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Friday, October 16, 1998

there's an old saying here in York County, PA: I've had the shits of this. Apropos for this whole stinking Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal, I think. I'm tired of the lowlife liberal Democrats lying and denying to protect Clinton's sorry ass; equally tired of the morally pure Republicans rushing headlong into a massacre de la impromptu. The Nation and the World are weary of it all, too. There are so many more important things to be concerned about other than Clinton and his bimbo eruption-erections. Impeach the son-of-a-bitch and let's get back to some sense of National normalcy.

The Why's & Wherefore's.
Six months ago, I had only a vague idea that events would take the turn they have. I once had great confidence in my Fellow Americans that We'd be able to discern right from wrong, moral from immoral and amoral, and good from evil. I was wrong.
Here's more proof that the vast majority of Americans are f*cked up. Here's more proof that those who vote, aren't, and a very lucid explanation of why Clinton's poll numbers look 60-70% better than they actually are. So does this piece explain the perceived anomaly well.
His particularly evil brand of non character has infected the majority of Americans, it seems: Clinton is more popular now than before the impeachment hearing was voted on to proceed.
My so-called Fellow Americans are unanimous (so sayeth the Polls) in calling for a quick end and token closure to this whole sad, Clinton-generated event. Instead of collectively saying, We've had enough and We're not going to take it anymore, the collective American Public (not me) caved and said, Sure, he's a lying, immoral and unethical moron, but my pockets are full and I'm fat and happy. f*ck it; move on without the appropriate punishment. As a Nation, We're covered in Clintonshit and smelling bad to the World for it.
More troubling is that We've become immune and are getting used to it.

A First. Almost.
We've never had to deal in realtime with such a sex-addicted, lowlife, scumbag as William Jefferson Clinton before. Even Nixon and Johnson weren't that bad. But deal with it now, we must.
Despite the continued lying-denying from The White House and twisted rationalizations from liberal Democrat filth and the Black Congressional Caucus Uncle Toms in Congress, it would appear that the system is once again working, unlike Congress who has decided to take the rest of the year off. The Congressional Uncle Toms even believe that Clinton is their first black president. Does the phrase, shit for brains adequately describe these folks? And Bubba thought that Monica's blue dress was sticky when they finished playing hide-the-salami in The Oral Orifice; it's going to get a lot stickier very soon for him and his criminal friends.
The lib-Dem's scorched earth policy may still be ready for implementation, whether they agree anymore or not. That would be a huge tactical error which would damage people in both parties, just so the Clintonoids could hold on to office a little longer. Clinton's place in history is already a joke; the scorched earth policy would destroy even that minuscule place of degradation and laughter.
There's much more to come out about Clinton's perjurative, immoral and unethical behavior. Here's one ditty just about to re-surface. And this one targets both Bubba & Hitlery. I have no problem seeing both of them burn in hell for their myriad crimes; they've gotten away with too much over the years. They both need punishment for their sinful transgressions.
The sad part is that there's not a 2/3rd (67 votes) majority in the cowardly US Senate, to convict and impeach the Clintonoid moron, once the US House of Representatives gets finished recommending impeachment. Scumbags, all 100 of them. It'll probably be whittled down to a censure; an illegal act not provided for or permitted by The US Constitution. They'll whine and rationalize it as the best course, when impeachment clearly is.
When common, everyday, ordinary citizens get prison time for perjury, and the so-called president doesn't, something's gravely wrong in this country. Over 100 are currently serving time for perjury; Clinton should be included.
The other really sad part of all of this Clinton-induced national trauma is that the US Senate will probably spend most of 1999 trying Clinton, and not working on things which are important to the Nation's collective health.
Then, there's the AlGore scumbag, a criminal like his redneck Daddy who was driven out of political office in Tennessee in the 60s for corruption and immorality. Hey Al: Eat shit and die, just like your corrupt Daddy did. AlGore doesn't have a snowball's chance of winning diddly-shit in 2000, even though he's distanced himself from Bubba & Hitlery. He's a piece of shit, nothing, zero, lackluster moron and some of America truly knows about it.

whack This Scum.
Another piece of subhuman filth has had its life temporarily spared by the liberal US court system. His mommy interceded and convinced the shit-for-brains judges that the abuse he received as a punk outweighed the heinous rape, torture and murder of a 3 year old boy, his mother and the mother's friend.
This is another clearly illustrated case of the US legal system f*cking up and protecting the criminal while ignoring the rights of the victims, all now quite dead. The murderer admitted to the crime and wants to die; well, what the f*ck are we waiting for?
A competency hearing? Uhhh, he knows what he did was wrong, and he knows what death is. What else is there? Throw the switch, warden. Case closed. Problem solved. Next?
And execute these scum, too, while the electric chair's warmed up from the last lowlife murderer. This piece of shit, too. And this subhuman filth, too.
This subhuman piece of shit needs to die upon conviction.
And so does this lowlife, white trash scumbag needs to die for his murderous behavior.
Virginia has the guts to execute subhuman filth, despite pleas from liberal scumbag democrats and that f*cked up organization, Amnesty International. Bravo, Virginia!
What the hell is the rest of America waiting for?

No New Laws Needed.
Sure, it was a horrible event and travesty. But, typical of liberal shitscum filth: pass a new f*cking law when there's already two or three on the books that more than cover any crimes. It's a PR stunt: trick the masses into thinking the lib-Dems have actually done something, when they haven't.
Hey America: wake the f*ck up! Enforce the laws against murder which are already on the goddamned subhuman filth 3,700+ on Death Row alone and execute the motherf*ckers! What's the f*ck's wrong with you queers? Execute the whackers! Then there won't be anymore Killing. It's pretty simple for you, isn't it? The lib-Dem distorted mentality burdens you with unnecessary images of torture and justice.
Hate crime laws aren't needed: simple enforcement of existing laws are. Pure and simple.

Deadly Gardens.
I built part of my Garden Center & Nursery's reputation on rare, unusual and hard-to-find plant species, but I'm carefully reconsidering that whole proposition after reading about smart pollution.
I've seen plants which can grow up to 40ft per day; the kudzu vine from South America now growing all over the southern US, engulfing homes in a single day and entire forests in a matter of weeks. Purple loosestrife and water hyacinths, both ornamental water plants, clog up streams and lakes. Hundreds and thousands of other examples are rampant around the world.
For the past two years, I've extolled the virtues of using native species of a certain quality, instead of importing exotics.
In some regions, it appears that almost irreparable damage has been done; the entire balance of Nature is about to change. Other regions are just becoming ripe for the same problem.

Beautiful Photography.
The virtual Photography Museum is a real InterNet treasure. Free admission and all the hot dogs you can eat. Sure, bring the kids and grandma, too.

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