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supply chain collapse

friday, october 29th, 2021

I've never seen anything like this before, in my life.

The TV and print pundits call it a "simple supply chain interruption", but it's way beyond that. It's a full-blown collapse. When 60,000 long-haul US truckers are leaving the industry, due to being paid by the corrupt socialist US Gov't to stay home under the Covid-19 pretext, and threatened to be fired if they're not vaccinated by December 1st, it's a simple rolling-collapse of our system. (Canada's lost 25,000 truckers, yet we hear nothing about their woes.) The Left Coast's intention, massive distribution disaster (truck bans) and resulting catastrophic damage to our National Economy, is California's fault, pure and simple.

Ports all along the Left Coast are overflowing; here in Long Beach and in Los Angeles, and in San Francisco and in many other ports, and there's no end in sight. Trump would have had this shit fixed in 48-72hrs.

The left is coming for your rights.

Store shelves were sparse and are beginning to empty-out, now, and it will get worse as rationing sets-in. Retailers are going nuts trying to fill-up aisles of goods for the upcoming Holidays. A lot of people, and especially the kids, are going to be greatly disappointed. Trump would have had this shit fixed in 48hrs.

Gas prices are also climbing through the ceiling, too. Thanks to shit-for-brains Lunchbucket Joe, we're now begging the OPEC filth to pump more oil into the system, to lower prices. Biden cut the Keystone XL Pipeline, while giving tacit approval for the Russian Nord Stream 2 oil/gas pipeline to go ahead into Europe, our former importing partners when we exported oil under President Trump. We're now the poorer for it. Swell, huh? Under Trump, we were energy independent for the first time in over 50 years. Trump had this frixed; Lunchbucket Joe broke it.

Have you seen the hundreds-of-thousands of cars and trucks sitting in ad hoc parking lots, waiting for computer chips and transport to dealers' lots? With the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controlling Taiwan's output of chips, it'll take forever-and-a-day to get the 2021s out of their prison parking loys, probably just as the 2023s & 2024s are for sale. No, I'm keeping my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee 550hp HEMI V8; I like it bigtime, with only 8,400 miles on it and a 5yr extended warranty, it still hasn't reached its initial break-in point.

So where's the US Sec'y of Transportation on all these problems, with a "fix" for them? Well, mentally-ill Pete Buttigieg's at the hospital or at home, with his mentally-ill homo "husband" on laughable "paternity leave", and nowhere to be found. AWOL, natch. Trump would have had this shit fixed in 24-48hrs.

Tens-of-thousands of cops, first responders, drs and nurses will soon be fired for objecting to the so-called "vaccines" and refusing to take the shot(s). A vast majority already had Covid-19 and have antibodies. And the corrupt DOJ will be getting rid of, perhaps in hundreds-of-thousands or millions of US Military and civilians, for the same idiotic reason. Figures. Trump would have had this shit fixed in 48hrs.

This is not the America I grew-up in and loved.

Also, the corrupt and criminal US Atorney General and DOJ are targeting parents all across America, using the PATRIOT Act, as "domestic terrorists", for simply getting mad at the local school boards for teaching their children trash, garbage and filth such as faggot behavior, CRT etc. Can you frigging imagine this shit? We have untracked hundreds/thousands of islamic(SPIT!) terrorist cells all over America, ready to pounce on "soft targets", and the law enforcement morons are after parents, concerned aboiut school curricula. Son-of-a-bitch. Trump would have had this shit fixed in 48hrs.

Why is all this happening in a short 10 months?

Our nation is now engaged in a life-and-death struggle, for its very existence. The first is almost completely blinded by PC (political correctness) and is by far, the most insidious. It is a struggle for the very soul of our nation; the essence of who we are as a nation. It is a struggle of truth vs lies, good vs evil, life vs death, a constitutional republic vs an oligarchy; a democracy vs a communist dictatorship. Those who wish to destroy our country and rule over us, twist the meaning of words and use them in lies and deceit to obfuscate and ensnare the ignorant and obscure their true, murderous cause.

They re-define the meaning of words -- and our eloquent US Constitution -- to suit their objectives and demand acceptance of multiple foreign languages to confuse and shroud their evil intent. They demand the destruction of our culture though importation and acceptance of foreign cultures, aka balkanization. They promote social chaos through which they hope to increase their power and continue their deception. There is no need to explicitly identify them, for they are easy to spot. They whine that their intentions are good, no matter how bad the outcome of their actions. They advocate any position that their current audience seems to favor, no matter how many times that contradicts their previous position. They accept no responsibility for their own actions and always blame others when things go badly.

