lock and load
Friday, November 30, 2001

It hit me a few days after The Massacre of September 11th, and the uneasy feeling's been building ever since, that if only a small fraction of the wacko extremist murderous Muslim degenerates living illegally and legally in the US, feel the need to rise up and attack Americans to defend the deviant and perverted cult of Islam, we're in trouble. Take the estimated six to seven million Muslims in the USA. At one end, and clearly this constitutes the majority, you have the peaceful Muslim family living down the street that obeys our laws, pays their taxes and are proud to be Americans. On the other end, since The Massacre of September 11th, we have learned that, while we were asleep in this country — with our borders wide open, giving high-technology to our enemies — an unknown number of terrorists also have set up shop in America, along with their supporters, sympathizers, apologists and funders. There are many thousands of radical Muslims and Islamic extremists loose in the US. Take a deep breath. Of the world's approximately 1.2 billion Muslims, an estimated 10 to 15 percent are of the militant "Islamist" strain. Do the math — that's well over 100 million human beings who, to a greater or lesser degree, are caught up with what amounts to the world's most dangerous cult. No, it's not a religion, it's a cult of raging, lunatic, murderous fanatics who are fully-committed to destroying the USA and its Western Allies, and replacing us with evil Islam. When the US expands the attacks on the Muslim extremists in throughout Middle East, tens or hundreds of thousands will rise up and commit murder and mayhem on a scale we've never seen before, worldwide. They've been getting ready for the past 10-15 years, aided by the "PC lib-dem enemy within" this very Nation. The USA will be a target everywhere, especially in our own homeland. The police and national guard will be overwhelmed. We American Citizens will have to "deal" with thousands of wacko Islamic extremists, who will be bombing, sabotaging, shooting, robbing, raping and Killing every American they come into contact with, in the name of the degenerate, pork-sucking Allah scumbag. It'll make the hellishly-bloody, US Civil War (oxymoron) pale in comparison. Think I'm kidding? Wish I was, but I fear that I'm not. Too many things now point to it sooner, rather than later. I predicted Ground Zero in NYC over two years ago: scroll down to "Scary Stuff"; mercifully, it wasn't what exactly happened. The day is coming, and soon I fear, when guerrilla warfare will wrack the American towns and cities, and we'll be defending ourselves, possibly from every Islamist fanatical "sleeper" terrorist. They'll be bringing the war to us, and we'll have to whack them all to survive. Not a pleasant prospect for peace-loving Americans. But the cold, hard reality points directly to it, based upon their deviant religious cult's "objectives". So get ready; it's coming and we need to be able to defend ourselves, family and neighbors. The 2nd Amendment applies now more than ever. Military tribunals will help rid the US of some of them, but not enough. It's Islam v US and the Civilized World. So, get all of 'em out, get 'em cleaned, get 'em loaded and get yourself ready. If you don't have 'em, the H&K Pistols, the H&K MP5 Rifles, the AR-15 Series and Glock Pistols are great places to start. No, I'm not advocating anything; just reminding you that Islam has designated us as their mortal enemy, since America is behind all of the world's problems and the root of all evil. And being an Eagle Scout (class of '62), reminds me why Be Prepared is the BSA's motto for a good reason: it's now something for everyone to think seriously about. FYI.

Around The Garden Center.
The week after Thanksgiving and one thought dominates: leftovers. Of all the National Holiday foods, I look forward to a week or two of turkey sandwiches, tons of filling/stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, corn, carrots, mince pie, pumpkin pie and copious amounts of vanilla ice cream. Burrrp.
On the way into work Friday morning at O Dark Thirty (05:45hrs), I saw many homes already decorated with Christmas lights and Nativity Scenes, and thought I was hallucinating, so I paid no real attention. It didn't occur to me that many of those had gone up on Thanksgiving, the day before. Somehow, I still can't reconcile that stuff going up so early and staying up through the Spring, as I've seen in 11 previous years here in the York (PA) area. As a kid, I remember helping Dad put up the decorations 2-3 weeks in advance, and then take them down a week after the Holidays. Things sure are different nowadays.
We completed storing all container nursery stock in the 6 - 30ft x 100ft quonset greenhouses, along with tens-of-thousands of perennials and ornamental grasses for the coming Winter; and coming quickly it is. The landscape crews have about 2 more weeks of jobs lined-up; then I'll cut them back to a single 3-man crew to work on irrigation, drainage, tree root cutting and replacement in display areas and dozens of other much-needed Garden Center & Nursery Complex maintenance projects, for another 2-3 weeks. That should carry through until just before the Christmas Holidays, when (almost) everyone will be laid-off until Spring. That's the seasonal Horticulture Business/ Industry in Pennsylvania.
