the anthrax chronicles

Friday, October 26, 2001

If anyone ever asked me 20 10 5 years ago what a "biohazard" was, I'd probably have wrongly guessed that "it was a bad plant to mess with". And I'd have been partly correct. The part I'd have been right about is that Iraq is behind the anthrax WMD (weapons of mass destruction). Sodomy Insane is behind it, and we should obliterate Baghdad and all structures, military and peoples therein. Here's the list so far of infected people. The FBI has received 2,300 reports of suspected anthrax attacks since the start of the month. 99.7% of it's simple public hysteria; pranksters and others will be going to prison for stupid acts. Sure, there will be more hoaxes. People are worried about the food and water supplies. Seal the Canadian and Mexican borders and keep the terrorists out. Everything you always wanted to know about anthrax, but were afraid to as, is right here. Need some comic relief? The cowardly US House of Reps shut down in abject fear; the lib-dem, socialist-communist US Senate didn't get their panties all bunched-up and "pretended" to stay open for another day. What a bunch of buffoons the US Congress is: Barney Frank appears on the House floor in a loincloth to show the impoverishment of peasant men in Afghanistan. On the Senate side, Ted Kennedy lies on the floor to show how water buffaloes bloat up after stepping on a landmine. Yes, Louis Freeh, former FBI Director, compromised the US. Yes again, we're just playing around right now; wait 'til we get freaking serious. Soon, I hope. Are "dirty nukes" next? Compared to that, anthrax is only wool-sorter's disease. And smallpox is a thousands times worse. It ain't over yet. Meanwhile, they're dropping like flies. It's gonna get worse; the anthrax scare is merely a diversion for a much more deadly attack to come.

Around The Garden Center.
The National Weather Service now says, that in many parts of the country, the coming weather will be similar to last Winter. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, that's not a good omen. Sub-zero bitter temps (-10°F and windchills of -30 to -45°F) of last November-December proved problematic in that the Co-Ray-Vac Radiant Heating System couldn't keep the Main Greenhouse above 39°F with such cold, after getting knocked out by an ice storm. We suffered almost a total loss of tropical and houseplant material; I don't want to go through that again, so I may not even stock the GH this Winter. Dunno yet, still thinking about it.
For the second time in my 11 years of operation, we're on the York County Farm Tour, sponsored by the York County Chamber of Commerce. Over 1,500 visitors came through my 20 acres on Sunday, between 1-4pm, and my staff guided them through 5 main areas of operation. It was a zoo controlled chaos all day.
On Monday, I received a surprise bill for dial-up services from, which bought out, who'd bought out D&E, who'd bought out, my original ISP in '95. In addition to the $21.95 monthly charge, there was also a charge of $118.24 for simultaneous hours; additional usage by one of my office staff of the dial-up at the same time as me. I called customer service in Atlanta, and waited 24mins for someone to help, and found that it'd be cheaper by far to get a second dial-up at $19.95/mo, but that they'd opted not to tell me about that; instead the shitpy EarthLink company was making far more money by not telling customers of their options. I had never received or used their CD software, which also would have alerted me of this situation, and asked me to okay a user agreement. Pissed off, I cancelled the account, refused to pay the illegal charges, and opened a local dial-up account with, where I have my condo's Cable Modem account. If you have EarthLink, I urge you to scrutinize your monthly bill carefully for hidden and bogus charges, as that company is scum. They had added-on and carried over 2 unused-for-years mailboxes at $3.99/mo (which they voided), as well as a $1.00/mo charge for a paper invoice. is a lowlife crook.
Gas prices have again dropped to $1.13.9/gal (89 octane) at many stations in the York (PA) area. The high-volume station I frequent seems to be leading the pricing, as they're always 2-3cents lower than their nearest competitor.
A pre-Winter storm blew through the Midwest, doing a lot of damage, dropping daytime temps into the 40s and 50s, but delivered no moisture eastward. What a damned waste. We're still in the grip of a 22+week drought, which shows no sign of letting up; the usual Fall rains are still MIA.
On a happy note, I was most pleased to see Garden Center friend and customer, Dr Rick, back on his feet yesterday after a heart attack (100% blockage of one artery) about 10 days ago. Quick heads-up by the crack staff at York (PA) Hospital CCU Unit prevented his loss. He's 40, a solid Conservative, has a beautiful wife and son, and a full life ahead of him now that the heart problems issues have been addressed. Hey Rick: (good) red wine and garlic!
No, I won't be switching to Windows XP anytime soon. Win98 and Win2000 will suffice for years to come. There are too many "disagreeable features" in XP from a company I used to like, and which now is increasingly irritating me.
I caught this humorous press release-converted-into-a-filler-article:


NEW YORK, Oct. 25 "It was a cross between an elaborate theme party and a military exercise. Guests who came to the kickoff event for Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP here were treated to shrimp appetizers and apple martinis if they were able to show two forms of photo identification. A cow brought in to attract the attention of passersby of a computer store in midtown sat just a few blocks away from group of national guardsmen wearing camouflage and carrying rifles. Blah, blah, blah ad finitum, ad nauseum."

