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our self-induced catastrophe

friday, october 6th, 2023

Since early 2021 we have witnessed somewhere between 7 and 8 million illegal entries across the now nonexistent U.S. southern border.

[FULL TITLE: "Our Self-Induced Catastrophe at the Border".],

Friendly fire, isn't.

The more the border vanished, the more federal immigration law was rendered inert, and the more Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas spun fantasies that the “border is secure.” He is now written off as a veritable “Baghdad Bob” propagandist.

But how and why did the Biden administration destroy immigration law as we knew it? The American people must override the corrupt entities who profit from the border's human misery and chaos.

The Trump administration’s initial efforts to close the border had been continually obstructed in the Congress, sabotaged by the administrative state, and stymied in the courts. Nonetheless, it had finally secured the border by early 2020.

Yet almost all its successful initiatives were immediately overturned in 2021.

The wall was abruptly stopped, its projected trajectory cancelled. The Obama-era disastrous “catch-and release” policy of immigration non-enforcement was resurrected.

Prior successful pressure on Mexico’s President Andrés Obrador to stop the deliberate export of his own citizens northward ceased.

Federal border patrol officers were forced to stand down.

New federal subsidies were granted to entice and then support illegal arrivals. The Left kills everyone,, destroys everything and steals the rest.

No one in the Democratic Party objected to the destruction of the border or the subversion of immigration law.

However, things changed somewhat once swamped southern border states began to bus or fly a few thousand of their illegal immigrants northward to sanctuary city jurisdictions—especially to New York, Chicago, and even Martha’s Vineyard.

The sanctuary-city “humanists” there who had greenlighted illegal immigration into the southern states suddenly shrieked. They were irate after experiencing the concrete consequences of their own prior abstract border agendas. After all, their nihilism was always supposed to fall upon distant and ridiculed others. Women's reproductive health, isn't.

New York mayor Eric Adams went from celebrating a few dozen illegal immigrants bused into Manhattan, to blasting his own party by allowing tens of thousands to swamp his now bankrupt city.

But why did the Biden administration deliberately unleash the largest influx across the southern border in U.S. history?

The ethnic chauvinists and Democratic Party elites needed new constituents, given their increasingly unpopular agendas.

They feared that the more legal Latino immigrants assimilated and integrated into American society, the less happy they became with leftwing radical abortion, racial, transgender, crime, and green fixations. The Left knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

Democratic grandees had always bragged that illegal immigration would create what they called “The New Democratic Majority” in “Demography is Destiny” fashion. Now they slander critics as “racists” who object to leftwing efforts to use illegal immigration to turn southwestern red states blue.

Mexico now cannot survive as a modern state without some $60 billion in annual remittances sent by its expatriates in America. But many illegal immigrants rely on American state and federal entitlements to free up cash to send home.

Mexico also encourages its own abject poor and often indigenous people from southern Mexico to head north as a safety-valve of sorts. The government sees these mass exoduses northward as preferable to the oppressed marching on Mexico City to address grievances of poverty and racism. The Democratic Party, isn't.

The criminal cartels now de facto run Mexico. An open border allows them to ship fentanyl northward, earn billions in profits—and kill nearly 100,000 Americans a year. Illegal immigrants pay cartels additional billions to facilitate their border crossings.

Do not forget American corporate employers. Record labor nonparticipation followed the Covid lockdown. In reaction to the dearth of American workers, the hospitality, meat packing, social service, health-care, and farming industries were desperate to hire new—and far cheaper—labor.

Human rights activists insist that the borders themselves are nineteenth-century relics. And the global poor and oppressed thus have a human right to enter the affluent West by any means necessary.

Many in the tony suburbs and in universities do not live anywhere near the border. So they pontificate on the assurance that thousands of unaudited illegal immigrants will never enter their own enclaves or campuses. Common sense, isn't.

The result is elite bottled piety—but not firsthand experience with the natural consequences of millions chaotically fleeing one of the poorest countries in the world to pour into the wealthiest. Without background checks, vaccinations and health audits, legality, high-school diplomas, English-facility, skill sets, or capital, the result is an abject catastrophe.

Polls continue to show that the American people support measured, diverse, legal, and meritocratic immigration as much as they oppose mass illegal immigration into their country and the subsequent loss of American sovereignty on the border.

They understand what the Biden administration does not: no nation is history has survived once its borders were destroyed, once its citizenship was rendered no different from mere residence, and once its neighbors with impunity undermined its sovereignty.

Ending illegal immigration now depends solely on the American people overriding the corrupt special interests and leaders who profit from the current chaos and human misery.

© 9.21.2023 by Victor Davis Hanson, "American Greatness".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 6:30a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for various pains, fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the leftover errands list.

I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9. It was a very foggy, cool 58° and after starting coffee, I noticed hat I'd left the heat on all night at 74°, so it was toasty-warm. Heh. The night storms had all moved past us toward the East Coast, so we might have some lingering weather from that. The huge coastal storm, "remnants of Ophelia", was also moving northeast along the coast, so we got some of that mess. It started raining around 8. Hey, it's National Coffee Day! And I'm enjoying another fresh bag of French Dark Roast, after getting a shipment of 4 bags of Kona Blended Light Roast, yesterday.

