a chill in the air

Friday, October 22, 1999

it's always a good sign to me when the heavy, Killing frost hits everything equally, caramelizing all the leaves' chlorophyll and revealing the plants' true colors. We've had a nightly frost for the past two weeks. I'm never disappointed. Since I'm not enamored with either Summer or Winter, yet revel in both Spring and Fall, this is now one of my seasons. When Winter arrives, it's either hit-or-miss; blizzards, ice storms or just cold. Summer arrives with oppressive hum-didity and 100F+ temps. The seasons are self-explanatory: they do what they do and are what they are. 'Nuff said.

Friday morning at 4:30am, when I got up to go to work, I noticed it was very cold in my condo, around ~54F. Hell, the heat was on when I crashed the night before. Even the two cats were under the covers with me. The furnace had quit working, the AC was non-functional as well. Bundling up in sweatshirts and a very thick bathrobe, I made a foray into the basement, checked the electrical panel, pilot light etc. Power was fine, pilot and furnace were dead. I put in an emergency call to the same HVAC Contractor in York who does work for my business. Within an hour, their on-call technician arrived with an armload of tools and parts.
The thermal coupler and pilot ignition switch had gone south; he replaced both within 3hrs. But the flu vent cap had also gone south, apparently during a violent wind storm. Instead of creating a positive updraft, the absent vent cap allowed a negative draft of cold air to infiltrate the furnace and extinguish the pilot light. The ignition switch kept trying to re-light the pilot, but burnt itself out instead. A new ignition switch was installed and a local sheet metal shop fabricated a new vent cap; the tech installed it later on Friday afternoon. Well, better to have this happen in mid-October than in January's bitter cold, or during a snowstorm.
Yikes! It happened again on Wednesday morning: dead furnace, no heat, no AC, no nothing. Another emergency call into the same HVAC Contractor in York who does work for my business. They sent another repair tech out, who re-adjusted the ignition switch, re-cleaned the burners and got it working.

Around The Garden Center.
The pace of work has picked up dramatically, as compared to six weeks ago, when the region was still suffering in the drought. It's amazing what 12" of rain in September and much cooler weather can do for peoples' collective psyche. My annual 25% Off Fall Nursery Stock Sale has again spurred much interest in getting landscape projects and tree installations done.
Saturday and Sunday were both fairly busy days at the GC&N with almost a dozen people coming in to review landscape plans we'd done previously and wanting to get on the list for Spring 2000. We're rapidly filling up slots for both maintenance and landscape projects for next year.
Two weeks ago, I bought a 5000w portable generator to power the complex in case Y2K comes true to prediction, but also for protection in the event of snowstorm or icestorm related loss of power. I've been very lucky so far in the 10 years I've been open, but all it takes is one major and protracted outage to loose everything. We're working on getting it installed and secured into the GC&N's power grid.
The Co-Ray-Vac Radiant Heating System which I installed 10 years ago in the main greenhouse is also having burner ignition problems. I have two heating specialists working on it, but it looks like the main controller box is burnt out. Cold weather is coming quickly and the tropical plants won't take temps much below 60F. Another local HVAC contractor who specializes in this radiant technology came for a service call on Wednesday afternoon, found a couple of problems, fixed them and re-wired the system, bypassing the Grotron II Controller box. It's now on a simple Honeywell thermostat until we can locate the error-prone printed circuit board and replace it. Well, better to have this happen in mid-October than in January's bitter cold, or during a snowstorm. Hmmm, I've said that before somewhere, I think.
Thursday morning, I worked on Generik's new website, making some final adjustments to the html and uploading the semi-finished pages to a local server. Although I built the initial framework and graphics for the website, Lynn's daughter, Ashley, has also been working on the pages since August, but because she's so busy with ECAs (extracurricular activities) at school, that Lynn and I figured we'd try to move the local band's website along whenever we can.