Ummmm, I have both a Photo ID Pennsylvania Driver's License and a Permit To Carry A Concealed Weapon (CCW). My martini(s)? make it (them) arid, please. No, I'm not driving; she is.

September 11th, 2001.
Lest we forget? Yes, we Yanks have a very short memory. Right here; click through the Attack Video links.
Why is the US trying, at great expense to the US Taxpayers, filthy subhuman Islamic terrorists and giving them "life in prison"? They should be "tried" by a secret military commission and executed, same as we did to the Nazi and Jap saboteurs in WWII.
Read (caution: graphic language and descriptions) about the sickening, barbaric perversions done to women in the filthy, pork-sucking Islamic world. The men are rampant homos and pedophiles, as well as cowards.
The idea of using tactical nuclear weapons is a good one, especially for sealing up all that lowlife subhuman towelhead pork-sucking Muslim filth in the caves. I like how Rep Steve Buyer, R-Indiana, thinks. Fry those scum!
Oh shit shucks, the gutless Brit press is getting all wobbly. A few stinking civilian casualties as compared to the 6,000 we lost on the September 11th Massacre is perfectly acceptable in a war. Bomb on!
There'll be lots more of the terrorist cells' explosive caches found as the weeks, months and years grind on; doesn't bother me as long as the FBI & Co find it first. Nice going, guys.
A mother cat and three newborn kittens survived the WTC carnage; rescue workers retrieved them and took them to a vet. Makes me smile, and not a lot does after The September 11th Massacre; I wish they'd find someone, anyone else alive down in that massive tomb.
Sodomy Insane (Saddam Hussein) has sent a letter to a U.S. citizen personally offering condolences for the first time over the September 11th attacks NYC-DC massacre on the United States. Aw gee whiz; we'll remember that "kindness" when we target him next for death.
Here's a guy who predicted The September 11th Massacre in '94, two years before I did, in '96.
White people helping towelhead Muslim terrorist filth? Hmmm, not good. Execute them immediately.
More and more American flags are flying everyday around the mid-state Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, and lowly left-wing wacko libs are slowly turning into Conservatives. Welcome to the right side, folks. Environmental wackos are silenced and the quiet is wonderful.
The more I read about the murderous wacko extremist Islam filth, the more Saudi Arabia comes up as the root of bin Laden's terror network. No doubt the US created Saudi back in the 40s, and now we're going to have to dismantle it. And it means a war against Islam worldwide, which is why we've got to rid the US of any and all questionable Muslims. If I had my way, every stinking one would be militarily deported or executed.
Links between the WTC Bombing in '93, OKC Bombing in '95, TWA Flight 800 shootdown in '96 and the September 11th Massacre in WTC-DC? Sure sounds like the US/FBI covered it all up and kept it separated. I'm very disappointed if that's true, but considering the criminal Clintoons were in power during that period, it doesn't surprise me at all.
W to the CIA: do whatever's necessary to whack the pork-eating towelhead murderer bin Laden. Amen to that.
Okay, who's lying about the helicopter shootdown? Ten bucks says it's the towelhead filth.
shit Heck, I don't have a problem with torturing the subhuman towelhead terrorist suspects to get the information we want. Do you? I say do what needs to be done to get what we need. Orrrrr, we could let some of the "expert Israeli interrogators" have at them for a few days; I'd bet they sing their stinking porker heads off then.
Islamic militants living openly in the UK, advocating and supporting terrorists? Ditto in France? The Brits and Frogs need to either jail them or deport them quickly; personally, I think they ought to be assassinated and each buried with 10lbs of rancid bacon.
An invisible terrorist network of "sleeper cells" waiting to strike, and that's precisely why all Arabs should be either interred or deported; I heartily favor the latter.
A "pause in the war" for the pork-eaters' un-holy days of Rum-a-dumb (ramadan)? Nah, don't think so. Increase the level of activity, if anything. Bomb the living shit shit outta those subhuman Islamic shitfilth, if anything. whack as many as we can. Throw some bacon on the carcasses, for good measure. Islamic rage? Bring it on, pork-sucking shitheads! My .357 Magnum and Glock 9mm and (new) H&K .40cal are waiting, towelhead deviants.
As the US investigation into the September 11 attacks massacre continues, many civil libertarians said they are concerned about the possible violations of fundamental US civil rights for those who have been arrested and detained. Huh? Hey, we're in a war; f*ck screw civil rights of foreigners, especially the Mideast towelhead Islamic extremist filth. If they're innocent and the FBI determines so, nothing to worry about. I'd rather "detain" thousands of innocents than let a single terrorist go free to commit murder. f*ck Screw you, ACLU commie socialist scum.
Muddled thinking from religious liberals will only encourage more terrorism and undermine our national will to relentlessly pursue terrorists until the world is free from this evil scum. Solomon said it well in Ecclesiastes. There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. There is, says Solomon, "...a time to whack and a time to heal." For America, it is a time to whack.
Here's a subhuman bitch a cunning woman scientist who heads Saddam Hussein's bio-terrorism team may be the mastermind behind the world's anthrax scare, a leading American germ warfare expert says. Rihab Taha, 45, is so notorious that United Nations weapons inspectors have nicknamed her "Dr. Germ" for deadly experiments she conducted who should be assassinated whacked immediately, as should Sodomy Insane.
Kick this lowlife moron Muslim scumbag Islamic shithead into a flaming crumbling building; he's a traitor and a pork-scum-sucking cretin. Back to your caves, camel-humper.
After Saudi Arabia falls, the US is going to have to occupy the land and administer the oil to the world. Not a nice prospect, but a coming reality, since the corrupt and decadent Saudis are incompetent lowlife towelhead scum.
Rights for terrorists? Huh? Rights for terrorists? Nah, I don't think so. Try and execute them secretly and quickly. We're at war; don't bother us with the details.