The most dangerous man in the world, is the one who wants to be left alone, and is then forced to take action.

At 9, I switched-over to the "Chris Plante Show" until 12p, and heard the 'breaking news' that left-wing wacko Diane Feinstein (Leftist-CA), just died at 90. She's valued (with her late hubby) at $164 Million, from all the insider trading deals she was privy to, in Congress. She goes out with precisely as much money as a bum dying under a bridge with a pack of cigarettes and a handle of cheap vodka to his name. Good riddance and RIH (Rest In Hell).

The only nice thing about memory loss, is that you can watch the same TV reruns for months, and not get bored.

After a couple of Buttery & Flaky Croissants for breakfast, I finished-off the 2nd Chemex Carafe of French Dark Roast Coffee, and didn't make a 3rd. I began searching for a new 32" PC Monitor w/ VGA port, but since VGA's now old technology -- like my condo's super-fast 2009 condo's super-fast HP Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower (Win-7 Pro x64) Desktop Computer -- it's more difficult to find the exact model I want, so I'll just stay with the current, very nice AOC 27" unit I have.

My Sis called and stopped-by at 1:30p, with 10 solar lights for the upcoming Mt Rose Cemetery Project, we talked and she left. Sherry came by at 5:30 and we had an hour together to talk. We'll talk again over the weekend, about next week. Both of us are getting busy with Dr's app'ts, and many other things. I had dinner and watched lead-up recent episodes of "Gold Rush" Season 12, until the new Season 13 premiered at 8p, with several "director's cuts episodes", until 11:30p. Lights out.

Sleeping-in until 8:30a on Saturday, I regretted those couple of extra glasses of LaCrema Chardonnay Wine, last night. Groggily, I made my way downstairs, made coffee, took the 3 pain pills, had a couple smokes, checked the weather and news sites. It was a nice, sunny morning, 60° with a warm, sunny week ahead. The sun went away and hid around midday, but I had condo chores to do; errands can wait until I feel better. After lunch, I took some couch time and slept thru the "Chardonnay malaise", and resumed until 7p, when it got too dark to work outside. I had Ricotta-Filled Ravioli w/ Butter Sauce & Sweet Peas for dinner, watched the news, and "Expedition Unknown" until around midnight. Time for more sleep.

Awake at 6:30a and up at 7 on Sunday, it was a sunny, cool 52° morning. I made coffee, had some smokes in the open garage, fed the squirrels and did the usual scan of weather and news websites. My morning shower felt great on my aching back/hip/elbow, and I opened-up the condo's windows and screen doors to get some air thru. I started the first load of laundry, had some Croissants for breakfast, and tuned into some Chris Stigall Show Podcasts, and then over to some Chris Plante Show Podcasts, from last week. After the second load of laundry, I had a Classic BLT for lunch, and did some more condo chores.

Intents have been overtaken by events.

For years I've called these illegal, criminal aliens INVADERS, and we're being invaded every day! Now we're being invaded by terns-of-thousands of Chinese men, 18-49 military age. Do the numbers. Prep supplies, and load some extra mags.

No races on today, so I watched some crap TV -- can't even remember what -- until 6, and took out the garbage/recycle bins to the front curb for p/u tomorrow. Neighbors Jayme and Karl invited me over for some drinks and to talk about "SHTF Scenarios" -- which I first told them about in 2010-2011 -- and listen to music in Jayme's 2-car garage/man-cave, and we talked for 3hrs. By 10p, I left, nicely "buzzed", and came home to finish watching the news and get some shut-eye.

Up at 7:30a on Monday, I didn't even hear the garbage truck roll thru, but no matter. A beautiful clear sky, 58°, "Poor Air Quality", forecast to be in the low-80s, nice, brisk October morning. I started coffee, fired-up the office computer, had a couple smokes in the garage and tuned into the "CS Show". While sitting on the back patio, enjoying coffee and a smoke, I remembered that next week is the start of the scheduled, large Mt Rose Cemetery Landscaping Project -- $18,000+ which Sis and I are paying for -- so I needed to contact (NOT "reach out to") Renee at Mt Rose to see if their tasks were on-schedule. And I had my weekly trip down south to DeVono's Cleaners in Dallastown today after 12. Tomorrow's the ECHO-Cardiogram at Apple Hill Medical Center's Non-Invasive Cardiac Center, at 10:30a.

The Republic Services garbage collection truck finally came thru at 11a, with no sign of the recycle truck, but that'll probably/maybe happen in the afternoon. Ah, who cares. I relaxed, with the "CP Show" and a second carafe of French House Dark Roast Coffee, until 12, and left for points south. Along the way, I heard that Lunch Bucket Joey Bidet did sign the House's CR (Continuing Resolution) to keep the pathetic US Government open. (Hint: The Govt NEVER CLOSES or SHUTS DOWN.) The last time, as I remember, that the US Govt passed a balanced budget, was in 1996. Truly sad bunch of lowlifes.

