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Friday, October 9, 2004

There's an old saying which goes, "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." To watch and listen to the once-great, now-infested with subhuman liberal filth, DemokkkRAT Party self-destruct, is pitiful. Their wobbly house of cards, which they've subtly-crafted over the past 45 years, is destined for a powerful crash on a scale not seen since The Soviet Union collapsed in upon itself, in the early 90s. It's inevitable. They're digging their own grave. Built on a foundation of liberalism-socialism-communism-nazism, massive lies, hatred of America, hatred of President George Bush, abortion-infanticide, hatred of the US Military, massive tax increases, pornography, social welfare programs, health care entitlements, homosexuality and assorted deviancies, eco-terrorism, curtailment of our First Amendment Rights; I could go on and on. Now, it's been discovered that the lib-dem filth garbage is signing-up millions of non-US Citizens — illegal aliens — to vote in US elections. Can you tell what's wrong with this Michigan absentee ballot? There are already armies of lib-dem, DNC-sponsored, ambulance-chasing lawyers, ready to descend upon the voting locations and intimidate American voters with all kinds of bogus/fake writs and subpoenas. Here's the coming scenario: Massive voter fraud is already underway, and becoming epidemic with liberal-demokkkRATs; they practically invented it. Tens-of-thousands of corrupt, lib-dem lawyer filth will invade the polling stations to challenge workers requesting picture ID from voters. Teams of criminal, lib-dem lawyers readying massive recount suits, nationwide. You think Flori-duh was bad in 2000? It won't hold a candle to what's coming. Teams of turd-world *observers* ready to declare racism and disenfranchisement of minority voters, nationwide. Waves of frivolous lawsuits will quickly follow, tying-up the US Legal System. Articles of Impeachment are being readied, charging President Bush with treason, lying, murder and a half-dozen other bogus claims. Soon to follow: protests, riots, arson, mayhem in the city streets. All of this will allow the covert, established Muslim terror cells to move and act, initiating coordinated, massive lethal attacks against population centers, engendering millions of casualties and deaths. Marshall law will quickly follow. Deportations of Muslims and MEs will number in the tens-of-millions. Vigilantes will begin Killing Muslims and MEs, by the hundreds of thousands. Law enforcement will be overwhelmed and caught in a crossfire. National Guard and Reserves will be mobilized just to maintain some semblance of order. Chaos and mayhem will play itself out on a scale never before seen in America. My advice: buy lots more ammo, stock-up on food and water.

Around The Garden Center©.
Over 7.1" of rain in the past 2 weeks has really waterlogged everything in this Mid-Atlantic Region; I can't even begin to imagine what Florida, the Carolinas and Georgia are going through.
Gas prices went up another 6˘ on Saturday morning, in York, PA. I passed dozens of gas station employees, on the way into work, changing prices on the 50ft illuminated signs. 92 octane is now at $2.07/gal, while 89 octane is $2.00/gal and the 87 octane I use is at $1.96/gal. I don't know if $3.00/gal gas is in the future, but it's going to be an expensive Winter for those who heat with oil.
Have you ever wondered where the "f-word" came from? Here's a short backgrounder.
How are you at picking-up your socks?
Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning saw unseasonably c-o-l-d temps visit the York (PA) area, and frost was evident, as I drove into work at 6am, in the dark. Temps are now down in the 60° - 70° range, with nightly readings in the 40°s and 50°s'; definitely my kind of weather. Humidity is very low. It's going to be an early Winter; I can tell.
We've started painting the concrete floors in the GC&N's Main Building Complex, this week. I've been dreading this project for months, because of the business disruption it will cause. Everything had to be moved into the Main Retail Greenhouse, for temporary storage. Then, the floors had to be scrubbed and cleaned. Next, the painting. Then, a 1-2 day drying period. Next, wipe down and clean everything. And finally, move everything back. Yikes, I don't ever want to do that again. I was stressed-out, major league! The paint fumes gave me headaches, even with the windows and doors, wide open. Ideally, this should have been done 15 years ago, when I built the place, but the epoxy paint technology wasn't available, back then. I'll be working on the office next week, and I've temporarily set-up my computer, at the front counter. Maybe I can still get some work done?
I haven't had a day off since early March, so I think I'll take Tuesday off, while the two-stage Epoxy paint, dries and sets-up. I'll get the office and computer set back up, on Wednesday. Blech.

