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friday, november 9 th, 2007

no; not for me, but rather for the desirable insects, whom we've collected, propagated, lived-with in our GHs, nurtured and admired for the past 6-8mos of the growing season. We've done that routinely, every year, for the past 12-13 years, BTW. I've mandated Corporate IPM for many years and it's paid huge dividends. For 4-5yrs, I used Ladybugs, and later, Trichogramma Egg Wasps, both without lasting success and at great cost. But my favorite is the Praying Mantis, which I find in abundance in my growing fields and display gardens, and I can propagate for free. Plus, they're the most gentle, harmless (to humans) insects I've ever run into. (Look at my hat in the pic.) The GHs have been free of insect pests and the accompanying disease, as a result of these omnivorous biological predators, who eat everything in sight, including their own kind if other sources of food run out. Many others fly out of the GHs and wind-up in the general nursery area, again feasting upon anything and everything there. With the colder weather, shortened days, longer nights and paucity of other insects for food, the few remaining — one each in GH3 & GH4 — know that "the end" is almost here for them. They are slowly starving — their food sources are all gone, now — and they can barely move. I tried to feed one some raw hamburger on Monday, but it wouldn't eat, and its head looked at me as I gently talked to it, and it followed my every movement, as it lay on the GH1 potting bench. The few remaining females have mated with the few remaining males, laid their ootheca (egg casings) and are preparing for that "long sleep". (Scroll down to The Gallery, and see some great pics of them.) In fact, we're finding significantly-less "oothecas" (egg casings) than we have found in previous years, on nursery stock up in the back 2ac growing fields, and since we're cleaning-out all the plant material up there, I'm thinking that I'll have to start buying-in Praying Mantis "oothecas" (egg casings), in the coming years, if we're to continue to using them in an ongoing corporate IPM program. Combined with the greatly-increased-potency of a certain pesticide we've been using, to very beneficial effect in the outdoor nursery areas, that could account for the paucity of Praying Mantis "oothecas" (egg casings) we've found this year. The "trade-off' between minimal pesticide/chemical-control and greatly-decreased IPM usage, to achieve an overall nursery balance, is quite pronounced over the past 2-3 years. Over the Winter months, I'll have to make a decision for Spring implementation: continue the beneficial, chemical pesticide usage in the outdoor nursery areas, while continuing to breed and use Praying Mantids, inside of my 4 Retail GHs. Or, discontinue the pesticides and suffer insect and disease damage, outside of the GHs. Personally, it won't be much of a struggle make that choice. A "balance" is what's called-for and needed, and that's the way I'll go, come March 2008.

Around The Garden Center™.
My once-a-year, 25% Off Fall Sale, ended on Wednesday after 60 days, and I'm starting to get some "laggardly/pinhead customers", who are now whining and complaining that "we're ending the sale and they didn't have a chance to get in on it". Sucks to be them, doesn't it? They had 60 days of local PA-MD newspapers, The Weather Channel TV ads etc, and I have no/zero/nada/zip sympathy for them. I don't relent and give them the 25% off, after-the-fact. Nope.
The process of putting many thousands of containerized plant material into my 6 massive (30ft x 100ft) GHs, for Winter storage, is daunting and continues. If the plants have gone through 'leaf drop', they'll get put-away quickly. Yet, if they're still holding leaves, they'll get a further chance to get "frosted" under another evening's open skies, and be put away, the following week. Reason? Green/brown leaves actively-harbor disease, such as botrytis etc, and dormant eggs from insects such as spider mites, lacewing etc, and putting them into the same GHs for storage for the 2-3-4mos, is akin to infecting healthy plants with almost certain problems, for the following Spring. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt on several occasions, in the 'early years'. I won't allow that to ever happen again, and neither will my Staff Horticulturalist, Jennifer. She's that good and them some, so I don't have to 'remind' her about simple hort-basics, like that. I'm going to hate to lose her, when she and hubby Dave, a former GC&N LSCP Crew Chief and friend, decide to have a family and she's gone from my GC&N Staff. Nature will take its course, and the leaves will drop, and then we'll act upon the various plants' dormancy/readiness for storage. With "lake-effect" snow and sleet already occurring in The Great Lakes Region, Winter isn't all that far behind. Brrrrrrrrr.
