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Friday, November 5, 1999

i can't believe it's November already. Where does the time go? A sure sign Winter is coming is the call to reset clocks worldwide. Just about everything in the Display Gardens has its Fall color; asters and mums are still in bloom, though. Trees are turning rapidly, partly due to the Drought of '99, but also due to the inordinate number of frosts we've had in the past two weeks. Moisture levels have deepened and plants are finally getting what they need to survive. There will be many more "casualties" next Spring, as more of the plants which have survived three years of drought and oppressive heat, will not survive after pushing out their new growth. The stress will finally take its toll. Nature has its own precise schedule and the rest of us better stay out of the way or be damned for meddling.

Around The Garden Center.
We finally found the problem with the Co-Ray-Vac infared radiant heating system: a gas pressure regulator in burner #4 was faulty. Those electronic ignition and control systems are sometimes a very finicky bitch to work with. The US Distributor, Growth Zone Systems Co in Washington State shipped the new part overnite express and it was installed last Friday. All is well now.
Read this paper about the origins and evolution of the first flowering plants on Earth. Fascinating.
We've been so deluged with tree sales and installations no complaints from me that I've had to suspend landscape installations for three days this week just to get caught up. The Annual 25% Off Nursery Stock Sale has exceeded all expectations, despite the drought.
Last Saturday at 3:17am, the phone rang and the building security company alerted me to a fire at the Garden Center Complex. I quickly dressed, jumped in the Jeep and raced 14 miles at just over 80mph to the site, arriving 9 minutes later with a local police "escort", in hot pursuit. ("Normal" time for the 14 mile trip is 24 minutes.) The Penna State Police and Winterstown Fire Company were parked at the bottom of the driveway, just outside the chain gate. I opened up and we quickly surveyed the buildings: false alarm, probably another malfunctioning sensor. I got that replaced on Monday; we've had 'em before years ago and replaced the faulty ones. So much for anymore sleep. I drove home at the speed limit and fed the cats, showered and headed back to work by 5:30am. No speeding tickets were issued, but the police asked that I call 911 for an escort next time instead of speeding. Nice people.
From a dial-up perspective, I've not seen the Net as slow as it's been for the past two weeks, since I used a 14.4k modem in '95. At my condo, I have a 500k cable modem and it screams in both directions. But at the office, it's painful to see it crawl so slowly. I connect at either 50.6k or 53.3k, but that's only relative to what've moving through the pipeline "out there" on the Net. It's pathetic and no one seems to know why.
We had a helluva storm blow through on Tuesday afternoon: 1.3" of rain, followed by a (very) cold front followed. Temps quickly dropped into the low- to mid-30s. A few flurries followed the front through just north of York. I woke up at 2am Wednesday, to the clanging and banging of siding and flashing on the condo being ripped off by the wind. The wind and rain defoliated what was left of the beautiful Fall colors on the trees. Just about every tree and shrub at the Garden Center was down when I arrived on at 6:30am. Oh joy; one of my all-time favorite activities is standing-up thousands of plants in containers.
Lynetta, my friend from the Portland area arrived at BWI (Balt-Wash Int'l) Airport from a conference in DC, on Wednesday to spend a few days touring this part of Pennsyl-tucky. Last time she was here, we went to Winterthur Gardens & Museum in Delaware, because a traffic jam prevented us from visiting Hershey, PA. On Thursday, we drove up to The Hotel Hershey, had lunch in the Fountain Cafe, tried to visit the Hershey Gardens, but it was closed for the season. All in all, a nice day trip.
That evening, we had good friends Jeff & Denise over for a five-course dinner with plenty of vino; glad I didn't have to drive home.

