is our government listening?

Friday, November 8, 2001

Apparently not. Every time I hear about another immigration or border incident, my blood pressure spikes. Seems no one in the Bush Administration, except US Rep Tom Tancredo (R-CO), gives a flying rat's ass rear-end about what's going on. The DemocRATs want the voters and the GOP wants cheap labor, so they turn a blind eye to the laws and the INS, overrun by a sea of illegal immigrants, terrorists and contraband traffickers. Academic elite, pointy heads advocate American-style civil rights for people who are not yet Americans and who are going about becoming Americans in all the wrong ways. In the press, meanwhile, lowlife liberal DemocRAT "activists" for illegal immigrants rabidly attack both sensible and illogical border-control efforts with equal enthusiasm. They dismiss any notion as right-wing-wacko hysteria that the United States government or its people have a legal and sovereign right to decide who gets into the country and who doesn't. Our borders should have been closed on 9/12/01, and they should still be closed to all immigration. Illegal immigration is Killing America. When government cannot do a job it is required to do, American individualism ultimately prevails and the people tend to matters themselves. Indeed, that's what's happening on our southwest border — absent the INS and Border Patrol — folks are taking care of business their own way. Some have even formed groups for the effort. One such group is called Ranch Rescue, and it consists of volunteer landowners, patriots and people who are just plain sick of being neglected by the US Government. Rather than wait for Washington or take cues from pointy-headed academic morons, they are reasserting control of borders in their own areas. They have banded together in a bid to patrol lawless expanses of the US-Mexico border in search of drug and human smugglers, as well as repair land that has been overrun and nearly destroyed by the migrating hordes of votes and cheap labor. It's becoming quite clear that the elected US Government has neither the will nor the stomach to do what they were elected to do: protect the American Public by securing the National borders, Canuckistan included. The government agencies tasked to do that are hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, as are the civilian police. We're going to have to do it ourselves. I don't look forward to pulling guard duty with my AR-15 (.223cal) or my AR-10 (.308cal) around the large shopping centers and malls in the York-Lancaster area this Holiday Season, but I will gladly do so, if necessary. I also wouldn't have a problem going to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico or Southern Kalifornia to guard the borders. Or up to the US-Canadian border, either. And I suspect that of the 90,000,000 well-armed Americans, we could easily find a couple million to secure the borders and infrastructure assets, which the government can't do won't do isn't doing. Sign the petition (skip the donation shit).

Around The Garden Center.
With highs now only in the 40s and overnight lows in the upper-20s and low to mid-30s, I'm hoping that the weather will hold for another 5-6 weeks, so we can get some nice landscape jobs completed, get the nursery stock put away into the greenhouses and prepare the garden center and nursery areas for Winter, before we get blasted with snow or ice, and the ground freezes. We had been caught short a few Winters ago, and getting the place shut down was made all the more difficult by inclement weather. Light a candle.
I voted; did you? Good, I knew you did. Sorry to say, but it didn't help a bit here in Pennsylvania: the lib-dem Rendell lowlife scumbag easily beat GOPer Fisher for governor. The lib-DemocRAT bastions in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh carried the state with rampant voter fraud and corruption, subverting the will of the people, once again. We're a Republic, not a Democracy; here's why.
My favorite time of the year — the Thanksgiving & Christmas Season — is just around the corner a couple of weeks away, but I can already smell the turkey and filling at Mom & Dad's home. I really look forward to "all the leftovers" for 1-2 weeks, available to me at my garden center's kitchen. I picked-up some Winter assernet Squash and am getting some batches of Squash Bisque ready for Christmas gifts. It's so much nicer to give gifts of food than trying to shop for something as a present.
Just a few miles south of my Garden Center & Nursery Complex, the Peoples Republik of Maryland has received the very dubious distinction of the second highest violent crime rate in the nation according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Report for 2001. Maryland also now has the nation's fifth highest murder rate, compared to the number eight ranking it had in 1995 and has taken over the top slot in the robbery category. The state was second in robberies seven years ago. Actually passed New Jersey in stats. Nice job ruining another state, libs and dems.
Although my A-Team is still landscaping, we're taking this entire week to do warranty replacements on our customers' residences, mainly from drought damage. It's a long list this year; much worse than in previous years, because the damage is cumulative over the past 3-4 years. Part of doing business, I guess.
Each year, I have to have HVAC techs in to replace parts and tune-up my 12yr old Co-Ray-Vac radiant overhead heating system in the Main Retail Greenhouse. Back in '90, when we installed it, it was state-of-the-art technology; now, it's rapidly becoming a relic with all the advances in radiant heating systems. Time to think about a replacement system.
Another good Citizen and his CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon Permit) do their duty. Happy ending for all, except the baf guy.