Ever wonder what your IP (Internet Protocol) Address, is? It's right here; just click on it. Now you see what I and other website owners etc, see when you visit our sites.
Did you remember to set your clocks back, last Saturday night? That extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning sure felt good. Problem was that my two condo cats — Murphy & Mama Kitty — didn't reset their biological clocks, and wanted me up at 5am (old 6am DST) for their morning feeding. I had no problem resetting my clock, though. I pleaded, cajoled, promised, lied, threatened; all to no avail. They kept licking and pawing my face until I got up at 0-dark-thirty, and fed them. Then, all was well in "condo-land", and I went back to sleep for another 5-6hrs.
With the price of light, sweet crude oil, creeping-up to $95 $96 $97 over $98/bbl, gas prices at the pump, in the York (PA) area, jumped another 10¢/gal, this week alone. That Unleaded Regular is now at $3.09/gal, Unleaded Plus is up to $3.29/gal, and Unleaded Premium is now at $3.39/gal. With the switchover from Summer driving gas, to Winter home heating oil, the price is going to go-through-the-roof, so to speak. After $100/bbl, it's anyone's guess as to what will happen. Right now, California's paying $4/gal and $5/gal for Premium Unleaded.
Yes, I voted on Tuesday, Nov 6 th, as I have in local and state elections since '96. Ditto, for the National General Elections, since '88. I simply say to people: "If you didn't vote, then STFU and don't complain, as you have no right to do so!" A 21% voter turnout in York County, on Tuesday, was pathetic. Mercifully, the 2007 elections pushed the stultifying, bullshit 2008 election crap off of the front pages, for 1-2 days, and I just wish it could have been for 1-2 months, instead. Are you as sick and tired of the 2008 election bullshit, as I am?
As I drove to work on Wednesday morning, I heard the weather report: "...a quick 2" of snow fell this morning in State College (Penn State Campus) PA, and we're seeing huge lake-effect snows on the leeward sides of The Great Lakes, mainly Lakes Michigan, Erie and Ontario..." Yikes! It's headed this way shortly, though it won't stick for more than a few minutesm due to warm ground temps. It hasn't been much of a Fall, and it seems like we're headed directly into Winter. The usually-reliable (85%+), long-established Farmer's Almanac has my area in the "cold" area, with the "cold & snowy" just to the north, by about 50 miles. After "The Unending Drought From Hell", I'd rather get some of that snow, to help replenish ground moisture, though I hate the accompanying ice, snow-melt would go a long way to alleviating the scarce ground moisture levels.
Does your cat or dog, wake-you-up, in the morning? Both of mine do, bigtime! S-l-u-r-p!
It was 26°F on Thursday morning, and the frost was so heavy it looked like snow. The weather stations are calling for snow flurries and sub-32°F temps, for the next 1-2days/nights. I was out on several site-visits on Wednesday and Thursday, and it was bone-chilling weather. After talking to Jennifer & Bob, on Thursday about their GC&N schedules, I've decided to call it "quits" on Friday, Nov 23rd, the day after Turkey Day, when as of right now, all LSCP jobs will be completed. I also have to begin the calls to 12-15 customers, who need dead plant replacements done, to let them know that we'll be postponing all such replacements until Spring 2008. Putting wet plants into dry holes, means certain death, IMO. And that's a dumb move, IMO. Which is something that I won't do.
Regardless, I'm kind of looking forward to the Winter Hours ScheduleMon-Sat, 10am-3pm; Sunday, Closed. — and lots of extra "sleep time", afforded to me, by that change in hours schedule. I also have to begin looking around to contract for snow-plowing, snow-shovelling and miscellaneous other jobs, which I can't do, due to my 2004 back injury.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
I am a very super-competitive man, but I'm way past the point of needing any credit for it. Something happened to me in the past year, and everything I've got in life, I've achieved by walking on glass and hot coals, and by pulling-myself-up, bleeding, over a cliff. Anything I've achieved, which I've achieved, through tremendous work, has left me. You may say it's "wisdom" or "defeat", but I don't agree. It's a melange. I don't feel the need to prove anything to anybody, anymore. What I tell you, you can take to the bank, dammit.
