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Friday, October 13, 2000

if I had to choose a defining moment in the Election 2000 Campaign, it would be when AlGoreBore's long, long history of lies made it into the tired, oldtime, mainstream media, after being disclosed and elaborated upon in the New InterNet Media for almost 2 years. Ditto, the democRATS contributor's Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers and State Dinner invitations. The once proud and hallowed White House is now merely a Whore House, thanks to the criminal Clintoonoid scum. But we all knew that; it's taken forever for the media shills and flacks for the administration to find their brass and put it out where America can read about it. And it seemingly gets no real reaction. Years ago, GoreBore would have been laughed off the stage and relegated to local Tennessee redneck politics; now, America's so inured by the past 8 years of Clintoon's criminal activity, that no one cares and no one takes a stand against the lies. Forget Joe DiMaggio; he's dead. Where has America gone? Is it dead, too?

Around The Garden Center.
Each day in the wee hours of the morning around O'Dark Thirty after I've fed the cats, made coffee and settled into scanning "priority sites" on the web, I notice more and more snow-ice storms moving from the Great Plains through the Midwest and into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Fortunately, we're only getting it as rain and cold, but the Early Winter is building for a run out here soon. We're getting ready for a 25 percent leap in prices of heating oil and natural gas this Winter, with an even bigger rise possible. At our current rate of consumption 18 million barrels a day the 30 million barrels Clintoon release from the SPR was a day and a half supply: a mere fart in the wind.
Last week, a reporter for the local Sunday newspaper The York Sunday News interviewed me for a small story on getting the garden ready for Winter. I was off Thursday and didn't have the time to set-up and supervise any pics for her story, so she used some fill-ins. Nice job, Lesley.
We also donated and installed a 12-14ft Red Sunset Maple in nearby Lake Redman's Community Park for a weekend ceremony, called "Hearts Can Heal", for bereaved child relatives of dead family members, as another community service project, in conjunction with JJ Hartenstein Funeral Homes, one of our landscape customers and long-time friends of the Garden Center. A most worthwhile project for all involved. Glad, once again, to be of service.
It's now official: Winter's just around the corner. On Sunday, just after I'd gotten into work at 11am, Jess, who works here in the Summers, and oldest daughter of Lynn, my General Manager, emailed me to say that Bradford, PA, home of University of Pittsburgh, several hours to the northwest, where she's a sophomore, got several inches of snow and ice, and that more was expected overnight and into Monday. And on both Monday and Tuesday mornings, we had a heavy "Killing frost" perfect for transplanting conifers and other evergreen trees and shrubs during a bitter cold period of arctic weather from Canada. Thanks, neighbors!
As I was showering Tuesday morning about 5:20am, the power went out. Total blackness for miles around. I dried off, found and lit plenty of candles I keep many large ones on hand ever since The Blizzard of '96 and subsequent ice storms got dressed and checked the electrical box in the basement. Okay there. Wow, all of East York (PA) was dark; something had happened to one of the transformers. As I left the condo around 6am, GPU (General Power Utility) trucks and police cars were all over the place, looking for the problem. At least the power was on at work when I arrived. Funny how we take something like electricity for granted, until we have to do without it.
I took Wednesday off and slept-in til 10am, made Eggs Benedict with fresh Hollandaise Sauce (using irradiated eggs to prevent salmonella), finished prepping the garage (cleaning out and making room for the Jeep) for Winter, did some Winter clothes shopping at the nearby Galleria Mall, worked on some new pages for the corporate website, grilled some filet mignon, finished up a couple of long-running condo projects and watched The Debates, Part 2. Yawn.
Sure glad I didn't open a dot.com company to build websites or something; the forecast is grim for them and their employees.
I like this man's vision for horticulture, in playing a major positive part in World Events.

