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terrorists and saboteurs are surging into america

friday, november 24th, 2023

The migration is going into hyperdrive," Anthony Rubin, owner of investigative journalist site Muckraker.com, told Gatestone this week. He was referring to individuals traveling by foot, boat and truck to America's southern border.

A caravan of some 7,000 people, one of the largest ever, is now making its way to the U.S. During the last few weeks, Rubin has been reporting on this mass movement of humanity as it surges toward America.

"It took only 19 terrorists to carry out 9/11," Humire points out. "America is likely heading toward an era of increased terrorist attacks in the homeland."

Those who want to cross the U.S. southern border and do not live in this hemisphere usually fly to Quito because Ecuador allows visa-free entry to Chinese and others, such as those from the Middle East and the Central Asian "stans."

Migrants cross from Ecuador into Colombia and from there take one of three routes into the Darien Gap, a strip of jungle about 70 miles long, covering northern Colombia and southern Panama. The Pan-American Highway does not run through the Gap, which separates Central America from South America.

As Rubin reports, the Chinese use the most expensive and the safest of the routes. He just traveled it with the migrants.

Chinese migrants usually start in Necocli, on the east side of the Gulf of Uraba, an inlet at the southern end of the Caribbean Sea. They take a boat to Acandi or Capurgana, on the other side of the gulf but still in Colombia. From there, they are smuggled by boat into Panama, landing at Carreto.

And Biden is welcoming the attackers onto American soil.

Recently, Rubin saw 300 to 400 people at Carreto, the majority of them Chinese.

From Carreto, the Chinese migrants trek west across the Darien jungle to Canaan Membrillo. At Canaan Membrillo, they board a piragua boat to Puerto Limon, where the trekkers hop on open-air trucks, each holding about 60 tightly packed people. The trucks take them to a staging center, the end of the dangerous portion of the trip. From the staging center they catch a bus to the San Vicente Camp along Highway 1. The Biden administration has been funding the camp to facilitate migration to the U.S.

Those who want to cross the U.S. southern border and do not live in this hemisphere usually fly to Quito because Ecuador allows visa-free entry to Chinese and others, such as those from the Middle East and the Central Asian "stans."

Migrants leave San Vicente for quick rides to and through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. The migrants cross each country illegally.

Some Chinese migrants are almost certainly members of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA). U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-TN.), chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said at a press conference in June that, based on his conversation with a U.S. Border Patrol sector chief, some of the Chinese migrants at the southern border have "known ties to the PLA."

As Rubin notes, the Chinese are by no means the scariest in the caravan. He said that in fact he felt safest with the individuals from China.

The Chinese, after all, are not waging jihad.

Who is? The most confrontational of the groups in the caravan are military-aged Syrian males. Rubin also saw South Americans with markings indicating gang affiliations.

"I see aliens from over a hundred countries," war correspondent Michael Yon, who is currently near the Darien Gap, told Gatestone, "including growing rivers of Chinese, Arabs of many sorts, Afghans of various sorts, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Iranians, Venezuelans, and on and on." By far, most are military-aged men unencumbered by impulse control or political correctness."

There are definitely "people of interest" coming through. Some appear desperate to leave their homelands. Others, however, look as if they have malign intentions. When asked where they are going, for instance, they clam up.

At the southern border, the U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended migrants with explosive devices that were, in the words of Sen. John Barrasso, "tailored for terrorism."

At the end of last month, 17 Chinese nationals landed at Key Largo from Cuba.

"In the first three years of the Biden administration, there have been at least 264 apprehensions on the U.S. southern border of persons on a terror watchlist," Joseph Humire of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for a Secure Free Society informed Gatestone. "This is a drastic increase from the four years of the Trump administration, when only 11 terror-watch list apprehensions took place on the southern border."

As Humire, who spends time in Latin America, notes, these figures do not include terrorists who are potentially part of the 1.5 million known "gotaways" at the southern border in the last three years. The Department of Homeland Security has a classification for irregular migrants coming from a terror-prone country: Special Interest Aliens. The Border Patrol has encountered larger numbers of SIAs from, for instance, Syria.