Yes, I agree 101% with Dr James Watson's assessment that Africans are subhuman mental-defective filth, as compared to Whites. Dr Watson is 101% correct. F*ck the liberal-filth/garbage, IMO! I agree with Dr Watson, BTW. He's right: Africans are 2nd/3rd century, murderous, cannibalistic tribal garbage/filth/shit/crap/junk subhumans, (who richly-deserve total and complete-extermination/eradication, from the earth, IMO). Africa should be totally-wiped-clean, and started-over, IMO. The subhuman garbage — "Africans" etc etc — need "eradication and replacement" by Real Humans, IMO. Africa, like the ME, is in the 2nd-3rd-4th century, and hasn't "progressed", and truly needs "full revision/eradication/replacement", and "monitored progress", IMO, over the next 50-100 years. IMO. Notice that Dr Watson didn't say "Blacks". But I will: 75% of all "blacks", anywhere, "are 3-4x dumber-than-Whites", in intelligence, IMO. Yes: f*ck you all liberal-demokkkRATs! Net, net: the 1962 DNA-Geneticist, Dr James Watson, was characterized and smeared, with a "broad brush", as a racist-bigot, when in fact, he's 101% correct in his statement about Africans being less intellient. He's 101% correct that there's a genetic link between race and intelligence. Yes, there is White trash®/Honkeys/Crackers/Rednecks etc, and Niggas®/Sambos/Tarbabies/Niggers/Porch Monkeys etc and Spics, plus Gooks/Dinks/Slopes, Injuns/Redskins etc and myriad others, "out there". Surprised? I'm not. All the crap about "nutritional replacement therapy" is just that: CRAP!
Was Dr Watson effectively-saying that Africans were "nutritionally-deprived", for over a thousand years, and that's why they're mental-defectives, as compared to Whites? Bullshit. I say that the blacks in the world and in America, are dumber-than-rocks-in-a-box, IMO. I might be/am "PC-Incorrect", but f*ck anyone who thinks so! Dispute me, liberal-demokkkRATs, and prove me wrong! I fucking dare you to do so! Go ahead; I'm waiting, liberal-demokkkRAT assholes! bring it on, punk shitscumbags!
No, Mikey Huckabee has ZERO CHANCE of winning anything, let alone the (GOPer-RINO's) US Presidential Nomination, IMO. None. Zero. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. NOTHING! He's a fart-in-the-wind, IMO. A "brief nothing", in time.
Treasonous, seditious, saboteur, liar, lowlife, subhuman piece-of-shit, dirtbag, garbage, trash, shit, filth, closet-muslim-muslim-racist-bigot, US Sen Obama-Osama Hussein Jr, (TRAITOR-ILL), refuses to wear the US Flag pin on his suit's lapel, and "refuses to salute the American Flag". I know what it means: he's a commie-socialist subhuman. Look at the pic of him, with his do-nothing, wimpy-sambo-hands folded across his empty crotch's 2" ding-a-ling/weenie, effectively hiding "his embarrassment". (Hey, Osama-Obama porch-monkey: your ugly, slut-rag, whore-bag, bitch-wifey, is *laughing* at your so-called "embarrassment", BOY! You're hung like a mosquito, BOY!) Obama-Osama's a lowlife sambo, traitorous subhuman piece-of-shit, IMO. And he needs hanging, IMO, for treason in a time of war. String the scumbag-up.
Liar, criminal, lesbo-bull-dyke, disgraced US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (TRAITOR-NY), needs due-charging, arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing and execution, IMO. Yes, Hillary R Clinton is a lesbian-bull-dyke POS, and her gal/pal-homo-sodomite-lesbo, Huma Abedin, is a drop-dead, gorgeous muslim-islamic-Persian slut, carpet-munching lesbo bitch, IMO. Hey, muslim filthies: come get/murder her, you punks!
