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twice as big
as it needs to be

Friday, November 3, 2000

i've always said that "An optimist views a glass as half full, a pessimist views a glass as half empty, and I view the same glass as being twice as big as it needs to be". Pretty simple stuff, right? Well, not always. Too often, subjective and myopic vision clouds one's prespective and present viewpoint. Getting from subjective to objective isn't always an easy journey without putting oneself through some formidable and uncomfortable changes. And many aren't ready for that task. I read dozens of viewpoints, analyses and spin every day, in order to stay truly informed; most, if not all, are a load of shit. So how do I separate the wheat from the chaff? Simple: close my eyes and flip a coin. Duh.

Around The Garden Center.
Gaining an extra hour of sleep last weekend was nice; Standard Time has returned, and with it, now going to work and returning home in the dark every work day, except Sunday when I go in at 11am. Plus, I'm now getting up at 4am; guess it's going to take a while to get my "body clock" adjusted to the extra hour. Ever wonder what causes the Earth's seasons and time shifts? Here's the Official US Gov Clock; one of the few useful things the US Govt does on the Net, of the thousands they attempt and fail at. Using, of course, your and my monies US Taxpayers to bad avail.
One thing I have noticed over the years, is that after each of the changes from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time in the Spring and DST to ST in the Fall, I wind up napping in my office for about 1 hour for 2-3 weeks afterward. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Guess it takes my "body clock" that long to catch up. Dunno. The rest of the year I'm fine; it's just after those two artificially-imposed, time-change events that I nap.
The last weekend of our once-a-year 25% Off Fall Nursery Stock Sale was very busy, despite the colder temps (40s and 50s) and 45mph winds. I've decided to "extend the sale" into November, as I've done in previous years. We've been without benefit of rain now for almost 5 weeks, and things are getting very dry. The midwest storms just aren't making it out to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. But we sure don't need what Europe's getting, just now.
Flu season's just around the proverbial corner and my parents have gotten their shots several weeks ago. Yet this story says the vaccines won't be available for several weeks. Bullshit, the York, PA area is well stocked. I won't be getting any shots this year continuing a proud personal tradition of never ever getting a flu shot but will just stay away from sickly people and congested public places. My immune system has always been strong enough to fight off any virus, so I don't see a need to have myself injected with the virus to start building antibodies. Kinda dumb when you think about it, isn't it?
On the way into work on Monday morning, I stopped along Rt 24 in Red Lion (PA) to bury a very small, 2-3 month old grey & white kitten, laying along the side of the road. I carry a stainless steel shovel and 4-pronged spading fork in the back of my Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD, as well as my Felco hand-pruners and a 16" Special Forces knife. And I rail against the scumbag people who let animals breed wantonly and run loose, usually to get hit by traffic. I've buried hundreds over the years. Those people shouldn't even be allowed to have animals, much less children, and should rot in Hell for their carelessness and indifference. Here's one man who shouldn't have been allowed to have children: he left his 2 year old son in a pick-up truck in the woods for 2hrs while he went hunting. Now the boy's missing 5+ days and defintively dead. Personally, I think he so-called father whacked him.
On Tuesday morning, on my way back from a landscape meeting at a customer's home in nearby Shrewsbury (PA), I stopped to bury another slightly larger grey kitten, laying on the road's shoulder. I guess I'm the only idiot who does such stuff; no one else seems to want to give those animals a decent burial, as opposed to letting them putrify on the roadside. Okay, I don't mind doing it: my "good deed" for the day is enough payment.
I had to chuckle when I saw this article about most companies not posting career or job opportunities on their corporate websites. Heck, we've been doing it since '96. Right now, all information is "hidden" in the HTML; by February 1st, over a dozen jobs are posted and we do get many responses (3.7 million so far!) from both part- and full-time applicants. Go to the "Employment" Page, click your browser's toolbar "View", select "Page Source" from the Menu. See all the job listings which "magically appear" every Spring.
Gas prices are holding steady in the York (PA) area, at $1.56.9 (89 oct), as compared to the past few weeks. I paid $33.50 for 21.353gal (89 oct) at the local Getty station on the way into work Wednesday. Sure, it's a few pennies cheaper at some of the so-called "super stations" in the area, but they're always so packed with customers I'd rather avoid the lines.
Well, Halloween came and went in the mid-state Pennsylvania area without any problems, but some folks around the country had "problems". Not me; I was asleep by 9pm and there weren't any "goblins" near my condo.
I took Thursday off, running lots of errands in both Pennsylvania and Maryland which I didn't have time to complete on my last day off: food shopping, gourmet food shopping at Graul's in Maryland, cleaning the Jeep Grand Cherokee inside and out, airing out the condo, bbq-ing some steaks, laundry, picking-up wine at the state liquor store, cleaning up the Fall garden at my condo and many more things needing attention. At least I slept in 'til 10am. Some day off, huh?
I'm looking forward to winding things down for Winter, at the Garden Center. The shortened hours and occasional day off will be most welcomed after a hectic 2000 season. We're already booked into July 2001 with maintenance and landscape jobs, so the main task is to find and hire personnel for the upcoming season. Sure, there's a long list of projects to get completed at the Center over the Winter months, in preparation for Spring, but we'll all take some much-deserved time off prior to starting that. It now looks as though we won't get the 7 greenhouses recovered in poly (6-mil plastic) until Spring, as well.