Lib-democRAT Garbage.
AlGoreBore handling this crisis and war as well as W? Doubt it very, very, very much lib-dem scumbags. He's a lowlife criminal, a liar and a Clintoonista; a failure and a loser. Good riddance, GoreBore shithead.
Here's the disgraced, impeached, lying ex-president's list of culpabilities, and why he's, in large part, responsible for The Massacre of September 11th.
Did I say lib-dem garbage? Wrong here; in Hitlery Rotten Clintoon's case, it's stinking white trash. And almost everyone at the Twin Towers Relief Concert in NYC's Madison Square Garden booooed the criminal bitch off of the stage. New Yorkers are finally seeing what a nightmare's in store for them, for the next 6 awful evil horrid scary gut-wrenching dreadful years. Hssssssssss, booooooo! I wish I'd have seen this: disgraced, criminal US Senator Hitlery Rotten Clintoon roundly booed at the Twin Towers Relief Concert, Saturday evening in NYC. She's a lowlife scumbag and deserved what she got; sadly, the people of NY State are in for 6 years of living hell with that bitch in office.
Here's why the vast majority of blacks in America will always be an underclass: the lib-dems "education" programs which have condemned blacks and other minorities to second-rate learning and keeps them beholden to the democRAT party.
Rep Cynthia McKinney, the liberal democRAT black racist from Georgia, who sucked up to the Saudi towelhead scumbag's $10 million check, which Rudy told the prince to shove, needs to be voted out of the US Congress, and put back to cleaning toilets. She's a lowlife, racist, two-dollar bitch, and totally unfit as an American.
Hey Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, lib-dem, disgraced, impeached ex-president: have you read this poll? Seems 72% of Americans are glad W is president and 20% would rather have your sorry lying ass back. You and your PIAP (pig-in-a-pantsuit) wife are white trash scum; stay in Harlem where you belong.
And another lowlife communist lib-dem black racist traitor bitch: Rep Barbara Lee of California needs to be jailed for treason and sedition. Send the nasty, dirty slut back to Africa to party with her slave-trading ancestors.
If true, this is both amazing and angering: 40 of the 75 cruise missiles fired at the towelheads back in '98 didn't explode, were captured by the towelheads and sold to the stinking Chi-Comms? How is it that the US Government US Taxpayer is paying $1.3million each for defective ordinance? I'm pissed off; you?
As if New York City hasn't had enough horror, the mayoral race is now between two lowlifes: lib-dem cretin Green and GOP moron Bloomberg. Rudy's out and off to better things, leaving a legacy no one will ever come close to. Of course, I don't feel all that bad about NYC. They are the idiots who elected the criminal Hitlery Rotten Clintoon to six years of unending hell, despite the objections of New York State residents. NYC shouldn't have that much say in any election, except their own race.
For years I've said that ABCs Carole Simpson is a lowlife lib-dem nigress opportunist, who blew Jesse Jack-scum to get an interview with Dr King back in the 60s. Turns out now she's a liar, too, lying about how she was personally affected by the anthrax letters. Read this; I'll wait. ABC has suspended her. Good riddance, bitch.
US Senator-Plagiarist-Liar Joe "Can I Write A Speech For You" Biden, is turning yellow with partisan penis-envy, or somesuch. He's lost his mind, calling the US a "high-tech bully" for our brand of warfare. Biden is garbage. He's un-American. He's a socialist-communist scumbag. Joe, we hope you get a whopping, inoperable case of prostate cancer. Bye lowlife, and a painful demise to ya, lib-dem white trash.