Bullshit Dep't.
How can any banking institution in its right mind finance the Clinton criminal's 30 year mortgage? Any lending officer with half of a brain would know the Clintonistas have over $5 million in legal liability still outstanding. Their liabilities far exceed their assets. Something smells, again.
This is why I despise religious cults and have no problem with what happened at Waco. They're nutcases and kooks, menaces to society. Gov Ventura's comments about "organized religion being a crutch for weak minded people" certainly applies here, more so than to the major religions.
Even for this day and age, it's a real stretch that one of the Columbine H.S. whacker's family is filing notice to sue authorities because they didn't tell the family that the kid was f*cked up and dangerous. Huh? Shouldn't the idiotic parents have known that first? It's really amazing how some people continue to duck responsibility and re-assign blame for their or their children's actions. This shouldn't even get into court.
The lowlife moron who created the Melissa Virus is going on trial in NJ; he needs to spend 10-15 years as someone's girlfriend in a very dank prison.
These two scum need to spend some serious prison time for using a machete on a barking dog. After 8 hours of surgery, the dog survived; these subhuman filth need to wind up in the same prison as the Melissa Virus originator. I have no patience or pity or lenience for people who mistreat animals, of any kind.
Sorry bitch: when you admit on a witness stand in front of a jury that you committed a crime, you face the penalty: death. I don't give a flying rats ass about your stinking rights, slut dog. You die. End of discussion. Why waste the SCOTUS' time?
The US Senate Criminals cast a nothing vote against crime, scumf*ckers all of them.
Atta boy, Jesse! Stall that criminal racist idiot bitch's nomination until hell freezes over. She's a crooked Clintonista through and through, using campaign monies to pay for personal luxuries. The voters in Illinois threw the scumbagette out. She's not fit to represent anyone, anywhere. Back to the ghetto, slut scum.
The Clinton Presidential Library? It's a f*cking adult bookstore with porno tapes and flicks; nothing more. The most unethical, corrupt criminal ever to occupy The White House shouldn't be allowed to even have a library. He should be banished to some third world country, never to return here again.
I can't believe this criminal whore, Tonya Harding, is back in skating or the public view. She's a criminal bitch and deserves to do jail time with some 300lb dykes.
Another Clintonista criminal, Bruce Babbit, slipped off the investigator's hook recently, but there's more evidence available that other crimes were committed on his watch. He's a lying slimeball, just like Clinton.
This stupid towelheaded piece of shit Fayed, still can't get used to the fact that his lazy, worthless son and Diana the slut were both whacked by a drunken driver employed by him. He's on a fantasy trip that there was an international conspiracy to keep his bum son from becoming the Diana slut's husband and away from her kids, who are in line for Britain's throne.
Time for this piece of shit porn scum to go to prison and let the Net clean itself up. There's way too much trash and porn out there and this scumbag is responsible for a whole lot of it. Jail him; let a 450lb inmate make this guy his "girlfriend".
I once thought John McCain (R-AZ) was one of the few honest people in the US Congress, but I've since learned otherwise. He's as bad, and maybe worse, than the other criminals and cowards who live there.
How does a Judge get beaten unconscious and two deputies injured by a prisoner in manacles and leg irons? Those irons are supposed to disable prisoners. Unless, of course the lowlife wasn't chained up. The deputies should have shot the scumbag, not tried to subdue him.
Though I would have liked to see her as the first woman candidate for the GOPnominatiom, she was a waste of time. No ideas and no platform. Worthless as tits on a bull; much the same as her worthless, crippled hubby in '96, whom I voted for. anything but the Clintonista, criminal filth-f*ckers. She lost because she'd campaigned for hubby "Bob" in '96, a totally worthless and losing candidate, from the get-go. 'Nuff said.
I'd like to see these Muslim filth-f*cker-scum militants, executed wholesale, worldwide; they're subhuman garbage and lowlife trash. Execution is the only way to resolve their inhumane position in society. Bang Zoom, baby!
JFC: shoot this towelheaded Muslim f*cking dog and free the country to elect something human. Time to die, Islam filth f*cker scum. You're past due.
The scummiest, pervert-riddled chat rooms, lowlife, subhuman garbage operation I've ever seen is AOL (morons On Line), pure shit and diahrrea in the InterNet World. Steve Case is a piece of shit, and so is his low class product. It just goes to show you that anyone on AOL (morons On Line) is a brainless, moronic lowlife who can't navigate through cyberspace without the shit-shit-crutch software they provide. I hope all 16 AOL (morons On Line)-member million worthless morons develop breast and prostate cancer, and die. It's truly difficult to believe that there are so many mindless idiots in the USA. But I'm glad they're in one area: AOL (morons On Line). I can't understand the morality of these stupid, moronic morons on AOL (morons On Line).
Pay $100 million to a dead lowlife criminal? I don't f*cking think so. US Juries are comprised of severely f*cked up citizens, eager to advance their own pathetic, worthless, non-sequitur, lib-dem agendas.
Thousands of cowardly, lib-dem moron smokers and their f*cked-up families, have hired shyster crook lawyers to sue the tobacco companies on the basis of The Smokers' Ignorance; nope, I've never heard of that lie. Lib-dems and their assorted scum-filth just can't seem to take responsibility for their own actions. Or those of their families. Sad stuff.
Good riddance, White trash junkie. I never did like your tears in the beer music, anyway, redneck con man.
As if the Y2K Computer Chaos isn't enough to deal with, the FBI is now warning everyone about fringe groups, cults and lone wolfs inciting violence on a large scale. I guess I'll re-stock the .357 Magnum's ammo box, just in case.
And the stinking, slimy, ambulance-chasing lawyers are already lining up to share in the lawsuit monies.
Who cares about the waddling, fat, sluttish, maniac-depressive, Lewinsky bitch? I wouldn't even let the pig give me a Lewinsky (aka blowjob).
Based upon what the world knows about the stinking yellow commie Chink scum, I'd say that the report about Boeing selling machine tool parts to the Chink garbage is true. No one trusts the Chi-Comm lowlifes.
This fat, ugly, waddling, pigf*cking Madeline Albright bitch
thinks we're not doing enough to help the poor nations of the world. Well, f*ck you sweathog. What Africa and Asia and South America really need is a huge dose of thermonuclear weapons to eradicate the misery and suffering, not money. The corrupt leaders merely siphon it off and none of the wretches ever see a dime. Those stinking shithole regions will always be in poverty; no amount of money will ever reverse that fact.