Terrorists may now be entering the U.S. through another route. At the end of last month, 17 Chinese nationals landed at Key Largo from Cuba.

"I don't know who they are, why they're here, or what they were doing," U.S. Rep. Carlos Gimenez, who represents the Florida Keys, said to London's Daily Mail. He thinks that this was the first time migrants from China had tried to enter the U.S. through the Keys.

Venezuela's regime has been using migration as a weapon against the United States. [Joseph] Humire terms it "Strategic Engineered Migration."

Gimenez, who sits on the House Committee on Homeland Security, told the British paper that Cuba may be working with the Chinese migrants to smuggle them into U.S. He is undoubtedly right. It is unlikely that individuals from China could organize a boat and head north to Florida without Havana's help.

Cuba is not the only party facilitating migration to America. Venezuela's regime has been using migration as a weapon against the United States. Humire terms it "Strategic Engineered Migration."

"It took only 19 terrorists to carry out 9/11," Humire points out. "America is likely heading toward an era of increased terrorist attacks in the homeland."

And Biden is welcoming the attackers onto American soil.

© 11.08.2023 by Gordon G. Chang, "GATESTONE INSTITUTE".

[JS: For saeveral years, I've been saying and expecting another terrorist mass casualty attack, and am relieved that it hasn'ty happened, YET. America is infiltrated and infested with terrorists, criminals, gang members etc etc etc, and when they get their "GO ORDERS", thousands of "soft targets" across the country will be hit. 9-11's casualty total will seem like a walk-in-the-park. Those who live in democrat-controlled, urban "gun free zones", are in the most danger. "Soft targets" are easily found. That’s what happens to nations that turn their backs on God.]

A Day In The Life.

Up at 5a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and skipped breakfast until later, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for the lower left back/hip/buttock/thigh pain, upped the condo heat to 74° fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage with the oscillating heater now going, and checked the leftover errands list. As I usually do, I opened the garage door to get some fresh air, and the wall of clean 45° air hit me thru a 3min Marlboro, said hi to a neighbor walking his dog and got back inside after closing the big door. Brrrrrr. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, and enjoyed the new Kona Blended Light Roast Coffee.

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

It was a 45° at 0-Dark-Thirty, I scanned the weather and some breaking news articles...

BREAKING NEWS @ 6AM (re-posted 12 days ago): "General Motors (GM®) faces an unprecedented EV crisis as CEO Mary Barra unexpectedly halts EV production and scraps most electric plans. This abrupt move has reverberated across the automotive landscape. The primary reason? A significant lack of demand." GOOD step in the right direction!

I decided to go over to the New Eastern Farmers' Market early at 8a, when traffic's not so bad, and get the really good food shopping trip done. Traffic was very sparse, and the Market wasn't yet crowded; nice. I placed my order for several T-Day Dinners for next Wednesday -- they're closed Thanksgiving Thursday -- got thru in 30mins and home by 8:45, put all the stuff away, and turned into the Chris Plante Show came on until 12noon. After unpacking, I cleaned-up the back patio and gardens. I did. The morons from *Your Chimney Sweep* didn't do their job, and the idiots at Esquire Association Management will go ahead and pay them for INCOMPLETE and SLOPPY WORK!

When you fall down, you wonder what else you can do while you?'re down there.

After a big lunch of Pot Roast, Roasted Potatoes, Spiral Pasta Salad, a whole pint of Häagen Dazs® 'Rum Raisin' Ice Cream and two Tangerines, I drove over to the Rite Aid Pharmacy to p/u an Rx; then back home in heavy construction, single lane traffic. 40 mins for a 1½ mile drive, Damn. Partly cloudy and 69°, and I had both upstairs windows, front and back screen doors wide open to get a nice breeze thru the condo. Crashing, I hit the couch for a couple/3 hours. By the time I woke-up, it was dusk and getting dark. I had the last of the morning's coffee, to help wake-up. No dinner needed.

