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Able Danger

Friday, October 28, 2005

was stunned when I heard the story break, 6-7 weeks ago. I knew it was big, but I had no idea of how big, until I saw US Rep Curt Weldon (PATRIOT-PA) give this speech in The US House of Representatives, on C-SPAN, on Wednesday evening, at 8pm. Here's the transcript from The Savage Nation. And here's a "printer friendly version" for easier reading. This is about the Clinton Justice Dept, headed by corrupt, criminal lowlife bitch, Deputy AG Jamie Gorelick, preventing the CIA and the FBI from sharing information on islamic terrorists, worldwide. A super-secret, mililtary special-ops intel unit, called Able Danger, was using "data mining" to gather information on everyone, sort it out and piece together the activities of known muslim terrorists. The treasonous Gorelick bitch created and wrote an ad-hoc law, called "the wall", which prohibited Able Danger, the CIA and FBI from sharing intel, thus putting America at great risk of attack. And disgraced, run-out-of-office, lowlife, cowardly scum like ex-US Sen Slade Gorton (LIAR-WA), went along with it and are still lying about it. What's Able Danger all about? Start here. Here's the Motherlode of Able Danger Links; save it for a cold, snowy day read. Also, here's a nice repository of Able Danger information and articles. And finally, here's the updated list of Able Danger videos. This suspends my disbelief in *recovering government*, completely. This crap — actively destroying Able Danger's LTC Tony Shaffer — pisses me off, no end. The FULL story of the Klintoon Administration's criminal negligence, mis-management and traitorous behavior, by ignoring multiple militant muslim-islamic (pigshit be upon you all) attacks against America, Somalian mission creep and then retreat without brutal retribution, TWA Flight 800 islamic-muslim (pigshit be upon you all) shoot-down, muslim-islamic (pigshit be upon you all) pigshit Khobar Towers Bombing, campaign contributions from China, OKC muslim(pigshit be upon you all)-terrorist bombing, Chinese agents in sensitive defense industry positions, American technology to assist Chinese rocket launches, North Korean fiasco, USS Cole bombing, US Embassies in Africa bombings, 1993 WTC Bombing, 9-11, f*cking-up the Middle East with "guidance" from Arrid-fart, etc, must be kept buried or all hell will break loose. The Klintoon "legacy" is what is at stake: Hillary's "right" to the White House could be jeopardized by their liberal hypocrisy lies. The Klintoon scumbag, bib-wearing, terrorist-supporting MSM filth, Kool-Aid™ drinkers are on full alert, to salvage the worthless, disgraced, convicted perjurer, impeached, rapist, lying, liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America bastard's reputation and "legacy". In retaliation, this Bush impeachment attempt, is coming. It will fail and badly damage the liberal-demokkkRAT party, but it will happen during a time of war, to a sitting president. Treasonous behavior, on the liberal-demokkkRATs' part, and very worthy of the death penalty for all of them, but it will happen. They are playing their last trump card to undermine the president, and destroy America from within. The Enemy Within™ is more numerous that you're being led to believe. Here's a glimpse of the depths to which the corrupt MSM will go to hurt America. The hate-America, left-wing loonies are salivating so hard at the US Military's 2000th Death In Iraq, that it's like a *saliva storm surge* of epic proportions. LOL.

Around The Garden Center™.
It was a cloudy, cold and rainy (¾") weekend, with plentiful signs that Winter isn't very far off. Flocks of migratory birds are heading south into Maryland and Virginia, to winter-over. Leaves are changing fast and putting on quite a colorful show. Daytime temps are in the low-50s, with night temps in the upper-30s/ lower-40s. Retail traffic was light all weekend, and since I was feeling tired, I didn't mind a bit. I've put all houseplants and tropicals on a 50% OFF Sale, because I'm freezing-out all greenhouses this Winter, to save many thousands per month in natural gas heating bills.
My office broadband connection went out late Saturday afternoon, and was down all day Sunday, making it truly "sucky to be me" for 5 hours, without any broadband connection. I called MT Wire Free three times, and since they're closed on Sunday, got zero help. I gave-up around 3:15pm, when Lee stopped by, and we went out to my private 30ft pistol range, and did some muslim-islamic, terrorist (paper target) killing. 9- and 10-ring shots, all day long, baby.
