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Friday, October 23, 1998

it's a timeless saying: in wine, there is truth. Maybe the US Federal Grand Juries, and Grand Juries everywhere for that matter, ought to serve a nicely-aged '91 California Cabernet Sauvignon to every witness prior to taking the stand. The net effect would be to buoy the spirits, loosen the lips and be conducive to truth. The sociopathic, congenital liar Clinton would require an entire vineyard, fed intravenously, to even approach the concept of truth, something he's chosen not to deal with on a first-name, one-to-one basis. That would be a terrible waste of good wine, even for such a noble purpose.

Rethinking The Process.
After reading this, perhaps it's best to allow the Office of The President to be degraded and devalued to a more Constitutionally-mandated position, instead of the lofty pedestal so many of us have placed it upon over time.
Clinton has certainly started the process. His myriad crimes and sleaze have now draped the once vaulted, Imperial Presidency in a mockery of morality. As a former Conservative and now current Moderate Republican, I've held the supposition that he should be a role model for America, when in fact, he and all others before and after him, shouldn't be.
The family unit is where role models should come from, not the presidency, sports figures, Hollywood types or any others. But because of the prevalent breakdown of America's family unit in recent years, many children won't have the opportunity to learn from their wonderful parents, as I and my sister have. All the pity that today's kids are seeing the criminal Clintonites true colors. And many kids today need help with their morals.
Even Mike McCurry, Clinton's lying shill of a press secretary for the past few years, has an opinion on Bubba's behavior, now that he's out of The White House of Horrors.
We'll see if voter anger helps the GOP on Voting Day. Don't think so on that count alone.

More Memory Please, Waiter.
When I bought the new Dell Dimension XPS Pentium II MMX SCSI 4GB HD D333Mhz-128mb SDRAM online a few months ago, I figured that 128mb SDRAM would be enough, even for all the graphics intensive apps (PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, HomeSite, MS-Outlook98 et al) and full suite of MS-Office97 software I use. Not so. I've been regularly running out of memory, according to Norton System Doctor monitors, and that almost ruins my day. After getting various warning messages, having to shut down truly sucks.
The P333 has two 64 DIMM chips, with a third slot wide open, like Monica's mouth. Uh, sorry. So, memory is memory is memory. No sweat: go out and order in some memory, right? Wrong.
First, I tried two Kingston 128mb DIMM ships from my local computer hardware supplier. One was bad, the other worked alone, but not in combination with my two 64s. Okay, send 'em back. Now on to the Net and see what Dell has to say. Hmmm. It is definitely a compatibility issue here. Very few makers of memory are compatible with all computers.
In the world of gardening, there are many makers of hoses and all fit the threads on an outside faucet. What the f*ck is going on with these memory chip makers, anyway?
It seems that Dell units only work with certain chips: Hitachi, Crucial (Micron) and Samsung. What happened to the quality American memory chip makers? Where the hell are they?
After endless days of searching, reading and emailing tech departments, I'm still in a quandary. From now on, in any new computer of mine, all memory gets installed at the factory, regardless of how expensive it is as an OEM product. Wasting my valuable time isn't worth this frustration. The saga continues.

No New Laws Needed.
Sure, it was awful and brutal, but the murdered gay student was certainly no "angel with new wings". It shouldn't have happened, but this kind of thing happens everyday, somewhere. Yet there's no reason to pass additional legislation for so-called hate crimes. The shit-for-brains Reno can't quite understand that simple concept. She's always looking for another forum to make some public smoke in her unending quest to not investigate Clinton and Gore for their myriad crimes.
We already have the required laws on the books. Simple unilateral enforcement is needed, that's all. Execute anyone who murders someone else. The liberal democrat judges and shit-for-brains ACLU have perverted the US Legal System to the point of allowing murderers to be paroled, so they can murder, rape and molest again. That's f*cking obscene. What do their dead, raped or molested victims get in the bargain? The US Legal System ignores the victim and is more concerned with the rights of the criminal. What rights? A criminal has no f*cking rights at all. None.
Take every son-of-a-bitch who murders, rapes or child molests and execute them without delay, after conviction. No appeals, no more clogging up the US Court System with endless and empty sentence-delaying appeals, no prison time of 10-15-20-25-30 years at $40,000 per inmate per year. No more wasting billions of taxpayer dollars.
I'm now officially running for the newly-created Office Of Travelling National Executioner. Send your senator or representative an email nominating me. I'll dust off my old, fully-automatic M16 w/ M70 grenade launcher just for this job. And I'll go through every US Prison with relish and precision and execute every prisoner on Death Row, and every rapist and child molester without delay or prejudice. All equally dead. BANG-ZOOM! End of problem. That'll save the US Taxpayer something on the order of $1,400,000,000+ yearly. 'Nuff said; time to vote. Aren't we all tired of the lowlife garbage ACLU and other filth f*cking us in the conscience and wallets?
Christ, what a bargain. No charge to the American taxpayer (you and me) and all those $40,000 per year subhuman filth are gone. As soon as their cells are re-filled, I'll be most happy to go through again and clean out the stinking lounge-lizard territory known as Death Row. I'd enjoy terminating all criminals with extreme prejudice. Elect me. Paid for by the Clean Up America Committee.