Ooooooooooo, so the angry, criminal, illegal alien spics are "going to erupt in an intifada, here in the US in the not-so-distant future"? Really? Oh baby, say it's SO. I can use some real "moving-target, blood-squirting" practice! Come get some, spics!

Equal Rights v Special Rights™?
Does "special rights" v "equal rights" sound remotely familiar? It should. American blacks, misnamed "African-Americans" which is total and complete bullshit, since NONE OF THEM are directly from AFRICA. They're natural-born, American Negroids, NOT African Citizens, or ex-pats. Oh, maybe a few thousand are, but 99.95%, AREN'T. The NAALCP (Nat'l Ass'n For The Advancement of Liberal Colored People), is a racist, bigoted group of Whitey-hating scumbags, IMO. Ditto, NOW (Nat'l Org of Women), aka NAGS (Nat'l Ass'n of Gals), hate-filled gaggle of lesbos/dykes/pedophiles/child-molestors, IMO. Ditto the subhuman lowlife National Council of La Raza (racist spic filth garbage), MEChA and Aztlan. I could go on and on and on, but I digress, IMO.
Listen to the racist, bigoted, subhuman spic filth, and decide for yourself. Simply put: they need complete and total deportation, or killing, if they resist. IMO.
It seems that almost every "protected-minority special interest group" (PMSIG) has it's officially-designated, "Whining Wing" (PAC), and has gotten itself included in the "protected minority classification", which is truly a stinking, filth group of cowards, liars, dirtbags and lowlife scum who can't "make it in the real world", because of a little criticism, and who need the enveloping "US Federal Teat", to suckle-at, protect and preserve them, from the "Evil, Right-Wing Conservatives", just lurking out there, to destroy that now-protected group of minority trash/scum/shit/junk/crap. IMO.
So, now homos/sodomites/faggots/transsexuals/cross-dressers/transgenders/child molesters, rapists, murderers, pedophiles etc, have "special rights", and not just "equal rights", with the passage of the sick, perverted, demented shit, Employment Non-Discrimination Act, termed in US Congress-speak, H.R. 3685?
This legislative perversion, championed by the subhuman, lowlife, homo-sodomite-faggot-pervert, US Rep Barney Frank (SODOMITE-MA), would make it illegal for employers to make decisions about hiring, firing, promoting or paying an employee based on sexual orientation. Churches and the military would be exempt. The text of H.R. 3685, is here. Read it, and be sickened at so much sickness,degeneracy and perversion, all in one place.
IMO, everyone should have "equal rights", but dammit, no one should have "special rights". This Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a blatant perversion of reality, by the corrupt, criminal US Congress filth, is a direct-abomination against Christian/Jewish/islamic families, everywhere in America. The US Congress is part of The Enemy Within™, and fully 85% of them need hanging, for treason, sedition and sabotage, IMO. I'd volunteer to pull the lever, or my Kimber "Eclipse Target II's" trigger, on each and every one of those subhuman filth.
President Bush has the option of either vetoing or signing it. I'm truly hoping that he finds his guts/balls/spine in a nearby drawer, in The Oval Office's desk, and vetoes it. But since he's a very liberal GOPer/RINO, I somehow don't think he'll do it. It's my fear that he'll sign it, and help push America "over the cliff", one more time, as he's done so many times, in his 7 of 8 years, in office. (((sigh))) C'mon, Mr President: DO WHAT'S RIGHT, for one damn time in your life! V-E-T-O it!
Let the "homo-sodomite-faggot" protection, begin!

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
If I could pull the trigger, push the button, pull the switch, push-in the hypodermic, drop the bomb etc etc etc, on these verminous, subhuman, hate-America, hate-US Military filth, left-wing garbage, I'd do it, in a heartbeat, dammit! They truly need killing, IMO, by the tens-of-thousands. They're traitors, seditionists and saboteurs, in a time of war, and need summary-hanging. Kill them all!
