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(by liberal-demokkkRATs)

Friday, November 7, 2003

With Sodomy Insane's cache of lethal WMDs covertly and safely-moved to Syria and the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, we can now expect some of the chemical, biological and nuclear horrors to visit America's shores, sometime in the near future. The obstructionist demokkkRATs and their fellow Fifth Column travellers in the media and at the UN, are fully responsible for what's going to happen to thousands or perhaps, millions of dead Americans, when those WMD horrors are unleashed, as they most certainly will be. The demokkkRATs have been instrumental in undermining domestic resolve through accusations and lies, and in rejecting the policy of pre-emptive self-defense, which would return us to a policy of reacting to terrorism in its aftermath. This has more truth in it than most Americans want to believe. We are being dismantled and destroyed from within. The good-for-nothing demokkkRATs use this old divide and conquer method ,just the way they have used it with African-Americans blacks and other "protected" minorities. The demokkkRAT mantra continues to be, oil and Bush not legally elected. To start with, we have enough oil in Alaska and off our coasts to supply a majority of what we need but the liberal-demokkkRATs have "legal" ways of stopping us from getting it: obstructionism from liberal activist judges. Just like they stopped the forest thinning out West, and now we have burned half of it down and whacked more humans and wildlife than their preservation methods could have saved in a generation. On the question of Bush not getting 50% of the vote, for their information, neither JFK, Nixon on his second try, nor Clinton in either of his victories ever garnered 50% of the popular vote in this country. Their ass-boy Clinton won two elections without ever getting close to 50%. America is being overrun by foreigners, and with the aide of the liberal-demokkkRATs and the hate-America, commie-socialist-Nazi, left-wing wacko ACLU filth, we will have a guerrilla war over here soon. Americans had better awaken before it is to late. If we lose in Iraq, then we will fight them over here. The liberal-demokkkRATs looks like hair in the sink. And they sound like hair in the throat, before it is slit. Liberal-demokkkRATs are treasonous, seditionist lowlife subhuman trash. There are no more rules, lib-dem scum; they broke them all. Yet, this incident, renews my faith in America.

Around The Garden Center.
Finally, Friday evening was clear enough to see the Northern Lights Aurora Display, even way down here in south central Pennsylvania. And what a display it was, albeit briefly.
I try to make it "Buy American Day", everyday, but it's increasingly hard to find what I need, manufactured by an American company. On the rare occasion I do go to Wal-Mart or one of the mass merchandisers, 96% of everything there is foreign made. Dang.
RIP, Uncle "Bud". Hope you don't mind me reminiscing, a little.
What a Fall foliage show Nature is putting on for everyone this year. Spectacular color. Need more?
Hey, how about this 75-80°F weather we're having, throughout the East Coast? Oy, it's snowing in the Plains and Midwest! It's freaking November, and people are back in shorts and t-shirts. We just came through a period of 30s and 40s, and now Indian Summer is back. Plants were trying to go dormant for the coming Winter, and now they're waking up all over again. Drat!
Sweet shooting and great gun control! I like a happy ending.
Man 'o man, how can people be so freaking stupid? Huh? Giving away vital information and data over the Net? How dumb is that? Nevermind.
Yes, my personal boycott against all things French, continues, and Aussie vino is making gains in the USA. Put another shrimp on the barby, mate! I'm also boycotting Germany, for the same reasons.
Bit by bit, my GC&N staff of four is prepping the containerized nursery stock, perennials and ornamental grasses for the coming Winter, while my two remaining 3-man landscape crews try to finish-up one large landscape job after another. We're not going to just get through the busiest and most profitable season we've ever had; we're going to do what we can, and then forward all remaining jobs into Spring '04's "Landscape List". My "B-Team" is doing Warranty Replacements, all next week. Fortunately, there are 1/8th, as compared to the previous 12 seasons. After that week, the B-Team will join the A-Team in completing LSCP Jobs on the '03 List. What we don't get completed, we'll "forward" to the Spring, although we're already "booked" through July '04.
