that folding money
Friday, November 2, 2001

Having a retail Garden Center & Nursery business, I always get a chuckle from seeing how people pay for things. Most people use credit or ATM cards, some use checks, some use Gift Certificates, and a few dig around in their pockets for huge wads of cash, usually held together with some kind of ornate money clip. There are $100s on the outside, padded by $50s and $20s, and the $10s, $5s and $1s bulking up the inside. As they peel off the large bills, I see them re-wrapping the inner bills with one of the $100s to "re-form" the wad so it still looks impressive. A "New York bankroll". Personally, I've shied away from carrying much cash, since I was robbed and shot (.32cal in the left side) on 7.14.74, by some junkies outside a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. Since that day, I've carried either a .357 Magnum or a Glock 9mm instead of cash. Ask me to tell you the full story after I've had a few drinks. "Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6", I always say. But I digress. I cringe when large wads of cash bankrolls come out of hiding, knowing full-well they were "prepped for visual impact", specially for this moment. I have to recount the bills. Then get it into cash-drawer slots, loaded with other bills and waiting for company. I'd rather run the credit card through the approval machine, have 'em sign a slip, and go about their next order of business. One might even think I didn't like to handle paper money anymore, and one might be right. There's too much anthrax going around these days in the mail; can you imagine what it'd be like if the the paper money supply became infected? Plastic cards and coins can be cleaned; folding money can't. FYI.

Around The Garden Center.
With Winter arriving unexpectedly early in the Midwest, I'm now forced to ready the Garden Center staff, maintenance and landscape crews to begin putting tens-of-thousands of pieces of containerized nursery stock away in the 6-30ft x 100ft quonset greenhouses. It's only a matter of time until the storms begin rolling further east and we get hit. We've had several nights of heavy frost, so many of the container plants are dropping leaves and going dormant. Cold weather has descended into the region, and nighttime temps are dropping into the hi-20s & lo-30s. Winter's coming quickly, this year. The large B&B (balled and burlapped) trees and shrubs are already heeled-in the fields on drip irrigation, and will stay there for the Winter. Ten-of-thousands of containerized plants are being stored in the six 30ft x 100ft greenhouses.
Despite the snow showers, cold temps and blustery winds, last weekend was busy. With only 3 days remaining in my once-a-year 25% Off Fall Sale, over 100 customers came through the Garden Center and 82 made purchases. On my way to a customer's home for a landscape consultation, I saw a 2-3year old cat hit by a car, stopped and buried her, and cursed the people who let it run loose into death's path. I can't count anymore, the number of cats and dogs et al that I've stopped to bury over the 11 years of living in Pennsylvania. I curse the people who put them in harm's way. May they all rot in hell.
Last Sunday, the Nation dutifully obliged The Gregorian Calendar Gods and set its collective clocks back one hour, going off DST (Daylight Savings Time) for the upcoming Winter. I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. Kinda nice not to be going to work at O Dark Thirty, at least for a while until the days get even shorter, and then I'll be coming home at O Dark Thirty, too.
Gas prices are holding steady at around $1.13.9 $1.15.9/gal (89 oct) at most stations, but I hear rumors from the delivery companies that supplies are dropping and prices will rise again, due to the refineries switching over to home heating oil for the coming Winter.
Still no rain and nothing appreciable in the forecast. Even though we've installed drip irrigation on every landscape job this year, there are losses, albeit minor. We'll be doing replacements around Thanksgiving, after the bulk of tree installs and landscape jobs are completed.
I'm looking at the 20-30-60-45-90 day forecasts on and there isn't any rain-moisture-precipitation in our future. Zip. Nada. Zilch. It's gonna all depend upon Winter snowpack; the Fall hurricanes haven't materialized and are a joke.

