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Friday, November 27, 1998

when the cold winds blow, ice permeates every crevice and the snowflakes stick to the moustache, it's time to get the venerable fedora out of Summer storage and keep the scalp warm over the Winter. Jeez, it's almost December. As the hair begins to thin in later years, baseball caps have outlived their youthful appeal by 40 or so, unless one happens to be Tom Selleck on the series, Magnum, PI. Ski caps itch too much. Hair transplants are not only vain, but painful, very bloody and expensive. Hairpieces look like a roadwhack on the head: William Shatner, Burt Reynolds, Sam Donaldson et al. Acceptance and resignation to age gracefully is the key. I'll take the hat.

The Double Standard.
The shit-for-brains Clinton can get away with lying, perjury, suborning of perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power, but a Navy Admiral can't? What's wrong with this picture? And why have dozens of military people, both enlisted and officers, been court marshalled and jailed, when the Clinton scumbag easily gets away with the same offenses? What Clinton did was worse than what this admiral did. The Clinton lowlife lied to the entire Nation twice and to three US Federal Grand Juries.
It's the f*cking economy, stupid!
Oh, and that makes it okay? Au contraire. The US Constitution says to impeach not censure a lying criminal bastard like Clinton. The US Congress is now rewriting and perverting the Constitution. I had little before, and absolutely no f*cking respect now, for the so-called US Congress, caving into the doubly-f*cked up American Voters wishes.
Everyone's betting that Henry Hyde won't let him get another pass; he seems to be one of the very few left with any guts and regard for the US Constitution. We'll see.

Put A Sock On It.
The f*cked up American people still believe Clinton is doing a wonderful job and shouldn't be made to atone for his crimes of perjury, suborning perjury and abuse of power. They just don't want to get it: Clinton's a stinking criminal and should be impeached and prosecuted as such.
Sure, in a Democracy, the majority rules. But what does one do when the majority is f*cked up in the morals and ethics? Overthrow the corrupt government? Hardly. All one can do is shake their head in disgust and look with pity on the pathetic American Public's viewpoint.
Judge Starr's facts were self explanatory and recapped the OICs Referral he sent to Congress in September. Judge Starr did a commendable and professional job.
The lib-Dem scum have officially shown everyone that there are two sets of laws: one for the officers and one for the enlisted. Over 100 people are currently in prison serving time for perjury; Clinton gets to skate away free. So much for Democracy and the Rule of Law.
Note carefully that not one lib-Dem shithead disputed Judge Starr's facts about Clinton's crimes; it all boiled down to a personal attack on Starr and his methods. The Nation, nay the World, knows Clinton's a liar and a perjurer and much, much more.
And then there are some Republicans who call themselves moderates, but really aren't; they really are a liberal scumbags who want to let Clinton off the hook for his crimes. The Democrats have some dirty secrets about these people which they'll use publicly if they vote for impeachment.
If the people's pockets were empty and everyone's 401Ks had tanked, the fickle American Public would have Clinton's head on a spike. Such is not the case. Everyone's fat and happy thinking that Clinton actually had something to do with these economic good times. He didn't, but he's taking credit for it all presidents have done so when they've inherited a good situation and will use it to leverage public opinion into keeping him through his finals days and ultimately, impeachment free.
Whatever happened to all that so-called outrage the lib-Dem lowlifes feigned when Clinton admitted the Lewinsky tryst publicly? Kind of went away, didn't it? Actually, it was never there. It was an illusion done with selected sound bytes and rigged polls.
There's not much worse than a liar and hypocrite as our president and commander-in-chief, but now that the rules have been changed by the lib-Dem filth, we'll have to endure 23+ months more of those White House clowns and liars, Slick Willie The Liar and the Hitlery Bitch. Not my idea of good times. Not my idea of a choice, either. The dirty Clintonite nightmare continues. And Clinton doesn't give a flying shit about it anyway.

The Republicans are already caving and estimating their fall-back position: one count of perjury and mere censure for the Clintonite criminal. It's far, far too short of what the Law calls for. Now the US Constitution is being perverted by the f*cked up US Congress, twisting and manipulating the Law for their own ends to accommodate a scumbag like Clinton.
Well, at least Judicial Watch isn't caving and dragging their feet. There are real crimes committed by the stinking Clintonites; someone has to do something. Our negligent US Congress and corrupted Legal System is paralyzed, and simply won't act.

35 Years Ago.
I remember the day when JFK was shot and whacked. I won't get into his politics here and now. I was in math class as a freshman in high school, when the announcement came over the loudspeakers: The president has been shot. All classes are dismissed. Please go home to your families and pray for our country. It was indeed a chilling and scary time for the Nation and this (then) 14-year old high school kid.