Lawyers make easy targets for cheap shots. People love to besmirch lawyers and the legal profession. God knows, I do. There are thousands of lawyer jokes circulating on the Net. It's easy for a columnist to crank out a column slamming lawyers. It's also easy for talk shows to generate calls by taking cheap shots at lawyers. But those cheap shots are a disservice to both lawyers and the Republic. They overlook the fact that the freest nations on earth are the ones with the most lawyers.
No group is perfect and lawyers have their share of trash and scum in the profession. I can cite 50-plus from my days in NYC. Still, there are plenty of fine lawyers working to protect their clients' rights and interests.
One could make the same generalizations made about lawyers about other occupations. Consider journalists and others in the media as an example. Lumping all lawyers together in the same group is no more accurate than lumping all journalists together in one group. Both generalizations are demonstrably faulty.
Putting lawyers like Larry Klayman, Mark Levin, John Whitehead, and Bob Barr, in the same slime pit with people like Allen Dershowitz, Harold Ickes, Charles Ruff, and Cheryl Mills is ridiculous.
It is as absurd as putting serious, ethical journalists like Chris Ruddy, Joseph Farah, and Paul Rodriguez in the same category as administration pimps like Sid Blumenthal, Wolf Blitzer, Joe Conason, and Gene Lyons.
Lawyers defend people's rights. They are only needed in societies where there are rights to defend.
In America, when jack-booted thugs break into a home without a warrant, lawyers defend the victims. In Red China and Cuba, the victims have no defenders. In those countries, government thugs have a right to break into homes in the middle of the night.
In America, when the State of Maryland maliciously persecutes a woman who refused to obstruct justice for the President and his harlot, lawyers defend the whistle blower. In North Korea, the lady would be defenseless.
American lawyers defend average people every day. Lawyers defend them when an insurance company refuses to pay the full amount of their damages. Lawyers defend them when their ex-wife accuses them of child abuse and when they get a ticket they do not deserve.
In America, lawyers also keep people from making costly mistakes. They review contracts and make sure the contracts say what their clients think they say. They advise businesses to keep them from unknowingly running afoul of the complex web of laws that regulate everything today. Lawyers even help people avoid tax mistakes.
In totalitarian States, lawyers do not defend people in cases like those above. In repressive societies there are no rights for lawyers to defend. The more rights citizens have, the more they need lawyers to help protect those rights.
None of this means there are not plenty of lawyers worthy of contempt. Some of the worst were already named. One could fill volumes naming others.
On of my good friends is a lawyer, comfily working for a large ad agency in NYC. He's been there ever since I moved from NJ to PA in '89; we played tennis together on weekends and I'd go with John and his wonderful wife, Thea, to Bucks County, PA, to some really good restaurants. He and his expanding family have visited once in 10 years and called a few times. Sure, he knows he's a "hired gun", but does his job professionally and expeditiously. Hey, FishFace! Game, set, match.
The point is, not all lawyers are the scum of the earth. It is also important to note, that it takes more than a little nerve for a journalist or a columnist to besmirch any occupation. After all, any group infected with human chancre sores like Eleanor Clift, Margaret Carlson, and Dan Rather, has no room to call any other group names or disparage their character.

Racist, Bigot Scum.
It's always a "hate crime" when a black or gay is whacked, but when a racist black whacks an 8-year old white boy, it's not. Just a simple Killing. Why do minorities deserve extra protection through bogus hate crime laws, and "white devils" are always the perpetrators? Something's f*cked-up here.
Hate crime laws? They violate the 14th Amendment and are evil. There are more than enough laws already on the books to deal with crime; simple enforcement is all that's needed.
One of the worst bigoted, racist organizations, right up the with the KKK, the National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People (NAACLP) is helping the socialist lib-dem filth fight re-election of GOPers in several states. Calling it a conflict of interest or hypocrisy would be a gross understatement, since the NAACLP is supposed to be politically neutral. But those scumbags just can't keep their empty heads out of what doesn't concern them: electing more democRATS to keep the blacks enslaved in welfare programs.
Think I'm being too hard on black racist bigots? Read this about Irrev Fat Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum and the lowlife filth he employs to race-bait everyone he can.
One of the worst racists in the US, NAACLP Chief Idiot Kweisi Mfume (aka Tyrone Leroy Johnson), thinks his bigoted organization's "ratings of hotels" means a shit. It doesn't mean diddly squat. If I was CEO of Marriott or one of the other harrassed by the NAACLP racists, I'd have to say, "f*ck off scumbag, go sleep somewhere else."
The creator of "The Wizard of OZ" a racist advocating exterminating the lowlife injuns? Actually, it would have been a very smart move back in the 1890s, saving much money and trouble from another lazy, worthless and stupid group of subhuman alcoholics and welfare addicts. But it wouldn't have been very "PC", ya know?
As I said last week, these redskin-scum-filth are going to be in "trouble"; execute the slimeball alcoholic, bead-trading red-skin-scum before the Italian-Americans whack the redskin scumbags over the Columbus Day parade. Here's a lucid analysis of what the redskins are trying to do. And yet another.
Looks to me that not only Columbus is on trial, but the entire US society. It's way past time to kick some "PC liberal-scumbags ass" and remind the Nation that it's in danger of being