Personally, I'm looking forward to Winter; I'm weary and very tired, from the busiest and most profitable season I've had in 13 years of business, and I need a brief hiatus to recharge. Winter hours are my easy-going "banker's hours": Monday - Saturday, 10am - 3pm; closed on Sunday. Luvit.
Yet another reason why I carry a 1911A1 Kimber Eclipse Target II .45cal, concealed; always, everywhere.
Great news! GlockNSail is going back to being a pilot, and leaving the wacky world of Wal-Mart!
What are you doing on Sunday?

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit my apologies to pigs terrorist filth did to US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day in September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100+ stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "embrace the rage". And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11 horror.
Here's the live thread, on, and the ongoing posts that I caught on that terrible morning, as it happened, as almost 3,000 innocent people were murdered by Islamofascist filth.
Here's a 9-11 News Site, which covers it, superbly. As if we needed reminding.
Here are the 2998 Victims of The Massacre of September 11th, 2001. As of 6.19.03, only 1,500 of the innocent victims have been identified; the rest were vaporized. Are you getting angry, again, as I am? Here's Blue Man Group's 9-11 Tribute.
After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which whacked six and injured 1,000; President Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which whacked five U.S. military personnel; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which whacked 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which whacked 224 and injured 5,000; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which whacked 17 and injured 39 US sailors; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. Maybe if Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton had kept his promise, an estimated 3,000 people in New York and Washington, DC, that are now dead, would be alive today. The Criminal Clinton lowlifes Klintoon Kriminals; ahhhhh, what a pair!
For those of us who regularly visit's boards, here's the 9-11 Archives. Never forget that terrible morning. And here's the formidable's MotherLode of 9-11 Links.
Need to keep up your anger, hate and rage quotient, for The Massacre of 9-11? Go to Toby Keith's site, or Darryl Worley's site; here's the video to that song.
We need more American Flags and more anger, hate and rage against the Muslim terrorist assault on Our Civilization. whack the murderous Islamic terrorists wherever they are.
Here's that horrific day in pics and movies. And where are the pictures that the left-wing, hate America, socialist elitist media don't want you to see?
I don't want justice; I want revenge! Never forget.

Grrrrrrrrrrr: if President Bush allows (read: no veto) this "limited amnesty" shit for illegal aliens (read: Mexicans etc) to go through and become law, I won't vote for him in '04; I'll stay home and tell others to do the same. This bill will give more temporary work permits to undocumented migrants illegal aliens, mostly 5 million Mexicans, living in the United States, and put them on their way to US Citizenship. Illegally. This is a hair-trigger issue, Mr Bush; you'd better wake up and get the immigration problem under control. Or it's, Hasta la vista, Jorge. Your choice.
On second though, no, I won't stay home. The alternative to President Bush is too awful to even think about. (((Shudder!)))
Same for the "assault Weapons Ban"; if President Bush signs it back into law before it "sunsets", I'll stay home on Election Day '04. Once again, Hasta la vista, Jorge. Your choice, sir.
On third though, no, I won't stay home. The alternative to President Bush is too awful to even think about. (((Shudder!))) I'm counting on US Rep Tom DeLay (CONBSERVATIVE-TX) to whack the AWB in committee, and never let it get to W's desk for signature.
The Florida Department of Citrus wants the federal government to buy 90 million gallons of orange juice to help ease an oversupply problem caused by the largest orange crop in the state's history. The agency wants the federal government to buy the juice under the USDA Commodity Purchase Program, which has a $1.14 billion budget to help growers and farmers. The citrus department has enlisted Gov. Jeb Bush to persuade federal agriculture officials to approve the purchase, which is estimated to cost $240 million. Bush's connections as the president's brother will be helpful. Once again, a huge waste of US Taxpayer's dollars. Hey, you morons in Flori-duh: reduce prices and sell more quantity!