Our "ruling classes" are infected with arrogance, egotism and condescension. So convinced are they of their inherent superiority that their desires -- whether motivated by purported altruism or blunt self-interest -- are subordinated to nothing; not even the most fundamental principles of American society like truth and due process. They are doing immeasurable damage to this country and its people. The Biden administration, its puppet masters behind the scenes, and its willing warriors in Congress and the press, are all engaged in a full-blown propaganda war against ordinary Americans. This started with absurd accusations against former President Donald Trump, but quickly expanded to include anyone who voted for or supported him. One buzzword of this campaign is “racist,” of course; that's been the Left’s go-to smear for at least the past 40 years. But this administration has turned it up to 11, on a 10 scale; yesterday's “racists” have become today's “white supremacists” and -- most significantly -- tomorrow's “domestic terrorists”.

The energy and youth is behind the socialist movement in America

Biden is inviting millions of poverty-stricken, diseased refugees into our country; COVID-19 lockdowns; mask mandates; vaccine mandates; massive inflation; the highest energy prices in years; massive job losses (see Friday's jobs report disaster); the chaotic, disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan; massive welfare payments to Americans for not working; bankrupting America with obscene spending plans; raising the debt ceiling; proposed tax rates higher than communist China; using the FBI, Justice Department, mainstream media and social media to dispense propaganda and oppress, ban and censor opposing viewpoints; rooting patriots and warriors out of the military and replacing them with brainwashed communists and transgender scumbags; defunding the police; brainwashing our children with critical race theory; and using the FBI to arrest and intimidate parents speaking out at local school board meetings.

We are fighting a conspiracy involving three of the most powerful evil entities in America's history -- Obama, Soros and the Chinese Communist Party. We must fight like our lives and freedom depend on it... because they do.

We have China inflicting one body blow to our economy after another, Covid, shipping issues, threats of military action against Taiwan, etc. We have a Pandemic with government trying to force people to take a shot against their will. We have deep divisions in our country. We have a Federal Reserve printing money so fast they can’t keep up with it. We have Democrats pushing an insane Green New Deal agenda..which is creating energy shortages. In the 1970’s, we didn’t face nearly the number issues we are experiencing now. Add it all up, and you have a potential depression with runaway inflation.

They are fabian socialists, crazed leftists, socialists, communists, marxists, fascists, liberals, and demonkkkRATs who disguise themselves as patriotic Democrats, in order to garner support from the intellectually-lazy or one-trick-pony special interest groups. The liberal bureaucracy and leftist socialism, aka communism-lite, which has infected this nation, has evolved over the last 50+ years into an auto-immune disease, slowly killing us from within.

The Enemy Within™ -- comprised of hundreds of hate-America factions -- wrap themselves in the US Flag, and say that it's patriotic to murder unborn babies (but let's rehab society's murderers and pedophiles); it's patriotic to encourage pedophilia, sodomy, rape and murder; it's patriotic to cut-and-run from conflicts; it's patriotic to stay addicted to Mideast oil (rather than become energy self-sufficient); it's patriotic to balkanize America and destroy our society, morals and mores; it's patriotic to burn The Flag; it's patriotic to play the race card, by racist, bigoted blacks, their socio-legal organizations and faux-religious-extortionists, for profit; it's patriotic to destroy the Boy Scouts, who personify Dignity, Honor and Decency: it's patriotic to encourage the homo-sodomites' perversion and deviancy in replacing Traditional Man-Woman Marriage; it's patriotic to denigrate the brave US Military and falsely charge them with murder; it's patriotic to attack a sitting US President, in a time of war; it's patriotic to demand blanket amnesty for 30-40 million criminal, illegal mexican and a hundred other 3rd world shithole nations' filth, in the guise of a "guest worker program"; it's patriotic for liberal activist judges to legislate from the judicial bench, usurping the power of the legislative branch of the US Government; it's patriotic to keep American blacks down on the liberal-demokkkRAT 'plantation' for the past 50+ years, addicted to preferential treatment, welfare and destroying the black family unit; it's patriotic to infiltrate all levels of government and leak US Military and National secrets to our enemies, but keep the July 1996 TWA•800 shootdown, a secret from the American Public; it's patriotic to lie to the American Public about the financial health of the bankrupt and failing Social Security System's non-existent "lock box"; it's patriotic to remove all mention of God, The Ten Commandments, Christian Crosses, in the Pledge of Allegiance, in the National Anthem and on our currency; it's patriotic for the CIA to undermine a sitting president's policies.

