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friday, november 26, 2004

nstead of blindly believing what the OMSM™ (Olde MainStream Media) reports, America has finally seen through the hypocrisy, bias, lies, treachery, obfuscation and outright collusion/ treason they exhibit, on a daily basis. America's confidence level in them, has plummeted. The media wars are getting bloody. Whether it's deliberately painting Conservatives and Republicans as racists, bigots and homophobes, or casting our brave US Military as murderers and aggressors, or accusing President Bush of pre-knowledge of 9-11, America now knows that the OMSM™ lies at every turn to suit their socialist-commie-nazi-fascist-liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America agenda. Remember the recent RatherGate, when Danny "Butt-Boy" Rather tried to use obviously forged documents to smear President Bush's TANG (Texas Air Nat'l Guard) service, and he was caught and disgraced, publicly? From the lying socialists Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather, to the hate-filled Katy Couric and Matt Lauer, the OMSM™ is infested with hate-America liberals, pro-homo deviants and left-wing, liberal bigoted racists. The Leftist Media Filth is laden and filled with collective guilt, and it's killing them, slowly. They've become completely unhinged since Nov 2nd. There are thousands of the same OMSM™ lies happening daily, all around the world, with even more vehemence and hatred than the lying US media, exhibit. The OMSM™'s viewership numbers are down precipitously, for the electronic media; and as the readership numbers further erode for the print media, so do the combined advertisers' support, and their declining corporate financial bottom lines bear this fact out. The liberal-demokkkRAT media are whining, pathetic maggots.

Around The Garden Center©.
I laid-off my 4 Garden Center Staff last Friday — Ken (Weekend Sales), Jennifer (Horticulturalist), Karen (Jennifer's Assistant) and Brad (Handyman) — for the Winter months, since this is a seasonal business. My remaining Landscape Crew and Foreman — Alan (Foreman), Dave & Seth (Crew Chiefs) and Cole & Tristan (Crew) — have enough work for this and possibly next week, depending upon the weather. I diligently check the 6-10 and 11-15 day forecasts several times each day to see what's ahead, and make or revise existing plans based upon the weather.
Another reason why I carry concealed (CCW-Penna '90): I mailed-off a $50 check, on Saturday, to help with the Marine's expenses for his critically-wounded wife, in York Hospital.
Uh oh, I sure hope this doesn't happen. It'd sure ruin a lot of peoples' days.
I remember, exactly: Monday, November 22nd, 2:12pm, EST, was the 41st (Thursday, Nov 22, 1963) Anniversary of JFK's assassination in Dallas, TX. I was sitting in 6th period algaebra class when the announcement came over the PA system. School was dismissed, everyone was sent home, and we spent the next 4 days with Our Families, watching our 16" B&W TVs replaying the scenario, over and over. And then the funeral, as the Nation mourned its loss. What do you remember?
Ever wonder what your Windows Icons do when you're not around? Right here.
Do you know the difference between a "marital aid" and a "dog toy"? Go ahead, take the test.
How was your Thanksgiving Day Dinner? I slept-in 'till 11am, went to the GC&N to feed Pickle, came home and prepared oven roasted small red potatoes w/ garlic & rosemary, and stuffed cranberry dressing, to take to Mom & Dad's home for our traditional 2pm Thanksgiving Day Dinner. I arrived at 2, finished my prep work, Dad was carving the turkey, Mom was finishing plating-up the gravy, peas, corn and filling and pumpkin pie. The turkey was one of the best I've had, and Mom's filling was her Mom's old-fashioned recipe, and my favorite. Sister Becky called from San Francisco around 3pm, to say hi. We had local Allegro Cabernet wine with dinner; life is good. I did some back-ups of Dad's HP Laptop files on a ZIP disk, and we found that he needs a DVD-CD-RW burner to accomodate more data on DVDs. I took a package of fresh, warm turkey meat home to my condo cats, Murphy and Mama Kitty, and they inhaled it in under 3 minutes. Amazing. Yes, life is good.

US Rep Tom DeLay (Conservative-TX) charged lowlife liberal socialist bitch, US Rep Nancy Pelosi (BOTOX-CA), with "crooked fundraising"; Delay himself is under severe scrutiny for the same thing. Gonna get real nasty.
President Bush went to the aid of one of his Secret Service Agents in South America. Klintoon would have let the guy twist in the wind.
Why W even wasted the time to speak at Bubba J Klintoon Museum & Massage Parlor, is beyond me, but he did give the best speech of the day. At least he didn't waste time, hanging out there with the lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT scum.
Here's why we have to keep a sharp eye on all politicians, regardless of which party they're representing.
More liberal-demokkkRAT CIA garbage, stepping down? Good riddance, Klintoonistas!
A bill aimed at overhauling the nation's intelligence agencies was pulled Saturday because of Conservative opposition, on what was supposed to be the last day of Congress' lame-duck session. Republican leaders were caught between angry Conservatives, who threatened to vote against the bill, and President Bush, who insisted it should be passed.
A group of Maryland lawmakers yesterday said they will file an appeal to oppose an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawsuit that aims to force Baltimore and four counties to accept same-sex "marriages."
If you've got a few minutes/ hours/ days, explore The World of Early America. Quick, do it; before the verminous, traitorous ACLU bans it.
Uh oh, looks like we've angered the UK and they're revoking our Nationhood, again.