Back home, after 3 stops, around 2:30p, I unloaded, put stuff away, had Cheese-Filled Ravioli for lunch, did a few chores and hit the LR couch, for a snooze. Too much coffee, again; no sleep. I had computer work to do, and after dinner, settled-in to watch an FX Channel 1974 movie called, "Gone In 60 Seconds", which made me wish I could get my 90 minutes of time back. Meh.

More episodes of Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" were on, so I watched until 11, and hit the sack. My cleaning lady is in at 8:30a, and I have a medical test at 10:30, plus a few errands to do on the way home.

Awake and up at 5:30a on Tuesday, I made coffee, had a couple smokes in the cool, dark, 56° morning. I tuned into the "CS Show" and mentally planned-out the morning's logistics, with multiple vehicles, trip route and post-appt stops. The "CP Show" came on at 9, and was good, until I left at 9;50, so I'll catch the 2nd & 3rd hours later this afternoon, via podcast. I always leave for an appt *early* -- since I'd rather be 15 mins early, than just 3 mins late -- and I don't know what damned construction chokepoints, and accident delays that I'll run into on the way.

Amazingly, the ECG only took 15 mins, compared to prior years' 35-40 min procedures. New hardware and software speeds it up. I made a styop on the way home at Rite Aid to p/u a waiting Rx, and got back just as JoAnne was wrapping-up her cleaning chores. I had some minor chores do to around the condo, and prepared 3lbs of peeled garlic cloves, in EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), and opened all windows and screen doors. Wow, what a wonderful fragrance! BREAKING NEWS 4:30 PM: Wishy-washy McCarthy booted as US House Speaker. BFD. Good riddance.

Village Idiot.

Once cooled to warm, the Roasted Garlic Cloves were fantastic -- sweet, soft and melt-in-your-mouth -- and I had them with dinner, and snacked all evening. I watched the evening news, Motor Trend's "Bitchin' Rides" and pulled the plug at 11:30. Easy day tomorrow, but I need to do some food shopping.

Up at 7:15a on Wednesday, I made coffee, had a smoke in the cool, 57° garage, waiting for the squirrels to show-up, but since they've got the Pin Oak trees' acorns to eat, no sign of them in my garage. I finally wiperd-off the back patios chairs, from the morning Dew, and moved out to it for smokes and coffee. I scanned the news and weather websites, to get updated on yesterday's US House's ridding us all of the worthless McCarthy idiot, and last night's shooting at a black college in MD. Meh. Sherry called and is coming over at 2:30p to do some hiking w/ me, in nearby Springettsbury Twp Partk.

I lisatened to the usual "CS Show", 6-9, and then the "CP Show" 9-12, and left aafter 12noon for Weis Market. After getting back home around 2p, with 6 bags and $193.66 in stuff, I unloaded and put the foodstuffs away, much of it down to my basement's "Prep Shelves". At 2:20p, this happened:

• WHAT: Shit-For-Brains Joey Bidet's Presidential Alert!
• Emergency Warning Test! Kiss your asses goodbye. The demonKKLKrats are still in charge, and going to destroy our country and way of life! Bend over and grab your ankles! This is only a test... Gotcha, didn't we?

Heh, semi-false alarm. The demonKKKrats ARE slowly destroying America, and we're letting them do it, since they are "Large & In Charge". I hope that'll change next November 8th, or Amerioca, as we know and love it, ios gone.

Sherry stopped-by at 2:30p, and by then she'd also gotten the Husk-In-Chief's EMERGENCY ALERT! and we agrteed it was pitiful. We talked on the back patio for 2hrs, and she drove us over to Flinchbaugh's Orchard & Farm Market in nearby Hallam, to get Pulled Pork BBQ, Apple Fritters (PA Dutch delight), Apple Cinnamon Donuts, Jarred Pears (to be stored in my basemenmt "prep supplies", and dsropped-off some unusual Pumpkins and gourds for Hollie's shop in Hallam. Nice trip. Back home by 5:30p, Sherry dropped me off, and left for home. We'll see each other again, on Friday.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to do it with.

I had dinner, closed down the condo, and watched the evening news. Truth be told, I miss the "old CNN format" of the 80s, when they divided-up an hour into 4 15min news segments, covering the US and the world, plus weather. It was a winning formate, that made them the best in the business, back then, before all the political crap and asshole personalities took over the organization, corrupting it and ruining them, forever. History's "American Pickers" was on, so I watched, and bagged it at 11p.

Up at 7:30a on Thursday, it was a damp, cool 54°, *Poor Air Quality*, but clear-sky and sunny morning. While sitting on the back patio, I could see the moon overhead, quickly setting in the west. I made coffee, fed the squirrels front and back, had a couple smokes outside, and fired-up the office-sunroom's desktop. I tuned into the usual "CS Show" until 9, and switched over to the "CP Show" until noon. Is America becoming a "Police State"? Watch this and decide for yourself.

