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Friday, October 14, 2005

stirred, not shaken...

every once in a while, I have to take a break from the mental disease that is "modern liberalism". I'd be kidding if I said I knew what their incessant fussing and fuming is all about. I'd also be kidding if I said I gave a flying rat's rearend. My eyes are bleeding from the left's racial-paternalism, and I can't stand it anymore. I need to just kick back, sip an adult beverage and think on other things. I'd guess that those who deal with it all the time, do a lot of sipping. I kick the New God called Tolerance, in the 'nads, and tip back another drink. I spit on those liberal dirtbags, lowlife socialists, liberal-demokkkRATs, commies, nazis, islamofascists, race-and-poverty pimps and other assorted degenerates in the grievance industry, who worship Tolerance and Diversity. Those are under-the-radar terms for preferential treatment, special rights, discrimination against Whites, and judicially-legislated hatred for the values for which America stands. I reject them, wholecloth. Time to sip another adult beverage.

Around The Garden Center™.
We got rain! Lots and lots and lots and lots (5.1") of glorious rain, finally! My billion gallon retention ponds over-floweth! I measured 3¾" on Friday, and 1¼" on Saturday. I sent everyone home at noon on Friday, and closed early, and also closed early on Saturday. No gripes, whines or complaints from me. I'm so grateful for what we got. A little flooding, but no biggie, IMO. I just enjoyed watching it rain for two days. Sort of makes-up for what we didn't get in August and September. Sort of, but the damage is already done to many plants, which will show-up in the Spring.
I got up early (4am) Friday morning to feed the cats, logon to my local weather stations, to see where TS Tammy was headed. After hearing raindrops on my condo's skylights, I went back to sleep with the heating pad, for my lower back pain. When I came down at 7:30am, the cable modem was blinking wildly, so I re-booted it, and it went dead. Fried or just kaput? Dunno, as we didn't have any lightening and no appliance clocks were blinking the dreaded RESET message. It was pouring, as I got into work around 9am, did payroll, sent everyone home at noon, closed at 3pm, and called BlazeNet.net and they sent a tech over at 4pm, to replace the modem. All is well in my condo's broadband world, once again.
All last week, I noticed on my drive to and from work, as well as to various customers' building sites, an increasing number of homes decked-out for Halloween, itself more than 3½ weeks away. Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations will go up many weeks early, too. It dives me crazy that people put this stuff up way too early. When I was a kid, "way back in the 1950s", my Family would decorate 1 week ahead of the specific holiday, and take it all down within 2 days after the holiday was over. Not so, these days. Many villages, municipalities, towns and cities have passed ordinances to regulate Holiday Decorations, and I agree. Fly the American Flag 24x7x365; I love it. But gimme a freaking break on the myriad Holiday decorations, please.
With projected price increases of 50%-plus for natural gas, I've decided to freeze-out my Main Retail Greenhouse and Greenhouse #1 (Potting House), this Winter, and buy-in all new houseplants for Spring '06. Greenhouses 2-3-4-5-6 are packed with container nursery stock, and freeze-out, routinely. It'll be cheaper to re-buy the plants than it will be to heat those two massive GHs all Winter. I can also lower the Main Retail Building's temps to 40°F, now that Pickle is gone and I don't have to heat it for his nightly comfort, anymore. As of now, all houseplants are 50% off, until they're gone.
Welcome home, Marines, and thank you for your service. (Scroll down in the thread for pics.) And thank you, US Soldiers, for all that you do for America. We can never repay you adequately.
My wireless broadband connection at work went down around 12:30 pm on Saturday, and was still out when I got into work on Sunday, at 12 noon. I'm guessing the rain had something to do with it, but as there was no lightening/ thunder, I can't imagine why it went down. I called the crack tech support team at MT-WireFree, and left a message. Hells bells, I don't even have a dial-up anymore in my office, as I ditched that dedicated phone line to pay for the wireless broadband service of $125/ month. Sucks to be me without a connection for 5 hours, with so much going on in the world, and no way to track it. My office connection was still out when I arrived at work, on Monday morning, and I again placed several calls to the ISP. After driving to Graul's, a gourmet food store in Maryland, I returned around 3:15pm, and it was back up and running. Still nothing from the ISP as to the 2+ day outage.
Lee stopped by on Sunday, and we did some target shooting at my 25ft pistol range, on the 20ac GC&N Complex. He brought his Glock 9mm and I used my Kimber .45cal, and we killed a load of paper targets. Sure wish it'd been subhuman, murderous muslim terrorists. Wishful thinking; they're all gutless, cowardly killers of women and children, BTW.