Un-American Filth.
The lowlife scumbags at Amherst College take first prize for desecrating and burning the US Flag. If I'd have been there, I'd have beaten several of the punks to death a pulp.
Ugly, stupid dykes at University of Hawaii Center for Hawaiian Studies are on parade, waddling around and spouting anti-US garbage. I'd like to have 30secs alone with each of the pigs, behind closed doors; they'd do no more talking with shattered jaws and crushed tracheas. Gurgle, gurgle, gulp, bitches.
This group of subhuman fag perverts and deviants were almost awarded a "contract partnership" to work in the Broward County schools. Fortunately, an alert Conservative morning talk host stopped it by showing the board GLSENs (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) "lesson plan". Back to the sewers, homo filth. Die en masse from AIDS. I'm dancing on your graves, rump-raider and fudge-packer scum.
Read what the towelhead, pork-sucking two-dollar slut, Arundhati Roy, has to say about the US' War Against Terror. Yep, it's the pathetic "blame America first" shit, written from the sewer of India. She's afraid to come to the US; she knows she'd be whacked immediately.
And the lowlife scumbag, Calypso Louie Farra-con-man, says the same thing: we deserved what we got, it's our fault, we haven't proved the terrorism case to the world, blah blah blah! Where's James Earl Ray when the Nation really needs him?
"Leaks" by US Gov't Personnel? That's treason; find them and execute them, along with Pollard, Hanssen, Ames and the other lib-dems.
Boxing moron rising star Anthony Mundine was taking a battering from all sides last week for stating the US had brought the September 11th terror attacks Massacre upon itself.
The un-American filth at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW), and especially two lowlife whores Dr. Patti Turrisi, or her daughter Rosa Fuller should be removed from the US and shipped to the pork-sucking Taliban towelheads, for "remediation", post haste.

Yes, World War Three. The US v Chi-Comms. It'll be a violent and costly affair, beginning in 2004, due to a minor incident, at the bridges. Here's why.

Condit, The Philanderer Murderer.
The evidence points to Gary Condit as having disposed of Chandra Levy, despite his stupid and sluttish daughter's pathetic protestations to the contrary. Grow up, lib-dem bitch; your daddy's a criminal. And Condit's wife broke her water gas silence in support of the lowlife womanizer and bi-sexual congressman, who particularly loves black fags in leather. Jeeez, she's as dumb as her daughter.
assemblyman Dennis Cardoza of Atwater said he would formally launch his campaign Tuesday, ending more than a decade of friendship and political partnership with Condit. Last week, Tom Ciccarelli, the head of a Modesto charity, became the first Democrat announce a bid for Condit's seat. I sure hope either beats him out; the US Congress is full of enough criminals, lowlifes, deadbeats and scumbags.

Pull The Switch.
Damn, another slow week for executions. The October Schedule: only a couple so far this month, several wrongly "stayed" or "commuted", and several to look forward to. So many to execute and so little time.
Anyone think I'm too hard on murderers, rapists, child molesters or traitors? Think they should get "life in prison" while their victims are still dead? Read the descriptions of the crimes and decide for yourself. I'll wait.
Here's a real stumper: a convicted murderer on death row for 20 years is appealing his imminent execution on Thursday at 12:01am hmmmm, he's toast a few days ago that he's suffered enough and should be paroled, for murdering a 17 year old kid for $248 and some smokes (cigs) in '82. He's suffered? What about the dead kid and his family? f*cking Freaking amazing, isn't it? This subhuman lowlife should have had one (1) appeal and then been executed immediately. I'm just incredulous at this kind of shit shit.
To whack eradicate terminate eliminate bring this subhuman OJ Simp-scum idiot filth to Justice would be akin to a therapeutic enema of black society; when young blacks see what this scumbag murderer has gotten away with, they want to emulate a criminal. Of course, I put Jack-scum, Sharp-scum, Farra-con-man, the New BPPs, Mfume-Buffume, JulianBond-turd-woman, and a thousand other race-baiting, misery-profiteering idiot lowlifes at the forefront of distressed race relations in the US.

Powers of 10.
October 10, 2001, the second international Powers of Ten Day, has come and gone, but don't let that stop you from exploring the universe of decimals. Based on a nine-minute 1977 film by Charles and Ray Eames, noted designers and visual thinkers, the Powers of Ten CD-ROM and companion web site explore and illustrate the concept of scale in space and time. The web pages present a dense and diverting grid of ideas, woven from images, facts, and links to people, patterns, and relevant tools. We clicked on the close-up of a strand of DNA, and found ourselves at minuscule 10 nanometer scale (0.00000001 meters), another click and we were 100,000 light years out, looking back at the Milky Way's starry spiral of stars. That's powerful stuff!

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