I had some errands to do, and get a waiting Rx at Rite Aid, in the afternoon, had a large lunch and grabbed some couch-time. I shut-down the front drip irrigation system for the year, and will remove the auto-timer tomorrow, when River Rock Landascaping comes to do Fall Maintenance on both gardens. After a light dinner, I watched some marginal TV -- another "NBC Night (Nothing But Crap) -- and bagged it early.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and it's the big re-landscape/hardscape of the Mt Rose Cemetery's "Victorian Chapel", all week, which Sis (she did the interior) and I are doing the exterior (with River Rock LSCP Co), at no charge to them, since we'll both be interred there, with Mom & Dad.

Scientists Predict Earth Becoming Barren Wasteland, Here's How Long We Have.

A groundbreaking, newly released study (via Futurism), spearheaded by the University of Bristol, bears some not-so-good news: we have 250 million years (give or take) until the Earth looks less like the "pale blue dot" we all know and love and more-like Arrakis, from the Dune Universe.

That's right -- the planet's land masses seem to be slowly but surely congealing into one humongous supercontinent, at least according to the data returned from the University of Bristol's high-powered climate model. Their study, formally published in the science journal Nature Geosciences, anticipates the continental merger will eventuate a globe-sized, one-continent-fits-all "Pangea Ultima."

A super-continent that will, in addition to being unfathomably large, also be unimaginably hot. How hot?

The planet's land masses seem to be slowly but surely congealing into one humongous supercontinent, referred to as Pangea Ultima.

Scorching enough to prohibit life for almost all mammalian organisms. In such an environment, it is hard not to imagine the inhabitants of Earth taking cues from the Fremen of Arrakis. And while there might not be sandworms the size of skyscrapers, the planet's carbon dioxide levels will potentially double, given the anticipated volcanic activity and widespread tectonic shifting.

All of which would culminate in a planet more or less uninhabited by life -- or at least warm-blooded life.

According to a press release by the University of Bristol regarding their disconcerting study, the university's state-of-the-art climate simulation supercomputer revealed that our planet's average temperature is projected to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the formation of Pangea Ultima. This temperature rise is attributed to the abovementioned release of CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere and preceding flurry of volcanic activity.

The Sun–if you're in the mood for more good news -- will also become 2.5 percent brighter as Pangea Ultima takes shape, meaning an uptick in solar radiation and subsequent terrestrial heat. In such an environment, animal and plant life-fauna and flora -- will struggle to survive.

Scientists at the University of Bristol predict that Earth will no longer be habitable in 250 million years.

While the developments might seem nearly surreal and impossibly far-off, they nonetheless represent significant implications for our distant descendants. Responding to his own work, lead study author Alexander Farnsworth voiced a rather bleak take on humanity's potential future.

The scientist foresees human beings, adapting to the planet's radical changes, resorting to nocturnal living or seeking shelter in Earth's caves. Ultimately, Farnsworth's sentiment aligns more with securing an alternative planet to inhabit-instead of trying to adjust to the uber-hostile conditions of Pangea Ultima.

And although the findings might sound like a plot straight out of Dune, the idea that our planet undergoes gargantuan changes over time is by no means novel (no pun intended). Hannah Davies, a German geologist unassociated with the study, emphasized how our planet has undergone many extinction events in its long history. She insisted life on Earth will doggedly find a way-even if it means navigating through a grim epoch.

The university's state-of-the-art climate simulation supercomputer revealed that our planet's average temperature is projected to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the formation of Pangea Ultima.

Notably, the University of Bristol's modeling excluded factoring in human-induced carbon emissions. Not to make things more pessimistic-but including carbon emissions, even hypothetically, would suggest potentially hastened, or worsened, forecasted outcomes.

Sure, the timespan of these catastrophic events stretches millions of years into the future. But the study nonetheless serves as a stark reminder of the profound and lasting changes Earth undergoes. While also-on a brighter note-underscoring the resilience of life to adapt.

© 10.2.2023 by Jeffrey Rapaport, "Giant Freakin Robot".

Insane: Journalists Who Get Trolled Are Receiving Taxpayer-Funded Counseling to Fight 'Misinformation'.

Buried within spending provisions that passed in 2022 is a little-known program that has come to light and is raising eyebrows. 

According to reports, journalists who get "harassed" online can seek taxpayer-funded counseling and other services as part of a program that seeks to fight "misinformation." No, I'm not making that up. Your hard-earned tax dollars are going to soothe the souls of aggrieved journalists who get trolled online so they can return to doing the regime's bidding.

The Biden administration has approved $5.7 million in grant funding to George Washington University to create a program that will provide psychological care to journalists who believe they are the targets of “misinformation-driven harassment campaigns.”

The program, called Expert Voices Together, is described in the government grant database as “a socio-technical system that provides real-time support to experts experiencing online harassment.” The project’s goal is to provide journalists, and eventually other “experts,” with means of “monitoring and reporting” alleged abuse, as well as “personalized assistance with digital safety” and access to “mental health care specialists” as a form of “trauma-informed care.”