No doubt in my mind who won the First Presidential Debate in the public's eyes: W. Here's the Gallup Poll results. Being a better debater doesn't mean diddly-squat; being a better president, means everything.
Need some Bush Cheney 2004 yard signs or bummper stickers? Right here.
Roll out the October Surprise, GOPers. Hooooooooooo-aaaaaaaaaah! whack all liberal-demokkkRATs, for Freedom!
25 days left to reject the cowardly, traitorous, Kerry dirtbag and re-elect President Bush.
Here's a real Conservative's Blog: Stan Crump's Website. Spend some time there after you've visited my Journal. Stan's the real deal.
Did you see The Vice-Presidential Debate, on Tuesday evening? Vice President Dick Cheney wiped the smirking, drooling, spitting, trial laaaaw-yuh, lowlife, Breck®-girlie punk, Johnny "I Hate America" Edwards, all over the stage. It wasn't even close. Edwards is a lowlife, degenerate trial laaaaaw-yuh, piece of garbage. Here's the live thread for that evening. The polls weigh-in with their spin.
Yes, Iraq had and was working on WMDs; here's the CIA's report. And here's the report on the original documents.

John F(ucking) Kerry Is A Hate-America Liberal™.
Here's what really happens if Kerry is elected: America pays hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade, improve and secure his (bitch wife's) 5 mansions! Can you freaking believe it? Kerry lives off of our dime!
Kerry is a liar, coward, traitorous dirtbag, degenerate, liberal-demokkkRAT liar.
Kerry is a traitor, liar, fake, coward, phony and a fraud. Here's Kerry's phony timeline; read all about his lies and fraud.
Did you know that Kerry lied, while brave men and women died?
Kerry can't handle the Truth. Kerry's a liar, fake, coward, phony and a fraud.
Kerry, the lying dirtbag phony, said that Republicans have been trying to suppress voting in states where the presidential race is too close to call. Dumbass coward and traitor.
Kerry's a tax and spend liberal piece of sinking shit.
Kerry's a traitor and coward.
Kerry, you lying, traitorous, cowardly sack of shit, answer these questions!

Liberal-demokkkRAT Scum™.
Singer-songwriter-pedophile-lib-dem filth, Billy Joel, 55, married his fiancee, 23-year-old Kate Lee, in a ceremony Saturday at his Long Island mansion. Yawn.
Little Tommie "The Commie" Broke-jaw calls for "a kind of political jihad" against infidel bloggers and critics of CBS' Dan Rather? Dumbass, harelip scumbag. Bring it on, liberal-demokkkRAT asswipe!
Disgraced, lying, liberal-demokkkRAT CBS "newsman", Danny "ass-Boy" Dan Rather-Blather, accused the White House on Saturday of trying to "smear" him after he used forged documents in a bid to discredit President Bush's National Guard record.