Clintoonista Criminals.
Blaming someone else for their crimes and problems, the Clintoonistas shit-filth lib-democRATS radiate their lowlife ability to evade responsibility for their own actions, preferring to blame it on someone else. They're chickenshit to accept responsibility for their own actions, plain and simple. Here's another example of adults not being capable of watching the actions of their own accursed children! Just like Columbine HS; parental cowards and slime, that they are. They have to blame others for their failure and abdication. Pathetic lowlife lib-dem shit, Clintoonism scum-slime-shit-filth.
Joe "not such a pious Jew" LIE-berman has trashed the Orthodox Jewish Religion, the Reform Jewish Religion, and everything in between. He's a liar, hypocrite, lowlife lib-dem slimeball. He may think he's an "observant Jew", but he's sure not and "orthodox Jew" by anyone's definition.
Here's proof that America is truly f*cked up: more people would vote for Bubba Clintoon than GW Bush in 2000, if Clintoon replaced the GoreBoreLiar. Truly, truly a sad commentary on the twisted, demented, amoral masses comprising this once-great Nation.
Once ignored by the old, stale, mainstream media, the Clintoonista selling of The White House Lincoln Bedroom and State Dinners has finally made it onto ABCs website.
Is AlGoreBoreLiar a pathological liar? Sure, you bet. What else would the lib-dem garbage vote for? Someone who tells the truth? Nah, too many years of the corrupting Clintoonista scum have done the damage and taken their toll. His latest "can lady" is a lie through and through, but he still promotes the image to his dwindling political advantage.
The extremist homo filth march on in their "tolerance war" against the Boy Scouts. Now, some stupid bitch soccer mutha in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, is decrying the Scouts' right to exclude homo-pedophiles from their ranks. f*ck 'em all to death. I'm offering my 20acre complex to any local troops if they're kicked out of any public facilities, as well as financially supporting their program. f*ck the cowardly United Way and the lowlife corporations who've caved in the face of queer pressure. Not me.
That residents of New York State would even consider electing the arrogant, criminal Hitlery Bitch Clintoon to a US Senate seat, speaks volumes about how f*cked-up they are. I once thought NYC was cool; now, it's a f*cking cesspool of liberal democRAT shit filth, pandering to the stinking Clintoonista scumbags.
Damn! The World needs a good war! Here's one coming faster than most realize. A tactical, thermonuclear weapon would do the very same thing. Add-in the radiation lifespan. Cool. Whole unfit families, cities, town, boroughs, villages etc purged from the World's plate. Slick and absolute.
Damn! Another attempt at so-called peace by the meddling UN? Looks that way. I was really hoping that Israel was going to kick the living shit out of the towel-headed sand idiots throughout the Middle East; hell, we need a good war over there to cleanse the earth of those muslim scumbags and that false islam religion.
The two previous paragraphs were my comments written early in the week, before WAR was declared and US Warships attacked, with loss of life. Can I call it, or what? Ooooops, I forgot that the DJIA would dump well over 350 points. I should have sold off on Wednesday.
Got to the last paragraph; that's what it's all about: m o n e y. Money talks, bullshit walks.
First of all, there is no budget surplus; it's all an accounting trick and we're going to pay dearly for spending what there isn't, down the road.
Remember the political ploy that Bubba Clintoon did with releasing the 30mm barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? The US will see fewer than 10mm of those barrels; Europe will get the bulk of it.
Want a good laugh? Read what shit-for-brains Bubba Clintoon thinks are his great "accomplishments" and "defeats" in the past 8 years. Pathetic, isn't it. He's lying as badly as AlGoreBore is. The aren't any tangible accomplishments of the most corrupt administration in US History. It's all smoke and mirrors; lie upon lie upon lie.
Finally, the American Public despite a short memory and fickle attitude toward anything substantive are starting to leave the GoreBoreLiar in droves and come over to GWBush. Yawn.
AlGoreBore will never change for real; he's always gonna be a LIAR and unfit for public office. AlGoreBore is a pathological liar and a sociopath.
Hey, shitpy 25th anal-versary to the First Criminal Clintoons!
Bubba Clintoon's appraisal of the GOPs chances is classic Clintoonista-ism. Read it here. And AlGoreBore promises to sigh less and lie less. Sure thing, those ones.

