(::: fall is in the air :::)

a time of transition
friday, october 27, 2006

it's beginning to look (and feel) a lot more like Fall, quickly transitioning into Winter, since just two weeks ago. The feed corn and soybean fields are being emptied-out, as the farmers work into the nights to get the harvesting done. The massive JD and IH combines are feeding corn and beans into the tri-axel trucks, who rush it to the grain elevators in nearby Red Lion (PA), and make the return trips for another fll-up. The leaves' colors are much more brilliant and pronounced, and are really "peaking" this week. I'm noticing a lot more people wearing heavier sweaters and jackets; t-shirts, tennnis shoes and shorts have all but disappeared. DST (Daylight Savings Time) ends in two days, and most of the world will go on Standard Time, for the coming Winter hours. The forests are a tapestry of colors and are really peaking this week. The numbers of out-of-state license plates are increasingly visible, as people begin their 'driving tours' of Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, and other Mid-Atlantic and New England states, in the Fall "peak foliage season". I drove to neighboring Shrewsbury (PA) on Tuesday to make some bank deposits, and on the way back, it was *snowing*. A large squall was moving through, temps were in the upper-30s, and I just had to laugh out loud. (The elderly couple in the car next to me, at the stoplight, thought I was nuts. Ha; little do they know!) With daytime temps in the lower 50s, and night-time temps in the upper 30s, and snowy blizzards moving east from the Plains states, it's just a matter of time until we get nailed, here. On Tuesday, it was snowing to the north of us in York (PA), and to the west and northeast. I'm also seeing a lot of dead squirrels along the roads, as they scurry to find and bury/store nuts for Winter food supplies. (Judging from all the oak etc seedlings which sprout in garden beds in the Spring and Summer months, I'd say that most squirrels *forget* where they'd buried the nuts.) LOL.

Around The Garden Center™.
I like it when we're on, or ahead of schedule, getting our various and sundry high-end landscape jobs (Mon-Thurs) completed, deliveries and tree installations (Fri) done, but since this is a "weather-driven" industry and business, we're always at Nature's mercy. Wicked thunderstorms and 45-50mph winds blew through the area last Friday morning and afternoon, making the day's work for Friday's tree installation crews, just plain miserable. But they got it all done. I had a boatload of downed nursery stock to set upright, on Saturday and Sunday.
The penultimate weekend of our once-a-year, Fall 25% Off Sale, was last week. Frankly, I'm glad it's almost over, as I'm getting very, very, very tired of working weekends, and want Winter Hours to take effect, ASAP. I'll be open Mon-Fri, 10-3, and closed on both Sat & Sun. I need the rest and sleep. My Landscape Crews will keep going until we "lose the weather", and the GC&N Staff have begun consolidating the 7 greenhouses this week, and preparing to start putting the containerized nursery stock, perennials and grasses, away for the Winter. The LSCP Crews can pull what they need for job, directly from the GHs. But at least we'll be ready when the first snows arrive, any week now. The colder weather is already here. If the weather holds, we have enough work to last until Christmas.
I spent much of last Saturday, downloading and installing MS' new browser — IEv7® — into my office and the two front counter computers — configuring them, running SpyBot® and AdAware®, and finally running Norton SystemWorks® 2006 to defrag and optimize all the HDs. It worked superbly, and I might just change my mind about this MS product. Maybe, if it isn't as badly-prone to viruses, hackers and other intruders' scams. Time will tell.
Retail traffic is slowing down, despite my extension of the Fall Sale, and I'll be ending it on October 31st, despite any renewed interest in purchasing nursery stock. Our landscape customers are booked until around Christmas and I will extend it to them, even if they are pushed into Spring 2007 installation, by the weather. They'll still be liable for a ~3-5% Spring price increase, but will receive the 25% discount, if they're "on the schedule". I alone will make those business decisions.
After getting into the office on Tuesday, I dialed-up the weather maps to check the 10-day forecast, and noticed that the Pittsburgh area was getting snow. I told my horticulturalist and her assistants that beginning next Monday, all available hands would be consolidating the greenhouses and putting containerized nursery stock away. There's not much worse than doing that 3-4 week chore in cold, snowy weather, IMO. Best to get a head start.
Locally, gas prices at the pump, have dropped yet another 5¢ this past week, here in the York (PA) area. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.13/gal. Unleaded Plus is now at $2.23/gal and Unleaded Premium is now at $2.43gal. Both diesel and kerosene are still hovering around $2.65/gal. Home heating oil is slowly replacing gasoline, for the coming Winter months, and the glut of crude on the market, will soon disappear as production catches-up with supplies. The lowered prices, IMO, will begin to rise in the coming weeks after the Mid-Term Elections, as the market regulates itself due to Winter. I don't have a problem with that, at all.