Expert Voices Together, the program in question, has received millions of dollars in grant funding from the Biden administration. It is completely Orwellian in nature. The federal government has no role in "monitoring and reporting" online "harassment" of journalists, which is just another way of saying people are using their free speech rights to push back on said journalists. 

That all of this is being done under the guise of fighting "misinformation" is even worse. Think about the conflict of interest here. Journalists receive free counseling services from the in-power administration, and we are all supposed to think that doesn't then indebt those journalists? That they'll just go about doing their jobs in a completely unbiased fashion, something they weren't even doing before? 

The NSF characterizes providing journalists with mental health counseling as part of an effort to address the “rapid spread of misinformation” because “harassment undermines confidence in pivotal sources of knowledge and reduces expert participation in the information ecosystem.” The grant is part of a broader NSF initiative to bolster “trust and authenticity in communications systems.”

In other words, plumbers, managers, construction workers, and pilots, among many other working Americans, are having to pay for Taylor Lorenz types to get psychological care so they can then feel empowered to keep pushing the regime's narratives. That's insane. What if a Republican set up a taxpayer-funded day spa for conservative pundits to ensure they continue to operate at peak efficiency? How would that kind of misuse of public funds go over?

This just goes to show that much of the corruption within the federal government is buried deep in omnibus spending packages that are so large that no one actually knows what's being funded. And Republican congressional members and presidents have signed onto them repeatedly. We aren't sending our best.

© 9.19.2023 by Bonchie, "Red State".

How Republicans Will Botch the Biden Impeachment.

The most powerful response to Ben Shapiro’s tired mantra of “facts don’t care about your feelings” has always been “feelings don’t care about your facts”. Most simply, strong appeals to pathos will always triumph over attempts at stone-cold, emotionless logos.

But perhaps, aside from using emotional manipulation to distort the truth, the only other pitfall that is even more devastating to the “facts and logic” approach is a complete oversaturation of information, to the point that even those in pursuit of data and knowledge become either completely bored, or struggle to make sense out of a plethora of talking points even after the slightest bit of digging.

Pro-impeachment wing headed for the ‘boring’ and ‘complicated’ traps.

The Art of Storytelling

In a previous article, I warned that the GOP’s knee-jerk reaction to the Trump indictment would be an impeachment of Joe Biden, and that such a move would backfire tremendously on the party through a very clever appeal to emotion by the Democrats.

To make a long story short, the GOP will be – and by some, already has been – painted as making the impeachment not about Joe Biden himself, but rather, what his son Hunter has done.

Beyond the fact that it is much more difficult to tie these accusations back to Joe himself, rather than just make it about the President from the onset, some are already going straight for the heartstrings by bringing up the Biden family’s genuinely tragic past. Some, such as former Senator Claire McCaskill, have already begun framing the narrative that Biden is being punished by the opposition party for simply being a loving father, standing by his son after their family has experienced such disasters as accidental deaths, health complications, and histories of substance abuse. It may very well be totally fictional, but that’s the point of storytelling.

It is just a fact that the Left have become much better storytellers than the Right, and this is due in large part to their complete dominance of the culture, from Hollywood and academia to pop culture and social media. It is this acquired skill that has allowed the Left to not only dictate what goes up on the big screen or small screens in households across the country, but has also allowed the Left to successfully fabricate new realities out of thin air, from the myth of the gender pay gap to the absurd, yet now widely-accepted, belief in transgenderism.

The Stability of Simplicity

But one of the key elements of successful storytelling at a mass scale is something that the Right has still failed to understand: Simplification.

Four years ago, as the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives was preparing their narrative for the first impeachment of President Donald Trump, a political cartoon was released drawing a contrast between then-Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff and then-Ranking Member Devin Nunes. With an obviously pro-impeachment slant, the cartoon depicts Schiff holding a sign that simply reads: “Trump ? Ukraine ? Bribe.” Meanwhile, Nunes holds a massive banner with a wide variety of names and phrases – including “Deep State,” “Fake News,” “Steele Dossier,” “CIA,” and “Hunter Biden,” among many others – with arrows pointing to and from every other term in wild directions.

To be clear, the citation of this cartoon is not meant to be a criticism of the work of former Congressman Nunes, whose actions undoubtedly marked the first step towards completely debunking the entirety of the “Russian collusion” hoax. But the point made by the cartoon still stands, a painfully accurate indictment of the GOP as a whole rather than any one congressman.

The Democrats’ narratives are able to be spread far and wide because of their simplicity. On “Russian collusion,” they always stuck to the script: “Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election and install Trump as president.” On the Ukrainian phone call that led to the first impeachment: “Trump called the President of Ukraine and tried to pressure him into investigating Trump’s top political opponent ahead of the 2020 election.”

By keeping the narratives as straightforward as possible, it not only became easier to mindlessly repeat the story across all the major news networks, whether by members of Congress themselves or through their talking head puppets in the media, it became easier for their supporters on the ground to tell all their friends and neighbors. In mathematical terms, it always was as simple as “A = B, and B = C; therefore A = C.”