The day's major "news" made me ill/PO'd/angry: "Experts raise alarm after Biden strikes agreement with China to shut down fossil fuels", and "Gen-Z employee is 'shocked' by the 'depressing' 9-to-5 work schedule", and "REAL Hourly Compensation Has DECLINED By -5.1% Under Bidenomics", and "Biden invokes wartime powers to fund electric heaters as he cracks down on gas appliances." Got that, peons? Our betters have spoken!

My karma ran over my dogma.

I closed the condo; rain was on the way. After dinner, I watched the news and Discovery's "Gold Rush", until 11p and nodding-off. Lights out.

Up at 5:30a on Saturday, with some pain but not as bad as days before, it was a COLD 52° and VERY windy, on the back patio's thermometer, still wet from last night's rain, but I upped the heat, started coffee, fire-up the desktop and turned-on the news/weather sites. I scanned the weather and news sites, to get the night's/morning's stories. After opening the garage door to get some fresh air, I had to turn the oscillating tower heater back on, to get some warmth. Damn, the wind was cold.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson today, made good on his promise to publicly release all of the first round of 90hrs of video footage (44,000 hours total coming; 100+ videos so far, 90 hours) recorded in the U.S. Capitol on January 6th that was used by the House committee that investigated the civil unrest there that day. RINO McCarthy could have done this, and maybe an earlier hostage release from the J6 jail. I spent 3hrs and viewed almost 300hrs; YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

If what I just wrote made you sad or angry, it was probably just a joke.

I went thru 2 caráfes of French Dark Roast House Coffee, got my caffeine high until lunch at 1p, and began to crash. I headed for the LR couch. 2½hrs later, it was getting dark when I woke, so I closed-up, and tried to shake off the grogginess. After some dinner, I checked email, and got back to some research on the 2020 Stolen Election. That can wait; I wanted to watch the Police State Movie.

Have you seen Dinesh D'Souza's recent movie, "Police State" (Full Movie)? There are clips and trailers around, but this is the full 1hour 47mins movie. Enjoy, and know that this IS happening to us, NOW.

I spent the evening watching the movie, TWICE, and called it quits around 11:30p. Instead of watching the Las Vegas F1 GP from 1a-3a, I'll catch the replay tomorrow morning after I get up, as I want to "sleep-in", a little bit.

Awake and up at 6a on Sunday, it was cold inside the condo, so I upped the heat to 75° right away. 31° outside, and I fired-up the garage heater, before making coffee. After scanning the news and weather on the desktop, I tuned into this morning's (stupid crap 1-3a) replay of the Las Vegas F-1 Grand Prix, for the 2hr/50 lap race. Great, exciting race! After 2 Croissants for breakfast, it was up for a shave and the occasional morning shower. Even at 75°, it felt cold in the condo. The hot shower felt good; I could have stayed in there, all day.

If what I did for a life's career was easy, everybody would be doing it.

RIP, Rosalynn Carter.

After some lunch, I called Sherry to set-up some afternoons with her, for the coming week. Lots of paperwork to do, and I attacked the growing pile. By 5p, my right knee exploded and the pain was awful. I limped gingerly and slowly around the place until bedtime. Also, by 6:30p, it was dark and cold, so I closed-up, had a light dinner, and watched Discovery's "Homestead Rescue" until 11p. Lights out.

Awake and up at 4:30a on Monday, I had NO PAIN! NONE! NOWHERE! Ahhhhhhh, the absence of pain, is GLORIOUS! NO PAIN in my left side lower back/hip/buttock/thigh or right knee! Thank you, thank you, thank you! A cold 30°, I upped the heat, made coffee, had a couple smokes in the garage and fired-up the desktop. No need for any painkillers. I tuned into a recent Chris Stigall podcast, until his 6-9a morning show came on the local station, 990a in Philly. It was getting light around 6:35a, with sunrise at 6:56. I brewed a second carafe of French, emptying the ancient Starbucks square container (given to me in the 70s by Sis), and grabbed a pound of fresh Turkish-ground Kona Hawaiian. Nice.