Will Black Friday and the Christmas Shopping Holidays pull our Economy out of the dumper? I doubt it; it's just a temporary spike. Shoppers flocked to discount and department stores in the York-Lancaster areas, looking to take advantage of sales, promotions and bargains for their holiday buying. Traffic was heavy, lines were long but at least no wacko lit himself on fire in a shopping mall. Hold on tight; it's gonna be a bumpy ride for a while.
Ordinary businesses, from bicycle shops to bookstores to bowling alleys, are being pressed into service on the home front in the war on terrorism. Under the USA Patriot Act, signed into law by W late last month, they soon will be required to monitor their customers and report "suillegal alienious transactions" to the Treasury Department — though most businesses may not be aware of this. Buried in the more than 300 pages of the new law is a provision that "any person engaged in a trade or business" has to file a government report if a customer "spends $10,000 or more in cash". Pretty stupid, isn't it? Most of my customers spend well over $10,000 on landscape projects; several as high as $50,000-100,000 yearly. I sure won't be turning anyone in for trees and shrubs. Of course, my invoices are paid by check or credit card; in 11 years, I've only ever had one guy pay his $39,575 invoice in cash. Made me nervous as hell carrying all those 50s and 100s around for a day; luckily Mr Colt .357 Magnum helped me feel more secure.
No, I'm not an environmentalist wacko tree-hugger, despite being firmly ensconced in the Horticulture Industry, but this article about making plants scream is fascinating. I've always believed that every living thing has some sort of feeling mechanism; exactly what it is and how it's used is still unclear. Bravo the research, anyway.
This article is humorous: it delineates, or tries to, the difference between people/voters in the Election 2000 Red-Blue Map. (Aside note: personally, the colors were f*cked-up screwed-up: the GOP are blue, the democRATs are red socialists-communists.) In Red America, people eat meatloaf, dine at Crackerbarrel, shop at Walmart, attend Church and participate in Church-related activities regularly, live near family, obtain minimal educations, hold conservative views on issues like homosexuality and abortion, and enjoy a close-knit community life. In Blue America, people eat "sun-dried-tomato concoctions," wear designer clothes, get graduate degrees, enjoy ideas, compete with one another for prestige, money and recognition, and tend to be openminded about social issues such as homosexuality and abortion, and open to other cultures. The author also includes "the joke that Pennsylvanians tell about their state is that it has Philadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other, and Alabama in the middle." Hmmm, I guess I live in Southeast Alabama. After 17 years in Princeton, NJ and a daily commute into Midtown Manhattan, I'm a happy camper just where I am. York County (PA) is where my roots are, and I can easily meld the best of both worlds without the hassles of either.
The changeover to Winter Hours (Mon-Sat 10-3, Sun Closed) went seamlessly last week. I'd already changed copy on our perpetually-running ad on The Weather Channel local forecast, the website and sign at the front gate. It was a rainy (almost 2 inches!) weekend with few customers, so with Sundays off until March, I slept late, went down to the Garden Center Complex around 11am to feed Pickles and do some paperwork, then went food shopping on the way home. This nicely makes up for my loss of "Thursdays off" two months ago, when I cut staff and again started my unrelenting 11x7 schedule. Winter is on the way.
It's amazing that the Mid-Atlantic Region had balmy 60s and 70s all week, while the Northern and Southern Plains and the Midwest were in the brutal throes of Winter Storms, almost zero-degree temps and got pounded pretty bad. A stationary front stalled along the Eastern Coast and kept pushing the inclement weather northwest of us. At least we got some rain to help relieve the 27+ week drought situation. No complaints on this end.

GOP Bumblers.
The Bushes and the Kennedys have united for a huge inter-dynastic love-in. Or have they? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer (old Mafia saying). W is dumb like a fox.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, W! Hold-up, here. What's this shit about a $400million arms sale to the terrorist state Egypt? Bullf*ckingfreaking shit shit! No more arms to the subhuman Muslim scum in the Mideast; we've got well upwards of a half-dozen countries to attack, so hold off on any more arms transfers, since Egypt isn't supporting the US on the War on Terrorism.