Execute Them.
Rack up one good solid execution each for Utah and Texas. That's two less pieces of subhuman shit that American Taxpayers will have to support at $60,000+ per year, and two less lowlifes to prey upon the innocents in society.
When this child rapist-murderer is re-captured, execute him immediately. This is the worst kind of filth. Throw a knife to him and shoot him quickly.
What else are violent criminals there for except to be tortured and whacked? Sounds perfectly reasonable and fine to me. The guards and police who waste the criminal scum should be rewarded, not punished; ummm, let's say $1,000 bounty per carcass as an incentive. This country's far, far too lenient on criminal scum. China just executes them, so does Iran. I like that concept a lot.
Kidnapping, raping, torturing and Killing a 10 year old girl? Yep, this slimeball needs to die quickly.
I have no problem executing child molesters; they're the most heinous type of criminal anywhere. They destroy a child's life and pervert the mind forever.
The lowest murder rate in 30 years? Another cook the books lie by the stinking Clintonistas. Police depts regurlarly report selected crimes to lower their numbers and raise performance goals. Don't believe a word of it. If the almost 17,000 murders resulted in the prompt execution of the murderers, the incentive to commit murder sluggish legal system, endless appeals, 10-30 year life on Death Row after the fact would be eliminated very, very quickly.
Wait a f*cking minute! This lowlife, subhuman piece of filth murdered 6 elderly patients in hospital, and he may get life imprisonment? How about executed? That's appropriate for the crime. Do you disagree, lib-dem scum? Talk to me, lib-dem cowards.
Only he knows for sure and he ain't telling; so execute the piece of subhuman filth.
Execute the Garza illegal alien Filth; he's whacked enough people to warrant dying. No appeals, no leniency. Just death. I'd be glad to pull the trigger on my .357 Magnum, w/178 gr hollow points. Awesome death.
Why is this piece of subhuman shit still alive? Why isn't he sentenced to death? Why isn't he executed for he multiple murderers? Give me 15 secs in a closed room with the piece of filth, and I'll save US Taxpayers hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars. I'll whack him in a heartbeat.
Love the Commonwealth of Virginia: one more subhuman piece of shit executed and Justice is rightfully served.
Why is this murderous subhuman scumbag still alive after 19 years? He's just confessed to a previous 27 year old murder, exonerating the dead woman's husband. Execute him now, Minnesota.
One is never too young to be tried and convicted for murder. Fry the punk.

Our suillegal alienions are confirmed PBS is a godless cabal of rank-and-file communists. Submitted for your disgust: The Red Files, a heathen celebration of the secret machinations of the Evil Empire. Featuring lost KGB files, notes on the moon race, and large portraits of Yuri Andropov, this publicly funded atrocity may very well turn your son or daughter into a pinko. No doubt the card-carrying, non-God-fearing reds at PBS are cackling with glee at their latest publicity stunt. Ye Gods! Nice looking site, though.

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