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Friday, October 15, 1999

i never know when the pols are just kidding, or when they're serious. They're such masters at masking the truth, a scarce and fragile commodity in any candidate these days. Once they say something stupid, as all are wont to do, it's too late to retract it. Occasionally, the lib-dems are known for their outright compassion. Mostly, they're scum who can't hold real jobs in the real world. Many in Congress are criminals in their own right. Others are just plain morons, wannabe politicians.

My Epiphany.
Last week, when Lynetta was here, we again visited Longwood Gardens to see what we'd missed in early Spring, and we also visited its sister location, Winterthur Gardens & Museum in nearby Delaware actually just 5 miles south of Longwood, on RT 52 and I was very impressed with Winterthur and its surrounds. If you ever get the chance, do go and spend some time there.
I was especially impressed about the DuPonts leaving both properties to their own separate foundations in order to perpetuate the legacy for the public. So much so that I've decided to do the same with my 20acre Garden Center & Nursery.
I'm now investigating, with my attorney, the setting up of a foundation, which I would initially fund, but which would later be endowed by multi-level, private benefactors. The as-yet-unnamed Botanic Gardens & Horticultural Center would gradually be phased in to replace the GC&N and would offer rare, unusual and hard-to-find plant material only, much as we do now. The difference would be the complete elimination of all common, run-of-the-mill plants which are available almost everywhere. I also envision an appropriately-named scholarship at Penn State/ York Campus for students interested in making horticulture their life's work. Cool.
Never having done something on such a scale even the massive construction of this multi-million dollar complex pales before what I'm considering I have a lot of questions, which my attorney will be able to answer. I hope. We'll get into it and get the answers I need, soon.
Over the coming Winter, I'll begin planning more display gardens, walking trails, forests, groves, strategic tree placement, wildflower meadows, additional irrigation systems and much more. Within ten years, it'll look like a naturalized landscape, since I'll start with large trees and shrubs. Hey, I'm almost 50 now, and I can't wait for little trees and shrubs to grow up.

Around The Garden Center.
Last Friday, Lynetta grabbed a pre-scheduled flight on Fontier Airlines from BWI (Baltimore-Washington International), and I fought the traffic back from BWI, during rush hour. Almost 5hrs for a 47mile drive. As much as I hate flying, I would have rather been the one flying, not driving in all that humanity and road rage.
We had a wonderful rainy weekend; almost 1.5" coming Saturday night and Sunday. The ground level moisture is slowly returning, lakes and ponds are refilling, nervous people becoming less nervous about the drought situation.
For over a week now, we've been prepping for Winter. Many container plants are being weeded and put away in either greenhouses 2-3-4-5-6 for storage, even though the 25% Off Fall Sale continues. My landscape crew has what they need to get the remaining jobs completed; we're easily still booked through December and will keep working until the ground freezes. The bulk of the nursery stock in containers will be stored beginning in November, after the sale ends; the B&B (balled and burlapped) material stays in ground for the Winter.
Tuesday evening, I gave a talk to the York Rotary Club about my background, business, philosophy and recent epiphany. The average age of a York Rotarian is around 77, so at 49, I was the youngest whippersnapper in the room. Instead of the allotted 25-30mins, the talk lasted well over 1:45, with Q&As following. Nice people, pillars of the community, most had been to my place of business, all knew of me.
Wednesday evening, I'm just back from a wonderful turkey/ filling/ mashed potatoes/ peas/ corn/ dessert dinner with my parents and sister Becky, listening to a "Hard Days Night" on the local Oldies 96.1FM, Beatles 1964, when I was in Great Britain for 40 days. I'd gone for a Boy Scout Jamboree in Swansea, North Wales, and toured The Isles for weeks afterward. Beatlemania had just been unleashed upon the doo-bop and crooner world; it was also a sea change, a watershed, an epiphany. What a rush, man!

Lib-Dem Scum.
Political Puppy whackers? You bet. The f*cking son-of-a-bitch pol. Please, let me have at him with a wiffle ball bat, shovel or my bare hands. Bang-Zoom dead!
Lib-dem Sen, Paul "I'm Mentally Ill" Wellstone-Wellfare, from Minnesota can't handle Jesse "The Mind's a Terrible Thing To Waste" Ventura's comments in the Playboy article and interview. Read the Wellstone moron's inane comments.
Typical of the lib-dem scum are GoreBore's and Bradley's spend, spend, spend budgets, wiping out the budget surplus and then some. Those two morons can't balance a budget if their lives depended upon it. All they can do is take Taxpayer's money and use it for citizen-crippling social programs to continue turning America into a welfare state.
Big mouth, shit for brains Bubba Clinton stepped into it by defaming the Irish as drunks; now he wishes he'd kept his ignorant mouth shut. Too late, Clinton moron; the damage is done.
Read about the lib-dem fascist filth f*cking up our Nation, as if you didn't already know.

