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democrats really do hate america

friday, october 13th, 2023

Honestly, if you’d told me just a few years ago that the Democrat Party would become a party that literally hates the United States…well, I probably would have believed you because they do and have for a very long time. However, if you’d also told me they would proudly proclaim that hatred with regularity, that entire cable networks would be dedicated to preaching that hatred, you probably would’ve lost me there. Not anymore. 

The Left is coming for our Rights.

I would not have believed any political organization would proudly proclaim they despise that which they seek to lead, but that’s where we find ourselves now. There are countless examples of this, everywhere you look. Even the President of the United States calls half the country monsters and transphobes simply because we don’t think children should be subjected to sexualization of any kind, let alone having an adult grind their crotch in their face, or have their body butchered in the name of some weird “progress.” 

Revelations 16:19 And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.

There are literally hundreds of examples on a weekly basis of some leftist on cable news smearing everyone and the country and “fundamentally this” or “that to the core.” Hell, Joy Reid makes a living simply burping out “this person is a racist” or “that thing is racist.” She’s so oppressed she’s paid millions of dollars per year to chase away the audience from the show before hers. If merit mattered, Joy would be homeless. But she has her job for different reasons, ability be damned.

Then we have this piece from the New York Times, it really boils everything the left is now down to its essence. Democrats are only close to honest when dealing with other Democrats, and the Times is the ultimate choir-preacher.

It’s entitled, “Can We Put an End to America’s Most Dangerous Myth?” Is it about the idea that country was founded on and for racism? No, the Times makes too much money off that one. 

So, what is this “myth”? “Our most toxic myth is our “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” individualism,” the piece contends. 

Yes, that’s right, individuality is “toxic.” The idea that Americans are independent, able to live within their means and stand on their own is a huge problem…says the Communist Manifesto, er, this column. 

“So, yes, some independence is worth honoring,” the author allows. “But other strains are not as positive. For instance, being required to be ‘independent’ when we are ill and without adequate health insurance coverage is not to be recommended. Neither is having to take care of our children entirely on our own, in the silo of our immediate family, without a state-supported nursery in sight. And going into debt for simply covering the cost of our own or our children’s college education is far from salutary.”

Socialism, essentially, is what she’s pushing for here. Never mind looking at why some many of those “problems” exist (Democrat policies), just know that you shouldn’t have to deal with them because…progressive, or something. 

What the column is complaining about isn’t individuality, really, it’s responsibility. That your actions have consequences and you should maybe consider them when making choices. No, Democrats would rather absolve you of the consequences for your actions – a political priest – as long as you obey them. They’ll give you just enough to get by, bless away your mistakes, and never look back at the destruction in their wake. 

Meanwhile, people will be so dependent on government for their existence, and desperate for more absolution, that a blind loyalty will be created in the voting booth. Like a junkie always in need of another hit, people hooked on the concept of no personal responsibility are always in need of being told it’s not their fault, especially when it is.

The conclusion of the piece reads, “Dependence is, if you think of it, a form of connection and social cohesion. It brings us closer to others, which at this moment in America might be the thing we need most.” That’s exactly the opposite of reality, of what we need. Unless, of course, your goal isn’t to empower people or get out of their way so they can make their lives better, but rather to make people serfs; junkies who will do your electoral bidding if you just give them another hit. I’m not saying that’s what Democrats want to do, but it’s what Democrats want to do…

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A Day In The Life.

Up at 5a on Friday -- 0 Dark Thirty -- I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and had another Apple Fritter, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for nagging pains, fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32+ million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the day's list. Landscapers coming to do Fall Maintenance & Clean-Up between 8-9. We had some light rain overnight, and more showers were forecast.

It was a damp, warm 66° and my rain gauge said we'd gotten another 0.01" overnight; OK, as the weakened t-storm front moved thru. Showers and t-storm cells were forecast for today, with more rain. No complaints. I scanned the news and weather sites. Forecast is for coming days' temps to drop noticeably into the 50s & 60s, as Fall sets-in for good. No more "Indian Summer". The Kona Blended Coffee was good. I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" from 6-9, and then over to Chris Plante Show until 12noon 9:15a, when Dave & Cody arrived to work on my gardens. I'll catch the podcast replay on Saturday.

Sherry and I spent the afternoon at my place, instead of going out walking; it was that kind of "lazy, hazy" Friday. She left around 5:30p, I had some dinner, watched the news, and the continuing episodes of "Gold Rush", season 14; just amazing. By 11:30, I was nodding-off, and unplugged.