Gas prices have somewhat stabilized here in the York (PA) area, with Unleaded Regular at $2.79/gal, Unleaded Plus at $2.89/gal, and Unleaded Premium at $3.09/gal. With the damage to the many Gulf refineries, and other plants switching over to home heating oil, who knows what's going to happen over Winter and in the Spring? At least demand will be significantly lower and will keep prices stable, for a while. Natural gas and LPG will see at least a 50% increase, I'm told. Great news, isn't it?
Asian bird flu? Actually, I'm not all that worried about it. Maybe if I lived in or near a big city, but I don't.
Did you have Monday 10th, Columbus Day off? I know I had to work. Banks, schools and government agencies had the day off around here. Screw Columbus Day; if Leif Ericson Day gives me the day off, I'm voting for him. He was here in North America 400+ years before Chris. I need a day off, dammit. Why is it always the kids, government workers and bankers getting days off?
No, I don't agree and vote NO, on interracial anything. And a huge NO, to same-sex filth, as well.
Yes, size matters.
On second thought, I think I'll keep working.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: all virus writers and subhuman spammer filth, should be summarily executed; no duly-authorized trial should be expended. Kill them.
Happy Halloween! (Click on STOMP)

It's hard for me to believe that there are so many gutless, spineless assholes in the US House, on both sides of the aisle, who don't have the brains to realize that the US hasn't built a new oil refinery in 30 years, and would come this close to defeating a bill to encourage the building of new ones, to increase our national refining capacity. Stinking, filthy liberal-demokkkRAT garbage and traitorous GOPers almost killed the bill. Asswipes, all 210 who voted against it. Those pampered princes and princesses should be removed from office and summarily stood against a wall and ****, after a lengthy 3 minute trial.
Gosh 'o golly, President Bush & Co; what did we do without all those illegal alien wetbacks for labor, back in the 50s and 60s? I and my friends did the freaking jobs, you idiots! And they'll still get done, sir. But you have to deport and get rid of the illegal alien garbage, dammit!
Hey, GOPers: we need to erect this kind of wall on both the US-Mexican and US-Canadian borders, and then summarily execute all subhuman garbage who either try to come across, or who fail trying. Kill the invaders.
Great speech, President Bush, but words and no action behind it, mean zip. Your failure to even mention our massive immigration disaster spoke volumes, as it has for the past 5 years, Mr President. Count me out, for another $1,000-plus for '06 and '08 support, sir. Until you get your arms around immigration and uncontrolled spending, and do what you've sworn to your Oath of Office, I'll opt out. It would appear that Lima, TX, Sheriff Dan Beck has a lot more guts/spine/balls than you do, President Bush. Sorry to hear that.
I sure hope this is true, BTW.
The White House has released information about 10 al-Qaida plots that President George W Bush says the US and its allies have foiled in the last four years. Three plots cited were in the United States. They included plans to use hijacked airplanes to attack both the West and the East coasts. The third involved plans to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb" in a US city.
YES, dammit! Drill offshore now, and f*ck the hate-America, liberal filth. Actually, I'd prefer to head-shoot them all.
Hey, Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Forrester: an endorsement by traitorous, liberal, pock-faced lowlife, socialist, commie, asswipe dirtbag, disgraced, run-out-of-office, ex-NJ gov Tommie "The Commie" Kean (LIBERAL-NJ), is no endorsement, you dumbasshole. Kean's a liar, a traitor, a coward, a scumbag... well, the list goes on and on. Kean is garbage.
Dumbass GOPer, US Rep Kevin Brady (DUI-TX).
C'mon Israel, time to waste Iran's nuke plants and facilities. The US and UK don't seem to have the guts for it, so it looks like you'll have to do it, once again, as you did with Iraq back in the 80s.
I say YES; give the Pentagon the right to spy on subhuman, murderous muslim filth and others wanting to do harm to America. Give them all the powers they need to find and kill islamic-mislim terrorists and other traitorous subversives. And especially to kill them, summarily, without trial.
US Sen Lindsey Graham (SODOMITE-SC) is an insignificant little homo-faggot turd, who deserves to be run from office, and forxced to find real work.
Somehow, I believe White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, but I think he'll be thrown overboard, along with Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the chief of staff to Vice President Cheney. Time will tell.
Republican California Congressman Darryl Issa is a stinking, hate-America arab; he needs to be run-out-of-office, and deported to a turd-world islamic hellhole. Issa's pigshit.
