug-addicted alcoholic Kennedy cousin, Michael Skakel, who had sought to have his trial, in the 1975 murder of a 15 year old neighbor child, heard in juvenile court, was dismissed by the state Supreme Court in Massachusettes, a corrupt haven for Kennedy murderers (does the fat alcoholic Sen Teddy "The Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy spring to mind immediately?), rapists, child molesters, drug addicts, liars, deviants and degenerates etc. The "Camelot Trash" Kennedy scum deserve to serve thousands of years in prison for their crimes against America. They're all filth and garbage.
How about this for f*cked up screwed up beyond belief? The Montgomery County, MD, Council on Tuesday approved one of the most restrictive anti-smoking measures in the nation, establishing fines for people who smoke in their homes if the smoke offends their neighbors. And County Executive Douglas Duncan promised to sign the measure into law. Does this apply to farts flatulence? Bad breath? Car exhaust? Noise pollution from gasoline powered lawnmowers and power tools? High-pollen plants? The smell of fertilizer? Excess shade from tall trees? Hey, why not? Just amazing what a cabal of lib-democRAT morons with tinfoil hats can do to trample individual and property rights, isn't it? Even the loathsome, socialist ACLU is getting involved. The pussification of America continues in The People's Republik of Maryland.
Always the perpetual victims, so-called "native" (note, small "N") Americans — alcoholic, drug-addicted, lazy, welfare-sucking, lowlife indians (note, small "I") — gathered on Thanksgiving Day to "mourn and condemn continuing violence and discrimination" against themselves. Jeeez, these injuns are worse than idiots and white trash. Get a job, lowlife scum. Get two or three jobs, if that's what it takes to live like Human Beings, instead of the pathetic subhuman wretches you are. No sympathy here, Tonto.

Richly Deserving Execution.
Society is making progress in ridding the world of murderers. Here's the November Execution Schedule, and only "2 stays" from the cowards in Arizona. The other states are doing their duty to execute the subhuman filth in their custody, though not fast enough to my satisfaction. Heck, we're only halfway through the month; lots more whackers scheduled to die. And December promises to be a good month, too. So many to execute and so little time.
Kathleen Soliah, alias Sara Jane Olson, pleaded guilty last month in connection with a 1975 terrorist bombing by the Symbionese Liberation Army. Then she strode out of court and held a press conference at which she declared her innocence. The judge called her back to court and demanded to know what she was doing professing innocence when she'd just admitted her guilt. She answered that she was, in fact, guilty. Now she's changed her mind yet again. She filed a motion yesterday to withdraw her guilty plea. This woman has lost and regained her innocence so many times, she should join the secondary virginity movement. Execute the whore.
This black piece of shit, Ronald Taylor, is getting the death penalty for Killing 3 whites in a racially-motivated rampage. Good riddance, scumbag.
This white trash piece of 60s hippe shit, Ira Einhorn, is unfortunately getting a new trial; he was convicted in absentia in the 1977 murder of his girlfriend. Einhorn was accused of murdering Holly Maddux, whose mummified remains were found in a steamer trunk in the couple's Philadelphia apartment 18 months after Einhorn said she went to the store and never returned. Yeah, sure thing, scumbag. This piece of subhuman filth needs and deserves death.
Does the traitorous name, Jonathan Pollard, ring any bells? He sold the US out to Israel, 16 years ago. He deserves, like every other traitor — Ames, Hannssen et al filth-scum — to be executed by a military something tribunal. Dead and harmless. Hey, if you guys can't "do it"; call me, and I'll rush right on down and gleefully do the whack. FYI.

Way of the Exploding Stick.
Here's a kung fu action game you can play in your web browser. Colorful animated stick figures battle it out in a keystroke coordination challenge that's guaranteed to wile away solitary hours in front of the computer. Run, jump, jab, punch, and kick as you exercise hand-eye coordination and the dexterity of several fingers at once. You'll need the S, X, D, C, and V keys; four arrow keys are also essential. The animation design is appealingly simple — think "Crouching Stickman, Hidden Drag-and-Drop" in the bold colors and crisp lines of Japanese woodblock prints. The key to success? Just lay off the noodles...

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