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Friday, November 9, 2001

It irks me no end when lowlife liberals and clueless democRATs berate the GOPers for anything resembling "hogs at the trough" scenario, when it's always been the lib-dem garbage who've bellied-up to the federal teat of US Taxpayers' monies for their own aggrandizement over the generations. Bigger government, more social programs, higher taxes has been and continues to be the lib-dem mantra, cleverly cloaked in a sympathy plea for the poor and downtrodden, their prime target constituencies. Unions and blacks are egregious examples of organizations of liberal people, who've been feeding unabated at the lib-dem (aka American Taxpayer-financed) trough for the past 90+ years. Always looking for a handout and a check, rather than taking responsibility for their own actions, they easily rationalize budget-bankrupting social entitlement programs which have come under close scrutiny by the GOPers. With the exception of vastly reducing Welfare, as the lib-dem idiots whined and screamed, the GOP is still afraid to do the right thing, as Conservatives have admonished. Wake up! The adults are in charge. The children have been sent packing. Time to do the right thing, GOPers. Quit whining, get moving and do what needs to be done.

Around The Garden Center.
I've lost track of the Drought Watch; something now past 24 weeks and the State of Pennsylvania has finally issued an "Official Drought Warning", with a measure of 11 inches below normal, for this time of year. I was hoping the 2001 Hurricane Season would provide some relief, as we'd gotten two years ago with Hurricane Floyd. So far, nothing to get excited over; just an errant blip named Michelle meandering around the Gulf of Mexico. Okay, okay, no more whining.
This Fall's foliage show has been particularly brilliant, due in great part, to the continuing drought. With the severe winds we had last week in the mid-state, most leaves are now down and homeowners are dutifully raking them into collection piles, or bringing them down to my Garden Center's compost pile in garbage bags for composting. Heck, the pile is monstrous by year's end, and I'll bring in a subcontractor of mine with a bulldozer to turn the pile over, as well as do some grading work at the garden Center.
Well, gas prices haven't quite dropped $0.07/gal around here in the last 2 weeks, but now at $1.11.9/gal (89 octane), they're the lowest I've seen in over a year. No complaints here. America still isn't driving very much yet, as compared to "normal"; but then, what is normal these days?
Monday, on my way to the bank to deposit weekend receipts, I again stopped to bury a large (9-13lb) white and black male cat, lain dead by the roadside. I cursed all the idiot-moron-cretin humans who let their animals run wild and breed freely, many of whom either starve to death or become roadwhack. On Wednesday, off to Hanover (PA) — the World Capital of Potato Chips and Pretzels — I buried another 2-3lb grey cat, laying in a farmer's field, just 6-9ft off the northbound lane. I again cursed all the humans who let their animals run wild and breed freely.
As I was finishing up work schedules for the next 4 weeks, I heard it come over the radio: York PA's Lake Williams is down 15-17ft, due to the drought, and neighboring Lake Redman reservior's gates will probably be opened to replenish the York Water Co's supply when the level drops to -20ft. That's billions and billions of gallons of water missing. I was by both lakes this week on my way into a landscape meeting in Hanover, and it's an amazing sight: huge amounts of shoreline exposed and all the usually shallow areas look like Death Valley. I don't remember it ever being this bad in my 11 years here. And still no rain in the 10-day forecast.
I'm glad to see that Middle America is still installing more and more and more American Flags on everything from residences to vehicles, from caps to T-shirts. I hope they can keep focused on the War On Terrorism — I have other names for it; ask me — and keep up the adrenalin level. I'm already there.

Lowlife, Lib-democRAT Filth.
Ol' shit-for-brains, lib-dem moron Gray-Out Davis, the ersatz "governor" of left-wing wacko California, is tipping the Intel Community's hand by announcing major attacks on Left Coast bridges. The dumb shithead says they "found some suitcases near bridges" prior to The September 11th Massacre and security is now to be heightened. How f*cking freaking stupid a move is that? Don't bother answering. He'll pay the price come election time.
Soooo, the disgraced, impeached liar ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon thinks he'd be a better wartime leader than W? He couldn't find his own ass with both hands nearly as well as he found Monica's ummm, errr whatevers. Yuk.
If there was ever any doubt in anyone's mind that the lowlife piece of impeached, disgraced dogshit that is Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, is a traitor and a prime member of the "blame America first" cabal, this statement of his that America got what's coming to Her is of immensely telling value in his filthy legacy. It truly defines what a piece of subhuman shit he is.
2,000 homeless scum in San Francisco? Living on the streets, acting out, sleeping, eating, doing drugs, begging, performing all bodily functions, often in the paths of those who would shop, do business, dine or be entertained in the city? The lib-dem shitheads are spending $22,000/hr on such subhuman garbage, and it's not working. Round 'em up; jail the criminals and institutionalize the mental cases. If I had my druthers, they'd all be executed. End of problem. Next?
This Streisand bitch is a pile of puke; she just doesn't get it, even after The September 11th Massacre. Stupid lib-dem whore dog.
It's about time that Conservatives and GOPers got together on/against/exposing the liberal, lowlife democRAT media slimeballs. They've gotten over on everyone, for far too long.
The traitorous piece of shit, Bill "The US Military Is A Bunch Of Cowards" Maher, thinks he's being dumped when his contract comes up for renewal. Good riddance, moron.