Lunch Bucket Joe's 81st birthday is today. He's older than the Nation of Israel.

I had some errands to do, and left at 12:15p, for Dallastown and points south. Traffic was very heavy, especially coming north to the gigantic Galleria, near my condo. It was backed-up 2+ miles, with everyone trying to turn left onto one road to get to the Galleria, instead of continuing to the next 2 roads to turn left, and get to the same place. Idiots. I finally got home around 2p, had lunch, did some quick chores and fell asleep on the LR couch, from getting-up at 4. It was dark with 45mins, I closed down for the night, and watched crappy TV -- Mon, Tue, Thu & Sat are "NBC (Nothing But Crap) Nights", and I bounced around channels until 11p. Meh, time for some sleep.

Sleeping-in until 7a on Tuesday, that felt good, instead of 4-5-6a. It was heavily clouded, another cold 30°, and still darkish, as the leading edge of a massive storm system of sleet and snow, moved thru the area. Most of it blew thru north of us, but we got a few flurries and some sleet, with massive rain amounts coming afterward. Sherry's coming by at 1p, to get some walking done, and we'll definitely be going to walk inside at the cavernous York Galleria. Time to switch hats: put aside my Spring/Summer Palm Leaf Straw Fedora Hat to my Fall/Winter Fur Felt Fedora Hat. I needed to drive south to the Queensgate area's Walgreen's Pharmacy, to get an Rx for Sis, before tomorrow's holiday traffic horror show, so I left at 12:30p.

Love, coffee & cats are gifts from God.

The traffic was heavy, as expected, but not as bad as it's going to be tomorrow. En route, I called Sherry to reschedule our 1p get together, to 2p. She graciously agreed, and arrived in the rain, which continued all day, and has been pouring down hard since 5p -- 6½hrs now, and counting. We stayed at my place, with hugs and kisses top catch-up on, and talked until 4:30, when she had to leave to get an errand done, and get home before dark and the roads become parking lots, with holiday traffic. I had a light dinner, watched Discovery's reruns and new episode of "Curse of Oak Island" until 12 midnight, and unplugged.

Did you read/hear about the Ohio man, a Palestinian, who claimed he was hit by a car in a racially-motivated crime? No, of course you didn't. The left-wing media jumped on it when he screamed that a White guy hit him, and beat him up, but when the truth came out that it was a faked hate crime, the corrupt DNC-owned media dropped it quickly and buried all traces of the story. His brother beat him up, and the stinking muslim(SPIT!) POS first tried to blame a White guy's SUV for the race crime and hit-and-run. Remember the old saying, "The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore." (Chris Plante, WMAL, DC). Heh.

It's frustrating when you know all the answers, but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.

This'll give you pause: TDS, aka "Trump Derangement Syndrome" is on display with demonKKKrats, liberals, progressives, leftists and other subhuman, mentally-ill filth. Watch it on Rumble.

Up at 7a on Wednesday, I got the heat turned-up and coffee going, had a couple smokes in the cold garage -- it was still holding cold from last night, even though it was now 44° outside as the cold front passed thru -- checked the news and weather websites, and my list for the day. I got ready for the day, skipped breakfast until I got back, and drove over to the nearby New Eastern Farmers' Market to get my reserved load of foods. I'd have 2 Croissants when I got back. Traffic was light, amazingly, and I got Sis a Turkey Dinner, as I did for myself, for tomorrow, plus BBQ Roasted Potatoes, Angel Hair Pasta Salad, and Spiral Pasta Olive Salad... just a couple of the many, many delicious items that Pasta Plus has. With 150+ vendors, I always stop at the next stand to get Roasted Potatoes from Yorktowne BBQ, and chat with people along the way, many of whom remember me and my Ol' Garden Center & Nursery.

I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, and then to Chris Plante Show came on until 12noon, and relaxed, except for the trip to the Market and Sis' condo. I was surprised at the overall paucity(!) of traffic. After lunch, I did a load of laundry, and grabbed an hour on the LR couch.