Islam, The Cult of Murder™.
Finally, the US and Coalition Troops are Killing the subhuman Muslim terrorist filth in Iraq. It's long past time to take the freaking kid-gloves off, and whack them by the thousands, and get the country under complete control. We're dealing with 6th century subhumans, here, and all they understand is brute power and being whacked. So give it to them, guys! Send them to their 72 *virgin goats* in hell.
Ahhhhh, more good things from the Religion of Pigshit: Islam.
Yes, Islam is pigshit and Mo-ham-head was a mentally-ill pedophile.
Time for The Crusades, II: wipe the evil Islam from the face of the earth.
An Islamic civil rights group says crimes against Muslims and negative beliefs about Muslims have increased in the United States since 2001. But the U.S.-based organization also says that a recent poll it commissioned finds that a vast majority of Americans have neutral thoughts about Muslims. Allah. Islam. Mohammed. A poll commissioned by the Council on American-Islamic Relations indicates these are among the first thoughts that come to Americans' minds when they hear the word "Muslim." Funny, they didn't ask me what I think about subhuman Muslim filth.
One of the major reasons why Islam is pigshit, and Muslims are so f*cked-up screwed-up, is their fear of sex and bodily functions. Here's a motherlode of links of the real truth behind the crime, which is Islam.
Ahhhhhhhhh, Islam, The Cult of Murder™, strikes again. whack the f*cking Muslims! whack all the f*cking, pighshit Muslims!!

Lowlife, Scumbags & assorted Subhuman Garbage™.
Simona Pari and Simona Torretta, the two women aid workers greaseball bitches released by the subhuman Muslim filth in Iraq, are vehemently anti-American and pro-terrorist.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Over the weekend, I was attacked hundreds of times an hour, with the 32.Trojan virus, but Norton AV easily picked them off and squashed them. I have friends who are changing their email addresses because of the volume of garbage they receive. I've said it before: all virus writers and senders, plus all spammers should be tracked down and summarily whacked. No trials, no jail; only instant death. If I could find them, I'd personally whack them.
A man suspected of involvement in the botched attempt by "shoe bomber" Richard Reid to blow up an airliner in December 2001 has been indicted by a grand jury in Boston, the Justice Department announced Monday. Saajid Mohammed Badat, 25, is jailed in London where he has pleaded innocent to similar charges. whack the subhuman Muslim pigshit filth.
Alabama made my week: a convicted whacker who refused to file any appeals, saying he was guilty and wanted to die for his crime, was executed by injection Thursday. David Kevin Hocker, 33, was the second death row inmate executed in Alabama this year and the 30th since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1977. Good riddance, subhuman Hocker filth. Bravo, Alabama!
I'd whack this subhuman piece of lowlife shit, convicted cat whacker Jesse Power, in a heartbeat. C'mon, Jesse Power, homo coward punk. Time for you to die, subhuman filth.
A man, Edward Green III, convicted of murder in part because of evidence analyzed by Houston's embattled police crime lab headed to the death chamber Tuesday, despite calls by the police chief and two legislators for executions connected to the lab to be put on hold. Green was convicted of Killing two people in a 1992 robbery. His lawyers asked that the execution be delayed until authorities can review some 280 recently discovered boxes of evidence that had been mislabeled and improperly stored at the crime lab. Good riddance, subhuman filth! Bravo, Texas! You also made my week!
A British fugitive held in Spain over the brutal murder of a British woman has claimed in a letter to the Daily Mirror that he whacked her, then ate her. Writing from his prison cell on the Costa Blanca, Paul Durant, 44, who was arrested in February over the Killing of Karen Durrell, 41, confessed to having whacked her, then cut her up in the town of Calpe in a fit of cannibalism. Don't whack him; rather, let hungry pigs eat him alive.
whack this subhuman piece of shit, for sure. A jury in Oshkosh found a man guilty in the sexual assault of a 7-month-old girl. The jury in Winnebago County Circuit Court deliberated more than eight hours before convicting Michael McCabe, 40, of Neenah of first-degree sexual assault.

No, these gorgeous images are not from NASA or the Hubble telescope. They are courtesy of Stuttgart-based Stefan Seip, humble IT consultant by day and intrepid astronomy photog by night. His quest for the best images possible takes him to the depths of the Black Forest where ambient light isn't a factor. From his lonely perch he captured comets, shooting stars, the aurora borealis, and other atmospheric phenomena as well as the galactic "big guns" like supernova remnants, double stars, planetary nebulae, and pinwheel galaxies galore. Click the Perseid meteor showers and find his handy map of nearby constellations. Then click more to see what a little moonlighting can do for the soul.

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