The indifference of the Biden administration is unrelenting as it watches inflation rise, spends trillions on phony infrastructure bills and casually observes the southern border evaporate.

Shithole California's port and trucking woes, which have impacted the entire country, are another matter of their own making.

What was once frowned upon in America, is now embraced. What was once patriotic in America, is now ridiculed.

© 10.29.2001 by JS.

A Day In The Life.

Up at 9a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked to leftover errands list. It was a cool 58°, sunny and partly cloudy. I did the usual morning routine, and left to get some errands done. Sherry was coming by at 1p, so we could do some more walking before the weather turns colder and the rains come over the weekend and next week. Who knows when we'll get out again?

Always look-out for Number One, but don't step-in Number Two.

I called Becky at PSU-Hershey Hospital Medical Center, and she's doing fine, so far. She may be coming home in 3-5 days, depending upon how she handles solid food, thru her now highly-altered gut. I cleared my next week's schedule for picking her up, just in case she's discharged from PSU-Hershey Hospital. I am still expecting my old landscape crew to come for Fall maintenance and clean-up, on the front and back gardens, one day now later in the week. The plants are bloomed-out, and looking pretty shabby, but the green foliage is still "ripening-off", for their Spring food. Plants store chlorophyll (food sugars) in their rootballs during the Winter months, for Spring feeding and growth.

Remember when BJ Klintoon had to go into the hospital for an "infection" (UTI = Urinary Tract Infection)? Here's how the hospital "cleaned" his private room. Heh.

Sherry and I walked at the nearby Springettsbury Twp Park (51 developed acres), in a different area than we did yesterday, until temps started dropping due to cloudcover. Back at my place, we talked for quite a while and after some hugs and kisses, she left before dusk arrived. Nice day everytime I am with Sherry. I had dinner, watched Discovery's "Gold Rush" episodes until "Gutfeld" on Fox at 11, and unplugged at midnight.

I slept-in until 9:30a on Saturday, got up to a cool, damp, cloudy, 52° with a t-storm front bearing down on us from the west. I did the usual coffee/ finger stick/ smokes/ breakfast routine and started a load of laundry, which I'd ignored all last week. After lunch, I did some condo chores, worked on sorting old Family photos in the basement at my workbench/desk, and lost track of time. All too soon, it was dark outside around 6:30p, and I made some Herbed Flounder with Hollandaise Glazed Asparagus, for dinner. I watched Motor Trend's "Iron Resurrection" until 9, switched to NBCsN's "Mecum Auto Auctions" until 11, and caled it Yankee Doodle.

The little mentally-ill, turdbag-toting bitch, Re-Greta Scum-berg gets her overdue comeuppance, long overdue.

Sleeping-in again until 9:30a on Sunday, I did the usual morning routine, had a couple errands to run and got a call from Becky. She's being discharged about 1p tomorrow from PSU-Hershey Hospital Medical Center, and I'll be leaving at 12 noon to get up there. Should be plenty of time.

Everything that we see, is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.

After Crab-Filled Ravioli w/ Butter Sauce & Sweet Peas for lunch, I watched the US F-1 Grand Prix from Circuit of The Americas, in Austin, TX, from 3-5p, and the last half of some NASCAR Cup Series 400 mile race, from I-don't-know-where. Heh. I skipped dinner, since I was still full from that delicious lunch. I watched Motor Trend's "Bitchin' Rides", History's "The Engineering That Built America" and a couple of shows on Fox News Channel until 11:30p, and called it a day.

I was up at 6a, after a terrible night of virtually no sleep, and felt like crap until I got some coffee and breakfast. I haven't had a bad night like that, for years. Anyway, I did the usual morning routine, checked the weather and news, fired-up the furnace on this 56° morning. Heavy rain was forecast for later today and evening, as well as for tomorrow, from 2 Nor'Easters. I'd rescheduled River Rock Landscaping to do my Fall Maintenance & Clean-Up, until later in the week, so that'll work out well.

A civilization is the thin crust on a volcano, and the crust is the police.

I left for Hershey around noon, picked-up Sis at 1p, and got her back home and settled-in around 2:30, and headed off to get some errands done. By 3p, I was so tired from last night's lack of sleep, that I collapsed on the LR couch, and slept for 4 hours. A massive t-storm front was moving-in from the west, and with a nor'easter coming up the coast, they collided early evening, and put on quite a thunder/lightening show, with very, very heavy rain. I won't know the number of inches until tomorrow. After a Classic BLT for dinner, I watched "American Pickers" until "Gutfeld" at 11, and bagged it for the night at midnight.