And, however easy their labors were, the fruits have already been borne for all to see. Despite President Trump’s vindication by Robert Mueller, a significant portion of the population – including those who would otherwise be apolitical – still genuinely believe in the “Russian collusion” hoax, even to this day.

An Overabundance of Details

By contrast, Republicans just cannot help themselves whenever they are trying to depict the latest big “scandal” from Democrats. The multiple congressional investigations leading up to the official impeachment inquiry have put this obsession with the details on full display. While Democrats keep their narratives, fact or fiction, to the simplest “A is B, thus C” explanations, Republicans will go on massive diatribes about how all 26 letters of the English alphabet – and perhaps even some letters of the Greek alphabet – are all connected in their own ways.

As far back as James Comer’s first major press conference, the GOP determination to be as comprehensive as possible has made for repeated disastrous efforts to effectively sell the message of Biden’s corruption. Despite multiple new revelations regarding payments from Romania and China that only add to the Bidens’ increasing mountain of suspicious foreign transactions, any potential substance to the presentation was bogged down by 30-page memos, promises of new subpoenas, and other vague details that made it all too easy for the mainstream media to dismiss it outright as a convoluted mess.

With the formal beginning of the impeachment inquiry, accusations have only increased exponentially, including such tangential stories as something involving the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow, diamonds from a Chinese businessman, and alleged campaign violations by the Biden campaign in 2020, among numerous other stories that have continued to flood the zone and over-saturate the market for Biden-related scandals.

Some have argued that the issue is simply a matter of choosing the right spokesman. Comer, for example, is not the most photogenic and objectively lacks in speaking and presentation skills; thus, one would say that the solution is to simply replace him with a more eloquent member of Congress. Names that have been floated for this purpose include conservative firebrands such as Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene. But as any film enthusiast would tell you, even a great actor can only do so much with the script they’ve been given.

Storybooks, not Encyclopedias

The Right’s tendency to over-detail their every claim and accusation has predated the latest impeachment effort. Perhaps one of the best representations of this trend that is not meant as an ironic political cartoon is this gargantuan graph from The Epoch Times, detailing the involvement of every major player and side character in the plot to spy on President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

While the full-resolution image is indeed very informative and would make for the basis of an intriguing tell-all book that would be promoted at many a D.C.-based think tank, the fact is that a massive cheat sheet like this completely and utterly defeats the purpose of effective messaging. If you present the average American with this billboard-sized chart and expect them to read through it themselves, do not be surprised if many of them balk and then turn away after fully processing the sheer size and volume of it.

If your goal is to persuade the voters that corruption is to be found here, the last thing you want to do is give them homework; it is incumbent upon you to explain the matter to them as concisely as possible, so that your followers can then spread that same simple message to their friends, coworkers, and neighbors. If the brave few try to memorize the entirety of such a colossal pile of information, they will more than likely forget many details, and come across as a raving, bumbling lunatic just as the mainstream media portrays them to be. Even if they were to succeed in reciting the whole of the Epoch Times’ chart from memory, they would simply encounter the same comprehension problem with anyone they are trying to persuade, and the dilemma continues anyway.

Some might respond to this theory with the suggestion that it implies most American voters are unintelligent or uninformed. Only the latter is true: It is the GOP’s responsibility to inform voters in a coherent way since the mainstream media has no intention of doing so. But just because someone fails to find interest in a cumbersome laundry list of names, dates, entities, and other details does not mean they are stupid. It is a perfectly normal reaction to be adverse to excessive levels of required reading in order to understand something, especially if it is not a mandatory assignment like you might find in a classroom.

President Trump understands the importance of simple messaging, and has maximized it before: From simple campaign slogans such as “Make America Great Again” and “Build the Wall,” to nicknames like “Crooked Hillary” and “Low-Energy Jeb.” He didn’t need specific bullet points outlining a 12-step policy program to win the presidency and start a seismic shift in the American political landscape. But as always, the Republican Party has failed to learn anything from the example set forth by President Trump.

To anyone outside of the Jim Jordan fan club, or those who still watch Sean Hannity with a genuine belief that a bombshell will drop any day now, it is still clear that impeaching Biden is a bad strategy that presents no rewards and only risks for the Right; with roughly one year to go before a crucial election, it is a bet that would make most gambling addicts sweat profusely. But at the very least, if the GOP are indeed fully committed to going through with impeachment, it would serve them well to stop hyperventilating over seventh- and eighth-degree examples of alleged corruption by the Biden family, and instead narrow it down to the most basic explanations possible about why he should be impeached.

If they cannot even sell the American people on the impeachment that they insisted on launching, then the best-case scenario will find a second Trump term, starting in 2025, once again dealing with a Democrat-controlled Congress. The worst-case scenario is self-evident: Biden will get up to four more years, with a renewed interest in revenge, and two Democratic majorities ready to help him round up the rest of the opposition.

