Friday, October 1, 1999

Plants are smarter than Humans, by a long shot. (BTW, coniferous means "with cones, seed".) They've existed on Primordial Earth for millions of years, dwarfing any Human accomplishment by eons. Two long-lived plant species come to (my) mind immediately Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) and Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva) are among the oldest known on Earth. They know, unlike the Human weaklings who mistakenly think they control and dominate the Earth, how to survive drought, floods, pestilence, plagues and other natural and man-made disasters, which would exterminate the Homo Sapiens group of Luddites. We could take untold lessons from those two plants.

Around The Garden Center.
12" of rain for September here in York County, PA and 8.5" from Floyd, alone; no complaints We could have used that anytime during this past Summer, but better late than never, I guess.
It was a very busy weekend last week here and I was caught short-handed on Saturday. People are "magically appearing" from 5 surrounding states to shop here, apparently unaware that the Drought of '99 isn't over. I gently remind them that it isn't, and counsel them in watering techniques.
My annual 25% Off Fall Sale and Hurricane Floyd have both contributed to peoples' eagerness to get back into landscaping their properties.
My friend, Lynetta, flew in from Portland to BWI on Tuesday for a 10-day visit with me. We met on the 'Net. I'd planned on taking 4-5 days off to spend with her, doing day trips all around the area. We spent another day at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA, seeing what we didn't see back in April. I also had the condo's carpets professionally cleaned, something I do every 4 years; with two cats, it's mandatory. Jeeez, she's got 12 cats at her home in Mt Ranier, OR, but they're indoor-outdoor felines; my two are strictly indoor. Big difference.
The Spring Bulbs (Fall planted) also arrived this week and were immediately priced and set up into displays. We have a few of the usuals, but many, many rare, unusual and hard-to-find varieties that no one else carries.
Very strong thunderstorms blew through overnight Wednesday and Thursday morning, and dumped 2"+ of rain on the area. Groundwater is slowly being replenished the operative word here being slowly. On the way in to work, it was barely 50F after the cold front moved through; kinda felt like November. I fired up the pilot lights on the office heater, checked GH-1s heater and tested them all. With nighttime temps in the upper 30s, heaters are now called for.
I was amazed to hear that Denver got 6" of snow on Wednesday. That's a clear warning sign to me to have my crews begin preparations for putting away thousands of pieces of container nursery stock trees, shrubs and perennials while the large B&B (balled and burlapped) trees are well heeled in the ground for the coming Winter. It's about a 2-3 week process, usually triggered by the first weather reports of snow in the Upper Plains and Rockies.
Y2K? Yes, we're working on it. All my office and home computers are now compliant, but I'm still worried about the public and corporate sectors. What they don't do right and screw up worries the living shit outta me; it can seriously impact my business. Without power, gas heaters don't work and tens-of-thousands of dollars of tender, tropical plant material can be lost in the Main Greenhouse over the Winter. I'm investigating portable, back-up generators now. I've got my condo stocked for any eventuality: food, heat, light, water.