Good Morning, America!
I was up at 3:30am on Wednesday morning, logged-on, scanning the Election 2002 results. Fed the cats, made coffee and lit up a Marlboro®. The news was good, just about everywhere, except here in Penna, where we're stuck with a tax-and-spend lib-DemocRAT for the next 4 years.
During the last few weeks, two Presidents locked horns, one former and one current. It's the story that won't receive much coverage post election day. But it's THE story. Bill Clinton and his hand picked man, Terry McAwful did their best to do the Republican concerns as much damage as they could. Bush and his hand-picked Carl Rove responded in-kind. There was a clear winner. The media won't acknowledge it.
Tommy "I hate Bush" Broke-jaw had a tough time getting the words out tonight. As he announced that the Republicans had won the whole ball of wax, he stumbled and was almost incapable of doing his job. Within an hour the unthinkable had been accepted, the spin in full drive. Broke-jaw stated that he was sick and tired of the acrimony from this election. "Now, will the two sides finally share power for the good of the nation?" Share power? Tom, do you remember a man named Dass-hole? Give us one instance of this deillegal alienable character sharing any power. For that matter, provide one example of him being somewhat civil during the last couple of years.
How bad was it? It was so bad that when one DemocRAT realized his constituents weren't going to return him to the Senate, he withdrew so another DemocRAT could take his place in the election. When another DemocRAT died, his party turned his funeral into just another campaign stop on their political super-highway.
Several times in the last few days I've heard it said that Bush implemented an unprecedented campaign drive for his party. Evidently the media can't remember when Klintoon spent most of his Presidential time for months on end attending one fundraising event after another. There was hardly a mention of it when it happened. Now Bush is the culprit, for doing far less.
One embittered DemocRAT this evening stated that they had known it was going to be an uphill battle from the start. "Those Republicans just opened the flood-gates and poured out the money". Translation: those wealthy Republicans have bought more elections. This bimbo didn't remember when Klintoon was pulling in 10 to 20 million dollars a shot for his fundraising events. She evidently can't remember a few days ago when she and her cohorts were quoting all sorts of favorable polling data. Hmmm, does that mean she and they were lying since they knew all along today was going to turn out the way it did?
Yup, Mr. Broke-jaw, you can spin all you like. US citizens have deemed you irrelevant. Those political hacks you adore are irrelevant. That degenerate Bubba Jeffy Klintoon and his Frankenstein knock-off Terry McAwful are irrelevant too.
Good morning, Mr. Broke-jaw. Good morning, Mr. Klintoon. Good morning, Mr. McAwful. Good morning, Mr. Dass-hole. It's morning in America again. And you're outta here, scumbags.
Here's the final wrap-up, minus a couple of races to be decided in early December. G-L-O-A-T!