Yawn. Another murderous subhuman, piece-of-filth, fat, drug-addicted nigger, who needs killing for murdering another police officer, this time in the sewer, which is Philadelphia. Headshoot the nigger® filth, IMO!
Once again, Lou Dobbs is 101% correct: the lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT NY governor, Eliot Spitzer (TRAITOR-NY) needs due charging, arrest, trial, conviction, and execution, IMO. Spitzer is subhuman filth and a traitor/seditionist/saboteur to America, and he needs hanging, IMO. Did you know that Spitzer's father, Bernard, is an overt racist?
Mentally-ill/defective, lowlife, traitor, seditionist, saboteur, disgraced, failure, lowlife US Rep Dennis Kucinich (TRAITOR-OH), needs due-charging, arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing and hanging, IMO, for demanding the impeachment of Dick Cheney, VPOTUS.
The University of Delaware recently made a decision to subject its students to mandatory "treatment" ('treatment' is a term used by the university) where they learn that "all whites are racist", racism by the 'people of color' is impossible, and George Washington is merely a "famous Indian fighter, large landholder and slave owner". IMO, summarily-hang all administration and management of The University of Delaware.
The so-called "Latino voting-bloc" is total and complete bullshit, IMO. It is nothing.

The Religion Political System of Perpetual Outrage™.
Fuck islam, fuck muslims, fuck islamists, fuck muslim-islamist terrorists! They're all about killing killing the Christian, killing the Infidel, killing the Jew, no thanks to the damned Bush Administration's idiotic, bullshit idea of bringing-in thousands of those subhuman filth into America. islam is not a religion. Rather, it is a militant, proselytizing political/faux-faith system of total/complete/absolute control of all its mindless adherents' lives, and the sentence for not adhering to the trash called 'sharia law', is death. Boy-buggering, gential mutilation, murder, poverty, death, destruction, slaughter, slavery, women-chattelling, horror, terror and so much more, is found in the murderous, pigshit-filled koran (I wipe my ass with it!), and I spit/piss/shit on islam! Fuck the Bush Administration, I'm so sorry to say, dammit. They're allowing/promoting the destruction and death of America, in incremental internal steps, by The Enemy Within™. What sane Nation, which is founded upon The US Constitution and The Bible, would allow the pigshit-filled, murderous koran (I wipe my ass with it!), to override/spit upon and overtly-trash The Bible and the US Constitution? Answer: the ones — Stalin/Lenin's books of murder and mental-illness, Hitler's "Mein Kampf" mental-illness, Mao's "Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung" mental-illness, murderous dirtbag filthies Castro/Che Guevarra's books, and scores of other leftist, socialist, commie dictators — which the muzzie-trash/shit/garbage/junk/crap so-readily identify with, adore, fawn-over and love-to-collective-orgasm. Puke on all the homo-sodomites!
islam, aka "islamofascism" is a political totalitarian system, like communism and socialism, tightly-wrapped in a false, man-made, fake religion, and is threatening to take-over the world, and establish an 'ummah', or islamic 'caliphate'. There's a "huge conflagration" coming, between Christianity and the subhuman, 6th century-filth called islam, which will envelop the entire world, IMO, and last a hundred years, if not a thousand years. It's apparently unavoidable, and is being perpetrated by the pigshit-called-islam, and which will be bloodily-engaged and defeated, by Christianity, and Judaism, in a supporting role. 80 million heavily-armed Americans will take-up "The Call to Freedom & Liberty", in a few months/years, since the US Military and Local Police, will be totally-overwhelmed, and we will have to form "militias", who will search-out, find and kill the murderous muslim-islamist terrorists, by the tens-of-thousands. Aided by the false, extremist 'global warming-ism' tree-hugging, leftist, liberal-demokkkRAT scumbags, 'islamofascism' aims at brutally taking-over the USA and other Western Countries. islam is NO religion of peace; it's a 'system of death from hell', IMO.