Monday was a bitch. I came into work with painful, sciatic nerve pain in my back (L5 vertebrae) and right leg, and it got worse as the day+ went along. Eating aspirin like M&Ms isn't a good thing, anyday. Unbeknownst to me, a simple tree delivery was screwed-up last Friday, and had to be corrected immediately. Three tree installs scheduled for Nov 10th, needed to be called-up to this Tuesday, after contacting the customers, to get them done early. The email account I'd recently-opened for my lscp designer, James, wouldn't work. We tried all kinds of SMTP variations, user IDs and passwords. Zippo. I then spent 25mins on hold to tech support (www.rcn.com) in Chicago, where my website is hosted, waiting for help. Then my email stopped working, and customers began having access problems to www.gdnctr.com. The domain-hosting ISP in Chicago — really just a massive a "server farm" — had such *deep layers of telephone menus*, that I was getting really irritated. Then I was disconnected twice, and had to re-dial their number, and go through all those "phone menu layers from hell". Plus, I had to hold for anywhere from 20-25 minutes, each time I re-called them. Customers' calls were coming-in the rate of 2-3-4 per minute, all of a sudden; no let-up. It was 10am and I still hadn't had any breakfast; just some lukewarm coffee and lots of cigarettes. My stomach was doing "wheelies". Grrrrrrrrr. That was it; I was really PO'd. I quickly called the wireless broadband company (www.mtwirefree.net), who is my local ISP, and had them suck all of the corporate website files out of the Chicago-based host's server, to their local servers, and move the corporate and personal email along with it. I'm changing ISPs NOW, instead of waiting until January or so. I went for a peaceful drive to deposit monies from the weekend sales. BTW, punching-out a $700 Dell LCD 19" Flat Panel Monitor isn't a good idea, anyday. Okay... nice respite from all the BS, and I was much better. By 6pm, email was still not working. No sweat, as I can live without email for a few days. Nevermind that there'll be close to a thousand emails in the queue, waiting for me. Yuk. By 9pm, email was still moribund. By 9am on Tuesday, email was still MIA.
I again called the "server farm" in Chicago, after another 23 minute wait, and got Nick, in the commercial accounts division, who'd helped me on several previous occasions, and within 20mins, everything was working again. (Nick's a 'good guy', but I can't reach him directly for help; I have to go through all those screwed-up telephone menu layers, usually getting the wrong department and person. Frustrating? Don't get me started.) They'd added new servers, and my account was being "migrated" to another server, and everything was "locked-up" for the move. He unlocked it all, and my email and FTP were once again working. Only 388 messages in the queue. I called www.mtwirefree.net and had them "suck" all the files down to their server, taking just about 4hrs. We'll be reconfiguring prefs, usernames, passwords etc, this week, and it should all be a done deal by Thursday, when I called www.rcn.com to cancel my corporate website's account, on Wednesday, and spent another 17 minutes on hold. Oooops, nope it isn't. They want me to "fax a cancellation letter" to them. Okay, I did that on Thursday. Good riddance, rcn.com! www.gdnctr.com was down part of Tuesday, all day Wednesday and much of Thursday.
I took Wednesday off, slept-in until 11am, and went down to Wegman's and Graul's, in Maryland, to do some food shopping for Friday night's 5-course dinner. I sure wish we had something like either of them, up here. Though I enjoy the drive, it's a long haul down and back.
Are you a "24" fan, as I am? Here's the Season 6 Preview Trailer, beginning in January, 2007. I have Seasons 1-2-3-4 on DVD, and am waiting for the recently-ordered Season 5's DVD to arrive, so I can catch-up on the various shows I missed. It portends to be a great season, IMO.
My latest favorite morning Talk Show? The Neal Boortz Show, from 9-12, EST, weekdays. Natch.
Jeff & Denise are coming over for dinner, this evening. Here's our menu. It will be a nice, relaxing evening, with some good friends. Something I need and deserve, IMO.

The Savage Nation™.
My evening Talk Radio choice? Why, The Savage Nation, of course, from 6-9pm, EST.
"Savage" is a screen name for Dr Michael Weiner, who says he's an 'independent conservative', which I don't doubt. It's not who he is, BTW. The GOP left me years ago, so I've also left the "GOP-RINO Reservation", and have gone Independent Conservative, here in York County (PA), with my voter registration. No longer will I regurlarly and unabashedly give $500-$1,000 a year to the RNC; they just don't deserve my support, anymore. Yes, I will hold my nose and vote — STRAIGHT GOP — on November 7th. What you do, is totally up to you. But to "punish the GOPers", by sitting on your hands and not voting at all, or voting for their opponents, is national suicide, IMO. We can change the GOPers, by gradually voting them out, and 'changing their unsavory voting habits', but we can't change the treasonous, hate-America, hate-US Military, liberal-demokkkRATs, who truly need due-trial, conviction, sentencing and prompt execution, IMO.
Michael Savage is a radio talk show host, and his 'schtick' is what he is, on-air. He's an entertainer; nothing more, and nothing less. Anyone who takes him too seriously, is an idiot. Listen to what he says, separate the wheat from the chaff, and absorb the pearls of wisdom he espouses. Clear on that, now?
Rush, Hannity, Beck et al are clearly GOP-RINO shills, using the RNC 'talking points' for their respective shows, IMO. I can't listen to their tired, old same-o, same-o crap, everyday. Instead, I listen to "The Savage Nation", for a refreshing look at America's and the world's problems. None of the other so-called talk shows will even touch what he does. Hey, you make your own decisions and do what you need doing.
I still enjoy "The Savage Nation" thread, on www.fr.com, weeknights from 6-9pm, EST. I used to "be part of it", until I recently got myself banned, for uttering verbal stupidity on another thread, which PO'd the thin-skinned AMs. Heh, but that's another Journal entry, IMO. Now, I just "lurk", and can't post, anymore. And I do, faithfully, each evening. After being banned 20x since 1998, you'd think I'd have gotten "the message", but I hadn't. www.fr.com isn't a "free republic", in any sense of the phrase; it's quite the little benign website dictatorship, in every sense of the word. And rightly so: if you (or me) don't like their rules and regs, then we need to go somewhere else. I run my business the exact same way, for both employees and customers. I've fired and/or banned both from the 20ac premises. And I will continue to do so. Anyone have a problem with that? TFB, pal.