On this date, Nov 22 1963, JFK was assassinated 60 years ago, and I was in algebra class, as a freshman in high school. I could go on and on; ask me sometime, and I will.

Black Friday: because only in America can people trample each other for sales, exactly one day after being thankful, for what they already have.

Back home, I had work to get on with inventorying and rotating my "Prepper Stores" in the basement, 17 shelves worth, which'll take most of the Winter to finish. By 6p, I was tired of moving stuff around and recording it all on a clipboard with forms I'd developed. Time for some dinner and TV. Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" was on until 10, followed by "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch" until midnight. I quit for the night around 12:30a.

Watch the film about the true death of "St George Floyd of Fentanyl", just out: "The Fall of Minneapolis" (1:45), and make-up your own mind about the facts in the case. I highly recommend the film. Remember the riots of 2020? This scumbag drug dealer was what all that BS, death, destruction nd a cop wrongfully being sentenced to 22yrs in prison, was about.

Up at 5a on Thursday, I upped the heat -- 39° outside -- made coffee, took the painkillers plus some Bayer® Aspirin, had some smokes and scanned the old Win-7 Pro x64 desktop, for the news and weather. I had the last of my Croissants w/ the wonderful light Roast Kona Hawaiian Coffee, got ready for the day, checked my email inbox, and my rain gauge said we'd gotten 3.2¾" since Tuesday.

This "True Story of Thanksgiving", by the late Rush Limbaugh, shortly before his death, is always worth listening to. And there are 619 other Thanksgiving-related results by Rush, right here. Always worth a listen, IMO.

Here's George Washington's original, first Proclamation of Thanksgiving:

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor — and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me “to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”

Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be — That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks — for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation — for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his Providence which we experienced in the tranquility [sic], union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed — for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted — for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.

And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions — to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually — to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed — to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shewn [sic] kindness onto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord — To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the encrease [sic] of science among them and us — and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand at the City of New York the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789.
George Washington

I decided to stay home today, as I had pain in my right hip and leg; I can go at 1p tomorrow. I had lunch, took a 500mg Bayer Aspirin, and laid down on the LR couch, with my leg elevated to alleviate the pain. 2½hrs later, I woke-up, as it was getting dark, with no pain. Cold day, with a high of only 42°. After some Angel Hair Pasta, Pot Roast, Roasted Potatoes and Spiral Pasta Salad, I caught the news, Discovery's new season of "Homestead Rescue" until 11, and then the news again. Lights out.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and with the T-Day Holiday still around over the weekend, the roads and stores will be busy. I've got a semi-busy week coming up, with lab/blood work to get done for upcoming Dr's app'ts, but nothing major until December.

Just A Quick Thought...

We've all seen the YUGE crowds of "Pro-Palestinians" demonstrating, and at times rioting, at college campuses, offices, downtown intersections and all over the place where they can disrupt traffic, peoples' lives and get widespread publicity. "They" hate us and America. I maintain that 50-80% of them are NOT students; they're "unknowns", from outside the country, bussed-in by Antifa, the DNC and other Leftist scumbags' "dark organizations". No one investigates; they simply say "they're students". THEY'RE NOT.

They're not "here". They're unknown unknowns. And the demonKKKrats, DNC and media -- but I repeat myself -- are foreigners coming across the south US Border. They hate us, as founded. Western Leftist Jews have also joined-in to hate "White oppressors", calling for the extinction of Israel. And now Elon Musk is involved, via a Tweet, as being "anti-Jew". Bullshit. Read what he said, and how those subhuman pro-Pali filthies have twisted it around.

On LUNCH BUCKET JOE'S "WATCH", 8+ MILLION illegal alien invaders have breached the southern US Border, unhindered, on the treasonous Joe Biden's & Alejandro Mayokas' orders. And another 1.6 MILLION GOTAWAYS, aka *unknowns*, have gotten away from the beleaguered, misdirected US Border Patrol's control, and are loose somewhere in America, only doing God knows what! Terrorists? YOU BET! AND WE'RE GOING TO GET ANOTHER 9-11 REAL DAMNED SOON, ONLY MUCH, MUCH BIGGER AND WORSE than the original horror show was! (BTW, I hardly ever use exclamation points.)