Don’t expect friends, don’t expect fun, don’t expect a good life, don’t expect anything. Then if you get something it’s a bonus.

Sleeping-in until 7:30a on Saturday, it was a rainy (¾" so far), dark, cool 59° morning, as large t-storms and cold front moved slowly thru the region. I made coffee, had a few smokes in the garage, and scanned the news and weather sites. all hell has broken loose in the Mideast (ME), and will worse before it gets resolved. Bidet's corrupt, idiotic leftist policies -- like Onigger's, have aided and abetted the Iran/Gaza (There's no such thing as "Palestinians", an invented name in the 60s) situation -- and they've abrogated the Abraham Accord Agreements, signed under Trump. This war will not end well. Natch.

Since Biden became pResident, Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban, Ukraine was invaded by Russia, the USA has been invaded on our southern border, and now Israel is under attack by Hamas. Biden gives over $6 billion to Iran on 9/11 of all days, now, not even a month later, they foment surprise attack on Israel. None of these wars will NOT end well.

I did a couple errands in the rain, Saturday morning, and couldn't get this Bob Dylan song out of my head. Heh.

Here's a bit of advice to Israel, like they even need it: "When a country is attacked, the only appropriate course is to respond with massively disproportionate force", as we did against the Japanese in World War II. Israel should treat Gaza as the Allies treated Dresden and other German and Japanese cities to end that war. Israel made a mistake in withdrawing from Gaza, and Gaza has been a thorn in its side ever since. This should be the last time. In fighting this war, the Israelis should not distinguish between Hamas and non-Hamas, any more than we distinguished between members of the Nazi Party and non-members when we crushed Germany. And I don’t want to hear one goddam word about civilian casualties. Civilian casualties are what happen when you start a war. The Palestinians started it, Israel should end it. Quickly, with overwhelming force that ensures nothing similar will happen again. KILL ALL THE SUBHUMAN, MURDEROUS MUSLIM (SPIT!) FILTH!

Israel, you have a massive intel security leak -- spies most likely inside the IDF or security apparatus -- for this to happen to your systems and 1,200+ people! Get it fixed, find the spies or moles, and KILL THEM!

I had a large lunch, and noticed that temps dropped quickly in mid-afternoon, from the 70s into the upper-50s, and aired-out the condo nicely. The rain finally stopped and things dried-out. I installed a newly-arrived (WD Western Digital) 1Tb External "My Book" HD (Hard Drive) to my office-sunroom HP Desktop Computer, and began copying backed-up data from the existing H:/ drive to the newly-installed G:/ drive. It will take more than a day to copy all that over, a few folders at-a-time. Actually, I was surprised: the new USB v3.0 is much quicker than my older USB v2.0 transfer. It was fairly quick, in an evening.

People here at the condo complex are continuing to leave for Florida, and other points south, for the coming Winter. About 309 or the 450 units empty-out, and are "dormant", from November 1st thru mid-April. I like it here; I'll stay, thankyouverymuch.

After dinner, I watched the news -- now wall-to-wall coverage of the ME-muslim filth's surprise attack on Israel. It was another NBC (Nothing But Crap) night for TV, but I watched some "Expedition Unknown" rerun episodes until 12:30a, and bagged it. I have Les, my electrician friend coming tomorrow, to repair the front lamp post light's electric cable, which I dug-up on Friday, and then I will bury it again. Hopefully, that'll fix the recurring problem. Light a candle.

Up at 7:30a on Sunday, it was a cold 49°, breezy, sunny morning, and truly felt like Fall, with all the Pin Oak leaves and zillions of acorns falling all over my Jeep and driveway. I hate that dirty tree; it should be in a park or the woods, not on a residential property. Meh. I made coffee, had a couple of smokes in the cold garage -- I brought the oscillating Heater Tower up from the basement, and took the 3ft Tower Fan down for Winter storage. It'll soon be time to fire it up. I scanned the news and weather sites. Meanwhile, the Mideast War goes on. My 44 year-old Poggenpohl (wall) Clock from 1979-80 -- maybe one of the last left in the world -- broke when the minute hand fell off and bit the dust. Now I've got a big gaping space above the computer's 27" AOC Monitor, on my L-shaped glass desk. I had a light breakfast, a shower, got ready for the day, and Les, my electrician, arrived at 11.

I'll bet this is probably/likely/definitely true, and we caused it, since the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) needs continuing war -- by anyone, and constantly ongoing -- to be profitable.