Desperate But Necessary Measures.
Okay, here's what we do: seal the damned borders, every freaking inch of 'em; round-up and interr every illegal of every stripe and color, inventory and begin deportation; revoke all so-called "student visas" (remember, that's how the 19+ hijackers got into the US); round-up and imprison every suspected terrorist and sympathizer; unabashedly and unapologetically torture them for any needed information; secretly try by military court and execute every terrorist, suspected terrorist and sympathizer, and throw the carcasses into unmarked mass graves with copious amounts of pig entrails to end any chance of "meeting Allah"; summarily imprison all dissenting liberal scum and secret-leaking journalist filth for sedition; imprison any member of Congress or government who leaks military secrets, impeach and try them for treason; issue no new immigration quotas for 10 years until we've cleaned out all the vermin and terrorist cells.
The Federal Government knows that they must should take the above actions, despite seeming like a dictatorship and enduring the ensuing howls from the commie-socialist ACLU and that ilk; it's the only way to insure security. If we're hit again, similar to The Massacre of September 11th, I can guarantee that it will happen; the American Public will demand that it be done.
Many of the wacko, Islamic extremist, murderous, lowlife towelheaded Muslim filth live amongst us today, and they must be found and dealt with severely, with death as a punishment. This is war, not common crimes of a civilian population. Courts and the judicial process are not appropriate. A military court and summary execution is. And prolonged torture prior to execution should be SOP (standard operating procedure).
Do I sound angry? Actually no, I'm not angry; I'm outraged at what we're not doing to protect ourselves from such subhuman, pork-sucking Islamic-Muslim filth. All of the above should have happened on September 12th; why we're waiting around for another "event" to happen is beyond me. This is a time to break things and kick some Islamic ass.
What's quietly happening behind-the-scenes is also worrying me: government is getting bigger and bigger in order to protect us from terrorism. If we had done all of the above as we should have immediately after The September 11th Massacre larger government wouldn't be necessary. FYI, W & Co.

Trials For Terrorists?
I can't believe Thursday's headline in the NY Post: the idiots in Washington and NYC are arguing over who's gonna try terrorists in a US Court of Law? Okay, call me stupid, but why try anyone of them; why not just secretly execute them, as is done in a wartime environment, after a military court sentences them? That subhuman pork-eating towelhead filth who tried to blow up the WTC in NYC in '93 should never have been tried in court; we spent $14 million of US Taxpayers' monies on that debaucle.
I'm outraged. Again. It's time to get this Nation's head out of its collective ass and back into the real world where we're supposed to be living.
Oh jeeez, I'm having chest pains. Gotta sit down and rest for a few minutes. Where's my glass of cabernet?