Hurricane Wilma gave the Mid-Atlantic Region a nice *kiss* on Monday evening, and Tuesday morning. About annother 1½", all told. I was hoping for even more, as this area descends into Winter. Most of the heavy rainfall was well east and north of us, judging from the available local radar loops. Oh well. Snow and sleet to the north and west of us; I'm not ready for that, just yet. And it was downright cold, compared to the previous day.
Gas prices, at the pump, here in the York (PA) area have dropped even more since last week. Unleaded Regular at $2.35/gal, Unleaded Plus at $2.45/gal, and Unleaded Premium at $2.65/gal. "Designer Bottled Water" — a $9 billion business and growing — is still more expensive. One of the most popular brands, Poland Spring water, isn't Polish; it's from Poland Spring, Maine. A pint costs $1.35 in the local convenience stores. Now just think about that. There are eight pints in a gallon, so if your car ran on water instead of gas and you had to fill a 15-gallon tank with this stuff, it would cost $162 to fill your tank with water. Milk is still around $3.79/ gal.
I'm noticing the occasional areas of snow and sleet in lower New York state/ upper Pennsylvania, as well as in spots in the Midwest and Northern Tier states. To that end, I have my GC&N Staff — Jennifer, Horticulturalist, Karen, Greenhouses Manager, and Brad — cutting back perennials, certain shrubs and beginning to consolidate existing perennials in GHs 1-2-3-4, while GHs 5-6 will be getting larger shrubs and smaller trees. Larger trees are heeled-in the ground, in rows throughout the nursery. Winter's coming and fast, as I predicted many weeks ago. I want 95% of all stock to be in those greenhouses, before the first snowfall. It truly sucks to be putting all that container staock away in either snow or ice storms; been there, did that, got the t-shirt, in the "early years". Won't happen again, as I say every year, since '93 or so. BTW, frost is expected this week, in this area. Here's what it looks like in the Winter, around the Complex. Pretty bleak, isn't it?
John's Journal? Wow, 12,001 websites with that name. Yes, I'm first and second entries on AOL (where I never go), as usual. I was first in January '96; the rest are merely poseurs. Ditto that on Google.
My new evening station for The Savage Nation, 6-9pm EST? Why KSKY in Balch Springs, Texas, of course. No more of those annoying ComCast ads. Gaaaawd, I hate those ads! I'll go back when they dump those shitty lousy ads.
On mega-rainyday Tuesday, I picked-up Sister Becky, brought her into work by 9am, did paperwork, helped-make a 3pm presentation w/ Alan, my LSCP Foreman ($55k+ job) to new clients, drove Becky to Mom & Dad's in late afternoon, and stayed for dinner. My GC&N Staff and landscape Crews had the day off, and zero customers appeared, but I fielded a lot of calls, about various gardening subjects, as usual. For dinner, Mom, Dad Becky & I had my Roasted Winter Squash Bisque, Mom's Homemade Meatloaf, AuGratin Potatos, Fresh Peas, and I couldn't-even-think-about-Applesauce-Raisin Spice Cake, for dessert. (She'll send a "Care Package" for me, down to the GC&N Complex, tomorrow.) And some sorta white vino; can't (((remember))), exactly. Tall, thin, tapered, blue-grey opaque bottle, didn't read the label, white wine. B-u-r-p. Sleeeeeeepzzzzzzzzzz sounds real good, just now.
The sun came back out on Wednesday and Thursday, but it remained downright cold, and windy. My GC&N Staff — Jennifer, Horticulturalist, Karen, Greenhouses Manager, and Brad — continued consolidating GHs 1-4, while the Landscape Crews worked several small jobs, and dug trees for Friday's scheduled installations. They work on GHs 5-6, where the containerized nursery stock is also stored. We've re-stoned the GH floors, to keep the mud to a minimum, and have started storing the larger potted shrubs. Smaller stuff will be stored in the lower GHs 1-4, on and under the benches.
Nice gardens. Thanks, Dolly.

President Bush, why you have allowed the subhuman, filthy, murderous, hate-America, pigshit-slurping muslim garbage to defile The White House, for the past 5 years, is beyond me. They are the f*cking enemy. They want to convert, rule or kill Americans/Infidels; all of the islamic trash. Wake-up, Mr Bush! The horror called islam, is pure evil. Their allah (pigshit be upon him) and Mo-ham-head (pigshit be upon him) are delusions of mentally-ill moonbats, and should be dealt with as such. And you are delusional for thinking and acting as you have and are, Mr Bush.