Clintonite Criminals.
Hmmm, two words meaning the same thing. Synonym. Webster's Dictionary plans to have both Clintons pictures at the definition of "criminal", last I heard.
Read about the criminal activities of the Clinton White House and (In)Justice Department in trying to have a witness against the corrupt administration silenced by Chi-Comm "hits squads". It goes right to the highest levels of the US Government. It was taped by the FBI, but the liberal mainstream press won't touch it. Figures. Threat from the Clintonistas make the media cowards shake in their boots.
Next, the criminal Clintons sic the corrupt IRS on the same witness after he's gone bankrupt. Also figures. Ummm, isn't that illegal? Was the last time I looked. No one in the cowardly Congress lifts a finger in protest.
Read about the lowlife, degenerate bitch slut, femi-nazi who's working "behind the scenes" for AlGoreBore. Pathetic ultra-lib-dem whore, Naomi Wolf, has been deliberately "hidden" from public scrutiny, because of her left wing, wacko views.
Tied closely to the Clintonista criminals, is the lowlife, degenerate ACLU cadre of communists, fascists and nazis who've done real damage to the USAs Constitution and moral fabric.
Desperately seeking to legitimize his criminal existence, the fat, stupid, Pommade-lover, racist idiot scum, Al Sharpton, is typical of the lowlife breed of Democrat scumbags who pervert the political process in America. Where's James Earl Ray when the country really needs him?
Sorry, this isn't about criminals, it's about what makes sense. Preserving and protecting the wilderness is something I have no problem with. No Gop'er or republican has explained his/ her opposition to this policy. Hey, guys/ gals: we're the government and we own it, our descendants own it and not some polluting, commie company from North Korea is going to lay claim to any of it.
Despite the pervasive lib-dem lies about the CTBT (Comprehemsive Test Ban Treaty), here's the truth. It's just common sense.

The Bullshit Gets Deeper.
Somehow, after seven years of the criminal and corrupt Clintonistas, this doesn't surprise me like it should. Sure, I'm outraged that nothing will come of any investigation, but not surprised. I guess I'm getting inured to all the lib-dem corruption, lying and criminal activity.
Here's an idiot Brit so-called PhD who says that criminals make up 30%+ of every nation's population and are normal. Absolute f*cking shit! Criminals are a tiny fraction of society and are an aberration which needs to be dealt with harshly. What the f*ck do Brits know anyway, they're still living on a tiny island.
The criminal idiot bitch Mosely-Braun is back again, like the proverbial toilet turd who just won't flush down. I sure hope Jesse Helms can keep her out of any government position; the voters in Illinois threw the bitch out for corruption years ago and we sure don't need a piece of shit like her representing the USA anywhere.
Look at the five pathetic GOP idiots, who don't have an original idea or plan between them. The GOP is in big trouble with the likes of these cretins; Bush ain't much better. I watched a few minutes of this televised joke on C-Span and gagged so bad I had to turn it off.

And Deeper.
Instead of using non-human primates and other animals for testing drugs, why not use convicted and condemned murderers? They're going to die anyway, so give 'em a fleeting chance to pay back society before their execution. A great idea!
Speaking of criminal lowlife scum, Hitlery Clinton won't run for Senator from NYState. Those who did the evil bitch's bidding at disgraced The White House believe so. She'll take the millions, and not run.
The spontaneous explosion of the center fuel tank is not what happened to TWA Flight 800 in '96; one or perhaps two terrorist missiles is what really happened. The FBI and NTSB coverups continue. Boeing's getting hosed for something which wasn't their fault. A f*cking missile brought TWA800 down; the evidence is abundant. How stupid or conspiratorial do Kallstrom (FBI) or Hall (NTSB) have to be? And how f*cking ignorant does the dog-licking, Congress-lackey, Sen. Charles Grassley (R- Iowa) have to be? Hey, Chucklehead: wake the f*ck up and take a reality check! It was a goddamned missile!
And now that EgyptAir Flight 990 has also tanked, maybe the government FBI-NTSB liars will do a real investigation and discover the truth about it and TWA Flight 800: terrorists brought both down with missiles and bombs. But after the incompetent investigation and subsequent coverup by the FBI and NTSB, the towelheaded muslim piece of shit Osama bin Laden will get off scot-free.
Considering the lies and whitewash of TWA800 in '96, how would these scumbags know what's moral and ethical to report to The American People? Answer: they wouldn't.
How the f*ck can the AlGoreBore-lackey, boot-licker NTSB lowlife James Hall be placed in charge of this 990 investigation; he's the lying-est motherf*cker to come down the pike next to Billy Bob & Hitlery Clinton.
Oh Jeeeeeez, I'm having chest pains again; gotta sit down and rest the cholesterol deposits. This shit pisses me off to no end. Why does our own government do this shit to us?