I gave Les money to go get what he needed at Home Depot/Lowe's, and he had the major cut spliced, in the waterproof box and sealed, and then left the 20ft section of 12ga Romex Wire line, open for a few days until rain comes, in case we have to go back in and do further repairs. Done deal. The F-1 Qatar Grand Prix came on at 1p, promptly and I relaxed in front of the huge, wall-mounted 82" Samsung QLED4 HD-TV, for 2hrs. I had dinner, watched more coverage of the Israel War on Terrorists, and called it a day at 11:30p.

Awake at 5:15a on Monday, it was noticeably cold 42°, '0-Dark-Thirty' early, so I cranked-up the condo heat, mAde coffee and had a few smokes in the cold garage. After firing-up the desktop, I scanned the weather and news sites, to get updated on the ME War events. 700-900+ Israelis dead alone, from Saturday's slaughter by the murderous, subhuman muslim(SPIT!) filth. It's going to be an ugly, bloody mess, when Israel goes into Gaza to root-out the murderers and try to recover the hundreds of hostages, who'll probably be murdered before rescue. Sadly, it'll just become a recovery operation. After checking the week's list -- it's all about the Mt Rose Project, starting tomorrow -- I had a clear week, and next week, too. The many Dr app'ts start the last week of the month, and go to March 2024.

I tuned into the Chris Stigall Show from 6-9, and then over to the Chris Plante Show until noon, and I left for Southern York County and some errands. I'm meeting Sherry at 2p, so I planned to be back home, by 1.

With gas prices rapidly rising, and Shit-For-Brain Joey Bidet having drained the SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) -- I'm glad that I filled-up the 25gal Jeep Grand Cherokee HEMI V8's tank, last week, at $2.49/gal. Now, it's up to $2.79/gal. Meh.

Sherry and I had a nice walk, went back to my place to talk, and she left at 4:30. I fell asleep on the LR couch until 7, woke to a cold, dark condo, rain outside, and a front porch with 2 packages from Amazon. I had some dinner, watched the news, hung the new wall clock over my computer, and hit the sack early; up early tomorrow to get the "My Rose Project" started.

Up at 5a, I started coffee, had a smoke in the garage, and fired-up the HP to check weather and news sites. Another "nippy" cold 43°, but at least no more rain until the weekend. I had a small breakfast, started a load of laundry, got ready for the day, and left for Mt Rose Cemetery at 8:30a. Alan, Dave and Colby were already on-site, had removed 250SqFt of old 1940s brick, stacked it on 2 pallets, removed all of the old plant material junk, and began excavating with their Bobcat®, down 6-8" for the new paver sidewalk. I tried to use my Nikon® Digital Camera, but the 2 AA batteries were dead! Shit! So I got pics of that. They stockpiled the dirt in one pile, plant debris and roots in another pile. I took care of the insurance and liability forms for Alan, with the Mt Rose/Dignity Memorial Office Mgmt. Colby was bringing-in the 10-Ton dump truck loads of soil and ¼" crushed bluestone (the sidewalk base), for the job. I left at 11:15a to run some errands, and will be back on-site in the morning, as Alan has the project well under control, as usual.

Yes, as I've said a few times here in the "Journal" pages, we're in for a round of terrorist attacks, so be prepared. It's coming sooner rather than later; just a matter of when. 8,000,000 criminal illegal aliens, unvetted, mostly single men of military age, hundreds-of-thousands of Chinese, Syrians, MS-13, other Mexican criminals and South Americans, Russians, North Koreans -- NONE OF THEM VETTED THRU THE STANDARD BACKGROUND PROCESS. Thanks Biden! Over 126 "known terrorists" intercepted so far this year, but how many tens-of-thousands of "gotaways"? We're in for a world of shit, which'll make 9-11 seem like a camping trip. Bank on it. They've formed "SUPER CELLS" AND ARE JUST WAITING FOR THEIR ***go orders***. Then, we'll all have to fight and kill them, as the Police and US Military will be overwhelmed. Think I'm kidding? I'm not.

I was tired from getting-up at 0-Dark-Thirty this morning, had lunch, finished the laundry and had a few hours nap on the LR couch. After dinner, the news and an "NBC" (Nothing But Crap TV evening, I unplugged early at 11.