So is Sec'y of State, Condi Rice, a delusional idiot, for saying this crap about subhuman muslim filth, at the US-sponsored, Annual State Department Pigshit-Iftaar Dinner. The continuing horror that is islam (pigshit be upon it), needs to be exterminated from the face of the earth. Just as the subhuman, pigshit-sipping muslim-islamic trash in Iran, want to do to Israel. The mindless adherents, muslims (pigshit be upon it), need to be eradicated completely because they are totally-incompatible with Mankind.
I predicted the resignation of Harriet Miers, in last week's Journal. I'm truly sorry she didn't get her day in the US Senate Judicial Confirmation Hearings, as I think she had a good chance of getting through it all.
US Sen Ted Stevens (ASSHOLE-AK) is a mentally-ill, alcoholic, drug-addicted, corrupt, criminal, dirtbag, subhuman, lowlife scumbag. In his senatorial hissy-fit last week, he threatened to resign from the corrupt US Senate if his $300 million "bridge to nowhere" is scuttled. Hey, Ted: get a massive heart attack, and DIE! American doesn't need scum and filth like you, idiot.
No, President Bush, your "guest worker" proposal doesn't cut it for me. Go back and think about real enforcement and mass deportation; the record so far is beyond dismal. I'll wait for something more realistic.
First, it was a "stealth pay raise at night" for the corrupt scumbag politicians in Harrisburg, PA; now, it's an "automatic pay raise unless vetoed" for the corrupt scumbag pols in Washington, DC. None of them do their jobs correctly, IMO, and all deserve to be turned-out of office.
No, I don't have a problem with the FBI spying on America's enemies, whether they're so-called US residents or not. If they're enemies, spy on them, by all means. But then, please take the enemies to a dark field, head-shoot them, and bury their asses and let the maggots feast.
Yes, liberalism-diversity-multiculturalism is a mental disorder.
Yes, the "Wilson Affair" was a CIA plot. Read this.
Nice try, US Sen Tom Coburn (CONSERVATIVE-NB), but your fellow senators don't give a flying rat's ass about our hard-earned Taxpayer monies; they just want their pork projects, at any cost. F*ck the US Congress.
Illegal immigrants are criminals, President Bush. What don't you understand about that simple fact?
Sorry to say, but I don't think she'll make it to the SCOTUS. So-called Conservative assholes like David Frum, Ann Counter and Linda Chavez arebehind a dumb 30-second TV ad is set to air tomorrow, Wednesday, that some believe may be as effective at helping stop the Harriett Miers confirmation as the Swift Boat ads were in helping stop John Kerry. Idiots all, at BetterJustice.org.
I called Delay's Office for a signed copy of his smiling mugshot, in trade for a contribution. I'm on a waiting list, as of Monday 10/24.
Sorry, Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro, but violent sexual predators shouldn't be confined to mental hospitals after they serve their prison sentences; they should be KILLED! Not kept alive and medically-treated with US Taxpayers' monies, dammit!
US Sen Lincoln D. Chafee (SODOMITE-RI) is a rump-raiding, pole-puffing, fudge-packing, subhuman piece-of-shit, traitor. Dump him, Rhode Island.
There goes Secy of State Condi Rice again, acting and speaking like an idiot, telling Israel what to do. Shut up, bitch! You don't know what you're talking about, moron. I've lost all respect for her. She's an idiot.
Sorry, Lynn Swan doesn't have a snowball's chance here in PA. Waste of time and money, IMO.
The United States agreed yesterday to move an air base into another military site on the Japanese island of Okinawa, in a climbdown aimed at reducing friction between the US Military and locals. Okinawans, whose small, southern island houses more than half the 50,000 US troops stationed in Japan, have long protested about the disruption to daily life caused by the heavy military presence. The Futenma air base will now be relocated to Camp Schwab. Washington and Tokyo agreed to move the Futenma air base a decade ago after massive anti-US demonstrations were triggered by the rape of a schoolgirl by three servicemen from the base.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
Remember the corrupt, criminal dirtbag liberal-demokkkRAT, Philadelphia City Council member Rick Mariano, who made a trip alone to the enclosed deck, 500 feet above street level, had caused a suicide scare, drawing police, fire trucks and ambulances to the landmark building, then sought psychiatric care at a hospital after the incident? Well, he actually went up there to "clear his mind," not to kill himself as authorities feared, his spokesman said Friday. Frankly, I would have liked to see the scumbag jump... SPLAT! But his "life in prison" will be so much more hellish than that quick trip to the pavement.
