Friday, October 29, 1999

i've been called all kinds of names through the years; doesn't bother me a bit. But when a friend called me a curmudgeon because I rail against Holiday decorations going up months ahead and not coming down for months afterward, despite local regulations to the contrary, that piqued me. Far be it from me to besmirch anyone's Holiday cheer, but a line needs to be drawn in the sand. Every village, town, city, borough and township have such regs on the books, but they're never enforced. Houses glowing with pumpkins, nativity scenes or four-leaf clovers months ahead and months after the nationally-designated Holidays, are unacceptable to me. They're ugly and ruin entire neighborhoods. To end this banal and unlawful desecration of our community neighborhoods, I propose the unilateral formation of Holiday Decoration Police, empowered to enforce such regs with surprising alacrity and unfettered force. The new regs would allow Holiday decorations "be put up two weeks prior and taken down within two weeks after any Holiday". One warning would be given and a 3 day period allowed for removal. Anyone resisting the regs would be automatically re-registered as a liberal and instantly become prone to the depravity, mental illness and perversions suffered by those degenerates. To the same end, the ubiquitous yard sales would be strictly regulated and held in one day, and not spread out over months. Time to end the unbridled and rampant ugliness which many so-called neighbors perpetrate upon us all. God save the Nation.

Around The Garden Center.
We're still trying to find out what the recurring problem is with the Main Greenhouse's radiant, infared Co-Ray-Vac Heating System. The system fires up and runs for an hour or two, but all four burners stop working soon thereafter. I've got two LPG smudge-pots running all night as a protection against cold weather. In the upper 30s and low 40s now, there are many, many tropicals and houseplants which need protection. I've enlisted the help of two local HVAC contractors, as well as the manufacturers of the system and one of their main distributors in Washington state. So far, the problem's got everyone stumped. On Saturday and Sunday, I couldn't even get the full 4 burners to fire. The 2 "smudge pots" sufficed. For now.
I've had Agway Energy Products and Walton Co, both local companies, out to troubleshoot the crippled system, and have been on the phone to Growth Zone Heating Systems Co, in Washington State, manufacturer of the system. Slowly but surely, we've mapped out the workings and compared the readings with the OEM specs: something's amiss since there's a huge discrepancy. We're on this like "white on rice". Winter is rapidly approaching and we've got to get this recurring problem fixed.
The landscape work just keeps piling up, as do more and more design requests and subsequent spreadsheet estimates. I wish I had another crew to get through all the jobs. Many are being re-routed to Spring 2000 for installation. With snow cropping up in New England, the Upper Plains and Canada, we'll lose the weather soon enough and shut down the landscaping operations until Spring.
In the penultimate week of my Annual 25% Off Nursery Stock Sale, it was indeed a busy weekend, with several carloads of people visiting, who'd found on the Web. One group from Philadelphia and another from Cleveland stopped by for a buying trip. Dozens of others from all over Pennsylvania and Maryland also took advantage of wetter, cooler weather and the sale to purchase everything from perennials to large trees.
The new SAG Electronics Pentium III 600Mhz unit arrived this week. I'd really hoped to be able to wait until the new 700+s were released, but both Lynn's Duracom 200 and my Dell 333 were on their last legs with Win95; all kinds of software problems blue screens of death, illegal ops, system crashes and lock-ups and I had to order it last week. Oh boy, are we having fun! It's amazing how that old Win95 O/S deteriorates over time. My home SAG 450 is running Win98 and it's so much faster and more stable, so I'll keep the 450 at home and install the 600 at work: change of plans. Oh well, onward and upward, I guess. Now we'll both be spending inordinate amounts of time installing necessary apps, copying and transferring data files, so we can get back to semi-normal around here.
Things went fairly smooth with the installation of my new 600; a few minor glitches, but nothing serious. Lynn's reinstall of Win98 SE (Second Edition) in the 333 was a horror show: almost everything that could have gone wrong, did. But she stayed with it and got it into working order by Wednesday afternoon. She's a trooper.
Three weeks ago, I bought a 5000w portable generator to power the complex in case Y2K-thingy comes true to fruition, but also for protection in the event of snowstorm or icestorm related loss of power. I've been very lucky so far in the 10 years I've been open, but all it takes is one major and protracted outage to loose everything. We're working on getting it installed and secured into the GC&N's power grid.

Also known as The End of the World as We Know It; the Y2K thingy is starting to pick up real steam around here. I'm hearing about all kinds of people banding together for common safety and survival. Local people hoarding food and other supplies. Weird stories in the local media on a regular basis.
Sure, I have a supply of candles, sterno, flashlight batteries and lots of canned goods ready for 2000, but I doubt I'll be using it anytime soon. I'm more concerned with the power grid failing and my tropicals and houseplants in the Garden Center's Main Greenhouse freezing and dying. The rest I could give a flying rat's rear-end about, really. I always have Mr Smith & Mr Wesson (aka S&W .357 Magnum) for company.