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100 stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". Here's another very moving tribute; worth the wait to load in your browser. And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11.
What do you do with Mooooos-lim terrorists? whack them. After they're dead, bury the subhuman Islamics in pigskins and copious amounts of liquid pigshit.
Great article on all the Islamic terrorist cells from New York to Florida. "Local and federal law enforcement officials are using sophisticated infiltration and disinformation campaigns to expose and neutralize al-Qaeda sleeper cells operating in the United States..." Personally, I'd rather see them all dead, defiled with pigshit and buried face down, in deep pits.
Make no mistake about it: Islam is a deviant cult of hate, terror and murder. The Beltway Shooter was a Black Mooooos-lim filled with hate and compelled to murder anyone not affiliated with other Mooooos-lims, color of victim, unimportant. The media covers-up the Islam angle with their blatant hypocrisy and outright lies, and no one in a position of power challenges them. The important thing to remember here, above all else, is the Islam connection. The fact that these two scumbags were raging homos, isn't all that important; the terrorism angle, is.
The Hamas Homos are already inside the US, along with al Queerda and dozens of other Islamic terrorist sleeper cells. The Hamas Homos "specialize" in suicide/homicide bombings, as they've done in Israel for the past 2 years. Unless we find them and whack them, it's going to happen here, and soon.
Iran will fall from internal forces, and so be it. Great for the US, The Great Satan!
"And a Happy Ramadan, Monday Nov 4th, to you all. Have you seen the new moon yet? Time to start fasting..." And fast yourselves to death, Islamic raghead filth. Here's some bacon fat to go along with that un-holy day, subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage.
Perhaps the best piece yet written on the Mooooos-lim Beltway Shooter, Black Mooooos-lims, NOI and what could very well happen here, sooner than later. "Black Friday" and the Christmas shopping season are just around the corner.
I knew it: the Mooooos-lim Beltway Shooters, John Allen Muhammad (43) and John Lee Malvo (17), are homos. Both need to be executed, immediately after conviction.
I truly doubt this story. Bin Laden's a boy-buggering homo, as are all Mooooos-lim girly-men. Their credo: women are for children; boys are for pleasure. Doubt the bin homo would know much about a woman's anatomy; he's likely more concerned with adolescent "poop chutes". Gotta be someone else's bastard.
Al Queerda is an effective fundraiser around the world? Okay, have the CIA hit teams follow the money trail and assassinate all the donors. The bucks will dry up very, very quickly. End of that problem.
Saudi Arabia's foreign minister pledged his country's allegiance with the United States in its fight against the al Qaeda terrorist group, but said Saudi Arabia would not allow its bases and airspace to be used in any US-led military strike against Iraq. Hmmmmm, we'll remember this, you terrorist-supporting, deviant Islamic pigshit scumbags.
I can't believe we're wasting time trying to infiltrate Al Queerda and other terrorist cells operating in the US. We should be rounding them all up, detaining them as enemy combatants, trying them before military tribunals and then executing them as terrorists and murderers. Why are the morons in DC wasting time? We're coming up on the Black Friday and Christmas shopping season, and a major terrorist act is somewhere in the offing, I fear.
After reading this story about the horrors of Islamic sex, you'll understand why Mooooos-lim men have a saying: women are for children; boys are for pleasure. Sickening subhuman garbage, aren't they?
Islam Awareness Week in the UK? Just goes to show you how far the stoooopid Euro-weenies have fallen in the defense of their country, as they're slowly being invaded by filthy Moooooos-lim murderers.
Another bunch of wacko black Mooooos-lims which freely operate, murder and bomb here in the US, are the morons in Al-Fuqra. They need to be rounded-up and executed.
That's the way to whack subhuman, lowlife, boy-buggering Islamic pig-sucking, Mooooos-lims homo scumbags: a remote-controlled, an unmanned CIA aircraft drone with HellFire rockets.
This article opines, "that the coming crest of the wave of AIDS in the three largest countries of Eurasia—Russia, India and China", a terrifying phenomenon unrelated to terrorism. It is a phenomenon potentially more destabilizing than any act of terrorism has ever been. Don't forget Africa, too. What's so bad about ridding the world of millions of subhuman, degenerate lowlife filth?
Look at this picture of the lowlife scumbag ambulance-chasing lawyer for the DC Area Shooter; he's trying to discredit the case against the black Moooooos-lim homo murderer. Good luck, scumbag. Your client's headed for hell.
I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the scheduled November 14 execution, by the state of Virginia, of Mir Aimal Kansi, a Pakistani national convicted of murder and sentenced to death for his 1993 Killing murder of two Central Intelligence Agency employees. Die and rot in hell, raghead lowlife Moooooos-lim pigshit!
Bravo! The Feds are raiding some Moooooos-lim houses in the Seattle area, looking for drugs and guns. Uhhh, how about terrorists, guys? There are thousands of Moooooos-lim terrorists running around this country, hiding in those mosques with explosives, arms and ammo. Just in time for ramadamadingdong. Go get 'em!.

Brilliant Peggy Noonan nails it again: the libs and dems are lowlife trash and garbage. Except she portrays the lowlife, socialist-commie shitfilth Paul Welfare as a thinking, feeling personna in Heaven, when, in fact, the dead-in-many-pieces Paul Welfare is a piece of shit, lowlife liberal-DemocRAT turd-boy chump. He was decaying garbage; abject filth. Glad he's dead and gone; worthless as teats on a bull. Re-write, Peggy.
It may already be too late to stop what the UN-communists are doing to take away every Ameican's Liberty. Even our own US Congress is passing laws, inch by inch, which acquiesces to the UNs demands for One World Order. C'mon W, get US the hell outta the UN!
Yes, sometimes Conservatives need to be "corrected", and this guy does. Agree?
The UK's huge crime problem is why America must never give up our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
"Thirteen months after the US-led military campaign began in Afghanistan and on the eve of a U.N. vote on a tough resolution to disarm Iraq, President Bush is planning to mark the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with Islamic leaders at the White House. Diplomats and community leaders have been invited to the State Dining Room on Thursday evening to share the traditional Iftaar meal, which ends each day of fasting. The event is just one of several ways in which the Bush administration will mark Ramadan in an effort to reach out to Muslims in America and throughout the world." My thoughts? Complete disgust. All Mooooos-lims are liars, murderers and terrorists, and should be deported.