Further proof that the corrupt, criminal US Senate members, are nuts. As if anyone observing, with a sentient brain, needs reinforcement of that obvious fact.
The corrupt, criminal, liberal-demokkkRAT "lawmakers" of NOLA, are "insulted" the levees, which protect a stupid-f*cking-city built 12-20ft BELOW SEA LEVEL, won't be rebuilt by US Taxpayers' Hard-Earned Monies? Huh? It's a STATE PROBLEM, assholes! Patch it, morons. Move NOLA 550 miles north, ABOVE SEA LEVEL, restore the existing shipping ports and oil platforms to withstand CAT 4 hurricanes, and call it a day. Use YOUR freaking monies to do this, not mine, dammit! I don't mind paying for mobile homes, temp housing, food, clothes, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for $250,000+ homes for 300,000 welfare scum. LA needs to do that. They're its residents. Aw heck, let 'em dream on. A 'wet one', if they can still handle it, eh?
After a failed attempt at passing "hate crimes" legislation, alcoholic, bloated, fat, intern-murdering, drug-addicted, boozer, lowlife, liar, hate-America, piece-of-subhuman-shit, US Sen Edward Kennedy (SOCIALIST-MA), is trying to attach an amendment favored by homosexual-rights activists to another bill, an activist group warns. Kennedy sought to pass the controversial legislation — adding "sexual orientation" to the hate-crimes law — through the "Child Safety Act," but this time the vehicle is "The Streamlined Procedures Act of 2005," which deals with federal criminal procedures. Kennedy is part of The Enemy Within™.
Out-of-control NY state AG, Eliot Spitzer needs to be reined-in, duly charged, tried, convicted and jailed for life. He's a liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag, piece-of-shit.
Hey, left-wing wacko scumbags: tell me about all that socialist Kyoto-Krap, again, please? Especially, about the part of China's exemption, as a "developing nation".
Fat, bloated, alcoholic, drug-addicted, intern-murdering, liar, hate-America dirtbag, US Sen Edward "Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy (DRUNK-MA), after a failed attempt at passing "hate crimes" legislation, is trying to attach an amendment favored by subhuman, homosexual-sodomite rights activists to another bill, another activist group warns. Shit makes my head spin, BTW.
Time to indict, charge, try, convict, sentence and execute the fat, bloated, alcoholic, corrupt, lying, piece-of-shit, lowlife, disgraced Gov "Fast Eddie" Rendell (CRIMINAL-PA), US Attorneys in Pennsylvania. Do it, dammit! Rendell's a subhuman piece of liberal-demokkkRAT garbage.
"These are senseless inexplicable things that are beyond the pale of imagination," San Francisco Mayor Gavin "Any Twosome" Newsom told reporters at the waterfront where the crime occurred. "It makes you, frankly, sick to your stomach to think you live in a society where things like this could have happened." Newsom is a mentally-ill, dirtbag, subhuman sodomite-homo-faggot, piece-of-shit. Dumbass faggot lover: this isn't about America, it's about a mentally-ill, sambo bitch named Lashuan Harris, who needs killing.
The worst president, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon excepted, in American history, disgraced, run-out-of-office Jimmy Carter-Farter, should get cancer/ heart attack and DIE!
Y-a-w-n, liberal-demokkkRAT trash. It's goinmg nowhere.
North Korea is committed to dismantling its nuclear weapons programme, an unofficial US envoy has said, after a visit to the capital Pyongyang. Bill Richardson said he was "very pleased" with North Korea's willingness to make progress in six-nation talks. Fat, bloated Richard-scum is a certifiable idiot.
Daniel Ruth, lowlife fudge-packer, rump-raider, homo, sodomite, deveint filth from The St Petersburg Times, can't even grasp the obvious: gun control doesn't work, moron.
The "culture of corruption" is alive and well in the liberal-demokkkRAT party, especially with former Wisconsin state Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Chvala (CRIMINAL-WI).

Lowlifes, Scumbags & Dirtballs™.