Try it, sometime, if you haven't already. And tell the thread leader, Tarkus2040, "hello" from butternut_squash_bisque, an old friend on the TSN threads.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Yes, I will be voting a Straight GOP Ticket, on Tuesday November 7th, although I will hold my nose, when I do. There is simply no other rational choice. If you think that staying home, sitting on your hands and punishing the GOPers is a rational thing to do, when the very future of our Nation is at stake, you'd better rethink that whole scenario. The demokkkRATs are liars, cowards and traitors to America and our way of life. They have and will continue to sell-out America at every chance they get. Liberals should be rounded-up and shot, en masse. Yes, the GOPers are bumbling, fumbling dumbasses, but at least they're not traitors. And I see only a few Conservatives in the running. What a pity. Hey, Newsweak: eat shit and die, you lying, filthy scumbags.
"Independent voters tilting toward demokkkATs"? No, I don't f*cking think so, Washington-Compost.com scumbags. You lying turd-polisherer, dirtbag, scum-sucking, rat-bastard liberal-demokkkRAT asswipers. Just tilt the so-called "polls", aka your wishes, your way, and call it objectivity? Butt-breath, degenerate, scum-licking, crotch-wiping, punk liberal-demokkkRATs! The Wednesday morning, November 8th election results will be another surprise which I will relish, truth be told. Seeing the liberal-demokkkRATs on "suicide watch", is a treat for me and all True Conservatives.
Wow, "the worst economy since Hoover" closed at 12,002.37 (DJIA), last Friday. Stupid, dumbassed liberals and demokkkRATs still believe Bush's "Tax Cuts for the rich" are detrimental to America's economy. How f*cking stupid can some moronic idiots be? Wait don't answer that; it's a rhetorical question. For the millions of us small business owners — who drive the US Economy — who have expanded our businesses, hired more employees, and contributed to an expanding economy, Bush's Tax Cuts were the correct Rx for a lethargic economy, after 9-11-01. Gosh, dumbassed demokkkRAT scumbags: the DJIA closed at 12,116.92, on Monday. The DJIA closed at 12,127.88, on Tuesday. Just a terrible economy, isn't it? Ahhhhhhhh! Morons. Real Americans, not the welfare garbage and trash the lib-dem filth are accustomed to, as 'their party of record', will *remember you assholes*, on November 7th, IMO.
Harrison Ford, 64, says he feels "fit to continue" to play Indiana Jones, despite growing older. "Indiana Jones 4" has been in development for over a decade, but the production has recently gained momentum. Lucas has said he and Spielberg, who would direct, are working on a script, though no details have been disclosed. Y-a-w-n. So, produce and release it, already. I'll be the judge of whether Ford is still any good. My hunch is that he isn't up to it, as most liberal filth, aren't.
Microsoft Corpse is giving its Web browser software its first major upgrade in years, amid signs that Internet Explorer's market share is badly-eroding. The release late Wednesday brings Microsoft's browser more in line with competing products such as Opera Software ASA's Opera and Mozilla Corp's Firefox. Internet Explorer 7, or IEv7, adds features such as tabbed browsing, which lets people open several Web pages, without cluttering their desktop with multiple open browser windows. Y-a-w-n. MSIE is still dogshit, IMO. Putting lipstick and a dress on a pig, still yields a pig, at the end of the day.
A candidate for state superintendent of schools said Thursday he wants thick used textbooks placed under every student's desk so they can use them for self-defense during school shootings. "People might think it's kind of weird, crazy," said Republican Bill Crozier of Union City, Oklahoma, a teacher and former Air Force security officer. "It is a practical thing; it's something you can do. It might be a way to deflect those bullets until police go there." Hey, Bill: arm the teachers and administrators, and leave the students out of this, idiot-moron-cretin. You have shit-for-brains, Crozier, IMO.
When Europe falls in response to the muslim onslaught, it will be 100% France's fault; the asshole faggot, Degaulle, particularly. Parts 2-3-4 are here.
A massive train derailment, explosions and fire on Saturday morning, just 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, was very suspicious. It was once again pooh-poohed and covered-up, by gov't officials, so as not to alarm the so-called public peons. Someone blew the bridge with tank cars full of explosive ethanol, to seriously disrupt east-west rail traffic. Who, exactly? They ain't saying. Natch.
More steaming bullshit on 'global warming', from the thoroughly-discredited National Center for Atmospheric Research, a federally-funded (big mistake) academic research center, and the almost-always wrong, National Climatic Data Center. The can't-hold-a-real-job dirtbags who 'work' for the far-left-wing wacko groups, should be on Prosac or Ritalin, and in an institutionalized setting, under watchful eyes of caretakers. Global warming is abject f*cking bullshit: read this explanation why it is.
RIP, Jane Wyatt.
Subhuman muslims at the US Military Academy numbered just two in 2001. This year, there are 32. Now, West Point has opened its first space dedicated to muslim garbage, a worship hall complete with a pulpit facing thwe pigshit-sucking toilet of mecca. The space officially opened Thursday. "I knew the Army had a policy of religious tolerance, but I didn't know it was to this extent," said first-year Cadet Ahmed Moomin, 20, from the Maldives. Until now, Friday prayers were held in an increasingly crowded first-floor office, said Imam Asadullah, the academy's terrorist-supporting, muslim cleric. The number of traitrous muslim cadets jumped by 10 from last year. The new hall is large enough for dozens of mindless, piggy-asswipe, murderous, subhuman cult followers, he said. Get those f*cking subhuman filth out of the US Military. They can't be trusted.
