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Friday, October 1, 2004

ith just 31 days to the November 2nd General Election, and with all the facts on the table so far, how can anyone, with a sentient, functioning brain, vote for the traitorous, cowardly, dishonorable, lying, flip-flopping, tax-and-spend Massachusettes liberal, do-nothing-in-20-years-as-a-US Senator, Anti-2nd Amendment, John F(ucking) Kerry. Yet, I have a recent, so-called self-professed, "conservative" acquaintance who goes big bore rifle (.50cal BMG) shooting with a rabid DNC ($25k)/ Kerry ($2k) supporter; in this case, he's an employee of the local insurance, lib-dem, hate-America magnate maggot. I also have one long-time, very big-spending ($470k, over 6 years) customer (husband/wife) who have hate-America, liberal-socialist-commie-nazi, Kerry-Edwards lawn signs at their home. I'm sure there are other customers, too, but right now I don't want to know about them. The questions begs asking: where are their brains; aren't they paying attention to the facts about Kerry? Obviously not; I'm truly stunned at all of the purposeful, lib-dem ignorance of The Unholy Alliance: the subhuman, hate-America, socialist Left and pigshit, Islamofascist Muslims. The voter corruption factor is in play, already. Lock & load; I've got your back.

Around The Garden Center®.
Retail sales have again picked-up, as my once-a-year 25% Off Fall Sale continues. And I've decided to extend it into October, because of demand. Retail traffic in September is up 55%, over August, and I expect October's numbers to be even bigger.
If you're a "news junkie", like I am, is an excellent site for real-time news feeds from all over the world. No subscriptions required.
I really enjoy sleeping-in on Sunday mornings, after getting up to feed the condo cats — Murphy and mama Kitty — I can sleep until 10:30 or so, since I don't have to be in at work until 12 noon. Last Sunday, while rummaging through the condo pantry, I happened across a tin of Spam®, leftover from Y2K and decided to fry it up. I remember back in the early 60s, at Boy Scout Camp, occasionally having Spam® on camping trips, along with bacon and eggs for breakfast. Actually, after I applied a rub of onion salt, cayenne and black pepper, and fried it with some sunny-side-up eggs and toast, it was pretty good. I washed it down with some French Roast coffee, ground to turkish powder for extra flavor.
All these recent hurricanes — Alex, Bonnie, Charley, Danielle, Earl, Frances, Hermine, Ivan — have forced me to scramble and re-arrange landscaping schedules, and now Jeanne has caused major disruption this past week. The ripple effect will be felt into the next two to three weeks, with many upcoming jobs, impacted. Since we're a weather-driven industry and business, it's par for the course. Final tally: we got 3.9" of rain at my GC&N Complex! It will take several days to dry out, before we can get back into the growing fields, and back onto job sites.
Gas prices are once again at the $2.00/ gallon (92 octane) mark, and going higher by the week, as wholesale crude prices hit $50+/ barrel. Fortunately, I heat my condo and business with Natural/ LPG Gas, so I won't be impacted as badly as those who have oil-fired heat, as the Winter months set-in.
On Wednesday, I had a visit from an FBI Agent and a Pennsylvania State Police Officer, assigned to DHS (Department of Homeland Security), in response to an email I'd sent them 3 weeks earlier. It involved my spotting a group of five Castor Bean Plants (Ricinus communis) — think deadly Ricin; yikes! — at a house in Pennsylvania, on my way back from a landscape job in Maryland. After introductions, we piled into their tricked-out, G12 Chevy Impala, and made the trip to the house, about 8 miles below my business. One agent interviewed the owner, took pics and retrieved some seed pod samples, and they dropped me back off at my business. I thanked both of them — both US Military Vets — for their service, and once again thanked them for working to protect America from terrorists. They told me some stories that made the hair on the back of my neck, rise. MEs (Middle Easterners) photographing bridges, buildings, refineries, power plants, airports, smuggling OTM (Other Than Mexican) terrorists across the Mexican and Canadian borders, thousands of terrorist cells established and working toward our destruction, probing on domestic airline flights, casing of dams, hospitals and schools, sniper training camps... I could go on and on. Lock and load, Fellow Americans; it's coming. And we'll have to whack Muslims by the tens-of-thousands, to save our American Way Of Life.
If you have foreign weeds, grass, trees, or shrubs on your property — and you most certainly do — you're in trouble. Under "Invasive Species" provisions currently sitting in the Senate's version of the Federal Transportation Bill (S. 1072), your property could quickly become the target of radical environmentalists and bureaucrats. Uh-oh.
Never forget; never.