This moron, Arlen Specter (R-PA) is a true RINO (Republican In Name Only) and a terrible embarrassment to us in Pennsylvania. He's a democRAT in reality. Now, he's questioning W's order for military tribunals for terrorist criminals and is holding "hearings", so the washed-up hag of a senator (note small "S") can have some face time with the cameras. Pathetic scumbag.

The September 11th Massacre.
On 9/11/01, at 9:05am, one of the Conservative News Forums I read and post to, www.freerepublic.com, documented the terrorist attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. Relive that horrible morning. And never, never forget what the subhuman Islamic shitfilth did to the USA.
And to set the record straight: Let's Roll! was said by Todd Beamer. Here's the story of those final moments of heroism of a few Americans over a farm field in Western Pennsylvania.
With over six (6) centers of subhuman pork-sucking Islamist terror cells now identified as operating in the US — Boston, New Jersey, suburban Washington, Texas, Southern California and the upper Midwest, particularly Detroit — the question begs asking: why aren't those subhumans in prison and being tried before military tribunals? The next logical step is execution.
Is theoretical Democracy or our US Republic compatible with Islam? No, I personally don't think so. Their demented, perverted, deviant, murderous religion cultism decrees that they whack all infidels. Kinda like Hitler's Mein Kampf wanting to whack all Jews and defectives. It's US or them, in the end. No question in my mind, or apparently, the minds in Washington. Let's Roll! Ummm, who's side is Powell on? The lib-dem NY Slimes writer apparently thought he could be "flipped over" to the lib-dem filth. Ummm, W?
Convinced that their community has been singled out for scrutiny by law enforcement and still wary of reprisals by vigilantes, many Muslim and Middle Eastern residents of Southern California say some of their friends and family members have left the United States, leading them to wonder whether they should follow. Okay, bye bye, whiners. Go back if you want. I don't recollect anybody building a wall to hold you back. The joys of Islam are not to be quickly forgotten. Don't let the door hit you where the sun don't shine!
Aw gee whiz: hundreds of "little-known foreigners" swept up in a vast dragnet after the terrorist attacks — some of whom have résumés suillegal alieniously like those of the 19 hijackers — and others who have spent days, weeks and now months in prison for immigration violations that before Sept. 11 would probably have been ignored or resolved with paperwork. Government officials say that the aggressive response is warranted by the extraordinary situation, and that they are simply enforcing longstanding laws. Works for me. Tough shit shit, towelheads. Now after we deport your sorry pork-eating asses, don't come back. This is only the beginning.
I had to laugh when I read this article: "US fears massacre of foreign fighters". Why? We're just going to have to whack them anyway. Let the other guys do it if they want to. No problem here.
So sad: a 94 year old woman dying of un-explained inhalation-grade anthrax. What a waste; what a shame. She reminds me of my Dad's Mother, Grandma Amy O. Shelley, who lived to 98. Jeeez, I sure hope the FBI et al find the lowlife subhuman filth who are doing this, and whack them. I'll volunteer; kinda get the feeling I'd already be somewhere around 300-500th in line.
whack all the lowlife, pork-sucking, subhuman diaperhead, murderous Hamas garbage. Ditto, Hezbollah trash. No prisoners. All dead. Buried with copious amounts of pork guts, facing downward so the homo-lover Allah-shitlips can't see their chickenshit faces. Next, whack and let rot in hell, you MEChA filth, for assisting in the massacre of over 5,000 innocents on September 11th. We're coming after you and yours; prepare to die racist illegal alien-filth MEChA, and be defamed to your lowlife, Allah-moron punks, boy-buggerers. C'mon, lowlife extremist shitscum diaperhead filth; f*ck mess with us. Time to seriously restrict all immigration activity; seal the borders. Drain another swamp, all stripes included. We should have sealed all the damned borders on Sept 12th; failure to have done so, is unconscionable and traitorous.
The filthy shithole, Greece, should be added to the list of countries sponsoring and harboring terrorists: a cowardly group called November 17 has been wracking the pathetic country with hundreds of asassinations and thousands of attacks on Americans and Briish. The 2004 Olympics are scheduled for Athens, and unless the US cleans out the nest of Islamic shitfilth, a tragedy like the one on Sept. 5, 1972, at the Munich Olympics, when 11 Israeli athletes were assassinated by a Palestinian terrorist group that called itself Black September, a covert unit of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Looks like we're going to have to drain that putrid Greek swamp, too.