The federal government's tab for hurricane relief and rebuilding efforts is likely to cost less than $150 billion, Congress' top budget analyst said Thursday, an amount significantly less than original guesstimates tossed about in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. Less than $150 billion of my tax dollars? Gosh, that's so nice.
Green card quota undercutting US security?
US Sen Johnnie "No Brain" McCain (TRAITOR-AZ) is a piece of lowlife, cowardly liberal shit. Wake the hell up, Arizona; get rid of this asshole! Die, from a heart attack, stroke or cancer, subhuman. "New Gravitas", McCain? Doubt it, asshole.
A US congressman — US Rep John A. Culberson (CONSERVATIVE-TX) — who has introduced legislation enabling the governors of border states to set up civilian border patrols this morning met with Val Verde County Sheriff A. D’Wayne Jernigan, to get a firsthand look at some of the border’s security problems. Culberson introduced a bill that would enable governors of states on an international border to call up a "citizen militia" to keep people from illegally crossing those borders.
US Sen Orrin "Oral Sex" Hatch (HOMO-UT) is a festering, fetid bag of liberal-pigshit, for putting Ruthie "Buzzy" Ginsburg on the SCOTUS. Die, from a heart attack, stroke or cancer, subhuman. Die, Hatch bastard!
I support Mass Gov Mitt Romney 101%, in curtailing the murderous muslim filth in America: search all the filthy pigshit mosques, for islamic hate literature, weapons, explosives and terror cells. The enemy is islam (pigshit be upon it) and muslims (pigshit be upon them all).
STFU GOPers: let Harriet Miers have her day in the US Senate, dammit.
Tax Reform Commission? Yeah, sure.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Trash™.
Stupid-assed, lowlife LIBERAL-RINO, shit-for-brains Mikey "I Hate America" Bloomberg (LIBERAL-NY) f*cked-up, once again. It's hard to believe that liberal-demokkkRAT New Yorkers keep this asshole in office. He's ruining NYC.
500 subhuman, Oregon liberal-demokkkRATs, all in one place? Target of opportunity, IMO. Fire at will. Click...
NYC's City Council Education Committee, is going to issue report cards in 9 different languages? WTF? This is America, and we speak English, you dumbass liberal-demokkkRAT asshole, Councilman Hiram Monserrate (demokkkRAT-Queens)! This a perfect way to relegate that generation to liberal welfare, and destroy their future.
I'd do anything to prevent this nightmare scenario.
Any surprises here, with criminal, disgraced, liar, impeached, run-out-of-office, ex-POTUS 43, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon, folks?
Stupidass, fat pig, bloated turd, criminal US Sen Mary Landrieu (CRIMINAL-LA), wants $1.5 billion of our US Taxpayer monies, and with no payback? Stand the criminal Landrieu bitch against a wall...
Duly charge, try, convict, sentence and execute everyone in the New York Civil Liberties Union; everyone should be "terminated with extreme prejudice". The NY-ACLU is traitorous filth, as is the ACLU, who should be tracked-down and shot. They're subhuman filth.
The income tax debate goes on, and on and on.
Former CBS producer Mary Mapes is a liberal, two-dollar whore.
California taxpayers will no longer help pay for impotency drugs for registered sex offenders under legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stupid asshole; all sex offenders should be executed and permanently removed from US Society. If I was governor, I would head-shoot each of the subhumans after conviction. Kill them.
Yes, Africa: get AIDS and die. All of you subhuman filth.
Let me be the first to say it: race-and-poverty-pimps like Jesse Jack-scum, Al Sharp-scum, Louis Farra-con-man etc are subhuman shit!
Petey "I hate Amerika" Jennings/ABC, is DEAD! Hoooooooo-ray! ABC/Petey's DEAD! Jennings/ABC dead. Rot in hell, socialist scumbag! Rot in hell, commie-nazi-fascist filthie!
The most vile bitch in America, NBC's Today Show Katie "Colon Skank" Kouric, is levelling charges against The Bush Administration and views the President as heading a rogue administration whose modus operandi is to break the law. Stupid-assed, mindless, bloated, hagged-out bitch.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
The worthless UN's nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and its chief asshole, Mohamed El Baradei, have won the Nobel Peace Prize. First, dirtbag Jimmy carter-farter, and terrorist faggot Yassir Arrid-fart; now this. I wipe my ass with the Nobel Peace Prize.