Some people have a difficult time wondering why I would have no problem putting a 9mm through stupid people's empty, thoughtless and mean heads. Here's why. The punks who did that to a dog deserve a severe beating, with broken kneecaps, fingers and toes; maimed permanently and limping noticeably the rest of their lives. They all should be forcibly sterilized because, if they do something that cruel to animals, imagine what they might do to children.
There's gonna be a full-blown war in the Mideast any day now; events are moving too fast to adequately control the wackos in charge. We're on the brink, once again.
Wow, 20,000 heroin junkies in Seattle? Okay, here's a quick, effective and economical solution. Let's put them all into the Seattle Kingdome, supply them with the ultra-potent "black tar heroin" (about $100,000 worth; far cheaper than all the lib-dem idiot social "rehab" programs)) and watch 'em OD and die. Bingo: problem solved. Then bury their worthless carcasses in a mass landfill grave. Next problem...
A racist drug sting? Well, sure, coinsidering more blacks are drug users and dealers and wind up in prison as a result. Doesn't take a genius to do the math. Makes sense to me.
Why the hell would Dr Laura apologize to the lowlife, perverted, degenerate, depraved, immoral homos and dykes? She nailed it the first time by calling them what they are: deviants and biological errors, though that's pretty mild as far as I'm concerned.
Revoke their BSA Charter and get rid of the lowlife renegade scumbags. The Scouts don't need the BS.

Execute The Criminals.
Here's a US soldier from the 82nd Airborne Unit who richly deserves the death penalty for raping and murdering young girls around the world. Yet he got life in prison, hardly what he deserves for such heinous crimes.
I much prefer the police Killing murderers, rapists, armed robbers and child kidnappers and molesters rather than dragging the subhuman filth through the Legal System, slimy lawyers and taxpayer-financed prison time. It's far better to allow the police to solve the problem outside of the bogged-down courts, especiallly when lowlife liberal judges impart lenient sentences and allow such garbage back into society to whack and harm the innocents.
Last week was a wasted week: no piece of subhuman shit executed anywhere. But Virginia came through this week and executed an unrepentant piece of murderous filth. Good riddance, lowlife; burn in Hell.
Why are we wasting taxpayer's monies by keeping this piece of subhuman shit alive? Fry the sonofabitch!
A man who grabbed a 7 year old girl's life preserver away from her and let her drown was only convicted of manslaughter? It should have been murder and he should pay with his sorry, miserable life.

North Carolina Poop Counter.
Yep, you heard right: poop. A real-time counter for both the human citizens and hogs in North Carolina. How should North Carolina handle all this hog waste? How does all this hog waste affect North Carolina's environment? What do all these numbers mean in human terms? Where do all these hogs live? All your questions are neatly and expeditiously answered. Wade on in and hold your breath; breathe through your mouth. Pheew!

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