The US has no plans to deploy troops along the Mexican border to stanch the deluge of illegal aliens currently pouring into the country at the rate of 3 million per year, President Bush said in an interview broadcast on Monday. We're screwed.
Fox News Billy-Bob O'Really, sucks.
Racist, bigoted black entertainers? Here's a short list.
Finally, a GOPer — Kurt Eckhardt, a candidate for the 9th District seat in suburban Chicago — with the guts and cajones to tell the truth about evil Islam and the mindless, subhuman adherents in The Cult of Death™. How refreshing.
Did you see The 1st Presidential Debate, last night at 9:00 PM? Here's the live thread. W&Co kicked ass!

John FlipFlopping Kerry Is A Traitor™.
Dumbass, socialist-liberal-commie-nazi, shit-for-brains Georgie-Porgie Sore-ass just keeps throwing millions down the Kerry Toilet. Keep giving, homo ass-boy filth, Sore-ass! Track the subhuman down and whack him.
Nice going, Kerry, you moron. Dissing Interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, was just brilliant, Lurch.
Kerry flipflops, once again on Iraq. Try some humor, Senator Longface.
Ahhhh, the ugly, foul-mouthed Heinz-Kerry-Heinz Bitch is once again in the news.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Scumbags™.
The demokkkRAT party is chocked-full of traitors, liars, criminals, murderers, scumbags, lowlifes, seditionists and assorted subhuman filth. The following asswipes are very representative of the hate-America, hate-Bush, Coalition of The Wild-Eyed Crowd, which wants America to fail and descend into liberalism, socialism, communism and nazism; all Left-Wing philosophies.
House Democratic leader Nancy "Botox Bitch" Pelosi on Saturday called the war in Iraq a "grotesque mistake" that has not made the United States safer. Pelosi is the synonym for grotesque.
Failed, lying, disgraced, run-out-of-office, ex-president Jimmy "I Hate America" Carter-Farter thinks a repetition of problems that plagued the 2000 US presidential election is likely. The only problems I remember were SoreLoserman AlGoreBore demanding three weeks of illegal recounts. Carter turned 80 this week: Happy Birthday, Jimmy Drop dead, scumbag!
Liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-Bush, hate-America, socialist assboy, see-BS anchor, Danny Rather-Blather, continues his ratings free-fall into the toilet. Buh-bye, homo!
Buh-bye, Little Tommy "I Hate America" Dass-hole (SOCIALIST-SD); you're toast on Nov 2nd.
The racist, bigoted, corrupt NAALCP and ACT have been caught, registering thousands of fraudulent — can you say "dead"? — voters in Ohio, and elsewhere. Time for the scumbags and lib-dem garbage to go to prison.
Awwwww, convicted felon, Martha Stewart is going to Alderson Prison, in West Virginia, for a lousy 5 months. The criminal bitch should be measuring time in years, not months.
An African-American civil rights spokeswomanmonkey said on Wednesday that the new computerized voting machines "terrify" her, and that blacks are "afraid of machines like that." Joanne Bland, the director and co-founder of the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute in Selma, AL, told on Wednesday that the new computerized voting machines are going to intimidate black voters in Florida and elsewhere and surpress their vote in the November presidential election because many blacks are not "technologically savvy." Get a grip, dumbass scumbagette cretinous-moron. Meanwhile, lib-dem voter fraud continues. More lib-dem voter fraud here, too.
Fat, bloated, alcoholic, murderer, intern-whacker, scumbag, moron US Sen Teddy "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy (DRUNK-MA), babbles on about nothing at all.
W. Leon Smith, publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast, is an idiot. Here's why.

Islam, The Cult of Beheading.™
The coming Israeli attack on Iran, just after our Nov 2 General Election, will be spectacular, 24x7 for upwards of a week. Get some DVDs and a TV card to record the action, for mucho replay.
Any doubt in anyone's mind that all murderous Muslims are the enemy and must be whacked? Read this article. Go ahead; I'll wait. The corrupt city management of Boston is subsidizing pigshit Muslims' mosques, but continue to persecute Christians.
Amjad Hussain Farooqi is dead, whacked in Pakistan? And Izz al-Din al-Sheikh Khalil is al;so dead, whacked in Damascus, Syria. Good; now whack more Muslim pigshit filth.
The former director — Muhammad Khalil, 63 — of a basement mosque that prosecutors described as a "cesspool of fraud" has been convicted of defrauding the government by processing hundreds of bogus applications for people hoping to enter or stay in the United States. He could face more than five years in prison at his sentencing January 18. No, whack him; he's a subhuman Muslim pig rectum.
The Justice Department has charged that a veteran New York Times foreign correspondent — Philip Shenon — warned an alleged terror-funding Islamic charity that the FBI was about to raid its office — potentially endangering the lives of federal agents. whack him, too.