The September 11th Massacre.
I just can't understand why so many Americans are whining about the war "taking so long". The only thing I can surmise is that they're used to "TV wars"; 30 or 60 minutes and then a quick resolve. That's ludricrous and stupid. This one's gonna take a long time; perhaps several years and they'd better get used to it. The US is under seige and we have to quit thinking in short-term mode. We're fighting to preserve of Nation and Way of Life. Nothing short of our very survival is at stake. This sums it up better than I can.
W signed into law the Anti-Terror Bill last Friday, giving sweeping additional powers to law enforcement agencies. This bill alone won't prevent terrorism; the US should secretly try and execute all captured terrorists, as we did in WWII. No exceptions. See previous paragraphs for details.
It seems that some so-called Muslims have found my Journal and are a tad-bit upset at my philippics at them and the wacko extremist Islamic fundamentalist towelheads for The September 11th Massacre in NYC and DC. They're pissed off? Aw gee whiz Muslim homos and pedophiles, tough shit hard cheese, morons. A fatwa? Well, bring it on towelhead filth. Mr Colt .357 magnum, Mr Glock 9mm and Mr Ruger .40cal yeah, I can handle all three are waiting, as am I. C'mon cowards; I'm gonna help you die, cover you with pork entrails and bury you face down in a shallow grave. f*ck your Allah scumbag.
Terrorists don't belong in a US Taxpayer-funded court of law; rather, they belong dead. Once convicted by a secret military court or commission, they should be executed. No life in prison. It's bad enough we give domestic murderers that kind of leeway, but subhuman Muslim terrorists shouldn't be afforded any quarter. Death, swift and sure is what should happen to them.
No W, you're wrong: "Islam does not mean peace"; Islam is a murderous gutter religion cult, most worthy of being eradicated from the Earth. Islam is foul, rancid and subhuman, as are its filthy lowlife pontificating practitioners, deviant and degenerate devotees, mindless morons f*cked-up "faithful" of pork-eating cretins who blindly follow idiocy into oblivion. Wow, too many adjectives; I'm having chest pains and gotta take a short break.
Scary stuff. The Anthrax Caper etc is merely a smoke screen diversion for a major "dirty nuke" attack soon to come. My guess is that the towelhead filth will detonate such a WMD in a highly-populated area, on a 20+ story building, thereby rendering the surrounding area for many miles, uninhabitable for 1,000+ years. Back in January '99, I had the same thoughts. Little did I know.
I've criticized US Sen (R-AZ) John McCain pretty heavily during the 2000 Election for mindless and stupid positions on worthless topics (campaign finance reform), but I agree 100% with this article of his: let's get on with it! Annihilate the wacko towelhead extremist Muslim filth worldwide.
f*ck Screw Executive Order 12333 first signed by President Ford and reissued by Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton banning assassinations; issue an Executive Order revoking it, W. Sad fact is, we'll probably never get the pork-sucking wacko Muslim extremist bin Laden coward.
Aw gee whiz, thousands more "tribesmen poised to join the un-holy war"? Ummmm, unleash several AC-130s on the subhuman Islam filth and pulverize them.
It's been rough going on both the military front and domestic anthrax front, as W & Co found out last week. But they'll get it back together soon, I hope.
I don't wanna know; just do yer job, CIA: whack 'em if they deserve it.
10,000 Pakistani scum leave for un-holy war. Cool. Get the AC-130s out and rolling! f*cking Freaking Muslim hamburger Islamic mush. Yuk. Time to meet the rump-raiding, fudge-packing, homo-slime, pork-licking-allah-dogshit-filth-lowlife-scumbag-pedophile-abuser. Allah is a pig-fat-luving, homo-sand-idiot-lowlife. C'mon Muslim shit; f*ck mess with US.
Oh really? An "attack on Iraq will be grave mistake", warns diaperhead pork-sucker Tariq Aziz, Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister. "Sodomy Insane (aka Saddam Husein) is riddled with pedophilia diabetes-herpes-genitalia disfigurement-homoism disease", he admitted, as to questions why Sodomy hasn't been in public view recently. "The festering fetid yellow puss sores are too gory to allow onto film, and Sodomy's loaded with bloody puss sores. Double yuk!
This sickening story confirms my long-held belief that The Red Cross is as corrupt as The United Way and The Salvation Army: almost nothing of the half billion dollars collected for the families of the WTC Massacre went to the families. Most went for staff salary raises and other administrative costs. And that's another reason why I quit donating to all three socialist agencies over 20 years ago; I donate directly to the relief fund.
Now I'm reading stories about the "armed" National Guard Troops in New York's LaGuardia and Kennedy and Newark, NJ and LAX airports, who have no ammo in the M16s! Can you f*cking freaking believe that? What are they gonna do when 15 murderous towelheads start shooting? Ask 'em to wait until some ammo arrives? It's the idiot governors Gray-out Davis and George Pataki who control the NG. I truly believe both have lost their minds by putting useless NG props in harms way and further endangering American Citizens with a very, very false sense of security. One more reason why I don't fly.
Hmmm, the "attack warning" we didn't get on 9.11.01? C'mon FBI, you can do better than this. Knowing what these subhuman towelhead filth are like, you should have already had them either rounded-up, interred or executed by military tribunal.
No proof of Iraqi involvement in the anthrax terrorism scare? So what? Go after them next and whack Sodomy Insane. Finish the job we didn't, back in '91.
Sooooo, the FBI has hesitated fearing charges of religious persecution to investigate radical Islamic clerics in the United States despite evidence that their mosques have been used to recruit and fund suspected terrorists. Many mosques in the US are fronts for fund-raising for terrorist cells and their parent organizations. Funny, they didn't think twice about Killing the 89 wacky Branch Davidians and dozens of other Christians. I say round up the suspects, jail them, interrogate and torture them, impound their assets, smear them with bacon grease, and deport them. They should have been among the FBIs first targets after The September 11th Massacre.
This article is perhaps the most telling reason behind the Muslim toweldiaperhead mentality of the lowlife, subhuman, pork-licking wacko Islamic extremist garbage mentality so adriotly shown by the cave-dwelling monkeyshit jokes on Humanity. I'd readily put a .226cal (NATO round) through each of the mens' demented, deviant, perverted heads.

Lowlifes And Scumbags.
Lowlife lib-democRATs are the traitors and leakers; the US should move immediately to find and arrest and try for treason such subhuman scumbags.
A lot of moronic libs have accused me of being "too hard" on the race-baiting, misery-profiteering Irrev Jesse "NYC Is Hymietown" Jack-scum; now, one of his closest former confidants is accusing him of racketeering and enriching himself on the backs of blacks. Hmmm, exactly what I've been saying for years. I wonder when if the federal government will act and indict, convict and imprison this criminal lowlife piece of shit. No other word for him, he's merely a idiot.
Why is this child-molesting piece of subhuman garbage, Wacko Jacko, even in the news these days? He should be in prison for his crimes of pedophilia, and not free to harm children again and again.
Now the lowlife wacko lib-dems in the media are gnashing their teeth, wringing their hands and wetting their beds about "America not winning the war in 3-4 weeks". Hey shitheads: didn't W tell the Nation on September 20th that it's gonna be a long, long war? Of course he did; I was listening, weren't you morons? Obviously you weren't.
I've had it with this lowlife subhuman race-baiting, misery-profiteering idiot scumbag, Irrev Jesse "NYC Hymietown" Jack-scum. He's due for a 'permanent re-alignment of existence'; I'm relishing that. Bye, bye Jack-scumbag. You're next, Sharp-scum Bag.