Humans are stripping nature at an unprecedented rate and will need two planets' worth of natural resources every year by 2050 on current trends, the schmuck-WWF conservation group said, on Tuesday. The WWF is a devolved group of subhuman, liberal garbage, IMO.
Yes, I've seen the TV spots, and Limbaugh is right: Mikey "The Shaker" Fox is faking it. He's acting and making his so-called Parkinsons look much worse than it is. Just like he did when he testified before the corrupt, criminal US Congress subcommittee, in '99. The untalented little punk "actor" is a whore for the murderous liberal-demokkkRAT filth. Adult stem cells are working; fetal stem cells are a bust, to date. Fetal stem cell harvesting is murder. Fox is a lying, lowlife scumbag. No, I have no sympathy for him and his problems. Obviously, the fat, bloated, waddling sweathog, Patti Davis, does. The Davis Pig has obviously not listened to Limbaugh's *taped transscript*, or even read an exact transcribed copy, or s/he/it'd be adverse to making assine, liberal-demokkkRAT statements, like this. Davis is a verminous, smelly, mentally-ill, bloated porker. Go take a bath, piggie-bitch-scum.
CAiR is subhuman, terrorist-supporting, murderous pigshit. Their "muslim backlash"? Totally non-existent, according to these FBI Hate Crime Statistics. CAiR's employees/terrorist-supporters needs to be duly-tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, for treason and sedition, in a time of war, IMO.

The GOP's "gay identity crisis"? Huh? Get rid of the perverted, lowlife, demented, deviant subhuman filth, GOPers! They're *liabilities*, not assets, BTW. They're self-compromised and easily-liable to blackmail, as history has proven. They belong in a sewer, from whence they came. Garbage, trash and shit. IMO.
Shit-for-brains dirtbag, Herr Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger (RINO-CA), called a perfectly proper and legal letter to illegal spic aliens, "a hate crime," said Saturday the Republican candidate whose campaign it was linked to should quit the race if he had anything to do with it. "I think this is one of the worst letters that anyone could send out. And I think those kind of tactics are illegal and it is a hate crime," Schwarzenegger said. Hey Herr Arnie, you asshole: f*ck off, nazi moron. Any illegal alien voting is a f*cking felony, asshole! All of the illegal alien, mexican-hispanic-latino spics, need to be deported, you dumbass nazi pig-f*cker! Crawl back into your slimy, dank hole, RINO-GOPer, nazi punk.BR> President Bush signed a bill which "authorizes" a 700-mile fence to be built on the US-Mexican border, BUT... DOESN'T FUND IT! No money! It won't get built! It's bullshit! More transparent GOP bullshit!

Liberal-demokkkRAT Traitors, Filth and Lowlifes™.
Awwwwwwwww, the poor, "picked-upon" liberal-demokkkRATs are upset about a RNC-GOPer TV ad? Republicans took a page from President Johnson's Cold War-era presidential campaign with an advertisement set to air this weekend called "The Stakes," which prominently features al Qaeda leaders threatening to kill Americans. And the demokkkRATs have called the commercial, which is reminiscent of Johnson's 1964 "Daisy" ad, a "desperate ploy to once again try to scare voters". Hey, liberal-demokkkRAT scum: f*ck off, assholes!
Well, well, well, another piece of cowardly, Klintoon-holdover, liberal-demokkkRAT spic-shit — Alberto Fernandez, director of the Office of Press and Public Diplomacy in the Bureau of Near East Affairs — advocating cutting-and-running, throwing Iraqis under the bus and calling America "arrogant and stupid". President Bush and SEC-STATE Rice should fire this turd-world, bean-eater, and disallow his overbloated gov't pension. F*ck him; go to welfare. I'm not paying his pension, dammit! He's a traitor and a seditionist. Personally, I'd have the treasonous/seditious spic-trash, shot. Sorry, spic boy: apology/excuse/lie NOT ACCEPTED, by me, asshole.
Illinois State Senator Barack Obama, the left-wing, liberal demokkkRAT Party’s "candidate" for US Senator from Illinois, is a very, very liberal, terrorist-sympathizer, hate-America, subhuman muslim, porch-monkey, socialist, communist-sympathizer, Nigga®, tar-baby, jungle-bunny, shithead, racist, bigoted, garbage-sifting piece-of-muslim-pigshit, and he must be defeated. He's filth, junk, trash, garbage and shit.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Once again proving that Nicole Kidman is an *moronic loser bitch* her so-called marriages include — first, the homo-sodomite Tommy "I Want To Marry My Mommy" Cruise, and now, the dumbass, drug-addict lowlife, Keith Urban — a laundry list of subhuman garnage, trash and filth. Just like the 8-time loser, bloated, fat, alcoholic, drug-addicted, pedophile-supporting (Mikey Jack-scum) sweathog, Elizabeth Taylor, she's on-track to pass that bitch. Hey, Nicole: get yourself sterilized, as you aren't fit to reproduce and pollute The Human Race, IMO. You're a filthy, lowlife, dirtbag skank.
Pig-fucking lowlife, Angelina Jolie, adopted from Cambodia and Ethiopia. Sweathog-humping, slut-skank Madonna, as most of the planet knows, is adopting from Malawi. And ordinary Americans adopt foreign-born children by the thousands each year — a rate that has tripled in the last decade. F*ck it; let Africa die a natural death. It's garbage, trash and filth. All there, richly deserve to die, and *cleanse* the continent; let's let the shithole eradicate itself, and start over. F*ck and KILL the muslim-islamist-arab trash-garbage, IMO.