Up at 5:30a on Wednesday, to a very cool 43°, I made coffee, had some smokes in the semi-warm garage, and scanned the news and weather sites on the computer. I tuned into the "CS Show" at 6, had breakfast and prepared a quick food shopping list for Weis Market. I'll go to Mt Rose Cemetery to see how much progress the LSCP Crew got done yesterday, and break-off to do the food shopping, and then home from there, for the day. I fed the squirrels. Looks like a nice day ahead. I left at 9. When I arrived, I noticed that the top left curve of my design had been omitted -- everything else looked great -- so I was not happy, and had the entrance border pavers reset to my specs. Luckily, they hadn't laid the 350 SqFt of center pavers yet, and it was fairly easy to do. Not a good start to my day.

I got past it, went food shopping at Weis Market, and finally got home around noon. After unloading 6 bags and 2 6-paks of Gold Peak Sugar Free Iced Tea, I had BBQ on Croissant for lunch, scanned the news, and hit the LR couch, for 2+hrs. I tuned back into the news, and it's all Mideast War stuff. The libs left can't think straight about anything; they're degenerates for supporting the filthy, subhuman, murderous muzzie(SPIT!) slime Hamas. Maybe they have just one of these phobias? Nah, they're subhuman murderous leftists.

Day of Jihad Rampage?

I had a nice Tomato Sandwich for a light snack, skipped dinner, watched the news, and since it was another NBC (Nothing But Crap) Night on TV, I shut it down and went thru Chris Plante Show replays from the week, which I'd missed. By 11p, I was fading, shut down the computer and it's amazing Logitech® Z-680 THX-Certified v5.1 Digital Surround Sound System, and called it a day.

Up at 5a on Thursday, in the dark -- getting light now at 7:12a and dark at 6:30p -- I fired-up the furnace and computer, made coffee, had a couple of smokes, and scanned the weather and news. Nice day coming, and much cooler days just ahead. Nice; I'll take it, year 'round. Another even colder 44°, cloudy and ugly-looking, but no rain for a few days -- I always check the weather maps at www.AccuWeather.com daily -- I set the condo temp at 74° until the sun returns, listened to the "CS Show" until 9, and left for Mt Rose to check progress and go thru today's' and tomorrow's tasks, to finish-up the project. They're about 60% finished with the paver sidewalk, which requires many hundreds wet-saw cuts along both side edges. Also here towards parking circle. Nice job by Alan, Dave & Colby. Nice job, so far!

A wall will soon wrap around most of Morgan State University -- one of several new security measures -- prompted by an on-campus shooting that left five (5) people wounded earlier this month. The historically BLACK University who had 1 shot at graduation in 2022, and 1 shot during graduation in 2021 -- said this crap: “We’re doing this, let me be clear, not to keep out our neighbors and our community writ large; we are doing it to keep out the bad actors", said idiotic, shit-for-brains sambo, university President David Wilson. Bullshit; It's not OUR guns, sambo; it's YOUR sons! Remember, according to your leftist demonKKKrat masters, "Walls don't work".

A Texas man convicted of killing an elderly woman decades ago was put to death Tuesday, an execution that took place hours after the US Supreme Court overturned an order that delayed the sentence. Good riddance and rot in hell, Jedidiah Murphy, you subhuman scumbag!

They've finally released pictures of the murdered and burned Israeli babies, done by the subhuman murderous perverted deviant scumbag Hamas filth. Look at them and see the muslim(SPIT!) "trademarked handiwork". All muslim(SPIT!) trash need KILLING!

I spent much of the afternoon doing small chores, reducing the paperwork stack, and catching-up on the day's events via news sites. After a light dinner, I watched the news, Jesse and some "American Pickers" episodes, until 11, and quit for the day.

Tomorrow' starts another week here in the "Journal" and we're finishing-up the extensive Mt Rose Cemetery project. I'll be glad to sleep-in over the weekend, after getting-up at 5a for the past 4 mornings. It's one of the last clear weeks, before Dr app'ts begin. No F1 or IMSA races this week; another week off for those guys.

America’s Betrayal of Israel.

I am writing this on Saturday, as news outlets report hundreds of Israeli dead, and dozens, if not hundreds, of soldiers and civilians kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and taken into Gaza.

It is never a good idea to write anything as events are still rapidly unfolding, especially as neither I nor anyone else can answer the only question that ultimately matters—namely, “what happens now?” But we can answer another, much more rudimentary and no less urgent question: Who’s at fault? A decade of perverse U.S. policy sets the stage for mass murder.

