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hell hath no fury
like the american people defrauded

friday, november 27th, 2020

It’s hard not to cringe when pundits like Andy McCarthy pontificate on the President’s legal chances of prevailing in the 2020 election. McCarthy recently noted:

“This is the president’s fatal problem. No matter which battleground state we analyze, there is always a mismatch between the impropriety alleged and the remedy that it could yield. Where Trump is strongest, as in the Supreme Court case, the yield in votes is a relative pittance. Where Trump’s claims are weaker and hotly disputed, the president is asking for mass disfranchisement, which no court is ever going to order.”

McCarthy is a smart and experienced lawyer, and his opinions are no doubt earnestly held. But he apparently either can’t sense or blithely dismisses what’s going on in America.

The ‘sleeping giant’ the Japanese famously feared after bombing Pearl Harbor was not the Beltway ruling class; it was the American people. Because once the American people awakened to understand the war actually being waged on them, their patriotic resolve kicked in, and there was no way they would be defeated. They would outthink, outwork, outfight and out-sacrifice their enemies. And they would not stop until their enemies were destroyed.

Every American with an ounce of common sense and integrity (and that is a minimum of the 73 million Americans who voted for Trump) knows this election was stolen. It’s not remotely a close question. Nothing adds up to make sense out of Joe Biden drawing the most votes in the history of presidential elections. It did not happen.

And the theft of the 2020 election is no less a direct and premeditated attack on America than was the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The leftist enemies of this country do not hide their ends or means. They will lie, cheat and steal until they impose godless tyranny on this nation; until they have infiltrated and taken control of every institution of America and reset every narrative with a false foundation of America as systemically racist and deserving of defunded police; covid as the bubonic plague nullifying the Bill of Rights; secular humanism as the state-sanctioned religion; and Joe Biden as the most popular man ever to ‘win’ the Presidency.

Every bit of this is lies.

The obvious plot to steal the election —- (1) planting and/or exploiting the pandemic to open up the use of mail in ballots; (2) using mail in ballots to plug the hole in early voting manipulation—i.e., the early voting tabulation algorithms can’t quite predict the turnout on Election Day, so if they have underestimated pro-Trump turnout on Election Day, the mail in ballots are the plug for that hole—i.e., they can be manufactured to make up the difference; (3) coordinating the actions of the MSM on Election Night to call states early for Biden, and give swing states extra time to determine how much fraud would be necessary to overcome Trump’s lead; and (4) maneuvering quickly after Election Day to anoint Biden as “President-elect” and begin another false narrative of inevitability and concession-for-the-good-of-the-country—is simply too obvious. Americans see it.

And then all the fresh initiatives to re-lockdown all over the country over a virus that data now shows is readily treatable and 99+% survivable—it just screams: “this is all a plot to take down American freedom under the Constitution once and for all”.

The Marxists no doubt feel they are riding high right now, with a successful revolutionary overthrow of America in sight.

Probably most of the Japanese military were riding high on December 8, 1941. And to borrow one of the great twitter memes of 2020, probably Germany was riding high when it was “the projected winner of World War II”. That is…until Churchill said there would be no concession; only fight.

Japan and Germany didn’t succeed, and neither will the globalist leftist/Marxist/Democrats.

Andy McCarthy thinks it all comes down to laws on the books and precedents in the courts. It doesn’t. It comes down to whether truth still exists; whether it is still the foundation for the American concept of justice; whether it is in fact a power or just a word.

Here’s the answer, Andy: truth does still exist, and America is founded on it. And the only real law—call it the law of God -- demands that justice be based on truth. And when moral, righteous indignation erupts among the American people because of a brazen denial of truth, truth is soon seen as a power that cannot be contained by all the globalist pundits and financiers and lawyers and judges in the world. In the words of the Bible, ‘on whomsoever it (truth) falls, it will grind him to powder.”

Even if the grotesque injustice of this obviously stolen election is not overturned by the process called ‘law’ and the people called ‘judges’, it is not going to confer legal legitimacy or authority on a President Joe Biden. It can’t, and it won’t. Because the law either has the power of righteousness—conformity to moral standards—behind it, or it’s nothing.

So where does that leave American in mid-November 2020? It’s interesting that President Trump himself said recently “I can’t tell you what’s going to happen” at roughly the same time he was saying “I don’t concede anything’.

We’d guess his team’s efforts may not have a specific strategy or target besides full exposure to the American people of the scope of the 2020 election fraud. The American people will take it from there.

Is ‘take it from there’ a coded call to violence? No. It’s a responsible reminder of how to get past violence. Tell the truth and respect the truth. President Trump won this election in a landslide vote of the American people. To American lawyers and judges and governors and legislatures: respect that result and implement it. The screaming of the left may materialize in spasms here and there, but it will ultimately collapse into oblivion. It’s just a bunch of bullying lies.

The left still doesn’t grasp the fury of the American people once awakened. But it will, soon.

© 11.18.2020 "America, Can We Talk?" (H/T Ben, Tx)

A Day In The Life.