The Black Nigga® Mucous is in open revolt over House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's attempt to discipline criminal, corrupt, nigger, subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag, scum-sucking, US Rep William Jefferson (Nigga®-LA), after he was caught red nigger-handed with $90,000 in alleged bribe money, in his freezer. And at least one CBC staffer is warning that any move against Jefferson could jeopardize Democrat chances to retake the House this fall.
A Brigham Young University physics professor, certifiably mentally-ill, a traitor, kook theorist, liar, dirtbag, leftist piece-of-subhuman-shit, who suggested the World Trade Center was brought down by explosives has resigned, six weeks after the school placed him on leave. "I am electing to retire so that I can spend more time speaking and conducting research of my choosing," physics professor alcoholic, drug-addicted, lowlife dirtbag, Steven Jones, said in a statement released by the school. Hey, Stevie: go out into a field, put a .45 into your mouth, and blow your empty head apart, homo-sodomite trash-boy. You hate-America, hate-Bush, hate-US Military, hate-freedom, hate-liberty, hate-everything good, filth need to be rounded-up, put into a "pen", and left to your "own devices". IMO.
The UK on the rapid decline into socialism and islamism: "Police in Manchester have been told not to arrest Muslims wanted on warrants at prayer times during the holy month of Ramadan. An internal email listing prayer times was sent to officers in the metropolitan division asking them not to make planned arrests during those periods for reasons of religious sensitivity, Greater Manchester Police confirmed. Some officers are said to have been angered by the instruction." Oh, really?
Hey, Froggie Police: shoot and kill the f*cking, subhuman muslim "youth" filth! They threaten you and harm you? Kill them! Grow some balls and a spine.
Police are appealing for calm after four men were beaten up in a UK mosque, last night. Awwwww, too freaking bad, subhuman filth. Look for this to happen with "more intensity and frequency", in the coming months and years, fellas. You can't imagine what's coming your way, IMO. But I digress...
Let me get this straight: you can spread feces on a crucifix. You can burn the American Flag and drown a Crucified Jesus in a jar of urine, but the wrath of hell and threats of jail come down when you put a Koran in the toilet? In the space of a month there have been two separate incidents where a koran, the muslim un-holy book, was found in a Pace University toilet. The most recent was found just last Friday. I wipe my ass with the murder-advocating, subhuman, un-holy book: the koran/curan. (((spit)))
Paul McCartney: what in hell were you thinking when you married the ugly, one-legged, hateful, dirtbag skank, Heather Mills, years ago? Look at her picture; that is a butt-ugly, two-bagger, coyote-ugly bitch! She is verminous dogshit, and is about to take you to the cleaners in a very, very messy and public divorce. Couldn't you get "laid", anyother way, other than marrying a gold-digger like her? What respect I had for you, is long gone, dumbass, and you truly deserve to get cleaned-out, moron.
Arrest and throw the tax fraud criminal Snipes Nigga®, into prison, US Marshalls.
No, homeless people shouldn't be dumped back onto skid row. They should be imprisoned far, far, far away from society, or preferably, executed. They're worthless, mentally-ill, subhuman garbage and spending any US Taxpayers' monies on them, is a waste of time and funds, IMO.
The verminous, vomit-laden shithole that is New Jersey's Supreme Court, opened the door to gay deviant sodomite-homo marriage Wednesday, ruling that sodomite-homos are entitled to the same rights as Normal People, but leaving it to lawmakers to legalize same-sex unions. New Joisey needs a major nuking by terrorists, and needs to be rebuilt and re-populated by Normal People, not subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT filth. IMO.
Philip Kevin Paulson, who fought a 17-year legal battle to remove the Mount Soledad cross from public property, died Wednesday of liver cancer. He was 59. Good riddance, and rot in hell, you subhuman, piece-of-shit, lowlife scumbag!
Blind scumbags suing Target because its website is inaccessible? F*ck them!

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
CAiR (Council on American islamic Relations)? They're a proven and documented, terrorist-supporting, subversive terrorist group of subhuman, muslim-islamist-arab, pigshit-sucking dirtbags garbage, whose 3 officers have been convicted and imprisoned for terrorist activities. CAiR has been lying to, and fooling stupid Americans, for years. They don't fool me. They all need to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed for treason and sedition, in a time of war, IMO. Sleeper-cell terrorists, like Billy-Achmed Dalati, should be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, too. Dalati's a supporter of murderous lowlife pigshit trash, IMO. islam is for life's losers.
Holy Land/CAiR Founder Sentenced: This Dallas Morning News article doesn’t mention it, but in addition to his ties to the un-Holy Land Foundation, Ghassan Elashi was also the founder of the Texas chapter of the Council on American islamic Relations: un-Holy Land group’s co-founder sentenced. Ghassan Elashi, co-founder and former chairman of the now-defunct Richardson-based un-Holy Land Foundation, was sentenced Thursday to six years and eight months in prison on charges that he did business with a terrorist and violated export laws with his brothers and their company InfoCom Corp. IMO, he should be executed. He's subhuman filth.
Nope, sorry, I don't believe this muslim's words, for a minute. All muslims are encouraged to lie (koran 8:12), by their unholy book the koran/curan, whatever, so his words are just hollow bullshit. IMO.