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20 Common Functions of American Life the Government Wants to Regulate, Restrict or Outright Ban.

The U.S. government was never meant to be an all-inclusive entity involved in almost every aspect of our lives, the way it is today. So how did we get to this point and what areas of our lives need to be taken back from the illegitimate claims of government in order for us to be able to say we live in a truly free country?

Watch the brief video below, provided by Hillsdale College, comparing the Founders’ vision of government under a constitutional republic, to the modern version of government under a “democracy” as defined for us by our oligarchal overlords. The transition from a constitutional republic to a so-called “democracy” where all societal narratives are tightly controlled by a ruling elite has happened so gradually that few people are even aware that the transition has taken place, even though it is now almost totally complete.

The US Government Wants to Mandate, Regulate, Restrict or Outright Ban our lives.

The video above got me thinking about all the things the U.S government has said it wants to ban, has already banned, or plans to ban but hasn’t told you yet.

Keep in mind that before the government moves to ban a particular item, it will use the corporate mass-media to put out propaganda attacking that item and how it’s bad for the environment or some other liberal cause. Often the item or product we are told we must use in place of the banned item is much worse for the environment.

So, in no particular order, here are 20 things that come to mind that are in various stages of being regulated, restricted or outright banned that the government has no business even being involved in.

Looking at the big picture, the two things that corrupt ruling elites want to see TERMINATED are the Constitution and God Himself.

These are all things that, to one extent or another, in at least some states, are under attack by governments in partnership with big and powerful corporations. And more than half of them are under attack nationwide by the federal government and its corporate partners.

Looking at my list, did you notice a pattern? All of the 20 items have one thing in common — they allow us to live our lives independent of the government. Once the government claims a right to regulate, restrict or ban these items and actions, the powers that be — the oligarchs — know we will become totally dependent on the system for our survival. Food, water, energy, money, healthcare and the freedom of movement will all be 100 percent controlled.

Some hospitals are already requiring patients and visitors to have a face scan before they can be treated or enter and visit their sick loved one. You don’t agree, you don’t get into the hospital.

These face scans are also being done at most international airports across the U.S. You don’t agree, you’re not allowed on board the flight. The same facial recognition systems are also being installed at sports stadiums and other large-venue entertainment complexes.

It won’t be long before a digitized biometric scan of one type or another is required for you to “prove your identity” before being allowed to enter a store or restaurant. That will include grocery stores. They’ll say it’s to protect us. It’s always for our own safety, security and convenience. That’s the way the beast system works.

To the extent that we accept this government-corporate power over these formerly private areas of our lives, we have already been indoctrinated and initiated into the Great Reset (aka New World Order, aka digital prison). I’d say most of us are in training for the new technocracy right now. If we pass the tests, we’ll be stamped and tracked as good little members of the new digital world. We will no longer be part of humanity 1.0, which the oligarchs are phasing out in favor of humanity 2.0. Only transhumans will be allowed in their new utopia. The remaining humans will be left to fend for themselves, and eventually they may be hunted down, but that may be a ways off (I hope).

Is it any wonder that the famed constitutional attorney, John Whitehead, has said that the U.S. Constitution has already been “effectively terminated?”

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Autoworkers Shouldn’t Expect to Have Jobs When Americans Can’t Buy Cars.

Biden spent 12 minutes on the UAW picket line. “You guys, the UAW, you saved the automobile industry back in 2008 and before,” he told the striking automotive workers.

“Wall Street didn’t build the country. The middle class built the country.”

And then he flew off to San Francisco for a fundraiser at Atherton, California, the most expensive area in the Bay Area, for a fundraiser at the $33 million home of Mark Heising: a Democrat megadonor who is also the Chair of the Environmental Defense Fund. Heising’s Medley Partners manages funds for his father-in-law and Renaissance Technologies founder Jim Simmons who has been described as “the greatest modern day moneymaker on Wall Street.”. So much for the pretense of choosing the “middle class” over Wall Street.

The UAW should be going on strike against Biden, not Ford and GM.

Biden may spend 12 minutes and speak for 87 seconds at the UAW picket line, but he spent hours raising money in the Bay Area which is the force destroying the automobile industry. In Michigan, Biden pays tribute to the middle class, but elsewhere, he bows to Wall Street.

The UAW didn’t save the American automobile industry in 2008, it helped nationalize it. And the Obama and Biden administrations used that leverage over the automobile industry to promote the Silicon Valley and environmentalist agenda of eliminating cars and replacing them with EVs.

Electric vehicles mark the death knell of the middle class. For Wall Street, EV companies like Tesla, funded by government fines on ordinary car manufacturers and buyers, offer the promise of getting in on the ground floor of a booming stock. Tesla has been followed by a series of other tech EV firms like Rivian (heavily backed by George Soros) that are not financially viable. Rivian, at one point, was spending $220,000 to make cars that it sold for $81,000.

But environmentalists are in love with EVs because they will end mass ownership of automobiles. The Biden administration, following the lead of Democrat states, is moving to end most sales of real cars by the 2030s. By 2032, 67% of cars are meant to be electric. And since 53% of Americans can’t afford EVs, that means most of the country won’t be able to own cars.

