cookies and milk
Friday, October 30, 1998

big brother is alive and well on The InterNet. Guised in the form of 5 ultra-aggressive companies, s/he's carefully tracking what each of us does during every visit to the Net, with cookies, and I don't mean the chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin kind. Everything we do; everywhere we go; everyone we talk to. Get it? Surveillance extraordinary. Virtually everything we do on the Net is now monitored and recorded. By evil, greedy, unethical businesses who want to delve into our personal lives. But then, cookies aren't new. They've been around for a long, long time; oh, since about mid-'96. Since cookies can give up information credit card data, age, maiden name, number of dependents, social security number, DOB it behooves everyone who has filled out anything online or made a purchase, to restrict access to those cookies; disable, hide or just delete them altogether. FYI.

Change of Seasons.
Damn, it's cold. A mere 40F for the past week when I arrive at the Garden Center & Nursery Complex at 5am. Dark and very cold. And it's that way when I leave around 8pm. But the worst is still to come.
I now have 2-3 full-time workers consolidating the 4 Production Greenhouses and putting away nursery stock and perennials for the Winter. Frost is imminent and snow isn't far behind.
The remaining Landscape Crew of 5 men continues our high-end work at a slightly reduced pace; as a result of my once-a-year 25% Off Fall Nursery Sale, we have so many additional installations mixed in with the landscape jobs that we're bogged down. In past years, I've had two crews at this point and one can do the mundane installations while the other continues with scheduled landscape projects.
This year, we're working short-handed. I'm hoping we don't lose the weather, so we can get it all finished. I dislike having to re-start jobs in the Spring.

Serves 'Em Right.
Sorry (not!), I have no sympathy at all for all of the whining, lowlife, lib-Dem scum who are subpoenaed to testify about the corrupt Clintonites, Slick Willie The Bubba and Hitlery. If they work with criminals, they can be expected to bear the financial burden of attorneys to protect their sorry asses.
If there was anyone in The White House with a modicum of morals or ethics, they would have resigned upon finding out about Clinton's lies and crimes. No one did, and that speaks volumes. Instead, they chose to continue and should be subjected to all the intense legal heat which the Independent Counsel and US Legal System can apply, without mercy.

GOP Idiots, Part 2.
Getting screwed by Democrats has become de rigeur for the GOP, of late. Either too stupid or too lame to take advantage of their dominant position in Congress, the GOP somehow snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, almost everytime. I know Lott and Gingrich are just that stupid; what I didn't know was that the entire GOP couldn't find their own asses with both hands. A most pathetic group of cretins, idiots and morons. There, I believe they're all covered adequately. Certainly no one was slighted.
Sometimes, it difficult to figure out who's the worst liar, isn't it?

Spies Should Die.
I would have no problem at all in putting a bullet through the head of any spy against the USA, anytime, anywhere, or any place. Just give me the spy; I'll furnish the gun (Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Magnum) and ordinance (158gr hollowpoint), no charge to Uncle Sam.
There are dozens of the subhuman filth serving so-called life sentences for espionage, instead of getting the death penalty as they should morally and legally receive. America is too goddamned soft on the scum. By executing each one upon conviction, the next one thinking such thoughts, would be deterred by the finality of the penalty alone.
Instead, they receive so-called life sentences and are often a mere snag and are used as political trading bait, instead of being duly executed, as they so richly deserve.
The Pollard filth actually has a website and begs and squeals for justice. Justice? Justice? He wants justice? A bullet in the head is the justice he deserves, and I'd like to administer it ex post haste. I sent him email telling him that; sure hope he reads it and understands what an undeserved break he got with a mere life sentence.
I don't give a flying rat's ass about Israel demanding he be released; it's long past time we stopped giving that worthless country $400 million every year for no good reason. It's just welfare and a dis-incentive for them to develop into an economically productive society.
Here's two more who should die for what they've done to the USA.
Think of all the dead American patriots who are disgraced by these criminal traitors' very acts. The death penalty is just, civil and is most appropriate in every treason case.
There will never be peace in the Middle East, until the region undergoes a nuclear war and all peoples and lands are burnt to a cinder. Then, there will be peace at last.
I'd also like to personally execute since the lowlife, liberal US Court System doesn't have the balls for it every murderer (3,700+), rapist (693,700+) and child molester (337,500+) languishing in America's local ($31,600/yr/prisoner), county ($39,700/yr/prisoner) state ($42,765/yr/prisoner) and federal ($58,500/yr/prisoner) prisons. The idiot, lib-Dems can't understand that many Americans want these traitorous filth to be terminated for their behavior.
Why does no court, judge or jury have the balls to sentence them all to death? In Pennsylvania, the juries would do the right thing: act on their moral and ethical conscience. We take citizenship very seriously here, unlike many liberal parts of the country. Read this essay on crime and punishment.
And so should child molesters die for preying upon children.
Let's not forget rapists; they need their turn in the electric chair, too.
Here's just one blatant reason why the US Legal System is f*cked up: this murderous piece of subhuman shit should have died 13 years ago. 12 dead people, $9 million and 13 years is the toll so far. A simple bullet at the base of the skull is the justice the murderer richly deserves.