Up at 4:30a on Friday, it was only 39° outside – had a couple smokes in the garage while the coffee brewed, did my DR (Type 1 Diabetic Routine - Blood Sugar Level Test and Sliding-Scale Insulin Shot), applied the CBD Hemp Ointment to my neck, lower back and shoulder, had simple toast for breakfast, and checked the weather and news.

After a few mugs of hot coffee, I went out with my special Felco Pruners and cut down the few remaining perennials, garbage-bagged them and put them at the curb with the other stuff, for p/u. I miss my Ol' Company's giant compost pile, but it is what it is. I laid down on the couch and slept for 4-5hrs, right past lunch.

After a mid-afternoon lunch and a late dinner, I watched "American Pickers" on History until 10p, and unplugged for the day.

I slept-in until around 10:30a on Saturday, and could have slept away the rest of the day, if I had that option. I did the usual morning routine, worked on the computer with a hot mug of coffee, stayed-in except for a quick couple of smokes on the front porch, to get some fresh air. My depression at the 2020 General Election (GE) fraud has turned to seething anger, and here's something you need to list to: Here's a 29min synopsis of what happened in the the 2020 Election Fraud, both in GA and across America. If the commie leftist fucks at YT pull that video, watch it here.

Just for fun, here's the complete history of Microsoft. Great article and lots of pics.

I bagged it around 10p.

Up at 9a on Sunday, my back was hurting, so I did the morning DR, slathered the CBD Ointment on heavily, skipped coffee and breakfast, started a load of laundry, and laid down on the couch and slept until 3p. My back had improved and I had crabcakes for a late lunch, watched some news and called it an early night at 9p, to get rest for my back.

Awake at 6:30a on Monday, my cleaning ladies would be here around 8:30 – Thursday is my regular day, but that's Thanksgiving this year – so I had to hurry. By their arrival, everything was done and ready for them, and I stayed out of their way, as usual. After they'd finished and left, I attacked the growing pile of paperwork, paid utility bills online, had lunch and had a 3hr nap on the couch. High for the day was 44°, so as I had no errands or anywhere I needed to go, I just stayed inside and rested my back.

I watched a couple hours of Discovery's "Gold Rush", had dinner and caught "Tucker", Trey Goudy filling-in for Hannity and finally, "Laura". By 11p, I'd had enough of politics-politics-politics, so I unplugged.

Up at 8a on Tuesday, and went thru the usual morning routines, checked my to-do list, got the daily "CP Show" posted to FR, and left around 10. Traffic was already heavy, and apparently so was the holiday air traffic: almost 7,000 flights above the US. (Click the video.) I stopped at Sherry's for some hugs and kisses, and to deliver my self-made T-Day card. After a couple of stops on the way home, I got the "Rush Show" graphics posted, did the midday DR and had lunch.

I re-watched an old 70's movie, Capricorn One, and then did paperwork, filing and finished paying some utility bills online. After dinner, the new season of History's "The Curse of Oak Island" was on for the premiere, but all they've found so far, after 10 seasons and many millions of dollars, are artifacts. No treasure; just a lot of speculation. Disappointing. I quit for the night around 10;30p.

Awake at 6a on Wednesday, I rolled-over and went back to sleep until 8, started my morning routines, posted the "CP Show" on FR, and just relaxed thru the morning. It feels good not to have the back pain I had for the past 4-5 months, but I still use the CBD Pro-level-5 Ointment. I checked the weather and news. More demonKKKrat kickback corruption on the Chinese Wuhan CCP Virus, from the governors of California, NY, GA, OR and other to-be-named states and officials. It was a cold 36° outside, but would get up into the mid-50s, before the rain arrived tonite and tomorrow.

I watched the Discovery Channel's "Expedition Unknown" Marathon until dinner, then continued with "EU", "Expedition-X and "Lost Relics Of The Knights Templar", until 11p. Lights out.

Up at 7a on Thursday, I did the morning routines, had coffee and a small breakfast, checked the weather and news, and left to p/u my Sister, Becky, at 10a. We were going to Mt Rose Cemetery to visit Mom & Dad in the Chapel of Memories, where they're interred. Then back to my place for lunch. The rain had passed and it turned into a nice 65° day. After a huge crabcake and sides meal, and a nice visit, I dropped her off at her condo, I decided to come home and get a little rest, instead of going food shopping at Weis Market; I can do that in the morning, if there's anything left on the shelves. Heh.

Despite the bullshit warnings from the mentally-ill left gubners, corrupt CDC and other scumbags, I hope you and yours had a nice day to be thankful for Family, Friends and America.

Want to see an eerily-prescient movie, from 2011? Try watching the full movie, "Contagion", on YT.

I had dinner, watched the movie and some missed episodes of History's "Ancient Aliens", and crashed around 10p. Tomorrow starts another week, here in the "Journal".

The Left’s Communist Revolution Doesn’t Care About Elections.