Bullshit Dept.
Where do these morons come from? The lowlife Donald Trump is now considering running for president, as is the liberal scumbag Warren Beatty and the liberal bimbo and space cadet, Cybil Shephard. Clinton has certainly lowered the bar and playing field.
Talk about scum: a group of scummy, black lowlifes tried to sue the tobacco companies for aiming menthol cigarettes at their "community". Yeah sure, like a gun was held to their empty, nappy heads and they were forced to smoke KOOL or another brand. They need to wake up and take some responsibility for their pathetic, miserable lives. Maybe they should go to and spend some time there reading educational materials.
Kick ass, Rudy! Clean The Sewer up. We support whatever you do. I don't have a problem with anything the NYC Cops did except for shoving that broomstick handle up illegal immigrant's ass to clean up The Big Apple. That was stupid, asinine and cruel, not to mention messy. They should have shot the piece of shit illegal immigrant in the head, and composted the body. Habeas corpus, baby.
The fascist, commie scum filth at the UN are now talking about worldwide gun control. Sure, you Third World shitheads, try to get my guns away from me.
Three and a half years later, the government is still covering up the truth about TWA Flight 800, while the evidence mounts, and the impotent US Congress doesn't have the balls to re-open the investigation.
Here's what the Government has in store for us in case of Y2 Chaos. Nice, huh?
No loss here; bye bye, Danny Quayle. Go get a job and earn a living, for once in your pathetic life. Go learn to spell potato/ potatoe and maybe you'll make something out of your miserable life.
And while we're at it here, get out of the GOP, you lardass, worthless redneck, Buchanan moron! We don't need you; never did, lowlife.
Hey, redskin scum: instead of building an idiotic museum to your inglorious past, why not try to do something positive for your pathetic, alcohol (firewater) riddled future, you lowlife, lazy scumbags? You're so inept and ignorant that 70% of your mongoloid-based people are unemployed, crime is rampant on the reservations, and drugs and alcohol dominates your everyday lives. Stop playing with baskets and beads, get on with life.
Once again, you dumb shit for brains bitch Hitlery, you're wrong: taking all city funding away from slanderous exhibits such as the Virgin Mary embellished with elephant dung is the only way to force that shit out of public view. I'm not Catholic and it offends me. Run the liberal scumfilth into the ground, Rudy! A piece of shit, liberal Federal Judge will now decide The Truth of the matter.
Aw gee, Bubba, what's the matter? Can't you handle the tough questions without losing your temper, lowlife?
In the same vein that the morally-corrupt and ethically-bankrupt liberal establishment has sought to sue tobacco companies and gun manufacturers for their users role in Killing themselves, why not sue the automobile and restaurant industries for also Killing millions of people? These idiots in The Dept of (In)Justice just can't find their own asses with both hands, and don't have a handle on reality.
What did these liberal pieces of shit raise? Nothing worthwhile for mankind. The stupid, fat, bloated Jerry Lewis scumbag or the shit in my pants Christopher Reeves are dogshit, as is the AIDS-infected Sharon Stone slut. Worthless scum to the cause, basically. Dying painfully would be the kindest cut to all of them.
One of the worst groups of lowlife, scum is the whining, bed wetting, hand wringing Amnesty International, liberal degenerates. It'd be my absolute pleasure to permanently decimate them.
Mexico is the most worthless, piece of shit trading partner the USA has ever had; totally worthless illegal alien scum.
They should be rewarded for helping to clean-out some of the filthy, lowlife, worthless immigrant scum in NYC, not be tried for it. What's wrong with the f*cked up US Legal System?
Two more nutcases, Jesse "shit For Brains" Ventura and Warren "No Brains At All" Beatty are indeed laughable, ineffective, pathetic entities of no consequence.
Two f*cked up liberal scumfilth judges from guess where? California have ruled that gun manufacturers are liable when their weapons are used in the commission of a crime, and can be sued. Out-f*cking-rageous! This'll go to the US Supreme Court as a direct challenge to The Second Amendment freedom. First, the Government scum sued and won against the tobacco companies. Next, the liberal morons will target auto makers and sue the Killing machines for over ten times the death rate of shooting incidents, food manufacturers and restaurant owners for driving up the Nation's cholesterol ... where does it end? When do people take responsibility for their own actions? Or does the Government want to socialize everyone's life and be our "protector"? That's fascism and communism, true hallmarks of the Left Wing Nuts.
Somehow, I just don't see what the problem is. Let AIDS run rampant throughout the world, infect and whack a couple of billion scum; hell, the 6 billion people now on the Earth are way, way too many. If they're truly that stupid and contract AIDS, let 'em die.