Wetback slimeball pig, Wendy Oshima, a hate-America skank and two-bit socialist, commie, fascist, nazi whorebag, flys three flags — Palestinian flag, the Cuban flag and the flag used by the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein — and desecrates the American Flag. Her bottled water company cut her off. Bravo! Let the filthy bitch drink piss. I would wipe my butt with her 3 flags.
Subhuman, piece-of-shit, "Dr" Kamau Kambon, a racist sambo and fudge-packing bigot at NC State University, wants to "kill all white people". Thatso, liberal-demokkkRAT, porch-monkey sambo asshole?
Howard Stern is garbage; he won't be missed.
The mentally-ill, hate-America, political STD whore, Cindy Sheehan is back? Where's Mark David Chapman when the country really needs him?
Nelson Mandella? he's a racist, bigot, piece-of-shit, criminal sambo. He should have been executed in one of the prisons he spent 27 years in, and the world would have been so much better off without his socialism and communism crap. His fat pig wife? Don't get me started.
The ACLU is America's Enemy Within™, and should be tried and prosecuted under the RICO Act, IMO. All employees should be stood against a wall, and shot. They're anti-American, subhuman lowlife commie-socialist filth. And we let them get away with this crap, funded by US Taxpayers, on a daily basis.
Subhuman, deviant, degenerate, lowlife, sodomite-homo filth staging an incident to get sodomy laws overturned by the SCOTUS? Wouldn't surprise me a bit.
The Blackberry is a piece-of-shit, and so's it's fat, bloated, lardass Cannuck inventor, Mikey "The Lizard" Lazaridis. Both are worthless and useless crap.
The mass murderer, Chinese-Hitler punk, Mao Tse DUNG, hero of the lowlife, socialist-commie, left-wing wacko filth, was a subhuman piece-of-shit. Along with Castro, Guevara et al: 100 million dead.
Hey, Cana-duh: control your own damned borders for guns, liberal idiot scumbags. Our gun manufacturing companies aren't within your wimpy-assed, pathetic reach. F*ck you and bite me, Cannuck scumbag Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.
There's no other word for it: Malik Zulu Shabazz's (aka Paris Lewis) a subhuman, lowlife, murderous, racist piece-of-shit. And, "Dr" Kamau Kambon, an affiliated faculty instructor at NC State University, is also a subhuman, lowlife, murderous, racist scumbag. Ditto for Calypso Louie Farra-con-man; he's a sambo, for wanting to "kill whitey". There's so much hatred of White People, by the liberal-commie-socialist media and hate-America blacks, it's making me into a pseudo-racist, wanting to use the "N-word", which I hate.
Edinburgh University is set to ban Bibles from its student halls of residence amid concern that the Holy Book is "discriminatory", and makes students of other faiths feel unwelcome. Who cares? Let Scotland go to hell with the rest of the socialist-controlled, muslim-infiltrated UK.
Buh-bye, Rosa, but I'm just so sorry what you did had no positive effect on the race-pimps, poverty-pimps, extortionists, criminals, liars, murderers and lowlife scum... like Jesse Jack-scum, Al Sharp-scum, Calypso Louie Farra-con-man, Shabazz-pigshit-boy, E PIG!-porch-monkey, Schoolbus Nigga-Nagin, ET AL. Welfare pukes, all. RIP, Rosa.
The whole stinking, dysfunctional Jackson Family should have been sterilized at birth, and never allowed to breed the subhuman garbage they have fostered over the past generation.
"Obese women who start to lose weight will also see an improvement in the quality of their sex lives, according to a U.S. study, released Monday." I could have saved the morons who commissioned this crap study, huge amounts of money and time, just by looking at "obese women" and fiving a thumbs up-down, on bedding one of the fatties. The North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO) in Vancouver is a sad, f*cking joke, spending good money on worthless "studies". Worthless as teats on a bull, IMO.
Hey, Joe Morgan asshole: you're NOT an African-American, you're an American, who is Black. Got it, idiot sambo?
The recent murders of six Mexican workers in Georgia underline various social issues facing illegal aliens immigrants, including inadequate housing and a lack of trust of financial institutions and local authorities. Don't kill the illegal aliens; deport them all. Responding to these and other atrocities, a class action lawsuit was filed Oct 18 in Los Angeles on behalf of hundreds of undocumented immigrants living throughout the United States. The suit was directed at Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, pressing them to issue visas to immigrant victims of violent crimes who have cooperated with investigations or prosecutions of such crimes.