Execute this subhuman piece of shit wacko extremist palestinian towelhead terrorist, Mazen Al-Najjar; he's been jailed once already and is in violation of his visa. Get the sandidiot scumbag outta here, US Government; in fact, get all the diaperhead goatf*ckinghumping scum outta here. What the hell is taking so long? Put them all on large boats, send them to Africa, then torpedo the boats halfway across the Atlantic. End of problem.
And, thank you very much, Great Britain, for your support and help in The War Against Terrorism. It's nice to have another Civilized Nation in the fray, as it were. The French are cowardly, cheese-eating, anytime surrenderists; Swiss are still denying everything and counting the USDs; Turkey found its spine, and we welcome you; the lowlife Greeks need a ladder to see a snake's belly; the timid and cowardly Spanish are denying murderers be handed over to the US unless we try them in civil court, not criminal or military venues; Germans are still atoning for Two World Wars; Japanese still pining about WWII atrocities and the US' Atom Bombs; the Italians are too concerned with their livers and are were changing governments monthly, until Conservative businessman Silvio Bercusconi took charge; the rest of Europe is still changing their diapers about terrorism, having acquiesced and bowed to liberals, socialists, communists, green scum and whatever chickenshit element has parasited itself off of the government pro-diem. Sad, but true. Cowards, all except the UK, with Turkey and Italy future hopefuls. Thanks, mates. We owe ya a pint+ o' dark ale.
The un-American lib-dem traitors, the pathetic ATLANTA URINAL and CONSTIPATION pontificates on why the US can't win, ala VietNam. No comparison, chum and chumette.
Ummm, too bad the lib-dem lowlife moron US Sen (D-VT) Pat "Leaky" Leahy didn't whip out his usual coke snorter and suck up a few million anthrax spores, and die. The Nation'd never miss such a case of rectal itch, as the Leahy lowlife. Maybe next time, Patty boy, maybe next time you'll get yours.
MEMO: To everyone watching the War On Terrorism. We cannot imprison surrendering or captured terrorists; we must whack them summarily, upon capture. End of message.
Billy Bob Safire, the moron RINO (Republican In Name Only) at The New York Slimes, is taking W& Co to task once again for military trbunals, now called "kangaroo courts". Safire is an idiot, moron, cretin and scumbag rolled into one shit-for-brains lowlife.
Wow, eight (8) journalists whacked in Afghanistan so far. If only Brokaw, Jennings, Rather, Van Susteren, Blitzer et al had been over there, some of the stinking lib-dem filth would have been cleaned out of the ultra-liberal US media, and good riddance.
This is humorous: The Islamic Truth Group's website giving propaganda reports on US and UK losses and myriad other lies. It's beyond humorous; it's hilarious. And pitiable at the same tim, because it's originating inside the UK. The Brits should have found it and shut it down quickly. Have a laugh.
Arab-American Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Ca) is a goatf*ckinghumping traitorous towelhead. He actually believes the murderous terrorist organization, "Hezbollah is legitimate and has never been involved with terrorist activities", and has been giving interviews to Mideast newspapers to that effect. Time to vote the scumbag traitor out of office, even if it means voting for a democRAT. Hold your nose and vote the traitor out.
Only 500 mideast suspects in detention? Hell, there's 6-7 million ragdiapertowelheads in the US who need serious scruitiny and probably 1-2 million who need deporting. f*ck Screw the commie-socialist ACLU lowlifes and lib-dem shitheads who protest; ditto all GOPers who are whining. This is war, you ignorant morons, or have you forgotten The Massacre of September 11th?
Dearborn, Michigan. That's where the majority of Mideast filth live and plan terrorist attacks against the US. Time for the FBI to drain that swamp and deport the subhuman garbage on visas. The FBI's "inviting" the towelhead garbage to make appointments and come for interviews. Really? What the hell happened to rounding up the pork-sucking Muslim shitfilth, interring them, torturing them to get the information we want, and then trying them in front of military tribunals. They'll either leave the country quickly, provide the information and be deported, or refuse to cooperate and be executed. End of problem. Next groups of lowlife Allah scumbags?