Clintonista Filth.
The big pushes during Clinton's two terms in office were to: raise taxes, cover up the Travelgate scandal, increase government spending, diversify the sexes from two to five, transfer America's manufacturing base to needy foreign countries, legitimize sexual deviancy, sissify the military, cover up Whitewater, foster class warfare, cover up the massacres of American citizens at Waco and Ruby Ridge, keep as many members of the cabinet out of jail as possible, shred 12 tons of incriminating documents, defend racial discrimination against people of non-color, defend welfare as we know it, strip marriage of its meaning by extending its benefits to odd couples, defend and promote infanticide, register welfare recipients to vote, expand benefits for illegal aliens, blame school violence on inanimate objects, recruit illegal aliens to the Democrat Party, raise money to defend the president against a pants-dropping charge, put the Creator of the Universe under house arrest, confiscate private property, control the amount of water used in a toilet flush, deny parents the right to choose schools for their children, mainstream hustler Larry Flynt, subvert the Constitution with loophole-lawyering, return California and Texas to Mexico, foster anti-American multiculturalism, start Cold War II, promote the idea that oral sex is not sex, mangle the English language with legal babble, prove you can lie under oath and get away with it, establish the moral precedent that adultery is OK if the wife doesn't care, protect endangered weeds and kangaroo rats from farmers, keep Hillary out of jail, develop an affirmative-action program for a venereal disease, promote cigars as sex toys, rent out the Lincoln Bedroom, put degeneracy on a pedestal, socialize medicine, sell nuclear secrets to China, criminalize 'incorrect' thought, use the United Nations to teach Third World countries the joys of wholesale abortions, cover up the cover-ups, meddle in the internal affairs of other nations, wage illegal wars, and teach underage children how to have sex without consequences. Some legacy.
Oh, so Bubba's in excellent health; physical health, that is, because his mental health is in grave doubt. He's also riddled with STD sexually transmitted disease and that's why doctors won't release his medical records. JFK was in worse shape with STDs than Clinton, records show.
Mean while, the Hitlery whore is edging to get her more-than-ample-ass kicked by Rudy Guiliani in the NY Senatorial race. Go, you fat-hipped, ignorant lib-dem, criminal bitch, go!
If there was ever a lowlife, piece of shit, subhuman, mutherf*cker who needed execution, it's Bubba The First Liar, Criminal, Rapist, Cokehead & Molester. Do you agree, liberal democrat, idiots?
Still lying through his teeth to America, the Clintonoid scumf*cker thinks America forgave him: WE DIDN'T! Maybe your whore-bitch wife and dog-faced daughter did, but America hates your stinking guts, Bubba! Wake the f*ck up and see reality, for once in your pathetic life, shithead redneck.
Aw gee: Bubba Clinton lost his temper when asked questions about his criminal activities in a variety of topics. Christ, what an cornered, pathetic, moron Billy-Bob-Bubba Clinton is. As if you didn't already know. Well, at least he didn't call anyone idiotS this time around. That's a first.
Atta boy, Alex! You liberal, piece of lowlife shit, lying lowlife, democrat filth. Why not use condemned prisoners for the experiments, instead of innocent animals? I would, in a heartbeat.

Terminate 'Em.
If there was ever a lowlife, piece of towelheaded shit who needs Killing, this mutherf*cker is it.
Shooting pregnant cows to death isn't a nice thing to do just "because" (their excuse). I can't understand mankind's cruelty to animals and to each other. Execute these two morons.
f*ck Oregon's law which says that a 15 year old can't be executed for murder; that's a load of shit. Jail the little scumf*cker until s/he's either 18 or 21, and then execute the piece of shit. The punk deserves to die for Killing his parents and two school classmates.
Bravo Florida! The electric chair isn't cruel or unusual punishment, as compared to what murderers do to their victims. Not at all. In any case, why should society be concerned about what the f*ck happens to a murderer?
Oh, this bitch surely needs to die for microwaving her one month old baby top death. Forget the bullshit medical excuses.
While I detest the commie politics and brutal methods, I applaud their execution plans for "deserving criminals". Yes, I do like that they execute within hours of conviction, not years down the road, as we cowardly f*cks do in this Country.
For the US Supreme Court to decide whether Congress exceeded its authority in allowing a rape victim to sue her attacker(s) is horseshit; it should be deciding whether the stinking rapist is either electrocuted of lethally injected.
For murdering the bride on her wedding day, the ex-boyfriend piece of shit gets ... guess what? Why death, of course. Pretty simple, actually. No bullshit medical excuses or legal lies, just execute him.
I've been saying for years that the horrid crime of pedophilia (aka child molestation) should also be re-classified as a Capitol Offense Crime, eligible for the Death Penalty. But the liberal scumfilth ACLU and other lowlife forms have decided that this is indeed not a serious matter, and have left it as a misdemeanor. What do you think should be done with child molesters?

GoreBore 2000.
AlGore is such a f*cking liberal democrat loser, he can't control his own election campaign. Idiots, morons and cretins are seeded so freely throughout his incompetent staff that he's now forced to retreat to that shithole state, Tennessee, with his tail(s) between his wobbly legs.

Clinton Photos.
These are the officially sanctioned pics of the First Couple of Scum. Enjoy.

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