The socialist, commie, fascist, hate-America Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA), should be duly charged under the RICO Act and Patriot Act, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed. Deport the illegal alien garbage!
US lawmakers are urging the Bush administration to resist a push from other countries to shift control of the Internet to the UN (Useless Nations), arguing that such a move would stifle innovation and free expression.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Amnesty Israel has blamed Israel for honor killings of Arab women who have been abused by other Arabs. Huh?
Ford — big supporters of the subhuman homo-sodomite-faggot agenda — has been found liable for failing to properly warn the public not to recline in their seats while driving. Oh, and to not prop their feet up on the dashboard and take a nap. The jury awarded $16.95 million. Huh?
Uggggggggggh, where do I start on this black racist NBA crap? And 1 in 10 don't think Bush&Co didn't do something wrong in the CIA Leak Case? Owwwwww!
I need some aspirin and an adult beverage. Hiccup.
Am I the only one left, who understands and identifies islamo-fascism as the root cause of murder, terrorism, invasion, slaughter of innocents, boy buggering, women chattelling, and many other atrocities, worldwide? Apparently, so.
A Duquesne University sophomore said he will risk being expelled for expressing his view that homosexuality is "subhuman" rather than write a 10-page essay the university has called for. Ryan Miner, 19, of Hagerstown, MD, was sanctioned by the university for posting his view on an online forum not related to the university. His First Amendment Right of Free Speech, has been violated, and he should sue the school for millions. The "Fag Police" need to be beaten down, back into the gutter where they came from.
The Sufa crossing point into southern Gaza opened for business as Israeli troops transferred tons of food to the Palestinian Criminal Authority for distribution among the Arab residents of Gaza. The food transfer came as a response to a request by Palestinian criminal officials prior to the islamic holiday of Ramadan Rama-lama-ding-dong. In turn, the subhuman muslim-islamic-arab filth did this to the Jews.
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin believes that the city will be larger and much safer in as little as five years. Nagin's a delusional, liberal-demokkkRAT, incompetent, lying, do-nothing, sambo, brain-dead, idiot, moron, scumbag, criminal, corrupt welfare enabler, piece-of-shit.

islam Is A Terrorist, Murderous, Criminal Organization™.
If there was ever any doubt in anyone's mind that the horror that is islam (pigshit be upon it), needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth, read this. The problem is islam, a criminal, political cult of terrorists, murderers and deviants, seeking to convert or kill the rest of the world.
10,000 f*cking Saudi "students" coming to the US? Are you freaking nuts, US State Dept filth? Those subhuman filth are pigshit-gulping, islamic idiot, muslim trash, fully intent on destroying the USA, dammit, and you're letting them in here. WTF is the matter with you assholes!
I just love it when Israel kills muslim-islamic-arab filth and garbage, and the terrorist camel-humpers go ballistic. Go Israeli IDF!
I'm perfectly okay withme that US Forces killing 21 subhuman, murderous, pigshit-gulping muslim-islamic terrorists, in US custody. In fact, I'd like to see all the filthy muzzies at GITMO tortured for intel, and then killed. Drop them into a pigshit-filled pit, facing west, face-down and piss on them. Then backfill. End of problem.
Stupid f*cking dumbass muslim filth believe that their false, made-up moonbat "god", allah (pigshit be upon him) ordered the Pakistan quake as retribution for Paki's support of the US invasion of Afghanistan? Botyh muslims and islamists are mentally-ill subhuman garbage.
If anyone needs further proof that muslims-islamics-arabs are the dumbest, most stupid, pigshit-drinking subhuman filth on earth, read this. Hillarious.
Targets Of Opportunity: World leaders will meet to tackle the tough issues facing the muslim world in a two-day summit beginning in Makkah on Dec 7th. The Extraordinary islamic Summit, being held under the mantle of the Organization of the islamic Conference, offers Custodian of the Two UnHoly Mosques King Abdullah his first opportunity after ascending the throne to address the leaders of the 57 muslim countries. The summit follows a September meeting in Makkah where many of the world’s leading muslim scholars and intellectuals helped formulate a new vision for the OIC and to set the agenda for the prestigious summit. Hey, CIA: get 'r done, dammit. Kill them all. Nuke the pigshit-drinking filth.
Yes, I call for a pig-fart-wa against Iran's new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: KILL HIM! He's subhuman, pigshit-slurping, muslim-islamic filth. Kill him!