Did you get the new EID Greetings Islam Commemorative Stamp issue yet? Just ten days before the Massacre of September 11th on New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon — definitely linked to Islamic militants — the idiotic US Postal Service (USPS) issued a new stamp celebrating Islam. Gosh, I'm gonna run right out and get several 100 stamp sheets, NOT. I wouldn't wipe a dog's ass with Islamic trash stamps, let alone use them on any of my letters. The USPS has their heads up their collective asses for continuing to handle the stamps. Here's hoping they take a huge loss on the issue.
Oregon is a lib-dem dogshit-infested hole. Corvallis, OR police have joined their Portland, OR counterparts in refusing to interview foreign visitors in Oregon as part of a sweeping federal terrorism probe. Say goodbye to any and all federal monies, traitorous un-American lib-dem lowlife filth. Here's hoping the first terrorist nuclear attack will obliterate Oregon. Time to move, Lynetta.
All the whining, hand-wringing, bed-wetting lib-dem shitheads are trashing AG John Ashcroft's anti-terrorist measures, but I don't think he's gone far enough. And if we get hit with another terrorist attack and massacre, they'll be howling for increased protection. The wacko lib-dem garbage has no brains to balance out the national security issue; they whine and carp at every opportunity. Hell, I'd deport all of the worthless scum to Canada or Mexico as national security risks. End of problem.
The filthy dogma of multiculturalism is almost dead; read what an eighth grader at a Muslim school told the Washington Post. Deport the lowlife Muslim scumbag; in fact, deport all the traitorous un-American Islamic pork-sucking shitheads. What's Next? Iraq. Let's Roll!

Lib-dem Garbage.
Any lib-democRAT shitfilth who don't think disgraced, impeached, lying ex-president Bubba Jeffy & Hitlery Rotten Clintoon were traitors to the USA? Then read this, morons, and go stand in the corner with the dunce hat until reality class is over, idiots. The Clintoon lowlifes are clearly traitors and seditionists, and should be executed imprisoned.
Likewise, Tommy "PuffLib-DemDoggyBoy" Dass-hole is a traitor and liar and scumbag and lowlife lib-democRAT shithead. His whoredog wifey, Linda-the-slutbag, sucks anything she can get her diseased lips upon. Both are subhuman trash.
Ol' race-baiter, head misery-profiteer, shakedown criminal Irrev Jesse "Hymietown NYC" Jack-scum wants a piece of the $60billion economic stimulus package. He's proposing that some of his criminal relatives and friends in the travel industry get a piece of his lamebrain proposed $1,000 travel vouchers. hey Jack-scum boy: the travel industry is irrelevant in the scheme of things right now; it's the business sector and allied industries who need to cash infusion.
The NOW-NAGS (Nat'l Org of Womern-Nat'l ass'n of Gals) and Femi-Nazis have their panties in a bunch and vibrators at the ready: they're upset at W & Co for defending Afghan womens' rights. The Maureen Dowd dyke and Gloria Steinem slut are screaming that it's their job to defend womens' right, not the GOPers. Well golly gee whiz, gals, where the hell were you when the lying rapist and molester Bubba Jeffy Clintoon was getting blowjobs from 19 year old White House interns? And when women came forth and accused the Liar In Chief of rape? And a hundred other incidents of groping etc? Better put some ice on it, gals, to quote your favorite scumbag.
The cesspools of multiculturalist-diversity-feminazi-"hey hey ho ho, Western Civ has got to go"-antiglobalist-antiAmerican political correctness lunacy are being washed away in a sea of American flags. Keep 'em flying.
Read about more Clintoon sleaze in the late Barbara Olson's book, The Final Days. Absolutely disgusting that the Clintoon criminals aren't in prison.
Lowlife lib-democRAT scumbag Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat "Leaky" Leahy (D-Vt) has once against taken the lead in opposition to Attorney General John Ashcroft, this time doing everything he can to throw a monkey wrench into the Ashcroft Justice Department's plans to fight the war on terrorism. What a un_American traitorous turd Leahy is. A heart attack or brain tumor would be nice.

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
Why these idiotic South African Whites would even want to stay in a subhuman shithole like Africa is beyond me. It hasn't been their home since White Rule ended, and the cretinous-morons took over and ruined the economy and land. A true cesspool of a continent, populated by subhuman filth, riddled with AIDS, disease and death at every turn, idiot men raping 21,000-32,000 tiny babies a year to "rid themselves of disease" and rapes and murders everyday, everywhere. Leave white people, and let anarchy and death take over; maybe it'll whack off the subhuman filth who populate the continent and cleanse itself. Several nuclear weapons would also help resolve the subhuman issues, too.