There will be plenty of time to pore over how a cataclysmic disaster of this magnitude could happen, and who—from Bibi down to the IDF chief of staff, head of intelligence, et al.—failed to protect the lives of Israelis. A lot of it will have to do with people who should have known better—including former prime ministers and former and current high-level security officials—abandoning the core commitment of defending Israel and instead entertaining themselves by cosplaying some game of Demokratia, complete with donning handmaid outfits and ululating about fascism. Hysterics about your political opponents being the enemies of democracy may be fun in Kalorama; in Sderot and Ofakim, and even in Tel Aviv, there’s a price to pay for abandoning the real world and indulging in fetish play.

But the bigger mistake on the part of the Israelis is that over the past few years they have gotten the power equation that governs their lives backward: Instead of understanding themselves to be citizens of a strong but beleaguered country whose first responsibility is to protect itself, they luxuriated in the fantasy that the United States was and always would be their protector—when in fact the ruling party in America has decided that Israel is a liability.

Watch this video. That’s a Hamas drone taking down an Israeli Merkava tank. A drone operated by an organization sponsored and trained by Iran applying both Iranian tactics and, most likely, Iranian hardware to attack Israel. This happened weeks after America sent Iran $6 billion, and one week after we learned that the American government had over the past years ceded whole parts of its own intelligence units to Iranian spies.

The stage for this attack was not set in or by Israel. It was set by the United States.

For the better part of the past decade, the United States has pursued a foreign policy designed to strengthen Iran and enable it to form a strong sphere of influence in the region. This is the idea behind what Tony Badran and Michael Doran called “the realignment,” a vision of a new world order in which America partners with Iran in order to “find a more stable balance of power that would make [the Middle East] less dependent on direct U.S. interference or protection.” Those words aren’t Badran and Doran’s; they’re Robert Malley’s, Barack Obama’s lead negotiator on the Iran deal who, as Semafor reported this week, helped to infiltrate an Iranian agent of influence into some of the most sensitive positions in the U.S. government—first at the State Department and now the Pentagon, where she has been serving as chief of staff for the assistant secretary of defense for special operations. Biden himself, in an op-ed in The Washington Post, spoke of “an integrated Middle East,” using the phrase no less than three times to make clear that his administration was intent on pursuing his predecessor’s commitment to seeing Iran not as a U.S. foe but as our collaborator.

And the Biden administration wasn’t just talking the talk. It was also walking the walk, from unfreezing billions in assets to make it easier for Tehran to support its proxy Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon to sending huge cash infusions used primarily to pay the salaries of tens of thousands of unvetted “security personnel.” And while the previous administration halted all aid to the Palestinians—directly because of the “pay for slay” policies that support the families of those who slaughter Israelis—the Biden administration was quick to reverse the decision.

Lots of people argued that this was simply clear-minded realpolitik after decades of disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bullshit. Here’s how you know this policy was, and is, motivated not by what’s best for America but by what would kneecap the Jewish state: Because it extended to inside Israel’s borders.

In addition to creating the external circumstances for terror, the Biden administration did everything in its power to derail Israel’s democratically elected government and prevent it from being able to see an attack like today’s coming. That the Israelis let themselves fall for this was stupidity of criminal order. But the invisible hand here was America’s. Biden himself took to CNN to call Netanyahu’s government “the most extreme” he’s ever seen, and lost no opportunity to lecture his Israeli counterpart about democratic values. The former U.S. ambassador to Israel, Tom Nides, took the unprecedented step of intervening in the country’s domestic affairs, announcing ominously that he “think[s] most Israelis want the United States to be in their business.” And if words weren’t enough, the administration also sent American dollars to support the anti-Netanyahu NGOs organizing the protests that brought Israel to a halt for months. Netanyahu was famously denied an invite to the White House; his key opponent, opposition leader Benny Gantz, had no such problem.

One idea floating around my inbox this afternoon is that part of Israel’s complete military collapse today was caused by a massive Iranian cyber attack that hacked its systems and prevented it from seeing what ought to have been obvious. That this could not only be true but related to the U.S. having recently given a team of Iranian agents high-level access to U.S. intelligence, which could very well have included information about Israeli systems, is not nearly as far-fetched a scenario as many would like it to be. And to the extent that we ever find out the truth about any of this, it will be because of Elon Musk, without whom we’d only have access to state-approved propaganda.

It doesn’t matter what words Biden says today. When you champion Iran; when you send it and its proxies money; when you reward Palestinian violence; when you go out of your way to portray Bibi as a dangerous fascist; when you finance and champion his opponents, contributing to further instability and unrest; when you hand over U.S. intelligence keys to Iranian agents; when you have your spokespeople declare it “disinformation” for people to connect obvious dots; when you do all of this, you know what is going to happen. You mean for it to happen.

