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Friday, October 31, 1997

the Greek word, pathos refers to emptiness, futility, helplessness and hopelessness and it's very appropriate to describe three so-called events that have paraded before the national psyche in recent years; with two events just recently completed. Inspired mainly by sideline-hugging liberal scum, these events have done nothing except bring millions of worthless people together in a wasted display of laughable, pathetic unity, when they should be either working at current jobs or looking for a job, and actually taking responsibility for their own lives, instead of collectively blaming society for their ills. All three groups are still a huge financial and moral burden on society. They won't and don't want to make their own way; the liberal scum have seen to it that they never will. With all the socialist and communist programs from FDR in place to provide for their basic needs, what's the incentive to work and become productive citizens? None at all.

The Million Women Waddle.
Just finished dirtying up Philadelphia (is that truly possible?) is The Million Women's March, and already there are cries for a separate nation and society, quite apart from whites. These are all bigoted and racist degenerates braying in the public forum for attention and ignoring the basic, underlying problem of their own laziness and resultant stupidity: liberal democratic welfare programs which have, over the decades, made them totally dependent upon the government. This whole group is clueless.
Reverse racism is on the rise in America. Among disenfranchised have nots, their cry is now, you owe us and we're now a power and gonna rip you a new moron, America! Sure, sure, sure; a most laughable goal there, girls. Ignorant, racist bigots like US Rep. (D-Calif.) Maxine Waters and the evil, lying, murderous, criminal bitch Winnie Mandella led the pathetic affair. How the US Government even let the stinking Mandella deviant into this country is a mystery worth probing, given all the felony charges both proven and pending against her in Africa. She's a filthy criminal and should be banned from entering the US, except for a prison sentence of life without parole, or in deference to her kidnapped, tortured and murdered victims, public execution by slow torture.
These so-called millions of sisters, are basically do nothings, know nothings, have nothings and want it all anyway as some misguided dream of compensation for their ancestors' bondage in slavery over 200 years ago. They still believe that American society owes them a living, and by god, they're going to get it in the form of a free ride in life, bigger welfare checks and certainly no damned work to earn their way in this life. Typical of their lazy, liberal-influenced ilk.
To some degree they're right: liberals' socialist-communist welfare programs have kept them down for decades; dependent upon the government handouts. But they still haven't figured it all out. They still blame all of America, in a pathetic misguided effort to alleviate the burden of responsibility for their own lives from themselves. Foolish people.
Many souvenirs were sold during the Waddle; assons, t-shirts, caps, flags, blankets, and other trinkets and knick-knacks to remind the participants and their welfare-dependent families that the sisters were indeed there at the big one, touting Sisters Helping Sisters. Sisters helping sisters do what? Nothing that anyone with brains can foresee. Now they can proudly wear these items as they wait on their big, fat, lazy asses for those government welfare checks to arrive in the mail. Surely, their friends and neighbors will be impressed with all the trite slogans as they cash-in the checks to buy more cheap booze and drugs, instead of taking care of the legions of illegitimate children they've spawned with The Million Man Shufflers.
The message should have been: keep your legs shut and get off your lazy asses and find a job to support yourselves! But that would be against all the liberal democratic communist-socialist programs' principles espoused over the decades by the FDR-Nazis. And the truth would surely have hurt a lot of people. And we wouldn't want that, would we? The hypocrisy of political correctness is stiffling.
Many millions of American women of African descent work in good-paying jobs, helping to support their families with their husbands and don't feel the need to march for increased welfare checks. They've taken responsibility for their lives and those of their families. Unlike the worthless scum parading around Philadelphia for no good reason, these women have made quality lives and good homes and raise children who will live the American dream and realize its potential. They weren't at this high-profile, junk event; they were doing something worthwhile: responsibly raising their families and working toward a real future.

The Promise Keepers Crawl.
Another social matter altogether is The Promise Keepers. Disillusioned, disenfranchised alcoholics and all-around bums, they tried to show everyone that they can successfully wear their religion on their sleeves for all the world to see them as good christians. Nothing could be further from the truth.
They grovelled, they cried, they bonded, they promised; nothing of any real substance was reached there. They scared and angered NOW (National Organization of Women) and the other femi-Nazi groups who swore to destroy them for wanting to take charge of America's families. Women should be able to wear the pants, too. In many places, they have for a long time.
This Crawl was a non-racist event unlike The Shuffle and The Waddle where it was almost all black Americans men of all colors participated in the great (false) promise. This pathetic call to personal responsibility for America's menfolk was and still is a joke; some will adhere to the promises, but 99% will continue their abusive, alcoholic and drug-addled ways of familial neglect and abuse.
Led by an obscure loser and ex-football coach who thinks he's seen the light (aka Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Tim Mcveigh et al), these minions gather to publicly profess sins and declare their new adherence to christianity. If they were truly repentant and willing to make something of themselves, they'd be either working to earn money for their families or earnestly looking for work instead of littering the lawns with beer cans, newspapers and marijuanna joints, causing more tax dollars to be spent in cleaning up their mess.
I guess bums and lowlifes feel the need to bond with other scumbags, mess up the Capitol and cause extra expense for taxpayers with their leave-behind trash.