Ummm, yes, time to eradicate exterminate elucidate eliminate this subhuman, disease-riddled, garbage. Die, homo filth, die by the millions. Good f*cking riddance, subhuman garbage.
Montgomery County, Maryland: the laughing stock of the US, for their Nazi-like smoking ban proposal — "setting stiff fines for people who smoke in their own homes if it offends the neighbors". Oooops, now they've dropped it. Guess the embarrassment was too much. Serves the morons right.
Gee whiz, here's a shocker: the Pee Wee Herman scumbag, Paul Reubens, possessing kiddie porn. Reubens was arrested on July 26, 1991, for alleged indecent exposure and masturbation at a porno movie theater in Sarasota, FL. He entered a no-contest plea and was sentenced to 75 hours of community service. Quite the perfect model for American children? He should be locked up for 25 years to life, with a 475lb sweaty black lifer named Bubba. He'd sure make that guy a nice "girlfriend". I can hear the screams now.
40 million people infected with AIDS worldwide, reads the BBC headline. Africa devastated, China's one million victims, Europe rampant with HIV, Russia rife with AIDS, Brazil, Thailand etc etc etc. So what? Why should I care about junkies or subhuman deviant people who poke their useless appendages into other peoples' rectums? Let them all die; I just wish it'd be quickly, instead of taking so long and using up so many resources which should be used for other diseases.
The race-baiters and misery-profiteers are gathering like vultures over roadwhack: black leaders will attempt to thrust reparations and the Florida 2000 election — issues they say have been cast aside in the shadow of September 11 — into the national spotlight at the State of the Black World Conference this weekend in Atlanta. Read the article and the list of lowlife scum attending. Gaaawd, what stupid folks; no wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
What is this senile, old hagged-out, lib-dem bitch, Helen Thomas, doing out of the "Rest Home"? Lecturing W about The White Hosue? I think not. Someone grab the Lebanese whoredog scuzbag and hustle the troll back to The Home, for the Nation's good.

Execute The Subhuman Filth.
If there was ever a case of the death penalty needing to be applied in the interest of "community service", it's six men idiots charged with raping a nine-month-old baby girl in South Africa. (Thank goodness they got rid of WHITE rule in South Africa.) No telling how bad things would have become, if the "white devils" were still in power. The stupid subhuman cretinous-morons commit 21-32,000 (hard to count all of 'em) cases of child rape each year and most get off without punishment; the attacks are fuelled by the myth that 'sex with a virgin will protect a man against AIDS or even cure him' of the incurable disease. Yeah sure, idiot filth. And yet another baby kidnapped, raped and abandoned. No wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
I find this incredulous: Melissa Drexler, an 18-year-old woman who whacked her newborn son in a bathroom at her prom before returning to the dance floor, was released from prison yesterday after three years. Read the article, as Drexler follows a long line of whackers who earned hot meals, warm beds and free schooling as prizes for sending their babies to early graves. All should be executed for murder.
A 49 year old former member of the Pittsburgh School Board, Ron Suber, a democRAT, raped a 7 year old girl and is now in deep shit. He should be executed and permanently removed from the gene pool, as all child molesters should. That kind of perversion should not be tolerated by any civilized society.
Here's a pathetic measure of how far we've regressed as a civilized society and Nation. About 200 rapists and child molesters are preparing to go free if a Florida state law is overturned. One child molester has already been released. The Florida law in question is the Jimmy Ryce Act. Under the law, when the prison sentence of a violent sexual offender is about to end, prosecutors can ask for a civil trial to decide whether the offender is likely to strike again and should be kept locked up until a doctor determines he is no longer a threat. The 1998 law was named after a 9-year-old Florida boy who was abducted, raped and murdered in 1995. His whacker has been sentenced to death. For the past 6 years, I've said that all child molesters and rapists should be sentenced to death and executed. Ergo, end of problem of repeat crimes.

Want to visit a zoo full of cool animations that change daily? Levitated presents "daily modules of visual goodness for education, elaboration, and collaboration." These open source creations are in Flash 5, and budding Flash-smiths can download the files to get under the hood and tinker with the code. Don't miss the Maeda Path game — a tone poem/maze puzzle that you play with your mouse. Other engaging modules demonstrate chaotic attraction, ambient rotation, node patterns, and other exotic animations. Jared Turnbull appears to be the primary rtist/author/programmer. Thanks for the movable feast!

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