Improved Outlook
Friday, October 2, 1998

it's just amazing what a little rain can do for one's spirits, not to mention drought-stressed plants and animals. Friday morning saw the first .75" of appreciable rain we've had here at the Garden Center & Nursery in over 17 weeks. None of the weather services predicted it; all were too focused on the Hurricane Georges kicking the living hell out of the filthy shithole, the Caribbean. Hell, no real loss there to speak of. I don't have any sympathyt for people living on islands in a hurricane-prone area. My advice: move your sorry asses elsewhere, stupid morons. Of course, the US Mainland is a different story.

Fall Gardens.
Everything looks pretty lousy right now, except the few Asters and Mums which are still providing color. Bulbs should be going into the ground now for Spring color.
If you live in a drought-plagued area, as we do here, do not transplant any trees or shrubs until after leaf drop; let the upcoming frost put the plants into dormancy before any transplanting is done; otherwise, you'll certainly whack them without the extra precautions such as BioPlex which we routinely take here.
As perennials brown-off, cut them back to the ground and pile 1-2" of mulch on top to protect the crown against the upcoming Winter.

For over 8 years, I've ranted about the 5 worst trees that are bought from nurserys and garden centers: red maple, silver maple, bradford pear, lombardy and hybrid poplars.
But the poplar may have a redeeming value after all: toxic waste cleanup or photoremediation. It's astounding news if it really works. I still refuse to sell the piece-of-shit tree, but at least contaminated toxic waste sites can be populated with trees and be green during the several year clean up period.

Didn't Feel A Thing.
Nope. Don't remember this one at all. But a few years ago, another much nearer quake jolted me out of bed at about 4am. I remember it well.

Pathetic Americans.
Act as if you don't give a flying shit; drop the matter of the lowlife liberal piece-of-shit Clinton lying to us all. That's what 78% of interviewed Americans said. Somehow, this all doesn't compute.
I'd have never imagined that my so-called fellow Americans could sink to immoral depths they have by saying, so what? The number of (liberal filth) interviewed climbed after the tapes were released. Go figure these Yankee scumbags.
This entire sad saga is documenting a dirty window on America's morals and mores; perhaps a portent of things to come in the next millennium.
I'm thoroughly sick of it and want to get rid of Clinton, and get the Nation back to its business. Bubba and the Hitlery bitch have already cost over $40mm and still counting; his lying on the Lewinsky Scandal top $3.9mm alone.
It's all here and here and everywhere.
Why the hell is the 4th Estate pissed off? And the American Public (collectively speaking) not pissed off, according to the Polls? Sounds like a broken record from this Journal's past 18 months of entries.

Wrong Again.
Obviously, the US Legal System is still mortally flawed; it allowed a murderess to go free after a mere 4 years in prison, for the willful death of her baby. By her own hands.
Something's wrong here. Something stinks.
Lemme see: murder is murder. (Except when it's execution or justified Killing.) And this bitch had her nails done while the kid starved? Had cheeseburgers and Diet Cokes while the kid slid from 5+lbs to 3lbs and died. Hmmm.
All crime is bad. But this is particularly heinous and the so-called biological mother deserves termination with extreme prejudice, immediately. No damned 15-35 years on Death Row; pay for it now, bitch.
And while we're warming up The Chair, Sharpening The Needle, Re-Braiding The Rope, and re-testing The Gas Pellets, let's clean out the 3,700+ lowlife, subhuman filth scumbags who've whacked but still live at the rate of $42,600 - $60,792 taxpayer dollars. Yours and mine. I'm pissed.
When I get a speeding ticket, I have to go to Traffic Court and pay the price. Yet murderers can languish for up to 45+ years at our expense, and ultimately beat The Pathetic US Legal System; then turn around and sue for millions. Justice? Nah. That comes with swift and speedy execution.

Doug v New York Times.
Journal regular Doug made a salient point in his Wednesday NYTimes editorial, but the liberal democratic staff scum re-edited the piece and watered it down to a mere wimper. It was nothing like the forceful original manuscript I saw in his email on Tuesday.
I've had several editorials almost printed by NYTimes over the years but, except for grammatical and typographical corrections, I've refused to allow them to edit any copy. Instead, I have refused them permission to run the piece unless it's in its entirety.
The NYTimes are notorious liberal filth and can't be expected to present an unbiased viewpoint of anything related to the Clintonite scumbags.

Middle Earth.
Remember JRR Tolkein's The Hobbitt? Lord Of The Rings? The Trilogy? This site is a wonderful multi-player gaming place and a graphically well done website.

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