The September 11th Massacre.
With an ongoing state of war, biological contamination, porous borders and massive illegal entry, the presence of domestic terrorist cells and sympathizers, and a condition of the "highest possible alert" within the United States, is it time to declare that a state of martial law now exists throughout the United States in every access point within, leading into, and out of our country? If the civilian political process cannot get control of this extremely dire situation, is it time to impose martial law and summary judgment concerning threats to national security and domestic social policy? Is this what it will take to end these problems once and for all? Dunno, but if we deport the lowlife, stone-age (morals, mores and civility) Muslims and wacko extremist murderous pork-sucking Islamic dogshit filth, and execute the known and suspected terrorists, it'll go a long way to alleviating the problem.
Defending our borders and drastically cutting immigration are two different propositions, within the same homeland security issue. The real problem: is not that we are letting too many people in, but that the government is not effectively keeping the wrong people out. Amen. Any questions? The sad fact is: the US Government, as it's currently staffed by holdover criminal Clintoonian liberals, democRATs, libertarians, moderate GOPers, undecideds, and various stripes of subhuman, bureaucratic deviates and scumbag filth, needs a good enema to clean out the garbage.
Hmmm, perhaps this explains why Muslim boys who've been both unnecessarily circumcised and sexually abused by the perverted and degenerate cult of Islam, have an unusually high level of hatred for women and Westerners. What a pathetic race and cult of subhumans.
Here's why Syria needs to be "vaporized" as a haven and refuge for terrorism. B52s: drop leaflets ordering all people out of the city; it's a terrorist-supporting country and "we're fumigating the area". Remain at your own peril". Message and bombs on target.
The Massacre of September 11th is a powerful argument for capital punishment. All militant Islamic shitfilth within our Nation should be rounded-up, interred and either deported or executed. There's over 1,000 of the lowlife pork-eating subhumans in custody now. Time to drain the swamp.
Why were we caught off guard on September 11th? Here's the main reason. Here it is, in greater depth; same conclusion.
That won't happen again with W in charge, unlike the lying, traitorous, seditious, disgraced, impeached ex-president BJ Clintoon moron.
Our so-called "allies are aiding and abetting the enemy"? Hmmm, time to re-think the so-called relationship(s). And Saudi Arabia is no friend of the US; they should be one of our very next targets.
This is war, and wars should not be run by lawyers and politicians. As we are feeding the people of Afghanistan, they are preparing to wage war in our country again. That seething hatred will not go away just because we drop food packets. It would not go away even if we dropped full turkey dinners. It will not go away by giving them money to rebuild after all of this. It will, however, go away if we just go in and blast the f*cking hell out of the entire country. We've warned them with leaflets; if the civilians won't leave, then they die with the enemy. Patience my ass, unleash hell on the next generation of terrorists and their parents and believe me, they'll perish the thought of ever attacking our country and our people ever again.
A "viable Palestinian state"? Nah, I don't think so. Yowsir Arrid-fart did the damage to both the US and Israel, by subverting the peace process. He and all the stinking Islamic pork-suckers Palestinian scum need to be vaporized and their stench removed from the Earth.
The September 11th Massacre has forced both W and Congress to reassess the priorities of our federal government. The obvious consensus is that we have to do a better job of protecting Americans against future acts of war here on our own soil. Indeed, the President has promised that his administration will use every available resource to fight the war on terrorism. Yet our most potent resource, the U.S. military, is spread far too thin around the world to adequately protect us from growing terrorist hostilities and the possibility of a full-scale war.
The sobering sad reality is that on September 11th, millions of foreigners abroad were better protected by American armed forces than were our own citizens at home. In fact, on that fateful morning we had tens of thousands of soldiers and billions of dollars in equipment and weapons deployed worldwide — all standing by helplessly while our citizens were savagely attacked in New York and Washington. It is beyond frustrating to consider that there are literally dozens of places around the globe where an unauthorized commercial jet straying off course would have been confronted by American fighters, yet the New York skyline and even the Pentagon were left almost completely unprotected. The American people have a right to know, for example, why the Iraq-Kuwait border, the DMZ between North and South Korea, and the skies over Serbia were better defended that morning than our own cities, borders, and skies.
Lest we forget? Not hardly.
Sure, put all the anthrax jokers and hoaxers into prison, for as long as the law will allow. I have no sympathy for their pranks; maybe the prison population will. We'll be hearing the screams long past midnight.
I've been saying that we're at great risk from RDDs — radiological dispersal devices — for 6-7 weeks now. Read this to understand why.
Hmmmm, 22 affidavits from Oklahomans who had seen (the now, very dead) Tim McVeigh in the company of Middle Eastern men — lots of Hamas terrorist cells hidden within the communities of Oklahoma City — in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the bombing, and on the day of the attack? And the US Government — specifically the Dept of InJustice and FBI — are scrambling to squelch evidence? I'm amazed, but not surprised; I knew that the Clintoon-Reno InJustice Dept was corrupted beyond recognition, but I didn't think it was this bad. Factor in the cover-up of the TWA Flight 800 missile shootdown and a dozen other atrocities against the US and its citizens, and there's a bad smell here.
I would have thought it'd be higher: 59% of Americans favor using Nuclear Weapons. I'm surprised that there are that many cowards out there.
Thousands of subhuman Muslim shitfilth fighters from Pakistan and other Islamic dogshit countries are pouring over the Afghanistan's borders to help fight US troops? Great, no problem! More targets for our B52s to destroy. Bring it on, towelhead scumfilth.
If anyone is stupid enough to doubt that towelhead shitfilth Muslim pork-suckers are only loyal to the perverted, degenerate cult of Islam, read this; it'll open your eyes and mind. Maybe, if you're not a lib-dem idiot. The disease of Islam is slowly infiltrating western countries and will, one day, try to overthrow civilization and government and establish the deviant cult of the head pork-eater, allah the moron. FYI, lock and load; let's roll.
Dearborn, Michigan is a festering, fetid shithole full of extremist Islamic terrorists; the FBI and US Army should immediately move against the lowlife Muslim scum and round-up, interr and deport them. Known terrorists should be secretly tried and summarily executed by the Army's military commission.
350,000 illegal Mexicans have "gone home" since the US Economy has slumped after The September 11th Massacre; how many millions more before all the garbage is outta here? We need to clean out the illegal towelhead filth next. Are you listening, INS?
Oh gee whiz, it's Islamic Awareness Week in the UK. Huh? yeah, sure: be aware of the pork-sucking, pedophile Islamics, lowlife, subhuman Muslim shitfilth. And if you see them doing something incorrect wrong that pisses you off, shoot to whack. We'll all fill out the requisite police forms together, later; much, much later.
How do those pork-sucking, pedophile Islamics, lowlife allah-scum, subhuman Muslim shitfilth, rile so many Americans with bogus feeds to the FBI? Is America crazy? Immediately seal the borders; round-up, interr and deport or execute know terrorists and their support network. Smear the subhuman, murderous, lowlife all-pork-sucking scumfilth diaperheads with pork guts-grease-meat — gosh I hate to waste good porkfat on such subhuman garbage — and make the camel-goatf*ckers-humpers a raging case of genital anthrax.
The very real possibility that the subhuman towelheads have a nuclear device already in the US, is discussed here. Scary. The argument for using tactical nukes and quickly, is advanced here. I like it. Do it; use them mercilessly, W!
You think recent simple anthrax scare is bad? Read this about smallpox and what it will do en masse. And to think there are lib-dem pacifist morons running around wanting to "negotiate with bio-terrorists". They must be tracked down and whacked.