Here today, then, is the challenge for Israel’s leadership: Can you accept that this is what’s happening? Can you imagine a future for the Jewish state decoupled from America? Because you must.

For at least a decade now, we’ve been told that part of what makes Israel so mighty and so safe is its superior technology, developed in partnership with America. Who, went this line of argument, needs to worry about missiles when we have Iron Dome and F-35 stealth fighter planes as part of a $3 billion military aid package? Who cares about guns and grenades when we’ve developed high-level cybersecurity systems that can strike at will? The war of the future, we’ve been promised, will be waged on computer terminals, in cyberspace—not in dusty border towns.

And then came a gaggle of Gazans with Kevlar vests and pickup trucks and small arms that brought Israel to its knees. “Startup nation” has been ravaged by reality. It is clear that the dream Israel’s elites have entertained for the past decade—to become part of the global set of people who make all the money and all the decisions and have all the right opinions and fashionable friends—has soured into a nightmare.

And now it’s time to wake up. Stop prattling about the “cycle of violence,” about faults on both sides, about “the occupation,” about Bibi’s cabinet appointments, or any other distraction.

Reroot yourself in what you should never have forgotten—which is that we have enemies not because of what we did or didn’t do here or there, or on this day or that one, or because our hasbara isn’t good enough or because it is too good, or any other pointless argument. It is because we have vicious enemies, and they hate us. Instead of trying pathetically to curry favor with American overlords by scrubbing Judaism from your streets, pray to HaShem to fulfill the promise made to Isaiah and deliver vengeance. Reject, with great force and wrath, the death cult that has gripped so much of American political, public, and intellectual life and that sees virtue in propping up benighted regimes in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We don’t need an integrated Middle East, because we don’t wish to integrate with the murderous mullahs and their packs of wild animals. We have our own interests, and if we’re smart—and if we wish to survive—we’ll never forget it again.

© 10.07.2023 by LIEL LEIBOVITZ, "The Tablet"

The World Cannot Afford Another War.

After months of rising tensions between Israel and Palestine, aided by criminal neglect from the international community towards the Palestinians' calls for justice, the conflict-ridden region is now spiralling into a full-blown war. Palestine's militant group Hamas, backed by Iran, launched the deadliest attack in Israel in 50 years, killing 600 people as of 8:30pm Sunday (Bangladesh time). In retaliation, Israel launched strikes in the Gaza Strip; the Palestinian death toll has already crossed 350. While we condemn the senseless violence at any cost, the violence committed by Hamas cannot be judged by the same yardstick as the violence that Israel has committed over the years for the maintenance of discrimination and oppression in the Palestinian lands. We must acknowledge the root cause behind the so-called "surprise" attack by Hamas, which lies in decades of systemic destruction committed by Israel.

Hamas assault should be a moment of reckoning for Israel

Palestinians have been protesting against Israeli occupation and the violence that has engulfed their lives in what they call an "open-air prison." This year alone, before the latest escalation, more than 200 Palestinians were killed by Israelis, in largely unprovoked attacks. And each time, the West supported it on the grounds of "self-defence." While the Arab League and mostly non-Western states have condemned both attacks by Hamas and Israel, the European Union, the US, Canada and the UK have only condemned the violence by Hamas, once again showing their bias. What's most worrying is that instead of calling for non-violent measures, they have echoed their support for Israel's right to defend itself, which will lead to more suffering for the oppressed community of Palestinians.

Israel’s latest attack on Palestine: Who is the real terrorist?

Israel’s latest attack on Palestine: Who is the real terrorist?

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war, while the Israeli Defense Forces are initiating a large-scale operation. Israel has obliterated the supply of electricity in the besieged territory, leaving two million Palestinians to fear for their lives in darkness. The US has offered Israel "all appropriate means of support." Given Israel's superior military resources and with aid from powerful nations, we know that the continuance of this violent cycle will result in a disproportionate death toll of Palestinians. But if the international community is truly serious about the two-state solution, it is now high time to address the Israel-Palestine crisis with honesty, holding both sides equally accountable for violence and putting an end to Israel's illegal occupation of the Palestinian lands. We call on the international community to take urgent action and call for a ceasefire to stop a further escalation of violence.

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Israel, Our White-House Absurdities, and the Left’s Empire of Lies.

The Biden administration is furiously trying to contextualize its past, unsupportable policies that have sown global chaos, especially in the Middle East. But the more it spins, the clearer its culpability.