Lowlife, Scumbags & assorted Subhuman Garbage.™
The fat, bloated, alcoholic, hate-America, hate-Bush, pro-socialist-liberal-commie-nazi, deviant, traitorous, intern-murderer, seditionist, degenerate, subhuman filth, US Sen Teddy "Chappaquiddick Murderer" Kennedy, says Bush administration failures to shut down al-Qaeda and rebuild Iraq have fueled the insurgency and made the United States more vulnerable to a nuclear attack by terrorists. Yeah sure, fatty boy, boozer, traitor Kennedy filth. Your stupid-assed, drug-addicted, sex-crazed brother, JFK, almost wasn't coherent enough to save America; Russia's cowardice, did. JFK and Bobby were a morons, as all your lowlife Kennedy scum was/is, dirtbag.
The convicted felon, criminal lowlife bitch, Martha Stewart, is going to "Camp Cupcake", in Alderson, West Virginia, for 5 months. The lying whorebag should be doing years, not months. Stewarts is lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT scum, and deserve a prison full of raging lesbians with splintery broom handles, cruddy toilet plungers and rusty Mr Wigglies.
The mayor of East Cleveland, Ohio, acknowledged that she whacked a man 22 years ago and was convicted but said she acted in self-defense, according to a published report Saturday. Mayor Saratha Goggins (MURDERER-OH) told The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer that she was defending herself when she fatally stabbed O'Neal Price, 48, in 1982. Execute the fat, ugly, smelly black bitch.
Ballerina Ronette Reagan is a limp-wristed, homo, rump-raider, fudge-packer, lowlife, deviant, degenerate, subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag. His dad, Ronaldus Magnus, is spinning in his grave at the very thought of hisn dirtbag spawn, who hates America and President Bush.
Yusuf Islam, the terrorist-supporting, washed-up, untalented, has-been, pigshit, dirtbag, British singer formerly known as Cat Stevens, is taking legal action after he was refused entry into the United States. f*ck off Bite me, pigshit Muslim filth! See your sorry, porkfat ass in court, boy.
One-time pop sensation whorebag, slutf*ck bitch Sinead O'Connor was back in the news Friday - by taking out a full-page ad pleading-begging-whining-grovelling for people to stop making fun of her. O'Connor, who shot to international fame in 1990, with her biggest (s)hit "Nothing Compares 2 U," claimed she had been "consistently ridiculed, lashed and called mad" for decades, particularly in her native Ireland. She's a two-bit, lowlife, degenerate, hate-America, whore-slut-rag-filth.
Russia ready to ratify flawed, partisan, garbage Kyoto Protocol? Steaming load of BS.
The liberal-demokkkRAT filth are insulted? The Supreme Court’s recent decisions protecting abortion rights, upholding the legalization of assisted suicide and striking down anti-sodomy laws represent a "dangerous" trend, Justice Antonin Scalia told a Harvard audience last night. Scalia held the rapt attention of the jam-packed John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum last night, although some students and faculty said they were put off by his conservative judicial philosophy.

Caught red-handed in a lie and felonious forgery, Little Danny "homo" Rather-Blather is trying another way of *getting our President*: using other dead people's recollections. Janet Linke, a psycho bitch, claims her dead husband had a conversation with dead TANG officer whackian, and that Lt Bush lost his nerve and was an alcoholic. Steaming load of BS. Go ahead, rather-Blather asswipe homo: report this one! Your days are numbered, fudge-packer. Visit RatherGate™.
Is ass-boy Rather-Blather's news anchor job in jeopardy? Stay tuned.
Retire, Danny "Homo ass-Boy" Rather-Blather asswipe.
This isn't the first time of forgery, lies and fraudulence for Little Danny "homo" Rather-Blather; it's been going on for 30+ years.
seeBS affiliates are covering their cowardly asses, and keeping down in the corporate foxholes. seeBS sucks.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Here's why 99.99999999999% of all death row inmates should be executed within 1 year of conviction: they're freaking guilty! A death row inmate — Peter Miniel — who maintained his innocence for more than 18 years in the stabbing death of a Houston man has confessed to the crime just days before his scheduled execution. Frankly, if a stray "innocent" was executed, it wouldn't bother me one damned bit; at least all the death row, subhuman filth would be dead, and in hell where they belong.
No pardon for John Walker Lindh; whack him.
Margaret Drabble is a lowlife, subhuman, degenerate, deviant, left-wing wacko, liberal-socialist-commie-nazi pig bitch. She needs Killing, as do all lib-dem filth.

Forces of Nature.
Ivan, Frances, and Charley have been on a relentless warpath in the South. And in the wake of their devastation, one can't help but wonder why hurricanes pick on Florida. Go inside the eye of a hurricane with this fantastic 3D primer and uncover Ivan's terrible secrets, as well as the science behind other natural disasters. From volcanic geysers and "nation building" in the Pacific, to tornado alley and terrifying temblors in Asia, the forces of nature are a nearly unpredictable brew of meteorological and geologic events. And when Earth's internal clock says, "Go!," mere mortals can only give up control and run for cover. Even if nature has its own agenda, at least it provides fodder for pulse-pounding disaster flicks. Ultimately, an understanding of our often volatile planet and its awesome "temper tantrums" helps us to respect what we can't control.

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