I slept-in until 9:30a on Tuesday, Make coffee and breakfast, and just lounged around in my luxurious Turkish Bathrobe, until 11, before getting ready to go out for some errqnds. I called Becky to see how she was doing and called Sherry to chat with her. Both are good. I started some condo chores and, after lunch, took a 3hr snooze on the couch. The rain started late afternoon, and by 6:30p, it was dark. I watched Fox shows until midnight, and bagged it for the night.

Up at 8:30a on Wednesday, another cool 53° morning, but the heat was set to 74° (forgot to turn it down last night), so I did the usual morning routine, listened to the "CP Show" until 12, got a call from both the optometrist that my glasses were ready, and from the pharmacy, that more Rxs were ready. Sigh; more shit to do. After a light lunch, I left at 1p to get to Rite Aid and then down I83 to the Opthamalogist's offices, to get 2 pairs of glasses: one for driving and one for reading and computer work.

The days and weeks are flying by, like fenceposts while driving a car.

Doritos pushing fag pride, with dead guys? Make me fucking PUKE! I haven't eaten that shit in 30yrs, and surely won't ever try them again. Be sure of that.

I watched TV until 11p, and unplugged for the night. My cleaning lady is in at 8:30a.

Up at 6a on Thursday, I had a light breakfast and lots of coffee, wrote the check (I gave her a raise to $100) for JoAnne's cleaning, fired-up the furnace to compensate for 45° outside, and had a few smokes in the semi-warm garage. Even by 9a, with sun up, it wasn't warming up any. I had errands to run, but JoAnne was parked behind the Jeep in the garage, so I'd have to go later in the morning. I fell asleep on the couch during her work time here, and woke-up at 11:30 to a phone call from the pharmacy. I left at 11:45, got the much-needed Rx at the drive-thru, and was home by 12:05p, had lunch and listened to part of the "Dan Bongino Show", which I dislike.

I got the garbage and recyclables ready to take out tonite, for tomorrow's pick-up, and just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. After talking to my CPA, I called my Wells Fargo Brokerage Advisor and left a message for him to call back, regarding my yearly RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) from my 2 substantial IRAs. I'm not touching the 3rd huge liquid (non IRA) brokerage account, as it's doing so well. I did a few light condo chores around the place, put out the week's garbage and recyclables, and stayed inside for the night. I didn't watch any TV the whole day or evening; it was another "NBC" (Nothing But Crap) TV day, and I won't frequent any of it. By 11p, I'd had enough and quit fore the night.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal"...

Ain't no such thing as a free lunch,
or a zero cost government program.

Nothin' ain't worth nothin' but it's free. But nothing costs more than yet another worthless, never-ending government program.

The first rule of costs -- that we all should've learned in grade school -- says there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

And the first rule of costs of new government programs -- that most of us learned after we became taxpayers -- says they will always cost more, much more, than the proponents estimate. And once started, they never go away.

In other words, there ain't no such thing as a ZERO cost government program or a temporary government program.

Likewise, the first rule of raising revenue by increasing taxes, especially when 'only on the wealthy,' says that they can never raise the revenue projected. The wealthy have a funny habit of investing their wealth where they might expect to earn a reasonable return on their investments with a minimum of tax consequences.

Thus, the tax net must always expand to catch all the little fish, too.

Then there's inflation. Whether through taxation, borrowing or simply creating money out of thin air, the more the government spends, the more they have to siphon off the free economy and the higher the inflation rates go.

And inflation is a regressive tax which will hit the small fry the hardest.

Likewise, increasing the tax on business owners and corporations simply increases their costs. These costs must be recovered through sales, so prices must go up.

It may be a harder lesson to learn, but even though they write the checks, corporations don't actually pay the taxes. They must pass all their costs (including expected taxes) on to the consumers one way or another, otherwise they cannot stay in business.

Labor costs go up, product costs go up, energy costs go up, transportation costs go up, taxes go up, etc, then prices must go up to compensate. It's easy to see that the costs of labor, materials, rents, transportation, energy, etc, must be accounted for in the prices paid by the consumer. But the cost of higher corporate taxes must also be collected from the customer through higher prices, and the appropriate tax portion (based on net income) ultimately passed on to the government. The corporation is simply a middle man.

The end user pays all costs including corporate income taxes embedded in the price they pay for the product or service (assuming the company is to remain an ongoing profit making venture).

Government spending, taxing, borrowing, creating money out of thin air, etc, all have their costs. And ultimately, we consumers (even those receiving the benefits of the government program) and taxpayers must pay that cost.

There ain't no such thing as a zero cost government program.

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