Orange juice is synonymous with Florida, and is a vital product to the Sunshine State's economy. But a scare over cross-contamination with toxic waste has the industry fighting a public relations battle. Tankers haul millions of gallons of orange juice from Florida plants every year. Last year, some of those tankers also were used to haul toxic waste from the Piney Point phosphate plant a plant so polluted that the state ordered billions of gallons of wastewater removed because it was a danger to the environment. Uh oh, major warning! I'm switching from Vodka Screwdrivers to Gin & Tonics.
Ten lawmakers US Congressional morons, whose trip to North Korea was canceled by the White House, have sent a scathing letter to President Bush, complaining of the "arrogant and disrespectful" treatment from his national security advisers. STFU, morons and do your jobs, for once, for which you were elected.
A five-year ban on taxing services that connect consumers to the Internet, ran out (last!) Saturday while a bid to make the prohibition permanent moves slowly through Congress. Thanks for not doing your jobs, asswipe congress-critter-scumbags.
What's up with President Bush and the damned, terrorist-supporting, murderous Muslims? It's disgusting and shameful that he panders to the Islamofascist murderers and Muslim terrorists, both of whom are subhuman filth.
W's tax cuts are working; the liberal-demokkkRATs and their fellow Fifth Column travellers, continue to be wrong.
Bravo, Linda Tripp!
Mayor Mikey "The Nazi" Bloomberg (RINO-NYC) doesn't like Rudy Guilianni's administration? Eff him; Bloomberg's a lowlife scumbag.
George Will is an idiot for advocating against capital punishment; if anything, it should be implemented in every capital case. No exceptions.
Yes, Europe is a collection of lowlife cockroaches. So are the smarmy vermin in Canada.
Finally, CBS is doing the right thing about "The Reagans". Y-A-W-N. CBS is left-wing, lowlife wacko, degenerate, subhuman, garbage, pigshit filth. The CBS 'Suits', caved. Cowards.
A US Army officer Lt. Col. Allen B. West, a battalion commander with the 4th Infantry Division is facing assault charges for allegedly frightening an Iraqi into disclosing details of an impending ambush plot, but he's garnering support from Americans who regard him as a hero even while his daughters endure taunts from classmates. This is a national disgrace! I demand that President Bush and SEC-DEF Rumsfeld get involved, immediately, dammit.
Bravo MR AG, John Ashcroft: nail the lowlife, left-wing Greenpeace wackos. Put them into prison. Take away their phony non-profit status, and bankrupt them. Bravo, sir!
The FBI will be able to check a person's background for potential terrorist activities more easily under new national security guidelines, issued Wednesday by Attorney General John Ashcroft. Civil libertarians said the rules could invite abuses against innocent people. Eff the liberal-demokkkRAT traitors; I support it.
That Republicans have made significant gains in crucial swing states, in large part because of President Bush's post-September 11 stewardship, according to an extensive analysis of American voters, is good news. I only hope it holds and increases as we get closer to '04s General Election. The filthy liberal-demokkkRATs must be driven from elected office, everywhere.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Traitors.
The liberal-demokkkRATs are 100% to blame for the Kalifornicate fires, which whacked 20 and destroyed 2,300 homes. So they try to blame Bush. Natch.
The fat, bloated, philandering, alcoholic, drug-addicted, lying murderer, US Sen Teddy "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy (SOCIALIST-MA), accused the Bush administration of packing the federal bench with right-wing idealogues and defended Senate Democrats' blocking of four of President Bush's nominations.
In a speech Wednesday, the lying criminal bitch, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon (SOCIALIST SCUM - NY) faulted the Bush administration for sparing Americans "the sight of caskets coming home" to Dover Air Force Base, Del, and "refusing to release" timely casualty reports.
NJ's Gov McGreevey a Gray-out Davis clone? Yes, say the polls.