Subhuman Garbage.
Sympathizing with the wacko, pork-eating, Islamic extremist murderers, New (and improved!) Black Panther Party leader Malik Shabazz (Tyrone Leroy Johnson), who richly deserves a bullet in his empty head, also declares the US brought The September 11th Massacre upon itself, and blames American presidents from Thomas Jefferson to George W. Bush for the terrorist attacks. "I don’t remember the Taliban calling me idiot anytime recently," Shabazz said. "Bin Laden a terrorist? He’s a terrorist terror produced." Hey shithead: you're a lowlife idiot.
Parents of a homo suing local government for his suicide at recognition of his deviancy-perversion-degeneracy? Nah, homo-parents, you can't do that, despite what your rump-raiding, fudge-packing, ambulance-chasing lawyer says. Hell Heck, s/he can't find his/her own thang with both hands. Pitiful lib-dem trash. Hmmm; good riddance, from the Earth: (much) less disease and (mercifully less) perversion to spread around.
Ummmmm, where's my Glock, honey? Hmmmmmmm, I had it in my hand just before you... uhhhhhhh, let's talk; don't move suddenly, actually, try to immobilize; I'll call a medical/explosive transportation service, you relax the abdomen; minimum breathing pulse, good; ahhhhhhhh, here come the Body Physique Police: I'm in custody, you're okay; I'll always remember you...
Who gives a flying rat's ass piece of shit about The Madonna Whore Slut Garbage? Yuuuuuuuuk. I would touch that diseased red snapper with a lurking ten foot dick a bamboo pole, chums. I'm not into massive antibiotic and AIDS-interferon dosages. Die quietly, whore-dog-slut.
Why is this child-molesting piece of shit, Mikey "Wacko Jacko" Jackson-of-a-bitch, even a viable in the US anymore? He should have been prosecuted, imprisoned and publicly ostracized years ago when it was revealed he liked little boys a little too much. Now, he's making millions again from a lousy record album? Pathetic, America.
Seriously f*cked screwed-up priorities? Yes, I'd say so. Shirtless men cuddle on billboards, ads promote "toys for solo and partner sex," and a drag queen stars in a television commercial. Who pays for it? The American Taxpayer, as part of federal AIDS prevention programs. Funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these programs are drawing criticism from members of Congress who call them "inappropriate," especially at a time when they say the CDC should be focused on combating bioterrorism. Who gives a flying rat's ass about perverted, subhuman, deviant homo filth and AIDS? Let 'em die by the tens-of-millions, and good riddance. Dry up the funding for all AIDS-related research. After The September 11th Massacre, there are many more important things to concern ourselves with.