Clintonista Scum.
In addition to being the Liar-Rapist-Adulterer-Criminal, Draft Dodger-In-Chief, Clinton is also responsible for thousands of cars being towed whenever he goes anywhere, especially in DC. I'd also guess that AlGoreBore and the First Bitch, Hitlery are also responsible for having citizens' cars towed, "for security reasons". All three are lowlife scum, perpetually intent on interrupting citizens' lives.
This criminal idiot bitch keeps re-surfacing like a stinky turd in the toilet. Thrown out of office by the Illinois voters, she wants a US Ambassador's post, though she's clearly not even remotely qualified to dig ditches or pick cotton. She's not an African-American; she's a lowlife, idiot piece of shit. I'm betting Sen Jesse Helms (R-NC) can keep her out of the post indefinitely. Go Jesse, go!
I've just lost all respect for Julia Child, who allowed the First Bitch, Hitlery, to serve her dinner and present her an award. She should have turned it down, based on the unethical, immoral and criminal activities of the Clintons.
Still clogging up the Legal System and trying to shift blame for his own criminal, unethical and immoral activities related to his impeachment, shit for brains Billy Boy Clinton is trying to get back at Ken Starr for the investigation. Go f*ck yourself, Clinton.
The stupid, f*cking Clintonistas still don't understand that the Chi-Comm filth are maneuvering themselves into a ripe position to take over the Panama Canal, when the US relinquishes control in 2000. Lots of information here. They're essentially clueless and ignorant liberal scum who believe the Chinks will have our best interests at heart and won't do anything militarily provocative.
And speaking of bullshit, Clinton issued a Character Counts Week Proclamation last week. Huh? How can someone so completely devoid of ethics, morals and character do dat? Irony or hypocrisy or both?
Cash with an expiration date. Huh? That's what some lib-dems are proposing, in order to limit a citizen's use of his or her hard-earned monies. Truly another f*cked up intrusion into our private lives.
Gosh, I can't wait to visit the Clinton Presidential Library someday soon. I bet it'll be a real swell place; kinda of like a cross between an adult bookstore and a sewage treatment plant.

In a typical idiot move of letting a Nazi criminal escape to Switzerland, the French will spend millions to capture and return the old man to France for imprisonment, instead of doing it right the first time. Remember, these are the f*cked up people who revere Jerry Lewis, one of the most unfunny and worthless pieces of liberal shit this country has ever turned out. Vive la idiots!
What's this shit of immunity for a f*cking Chink criminal? Order the slope-dog to testify or jail him until he does. Why the f*ck are we so worried about the rights of criminals?
I knew this lowlife Netanyahu was a crook. Now, he's caught with lots of gifts and goodies specifically forbidden for public servants. But he pales against the criminality of the Clintons.
Wait a minute: 120 days in jail and 10 years probation for murdering his wife? What's happened to the Justice System? How can a Texas judge allow anything short of capitol punishment for murder? This is crazy.
In a fitting tribute to the stupid Frenchies, it was discovered that French farmers had fed livestock with sewage sludge including animal parts and human excrement for years. No wonder the Frogs love and idolize that liberal piece of shit, Jerry Lewis. Contaminated meat products and Jerry Lewis are just two of the reasons I have absolutely nothing to do with anything French. Now, it's disclosed that 3 more European countries have done the same unsafe, unhealthy thing to their animal feeds. Yuk.
These porno-riddled, Swiss garbage scumbags shouldn't even be allowed to have children.
Obviously, this woman was mentally deranged before her daughter was wounded in the Columbine HS shootings. In fact, she was pretty f*cked up all along to put a bullet through her own head. Hey, one less moron in the world.
Though it's a flawed and failed doctrine, read about the tenets of communism. Excellent analysis of the absurd, insane, inane and manic-polar depressive.
Better to have the Trump moron in the pathetic Reform Party than in the GOP or Democratic parties. At least he's in good company with the other nutcases.