Just as with the Stolen 2020 Election, The Plandemic etc etc etc, this pro-Palestinian crap is bogus bullshit. They were all manufactured "shiny things", to distract from Biden's economy-in-the-toilet, out-of-control no policy for immigration (CLOSE the damned border!), rampant crime, stolen classified documents, widespread and deadly drug use & deaths, no foreign policy and a feeble, mindless husk in the Oval Office. (((sigh)))

Why Governments Have Replaced God With Global Warming.

Government is most secure when the people under its boot struggle to imagine life any other way.  As unnatural, clumsy, and often violent as a government’s thrashing tentacles tend to be, most people look at the bizarre bureaucratic Leviathan pushing them around and accept it as perfectly normal.  

They become accustomed to the illusion that some man-made monstrosity must be allowed to tax their labor, regulate their activities, indoctrinate their children, intimidate them with threats of force, and send them off to war whenever defense industry CEOs think business is slow.  They often choose to fight and die for their government’s honor — even when those in power do the most dishonorable things.  They will romanticize instances of past political corruption as whimsical tales from a bygone era — even as new episodes of government corruption rapidly unfold.  They will look at the technological transformations around them and illogically conclude that only the clunky, corroded cogs of government’s inefficient and outdated machinery can handle the immense complexities of an ever-changing world.  In other words, vast majorities in search of some modicum of mental peace do their damnedest to ignore the government’s ongoing output of harmful injuries, so that they might limp through life under pleasant delusions.

In many ways, living within the walls of government is a lot like serving a life sentence in the penitentiary: at some point, people become so used to the bars on their cells and so dependent on the directions of their jailers that, when push comes to shove, they would gladly choose to stay locked up in chains.  Those who love government’s coercive grip over their lives are forever “institutionalized.”

All rulers — whether in the mold of communist dictator Xi Jinping or Bill Clinton’s “I feel your pain” fake-but-folksy politician — wield power as Machiavelli’s “prince” by seeking to “institutionalize” the people under their charge.  As such, all forms of government pursue two identical policies: first, they invent threats for their citizens to fear, and second, they establish a monopoly over available solutions.  

An adept government will never solve a problem unless it has a new problem prepackaged and ready to mass-produce for the public.  That’s why Joe Biden didn’t mind bungling America’s exit from Afghanistan when he and other Obama administration alumni were already working on the next forever-war in Ukraine for the upcoming spring.  That’s why the CDC and other government scientists owned and operated by the pharmaceutical industry never batted an eye when their miracle elixir COVID “vaccines” proved to be neither safe nor effective — because there is always some new exotic disease ready to be released from a Chinese bio-lab tucked away in an abandoned California factory that will require billions in taxpayer funds, too.  Any government worth its salt has an endless supply of boogeymen and a limited supply of expensive solutions that coincidentally require total citizen compliance.

At the United Nations, dopey diplomats speak in flowery clichés about the value of international cooperation.  In the real world, though, governments succeed in corralling their peoples into pens only if everyone is afraid.  North Korea’s dictator must make his people afraid of Americans.  America’s dictator must make his people afraid of Russians.  The European Union’s dictators must make their hodgepodge of nations all afraid of nationalists.  The ruling atheists must make their postmodern peoples all hostile to Israel.  

And the whole smorgasbord of manipulative, malicious governments must keep the world’s peasants perpetually petrified of COVID...and “hate speech”...and Donald Trump...and, most importantly, “global warming”!

© 11.20.2023 by J.B. Shurk, "American Thinker".

How The Left Infiltrates Through Government.

Senator Ted Cruz’s new book accurately describes how our nation’s government, in collusion with universities, media, and bureaucracies became a breeding ground for the mentality of central control. This book provides the methodology by which the left (communists, fascists, any central control through a government) infiltrates existing structures and institutions to effect change.