Does it really believe that the long-agreed-upon U.S. green-lighting of $6 billion in sanctions relief to Iran has had no role in Iran’s terrorist support of Hamas, whether psychological or material or both? Do they think we are that stupid?

Even a first-grader might surmise that if a terrorist state knows that an impending $6-billion bonanza will shortly arrive in its coffers, then it will more readily in the here and now send arms to Hamas—on the logical assumption that those costs soon will be more than covered, while making the additional assumption that the United States is complicit in its own fungible use of sanctions relief cash, and thus not innately hostile to Tehran’s self-professed agenda. In short, Tony Blinken is either a naif, a fool, or to use his words “misinforming”.

These administration's megaphones who deny such fungibility always end up mouthing the same arguments as the lying and murderous theocracy in Tehran.

But then why not—given the Biden-appointed Robert Malley, previously known as Obama’s ISIS advisor (and we remember how that worked out in Iraq), and a self-declared expert on Hamas rapprochement, eagerly accepted the offer to restart the disastrous Iran deal and normalize Iranian-American relations?

And Malley was indeed eagerly at work—until he was stripped of his security clearance for his alleged unlawful dissemination of classified documents, and in addition fell under further scrutiny allegedly for treasonous efforts to insert pro-Iranian activists into the State Department.

What also was behind the initial, natural instincts of the State Department’s “U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs”? On news of the attacks, our State department in Pavlovian fashion immediately posted: “We urged all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.”

Yes, as lots of us predicted, that insane virtue signal would eventually be taken down—but only in response to Americans outraged at its amoral inanity.

Was our government’s first inclination to stop Israel’s counter-responses to systematic Hamas murdering? Should Israelis accept another 800, 1,000, or 2,000 dead women and children in the interest of abiding by the instruction of the American “Office of Palestinian Affairs” to avoid “retaliatory attacks”?

For that matter, does the Biden administration admonish Ukraine to refrain from “retaliatory attacks”—since, in its logic, responding to Putin’s “terror” with Ukrainian counter “violence” would “solve nothing”?

Or is it just Israel, a democratic ally, that deserves these sermons?

Or do they not reflect the embarrassing reality that there is a core Democratic base—the toxic Squad, AOC's Democratic Socialists, the fusion media, and some of the identity politics caucuses—who are Hamas apologists, even if that bankrupt ideology descends into ignoring or condoning the abject slaughter of civilians in their homes?

And are we really to believe, as told, that resumption of hundreds of millions dollars in aid to the Palestinians was also not fungible and used to aid the current murderous agendas of Hamas?

But do not just believe supporters of Israel about that reality.

Instead, read what dissidents in the State Department themselves warned at the time of the dangers of Biden’s resumption of aid to the radical Palestinians: “We assess there is a high risk Hamas could potentially derive indirect, unintentional benefit from U.S. assistance to Gaza. There is less but still some risk U.S. assistance would benefit other designated groups.”

The administration is, of course, back peddling furiously, given its prior appeasement of Iran and Hamas, if not an outright tilt against Israel—again policies that reflected the embarrassing core constituency of the Democratic Party.

Americans should not listen to what Biden’s team now conveniently says, but instead to what it actually does in the upcoming weeks when it is under fire by its base in the new woke Democratic Party, as the Israelis have to go into Gaza, end this toxic death machine, and confront the Hamas global propaganda machine.

A hard rain is soon going to fall abroad.

And the United States better get its house in order, whether defined as standing with its few dependable allies left, securing its own oil and gas supplies, protecting its borders, un-woking and rebooting its suspect military, recalibrating its all too often incompetent and politicized intelligence bureaus—and thus preparing for a world turned upside down.

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Pull Back the Curtain on False Federal Narratives.

Narrative is a a representation of a particular situation or process in such a way as to reflect or conform to an overarching set of aims, goals, themes, or values.”  A narrative is a story – actual, distorted, even fabricated – created to convince others of narrator’s position or to justify narrator’s action. 

Progressive-dominated Washington, aided and abetted by complicit media, has repeated narratives that are said to be widely accepted, yet are demonstrably false. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, pull aside the curtain to see what’s really there, rather than what they want us to see.

False narrative Number 1 was (and is) the COVID big con.

Washington presented a minor flu-like virus as a terrifying, life-ending illness comparable to Ebola or bubonic plague. Federal authorities declared a public health crisis and used it to justify suppression of constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties including quasi-martial law lockdowns, and even considered forced quarantine (internment) camps for the unvaccinated, as Australia activated.