More Bullshit.
Can you imagine? Stinking towelheaded muslim filth want the airport authorities to provide a place for them to pray to the false god, allah criminal, and sinks to wash their feet? f*ck them; send the islamic shit filth back to where they came from. Why the hell are we even letting this shit scum into this country? They're degenerates and terrorists. Do your duty, INS: deport the whining garbage.
Think I'm too harsh on muslim scum? Read about what terror and horrors they wantonly inflict upon their own women and children. Actually, nowhere harsh enough. i'd love to machine-gun them to death.
Who gives a flying rat's ass what happens in that shithole called Africa? AIDS is so rampant that over 65% of the continent is infected and will die within a decade or less. Disease and plagues are ways of daily life and a good way of controlling the worthless populations. The US should leave Africa alone and let them whack each other off. No loss at all.
This may explain why there are so many idiot filth in the world. If it does, terminate the scumbags and scumbagettes; they're worthless subhuman garbage, just taking up space and contributing nothing. AIDS can do that for all of us; vive la AIDS!. It just takes too long, compared to an M16.
He's still a criminal; Pete Rose is a gambling addict and liar. Get some "professional help", Petey-boy, you psycho rat bastard.
Jail these cemetery thieves; stealing from the dead is a pathetic crime. Be harsh in sentencing; makes an example of them and the illegal trafficking will stop.

Still More Bullshit.
That there would even be a debate on whether the electric chair represents cruel and unusual punishment which makes it to The US Supreme Court, is laughable. It doesn't. Killing murderers should be done by the harshest means possible. What about the victims of the stinking murderers? They're still dead, brutally murdered. Why the f*ck is society even the slightest bit concerned about the welfare of murderers? We ought to be executing murderers in a wholesale fashion: 20-30 per day until the 1800+ on Death Row are fully disposed of. Then turn around and execute the child molesters, rapists and traitors. As far as I'm concerned, murderers have no rights. They forfeited all rights when they whacked another citizen.
Who cares what this two-bit whore, Marilyn Monroe, did? I'm glad the slut is dead and gone, by suicide or murder, whatever it took to rid the Nation of the lowlife bitch.
Who makes f*cked up purchasing decisions like this? First, it's $700 toilet seats for B52s; now this mess. Can't someone with a brain be put in charge of spending Taxpayers' monies, instead of the current group of imbeciles?
Win the lottery and be rich instead of saving? Ummm, I kinda don't think so. Stats show that a person has a far, far better chance of being hit by lightening than winning any lottery. They might just as well flush the bucks down a toilet. It breaks my heart when I see all the elderly people spending their social security checks on lottery tickets, and then buying bread and peanut asser to live on.
The banking industry scum call it good marketing; I call ATM fees legalized thievery. My own bank, Drovers in York, PA, doesn't charge ATM fees. They're a nice bunch of folks to do business with.
Clearly, one of the Ramsey parents is the murderer and they're still hiding behind their lowlife attorneys and PR firm liars. This should have been a done deal by now and one or both should be in prison, awaiting execution for murdering the little girl.

Waste 'Em.
Hopefully, this piece of shit Unabomber will go to trial, be convicted and become eligible for the death penalty for his crimes against the Nation. I'd really like to see him die, and so would his living and dead victims. Murderers don't deserve to live, once convicted and sentenced.
I have no love for spies, even if they're 87 year old great grandmothers. Jail the bitch; I recommend execution for all traitors. Traitors put whole countries and civilizations at great risk. None would spend prison time if I had any say in the matter; they'd be executed upon conviction. An harsh example should be made of the arrogant bitch.
How does this square with reality? When a homosexual is beaten or whacked, millions of people march in lockstep to protest and demand more hate crime laws. But when two homos rape, torture and murder a 13 year old boy, nary a peep is heard. Something is grievously wrong here. At least the authorities are seeking the death penalty against those two homos.
At the very least, this Sheinbein lowlife, moron needs to have the death penalty visited upon his murdering ass. The 24 years he was sentenced to by a flunkie USA-dependent-Israeli court is a f*cking joke.
Execute the Provenzano filth: the "Old Sparky" electric chair is perfect and just for the dog-f*cking murderer.
Don't believe the lies about this piece of white trash being an innocent bystander in the dragging death of that black man in Texas, last year; he was a willing participant and deserves execution, just as the other two trash boys received.
Oh be still, my fluttering heart: two more subhuman pieces of filth are to die in Florida's electric chair. Well, that's two more lowlifes who won't whack again.
Whooops, it's all on hold now until the intrusive US Supreme Court meddles in something which is none of their damned business. Why the hell are we worried that the electric chair is "cruel and unusual punishment"? What about all that cruel and unusual murder that was visited upon all the dead victims? f*ck the murderers: execute them post haste!

Timepieces: Handy Helpers or Mind-Enslavers?
Watch out, parents! Do your youngsters own more than one watch? Are they overly concerned with being on time? Have they shown an increased interest in purchasing an astrolabe? If so, they may be the victims of a sickening new fad. If you have a strong stomach, go ahead and visit the blasphemous Clockworks site, where you'll learn the revolting details of this horrible new time-keeping movement.

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