And Deeper.
I knew there was a reason I distrusted and despised this scumbag liar lowlife Koop, another relic of the Clintonistas. He's a liar, charlatan and criminal. Just like the Clintons.
Why is it that the brutal rape and murder of a 13 year old child by two slimy homo filth gets no national outcry, but the equally brutal beating death of a Wyoming college punk homo gets all the ink? Is it because the queers are a lib-dem protected minority, ripe with money and votes, but children have no political or financial power? Yep, you bet'cha.
Extremist cult wackos are the reason I don't have a problem with what happened at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Racist groups, too. The FBI needs to find them and destroy them, in anyway they can. Those extremists are more dangerous than all the Chi-Comm scum and the Islamic filth, combined.
One of the few honest politicians of the last quarter century, John Chafee of Rhode Island, died last week. The remaining are crooks and criminals.

And Deeper Still.
To underpay our military servicemen and women is a crime; the Clintonistas have repeatedly cut defense budgets over the past seven years to the point where many military families are on welfare, just to make ends meet. They're below the poverty line. It's out-f*cking-rageous and needs to be corrected immediately. I can't believe this shit goes on and the cowards and criminals in Congress allow it to continue.
These criminally-deceptive sweepstakes practices should have been ended by the (In)Justice Dept many years ago, so tens-of-thousands of elderly wouldn't have been ripped off. Clark, McMahon et al all should be in prison and the so-called American Family Sweepstakes banished.
The lib-dem filth in Washington destroy everything they touch. I'll do my job in 2000 as an American Voter to remove as many of the sons and daughters of bitches as I can.
The examples of government fraud, waste and abuse of tax dollars are legend. Here's some very startling ones just uncovered by the GOP. It boggles the mind.
Another example of liberals without morals and ethics in the art world promoting filth and degeneracy while illegally lining their own greasy pockets. Remember the Brooklyn Museum (in NYC) exhibit "Sensation" with the dung-splattered image of the Virgin Mary? Yep, it's those lowlifes again.

Execute Those Who Deserve It.
There are few people on the face of the Earth who deserve death more than this towelheaded piece of muslim shit, Osama bin Laden, for his murderous crimes worldwide. He should be tracked and whacked by a special operations unit.
Fry this little murdering scumbag boy, regardless of his age. He's a f*cking criminal with a long, long record plus murder.
And while we're at it, burn these two murdering sons of bitches, too. Two dead murderers don't re-murder.
I hate racists of any color, and this one will be going to hell someday very soon for dragging that black man to death chained to a pickup truck, in Texas. And his racist buddy will suffer the same fate. Him too. Good f*cking riddance to all three.
Wow, does this subhuman illegal alien needs to die for Killing 140+ children. I can't understand why any of these mass murderers were merely given life sentences for the horrific crimes. All should have been executed.
Why force feed a murderer to keep the piece of shit alive? I can't think of a reason. Let the hunger strike continue and allow the scumbag to die and alleviate space at the prison. Those Brits are a bit crazy, sometimes.
Although this murderous piece of shit remains dead, his taint on Halloween remains. But at least he's dead and won't harm again. f*ck the taint.
Pennsylvania's Republican Governor, Tom Ridge, signed the death warrant for the cop Killing idiot dog scum, Mumia Abu-Jamal (Tyrone Leroy Johnson), and drew cheers and protests. f*ck the protestors; they ignore the forensic evidence and the facts. Fry the scumbag lowlife. It's 17 years too late, but better late than never.
Missouri is doing its part by soon executing a white racist piece of shit for a 1977 murder of a Jewish man. 1977? Jeeeez, that's 22 years the lowlife's been on death row, wasting taxpayer monies and appealing to the courts. Much, much too long a period in between conviction and execution. The only positive point to this racist's pathetic life is that he shot and paralyzed the piece of filth, Larry Flynt, so-called publisher of Hustler; the negative side is that he didn't whack him too.
Good riddance to these child molesters; at least they whacked themselves. It's too bad that such lowlife filth aren't considered capitol offenders and executed by the state.

Ghost Cam.
On a cold winter morning in 1937, a janitor grabbed his flashlight and headed down into the pitch-black basement of the Willard Library to stoke the coal furnace. But then, so the story goes, he was stopped cold in his tracks by the ghostly vision of a woman dressed in gray, from the veil covering her face down to her shoes. Since then, a number of Willard staff members have reported seeing the shadowy "Lady in Grey" or witnessing weird happenings among the shelves. And now anyone can try for a sighting. The Evansville Courier & Press has installed a video camera in the 114-year-old library and still pictures are posted on the newspaper's Web site every 30 seconds.

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