Chores In The Garden.
Sure, it's Fall but Winter's just around the corner. So here's a "list of things to do" in your garden(s) this month:
»Start Fall compost pile,
»Plant Winter- and Spring-flowering bulbs,
»Divide and replant crowded Fall-blooming bulbs after leaves yellow,
»Cut back on feeding houseplants (do not feed dormant houseplants),
»Protect roses for Winter.

Criminal Clintoonista Slimeballs.
Think I'm selling that traitorous lowlife scumbag, Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, short on anything? Or something? Okay, then consider the following...
It's still difficult for me to believe that anyone with a functioning brain would vote for the sleazy, arrogant, lying criminal bitch, Hitlery Rodman Clintoon, for US Senator. But there are millions in New York state; just look at the so-called polls. And the pathetic NY Times even endorsed the criminal bitch while detailing her crimes in a recent editorial. Simply unbelieveable. The lowlifes in NY state will certainly deserve what they get.
Awww gee whiz, you think I'm being too hard on the Hitlery Rodman Clintoon Bitch? After reading these stories about the filthy commie socialist bitch, you'll change your tune.
Hey, want to have some fun? Go to Slap Hillary and Slap The 3 Media Stooges (Brokaw, Rather & Jennings). All are lowlife liberal, socialist, commie scumbags, richly deserving of terminal illnesses. You'll need Flash 5 Plug-In for your browser, first. Easy to do; just download and follow browser install directions.
Read this story in the upcoming Esquire Magazine. shit for brains Bubba Jeffy Clintoon still can't take responsibility and never will for his crimes against America. He still believes that the GOP and conservatives were and are his enemies; he doesn't acknowledge his lying and suborning or perjury and obstruction of justice. Plus a hundred other crimes he and his bitch wife, Hitlery Rodman Clintoon, have escaped by lying and blaming others. Clintoon is slime, pure and simple shit.
If anyone didn't somehow believe that AlGoreBore was a liar and criminal before, this revelation of his doing illegal arms deals with the Russian commie slimeball Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. Now the criminal White House is withholding documents again in a futile effort to stall off another scandal before the Nov 7th Election. Let's hope it breaks bigtime and exposes the GoreBore slime to all.
Desperation makes people do weird things: the AlGoreBore Liars are so desperate because GWBush is kicking their asses in the polls, the DNC is "unleashing" the First Liar & Rapist, Bubba Jeffy Clintoon. What a f*cking joke the blowjob-in-chief is.
He'll never accept responsibility for his crimes and lies to America; now shit for brains Bubba Jeffy Clintoon wants an apology from the GOP for being impeached. Can you f*cking believe it? He's a psycho sociopath and should be in restraints.
Ever wonder why all the "Clinton scandals" seem to die a premature death before they're investigated and exposed? Here's a great piece on the stonewalling and lying tactics the Clintoonista slimeballs employ.
The lying rapist philanderer Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, is back on the campaign trail lying and scaring minorities into voting for the criminal liar psycopath AlGoreBore, who is trailing in all national polls. So is the two-faced liar, Joe "not such a pious Jew" LIE-berman, the DemocRAT candidate for VP, claiming that GWBush was responsible for the black man being dragged to his death by 3 White racists. These morons will say and do anything immoral to get a liberal piece of shit elected. They're desperate White trash scum and filth.
To thoroughly understand why "hate crime" legislation is a pathetic joke and will never, never become a mainstay law in this Nation, read David Horowitz' column about stinking black racists and perverted gay bigots. Eye opening stuff.
Does this corrupt "loan" for a DemocRATic US Congressman stink, or what? It's called a bribe, in anyone's terminology.
For weeks I've said that North Korea is setting-up South Korea for an invasion and that the US is unwittingly aiding the commie slime in the north in doing so. Here's proof that shit for brains Bubba Clintoon's so-called "legacy" will be another massive Korean tactical nuclear War redux of the early 50s, with the Chi-comm filth also involved.
Herte's the latest tally on Clintoon's Scandals. And in case you were living in a cave back in '98 or are an empty-headed liberal, here's everything dealing with the Impeachment of the most corrupt president in US history.
Be there any doubt in your minds about how the Clintoonista shit-slimballs have f*cked up America's power and position in the world, ???read this. Makes me sick to think about what has to be done to undo the damage they've wreaked.
While many states are grappling with ballot measures to ban the teaching of "homory" in of our schools, Pennsylvania has no such measure on the Nov 7th ballot. We'd smash any attempt to teach perversion in Penna schools, count on it.
The arrogant stupid f*ck scum Clintoon thinks the US wants "four more years" of his lies, scandals and criminal activity? I don't f*cking think so. And that Americans "can get the next best thing" by electing Democrat AlGoreBore? The "next best thing" to both those scum is a bullet in the head to reduce the pain they've caused.
Oh, this is rich: the stinking filthy criminal Clintoon slime and liberal slimeballs wishing The White House a Happy 200th Birthday. After defiling its honor and selling the Lincoln Bedroom to every democRATic whore, lowlife and homo, these people aren't fit to reside there. Well, we've known that for 8 years; soon, the shitscum will be gone and it'll require a thorough de-lousing and disinfecting.
Oh shit; this won't help GWBush and will only fuel lib-dem slimeballs' negative contentions.