In a speech to university students, MSNBC host and liberal-demokkkRAT ass-boy homo, Chrissy Matthews characterized President Bush as a shallow-thinking, unlearned man who when confronted by aides with the decision about going to war with Iraq was given something to think about for the first time in his life.
Another liberal-demokkkRAT rump-raider, fudge-packer homo, Mark Morford, SF Gate Communist, has got his panties in a twist over Bush, again.
Liberal-demokkkRAT election fraud, corruption, thuggery, black racism, vote buying, dead voters voting, intimidation, violence... in Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love shit? Who da thunk it?
These morons and that bitch, are clueless, pathetic, lowlife scumbags, ignorant garbage-laden, liberal-demokkkRATs?
Who gives a rat's rearend what has-been, washed-up never-was, left-wing wacko George McGovern, thinks?
Another ethics violation by the lying, degenerate, corrupt, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT, US Sen Jay Rockefeller, (TRAITOR-WVa)? Wow, what a news flash. Yawn.
Unions? Were good, now bad. They are liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled, and wield way too much power.
The fat, ugly, bloated, alcoholic, drug-addicted, lesbian bull-dyke, liberal-demokkkRAT Rosie O'Donnell, says lying causes cancer. She's quite mentally-ill, and shouldn't have care of any adopted children.
Support for the "Palestinian" cause which usually means all Palestinian demands for an independent state and the right of return of Palestinians to Israel, as well as the death of Israel and all Jews has become a major item on the political agenda of the lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT Left-wing wacko, hate-America filth, in most Western countries.
The fat, stupid, partisan, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT US Rep Charles Rangel (SCUMBAG-NY), wants Rummy to resign? Hey scumbag: crawl back under that slimy rock, iron your greasy hair and eat some watermelon. Rangel's a loser.
Martha Stewart claims she's innocent of conspiracy, securities fraud, obstruction of justice, and making false statements. She's a criminal, lying piece of liberal-demokkkRAT shit shit, and prison orange will look very good on her fat ass. Hey bitch: don't bend over to pick up the soap.

Lowlifes, Scumbags & Subhumans.
The lowlife socialist, commie filth in the EU say that "Israel now presents the biggest threat to world peace"? What a steaming load of shit. Islam is the most clear and present danger to all of the world.
Here's how I would deal with the murderous subhuman, lowlife Islamic, pigshit-drinking, Muslim terrorists: whack them. No accommodations or food at GITMO; just interrogate, torture and then whack them.
The Episcopalian Church slips into total irrelevancy when IRRev Gene "Degenerate, Subhuman Fudgepacker" Robinson becomes the first openly gay homo person deviant to become a bishop in the history of Christianity. The resulting schism will be felt worldwide, and will signal the end of the Anglican Church, as millions depart for other religions. It's already beginning in New Hampshire. Bravo! The Eillegal alienopal Church is now an irrelevant pile of steaming dogshit, thanks to errant clergy-persons like these morons.
Fruck Fance, subhuman lowlife traitorous enemy filth.
Movie director John Carpenter, is a lowlife, subhuman, pigshit-slurper, piece of left-wing wacko garbage. Any questions, lib-filth?
And ass-boy liberal-demokkkRAT "author", Stop Calling Firefighters "Heroes"," By fudge-packer/rump-raider Douglas Gantenbein, SLATE. Liberal-demokkkRAT barf alert.
President Vicente Fox said Monday that Mexico wanted work visas, legalization and family reunification for undocumented migrants, but stopped short of calling for US citizenship for them. Hey, lowlife criminal illegal alien: step over our US Border, and you die. Got-it, moron?
France is involved in a massive, emergency investigation of the activities of Islamic terror groups operating inside the country, turning the European nation into a major logistics and operational base. Wake-up, Froggies; you're being overrun and you're next on the hit list.
Yeah, sure thing.