By its nature, Marxism, and its spawn, communism, can’t create. They can only destroy the private economy through “wealth redistribution.” The philosophy of central control requires a strong government. President Woodrow Wilson knew this 100 years ago; he created the Administrative State with the intent of using federal bureaucracy to control the population through regulation.

The list of subsequent federal bureaucracies is now legion. Communist Russia destroyed the tsars and crippled the private economy in Russia. Communist China had a good run with capitalism in a bubble, which is now bursting, because central-control mindsets can’t tolerate freedom. Fascism almost destroyed the world but met its demise through selfless sacrifice.

Governments don’t create; they govern. If not held in check, governments overpower. Every tyrant used his nation’s government to come to power. There can be no greater argument for our constitutional republic, and every citizen thereof, to demand that our government adhere to the Constitution as written.

Contrast this philosophy of destruction through control with America as she was conceived. The founders rebelled against the same type of overpowering tyranny that Marx, Hitler, Mao, Wilson, and Obama visualized: the British king. They created three documents to create a nation based on the premise of the sanctity of the individual. They saw a federal government as a necessary evil and proceeded to lay in restrictions on government power. It’s called the Constitution.

The individual freedom and responsibility, recognized in our nation’s founding, gave rise to capitalism: the right of each citizen to own property and benefit from the fruits of his individual labor. That private economy, as opposed to public or government, propelled America from a backwater nation to the most powerful in only 100 years. Capitalism springs from individual initiative based on freedom, not control. Capitalism creates. It stands against the cult of control practiced by so many of the elites on both sides of the aisle.

© 11.18.2023 by Jay Davidson, "American Thinker".

A Sad Legacy of the Culture of Victimhood and Grift.

For weeks, we’ve seen videos exposing Hamas’s depravity. Its soldiers’ blatant disregard for human life and the seeming joy with which they carried out their depravity was disheartening.

Sadly, this kind of depravity can be found closer to home, too, where videos abound of black crime across America, with people shot, pushed in front of trains, sucker punched, beaten to a pulp, and even killed by individuals, gangs, or groups of “teens.”

In both cases, the perpetrators have an ostensible enemy at whom their anger is directed. For Hamas, it’s Jews, and for blacks, it’s whites. Apologists for both groups claim it’s the actions of the “oppressor” that caused the “victims” to react. For Hamas, it’s Jews “stealing” Palestinian lands. For blacks, it’s slavery and Jim Crow. In both cases, though, the outsized violence against bystanders demonstrates that those are just convenient justifications for evil people to gain power.

Hamas’s soldiers, while blaming Jews for everything, often target Muslims as well. They also carelessly target their weapons, striking their own people, while hiding soldiers and materials behind women and children in mosques, schools, and hospitals. When Israel retaliates and civilians die, the resulting images make great PR.

In America, even as the grifters at BLM and Antifa claim that white racism is the cause of virtually every evil, which inevitably creates black criminals who abuse whites or rob, plunder, and destroy businesses, the reality is that most of the victims of black criminals are themselves black. But that doesn’t matter to the race hustlers who use lies and deception to keep blacks and naive white liberals angry. Democrat race pimps don’t care that far more black blood is in the street because all they need is one video of a white person acting or reacting against a black person, and they’ve won the lottery, as they did with videos of Rodney King and George Floyd did.

In reality, being an oppressed minority is not necessarily a recipe for failure, as Thomas Sowell explains in Discrimination and Disparities. He discusses the relative success of various minorities around the world, including the Chinese in Southeast Asia, Jews in Eastern Europe, Indians in East Africa, Koreans in America, the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, and many other groups reviled in the countries in which they live.

The reality is that American blacks and the Palestinians have both had many opportunities to achieve success and usually squandered them away.

First, the Palestinians. Up until the mid-20th century, there was no such thing as Arab Palestinians. In the 2,000 years before the pre-Christian era, the one constant in the land was a Jewish presence, whether as a nation or as a vassal of Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans. After the Romans ended the Jewish nation and created a Palestinian colony, there were the Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Mamluks and, eventually, the Ottomans, and then the English.