Lib-DemocRAT Lowlife Scum.
Here's a hilarious article about the loooooser, AlGoreBore. Funny stuff.
What is a DemocRAT? Pure corruption, and here's the historical perspective. If you can stand it, here's more than you want to know about Hitlery Rotten Klintoon, the personna of evil and crime in the demoshit party. Chilling stuff.
Ol' shitz Mondull failed to show up for the pre-planned dead-Wellstone/ Coleman debate? Senile, stoooopid, cowardly, moronic? Yes.
Think I'm too hard on shit-for-brains DemocRATs? Read this. I'll wait.
Disgraced, lib-dem ex-US Sen Gary "Catch Me If You Can" Hart is considering a run for the presidency in '04? Bwwwaaahhhhaaaaaa! What a f*cking freaking joke. What a waste of oxygen.
Another nation-state ruined by lib-DemocRAT shit: Germany. The Berlin city government on Tuesday admitted de facto bankruptcy and announced it was taking legal action to force Germany's federal government to pay for a bail-out. LOL! Typical lib-DemocRAT shit: forcing others to pay for your mistakes, morons. ROTFLMAO!
The un-talented, drug-addicted, mentally-ill lowlife bitch Winona Ryder has been found guilty of felonies grand theft and vandalism, but not guilty of commercial burglary. Dumb verdict. She deserves prison time with lotsa dykes.
Lowlife whoredog illegal alien Jennifer Lopez has been sporting a big pink (cheap junk; quality diamonds are blue-white) diamond on her leperous finger recently, and now Entertainment Tonight is reporting that she and un-talented moron Ben Affleck are engaged. AIDS anyone? Afterall, she'd f*cked humped that subhuman criminal idiot scum (c)rapper Puffy Fart Daddy Holmes for years and thousands of winos and deviants; she's full of disease. This'll last 15-20 weeks. Hey J-lowlife; check into a clinic, bitch.
Oh, this is rich: failed moron lowlife liar AlGoreBore commenting on "what went wrong" with the lib-democRAT's Mid-Term Elections 2002.
The Clinton Curse? Sure, I knew about that 10 years ago; the lib-dems found out on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Subhuman, Lowlife, Moronic, Filth.
Darwin Award Winner! A Marin County man has died of head injuries he suffered while heading for that big weekend peace rally in San Francisco. Two people were hurt when they hit their heads on a San Francisco building overhang after sticking their heads out of a skylight on a converted double-deck bus. Officials at San Francisco General Hospital say Tony Hernandez died yesterday.
More lowlife, Atlanta inner-city black idiot filth Killing each other, squirting out bastard babies at 11yrs old. Good riddance.
More Milwaukee inner-city black idiot filth raping and beating, just down the street from where a gang beat a black man to death last month. Jail time does no good; death is the answer.
Another lowlife (c)rap promoter was slain in a hail of gunfire as he sat behind the wheel of his car in The Bronx yesterday — further fueling fears that the shooting death of hip-hop legend Jam Master Jay signals a new wave of rap violence. And this is bad? I think it's great! Maybe these lowlife subhumans will wipe themselves out and rid the world of that noise. whack away, idiots scumbags.

These People Need Killing™.
All traitors should be executed, right after they spill their stinking guts, exposing other spies, operations against the US, and pleading for mercy. Head shots, with a .357sig or .45acp are entirely appropriate. This illegal alien bitch, Ana Belen Montes, especially. whack her.
Charrisise Blackmond, who authorities said was present in the Northwest Washington row home where her 23-month-old daughter was fatally beaten in 2000 and then lied about it, was given probation this morning by a ultra-liberal-DemocRAT DC Superior Court judge. This subhuman idiotwhore-dog-bitch should be on death row.
Hey, I'm a big fan of Israel, but this Jew should die for treason. He's a traitor to America, and all traitors should be executed; no mercy should be shown to anyone!
"The Witchita Massacre". Lowlife, ambulance-chasing defense attorneys pleaded with jurors Tuesday to show mercy on two subhuman bastard idiot — not blacks — scum brothers who were convicted of five Killings, including a quadruple murder of friends who were forced to engage in sex acts before each was shot in the head. Reginald Carr, 24, and Jonathan Carr, 22, did not show any visible reaction when they were convicted Monday after a nearly two-month trial. whack the idiot — not blacks — filth; rid society of such vermin.
More idiot — not blacks — subhuman filth who need Killing: remember the Central Park Jogger case? Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Kharey Wise, Yusuf Salaam and Raymond Santana all need to die for beating and raping a woman jogger. And whack this illegal alien — not hispanic — Matias Reyes, too, for his part in the horror.
Big mistake, SCOTUS: the mentally-ill should be executed, too, if they're murderers. Murder is murder is murder.

Visual Thesaurus.
This experiment in language and interface has been around for a few years, but its recent redesign merits the attention of word-lovers around the world. A "tool to explore, study, and analyze the structure of language," this dynamic thesaurus displays the interrelationships between words and meanings. After you type a word into the search box, the Visual Thesaurus displays the word at its center. This is where it gets good — when you click on a word, you create an entirely new web of words. The updated site not only adds a visual component to the process of finding synonyms, it allows you to find 14 other categories of relationships. Although it might not be the most practical thesaurus on the Web, the amazing site presents a near-perfect combination of content and design.

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