Repeatedly fomenting public panic, Washington forced the entire population to accept injections of never-before-used, untested mRNA gene therapy disingenuously advertised as a “safe and effective vaccine.” 

Federal officials and big pharma were the beneficiaries of the COVID scam. Washington took upon itself powers normally prohibited to it and “reserved to...the people.” Pharmaceutical manufacturers received billions of taxpayer dollars for supplying unnecessary but mandated mRNA shots.

False narrative Number 2 is systemic racism. Ignoring, sometimes disputing, the great strides made since 1964 in civil, legal, and societal equality, progressives in government allowed leftist agitators to riot, loot, burn, and even kill in riposte to a presumed system of racial inequality. While prejudice even racism are still extant, they exist among individuals, not system-wide. 

False narrative Number 3 is a politically motivated “farce” called climate change. Predictions of impending climate doom are based on sketchy mathematical models and trend analysis over one or two centuries. The earth has experienced large climate swings, hot to cold, humid to dry, over several billion years. During that time, there was no fossil fuel to blame.   

Based on the climate change narrative, authoritarians encourage a “Chicken Little Syndrome” where fear paralyzes the population. People will then accept anything officials say will save them from, “The sky is falling,” even suppression of an energy source from fossil fuels that has dramatically raised the standard of living for billions of humans. 

False narrative Number 4 – gun control – is based on flawed logic. There is too much gun violence. If we get rid of guns, we get rid of gun violence.  Simple, seductive, and wrong. 

In 2021 there were 6,0i2 deaths related to handguns and 42,939 car crash fatalities. Based on above logic, Washington could save lives by banning automobiles.  Association is not causation. That is the flaw that negates narrative #4. 

Furthermore, cities with the most stringent gun laws like New York and Chicago have the highest rates of gun violence.

Like all the others, false narrative Number 4 encourages dependence on Washington.  

False narrative Number 5 is a hot button item: health care is a right. To some, this is a moral imperative. Leftists say that health care is the right of all peoples. Government must control the health care system in order to fulfill its obligation to assure this right – health care, the service – to all Americans. 

Health care cannot be a right, not in a country where the founding principle is personal freedom. Health care is a voluntary, confidential service contract between a patient and a provider. If health care is a right, then the patient can require the provider to serve him or her. This denies nurses, doctors and therapists their constitutionally guaranteed freedom.  

False narrative Number 6 is generic. It presumes that, whatever the problem, government can solve it by regulation. For decades, Washington has been passing laws that regulate education, healthcare, military, money, and the environment. The problems have gotten worse, while American freedoms have been gradually eroded.

These six official false narratives (and others) are designed for one purpose: to create fear. A fearful public will look to those in authority for protection and solutions. 

Fear is why Americans acquiesced to a corrupt “petty tyrant” Anthony Fauci, a “doctor” who never practiced medicine. Fear drove us to accept Fauci’s dictate that all Americans be injected with experimental, medically dangerous mRNA gene treatments.

Fear of COVID is why Americans acceded when the Biden administration suppress the Bill of Rights. 

Fear for our planet allowed globalists to control energy production in the name of a climate emergency that doesn’t exist.

Attacks on the Second Amendment are tolerated because of fear of domestic violence. 

Americans have been bombarded with federal propaganda in support of these and other false narratives. Washington, legacy media, and complicit academics have colluded to censor information that contests their narratives labelling it “misinformation.”  

Despite this array of powerful entities trying to impose their orthodoxy, the truth has seeped out through non-complicit online venues such as Federalist, American Thinker, Real Clear Policy, personal substacks, and Rumble as well as uncensored newspapers like Washington Examiner, Epoch Times and New York Post.   

Americans need to learn the truth, become aware of the mendacity of official narratives, and recognize why such falsehoods are perpetrated. Only then can they respond appropriately, by electing people who tell the truth and act according to the oath they swore on entering office: to preserve and defend the Constitution. This means protecting our freedoms and resisting any temptations to reimpose tyranny.

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Lifting the Cosmic Veil.

The Spitzer Space Telescope was the first to capture the infrared data needed to create footage of what lies beyond our solar system, including that of the “Whirlpool Galaxy,” or M51—a favorite target for amateur and professional astronomers alike, located 37 million light-years away. Observations of M51 were part of the Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxy Survey, which comprehensively studied 75 nearby galaxies. Even the early data from the Spitzer Space Telescope revealed revealed numerous cosmic mysteries and a bustling celestial landscape, featuring stellar embryos, tumultuous planet-forming disks, and even newfound galaxies. View the Collection.

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