The feminization of American "men" continues, by the French faggots-homos-sodomites, at L'oreal. Nuke the Froggie scum.
No Israel, don't transfer weapons and ammo to the subhuman muslim PA filth; kill all of them, and then kill all of the subhuman islamic pigshit-sucking Hamas garbage. Capice, IDF?
Che Guevara, dead "hero" of the lowlife commie, socialist, nazi, leftist-shitfilth, was a coward and a faggot. Rot in hell, subhuman garbage.
Why is Microsoft paying $670 million to a shithole company like RealNetworks, to settle an antitrust suit regarding Microsoft's use of its dominance to promote its own media software. RealNetworks said Microsoft's decision to bundle Windows Media Player for free within the Windows operating system slowed sales at RealNetworks. I've removed RealNetwork's shitty software from all my WinXP-Pro O/S, as it crashes everything it touches, based upon past history. Lousy quality. It's garbage. Screwed-up the Win 98 O/S, too. I would never use such crappy player as RN trash. F*ck RN.
Jimmy Massey, a staff sergeant who was in the Marines for 12 years and served three months in Iraq before being honorably discharged with post-traumatic stress syndrome, will rot in hell for his lies. He's a scumbag and a coward.
Who the hell cares?
The airline industry is teetering on bankruptcy, and JetBlue is selling Boston to NYC seats for $25? No wonder they're all going under: lousy business ethics. If I ran my business like the airlines run theirs, I'd have gone under many years ago. PROFIT, morons.
F*ck-off, turd-world UN (Useless Nations). You aren't getting control of the Net.

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
A cell phone that points to Mecca? F*ck muslim (pigshit be upon them) filth. The US Military could use the phones to direct 30 megaton nukes at their un-holy sites (pigshit be upon them).
The US Government's whitewash and cover-up of the OU suicide-bombing continues. Subhuman muslim garbage were behind it and used the dumbassed Joel "Joe" Henry Hinrichs to carry-out their jihad. I'm greatly disappointed, but not surprised, at the FBIs lies and dodging the truth of what happened. OU President David Boren is a liar and scumbag.
All muslims are potential murderers, therefore profiling is a valid technique. No, muslims are NOT a race. They're adherents to islam, a death cult of murder and terrorism. New Jersey is a f*cked-up, liberal shithole, full of muslim terrorists and other islamic filth. I hope NJ is thoroughly nuked and burns into eternity.
You'd better "lay low" murderous, subhuman OU muslim "students"; we're coming for you, next, after we round-up and execute islamic-muslim terrorist cells, around the US. And we will, pigshit filthies. You're on the radar screen, head-cutters.
Pigshit-sucking, lowlife islamic filth, dirtbag muslim garbage, continue the LIE, and the world continues to believe it.
Why is the US Dept of Justice and the FBI covering-up the OU-muslim-convert bomber, Joel Hinrichs III, of Colorado? What are they hiding?
Do you remember 9-11, when the murderous, subhuman, pigshit-gulping muslim filth attacked America? Here's the FR.com live thread, that horrible day.
F*ck Pakistan. All muslim filth are the world's enemy. 20-30-40-50,000+ dead? GOOD! More; many, many, many more DEAD mUSLIMS, please! Billions would be good.
President Bush today accused the Syrian government of looking the other way as suicide-bent insurgents flow across its border into Iraq to commit mayhem. MEMO to President Bush: bomb the f*ck out of Damascus, sir. Kill several hundred thousand sand niggers.
Ahhhhhhhhhh, The Religion of Peace™ strikes again, with more murder, rapes, death and hell that islam (pigshit be upon it).
F*ck islam (pigshit be upon it), President Bush.
Seven "myths" of islam? Pigshit islam is a myth.
Don't just arrest the muslim terrorists, Brits; KILL THEM!
Track down and kill this pigshit-sucking, subhuman muslim dirtbag, Ali Ahmed Ali Hamad. Kill him.
Kill Ahmed Omar Abu Ali. He's subhuman pigshit filth.
Track down all the subhuman pigshit filth in the muslim Brotherhood, and KILL THEM all!

Lowlifes, Dirtbags and Assorted Scum™.
Jessica Biel is a plastic surgery, botox, silicon-enhanced pig. Esquire Magazine couldn't find its own ass with both hands in a well-lit room. Zero credibility. Gong Li is a skank (represents the 30-somethings), Sharon Stone is a lesbo whore (the 40-somethings) and Rene Russo is a saggy-baggy (the 50-somethings).