A Load Of shit.
Look at all the stupid f*cking "gamer punks" rushing to buy that shit company's (Sony) PlayStation 2 game console. 500,000 American morons re-selling a $300 toy for upwards of $1,000 on eBay; what a pathetic joke those people are. This junk is like "Beannie Babies", "Tickle Me Elmo" and all the other junk-shit-shit foisted upon stupid Americans by overseas junk companies. They're laughing all the way to the bank.
Aw gee, the idiots, morons, scumbags and criminals in the US Congress are working on a weekend; too f*cking bad. They don't do a rat's ass worth of work during the rest of the year, and now they want to go home after abrogating their Constitutionally-mandated responsibility to legislate. I have no sympathy or pity for those morons, nor Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, who has shut the government down in '95 and blamed the GOP cretins. All need to stay and get the People's work completed, minus all the "pork".
First it's "road rage" and people are injured and whacked almost on a daily basis. Now, "yard rage" has popped up and is causing once-quiet neighborhoods to become battlegrounds. Where does it stop?
No surprise here: a stupid idiot points a fake gun at a cop and is shot and whacked. Duh. How f*cking stupid can someone be? Apparently, this idiot re-defined the term, stupid. No wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
I'm just holding Blacks to the same standards as Whites, something they're deathly afraid of having done to them.
There goes the British armed forces, specifically the Navy: they now "welcome" homo slime into the family, giving the perverted filth and deviants all the rights and benefits of normal heterosexual couples. No wonder the stupid Brits still live on a shithole island.
It's official: the slimey limey bitch Cherie Blair is Hitlery Rodman Clintoon, incarnate, and a man-liker, not a dyke.
In case you missed it, the stinking redskin injuns oh, they like to call themselves "native americans" are trying to whack-off Columbus Day in America. They're screwed it up in Denver for the past 8 years; this year, the Italians kicked their lazy, alcoholic red asses and held the parade anyway. The stupid redskins claim that Ol' Chris was a murderer and slave trader, among other things. Too f*cking bad, tonto. Get the f*ck back to your teepee and peepee in your beer or rye or Mad Dog 20-20, lowlifes. Make some more moccasins or blankets to sell, or open another worthless gambling casino. Better yet, dry out, straighten up and get jobs like the rest of the real Americans hold and support your worthless piece of shit families and get off welfare. Scumbags, all.