Across Europe and the Middle East, young militant Muslim men are answering a call issued by Osama bin Laden and other extremists, and leaving home to join the fight against the American-led occupation in Iraq, according to senior counterterrorism officials based in six countries. The intelligence officials say that since late summer they have detected a growing stream of itinerant Muslim militants murderers, headed for Iraq. They estimate that hundreds of young men from an array of countries Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, France, germany, Italy, USA, Canada et al have now arrived in Iraq by crossing the Syrian or Iranian borders. Hmmmm, whack all of them. Remember, there are no moderate Muslims.
Terror attacks during the month of Rama-lama-ding-dong? Yawn.
Oooooooooo, an American evangelist's television series on Islam in America was canceled by a Canadian station after the first program because Muslims complained his tone and demeanor was an incitement of hatred. Stuff some pigshit, subhuman Muslim filth.
Heads up, Cannucks: the pigshit-eating, murderous Muslim garbage are heading your way. You're already dying from socialism and will go the way of France, the Netherlands etc. Death by Islamist.
War and drought are the standard explanations for starving Africans. War and drought definitely take their toll. But so do tax rates. They also live in a freaking desert, have no technology and in good years, barely eke out a minimal living.
Yes, Princess Dianna was a whore. Any questions?
Don't think the lowlife deviant, subhuman degenerate homo filth have an agenda? Read this about what they want to do to your children.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Yes, both Beltway Snipers murderous Nation of Islam Black Muslim "Five Percenter" racists and bigots should be executed upon conviction. No appeals; death to both.
Jeeez, another subhuman homo Paul Allen Fagiole, 44, molesting boys from their church, on sleepovers at his house(!); he needs to die. All murderers, rapists, child molesters, traitors and terrorists should be executed upon conviction.
This home-grown, eco-terrorist, Michael Devyln Poulin, 62, of Spokane, WA, deserves the death penalty, too, for removing bolts from electricity transmission towers in Northern California.
An American citizen was sentenced to 20 years in prison October 28 for providing material and information support to the al Qaeda terrorist organization. According to an October 28 Department of Justice press release, Iyman Faris, an Ohio truck driver of Kashmiri origin, assessed the vulnerability of a New York City bridge to a terrorist attack, among other tasks carried out on behalf of al Qaeda. He should be executed, not imprisoned. I'd gladly volunteer to put a bullet through his traitorous head.
Finally, the "Green River whacker" is getting justice, but not the death he so richly deserves for Killing 48 prostitutes, beginning in '82. Gary Leon Ridgeway, a 54-year-old former truck painter, entered his plea under an agreement with prosecutors that spares his life. He will instead agree to life without parole. He should be executed. His "deal" with prosecutors has now compromised the death penalty in Washington State. Pity.
A man described by his brother as "the devil's son" was put to death by lethal injection in Georgia Tuesday for the 1975 rape and murder of a topless dancer. James Willie Brown, 55, was executed at the state prison in Jackson, Georgia. Good riddance, subhuman; may you burn in hell.

Joy of Soup.
When you're the self-proclaimed "Soup Lady," you'd best know your way around the bowl. And by the looks of her scrumptious weblog, this chowder chick knows more than the average soup slurper. Start with her many Plogs (soup + blog) where you'll find Soups to Lose Weight By, the timely Pumpkin & Potato or illegal alieny Lentil & Pumpkin soups, and the questionable Jellied Madrilene (something like a beef Jello). Site visitors often submit their own recipes Charles' Spanish Stew is sure to make your mouth water, while D's Lime Steak Soup sounds like a huge flavor sensation. The Soup Lady occasionally offers readers something other than broth-based goodness among the tasty treats to be found here are Turnbull's Famous BBQ Roast Beef (yum!) and Pumpkin asserscotch Cookies. The archives are packed with delectable creations, so heed the Soup Lady's advice to "sit down, and have a nice bowl of soup. Oy."

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