Bullshit Dep't.
That a bunch of lard-asses can't take responsibility for their own lives is pathetic; the lowlife fatties who sued AHP (American Home Products) and won a judgment against the company. Truly a f*cked up legal system; putting all it's eggs in the corrupt, lib-dem judge's basket. Thousands of tons of fat were lost before heart damage was discovered. f*ck 'em; they got what they deserved.
Denied leniency? Sure, he should be denied leniency; he should be tortured for the remaining years he has in prison.
Just as her liar-rapist-cokehead-in-chief-moron husband parsed the word "is" and lied to the entire Nation and a US Grand Jury, the Hitlery scuz has cemented her position. Good riddance, bitch.
I can't f*cking believe this shit: 28 secs of turbulence and passengers sue and get $2.22 million, just for nothing. Turbulence is part of flying; airlines have no direct control over it. Why should 29 morons plus an unscrupulous, shyster-lawyer-lowlife get millions? They should get zippo. Next time, take the f*cking train. Isn't that why seatbelts are mandated by airlines?
Beanie Babies? Well sure, that's something worth Killing another person over and getting a death sentence.
This is the first example of bio-terrorism, though the Government won't admit it, and it will continue and get worse. Just wait until the Islamic towelhead mutherf*cking scum unleash anthrax or worse upon us.
Here's a bright spot in an otherwise terrible situation in Taiwan.
How come they can swim in their own juices? And we can't? f*cking A!
One of the worst pieces of subhuman, murderous shit, OJ Simpson, is back in the news again with drugs and unruly women. He's a idiot, not a black man. And he should be on death row for Killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend. What a piece of scum.
Hey, I don't have a problem with the military helping out in the likely event of a terrorist attack; the civilian authorities aren't all that competent, from what I've seen.
No f*cking way! The piece of commie shit illegal alien scum Castro is coming to the US? For a World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting? Arrest and execute the scumbag. Free Cuba from that 40 year horror they've endured at his dirty, blood stained hands.
Aw gee whiz, old hypocrite Bernie-Baby Lewinsky, father of the fatso depressive blow-job intern queenie, is upset at a TV show using the term, getting a Lewinsky, for a blow-job. Sounds great to me. Tough shit, father of slut girl, work through it. Your daughter's a proven whore; she's got a long history of f*cking married men. She munched the so-called president's weenie. Live with that fact. Quit your whining, scumbag.
JFC, they still can't get it right. What'll it take to find out who whacked the girl? How sad and pathetic. There's a murderer walking loose, dontcha know?
This is just an excuse for really really fat people to either put on Spandex® or bathing suits showing so much white/ black or brown blubber rubbed with 30w motor oil, and wolfing down Double Whoppers w/ Dbl Cheese hold the Pickle, extra Mayo Twinkies and double Diet Cola. Like the diet cola thing will absolve another 3-4lbs of blubber being added from that meal, alone. execute them all; save all the National Resources we can.
What the f*ck do these shit-for-brains idiots in Colorado know about truth and NewsValue? Not a f*cking thing!
Damn, another Clintonista scumbag gets off the hook for his/ her criminal activity. Those filth have covered their tracks, all too well.
Hey, arm the anti-Milosevic protestors with 9mm Glocks; that'll even up the odds with the police-aided thugs.

Execute Them Now Dep't.
The death penalty is the only civilized way to deal with murderers, despite the pathetic bleatings of the whining, liberal Death Penalty Information Center. Who the f*ck are they, anyway? They don't represent shit.
Want to see what a fat, stinking, subhuman, dead murderer looks like after execution in the Florida State electric chair, called Old Sparky? Other great shots here and here.
I've been saying since '96 that, in addition to executing murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors should also be terminated with extreme prejudice. Chicago finally caught one of the serial murderer-rapists who've terrorized a neighborhood for years. Time to die, lowlife scumbag.
This piece of subhuman shit truly deserves the death penalty for a dismemberment murder in Maryland several years ago. He fled to Israel, claimed immunity from extradition and the shithole state gave him sanctuary from the law.
Well, well, well, the so-called crazy as a loon Unabomber scumbag would rather die than spend his pathetic, miserable life behind bars. Heck, we can accommodate that wish. Instead of wasting $100,000 per year on that subhuman piece of shit, let's al chip in $1 and have him fried. Here's my buck.
Once again, The US Supreme Court has struck a blow for the crippled Legal System in ruling that prisoners have "no state or federal constitutional right to an appointed lawyer" after they exhaust their first round of appeals. I love it. Execute the scum immediately.
On the way home from work on Wednesday, I heard that PA Gov Tom Ridge signed the Death Warrant for cop Killing subhuman piece of idiot filth, Mumia Abu Jamal (aka LeRoy Tyrone Johnson). By mid-evening, I heard nothing from any media. I emailed my editors list and informed them of the news and where to get it locally in Harrisburg. Tick, tick, tick... Still nothing at 9pm. Boy are these people here in Pennsyl-tucky slow! Tick, tick, tick... Gov Ridge, although commendable he signed the Death Warrant, should have been waiting for the US Supreme Court's ruling last week denying scumbag's delaying-tactic appeal, and signed the Warrant immediately. Ah-ha, here's the story, finally posted. Die, idiot, die.

True to his continual lies, AlGoreBore is a piece of shit, lying about everything he can, to enhance a very tarnished image of deception and corruption. His redneck, criminal Daddy was a prime example of lib-dem corruption..
Can you imagine the AFL-CIO criminals giving a so-called endorsement to AlGoreBore moron for 2000? These sleazy liberal filth will endorse any piece of subhuman shit offered up. The sons of bitches will endorse any scumf*cker lib-dem lowlife, as s/he's lib-dem filth. Unions have no moral or ethics. They're filth. Hey, lowlife liberal filth: go f*ck yourselves. Hey Sweeney garbage, you suck dead dick, Mick-dog, boy. The AFL-Cio is truly shit trash, criminal filth. Unions are losers; witness the support the criminal AFL-Cio gave Walter Mon-Dull in '83.

Read this article about Jamestown, VA, and the archaeological digs continuing today. It'll change your mind about the dwindling White-European-Dominated-History. Any contractors, cowards?

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