Cooking The Crime Numbers.
Once again, the myopic bitch, Janet Reno, has lied to the American Public about her job performance. She now claims murder rate has dropped to its lowest point in 30 years. What shit.
With all the recent news of police officers being told to cook the stats and reduce the appearance of violent crimes to make the cities appear safer, the numbers are truly meaningless.
Violent crime is more rampant than it's ever been. The only thing which will contribute to a meaningful decline in murder is to execute the murderers immediately after sentencing. No appeals. No paroles. No life in prison. No 10-30 years on Death Row. No bullshit. Execute the subhuman filth. At least this guy agrees with me.
Reno also refuses to delve into the '96 Democratic Campaign Fund Raising matter; meanwhile, the lib-Dem rats are still fleeing the ship.

A Very Sad Day.
Once again proving that she's worse than a myopic bitch and every-dammed-bit on Slick Willie The Liar's payroll, the Reno cretin declined to investigate the most corrupt 1996 Democratic National Committee (DNC) in America's history, led by AlGore.
Reno is such a lib-Dem, presidential puppet well, who the f*ck appoints the Atty General? that she'll never venture into a solid case; she only noses into cases and situations which won't yield any embarrassment to the Clintonite scumbags; or at least a superficial exam won't uncover anything.
Because Reno has no morals or ethics, she'll do what the lib-Dem filth need her to do to get Gore and Clinton through their terms. She needs to be cited for obstruction of justice and prosecuted. She's the most corrupt Attorney General since John Mitchell in the Nixon Administration, around 1970.

No matter what Jack Kevorkian's stupid theatrics were on that slime-show, 60 Minutes, he did serve a purpose. He exposed the hypocrisy of America's health care delivery system: if you ain't rich, you ain't getting taken care of.
I want that choice of when to check out, let go, cash it in or whatever it's called. Death. Release. et al.
The moronic government has no damned right dictating what I can and can't do with my life. That's my decision and mine alone. Doctors are severely limited in what they can do in prescribing pain management for terminally-ill patients. Imagine the government cretins not wanting a terminally-ill person to get addicted to heroin or morphine. What f*cking sense does that make? They're such ignorant morons, they can't even balance a simple budget without smoke and mirrors trickery. Do you want them telling you how to live your life? I don't and I won't permit it.
I approve of why Kevorkian did what he did, but not the way he did it.
Those who don't had better wake the hell up before all our rights and liberties are stolen by Uncle Sam.

Worse, it's sickening: some two-bit moron who can't do anything but swing a piece of wood at a cowhide-wrapped ball is getting $80 million for 6 years playing let me say that again, playing baseball, a boy's sport. Pathetic, isn't it?
Every so-called professional sports player is grossly overpaid; they should be glad just not to be on welfare, let alone make that kind of money. Sports players are mental cripples; almost none can hold a real job in the real world.
This is merely another example of America's lost sense of proportion to reality; the Clinton impeachment hearings are another. Professional sports are a joke. They're full of whining, crybabies who commit felonies and who are let off, while other citizens are prosecuted and jailed for the same offense. It's another instance of one set of rules for the officers and another set of rules for the enlisted personnel. A very dangerous legal precedent has been set into motion and it will nearly impossible to turn it around.

The Urge To Merge.
I don't know what to think of AOLs takeover of Netscape just quite yet, but Microsoft surely has nothing to fear. The $4BB price tag is pocket change to MS. And so are the other players.
I've never held AOL in any kind of esteem, since they've blundered their way around the world, screwing up deals and other companies. And since Netscape and Sun are part of that whining cabel of crybaby losers aligned with the Department of (In)Justice lawsuit against Microsoft, I've lost all respect for them and their phony counterparts.
In the long run, I think it'll be a disaster. AOL will try to take the reins and screw up Netscape to the point of ruining the company; wholesale defections to MS, Apple, BeOS and other companies will occur in a shorter time than most expect it to. Marc's already looking for another job.
Then, there's these guys.

One of my favorite times of the year and since getting divorced four years ago I enjoy feasting at my Parent's Home on that Special Thursday. The aromas associated with that day are intertwined with wonderful memories from years gone by. I also look forward to the resultant turkey sandwiches, filling et al for weeks afterward.
The only missing component is my sister, Becky, who lives in San Francisco. She visits for 3 weeks in the Spring, prior to the Garden Center Open House and helps us get the entire place back into shape for the public event.
I always stay local for this Holiday; the many, many millions who travel are nuts. Been there, used to do it, won't do it again.
Has it finally come down to this?
Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

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