Lib-democRAT Garbage.
The lowlife lib-dem bitch disgrace, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, should be imprisoned for a litany of crimes; instead she's a US Senator, illegally elected by the lib-dem filth in NYC and not by New York State voters. f*cking Freaking amazing. Here's a woman getting paid more than eight million dollars to recall what happened during her eight years in the White House. The real curiosity about that book deal is that, for nearly a decade, Hitlery testified under oath that she could "not recollect" "not recall" "don't remember" anything important at all. Now we are to believe that she will write an interesting, fact-filled tome about those very same years? How did she get her memory back? Ditto, her disgraced impeached ex-president "husband" Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, who couldn't remember anything for 8 years. After getting righteously booooed in NYC, Hitlery is apologized for by the lib-dem filth in Pittsburgh.
Another lib-dem piece of filth, Rep Gary Condit D-CA, the murderer of Chandra Levy remember her? is quietly heading for re-election. The pervert and deviant Condit should be removed from the US House of Reps, at the very least, because it looks as though no body will ever be found; he and his black homo boyfriends disposed of it quite well.
US Senator-Plagiarist-Liar Joe "Can I Write A Ripped-Off Speech For You" Biden, is turning yellow with partisan penis-envy, or somesuch. He's lost his mind, calling the US a "high-tech bully" for our brand of warfare. Biden whose presidential dreams were dashed when it was discovered that he was stealing speeches from the then-leader of Britain's Labor Party is lib-dem garbage. He's un-American. He's a socialist-communist scumbag. Joe, we all hope you get a whopping, inoperable case of prostate cancer. Bye lowlife, and a painful demise to ya, lib-dem white trash.
The lowlife nigress bitch, US Rep Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), is another subhuman piece of dogshit, and is a prime "blame America first" traitor. The McKinney Piglet has been the focus of widespread condemnation and praise since she wrote a letter to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal to apologize for New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's rejection of his donation to the families of victims in The September 11th Massacre. Giuliani refused the gift after bin Talal suggested U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East was partly to blame for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. She deserves a whopping case of inoperable breast or ovarian cancer. Die horribly and painfully, you filthy piece of shit.
This Goldberg guy at worries about being called a racist for criticizing so-called black leaders in America. Buy how can anyone who exposes race-baiters, misery-profiteers, traitors and lowlifes as idiots, be considered a racist? Can't be done. They're the racists. Call it what it is, Goldberg.

Execute The Subhuman Filth.
A man convicted of Killing a convenience store clerk during a 1982 robbery became the first Georgia inmate to die by lethal injection on Thursday. The electric chair, used to put 441 Georgia inmates to death over the past 77 years, was replaced by a gurney, upon which Terry Mincey was strapped down as technicians inserted a needle into his arm. Oh, be still my beating heart; justice is (belatedly, 1982) done.
By all rights, this lowlife bitch Symbionese Liberation Army fugitive Sara Jane Olson (Kathleen Soliah) tried to blow up police cars outside a police station and restaurant in the 1970s should be sentenced to death, but will probably get a short prison term. Her ambulance-chasing attorney is portraying her as a "victim of 9.11.01": "Sara Jane Olson is truly a victim of Sept. 11", defense attorney J. Tony Serra said. "We didn't have a level playing field. They have brandished about the term of domestic terrorism." She richly deserves to die.

John Coltrane.
Long recognized as one of the premier saxophonists of the 20th century, John Coltrane produced a remarkable amount of material, both as a band leader and a sideman. This site beautifully combines the music, the man, and his legacy. Starting with the basics, it offers a comprehensive discography, a brief biography, and a nice audio sampler of Trane's music. Beyond that, you'll find information on the John Coltrane Foundation, which works to provide opportunities for talented young musicians to learn and play. Finally, there are links to related artists and selected jazz resources from academia, the music business, and beyond. It's an impressive site, and rightly so, since it honors the life and work of a truly legendary artist. A fast connection helps immensely.

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