If there ever was any doubt in your mind as to what the subhuman, pigshit-slurping, murderous muslim-islamist-arab filth want to do, like take over the world with their perverted, deviant, degenerate islamic Religion Of Hate™ caliphate, read this, and buy some more ammo. There's a lot of killing coming, and you'd better be prepared to defend America.
Awwwwwwwwwww, boo-fricking-hoo! Eat mucho pigshit and die, muslim-islamic-arab terrorist assholes!
islam is a violent, expansionary ideology that seeks the destruction or subjugation of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government. islam's goal? To take over the world and establish an islamic caliphate, either converting or killing every Infidel, aka non-muslim. Any questions?
First, muslims, islamics and arabs are not a race; they're a murderous, political and social religion cult. Therefore, all their bullshit charges of "racism" are total garbage. Charge dismissed as ignorant crap. muslims, islamics and arab terrorists are ordinary subhuman filth, totally-owned and operated by a religion cult of mindless anger, opportunistic political-social infection, and hate-filled dogma, and by pigshit-gulping, islamo-fascist "leaders", who control every moment of their empty-headed, hate-filled adherents', pathetic lives. islam is the complete imprisonment of body, mind and soul, and the total control of everything — every breath, every word, every act. islam is not a religion. It is a political cult of fascism, murder, hate, terrorism and destruction. Have you seen the head-cutting videos? Or the impaling video? Or the latest American to be murdered? And how about all these beheadings and murders? Go ahead and have a look; I'll wait.
By its own definition, islam is incompatible with any real religions or civilizations. islam is an opportunistic infection in the world's body. islam is made-up, moonbat idol garbage, by a dirtbag, drug-addicted, subhuman, murderer, pigshit-gulping, mentally-ill, delusional, pedophile. Hence, islam must be destroyed. And its mindless, subhuman, garbage adherents, do want to "wipe-out" Infidels and Non-Believers. Their words, not mine. When are you going to realize and comprehend that reality, America? "Multiculturalism" and "diversity" are the worst kind of trash: engineered socialism-communism-liberalism-nazism.
"•Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City; No Muslim outrage. •Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt; No Muslim outrage. •A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia. Muslims shoot children in the back. No Muslim outrage. •Let's go way back. Muslims kidnap and kill athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims fire rocket-propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims massacre dozens of innocents at a Passover Seder. No Muslim outrage. •Muslims murder innocent vacationers in Bali. No Muslim outrage. •Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world; No Muslim outrage. •Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge; No Muslim outrage. •Newspapers in Denmark and Norway publish cartoons depicting Mohamhead; Muslims are outraged."
"Dead children. Dead tourists. Dead teachers. Dead doctors and nurses. Death, destruction and mayhem around the world at the hands of Muslims... no Muslim outrage... but publish a cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and all hell breaks loose. Come on, is this really about cartoons? They're rampaging and burning flags. They're looking for Europeans to kidnap. They're threatening innkeepers and generally raising (un)holy Muslim hell not because of any outrage over a cartoon. They're outraged because it is part of the Islamic jihadist culture to be outraged. You don't really need a reason. You just need an excuse. Wandering around, destroying property, murdering children, firing guns into the air and feigning outrage over the slightest perceived insult is to a jihadist what tailgating is to a Steeler's fan." (by Nealz Nuze)
Convicted September 11th conspirator and subhuman piece-of-pigshit-gulping-muslim-faggot, Zacarias Moussaoui, says he lied on the witness stand about being involved in the plot and wants to withdraw his guilty plea because he now believes he can get a fair trial. Kill the sand-Nigga®, muslim-islamic-arab filth! No, wait a minute: DON'T kill him. Make him live and die everyday, as a pig, in a cell with straw on the floor, a wooden trough filled with pork-slop soup, throw chunks of bacon, hamhocks and pork rinds in just to piss him off. Maybe he'll hang himself? Sure, give it a try.
Here's why there'll never be peace and stability in any piece of the 6th century hellhole, subhuman turd-world, muslim-islamist-arab world. They're lowlife garbage; all needing to be killed. So many wasted US Military lives, dammit. I said this in March 2003, as the Iraq War began.
Have you seen this video, which shows that illiterate, lowlife, stupid, dumbass, pigshit-sucking dirtbag, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, as an incompetent, bumbling, muslim-islamist-arab pig-f*cker? No wonder the muslim pig-shitscum trash are still mired in the 7th century. Zarqawi is a cowardly, fat pig's turd.
Everything you need to know about the horror which is islam, is right here.
Much, much more than revenge is needed, against all liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, fascist garbage. Wipe Iran off the face of the Earth, IMO. islam = terrorism? Go figure.
Nice going, Canada. Get the murderous, subhuman, pigshit-drinking muslim filth out of your country! Shoot the garbage who won't voluntarily leave. All muslims = terrorism, murder, atrocities. Any questions? Got it, yet?
So, the Canadian media whores didn't mention that all 17 arrested were MUSLIMS from the same mosque? How PC and convenient.
Get the pigfucking, subhuman filth, murderous, asswipe dirtbag, muslim-islamist-arab filth outta My Country's Military, Bush & Rumsfeld! They are muslims first, and want to kill America, and bloodily-replace it with an islamic caliphate, under murderous sharia law. Get those faggot bitches outta My Country's Military, dammit!
Awwwwwwwwwww, muslim-islamist-arab pigfucker Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead? Rot in piggy hell, subhuman.
Hmmmm, 'homegrown' black muslim filth from Miami, plotting to blow-up Chicago's Sears Tower and other buildings in the US? Torture, interrogate and then kill the sand-Niggas®! They're subhuman filth.