The Million Man Shuffle.
This pathetic joke on black American men The Million Man March started all the hystronics and comedy. The head criminal Calypso Louey Fara-Con Man is the most bigoted, racist, anti-Semitic piece of shit to ever walk the earth, clothed in the robes of Islam, itself a murderous, racist, anti-Jewish, hate-mongering religion that has attracted many malcontent converts, who love to dress up in bow ties, long black coats and bowler hats. Kind of reminds me of Amos 'n Andy In The Hall of Mirrors (1956). Screwy Louey made lots of money from the poor, midguided idiots who attended, as well as gaining some national press. Most Americans recognize his type and know him for what he really is: a racist, bigot.
Calypso Louey The Fara-Con Man is real filth in the true sense of the word: he hates everyone and everything that is out of his racist grasp. He lies, cheats, steals, cajoles, and incites his mindless followers into believing that their way will prevail over whitey and the dirty jews (his words). This kind of reverse racism and outright hatred will ultimately bring his downfall and destruction, but not before much damage is done to America's social and moral fabric.
A past follower of Malcom X(-crement), himself a racist and bigot, Fara-Con Man is determined to isolate the races and stir up a war as his legions of party-speak idiots, neatly attired in the snappy tuxedoes and cute bowler derbys, play the PR scene for so-called community service and hidden recruitment of members to bolster the ranks of future bigots.
Calypso Louie The Con Man truly believes that by assembling a few hundred thousand unemployed alcoholics, drug dealers, addicts, bums and degenerates, he can recruit enough additional followers to overthrow the US Government and declare a Nation of Islam and exterminate all the whiteys and the parasitic Jews (his words). It amazes me that even the stupid, mindless liberals and democrats go along with this subhuman piece of shit, as they enthusiastically do, and encourage his dangerous activities in the name of god and racial harmony. What a joke it all is. I'd like to invite Calypso Louie The Con Man and his minions of scum to White Sands, New Mexico, for a giant rally... and then drop a small, thermonuclear device down their stinking throats.

Net Net: Bottom Line.
What do the three non-event, events have in common? Other than to bring together the have nots into one place for a day or two, and mess up the area they're occupying?
It would be nice if these gathering empowered each group and ultimately the individuals who make up that particular group with the determination and fortitude to take responsibility for their own lives, but that won't happen. 99% of these people are scum and filth; lazy, worthless people who will continue to wait for the government welfare checks to arrive, collect unemployment and file for more and more extensions, demand socialized medicene and free health care paid for by hard working citizens and drift aimlessly without purpose or direction into alcohol, drugs and crime and ultimately, prison. Then we'll have to continue to pay for their care.
The liberal degenerates have seen to that through the decades with unrestrained social service programs and huge layers of bureaucracy. Since the communist-socialist bastard FDR imposed government handouts and doles, marginal people with little self-esteem and personal self-worth have become accustomed to the handouts. Sure, there are people who need and should get help; no doubt about it. But the vast majority can work, should work, but won't work, as long as those programs acquiesce to their whines and excuses. Force them to get off the welfare rolls and become productive once again. Either work or starve; just like the rest of us, folks.

A Sad, Old Socialist Bitch.
Hitlery Clinton turned 50 last week; appropriately the so-called surprise party was attended by the scum de la scum of liberals from under all kinds of slimy rocks.
People I used to respect as public figures but certainly not admire turned up to celebrate the First Criminal's wrinkles and failures: Yogi Berra, Al Pacino, Connie Francis, Dom Deluise et al are now lower than a snake's rectum, in my opinion, for cavorting with that sleazy bitch and her criminal husband, Slick Willie The Bubba. And speaking of a smake's rectum, Al The Idiot Gore wasn't in attendance.
I guess the lies that she's told her ugly duckling daughter, Chelsea, about how she and Bubba are unfairly accused as criminals, have worked: the heavily-guarded Stanford frosh showed up for the party, with lots of Secret Service guys and gals in tow. The old hag even made the lowlife afternoon TV circuit, requiring public reinforcement that she's not that old. Hey Hitlery, ask the real world how we think you look, not some stinking halfbreed, scuzbag named Dope-rah.
Too bad they all didn't choke to death on the cake with liberal icing when they sang, shitpy Birthday, Hitlery!

The Parade Mentality.
It's a passionate tradition in this southeast part of Pennsylvania: the York area. People love a parade, and they'll defend that right to the death.
There's a parade for every holiday, and then some. The City of York, and the surrounding 12 towns will throw a parade anytime, for any reason, on any day, and usually inconvenience thousands of people, so some pre-pubescent 4H-er can wave to her parents and friends from a grossly-overdecorated, rolling platform called a float. Why is it called a float when it rolls along?
Parades are put on by, feature and are watched by some very out-wingers. Not right or left wing-nuts; but rather out-wingers. People with a critical need to visualize a dream of an event. Familiar or obscure. Viewing a parade is a dream in motion; the penultimate 3D trip for those not on drugs of some kind.
If one of the colorfully-costumed float riders showed up in the same outfit and make-up in public a month later without benefit of a parade, s/he would be detained. Why is the same scenario permitted in two different venues? First, sanctioned by authority, a mass display of odd behavior in a controlled environment. Or, unsanctioned by anyone, one person's display of unknown behavior in an uncontrolled manner. Either way, it's ludicrous behavior, but common throughout the country.

whack The Leader.
People enjoy hating the leader in almost every category of business: Gates, Microsoft, AT&T, Bell Telephone, KKK, McDonald's, Exxon, GM, and many more. Occasionally, it happens in other areas, such as sports, but mostly in the high profile world of business.
The liberal takes every shot s/he can at selected leaders, ignoring the common corporate criminals and seeks to make an example of the leader's missteps though in the Exxon case, it was obviously criminal and destroy the capitalist spirit. The Conservative ignores the petty, white collar crimes in favor of an increased business community sense. Somewhere, there's got to be a common meeting point.
There are thousands of websites dedicated to anti-Microsoft, anti-Bill Gates, anti-this and anti-that, and the anti-McDonald's sites are growing fast. This one deals with all the core issues. After reading some of the stuff, fast food is now spelled, B-u-r-g-e-r   K-i-n-g.

Spell That Number, Please.
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