F*ck all the muslim filth; kill them all! Feed 'em pork!
As many as 225 Pakistanis who were residing illegally in the US, were arrested from various cities, and will be deported to Pakistan. About freaking time, ICE.
"Christian DVD sparks riot." That sure tells a lot about the subhuman, pigshit-gulping muslim-islamic-arab garbage, doesn't it? All should be exterminated from the earth.
After conviction, execute Sami Al-Arian, for financially-supporting Palestinian muslim islamic Jihad; he's subhuman, pigshit-sipping, camel-humping, dirtbag arab filth.
After burning the murderous, subhuman, muslim corpses, bury them face-down, facing west, in 2ft of liquid pigshit. Then, I piss and shit on them. End of problem.
An alleged member of Al-Qaeda, charged with plotting to kill President George W. Bush, claims Saudi Arabian interrogators used torture techniques, including chaining, beating and whipping, to make him talk. Ahmed Abu Ali, an American citizen, a filthy pig-humping muslim, said he was beaten and whipped shortly after being detained in Medina, Saudi Arabia during his first days of a 20 month captivity. They should have killed him, IMO.
No, Australia, don't just place them under "house arrest"; kill them.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
All MS-13 punks need killing; no exceptions. Alexander Dominguez, Jorge Alberto Platero Castillo and Jose Zosimo Platero Mercado should receive no trial; simply be head-shot and dumped into a pit. They're murderous, subhuman wetback garbage. Kill them.
Pedophile, pervert, deviant, degenerate, faggot Allan Douglas Winters, 35, of Vienna, VA, needs killing.
Subhuman, murderous, terrorist, pigshit-gulping muslim, boy-buggering islamic, women-chatelling arab, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, needs killing. I volunteer!
A 72-year-old former Episcopal priest, homo and sodomite Donald Shissler, has been in prison since pleading guilty in 2001 to raping two boys in the Baker (CO) neighborhood. He was originally charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child, two counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, one count of sexual assault on a child — pattern of abuse, and one count of sexual exploitation of children. As part of Shissler's guilty plea, all but two counts were dismissed. The ruling by Judge Shelia Rappoport means that Shissler can have a new trial and could be freed on bail. Dumbass bitch judge: Shissler needs KILLING!
Another group of subhuman, left-wing, socialist-commie-fascist-nazi lowlife trash, hate-America filth is MoveOn and TrueMajority, and its mindless, hate-Bush adherents, participants and followers. They should also be hung or shot, after "due process", of course. Our Founding Fathers would have handled this mess, quickly.
Track down and kill the subhuman, wetback trash, spic-shit, MS-13 garbage. I want them DEAD, not in jail, at my expense!
Top officials at the Department of Homeland Security recently revealed that arrests for child sex crimes during the first two years of Operation Predator have exceeded 6,000 and 85 percent of them are criminal immigrants. Surprised? Kill them all; zero recividism.
Paul Mey needs killing, for this.
Jackson Ngai, a former student at the University of Texas, needs killing, for this.
Scott Dyleski needs killing, for this.
Lashuan Harris needs killing, for this.
Stanley "Tookie" Williams needs killing, for this, finally.
Chhouk Rin needs killing, for this.
Rachel Gaeta, 22, needs killing, for this.
Tammy Wheeler needs killing, for this.
James Carl Combs, 41 and living in Galena (MD), was an assistant scoutmaster in Cecilton in the early 1980s, when he molested two boys, ages 12 and 14, will not have to register as a sex offender after serving a prison sentence because the crime was long ago, a judge has ruled. He needs killing; zero recividism.

I'm guessing that this site is pronounced wicky-pees — since it's "a wiki for recipes." Thanks to the whole wiki concept, you can read the recipes, add your own, and comment on the contributions of others. And you can expect the collection to grow. Right now, the recipes definitely lean toward the homey, comfort-food variety, relying on ingredients found in most American kitchens, although a few are a bit more exotic. Those who are domestically impaired or find themselves without a Swiss raclette will appreciate the quickie fare like the classic chili cheese dip or the inspired hot dog surprise. If you're looking for a refreshing beverage, look no further than Italian sodas, from a recipe so beautiful in its simplicity that it defies description. If you don't know your demi-glace from your demitasse or your aspic from your elbow macaroni, dig in to this site.

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