Yes, islam is pigshit, and here's why. Any questions?
No, I don't advocate or recommend the harming or killing of "innocent, moderate muslims"; but then, I've never met any such people. All muslims hate us Infidels (you and me) and truly wish us (you and me) dead. Remember: islamics want to kill us (you and me); muslims merely wish us (you and me) dead. I do heartily-advocate and recommend the outright targeting and killing of all muslim-islamic-arab terrorists, and their supporters, everywhere and anywhere you find them. Find the terrorists and KILL THEM!
Thankfully for The Enemies Of America™, I'm only one man, with no/zero/zip/nada/zilch followers and absolutely no influence over anyone or anything. These are merely my opinions and thoughts; nothing more.
The terrorist-supporting, pigshit-gulping cowards at CAiR (Council on American-islamic Relations) is now targeting InterNet Blogs, for hurtful, hate speech again islam (pigshit be upon it), muslims (pigshit be upon it), mentally-ill pedophile, mo-HAM-head (pigshit be upon him) and moonbat false idol, allah (pigshit be upon him). Hey, muzzie filth: f* ck a dead pig, aka your allah (pigshit be upon him)!
The Finsbury Park Mosque, where the one-eyed, hook-handed, pigshit-drinking, boy-buggering, lowlife subhuman piece-of-shit, militant turd-boy cleric, Abu Hamza al-Masri once delivered his fiery sermons and helped turn a religious facility into the target for dozens of international terrorism investigations, is going through a makeover. Bullshit; it should be bulldozed, covered in pigshit, and all subhuman, murderous muslim-islamist-arab terrorists tried and summarily executed. They're muslim-islamist-arab terrorists and need summary killing.
Two more dead, subhuman, murderous, pigshit-drinking, muslim-islamist-arab filth: first, the homo-sodomite, fat, clumbsy, asswipe-pigf*cker coward, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is blown to bits? Rot in piggy hell, subhuman. Next, pig-humping coward, murderer, wimp, punk, apostate faggot, Shamil Basayev, was also blown to bits. Good for our US Military! Damned good shooting, guys!
Murder, terrorism, death... it's subhuman muslims and their pigshit cult of islam killing more innocents in Mumbai (Bombay), India! Gee, there's a real shocker! muslim trash killing Infidels!
Shooting holes in the un-holy koran (pigshit be upon it) is now a hate crime? Maybe a littering misdemeanor, but certainly not a hate crime. Submerge a crucifix in urine and you'll get an NEA-NPR grant, and exhibitions in NYC and Paris? What if it were a US Flag or The Holy Bible? No big deal, according to the FBI. I piss and shit on, and wipe my ass, with the un-holy koran. It's toilet paper.
The terrorist-supporting, pigshit-drinking, turd-polishing dirtbag, treasonous & seditious filth from CAiR (Council of American-islamic Relations), readily advocate the liberal-demokkkRAT, cut-&-run, non-tactic, tactics. Verbatim.
Go, get something better and more productive to do, FBI. muslim/islamist/arabs are the murderous terrorists here, FBI. Not Americans, dammit!
Looks like some black American religious leaders are finally realizing what the horror of islam (pigshit be upon it) is really all about: hatred, racism, poverty, hopelessness, torture, beheading, boy-buggering, female genital mutilation, murder, death and destruction. I sure wish the rest of the stupid world woulod wake-the-fuck-up, and see islam (pigshit be upon it) for what it is: EVIL!
Terrorist suspect Momin Khawaja, an Ottawa computer software programmer, needs to be tortured and killed; he's a subhuman, murderous muslim-isamic-arab terrorist filth. Kill him! Face down in a pit of liquid pigshit, asswiper! You're in hell, with 72 bloated white raisins; no virgins, dumbass.
Seattle shooter, murderer and muslim-islamist-arab terrorist, Naveed Afzal Haq, needs torture and killing. Any questions?
C'mon, 'silent Arab majority': speak the hell up, and put down the mad dogs of muslim-islamist-arab subhuman murder, dammit.
All the subhuman, terrorist-supporting, pigshit-gulping, muslim-islamist-arab filth, in the islamic Thinkers Society — what an oxymoron! — need killing, as do all murderous muslim-islamist-arab terrorists. The world would be so much better off without the 1.3 billion subhuman, muslim-islamist-arab terrorist garbage.
Need some more pics of murders and mutilations by the subhuman, pigshit-gulping, lowlife dirtbag muslim-islamist-arab filth, on Christians? Right here, Infidel!
If you don't think that terrorist acts aren't already being committed here in the US, then remember back to these terrorist attacks on US soil: The July 4, 2002 attack on the El Al counter at Los Angeles International airport; The October 1, 2002 University of Oklahoma suicide bombing outside of a crowded football game. The March 4, 2006 attack on the UNC campus; The July 28, 2006 attack on Seattle's Jewish Community Center; The August 29, 2006 attacks on 13 pedestrians in San Francisco.
Yes, islam and mohamhead are a load of steaming pigshit, and here's why.
Yes, CAiR is a terrorist-supporting bunch of subhuman pigshit-drinking, muslim-islamist-arab asswipe scum. And their paid-in-full terrorist associates, Minnesota demokkkRAT Fifth District congressional candidate, Keith Ellison (TRAITOR-MN), a treasonous, sand-Nigga®, seditious turd-polisher, just like his asshole-buddy, Florida gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis (FAGGOT-FL), are ready to subvert America and help other terrorists destroy this Nation, from within. Both need to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, IMO.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Thank you, Ohio, for making my week! Ohio executed a "religious cult leader", Jeffrey Lundgren, 56, a subhuman piece-of-shit, Tuesday for the murder of a family of five followers who were taken one at a time to a barn, bound and shot to death. The youngest was a girl just 7 years old. Rot in hell, lowlife scumbag!