Kenosha, Wisconsin has been trashed. Minneapolis has been burned. Portland is still being ravaged. Black Lives Matter and Antifa continue to tear the heart out of once-great cities like Portland. A siege of the White House is being planned. Nationwide, violence has moved into suburban areas and residential neighborhoods. Groups of extremists are specifically targeting the residences of mayors, chiefs of police and other political enemies.

The establishment press continues to peddle the notion that what we are seeing across the nation is nothing more than “peaceful protest” designed to achieve change within the existing system. No doubt, even many people in the streets believe this. They think they are marching for more “humane” police forces, or reduced incarceration, or a few new social programs. They believe that, when the protests and riots are over, they will still live in the United States that they knew before, but it will just be a slightly better nation.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Of course, people harbored the same delusions in 1959 Cuba and 1917 Russia. Even the foot soldiers of those revolutions likely believed they would still have the countries they grew up in, just with a brighter, more democratic future. They discovered far too late that at the heart of the movement in which they were caught up were hard men with very different ideas about the future.

We cannot afford to repeat this naivety.

We are not experiencing a wave of social unrest generated by injustice or police brutality. We are watching an insurrection in progress, one which uses police violence as a pretext, but which has as its goal the destruction of the existing social, economic and political order in the United States.

Refuse Fascism is one of the primary umbrella organizations supporting Antifa demonstrations nationwide. Refuse Fascism is a creation of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States. If you watch footage of the chaos in our streets, you will quickly see signs linked to both groups.

The leader of the so-called RevComs is Bob Avakian. Avakian is a lifelong revoutionary, who spent his youth with Students for a Democratic Society, a domestic extremist group active in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 2016 Avakian’s RevComs and other leftist groups formed Refuse Fascism. Avakian is remarkably direct about about the goals of this movement.

“Let’s get down to basics. We need a revolution. Anything else, in the final analysis, is bullshit,” he said recently.

Avakian’s party is no less direct. It has published a proposed constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, which it hopes to establish. Some excerpts from it read as follows:

“The New Socialist Republic in North America is…a form of dictatorship – the dictatorship of the proletariat…”

“In accordance with this, the governing bodies and processes of this socialist state, at all levels, must be vehicles for the furtherance of the communist revolution…”

“The armed forces, militia and other organs of public defense and security shall be under a system of overall leadership combining the central Executive Council and the Revolutionary Communist Party, with the Party having the ultimate leadership responsibility and role.”

“The responsibility for the enforcement of the laws and the defense of the Constitution by the organs of public security resides with the Executive Council, with the overall and ultimate leadership of the Revolutionary Communist Party.” [RevCom.us]

Behind the RevComs, Refuse Fascism and their allied organizations is a fundraising and financing apparatus that has been building inside this nation for decades.

For instance, Refuse Fascism is partially funded by an organization called the Alliance for Global Justice. The Alliance for Global Justice originated in an organization called the Nicaragua Network, a group created to support the Marxist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. The founders of the Alliance are both veterans of that effort and have strong ties to the Sandinistas. One of them, Chuck Kaufman, was also one of the founders of a group called A.N.S.W.E.R., an organization focused on ending U.S. “threats” against North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba and an end to the “colonial-style occupation in Palestine and in Haiti”.

The Alliance for Global Justice, in turn, receives funding from a wide range of organizations. One of them is the Tides Foundation. You may have never heard the group, but its power is vast: It annual spending is measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Tides is generally credited with having pioneered anonymous “Dark Money” transactions for leftist organizations. “Structural racism” is a common theme in many Tides Foundation projects, as is the concept of “white privilege”.

Other financiers of The Alliance for Global Justice include George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, the Arca Foundation (which also backs the Communist regime in Cuba), the New World Foundation (which sponsors radical leftists movements in El Salvador), and the Foundation for Deep Ecology, an extreme environmental group that sees humans as a plague on the Earth’s surface.

More connections could easily be drawn, but the point is not the individual links. What matters is the big picture: The mobs wrecking our cities and terrorizing the public are not spontaneously organizing or self-funding. They are the manifestation of years of preparation, organization, and sponsorship from a vast network of foundations and front organizations.

The groups sponsoring the 2020 rioters are hostile to the United States of America as it currently exists. They have long since made common cause with some of our most dangerous enemies. Now, what they want is not reform. Phrases like “Black Lives Matter” are a deliberate obfuscation, a time-honored tactic of radical left groups, used to make themselves and their goals seem less threatening.

What these extremist groups really want is something much more profound. It is, as one leftist speaker recently put it, the “abolition” of the United States as we know it and its replacement with a Marxist state.

That is why it is profoundly delusional to believe the riots of the past three months will end with the November election. They will not. Should President Trump win, his victory will immediately be declared invalid and illegitimate by the mob, and the level of violence will explode. If Biden wins, the people and groups tearing this nation apart will consider him their puppet and will accelerate their efforts at revolution. If Biden proves unwilling or unable to accommodate them, he will suffer the same fate as Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, who endures antifa harassment of his home as the price of failing to submit.

This is not about reform. It is about revolution, and revolutions don’t care about elections.

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