So Close, Yet So Far.
The GOP idiots have let the Clintonites off the hook on the Budget, caving to everything Bubba wanted; on the Impeachment Hearings, allowing the lib-Dem White House lawyer filth to dictate the terms of the process; what's next?
Although Clinton clearly deserves impeachment, it's beginning to look like he'll get another pass from the US Congress. No one there has the brains or the ball/ ovaries to do what's legally, morally or ethically called for: get rid of the Clintonoid scumbag. They'd rather have a wounded duck like Bubba in the White House for the rest of his term than allow AlGore in. Gore has some serious campaign funding problems to account for, as well. His chances are almost flatlined as a presidential candidate in 2000, after the scandals break about him.
Make no mistake about it: what went on in Little Rock was indictable itself, had an honest prosecutor been in place. And when one gets there, why does everyone bail?

Watergate 25.
I was living in Miami Coral Gables, actually when the shit hit the fan. I had worked for Nixon-Lodge in '60 and lost to rampant Kennedy corruption in the Democratic bastion of Cook County, IL, so I was used to disappointment in politics. It would be many years until I was interested again.
The US Government seemed to topple; stability changed by the hour. Everyone wondered what was happening and why it wasn't controllable anymore. The US seemed to lurch from constitutional crisis to constitutional crisis.
It was a scary time, but the Nation made it through and was, perceptibly, better for it.
Now, I wonder. Another criminal inhabits the White House and the Nation (collectively speaking) opts to give him a pass. Their cry of so what? stings; it smacks of rampant liberalism and low morality. It stinks.
No one opted to give Nixon a pass back in '74; he did the honorable thing and resigned. Clinton has no concept of honor, so the deed will not occur. Congress hasn't the fortitude to do what's right, either.

Political Payoff.
In '62, I watched and marvelled with the rest of the Nation at John Glenn's feat in space. Now, after his scummy liberal Democratic career, all I have is disdain and disrespect for him and his corrupt cronies.
The trip back into space is a sad political payoff from the Clintonites for Glenn's stonewalling and non-cooperation during the aborted House Hearings on '96 Campaign Finance. Glenn acted like a 2year old child during those hearings, along with the Waxman-scumbag and other lib-dem filth. They effectively prevented Congress from doing its work: obstruction of justice. And now Glenn gets his reward, at taxpayer expense.
The NASA lie is that they're trying to study the effects of aging in space. Christ, what f*cking bullshit. Glenn's biggest contribution would be to die up there and allow the accompanying doctors to perform a weightless autopsy in space. Then I'd be satisfied the trip was money well spent.
John Glenn is no American hero. He's dogshit.

Memory Nightmare ... Cont'd.
I guess my Dell 333Mhz-128mb SDRAM isn't meant to have any more than 128mb of memory. i've tried four different Hyundai 128 chips and no two 128s will work together. It appears that only Hitachi or Samsung will do the job in a Dell.
Several people have asked why I want so much memory, when they only run 32mb or 64mb. More is always better.
I hate to buy it from Dell at $259/ 128mb, but I'm rapidly running out of options. Aftermarket RAM just doesn't seem to work. Memory should be memory, but it isn't.
Dell's Spare Parts Dep't was only too happy to take my credit card data over the phone and promise shipment next week, as soon as they receive their supply. Yawn.

No Sympathy.
Sorry (not); these scum deserve what they get for engaging in life-threatening behavior. They know the consequences. Ergo, they accept, or are oblivious to, the risks. Their choice.
Seems lots of them have no brains when it comes tosensibility vs stupidity. Guess that's why they joined the lib-Dem Party. I wonder if the Clintonoids will feel their pain as they begin to die in the coming years.

Are They Right?
As much as I've thought about it over the past several months and it's been often doing the right thing for the country is also right and good for the so-called presidency. Well, sometimes it is.
Will the presidency be damaged beyond repair? These 400+ liberals think so.
Considering the fact that they're all liberal scum, and generally rewrite history to beneficially reflect their warped views and those of their politicians, it really does matter that we proceed with impeachment hearings against the Clintonites.
If we don't proceed according to Constitutional Law, much more than the simpleton presidency will be damaged irreparably.
The meeting's about to start; let's hurry.

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