Jake Brahm, an asshole, terrorist Wisconsin grocery clerk, has admitted he posted a fake bomb threat against National Football League stadiums in major US cities, as part of an Internet competition with a person in Texas to create the scariest terror scenario possible. Really? Kill Jakey-boy. No trial, no waste of US Taxpayers' monies. Head shoot the subhuman piece-of-shit, IMO.
Jacques Chirac needs to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, for this BS-crap, alone. Chirac's a traitor, coward, liar, theif, scumbag, homo-sodomite, socialist, piece-of-shit, commie, fascist, punk, turd-polisher. Kill him, IMO.
If this faggot-homo-sodomite spic "priest", Father Anthony Mercieca, *molested* Mark Foley, kill him. IMO. All child-molesters, whether homo-sodomites or just abnormal perverts, need killing. Death = zero recividism.
Louise Egan Brunstad, 16, a dirtbag lesbo, homo-sodomite-filth, "homo-lovesick" 16-year-old girl, crashed her car into an oncoming vehicle in a suicide attempt, counting down the moments before impact in text messages sent to the female classmate who spurned her abnormal, degenerate, perverted sexual advances. The lesbo-dyke subhuman skank survived; the woman in the other car was killed. Brunstad needs killing for "intentional vehicular homocide"; not so-called life-in-prison, IMO. Kill the subhuman bitch filth!
Cindy Sheehan needs killing, IMO, for treason and sedition, in a time of war, IMO. The skank, mentally-ill, alcoholic, drug-addicted bitch, wants to "go back in time and kill the baby, George W Bush, thereby preventing the Iraq War". Kill the subhuman, hate-America, hate-Bush, hate-US Military, terrorist-supporting, lowlife bitch!
Tammy Skinner, a 22-year old subhuman welfare scumbag of two (children), piece-of-lowlife filth, whorebag slut-scum bitch, who got herself knocked-up once again, shot her unborn baby in her belly with a pistol. She killed the baby. Cold-blooded murder. According to Virginia law, any third tri-mester abortion that is without special medical circumstances is illegal. Virginia law is even more specific saying that "any person who administers, or were to cause; via the use of drugs or any other thing with the intent of destroying the child" is illegal. Yet even in the face of such legal specificity, Skinner's liberal, pro-abortion "lawyer" used the Clintonian tactic to argue the meaning of "any person" and defended his client by saying the word meant "any one other than" Skinner. The liberal lackies, parrading as judges, in the two different levels of hearings in the matter bought the argument and thusly returned Skinner back to her welfare-subsidized home and to return to having more sex with men who might in fact get her pregnant for a forth time. She needs to have her two existing children removed, to safety. She needs killing. No jail. Kill her. She's a clear and present danger to sane society.
Presidential assassin-wannabe, John Hinckley Jr's unsupervised visits, to his parents' home in Virginia, can continue, a liberal, activist, lowlife dirtbag, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush, federal judge said Monday. But, US District Judge Paul Friedman cautioned, there may need to be some future changes to the terms of the visits. "Future changes"? Yes, he needs killing, IMO.
Once again, I call for the assassination of Hugo "Screwy Huey" Chavez, Dictator of Venezuela, by anyone. F*ck the CIA; they're apparently neutered and powerless, sadly. Kill this mentally-ill, murderous, lowlife, dirtbag, subhuman, commie-socialist, spic filth. In-the-head, .50cal at 1,500yds will do it nicely.
New Jersey prosecutors no longer have to prove a defendant is mentally fit to be executed, the corrupt, liberal-activist state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. The decision shifts the burden of proving mental retardation to defendants trying to avoid death penalty, putting New Jersey in line with most other "normal" states.
"The Freeway Killer", Ivan Hill, 45, is charged with killing six women in 1993 and 1994 and dumping their bodies along the Pomona Freeway. He needs killing, ASAP. Headshoot the subhuman piece-of-shit immediately after conviction; no appeals. Kill him.
A Louisiana cop's son, Danny Harold Rolling, was convicted of murdering five UoF students. He sorely needs killing, IMO. After a dozen years on death row, wasting US Taxpayers' monies, the now 52-year-old Rolling is preparing to die by lethal injection at 6 pm EST on Wednesday, at Florida State Prison in Starke, FL. His final meal should have been fresh dogshit-on-a-roll and water, instead of this menu. YES, he's dead! Good riddance and rot in hell, scumbag! Maggots gotta eat, too, subhuman garbage.

The Business of Baseball.
Even the type of fan who wouldn't think of using TIVO to fast forward through an intentional walk has to acknowledge that baseball is as much a business as a sport. For many, the commercial aspect of the game is a drag, but for others, arbitration and "stadium financing" are just as compelling as HRs and RBIs. This Society for American Baseball Research site includes some mind-boggling data, such as every player salary from 1985 to 2004 (downloadable in Excel). You can also check out architectural renderings of proposed changes to Fenway Park, interviews with such behind-the-scenes, wacko-luminaries as Marvin Miller and Bob Costas, and a mitt-load of material from Congress's recent steroid hearings, including audio/video of the testimony of Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. Boy, can't you almost hear that gavel pounding, smell those lawyers sweating? Shoot them all! Play ball, with what's left, baby!

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