If GoreBore Had Won.
One year ago we were all glued to our television sets, listening to the liberal media's mindless talking heads as they gleefully reported on AlGoreBore's attempts to hijack and steal the 2000 presidential election. Luckily, the bearded Vulcan was unsuccessful in his efforts; can you imagine a GoreBore response to the atrocities perpetrated on DC and New York? I suspect that, rather than seeking justice and the utter destruction of our enemies, a GoreBore administration would have rushed to raise taxes, confiscate guns, and frantically sign the Kyoto Treaty. Gotta study the effects of burning jet fuel on the ozone layer, don't you know. We must feel their pain and save the baby seals from sunburn.
We would have launched a maximum of two missiles at a pre-owned donkey lot on the outskirts of Kabul and perhaps notified CNN of an impending, one-time incursion by Army Rangers. We would have experienced 24 hour coverage of Bubba Jeffy and Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, waxing profound as they pulled the strings of their favorite puppet. The likes of Richard "The homo" Gere, Rosey "" O'Donnell and Barbara "Can Opener Nose" Streisand would stand in place of Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft and Dick Cheney. Janet "Waco Murderer" Reno would be in charge of homeland security, finding time to stonewall whenever she tired of burning, Killing and kidnapping.
Thank God that history isn't different than it is today. One year ago we were on pins and needles, for the political future of our country was at stake. Had the penny bounced differently, we would be faced with the abuses of power, PC pandering, selfish hatred, race-baiting, unchecked criminality and blatant disregard for Constitutional protections that were the hallmark of the Clintoon/GoreBore years. Many of our remaining civil rights would be gone, and I suspect our nation would be engaged in something akin to a civil war. As our diaperhead murderous Islamic wacko extremist foes are discovering, you can only push a free people so far.
Once again, thank God that the penny bounced the way it did.

Execute The Subhuman Filth.
Georgia and New Mexico are the Hero States this week; each executed a subhuman piece of filth who raped and whacked a child, one in '76 and the other in '86. It's sad that it takes so long to terminate such lowlife garbage and provide closure for the families. Additionally, the US Taxpayers have to foot the $40,000-60,000/ year bill per lowlife to keep them alive and provide legal services so they can "appeal their innocence". Bullshit on that; execute within 1 (one) year. End of problem.
Certainly made my week a happy one, despite the delays. Only 3,700+ more subhuman condemned filth on death row to go before we rid the world of murderous garbage.

The PixelPress believes the Web should be used "to tell stories differently, to help us understand the world more deeply, to reach more people who may be desensitized by contemporary mass media." Sounds like a load of lib-dem shit to me, but with that approach in mind, the site is currently featuring "September 11, 2001, in remembrance," an incredibly powerful response to the tragic events Massacre in NYC and DC. However, there is much more to see — photography exhibits, books, columns, and other works under-represented in mainstream media all find an alternative outlet here. It's a well-done site, despite its liberal leanings.

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