Awwwwwwwwwww, another subhuman shithole country in Africa, Malawi, has a "food crisis" going on? Wake-up subhumans: you're living in a f*cking desert, assholes, and you have corrupt, murderous dictators ruining what's left. Either leave or die. You'll not get a dime from me, morons. Personally, I'd rather see the continent of Africa die, and then start over with real humans, not continue funding a prehistoric way of death.
October 11th, murderous muslim attacks? Mmmmmmmm...
Yes, I'd support an abortion in this case; mentally-ill, Scientology-shithead, Tom Cruise, should NOT be allowed to breed with anyone. He should be sterilized and so should his ugly, skanky new bitch, Katie "The Whore" Holmes.
Too bad Mark David Chapman didn't empty the rest of the gun's bullets into this untalented, skanky jap bitch, Yoko Ono, after he killed John Lennon, back in the 80s.
Jack White, a reporter whose story on President Nixon's underpayment of income taxes won a Pulitzer Prize and prompted Nixon to utter the famous line, "I am not a crook," died Wednesday at 63 of AIDS. Good riddance, asshole. Rot in hell, scumbag.
I spit, piss and shit on left-wing, liberal-socialist, nazi bastard, dirtbag commie, Germany's outgoing chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, leftist-turd-boy-punk.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Subhuman piece-of-shit, William C. Davis, 33, of Wadesville, Indiana, faces charges of molesting three Indiana boys last year and failing to register as a sex offender. He was convicted of child molestation in 1992. Kill him.
Some people are just too f*cking stupid to be walking around, amongst the rest of us: Nickolai Cinchock, 32, needs killing. He's a drug-addicted piece-of-subhuman-shit. Kill him.
Ahhhhhhh, a junkie, subhuman-faggot-sodomite "blast from the past": Boy George truly needs killing. He's an AIDS-infected, alcoholic, drug-addict, child-molesting pedophile, piece-of-shit. Head shot is called for.
I just love it when subhuman filth, like 72-year-old James Anthony Decosta, "commit suicide by cop". Good riddance and rot in hell, subhuman.
Raymond Bermudez, 29, an illegal alien piece of subhuman wetback filth, needs killing, for killing 3 people and injuring 8 others. Shoot the spic.
Kill Ali Ahmed Ali Hamad, immediately. He's pigshit.
Patty Hearst? Who? A 70s skank and two-bit whorebag, slutfilth, piece-of-shit? Phew, dumbass bitch. Shoot her in the empty head. She's subhuman filth and deserves death for 70s terrorism.
Hamas leader, Mahmoud Al-Zahar, needs killing, as do of the cowardly, subhuman, pigshit-gulping, sodomite murderers in Hamas.
The Supreme Court refused Tuesday to take the case of California death row inmate, Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a founder of the Crips street gang, whose later work for peace won him Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Williams is a murderous piece of shit. He needs to die. Kill him. I would, gladly.
Slimy, traitorous turd, Daniel Ellsberg, should have been shot back in the 70s, and should be still executed today.
Hey, US Government: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez needs killing. Git 'r done.
St Louis agreed to pay 25 homeless people $80,000 to settle a lawsuit, accusing police of harassing and unjustly jailing them to clear downtown over the Fourth of July weekend last year. Un-freaking-believeable. Head-shoot them all or put them into mental asylums, for life.
Subhuman, illegal alien, wetback spic, Irving Ramirez, 23, needs killing: he's a cop killer. Rest in Peace, Officer Niemi.
Dustin Honken — 37, formerly of Britt, was convicted in October 2004 of murdering five people in 1993 — needs killing. Iowa is a chickenshit, shithole liberal state, afraid to do the right thing. Sure has changed since I went to Drake University, in Des Moines, back in the late 60s.

The Beatles Anomalies List.
Beatlemania lives on (even if all the band members don't). More than 30 years after the Fab Four broke up, fans continue to obsess over every little thing John, Paul, George, and Ringo did, said, and recorded. This massive site lists hundreds of oddities and curiosities that got into Beatle recordings due to equipment hiccups, human error, and design. From a flat guitar in "Can't Buy Me Love" to an early trumpeter in "Yellow Submarine," it's all going on here. The great mystery of which Beatle sang a snippet of "She Loves You" at the end of "All You Need Is Love" is finally solved. You'll learn why "I Am the Walrus" includes verses of Shakespeare's King Lear. Don't miss the real explanation of the "Paul is dead" controversy in "I'm So Tired." True Beatles fans will be thankful for this little bit of help from their friends.

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