The one constant was the Jews. Aside from Bedouins and the Druze, who have been there for several hundred years, the Arabs who identify today as Palestinians mostly drifted into the land beginning in the 1830s.

For the century preceding Israel’s establishment, much of the area was sparsely populated with towns and tribes in constant battle. In addition, the land was inhospitable, and agriculture struggled (something that changed only when Zionist Jews brought in modern farming techniques and hard work).

Jews were a majority of the population of Jerusalem as early as at least 1875—and in the late 19th century began purchasing land from the Arabs. By 1948, Jews owned 8% of the land that would become Israel, while 3.3% was in Arab hands, and 17% had been abandoned by Arabs planning on returning after Israel was eliminated. Britain owned the remaining 70%, which it took from the Ottoman Turks after WWI. The local Arabs never owned it. Thus, it’s a lie that Israel stole its land from the Arabs.

In 1924, Britain split the land in two, with British-mandate Palestine going to the Jews and Trans-Jordan (modern-day Jordan) going to the local Arabs. That didn’t stick. In 1948, after the Arabs had already gotten Trans-Jordan, the UN split British-mandate Palestine again, creating the State of Israel, which was liberally interspersed with an Arab state. The Arabs responded by attacking the newly created nation to take it all.

In 1999, Bill Clinton negotiated a treaty between the PLO and Israel that would have given the Palestinians 92% of the West Bank, all of Gaza, and various concessions within Israel proper. The Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, rejected it and instead launched a war against Israel. In 2005, Israel exited Gaza, removing 5,000 of its own citizens, and allowed the area to be self-governing. The citizens elected Hamas.

Since Israel exited Gaza, the world has donated over $10 billion there. Sadly, instead of spending money on building up the infrastructure and industry, Hamas put much of that money into building a “Metro” of tunnels into Israel and buying weapons to attack Israel. Imagine how different Gaza would be had its leaders spent that money building schools and viaducts, training entrepreneurs, or enhancing the agriculture industry.

But alas, they didn’t—their leaders would rather maintain the cult of victimhood as it’s far more profitable. (Just before his death in 2004, Yassir Arafat was said to have had a personal fortune of between $1 and $3 billion – stolen from the gullible Palestinians.) Hamas simply said that Israel was the enemy and was responsible for the Palestinians’ plight and then focused on war. Of course, it didn’t have to be that way. Israel built a thriving nation out of the desert. With global support and money, the Palestinians could have done the same. They chose not to.

Similarly, in the United States, slavery ended in 1865, and Jim Crow was gone by 1965, but that didn’t stop the victim industrial complex from poisoning the minds of many black Americans. For four decades, the Democrat party, the media, and America’s schools have told blacks they can’t succeed because of white racism. (This despite the fact that American blacks have incomes that exceed the average of almost every country on the planet.)

They’ve told blacks that racist whites are waiting to lynch blacks. Since at least 2008, they’ve told blacks that, because of systemic racism, they cannot succeed and aren’t responsible for their conditions or actions. Along the way, grifters like Patrisse Cullors, Ibram X. Kendi, and Barack Obama got rich. When Barack Obama was elected race relations were about the best they’d been in history. Not so much now… Imagine what America would be like today had he been a unifier and tried to empower black entrepreneurship rather than being the race pimp he was.

At home and in Israel, we’re seeing the same thing: People greedy for power and wealth tell specific groups they’re victims incapable of helping themselves, thereby turning them into drones committed to violent struggle. Then, say their alleged oppressors are subhuman beings who deserve what they get. Do all of this, and it’s no surprise that these “victims” embrace a savage mindset without empathy, making them not only willing but enthusiastic about unimaginable and routine cruelty.

While the “oppressors” are the ostensible targets, it doesn’t really matter if innocents get killed, which is exactly what we see. Hamas is sacrificing Palestinians, and blacks are killing blacks along with whites and Asians, all because they believe the lie that they’re victims and their oppressors deserve what they get. Victimhood is a bloody game but, sadly, a profitable one.

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