Liberal-demokkkRATs' Racism, Bigotry & Hate™.
Dr Condi Rice, President Bush's newly-nominated Sec'y of State, continues to endure liberal-demokkkRATs' racism, bigotry and derision, by lib-dem white trash filth, John Sylvester, Pat Oliphant, Doonesbury and Jeff Danziger; garbage, all. Finally, some black clergy are speaking out. Where are the race hustler pimps, Jackson and Sharpton?
Bravo and score one for The Second Amendment, against the "Blue City, Chicago", in the "Red State of Illinois".
Awwwwwwww, poor liberal-demokkkRAT garbage, suffering from PEST (Post Election Selection Trauma). I gloat at your pain, scumbags!
So much for the lib-dem garbage's claim that the "Blue States" are the most generous. Utter bullshit. I just love it when lib-dem trash crack-up and make complete fools of themselves. Liberalism is a mental disease.
What do the Kerrys do for Thanksgiving? Right here.
Buh-bye, Danny "Lib-dem Butt-boy" Rather-Blather and good riddance you lying, hate-America son-of-a-bitch! We won't miss your sorry, partisan ass, scumbag.

Lowlife, Subhuman Scum.®
The lowlife, verminous ACLU scum is truly The Enemy Within™, and need to be destroyed. Here's how to get involved. The liberal-commie-socialist-nazi-fascist ACLU is well on its way to destroying The Boy Scouts of America, and must itself, be mercilessly destroyed. If I were King For A Day, I'd have the ACLU facilities totally destroyed, and its employees and members, executed for treason. Hmmmm, maybe the US House of Reps is finally waking-up to the threat that the verminous ACLU poses?
No sympathy here, for the charlatan scumbag, Donald Trump, now officially bankrupt. Again. Trump's been morally bankrupt all his life, so it's now a match.

Islam, The Cult of Death™.
If you think Islam is a "religion" of peace; think again. Here's a boatload of links to the horrors of Islam and the murderous Muslims.
It didn't take long for the Muslim-Arab subhumans to start blaming Israel for Yow-sir Arrid-fatty-fart's death, from AIDS. Arrid-fatty-fart was a raging homo and had buggered diseased men and boys for years. He died from AIDS, dumbass Muslim garbage.
Flat-head-faced, lowlife, scumbag, deviant, faggot, degenerate subhuman Muslim pigshitfilth, Osama bin Laden's homo brother-in-law, and former best friend faggot-rump-raider-fudge-packer, Jamal Khalifa, betrayed the Islamic pigshit coward bin Laden, and ratted him out.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
The murderous, third-world dirtbag gook Hmung, Chai Soua Vang, who murdered 6 Wisconsin hunters and critically wounded 2 others, has told the police that he opened fire after the hunters had cursed him with racial epithets and that one of them had shot at him. It would appear that he's murdered before, in 2001 specifically. Vang needs to be hung from a tall tree; he needs to DIE!
Brandon Scott Ware sure does deserve execution. One jury recommended Ware should die. Now the judge wants a second jury to decide. The victim is still dead, and the murderer gets another chance? Justice denied!
A woman with a history of postpartum depression cut off the arms of her baby daughter Monday, then called 911 and waited calmly until police arrived. Dena Schlosser, 35, was charged with capital murder after the girl died at a hospital in Plano, a Dallas suburb. Child-protection authorities said the mother had shown signs of postpartum depression in the past, but there had been no signs of violence. Get a rope. Hang the murderous bitch.
"Preppie Killer" Robert "No Discernible Dick" Chambers, was arrested on a drug charge a year and a half after he was released from prison, where he served a 15-year sentence for manslaughter. Chambers, a 38yr old subhuman faggot, was freed on $1,000 bail Wednesday after being arraigned on two misdemeanors, drug possession and driving with a suspended license. The court complaint said the license was suspended in May, when the Chambers homo failed to answer a summons for running a red light. He was arrested Tuesday in a traffic stop when police allegedly found two straws and a tinfoil packet that had crack cocaine residue. (NOTE: crack is smoked; coke is snorted) Chambers was ordered to return to court Monday. Kill the Chambers garbage.

Thank You, Veterans.
Veterans Day honors American men and women in uniform for their patriotic service and sacrifice to defend our nation and our freedom. You can show your support and gratitude by sending an e-card to a veteran or service member. Discover Veterans Day posters and essays that express children's patriotism, pride, and gratitude. Read about communities that promote civic duty and respect for veterans. Then see how you can help youngsters appreciate the meaning of this national holiday and raise their awareness of issues surrounding disabilities. This site is provided by Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), an organization advocating for the special needs of disabled vets. A veteran or service member is waiting...

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