Mideast Bullshit.
That's all? Only 179 dead in 40 days? Jeeez, at that rate, it's going to take centuries to get rid of the stinking towelhead muslim shit-filth sand idiots. C'mon Israel, use some tactical nuclear weapons and rid the world of that islamic dogshit scum.
Say what, sand idiot islam scum filth? Deny the US access to your air space to attack Osama bin Laden, the murderer? Doubt it, if I were Dictator For A Day? I'd fix the World's Problems. You subhuman filth would all be gone from this Earth.
I've been saying for years that all towelhead scum are filth and here's proof: the sand idiots in Yemen have erased a critical part of the videotape of the USS Cole bombing, because they don't want the US getting the stinking muslim shit who did the deed. They're not cooperating with the FBI and US investigative teams. They're stalling, as the stinking islamic idiot Saudi slime did in '96 after the Khobar Tower bombing which whacked 19 Marines. Nuke 'em all, I say.
Only 5 towel-head, shit-scum, filth-f*cker islamic shit-filth muslim garbage whacked in 1 week? Ri-f*cking-dic-u-lous! 50,000 lowlife muslim towel-head-brain-dead islam shitfilth scumf*cker slime need to die weekly.

Execution Is The Solution.
Execution isn't used enough as a deterrent; when it is, murder rates drop precipitously. Execution is just and right for any society to use in punishing and deterring crime. It's just not used enough. This country is far too lenient in allowing subhuman filth to continue living after committing heinous crimes.
Right after murderers and rapists, pedophiles should be promptly executed, which would absolutely insure they'd never molest another child. Actually, a 9mm bullet in the skull would better serve the crime.
Just amazing: 25 idiots gang rape a mentally-disabled 13 year old girl and all they'll get is a few years in jail. They all should be executed. 9mm's to every empty head. I'd have no problem pulling the trigger, in fact, I'd be dancing in the aisles in between shots. Any piece of shit liberal lowlife want to argue that one with me? C'mon, liberal scumbags, give it a try for rehabilitation of those filth.
Ahhhhhhhhhh, Texas made my week: executing a subhuman piece of shit for murdering a woman in '92. He was the 34th convicted whacker to receive lethal injection in Texas this year, three short of the record 37 executed in 1997 in the nation's most active death penalty state. He was the first of six set to die over the next 16 days. I'm looking forward to that.

Racist Bigots.
Ranking right up there with race-baiting bigot scum filth like NAACLP (National assn for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People), Irrev Fat Lardass Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, Nation of Piss-lam Calypso Louie Farra-con-man and Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum, is the racist idiot bitch, Maxine "I hate all Whiteys" Waters, a so-called US Congress-bitch criminal. Elected by the ghetto shit trash of LA, she's even more hated than the socialist commie First Bitch, Hitlery Rodman Clintoonista. Wish her sudden death; both of'em, in fact.
Hate crimes? f*ck that shit. If the victim is White and the murderer is Black, then it's not a hate crime. Does that make sense to you? Only twisted psycho liberals and democRATS think in those perverse terms. Blacks are more bigoted and racist than Whites.
I'm just holding Blacks to the same standards as Whites, something they're deathly afraid of having done to them.

Crop Circle Quest.
Subtitled "crop formations in western Canada that I have personally visited," Crop Circle Quest is a fine investigation of those strangely intriguing patterns of bent wheat stalks. Your intrepid host Judy Arndt presents plenty of crime scene photographs, detailed diagrams, and close-ups of "deformed nodes and expulsion cavities." You'll also find an essay which delineates the nine possible causes of crop circles: Whirlwind Vortex, Plasma Vortex, Earth Energies, Extra-Terrestrial Origin, Underground Archaeological, Chemical Applications, Hoaxes, God Force, and Military Experimentation. As Ms. Arndt sums up, "It appears that there were some powerful energies at work here." Fascinating stuff.

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