That’s bad news for automobile owners, it’s also bad news for automobile workers.

The UAW strike is a direct response to the growing investments by Ford and GM in EVs. These investments are deeply misguided and a complete disaster for shareholders. Ford loses an estimated $32,000 on every EV it sells and lost $3 billion in total on EVs in 2023. But don’t get the idea that Ford is selling many EVs. It only sold 61,575 EVs in 2022 and yet its projections say that it will sell 2 million in 2025. This is implausible without a government car ban.

But if Ford were to sell 2 million EVs, who’s going to cover the $64 billion in losses?

At the heart of Ford’s strategy are the ‘joint venture’ battery plans that are also the cause of the EV strike. These include a joint venture with SK Innovation, a massive South Korean company, and China’s CATL. While Biden promised that his disastrous ‘Inflation Increase Act’ would lead to the manufacturing of EV batteries in the United States, it has actually led to American automakers cashing in on subsidies through joint ventures with foreign companies. What domestic manufacturing means is American taxpayers subsidizing Ford’s $3.5 billion plant using China’s CATL battery technology. It also means the end of American cars.

The UAW is going on strike to demand that the workers assembling foreign tech in the foreign ‘joint venture’ plants should be unionized. Its demands include a four day work week. All the theatrics won’t change the fact that a full EV transition will eliminate many UAW jobs.

The American automobile industry will become even more of a government subsidized scam where a dwindling number of union workers install foreign tech in cars Americans can’t afford.

The industry is being squeezed on one side by the Biden administration to convert to EVs and squeezed on the other side by the UAW to maintain a pre-EV workforce. The only outcome will be more local, state and federal subsidies (the joint venture battery plants are already backed by billions in subsidies at every level) and the complete collapse of the American car industry.

The Biden administration wants Ford and GM to make EVs that Americans don’t want and can’t afford. The UAW wants a four hour work week that car manufacturers can’t afford. With lots of costs and no viable business model in sight, the subsidies will run out and the crash will come.

The quasi-nationalization of the automobile industry made it over on the model of subsidized British car companies that were unable to pursue their own business models, but had to shift with erratic government policies until they were hollowed out by American car companies. Now it’s the turn of government subsidized American car companies trying to meet the insane demands of Democrat administrations to be hollowed out by Chinese and Korean companies.

Ford and GM don’t exist to offer value to their shareholders, but to promote the political agendas of the Biden administration which simultaneously orders the automakers to meet the green mandates of San Fran tech elite class and the four day work week demands of the UAW.

The automakers couldn’t even do one of these things, they certainly can’t do both.

The entire purpose of the EV transition is for automakers to sell fewer cars for more money, but Ford and GM can’t be Tesla. (Since Tesla is funded by carbon credit fines leveled on traditional car companies, it’s not clear that any other company can be Tesla, or that there should even be a Tesla.) Selling fewer cars means that there will be fewer automobile manufacturing jobs. And if the goal is to sell fewer cars for more money, who needs GM and Ford, when Tesla exists?

China’s lock on rare earths and cheaper manufacturing means that whatever passes for an affordable EV will come out of the People’s Republic of China. That is the point of Ford’s joint venture $3.5 billion China plant. American automakers and auto workers are reduced to fighting over how much of a piece of the action they’ll take from the Chinese crap they foist on us.

The right hedge funds will make a good deal of money from the EV transition even as Americans are left with little choice except to take out a second mortgage to buy an EV or to try to keep their old car going. Democrats like Biden will pay tribute to the middle class on their occasional visits to declining auto plants before they cash their checks from San Francisco.

America’s automobile industry, once the envy of the world, will be little more than rusting factories and brands used by Chinese companies with no connection to Detroit.

It does not have to be this way.

The only way to save American car owners, workers and manufacturers is to stop EV mandates. People who want EVs should be able to buy them, but without the carbon credit fines imposed on car owners and makers, and without the bans on the sale of real cars. And automakers should not be forced to sell out their shareholders and customers to push EVs.

The UAW is selling its members the lie that they can have a four day work week and an EV transition. The only thing an EV transition means is the death of the American autoworker.

Autoworkers should not expect to have jobs when American can no longer buy cars.

Biden spent 87 seconds talking to UAW members and then hours pandering to the tech industry elites who are killing their jobs. The UAW shouldn’t be going on strike against Ford or GM, it should be going on strike against their car-killing bosses in the Biden administration.

Supervova Explosion.

Experience the captivating aftermath of stars through stunning reels of supernovae. These cosmic wonders unveil the stories of stars that once graced our constellations. For instance, the Cassiopeia supernova remnant, born in a violent explosion 325 years ago, shown through an animation using infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope (colored red). In the constellation Scorpius, an animated zoom pushes through deeper and narrower telescopic fields to at last reach Kepler's Supernova Remnant. The collection also holds a recreation of a supernova explosion, captured in X-rays by Spitzer.

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