GOP Idiots.
Once again, the sometimes shit-for-brains GOP has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and handed the Clintonite moron and liberal Democrat filth another pass; aka victory on the Budget.
After having Clinton and the scumbag Democrats on the run for the past nine months, they the Gingrich and Lott buffoons have allowed the Clintonites to prevail and publicly crow about their victory over the Republican Congress. Both Gingrich and Lott are two of the worst morons ever to come down the pike; they can't grasp the concept of good public relations for the GOP and turn around the White House lies. Neither has the whacker instinct required to finish off the lowlife Clintonoids and lib-Dem filth.
With two clownish, incompetent so-called leaders like Gingrich and Lott, who needs liberals and Democrats to screw the GOP; it's now done from within.

Psycho Scumbag.
This is pathetic: Mike "the ear eater" Tyson has gotten his boxing license back, after a year of psychologists and psychiatrists certifying him as an mentally-deranged moron. He raped a girl and served 36 months in state prison; he picked fights with over a half-dozen other people and merely paid fines; then he bit off two ears. Great resume, Mikey boy.
He's a piece of shit scumbag moron, fit only to shine shoes and dig ditches.

Communicator v4.5
Once again, Netscape lies: the new final release Communicator v4.5 isn't all that stable. In fact, the copy I downloaded from their ftp7 server was buggy as hell.
It screwed up my Dell 333 and ate up almost all 128mb of SDRAM everytime I started it up, causing crashes and lockups all week long. After using Cybermedia Uninstaller to completely remove it, I switched over to MSIE v4.01 and it ran smoothly, freeing up plenty of memory.
The service techs at Dell were also stumped, and suggested 4 or 5 trial fixes. Sure, like I have time to diddle around.
I've always had a soft spot for Netscape; it was my first browser back in November '95, but too many weird things have happened in that particular copy of v4.5 to give those folks a pass on this one.
I downloaded a fresh copy from and reinstalled it; it now acts in a more civil manner. I also ran the complete Dell Diagnostics Test, which checks and resets all hardware to original settings.
Running IE v4.01 stabilizes the 333; Netscape's Communicator is still wobbly. So I'm getting re-used to MSIE's browser again after using Communicator for years.

This article caught my attention: poor itsy-bitsy college students complain of too much pressure whack themselves. Really?
You want some real pressure, kids? Try the Real World instead of Pathetic Academia, little kiddies. That's real pressure. If you can't handle classrooms and homework, God help you when you graduate and have to live and work and compete with real people, instead of those bad old textbooks. Golly Gee Whiz.
Sorry, I don't have any sympathy here for those punks. Best to let them whack themselves now than have nervous breakdowns and becomes medical wards of the working taxpayers (you and me). Cruel? Callous thinking? Nah, just real life.

No Death Penalty?
In the This Subhuman Piece of Filth Needs To Die Dept, the pathetic State of Ohio will only give him consecutive life terms, rather than what he deserves and needs: termination with extreme prejudice.
The retroactive death penalty law is a f*cking joke; execute all who whack (self defense excluded) without prejudice. The victims are still dead; they don't get another chance at life. Why the hell should the whackers?

Loss For America.
I saw her run with the wind, sail with the breeze, float like a asserfly and sting like a bee. Florence Joyner was a spectacular athlete. The world records she set will take many years to be broken in the '88 Olympics. She kept her private life to herself and, despite all the rumors, was always way above board in every way. All natural; nothing artificial.
What, moi lauding a Black Woman? Doesn't sound like a Conservative; more like a Moderate (f*ck Rush Limbaugh's recent, moron-bullshit opinion!) with an attitude? Strike two, baby. Talent and quality know no racial or color lines or sex or national boundaries.
She's gone now. What a huge loss.

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