I, for one, am well-/heavily-armed and ready-to-go, at a moment's notice/call, that I'm needed to defend America from "The Enemy Within™", BTW. My "BOB" is re-packed, well-stocked, and ready-to-go. There's no fucking way that I will ever allow America to be subverted and conquered by the 2-3 million, 6th century, subhuman muslim-islamist filth, or the 20-35 million criminal, illegal mexican alien trash/shit/junk, without a "real fight" to keep my America, which my Grandfathers, Father and I have fought for. It will be another "fight-to-the-death", IMO, dammit! And all of those subhuman filth/garbage/shit/trash/junk/crap etc, will lose and pay the price of invasion: DEATH!
Yes, I agree 101% with Dr Michael Savage's (The Savage Nation, 6pm EST) prescient comments, "Muslims: 'take your religion and shove it up your behind'! I'd add, however, "that if you don't behave in a civilized manner, which is compatible with American Society and other established religions in America, we will track you down and kill you." Any further fucking questions, muslim-islamist terrorist filth? Ummm, thought so, punks.
Yes, the muslim-islamist-arab terrorist filth are here, no thanks to the incompetent US Gov't Agencies. ***THEY'RE HERE!*** And we'd better be cognisant of it, and get ready to take appropriate action! Do you understand, yet? You'd better get a grip real damned soon, before they rape your wife and daughters, and cut your throat and throw you down a well!
Make no damned mistake about it: CAiR (Council on American-islamic Relations) is a terrorist-funding, and terrorist-supported organization, and that CAIR-filth wishes nothing more than the implementation of subhuman Sharia Law in America. CAiR has proven links to, and was founded by, murderous, subhuman lowlife muslim-islamic terrorist filth. They all need due trial, sentencing and execution, IMO.
This article, "Understanding the Wahhabist Infiltration of America", lays bare the dire and immediate threat to America, from the horror, which is islam, IMO. Read it, be informed, buy more guns/ammo. Any questions?
The dumbest, subhuman, lowlife, degenerate, murderous filth on the face-of-the-earth — muslims/islamists/arabs (I spit upon them all!) — have contributed absolutely nothing, to the World's Civilization, anywhere in recorded history. What they've done is invade, slaughter/murder, rape, pillage, plunder numerous established, refined and advanced civilizations, and steal the vanquished peoples' discoveries & inventions, with their own murderous koran's (I wipe my ass with it!) demand and blessing. Fuck islam (I spit upon it!)
The UK is slowly-turning to the "islamic dark side", and will be essentially-destroyed, within 10yrs, IMO. God will "exact his price", from them.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
A 13-year-old student with whom a middle school teacher is accused of fleeing to create a romantic life in the boy's native Mexico, may be required to stay there. Fat, sweathog pigshit, criminal "teacher", Kelsey Peterson, 25, the illegal alien criminal is charged with kidnapping and child abuse. A criminal illegal immigrant while residing in the United States, the 13-year-old, illegal alien criminal, Fernando Rodriguez, may not be able to return to the rural Nebraska town where he was an eighth-grader. Too fucking bad, scumbag punk!

Has it really come to this? Not only is this guy blogging and photographing every last thought and experience for all and sundry to see, but now he feels the need to open up to the world that most accurate revealer of one's personality — the inside of his refrigerator. Of course, peeking inside this international smorgasbord of ice boxes brings up a host of questions about global attitudes. Pew Research Center, take note. For instance, why no old take-out cartons filled with mouldering American food in this Chinese refrigerator? And who'dathunk you could get 7-UP in Saudi Arabia? And, rather than a few bottles of hooch, I expected the raw ingredients of some culinary delight to occupy the center shelf of honor in this French fridge. One food repository from the Ukraine, the former Soviet Union's breadbasket, features nary a loaf. Another one from Italy contains Häagen-Dazs, not Gelato. And all I can say about yet another one is: Girl, get a grip! Ever hear of diabetes? Next time I check, I want to see a head of lettuce in there, dammit!

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